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00:27<Eugene>zifnab - I know how we can make THOUSANDS of dollars
00:27<zifnab>Eugene: strippers and alcohol
00:27<zifnab>Eugene: wait, thats illegal in this nanny state
00:28<Eugene>zifnab - yes, the perfect way to enable us to.... steal the declaration of independence
00:28<zifnab>copy the one true god
00:28<zifnab>i see
00:28<zifnab> <-- for anyone missing the reference
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00:30<Eugene>Awwww, cute lil babbeh
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00:51<linodeuser>Hi everyone
00:51<linodeuser>I have a question about Linode, is there anybody here who can help?
00:51<millisa>we won't know until you ask
00:52<linodeuser>obvisouly, however what I mean is is there anyone who is from the staff
00:52<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
00:52<arlen>you should just ask your question
00:52<millisa>unless it's something specific to your account, someone here probably knows the answer...
00:52<linodeuser>ok I will just ask
00:53<linodeuser>I just created an account however I would like to cancel it. Will I be able to re-create the account using the same username and email address? Because i would like to make some adjustments this time.
00:53<millisa>You don't get billed anything for just having an account
00:54<millisa>you could just leave it with no linodes spun up on it
00:54<arlen>probably wants to use a promo code this time
00:54<arlen>or again
00:54<linodeuser>yeah however there was a form i had to fill and I put $5 on it
00:54<arlen>you'll have to fill out the same form
00:55<linodeuser>yeah will i have to put money down though?
00:55<linodeuser>i had no idea the first time so
00:55<arlen>there's no $0 option
00:55<millisa>are you just doing this for a promo code? what else would you want to adjust?
00:56<linodeuser>that's cool. do you know if I am able to create the account immediately after cancellation or there is some time I need to wait for?
00:56<arlen>you don't lose the $5 though. it gets added to your account as credit
00:56<arlen>pretty sure you can do it immediately
00:56<linodeuser>yeah but if i cancel the account, what happens to that $5??
00:57<linodeuser>it's saved in my account
00:57<arlen>goes away unless you ask for a refund and it's within 7 days of signing up
00:57<linodeuser>ok got it
00:58<linodeuser>thanks a lot for your help!
00:58<arlen>seems like a lot of effort for nothing
00:59<millisa>sure seems like there's probably an easier way to do whatever it is you are trying to do...
00:59<linodeuser>well you could keep your comments to yourself because i know what i'm doing.
00:59<millisa>good luck then
01:00<linodeuser>you have been criticising since the beginning, why do you care?
01:00<arlen>ok boss
01:00<linodeuser>i said thank you and I would expect a "you are welcome"
01:01<arlen>oh well
01:01<arlen>sometimes we don't always get what we want
01:01<linodeuser>no one does
01:01<linodeuser>life is unfair
01:02<linodeuser>but keep this environment friendly
01:02<arlen>ok boss
01:02<arlen>you got it
01:02<FluffyFoxeh>ey b0ss
01:02<linodeuser>alright i'll put this on your performance evaluation
01:03<arlen>sounds good
01:03<linodeuser>oh plus, when I said I would expect, it's not like i wanted it.
01:03<arlen>expect the unexpected
01:03<linodeuser>I was telling you how normally you behave in a conversation
01:04<FluffyFoxeh>it looks like whatever purpose this conversation had has vanished
01:04<arlen>sorry I don't live up to your expectations
01:04<linodeuser>"i would expect" does not mean "i wanted that and i did not get it"
01:04<FluffyFoxeh>like why are you still talking about this
01:04<linodeuser>so get it right
01:04<linodeuser>stop being sarcastic
01:04<linodeuser>be quite fluffy
01:04<linodeuser>you are not a part of this
01:04<linodeuser>go back
01:04<FluffyFoxeh>I am quite fluffy
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01:05<retro|blah>no u
01:05<arlen>that guy...
01:05<millisa>he will be missed
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02:42<Ikaros>Hm. How interesting. Stock Debian 3.x kernel on my Newark-based Linode, I can upload to it over SFTP full-steam (~ 11 MB/sec). Stock Debian 4.x backported kernel, max upload speed = ~150-200 KB/sec. Yeah. Think I'll just stay away from the 4.x kernels.
02:43<FluffyFoxeh>I think if there was that kind of performance issue in the kernel I would have heard about it
02:43<FluffyFoxeh>or noticed myself
02:45<Peng>This sounds familiar.
02:45<FluffyFoxeh>SFTP is screaming fast over my gigabit LAN between two machines running 4.10.5
02:45<Ikaros>I just experienced it, and the only change was the running kernel.
02:45<Peng>If there was a horrible performance issue, of course it's been fixed by now
02:45<Ikaros>And I have NOT seen this on any 4.x kernel I run locally (like here at home)
02:45<FluffyFoxeh>and the fix would be in stable trees
02:46<FluffyFoxeh>and today I uploaded to my Linode at my max upload speed
02:46<FluffyFoxeh>(like 10Mbit)
02:46<FluffyFoxeh>it's running 4.9.7 (Linode kernel)
02:47<Ikaros>Huh. So what problem would I have locally that would be fixed by a remote change?
