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00:29<brandon_>im looking for a dedicated server for my website.
00:29<millisa>linodes are vps.
00:30<millisa>you get root access to a system that you install/setup
00:31<brandon_>what is that mean?
00:31<brandon_>do you currently provide to any online video website??
00:31<brandon_>like youtube that kind of website
00:32<millisa>What does what mean?
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02:51<jro>hello i would like to ask anyone here about the pricing
02:51<jro>is the "Preload your Account" field here in complete signup will be my monthly fee?
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02:53<arlen>No that's just the amount you add to your account
02:53<arlen>That lists the prices ^
02:53<jro>it's like a prepaid load to my account?
02:53<arlen>Adds the amount as credit
02:54<jro>example i choose $5 here in complete signup how am i going to pay again for the next month?
02:54<jro>im planning to avail the $5 per month
02:54<arlen>first of the month your credit card will be charged
02:54<jro>and i want to avail it only for 3 months
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02:55<jro>can you guide me how am i going to setup for that?
02:55<arlen>you could pre-add the $15 or delete the Linode after three months and you won't be charged anymore
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02:56<jro>there's no $15 in the selection here in Preload Amount field
02:56<arlen>choose 5 then
02:56<arlen>and prepay 10
02:57<jro>where can i set the prepay for 10?
02:57<arlen>that preload amount is just for signing up, after your account is active you can make a payment for whatever amount you want
02:58<arlen>under the account tab
02:58<jro>thanks! do you have any promotion code there that i can use?
02:58<arlen>think linode10 works
02:58<arlen>or docs10
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02:59<jro>is that referral or promotion code?
02:59<jro>thank i will try it
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02:59<Peng>Referral codes are long :P
02:59<linbot>Looking for a referral code? Use this one for free activation: dbe98bfe8cad58e02d9ea22fc98f446240edc909 (Referral docs: )
03:01<jro>how much discount i can get from the promo code linode10 if i avail $5 for 3 months?
03:06<jro>uhm hello?
03:06<Peng>I think the code is worth $10
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03:07<jro>so that means that i will have total of $15 but i only pay for $5?
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03:08<Peng>If i'm right, yes
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03:08<FluffyFoxeh>oh is there a $5 promo code too?
03:08<jro>because i placed $5 in the "Preload your Account" and i use the linode10 promo code and i check my account it display my current balance is $15
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03:08<jro>so that will be good for 3 months right?
03:08<arlen>three months of the $5 plan yes
03:09<jro>so i get $10 for free :)
03:09<arlen>but don't forget to destroy the Linode after or they'll continue charging
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03:09<jro>alright thanks
03:11<jro>can i remove my credit card details now in my account?
03:12<Peng>...Unless it's changed :P
03:12<jro>:) so i can changed it to avoid future purchase?
03:13<jro>because im going to give the access to my developer
03:13<jro>and i dont want her to make any purchases using my card
03:13<FluffyFoxeh>do not give her your password
03:13<arlen>you can create a sub account for your developer
03:14<jro>how can i make her access the account?
03:14<arlen>and limit it to just Linode access in the manager
03:14<jro>how can i make that sub account for my dev?
03:14<arlen>believe the option is under the account tab
03:14<arlen>poke around and you'll find it
03:14<FluffyFoxeh>Account->users and permissions
03:15<arlen>there you go
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03:17<jro>can i use the same email in the create sub account with the email i used?
03:18<arlen>think so
03:18<FluffyFoxeh>wouldn't it make more sense to put in the email of the person the account is for?
03:23<jro>thanks a lot guys!
03:23<jro>i changed only my credit card details like expiration date just in case anyone access my account, is that ok?
03:23<Cromulent>hmm highly tempted to sign up to Browser Stack
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03:27<Peng>jro: I don't know. Nothing bad is certain to happen unless it tried to charge you, which won't ever happen unless you accidentally spend too much.
03:28<Peng>jro: But it's possible Linode audits credit card settings for strangeness, in which case a totally invalid number probably looks fraudy
03:28<Peng>I'd guess that you'll be fine but can't promise anything
03:29<jro>haha ok thanks i changed it to the correct one
03:32<Peng>Change to a fake number 3 months from now when you're not going to use the service anymore, sure. Now? I don't know.
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03:40<FluffyFoxeh>if you're worried about someone getting into your account try two factor authentication
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03:48<Abdul>Hi There
03:49<Abdul>Anybody from Linode staff here?
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03:50<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
03:50<FluffyFoxeh>they're probably asleep though, it's almost 4am
03:50<Abdul>mm okay
03:51<FluffyFoxeh>But other people here might be able to answer your question
03:52<Abdul>Well, I guess the information I need might be only with somebody from the staff, but i'll shot it anyways.
03:52<Abdul>I am interested in getting Linode for my ecommerce website, but need to analyze few sites running on Linode from Pakistan so I could see how quick they load.
03:53<Abdul>Since there are no centers in Pakistan, speed here is an issue
03:53<FluffyFoxeh>You can try downloading the speed test files from the various data centres and see how they go
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03:54<Abdul>I am actually concerned with the response time which I don't think could be done from file testing.
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03:54<FluffyFoxeh>You can try pinging the hostnames
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03:55<FluffyFoxeh>ok bye
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04:35<introom>how to use the vanilla debian kernel instead of those compiled by linode ?
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05:51<nick_>can i ask some questions?
05:51<nick_>I have vps in linode
05:51<nick_>the ip is
05:52<nick_>but I cannot connect it
05:52<nick_>can u tell what is happened?
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05:54<grawity>use Lish to connect to the server's console and investigate yourself
05:55<jam>I cannot understand your meaning
05:55<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
05:56<cyberprince>hello jam
05:57<jam>I have vps in linode
05:57<jam>but today I cannot cionnect it
05:57<jam>pl help me
05:57<cyberprince>idk how to
05:58<jam>the ip is
05:58<cyberprince>idk what s vps
05:58<jam>pl check it
05:58<cyberprince>some like vpn?
05:58<jam>sorry ,my meaning is something wrong
05:59<jam>I cannot ping
06:00<jam>but the Linode Manager is normal
06:00<cyberprince>f words is allowed here?
06:00<jam>what is your meaning?
06:00<jiggawattz>FUCK FUCK FUCK
06:00<jiggawattz>yeah it's fine
06:01<cyberprince>soorry idk how to help ya
06:01<jiggawattz>yep no auto-ban for that
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06:21<cyber_prince>just logged from my phone
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07:56<cyber_prince>hey guys
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08:07<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • WordPress upload and Activation procedure <>
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09:39<@nbrewer>onegoodlife: hi, feel free to ask your question.
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09:39<onegoodlife>I just want to know more about using linode to host multiple sites since i have a small Web dev. company and currently host my clients sites using VPS and cPanel
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09:40<onegoodlife>Is there a cPanel like interface used with linode that i can do everything that i am used to doing with cPanel?
09:41<@nbrewer>a Linode doesn't come with any graphical management interface installed by default, you're free to install one though.
09:41<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
09:41<onegoodlife>i mostly use Joomla CMS for the sites i build/host but not just Joomla
09:42<@nbrewer>just about anything that runs on Linux will run on a Linode, including Joomla
09:46<onegoodlife>Great, thank you
09:46<onegoodlife>Much appreciated
09:52<onegoodlife>Anyone know what Linode's managed service costs?
09:52<onegoodlife>I don't see pricing here:
09:54<@tduff>onegoodlife: It's $100 per Linode per month
09:56<onegoodlife>wow, sure
09:56<onegoodlife>thank you
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09:59<roberto>Hello is is possible start to a simple server and upgrade later?
10:01<roberto>do I neeed to build another server or just upgrade the settings?
10:02<dwfreed>you can resize without redeploying; it's not downtime free, but the length of time you're down is pretty short
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11:16<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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11:40<JeremyE77>Hey guys! I don't see this option, but I am stoopid. I added a backup person to my account. In case I die! They do not really care when I reboot and stuff. How can I turn those notifications off?
11:41<coxn>iirc that'd be preference settings under that user's login, no?
11:41<JeremyE77>All it has it username and password and email
11:44-!-Guest1188 [~pavlushka@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:44<JeremyE77>Would I have to restrict them? which seems to undo my purpose. :P. I guess he can setup a filter. It seemed possible
11:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 374] by ChanServ
11:52<JeremyE77>I wish I had discovered the benefits of 5 years ago! :P
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12:06<dwfreed>JeremyE77: they can disable the event emails themselves, but you can't do it for them
12:07<JeremyE77>can you hint me where it is?
12:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 377] by ChanServ
12:08<millisa>they login -> my profile (upper right) -> put in password again -> notifications tab -> button that says 'Toggle Event Email notifications'
12:08<JeremyE77>I never went up there!
12:08<JeremyE77>I was all over in the account tabs and such
12:08<JeremyE77>Thank you!
12:09-!-toastedpenguin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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12:10<JeremyE77>HAH! Apparently I haven't been up there for a while. Some old stuff!
12:10-!-onegoodlife [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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12:22<John___>hey guys, using php is it possible to do a statement of the sort? if(x && y OR z)
12:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 376] by ChanServ
12:22<John___>so case A: x and y or case B: just z
12:22<John___>or I have to do a seperate else statement
12:24<relidy>John___: if ((x && y) || z) { ... }
12:24<John___>ahhh ok great, thanks relidy
12:38<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • WordPress upload and Activation procedure <>
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12:41<JeremyE77>I expect that is not the correct forum. :P. This is weird: /var/www/html4/crozdale/public_html/
12:41-!-seanh-corona [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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12:42<FluffyFoxeh>What's weird?
12:42<JeremyE77>html4 ?
12:42<FluffyFoxeh>I guess
12:43<JeremyE77>Maybe it's not...
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12:47<JeremyE77>How do you guys feel about that "my profile" link up there? I am now evaluating my own UX after not locating what I was looking for.
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12:49<Eugene>I feel like nachos
12:49-!-Daedolon [] has quit [Quit: Good luck, Material Defender.]
12:49<relidy>!point Eugene
12:49<linbot>relidy: Point given to eugene. (18)
12:49<JeremyE77>OMG, heartburn! I am old and it is too early for nachows
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12:54<Vectrexer>server spamming the internet ( [])
12:55<JeremyE77>The new Pandora service (premium or whatevs) beats spotify! I am switching :D (not an ad...I really enjoy it)
12:55<JeremyE77>Vectrexer: email ... my understanding is that they are quite quick.
12:55-!-seanh-corona [] has joined #linode
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12:56<millisa>Vectrexer: you'll want to send a mail to with any supporting logs
12:58-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
12:58<Vectrexer>@JeremyE77 Thanks
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12:59<Vectrexer>@millisa Thanks
12:59-!-Vectrexer [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:16<dwfreed>Cabbage, innocent? hah, funny
13:16<dwfreed>Cabbage is never innocent
13:22<bdube>does it seem right that a support agent (not linode) would ask me for the code from my two-factor auth app?