02:47<FluffyFoxeh>maybe the debian backport is bad
02:47<FluffyFoxeh>I don't know
02:47*Ikaros shrugs
02:47<FluffyFoxeh>maybe something else changed outside your control
02:47<Ikaros>Would be nice if I knew their .config :/
02:47<FluffyFoxeh>Debian? it should be in /boot/config-*
02:48<FluffyFoxeh>or if it's a Linode kernel, /proc/config.gz
02:48<Ikaros>Huh so it is
02:48<Ikaros>I should experiment.
02:49<Peng>I swear this has been discussed here twice over the last few months. Unless my memory is playing tricks on me.
02:49<Peng>I don't remember the details, though!
02:49<FluffyFoxeh>I don't remember it and I wouldn't know what to grep for
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02:50<Ikaros>FluffyFoxeh that will be the subject of my experiment. I'll copy the config for their 3.x kernel to another locale, then reboot into the backported 4.x kernel, copy THAT config over to the same locale, and look at a diff
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02:51<FluffyFoxeh>all right :p
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02:51<FluffyFoxeh>the stuff in /boot should persist across reboots by the way
02:51<Ikaros>Since I'm not really using it very much right now - operation of most stuff on that is suspended pending investigation into kernel issues relating to crashing - I think I can freely do that
02:52*Ikaros shrugs
02:52<Ikaros>I like to be careful.
02:55<Ikaros>Also I want to mention that I already tested a kernel compiled using Linode's .config, and the same upload issue occurred trying to upload to it. So I dunno if it's anything config-related to be honest.
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03:01<Guest46>i am using your services, and installing some software but failed, can i have centos 5 32bit system?
03:01<Guest46>not 64bit
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03:53<benjamindees>I'm guessing that when nmap gives me "operation not permitted" errors on my VPS, that has something to do with the virtual host?
03:56<benjamindees>as root
03:59<benjamindees>hmm, this might be it
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04:00<Ikaros>Match your setup?
04:00<Ikaros>(that post that is)
04:01<benjamindees>no, I'm on Debian, but the kernel version is within the range specified
04:02<Ikaros>Ok so put a 4.9 kernel on there and see if you have the same thing
04:02<Ikaros>Always funny how you have these little oddities crop up in the kernel.
04:04<Peng>I like when distros backport horrible kernel bugs :.
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04:08<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Disk IO and Costs <>
04:25<benjamindees>hmm, well my image is set to boot the "latest 64 bit" kernel
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04:26<benjamindees>and the uptime is only 41 days, so it should have a newer version than 4.8.6
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04:27<Ikaros>Heh...manual selection time.
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04:27<benjamindees>oops, or not
04:28<sebaker88>I have a question, can i ?
04:28<benjamindees>looks like it jumps from 4.8.6 to 4.9.7
04:28<arlen>there's a 4.9.15 there too
04:30<sebaker88>I'm trying sign up on Linode, but i have not received any confirmation mail. What can i do?
04:33<kyhwana>sebaker88: check your spam folder? Is this the initial account creation email or a verification email? (if the latter, wait)
04:37<sebaker88>@kyhwana Thx for answer. Spam too, i haven't.
04:39<sebaker88>Initial account creation mail. But i registered it yesterday
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05:18<benjamindees>thank-you all for the help!
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07:12<MrGeneral>Anyone here using sendgrid? got a few questions
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09:12<Simon_>Is it possible to Managed Linode for some servers are not the others?
09:13<@nbrewer>Simon_: Managed is an account-wide setting
09:13<dwfreed>you can have 2 accounts, though
09:14<@nbrewer>you could create a separate account for the Linodes you want to have monitored, and then have them transferred to it.
09:14<Simon_>Ah, that's what I thought. Might end up going down the route of 2 accounts
09:14<Simon_>So even if I did have 2 accounts, If I did want a node from the 2nd (unmanaged) I can just transfer it to the managed account?
09:15<@nbrewer>yes - you'd need to open a ticket on each account, confirming the corresponding ticket numbers and authorizing the transfer. then we would move it over for you.
09:15<dwfreed>you'd open a ticket on both accounts, asking for it to be transferred from one to the other
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09:29<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • massage pieds lyon <>
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09:39<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • What's up with Tokyo2? <>
09:41<rick111>i saw the service annoucement about london this morning and the update that they believe fixed and are now monitoring. - anyone seeing any issues?
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10:13<@nbrewer>"The other party water charges"
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10:30<amayer>Every day Im EDMing
10:30<amayer>Err... I mean, Every day im linoding!
10:33<dzho>amayer is not linoding, only allah is linoding
10:34<dzho>or slapping people around with a large fishbot, or ... something
10:34<amayer>I am 100% linoding. The fact that you would challenge my linodingness has me questioning your character dzho.
10:35-!-chika [] has joined #linode
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10:35<dzho>it is only fitting and proper that you should do so
10:36-!-chika [] has quit []
10:36<dzho>the act of linoding should not lead you to suspending your critical judgement
10:37<amayer>Well I have not finished my coffee yet. So my critical judgment may be a little askew but not that much.
10:43<dzho>it happens, don't worry about it
10:49<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Backup DNS Manager <>
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12:10<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Disk IO and Costs <>
12:20<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Backup DNS Manager <> || Sales Questions and Answers • Disk IO and Costs <>
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12:48<paxuh>Any admins around?
12:48<@nbrewer>paxuh: this is community chat, but people with "@" next to their name on Linode staff
12:48<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:49<paxuh>My linode account has been closed due to delay of payment. Is it possible for you or someone else to reopen it?
12:51<@nbrewer>paxuh: you should open a support ticket from the Linode Manager. If you don't have access to the Linode Manager, email and include the last six digits of the credit card on file.
12:53<paxuh>I am not able to access the Linode Manager. I already wrote and sent an email, but old CC digits were not included, as I have a new one. I hope that will work anyway.
12:53<@nbrewer>you need to provide the last six digits of the card that's currently on the account.
12:55<paxuh>I don`t have the old card anymore. May I create a new account instead?
12:55<jstitt>oh hai
12:56<@nbrewer>paxuh: they may still be able to authenticate you, but our support team will have to work that out via email.
12:56<@nbrewer>hey jstitt o/
12:56<jstitt>Why does CentOS 7 hate my RSA public keys :(
12:57<jstitt>-vvv shows no available connection types
12:57<jstitt>CentOS is stupid.
12:57<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:57*nbrewer basically agrees about CentOS in general
12:57-!-HeavyMetal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:00<jstitt>lol it's not even looking for id_rsa ... just id_dsa, id_ecdsa, id_ed25519 ... Because logic.
13:01<@jleal>jstitt: !!!!!!
13:02<jstitt>sup buddy!!!
13:03-!-paxuh [~paxuh@] has quit []
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13:09<dwfreed>jstitt: hai
13:10<jstitt>hey brother!
13:11<jstitt>how's sunny USA treating you?
13:16<dwfreed>could be worse, I guess
13:17-!-matias [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:19<praetorian>no, it's the USA
13:19<praetorian>not sure if thats possible
13:19<dwfreed>I mean, I could be homeless
13:20<dwfreed>I could not have any income
13:20<praetorian>that's true
13:22<jstitt>You could live in a stick hut. That's not homeless technically but also not so great when it rains
13:33-!-larsdesigns [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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13:45-!-Dusan [] has joined #linode
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13:45<Dusan>Dear, I am new on Linode. can anyone help me with installing ubuntu server on linode ?
13:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 377] by ChanServ
13:47<Dusan>I saw that..So I just need to deploy image and choose Ubuntu 16.10 or other version ?
13:48<gparent>yep that's what the guide explains
13:49<Dusan>I thought it will install ubuntu with gui :D thanks
13:50<gparent>the images are fairly slim or at least were when I last used them
13:50<gparent>I wouldn't worry too much about unneeded packages
13:53-!-shentino [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:55<JeremyE77>Well, Ubuntu is about the heaviest choice you can make...I think :P
13:56<Dusan>I am new in Linud world :D Sorry if this is noob question :D
13:57<millisa>just pointing out that caker registered
13:57<JeremyE77>If you want a "light" Ubuntu. Use Debian.
13:57<jstitt>sounds like linude is a totally different type of project :P
13:58<millisa>it 503's right now. this makes me sad.
13:58<Dusan>where are u from guyws :D ?
13:58<millisa>well, the non-www 503's. www just ends up at GD park page
13:58<JeremyE77>Ubuntu is a branch of Debian that leans , somewhat, more towards desktop use. Since it is based on Debian...might as well go to the source. My opinion anyway.
13:59<millisa>I am from earth. You should visit. We have awesome things like pizza, cats, and square roots of negative numbers
13:59<jstitt>Everyone should be using Arch.
13:59<Dusan>it sounds call
13:59<Dusan>I have never been on earth
14:00<JeremyE77>Me either. Ask anyone!
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14:39<millisa>we also have toast. with butter.
14:40-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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14:40<millisa>getting the /.well-known dir to work under IIS is painful.
14:40<JeremyE77>Cinnamon toast!
14:40<JeremyE77>No crunch
14:41<JeremyE77>Isn't IIS general?
14:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 377] by ChanServ
14:42<JeremyE77>I suppose IIS people say that about Nginx...though. :P
14:42<millisa>well, my solution back when I did an nginx cert for this system was to just put an nginx proxy in front of it . .so I guess it balances.