13:22<bdube>that doesn't seem right at all
13:22<JeremyE77>I'm not sure
13:22<JeremyE77>We used them on the help desk...internal.
13:23<bdube>a help desk agent would ask the person needing help for their TOTP code?
13:23<JeremyE77>9 years ago!
13:23<bdube>they have my account number and support pin and now ask for my totp code
13:24<JeremyE77>That seems excessive but what kind of support was it?
13:24<@abrining>bdube I cant say for certain, but if they are legit that would bad practice
13:24<JeremyE77>If it was a $10 billion account...maybe
13:24-!-steveski1 [] has joined #linode
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13:24<bdube>I'll update in a minute, still in that chat
13:25-!-John___ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
13:25<JeremyE77>It's text chat!?
13:25<JeremyE77>Then no!
13:26<bdube>that's what I'm thinking
13:27-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:27-!-mode/#linode [+l 371] by ChanServ
13:27<JeremyE77>I have banks that want them and such but not in a text chat...omg
13:28-!-Trinity [~Trinity@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:39<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Add KVM configuration for Xen-based Linode <>
13:43<JeremyE77>LOL. It took me a second to figure out the sheep on the clone your Linoded documentation! Good one!
13:44-!-cyber_prince [~cyber_pri@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:45<bdube>done with that chat
13:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 369] by ChanServ
13:46<bdube>I shouldn't have been surprised that that company has a strange, bad practice like that
13:47<JeremyE77>I wonder how they even verified it? :-/
13:48<JeremyE77>With the internal helpdesk ones and banks they are fobs. There is no private key.
13:48<bdube>yeah, if I wasn't planning on scrapping the whole account that would have been a bigger problem
13:48<bdube>the key is in the fob hardware, isn't it?
13:49<JeremyE77>I assume. But its not as private as TOTP or it? I dont understand that stuff,,,exactly
13:49<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Add KVM configuration for Xen-based Linode <>
13:50<JeremyE77>I think the bank has the serial number or some such
13:50<JeremyE77>I just do what I am told
13:51<bdube>he thought I wasn't sure what code he was asking for because of my hesitation to give it to him
13:51<JeremyE77>I suppose there is not much you can do with it. It changes in 20 seconds...or whatever
13:52<bdube>he said they need it for the same reason I set it up in the first place, another layer of security
13:52<bdube>but no, I didn't set it up just to hand it out to people
13:53<bdube>I think this one is 30 seconds, but yeah
13:53<JeremyE77>prolly quick enough if you are at the login page though...stoopid...IDK what I would do.
13:54-!-dobrien [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.2]
13:54<bdube>oh well, I can delete that account now
13:55<JeremyE77>if ya need something, ya need something. Not much ya can do. :D
13:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 368] by ChanServ
13:55<JeremyE77>Like calling the government. Just listen and do what they say. You can't win anything.
13:57<JeremyE77>You guys!!! I made it to senior member...with all my bad forum advice!
13:57<JeremyE77>Apparently 50 is the number
13:57<bdube>the linode forum?
13:58<JeremyE77>I guess. Its the little things in life :D
13:59<bdube>damn it, I guess I can't delete that account yet
13:59<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Add KVM configuration for Xen-based Linode <>
13:59<JeremyE77>It is best not to rush into that kind of thing (deleting accounts). Expecially if they have datas
13:59<bdube>I'm trying to get my information off the whois record of a domain I sold
14:00<bdube>I'm no longer responsible for that domain so I want my information removed
14:00<JeremyE77>bdube: Shouldn't that have just happened when you xferred the domain?
14:00<bdube>a lot of things should have happened better with that sale
14:00<JeremyE77>I see
14:01<bdube>I will no longer accept or even consider offers from that company
14:01-!-rollingWolf [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:01<JeremyE77>If you no longer own the domain nor control it you might have to go up to the registrar :-/
14:02<bdube>that's who I was talking to
14:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 367] by ChanServ
14:02<JeremyE77>I am not sure. In my pasts they accepting registrar always re-wrote the whois.
14:02<bdube>they said they can neither change it nor force the current owner to change it
14:02<Peng>Nowadays it gets locked for 60 days right? Sometimes?
14:03<bdube>the whois info?
14:03<bdube>I thought just further transfers were locked?
14:03<Peng>Changing the whois is now considered an intra-registrar transfer. Or something.
14:03<Peng>Hell if i know.
14:03<JeremyE77>Peng: I had one a couple of months ago that got taken over, pretty much, immediately.
14:04<bdube>Peng: something they could have mentioned during a conversation about that very record
14:05-!-steveski2 [~steveg@] has joined #linode
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14:06<bdube>they even said until it's changed, I have a claim for taking ownership back
14:06<bdube>so maybe I keep the money from the sale and keep the domain
14:06<JeremyE77>Companies rarely tell you anything you do not ask for...these days you are lucky to get someone that can even asnwer a phone.
14:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 368] by ChanServ
14:07<JeremyE77>The internet made phone people stoopid :D
14:07-!-steveski2 [~steveg@] has quit []
14:08<Eugene>JeremyE77 - uh, the hardware fobs definitely do have a private key - that's how the protocol works? The difference between a hardware and software implementation of OTPs is whether the key is burned to a ROM chip or not.... that's it.
14:08<Peng>Okay, never mind. You can freely change the whois, but you can't transfer the domain afterwards. Unless you can.
14:08-!-mode/#linode [+l 367] by ChanServ
14:08<Eugene>Its usually "the serial number of the device"
14:09<JeremyE77>Eugene: thanks. Thats what I said. Serial number :P
14:09<JeremyE77>(eventually I got to that) but thanks for clarrifying because I did not know.
14:11-!-steveski [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:11<Eugene>Peng - ICANN has adopted rules requiring registries to default to a 60-day lock on transfers after changing any of the pertinent info(WHOIS). You can opt-out of this loock, but some registrars make it more painful than others
14:11<Eugene>I believe the intent is to discourage/prevent domain theft
14:12<Eugene>(Which is nigh-indistinguishable from a sale or inter-registrar transfer)
14:12-!-mode/#linode [+l 366] by ChanServ
14:13<bdube>what about the other way, changing whois right after a transfer?
14:13<Eugene>The lock would still be applied, on the new registrar/owner
14:15<bdube>I mean there's no restriction period on the whois record for this buyer because of the sale/transfer, right? they're just busy/lazy/indifferent?
14:15<Peng>bdube: Right. I was remembering wrong.
14:15<Peng>bdube: They can change their whois information a million times right now.
14:15<Peng>bdube: They won't be able to transfer to another registrar *again*
14:15<Peng>Eugene: I don't get it. If there's a tick box to opt out of the lock, wouldn't thieves just tick it?
14:16<bdube>only non-thieves are allowed to tick
14:17<Peng>"I solemnly swear i am up to no good. [__]"
14:17<bdube>I, state your name, ...
14:17-!-steveski [~steveg@] has joined #linode
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14:17<Eugene>Peng - depends how the registrar does it, but yeah. prompts me when logging-in if I want to opt-out, always have to say yes
14:17<Eugene>If you accidentally don't opt-out(the default? fuck logic) then you're screwed for 60 days
14:18-!-Nick_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:18<Eugene>Or your registrar might do a shitty job and just make you wait
14:18<Nick_>Hi There
14:18<Eugene>Useless bot
14:18<Nick_>I'm unable to access my linode cpanel
14:18-!-steveski [~steveg@] has quit []
14:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 367] by ChanServ
14:18<bdube>linbot: "because fuck you, that's why" come on, friend, say it
14:19<JeremyE77>Nick_: Linode Manager or Cpanel .... for clarity?
14:19<linbot>bdube: no
14:20<Nick_>also trying to reset password but nothing i receive by email
14:20*linbot solemnly swears it is up to no good
14:20<bdube>is it a gmail account?
14:20<JeremyE77>Nick_: If you are having trouble authenticating it is best to use support channels such as ticket or phone. That cannot be handled here. :(
14:21<Nick_>yea it's a gmail account
14:21<Nick_>alright i will go ahead and contact them via phone
14:22<bdube>the solemn swear, there's nothing we can do now. damn these loopholes
14:23<JeremyE77>Nobody can do anything ever. "Always be in charge. Always be better."
14:23<bdube>"Everything first"
14:24<JeremyE77>I don't do this crap because I like it :P No one else will
14:29-!-steveski [~steveg@] has joined #linode
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15:13<Peng> "getaddrinfo() dont work correct with ipv4+ipv6 addreses aftrer upgrade libc6 in Ubuntu Precise" Ubuntu noooo
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15:25<Eugene>I'm currently swearing at Guacamole for not supporting IPv6-only hosts
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15:40<JeremyE77>Ubuntu is slacking lately. (or maybe the whole of Debian)
15:41<relidy>!point Peng
15:41<linbot>relidy: Point given to peng. (8)
15:41<relidy>Thanks for pointing that out, Peng.
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18:11<relidy>Anyone have words of wisdom for delayed mounting of certain mount points on CentOS 7? I need to bind mount the nscd socket after the network and daemon are up and running, which is after the fstab is processed. rc.local? systemd unit?
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18:14<millisa> ?
18:17<relidy>Looks like that's advocating a systemd unit to fix the issue. Yeah, figured that was where I'd end up. Thanks millisa.
18:17-!-seanh-corona [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:18<millisa>there was some way of turning off the simultaneous startup stuff in systemd that I'm pretty sure when you do it you get a slower boot but it'll then honor the fstab ordering
18:18<millisa>I can't seem to find it since it's not the 'blessed' solution
18:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:19<relidy>My real issue is I need some mounts to wait until the network is up and nscd started. The order of mounts might still be important to me, but it feels like a slightly different issue.
18:19<millisa>using the systemd 'after=' / 'wantedby=' stuff is probably where you'll have to go then
18:20<relidy>Indeed. Bleh.
18:22<relidy>Ooh, there's a mount option "_netdev" that is "used to prevent the system from attempting to mount these filesystems until the network has been enabled on the system"
18:23<Eugene>relidy - my 2c: don't use rc.local if you can help it; CentOS 7 + systemd support for that is inconsistent with when its run.
18:24<Eugene>You probably want x-systemd.requires=.
18:24<relidy>Yeah, one of the reasons I decided to step back and ask was the scary warning in rc.local
18:25<Eugene>The mount goes in your fstab, but it won't be processed automagically until the necessary stuff is ready
18:26-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:38e0:2f31:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:26<relidy>I think that's exactly what I need. Thanks for the pointer.
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18:34-!-FascistPotato [~rkitover@2601:645:c200:a5cb:214c:4392:f0c8:f2bb] has joined #linode
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18:35<FascistPotato>Hi, I'm trying to open port 8080 on my linode, but it says connection refused
18:35<FascistPotato>anything special about that port?
18:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:35<retro|blah>What's listening on port 8080?