14:42<millisa>er, when I did an LE cert
14:42<MajObviousman>come to think of it, I don't actually know how one would configure IIS to do that
14:43<millisa>i do now; create .well-know from the command, in the iis manager, set it as its own application, then manually modify the web.config file to allow .* fileextentions set to a text mimetype
14:44<millisa>the whole thing just made me sad.
14:44<JeremyE77>That is tragic :P
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14:48<MajObviousman>that sounds irritatingly overcomplicated
14:55-!-moonk [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:10<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Supporters payments <>
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15:27<@nbrewer>divanshu: hello - feel free to ask your question.
15:27<divanshu>I want to host my web app
15:28<divanshu>Dont have experience in deploying the app.
15:29<JeremyE77>What is it written in?
15:30<divanshu>With Struts Framework
15:31<JeremyE77>Not familiar with that. Sorry. Someone else may be.
15:31<divanshu>ok! Thanks
15:39-!-divanshu [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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16:23<Me>i'm asking about the billing
16:23<dwfreed>ask away
16:23<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
16:23<Me>is it monthly or hourly?
16:23<relidy>Capped monthly
16:23<dwfreed>you are charged for the hours you use, up to a monthly cap; you are invoiced for the service used at the end of the month
16:24<Me>so Linode 2G is for 0.015/hr
16:24<Me>0.015 * 24 * 30 = 10.8$
16:24<Me>is that correct?
16:24<millisa>it caps at $10
16:25<relidy>Osrta: ($10/month)
16:25<relidy>Wow, I can't type today
16:25<dwfreed>what millisa said
16:25<Me>what do you mean it caps @ 10 ?
16:25<dwfreed>you'll never pay more than $10 for that service
16:25<relidy>You will not incur more than $10 in charges for a single month.
16:25<relidy>(For a single 2GB VM)
16:26<dwfreed>it works out to just over 666 hours
16:26<Me>yea sure
16:26<millisa>you end up getting several days 'free' for most months if you've had the system up all month
16:26<Me>that's cool
16:26<dwfreed>so if you have the server for 666 hours, you pay 9.99; if you have the server for more than that in a month, you pay only $10
16:27<Me>ok, thank you all =)
16:27<Me>have a nice day
16:27<dwfreed>666 hours is 27.75 days, so no matter what month it is, if you have it for the full month, you'll hit the cap
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17:11<microvb>how can I add a CAA record ?
17:15-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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17:19<microvb>Sorry, the better question is - when will Linode DNS servers support DNS CAA ?
17:19<Ikaros>....guys? "Thursday, March 30th until Wednesday, March 30th" on that most recent network maintenance?
17:19<Ikaros>Can I get a "whoops" at some point? :P
17:22<microvb>Ikaros --- PROOF time is constant. Didn't change for several days :)
17:23<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Newark <>
17:23<microvb>Perhaps, maintenance started in China, and finished in Canada only 4 hours later
17:23<microvb>(or within that 12 hour window where they are in the following day :) )
17:23<Ikaros>Unless somebody broke the time-space continuum
17:24*Ikaros looks down the list of @'s
17:24<react>so much instability today
17:24<react>monitoring alerts firing like crazy :(
17:24<millisa>it's a 5 year maintenance. 2017/03/30 04:00 -> 2022/03/30 06:00
17:24<microvb>shh.... don't tell anyone I parked my Tardis on top of my Delorian
17:24<millisa>they aren't expecting downtime for 5 years. don't ruin it!
17:25<Ikaros>Oh dear.
17:25-!-steveski [~steveg@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 376] by ChanServ
17:26<millisa>maybe they just didn't want to have anything start/end on a foolish day?
17:26<microvb>sorry about that. the life-force of the tardis intertwined with my delorian's cracked flux capacitor at 88 Mph --- bad things happened.
17:27<millisa>oh. march has 31 days this year. like every other year. nevermind.
17:27<microvb>millisa -- ya, but how many have 28 ? :)
17:27<millisa>aww, it is fixed. so it's either a 2 hour maintenance or more than 5 years
17:28<microvb>or somewhere in between.
17:28<microvb>very precise :)
17:30<microvb>*clears throat*
17:30<microvb>---- As of 2016, CAA records are supported in the BIND DNS server (as of version 9.10.1B),[2] the NSD authoritative DNS server (as of version 4.0.1),[3] the Knot DNS server (since version 2.2.0).[4] and PowerDNS (since version 4.0.0) ----
17:32<microvb>the yellow text makes me sad
17:36-!-Discovery [~Discovery@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:36<Ikaros>Yeah, SSL Labs is yelling at me too about that
17:37<Ikaros>Problem is, my domain is controlled by a set of BIND DNS servers, but not of a sufficient version to support CAA, as they are the packaged versions.
17:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 375] by ChanServ
17:39<millisa>supposedly they all have to comply by september. it'll be interesting to see how fast bind updates in the enterprise linuxes
17:40<microvb>and how fast we get a form on Linode's DNS manager to be able to utilize the feature :)
17:40<Ikaros>Who said
17:40<Ikaros>No entity can "make me"
17:40<millisa>the ca's are supposed to comply, you can do what you want
17:41<Ikaros>Ah >.>
17:41<millisa>LE's doing it already. not sure about anyone else
17:41<Ikaros>Good because I only use LE
17:42<microvb>LE /
17:42<microvb>oh... another acronym because "Lets Encrypt" is too hard XD
17:43*Ikaros smacks microvb
17:43<Ikaros>Get with the program
17:43<microvb>I predict by the year 2038, we will all be talking in 2-3 letter acronyms. :)
17:44<microvb>SM THG LK THS :)
17:44<microvb>shorthand works too
17:44<Ikaros>Now you're just taking it too far
17:55<millisa>looks like rhel7 got caa in bind on the april 1st update last year.
18:02<millisa>rhel6 got it with 9.8.2-0.41 in nov of 2015
18:14<Eugene>I had to look up a CAA record.... "wtf is this shit" is all I can say
18:15<Eugene>They were supposed to stop adding record types years ago after the SPF fiasco
18:15<nate>eugine: It's pretty straight forward? Though I only just now noticed webmin apparently doesn't have support of it yet
18:15<Eugene>The issue is not the mechanism, but rather "tackign on another RR type"
18:16<Eugene>"Use a TXT record with a funny name" is the preferred method
18:17<nate>I'm guessing you've not seen TLSA records yet then
18:17<Eugene>DANE? Yeah..... no thanks
18:18<nate>Interesting, Bind 9.9 on one of my older-ish fedora boxes doesn't recognize CAA records
18:19-!-NomadJim_ [~Jim@] has joined #linode
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18:21<relidy>Fedora's not great about backporting features since they have pretty short support lifecycles (X+2).
18:21<millisa>9.9.4-34 is the version listed on this centos7 box
18:21<millisa>er, the version that got the caa support
18:23<Ikaros>I could always take and compile my own version of BIND, uninstall the package version, and install back over that.
18:23<Ikaros>(by "install" I mean 'make install' the compiled version)
18:26<Eugene>That is a terrible idea for so many reasons
18:26<Eugene>If you want to roll your own, go find the srpm, extract the spec file, update your SOURCES with a new tarball, and rebuild it yourself
18:26<Eugene>That will at least pretend to work right with selinux
18:29<Ikaros>One: I don't use SELinux. Two: I don't use RPM-based distros, I'm on DEB-based. Three: I've done it successfully with other software before without mucking something else up. I'm well aware of what I'm doing and what doing that entails.
18:30-!-Guest80 [~pavlushka@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:31-!-mode/#linode [+l 374] by ChanServ
18:32<Peng>You can probably add CAA records on older versions of BIND through the "yucky unreadable encoded DNS record" thing.
18:33<Peng>I mean
18:34<Peng>SSL Mate says: "BIND (Prior to version 9.9.6 use RFC 3597 syntax)"
18:40<relidy>!point Peng
18:40<linbot>relidy: Point given to peng. (9)
18:41-!-John_ [] has joined #linode
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18:42<nate>I think I'll wait until I roll into a CAA capable build. 3597 syntax is fugly
18:43-!-John_ [] has quit []
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18:46<nate>technically I should be updating that whole fedora box, it's like F20 or something. Only thing probably keeping it safe is that it's blocked up with exception of 80/443 and the only thing on that is a lighty kept up to date lol
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19:01<react>selinux is the greatest thing ever, don't let anyone tell you otherwise
19:02-!-davidl [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:18<saacmatchin>installing centos 7 for the first time. =) excited to be using CLI again!
19:18<saacmatchin>how are you millisa? whats new?
19:18<saacmatchin>having fun at work? or just another tuesday =)
19:19<millisa>just noting that as soon as I had free time, steam goes down
19:19<react>millisa being deprived of her hunie pop
19:19*react runs
19:20<millisa>trying to figure out who in the house voted for the HJ Res 86 measure
19:20<saacmatchin>oh. steam. is that a gaming platform?
19:20<saacmatchin>I don't really play games, except chess.
19:20<saacmatchin>anyhoo. i'm setting up CentOS and i was curious If I have to configure the /etc/hosts file
19:20<react>if you need to?
19:20<saacmatchin>When I was a child I played games. A child I am, no more.
19:21<saacmatchin>sorry to hear that your favorite gaming platform is down millisa.. hope it gets resolved quickly
19:22<saacmatchin>so does this apply to Centos 7? "Update /etc/hosts" this section in particular?
19:22<millisa> /etc/hosts shouldn't need updating just to get your system up
19:22<saacmatchin>i'm confused because there are several instructions for other OS distros...
19:22<saacmatchin>ok. kewl
19:22<millisa>they are having you put your own hostname in there just so you can see it works. you could just go straight to setting it up in dns
19:22<saacmatchin>thanks.. but will it be neccesary in the future?
19:23<saacmatchin>oh i see. so it's not uber important?