18:35<FascistPotato>the ipv6 address works, but not the ipv4 address
18:35-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:28a7:2f31:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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18:35<FascistPotato>my supybot github plugin
18:36<retro|blah>What does "ss -anptl | grep :8080" say?
18:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
18:37<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
18:38<JeremyE77>I'm guessing it is an iptables distro since 6 works. your prolly need to pen the port on ipv4
18:39<FascistPotato>my firewall script works fine, all the other ports I configured in it work, I'm using something called "uruk"
18:39<JeremyE77>all the other? did you add 8080?
18:39<JeremyE77>idk. I didnt look at your gist. I'll leave
18:40<FascistPotato>maybe I'll just try a different port
18:41-!-skyfaller [~skyfaller@2601:42:2:bf30:40fc:b4e6:bb61:64dd] has joined #linode
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18:41<skyfaller>hey folks, does anyone here work on the linode Ansible module?
18:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
18:42<skyfaller>or use it for that matter?
18:43<millisa>I vaguely remember playing with it when I played with terraform's linode module? what's your real question?
18:45-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:28a7:2f31:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:45<skyfaller>ok, I'm trying to reboot a linode server using it, and the playbook is failing saying that I need a password. But that doesn't make sense
18:45<skyfaller>the "password" parameter for the linode module is for creating a new password for a new linode server
18:46<skyfaller>so if I need to enter a password in order to use the linode module, I don't know what password that is or where to enter it
18:46<FascistPotato>I don't know wtf is going on, I can't open any port, and it works fine when I telnet to the external ip on the linode
18:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
18:47<millisa>skyfaller: i'm assuming you have your api_key set in the local_action?
18:47<JeremyE77>FascistPotato: reload your iptables :D
18:47<FascistPotato>JeremyE77: that's not the problem
18:47<skyfaller>millisa: I think so, I'm using the LINODE_API_KEY env variable
18:48<millisa>FascistPotato: if you briefly stop your firewall does it let you access the port?
18:48<FascistPotato>millisa: no
18:48<JeremyE77>uruk is just a wrapper to iptables. You edit it but it does not automagically reload.
18:49<FascistPotato>service uruk restart reloads it
18:49<skyfaller>millisa: here's my output:
18:49<FascistPotato>anyway, if I telnet <external-ip> <port> it works fine
18:49<JeremyE77>Good :)
18:49<FascistPotato>so the problem is not my firewall
18:49<FascistPotato>I mean, telnet works FROM THE LINODE
18:50<JeremyE77>Good. Is apache (or whatever) lisetning on ipv4?
18:51<millisa>FascistPotato: output of: netstat -tulpn |grep 8080
18:51<FascistPotato>sigh, so I flushed all the iptables and it lets me connect now
18:51<FascistPotato>never mind
18:51<FascistPotato>maybe I need a new firewall
18:51<millisa>skyfaller: what does the setup task look like (edit out your apikey if its in there)
18:51<JeremyE77>You dont seem yo have any on ipv6
18:52-!-fergtm [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:52<FascistPotato>I typod a variable... sorry
18:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:53<millisa>why is it running sudo?
18:54<skyfaller>no idea, maybe b/c local_action?
18:54-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:3411:2f31:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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18:54<skyfaller>I don't really understand how the linode module works
18:55<skyfaller>but I'm 90% sure I had this playbook working before and I don't understand what changed
18:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
18:55<millisa>if you throw a -K at the end, does it prompt you for your local sudo pass?
18:56<skyfaller>yes it does, and then it throws this error:
18:56<millisa>-b doesn't imply password prompting (do you need -b for this?)
18:56<skyfaller>... maybe not?
18:57<skyfaller>same error without -b
18:57<millisa>the pycurl error or the sudo error?
18:57<skyfaller>I'm on OS X
18:58<skyfaller>the Linode server is running Ubuntu but I don't see how that could possibly matter
18:58<millisa>the pycurl message would come up if you didn't have python-pycurl installed on a centos system running the playbook.
18:58<millisa>i'm assuming your osx setup doesn't have pycurl?
19:00<skyfaller>millisa: I thought I had it installed, but I just did a pip install pycurl just in case. Still getting the pycurl error
19:02<FascistPotato>sorry for wasting your time with my own stupidity, have a nice day
19:02-!-FascistPotato [~rkitover@2601:645:c200:a5cb:214c:4392:f0c8:f2bb] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.7]
19:03<JeremyE77>If only they knew how much I like wasting my time :P
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19:05<skyfaller>millisa: ok, now I told ansible where to find my python installation by putting "localhost ansible_python_interpreter=/usr/local/bin/python" in my hosts file
19:05<millisa>you get further then? (did it find pycurl this time?)
19:06<skyfaller>now I have a new error:
19:06<skyfaller>it looks like it is trying to SSH into my localhost, which is stupid
19:06<skyfaller>it does appear to have found pycurl however :P
19:08<skyfaller>I have the sense that whatever it is trying to do is the incorrect thing
19:09<skyfaller>is it possible that the documentation for the linode module is out of date?
19:10<millisa>add a connection: local under your hosts: localhost
19:12-!-fergtm [] has joined #linode
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19:12<skyfaller>millisa: I think that did it!!!
19:12<skyfaller>at least, the playbook ran successfully without error
19:12<skyfaller>thank you :)
19:12<skyfaller>now let's see if the server rebooted...
19:12<millisa>hopefully you rebooted all sorts of linodes.
19:12-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:302a:2f31:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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19:13<skyfaller>yep, server rebooted :D
19:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
19:13<millisa>if you are throwing other stuff in that playbook that would happen on the host over ssh, that connection: local is going to get in the way
19:14<millisa>but since you are hard specifying the host there, it probably doesn't matter.