19:23<saacmatchin>I'm trying to get a website up and running .. i keep running into obstacles..
19:23<saacmatchin>but it may be important later on?
19:23<millisa>probably not.
19:24<saacmatchin>Do I need to worry about IPv6?
19:24<saacmatchin>it seems rather overly complex for my needs. I'm only really going to use IPv4
19:25<millisa>if you aren't doing anything with ipv6, you don't need to worry about it. in the future if there are clients that only have ipv6, it might matter to you
19:25<millisa>it's not like you can't come back later and get it setup
19:26<bdube> says /116s are routed to all your linodes within the same DC
19:27<saacmatchin>cool thanx
19:27<bdube>so traffic will find the interface that has a particular /116 pool address assigned to it?
19:27<saacmatchin>yaay! thank you so much for the advice!
19:27<millisa>saacmatchin: they already voted
19:27<saacmatchin>now on to fun with nodejs!
19:27<saacmatchin>I vote with my dollars!
19:28<react>/etc/hosts is a throwback to the Jurassic period of the internet, the early 80's, when DNS wasn't even a thing yet, you used to have to connect to the Department of Defense to grab a copy of the table; now depending on distro, it is oftentimes superceded (growls at nsswitch)
19:28<saacmatchin>maybe one day Linode will be hiring on the west coast. New Joisey is rather far away, I'd love to work for your corporation! stay excellent!
19:28*saacmatchin high fives...
19:29<saacmatchin>I remember the jurrasic period, Bitnet, gopher and academic servers
19:29<saacmatchin>fun stuff. well gtg. stay excellent kids!
19:29<millisa>gopher isn't dead!
19:29<saacmatchin>I know!
19:29<saacmatchin>but we'll chat another day!.. peace. toodles
19:29-!-saacmatchin [~oftc-webi@2602:306:bc06:e930:aa20:66ff:fe48:1680] has left #linode []
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20:08<Eugene>I always understood the point of having a systems FQDN and unqualified name in /etc/hosts as avoiding a reliance upon external services(DNS) for things that don't actually leave the machine
20:09<sajjad>i have a question
20:09<sajjad>am new to linux
20:09<Eugene>And that some distros are really dumb if they can't resolve their own FQDN, which is often the case if you just installed a new machine and haven't yet added a DNS record
20:09<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
20:09<sajjad>i need a testing server so where i can install mail server and other software
20:09<sajjad>please can you guys suggest
20:09<Cromulent>you can do that on Linode
20:09<sajjad>which is the best and cheapest hosting package i can get
20:10<Cromulent>the cheapest Linode package is $5 a month
20:10<sajjad>yes but what plan should i select
20:10<@mcintosh>start with $5 - it'll probably be enough for you
20:10<@mcintosh>if you need more resources later, you can upgrade
20:10-!-usr0332 [] has joined #linode
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20:10<sajjad>20GB is enough for redhat
20:10<sajjad>or i can upgrade in the middle
20:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 374] by ChanServ
20:11<@mcintosh>sajjad: redhat as in RHEL? we don't have an image for that, but we do have CentOS images
20:11<sajjad>oh right
20:12<sajjad>ok thanks
20:12<@mcintosh>20GB is more than enough
20:12<@mcintosh>and no problem
20:12<sajjad>ok thank you so much for that
20:12<sajjad>really appericate that
20:12<sajjad>have a nice evening bye
20:13<@mcintosh>you too!
20:13-!-sajjad [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:14<FluffyFoxeh>[19:27:36] <millisa> saacmatchin: they already voted
20:14<FluffyFoxeh>looks like the outcome wasn't so good
20:15<millisa>depending on your definition of good/bad. I can't say I was happy, but I'm not 100% I fully understand why so many of the votes went the way they did.
20:17<FluffyFoxeh>and what is that reason?
20:17<usr0332>jo folks...Question: Are the servers in Germany safe from the "Patriot Act"? That means...does the server in Germany belong to linode or does the administration take place through a German trustee?
20:17<millisa>the reason I'm not happy or I don't understand?
20:18<FluffyFoxeh>oh I thought you meant you fully understand why the votes went the way they did
20:18<@mcintosh>usr0332: all of Linode's physical hosts are owned by Linode
20:18<millisa>more the opposite. I have no idea why any of the people voting for it did so; I don't know any person who wants this and I can't see how they'd feel they were representing the people...
20:19<usr0332>okay they are not "safe" :) :(
20:20<FluffyFoxeh>millisa: yeah. I don't know why either. It's good for people selling ads but bad for pretty much everyone else.
20:23<nate>lol patriot act
20:23<nate>pretty sure the patriot act is like 98% defunct now, not that it was ever what you had to worry about when it comes to US feds and hardware
20:23<FluffyFoxeh>i think it'd take a lot for them to pull the patriot act in germany anyway
20:23<FluffyFoxeh>if they did then they'd probably have a good reason
20:24<nate>well all they have to do is serve linode with papers and they'd have to comply really. That said, yeah for the 'patriot act' to be enacted on you, you gotta be doing some pretty messed up stuff I think lol
20:24<@mcintosh>german authorities will cooperate with US authorities anyway, so... (
20:26<millisa>Relevant: and
20:32-!-usr0332 [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:55<arlen>millisa: they voted for it because the isps paid them to
20:55-!-MJCS [] has quit [Quit: CYA]
20:55<millisa>maybe, I'm just having a hard time believing there were that many paid shills I guess.
20:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
20:56<nate>Well republicans are usually all about control and "Oh noes security at home, watch everything", so those were prob easy votes
20:59<arlen>Comcast spent 12 million last year in lobbying
20:59<arlen>they on NBC so they're connected to advertisers
21:00<Eugene>Let's Encrypt problems: I renamed a machine in DNS, but forgot to update its cert. Everything properly stopped working due to an obvious MITM Certificate
21:01-!-Helols [] has joined #linode
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21:02<Helols>Does linode provide centos 5.xx version linux?
21:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 371] by ChanServ
21:03-!-Helols [] has quit []
21:03<Peng>I was just about to say, "Actually, yes, you can still deploy CentOS 5.6"
21:03<Peng>damn it
21:03<millisa>yeah, it's still in the drop down; who knows for how long
21:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
21:09<arlen>bit odd for it not to be listed there
21:09<arlen>ubuntu 14.04 too
21:10<microvb> here is a great idea : everyone install CentOS 4 on your production boxes, setup ssh to allow port forwarding, install a mail server with an account "info" and password "info" set root password to "god123" and enjoy the security :)
21:10<millisa>pretty sure all of the 'older distributions' aren't listed
21:10<microvb>Slackware XD
21:10<dwfreed>doesn't stop me from grabbing the installer iso from the centos archives and doing it manually
21:12<microvb>please let us run dos with netware lite !!!
21:12<microvb>that's solid and secure ... right ?
21:17<Cromulent>I haven't used a Redhat based distro since what? 1999 maybe?
21:17<Cromulent>it was the first linux distro I ever used though
21:17<millisa>my 10+ year uptime system is centos4...
21:18<Cromulent>I've seen some impressive uptimes with FreeBSD systems
21:18<Cromulent>if Linode created an image but stated in big bold letters that it was unsupported of FreeBSD I'd be pretty happy
21:22<microvb>millisa: - emphasis on the "+", and by yours , you mean you manage it for someone ^.^
21:23<dwfreed>Cromulent: iirc, there's a freebsd guide in the docs
21:24<millisa>well, I'm pretty sure I put the hardware together, installed it, and may have been the only human that's touched it. so it's enough 'mine' that the distinction probably doesn't matter.
21:25<Cromulent>dwfreed: hmm just read that - I might have to start a new linode to play with it
21:25<microvb>on another note, i had some impressive uptime on a commodore vic 20 lol
21:25<Cromulent>well skimmed it anyway
21:25<@mcintosh>arlen: only the "Recommended" distros show up on that page (i think there's an argument to be made that older ones should be listed as well, though)
21:27<Cromulent>mcintosh: wow cool
21:27<microvb>awww no os/2 warp ?
21:28<microvb>or what about that is which ran on those old tandy typewriters... it allowed you to backspace up to FOUR characters man !!!!
21:29<microvb>FOUR !!!
21:30<microvb>i miss the era when cutting edge gadget watches were all waterproof
21:31-!-juice [] has quit [Quit: Operation timed out]
21:32-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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21:32-!-fstd_ is now known as fstd
21:37-!-juice [] has joined #linode
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21:40<@peaton>Cromulent: I realize the readme is a little bare... here's a little more info :)
21:41<@mcintosh>i didn't even highlight you! how did you know XD
21:41<dwfreed>he probably has a hilight on his github username
21:42<@peaton>heh, I saw some git activity and it wasn't from twitter. I should set up a highlight...
21:46<Cromulent>peaton: cool thanks for the link
21:47<Cromulent>peaton: does it only work with glish or does normal lish work as well? Sorry for the stupid question
21:48<@peaton>I haven't done the work to set them up for anything other than glish
21:48<@peaton>but you can do that yourself for each instance (and I'll get to it sometime too)
21:48<@peaton>it's the step 11 of
21:49<@peaton>can't say it's exactly the same for openbsd or netbsd, but that guide would probably get us started
21:51<Cromulent>ah I see - when I have some free time I'll play around with that - it looks like a really interesting project
21:52<Cromulent>I'm trying to get a website finished in the mean time and that is taking up all my free time
21:53<@peaton>there's not much to it. but hopefully it lowers the bar enough that no one has an excuse to ignore the bsds :)
21:54<Cromulent>this is another thing I want to play around with at some point
21:54-!-Ben__ [] has joined #linode
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21:56<Ben__>how can I help you today?