19:14<skyfaller>got it. It seems like all linode module stuff happens on localhost
19:14<skyfaller>which is weird but whatever
19:15<millisa>well, they are localtasks that are just making curl calls to the api
19:15<millisa>it wouldn't make sense to do them from the linode since it may be down at the time
19:15<millisa>(but if you did do it on the linode .'d need pycurl to do it)
19:19<skyfaller>thank you for your help! I don't think I could have found my way through all of the different errors without you
19:20<millisa>sure thing.
19:20<skyfaller>the documentation for the linode module seems like it could use some work
19:21<millisa>I think you are being too specific. a majority of the ansible modules docs are sparse. or don't have useful examples.
19:21<millisa>I especially enjoy when they change the name of one of the options between versions and forget to mention it
19:21<skyfaller>well, the examples given in the documentation should work without modification, IMHO. "connection: local" isn't mentioned, and it seems to be required
19:22<millisa>(ansible is still my favorite of the bunch though)
19:22-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:302a:2f31:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:22<skyfaller>heh, I just came across an interesting documentation problem today at
19:23<millisa>the dest/path thing?
19:23<skyfaller>I tried to use the "path" option, and that didn't work. Then I looked closely and saw "Before 2.3, option 'dest', 'destfile' or 'name' was used instead of 'path'"
19:23<skyfaller>I'm running 2.2, 2.3 doesn't seem to be released yet? Not sure why they changed the documentation before releasing the new version
19:23-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
19:23<millisa>not sure. i'm still stuck at 2.2 on most my systems
19:26<millisa>looks like 2.3 rc1 was released 9 days ago
19:27<skyfaller>is it normal to change the documentation before release?
19:27<skyfaller>or are you saying that rc1 counts as a release?
19:28<bdube>I'd say it's normal to see the docs roll over if a release candidate is out there
19:28<millisa>it's better than not having the right docs at release I suppose
19:28<skyfaller>true, it is a bit of chicken/egg problem
19:28<millisa>at least they *had* the comment about the dest/path difference.
19:28<skyfaller>yeah, that was important :)
19:31-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:181b:2f31:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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19:39<skyfaller>does anyone here use mosh?
19:39<skyfaller>I appear to have opened the necessary ports in my firewall but mosh won't connect
19:44-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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19:50<skyfaller>gosh darn it, ufw is reporting a port as open but nmap from an outside computer says it is closed
19:50<skyfaller>what do I do about that?
19:52<millisa>ufw status says the port is open?
19:53<millisa>output of iptables-save ?
19:53<skyfaller>tcpdump shows packets coming in, so I think that means the packets are arriving and then being rejected by the firewall?
19:54<bdube>don't firewall rejections happen before tcpdump would see it?
19:55<skyfaller>bdube: I don't know, do they?
19:55-!-Caelum [] has joined #linode
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19:55<bdube>I thought they did
19:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
19:55<millisa>which port number is it you were trying to let in?
19:56<skyfaller>here's what nmap sees:
19:56-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:181b:2f31:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:56<skyfaller>millisa: I'm trying to let in 60000-61000
19:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
19:58<skyfaller>here's what tcpdump sees:
19:58<millisa>output of: netstat -ulpn ?
19:58<kyhwana>dddI forget, does iptables still go in order?
19:58<kyhwana>(top to bottom)
19:59<FluffyFoxeh>kyhwana: yes
19:59<skyfaller>erm wait did I have to run that as root?
19:59<millisa>might help
19:59<skyfaller>nope, sudo makes no difference
19:59<FluffyFoxeh>and -A adds to the bottom, and -I adds to the top. And I think there's one to add in between
20:00<skyfaller>oh wait
20:00<skyfaller>it does
20:01<millisa>and this mosh thing is supposed to be listening to inbound udp?
20:02<bdube>mosh doesn't listen on its own, the ssh connection has to succeed then mosh-server will start
20:02<FluffyFoxeh>and the port is not the same every time IIRC
20:02<FluffyFoxeh>(for mosh)
20:03<FluffyFoxeh>ah found it
20:03<FluffyFoxeh>" Mosh will use the first available UDP port, starting at 60001 and stopping at 60999. If you are only going to have a small handful of concurrent sessions on a server, then you can forward a smaller range of ports (e.g., 60000 to 60010)."
20:03<skyfaller>yeah, that's what says
20:04<skyfaller>I have mosh installed on both ends, can't figure out why this wouldn't work
20:04-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:c25:2f31:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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20:04<bdube>is your ssh on the standard port and if not are you taking care of that in your mosh command?
20:05<millisa>the iptables save shows 22 open. are you just typing: mosh ?
20:05<skyfaller>ssh is on port 22 as one might expect
20:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
20:05<millisa>or mosh youruser@ ?
20:06<skyfaller>just the IP address, I might be using an IPv6 address
20:06-!-larsdesigns [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
20:07<FluffyFoxeh>I'm not sure if mosh works with IPv6
20:07<millisa>"July 23, 2015: Mosh 1.2.5 released, with John Hood as release lead. New features include support for mouse modes and a reconfigurable escape character, and initial support for IPv6."
20:07<FluffyFoxeh>yeah but
20:08<FluffyFoxeh>it's still buggy perhaps
20:08<millisa>only looks like one point release since then; wouldn't doubt it
20:09<skyfaller>hm, comments on that bug suggest that mosh will default to ipv4 unless you force it
20:09<millisa>More importantly
20:09<FluffyFoxeh>sounds experimental at best
20:10<bdube>wouldn't the ipv6 address count as forcing ipv6?
20:10<skyfaller>yeah, it looks like it was attempting to use ipv4. Forcing ipv6 doesn't have a better outcome:
20:11<FluffyFoxeh>I use mosh on my Linode fine, for what it's worth
20:12<skyfaller>I don't have a firewall enabled on my localhost Mac
20:12<skyfaller>so I don't think there could be a problem going the other way
20:12<FluffyFoxeh>maybe try it from another Linode
20:12<millisa>could briefly stop your ufw to see if it's a firewall thing or not
20:13<FluffyFoxeh>yeah, process of elimination
20:13<FluffyFoxeh>strip away as many variables as possible
20:13<millisa>(nothing's jumping out at me as wrong with the iptables-save output you posted, but I'm pretty tired)
20:14-!-moonkyang [~moonkyang@] has joined #linode
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20:14<skyfaller>ok, I did "sudo ufw disable" and mosh still won't connect
20:14<FluffyFoxeh>double check it removed all the crap from iptables
20:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
20:15<bdube>do you normally connect with a ssh key stored in an agent? password? is mosh even uses the correct method for your setup?
20:15-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:c25:2f31:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:15<skyfaller>I usually connect with an ssh key
20:16<skyfaller>that's a good question, I assumed that mosh would use the same method that my normal ssh command uses, but maybe that's wrong
20:16<FluffyFoxeh>check auth.log too maybe and see if anything's weird
20:16<bdube>you can try adding --ssh="ssh -vvv" or something
20:16<FluffyFoxeh>I g2g
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20:17<skyfaller>is my firewall disabled?
20:18-!-moonkyan_ [~moonkyang@] has joined #linode
20:18<FluffyFoxeh>oh also mosh on the server invokes starting a process as your user , in case you've got a security thing restricting that
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20:18<FluffyFoxeh>skyfaller: I don't see anything in there that lets mosh throufh
20:19<skyfaller>FluffyFoxeh: I tried to disable my firewall, it shouldn't be blocking anything?
20:19<FluffyFoxeh>there are still rules in that iptable output that block things
20:20<FluffyFoxeh>At the end of the INPUT chain you've got -A INPUT -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable
20:20<FluffyFoxeh>so anything that doesn't match the rules above it is rejected
20:20<skyfaller>hm... how do I wipe out iptables? I don't understand iptables, that's why I was trying to use ufw
20:21<skyfaller>it looks like mosh is successfully using ssh to log in:
20:21<FluffyFoxeh>iptables -F INPUT
20:21<FluffyFoxeh>Flushes the input chain
20:21<FluffyFoxeh>I'd really recommend getting familiar with iptables though
20:21<FluffyFoxeh>As with most abstraction layers, ufw hides things.
20:22<FluffyFoxeh>well, all abstraction layers do that. That's the point of abstraction
20:22<FluffyFoxeh>and also why it's often a bad thing :p
20:22<skyfaller>well, iptables -F INPUT fixed it :P mosh logged in successfully
20:23<FluffyFoxeh>It's always useful to be able to go to a lower layer and understand what's going on
20:23<skyfaller>yeah, that's kind of the moral of the story of linux isn't it?
20:23<skyfaller>but I can only understand so many low layer things at a time :P
20:24-!-moonkyang [~moonkyang@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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20:29<alexandre03>olá, não estou conseguindo acessar minha conta no site. Estou colocando meu login e senha que fiz no site, mas da erro de usuário ou senha inválido.
20:30-!-alexandre03 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:31<millisa>Assuming you are talking about the linode manager, have you tried and ?
20:31<millisa>If you are talking about the linode itself - can you login via the lish console?
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20:33<millisa>interesting that they were coming from a DO address
20:36<skyfaller>ok, so now that I've logged in with mosh, I'm annoyed that the info that prints when I log in with ssh doesn't print when I log in with mosh
20:37<millisa>what info? the stuff that comes out of your shell's dot-rc file?
20:37<skyfaller>yeah, I think so
20:38<skyfaller>except for one script in /etc/profile.d/ which is supposed to print my IP address, which is instead printing "mosh" because it's looking at the wrong part of the "who am i" command...
20:38<skyfaller>I need a way for that script to detect whether I'm logging in with mosh or ssh
20:39<skyfaller>this is the script:
20:39-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:64:2f31:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:40<skyfaller>millisa: oh, no, the other information is coming from /etc/update-motd.d/ on my Ubuntu server
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20:41<skyfaller>so none of that is running when I log in with mosh
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20:42<skyfaller>aw, thank you for googling that for me :)
20:42-!-RumpledElf [] has joined #linode
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20:43<skyfaller>ok, that fixed everything except for my /etc/profile.d/ script which is still failing to report my IP address
20:46<skyfaller>ok, this is weird... I don't see why the bash script wouldn't return the correct part of "who am i" when I log in with mosh
20:47<skyfaller>the first entry is when I use ssh, the second is when I use mosh
20:47-!-Q3Man [] has joined #linode
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20:47<skyfaller>when I log in with ssh my script returns my IP address, when I log in with mosh it returns "mosh"
20:47-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:38f1:2f31:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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20:50<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Two domains and one Linode <>
20:51<adam__>Do I get my money back if I don't like linode and haven't used my credit ?
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20:53<millisa> bottom right of the
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21:03<skyfaller>nobody hangs around to listen to your advice ;-)
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21:17<Phanes>how can i cycle external IP addresses for my linode
21:18<millisa>You mean change it to some other address?
21:18<Peng>...In IPv6? :D
21:18<Phanes>yeah, algorithmically
21:18<millisa>spinup another linode and swap?
21:18<Phanes>i dont care about ipv4-ipv as long as i can run a script that changes the external ip
21:19<millisa>script it with ?
21:19<Phanes>so if i wanted this to be repeatable wouldn't i have to spawn a partner machine, swap, destroy a partner? seems kind of wasteful isn't it
21:20<millisa>what gets wasted?
21:20<Phanes>all those cycles, storage, time
21:20<@caker>why are you cycling IPs? whose TOS are you violating?
21:20<Phanes>heh. it's for testing.
21:20<@caker>testing what?
21:21<Phanes>a ban system to enforce TOS
21:22<Phanes>oh, so, linode.clone(), linode.ip.swap()?
21:22<Phanes>im new to the api
21:23<millisa>clone copies a linode, you probably don't want that
21:23<Phanes>i am surprised that linode.ip.addpublic doesn't just give a host a new ip
21:24<millisa>that's for adding an IP (assuming you have had one justified, etc)
21:24-!-RChandra [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 52.0.1/20170317213149]]
21:24<millisa>linode.create would create a linode
21:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 366] by ChanServ
21:25<Phanes>so between linode.create() and linode.ip.swap, how do i manage race conditions
21:25<Phanes>because there is a delay between creation of a new linode, then boot, then having an ip
21:27<millisa>last time I used linode.create it only took a second or so before it returned the linodeid.
21:28<Phanes>oh so by the time it receives a response linode.create() request completion will have already happened?
21:28<Phanes>i worded that terribly. response from request means work is done?
21:29<millisa>assuming there wasn't an error; using linode.create is just like going to the Linode->Add a Linode page, selecting a plan and a datacenter location and hitting the 'add this linode!' button.
21:30-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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21:30<millisa>it gives you an allocated linode at a datacenter, waiting for something to be deployed to it, booted, etc
21:30<Phanes>that's where i was going with clone
21:30<Phanes>seems like it would save some work
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23:01<bdube>skyfaller: did you get that last part figured out? I'm finding that position of the output unreliable
23:02<skyfaller>bdube: no, it's very unreliable in mosh for some reason, in ssh it worked very consistently
23:02<skyfaller>in mosh the output is my IP address 50% of the time and the other 50% of the time it's "mosh"
23:02<bdube>it's printing my correct remote ip on this linode, but chopping it up on another
23:03<skyfaller>I can't figure out what's going on. Can you think of a better way to write a bash script that would tell me my IP address?
23:04<bdube>what was the context of that script again? something in /etc/profile.d ?
23:04<skyfaller>it runs after the Ubuntu message of the day
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23:11<skyfaller>hm... I could use dig to query openDNS, like "dig +short" but the "who am i" method returned either an IPv6 address or ipv4 address depending on how I connected, while dig only gives me an ipv4 address unless I specify otherwise
23:12<dwfreed>because dig asks for A record only by default
23:12<millisa>?: ip addr show|grep eth0|grep inet|cut -d ' ' -f6
23:13<bdube>but you need the answer to your question run that command
23:13<dwfreed>also, only has an IPv4 address
23:13<bdube>you want to show the address you're connecting from, right?
23:13<dwfreed>so you'll only ever connect to it via IPv4
23:13<skyfaller>bdube: yes
23:13<millisa>well, ignore what I said then
23:14<skyfaller>I just wish I understood why the "who am i" method is inconsistent on mosh
23:15<skyfaller>I can't see why it won't give me the right or wrong answer 100% of the time
23:15<dwfreed>mosh relies on libutempter to update wtmp, which could also be buggy
23:16<skyfaller>I'll admit that I don't really understand what you just said
23:17<dwfreed>wtmp is the file that things like 'who' check to see who's logged in and such
23:17<millisa>?: w -i|tail -n 1|awk '{ printf $3; }'
23:18<millisa>no, that's dumb, too. only works for me because i'm the only one logged in
23:18<skyfaller>ha, it doesn't deliver the entirety of my ipv6 address
23:19<dwfreed>it's stored in /var/log, and its permissions are set so that not just anybody can modify it (this would be bad for obvious reasons); since mosh itself runs unprivileged, it uses libutempter to do the work
23:19<dwfreed>libutempter executes a binary that gets sufficient privilege to update the log
23:19<skyfaller>ah, yes, adding in extra pieces of software does sound like it creates a lot of opportunities for bugs
23:20<skyfaller>I'm also leaning towards just not using mosh, because I can't figure out how to make it work with a firewall turned on
23:21<skyfaller>when I nuked iptables I was able to get mosh to connect, but turning on ufw stops mosh from connecting, even if ufw claims to have opened the relevant ports
23:22<dwfreed>you could learn how to use iptables directly, and not deal with ufw, and then things would be a lot simpler
23:22<dwfreed>(ufw stands for Uncomplicated FireWall, which is totally a lie)
23:23<skyfaller>ugggggh I gave up on setting up this server months ago because I couldn't figure out iptables. I guess I'll go try again
23:24<skyfaller>dwfreed: OK, part of my problem with iptables is that I also have to learn how to make them persistent, which is where I failed last time
23:24<dwfreed>on debian, just install iptables-persistent
23:25<skyfaller>yeah, I'm on Ubuntu
23:26<skyfaller>I guess I'll come complain when I remember what my specific problems were
23:26<skyfaller>for some reason that package wasn't behaving the way I expected
23:27<arlen>same package for ubuntu
23:28<arlen>I use it
23:28<skyfaller>ok :)
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