21:56<microvb>DNS CAA ---- make it happen :)
21:56<@peaton>Cromulent: nice. I've only played around with xhyve, and not bhyve yet. wonder how it does in a kvm guest...
21:56-!-Ben__ [] has left #linode []
21:57-!-George [] has joined #linode
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21:57<George>I was wondering if this was a good webhost?
21:58-!-George is now known as Guest118
21:58<microvb>Linode is not a web host :)
21:58<microvb>it's better
21:58<Guest118>That's kind of vague. What makes it better?
21:59<Cromulent>Guest118: it gives you a VPS with root access that you can do anything you like on (as long as it is legal)
21:59<microvb>legal-ISH :) kidding lol
22:01<microvb>think of it like owning a computer, except it isn't a computer, it is part of another computer like an apartment in an apartment building, except it isn't an apartment, and there are no restrictions on guests... except restrictions you place, however there are no guests
22:02<Guest118>an oxymoron in itself
22:02<Guest118>but is it more of accessing a computer that i can control?
22:02<Guest118>like direct hosting?
22:02<microvb>hence the word "virtual" :)
22:03-!-deetwelve [] has quit [Quit: foobar]
22:03<microvb>less confusing, you get your own box you have full control over
22:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
22:04<Guest118>ok that makes sense
22:04<microvb>so you install what you want as long as the host box can support it which means if you want windows, you can do it but it's more work (and space) than just installing windows at home. these boxes are ideal for linux machines
22:04-!-knyfe [~oftc-webi@2601:448:c200:c9b0:b1e5:2f12:a22e:27f] has joined #linode
22:04-!-knyfe is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
22:05<Guest118>honestly it sounds like extra work, since I just want a simple web host
22:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 371] by ChanServ
22:06<microvb>anything else and you start down a rabbit hole which leads to all sorts of cool and mysterious things, possibly even a mad hatter or two in the form of parent shell kernel panics and other cool things ^.^^ linode is actually very easy to spin up a linux box
22:07<microvb>and they have some guides (very light reading) how to setup a web server with whatever you want to support
22:07<Guest118>ok. thanks for the help
22:08<microvb>having your own box means if it doesn't support some cool and awesome script you just bought/stole/cloned/wrote... you can make it work
22:08<microvb>web hosts like GoDaddy per se, you are stuck with not ever having that cool script work
22:09<Guest118>and if I don't want/need the cool script?
22:09<knyfe>How to actually measure download performance using the Facilities Speedtest .bin files?
22:10<microvb>if you don't want or need the cool script -- this is always WIX, google pages, or
22:11<microvb>yahoo pages might still be around i dunno. any of which the paid subscription is more than having something you have full control over
22:11<dzho>neocities, sdf
22:11<@mcintosh>knyfe: if you use "wget" on the command line to download it, it should show you the download rate
22:11<knyfe>That's what I needed. Thanks.
22:11<@mcintosh>no problem
22:12-!-knyfe [~oftc-webi@2601:448:c200:c9b0:b1e5:2f12:a22e:27f] has left #linode []
22:12<dwfreed>mcintosh: the speedtest servers should run iperf daemons
22:12-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
22:12-!-Guest118 [] has left #linode []
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22:17-!-deetwelve [] has joined #linode
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22:17<Zimsky> 1085 IN TXT "google-site-verification=6P08Ow5E-8Q0m6vQ7FMAqAYIDprkVV8fUf_7hZ4Qvc8"
22:17-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
22:37-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
22:38-!-gadams_ [~gadams@] has joined #linode
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22:40-!-ayiconnection [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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22:41<ayiconnection>hi everyone, I just wanted to check how I can sign up for SSL Certificate at Linode
22:41<Peng>Linode does not (re)sell SSL certificates.
22:42<nate>You don't, linode is purely a VPS provider. If you want an SSL cert you'll have to get one yourself, either bought from a vendor or free from something like let's encrypt
22:42<Peng>although Linode Managed comes with cPanel, which probably comes with certificates
22:42<nate>Does it? I think the only certs cPanel does are for the base system domain, which I guess technically could work if you make your hostname the main domain the site will run as
22:43<Peng>cPanel has Let's Encrypt integration now, if you have a new enough version and enable it
22:43<ayiconnection>Ok. Let me look into "Lets Encrypt". Thanks!!
22:50<microvb>by default their ssl provider is Comodo lol was anyway.
22:51<microvb>was nice to have LE support but it does bug out sometimes --- the cpanel one --- when renewing
22:52<microvb>if you want a paid cert, is pretty cheap and GeoTrust is pretty stable
22:55-!-Zachary_DuBois [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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22:56-!-Zachary_DuBois [] has joined #linode
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22:59-!-zchrykng [] has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.6.3 -]
22:59<Peng>GeoTrust? :P
22:59-!-zchrykng [] has joined #linode
22:59-!-zchrykng is "zchrykng" on #linode
23:00<Peng>microvb: May want to reevaluate your description of "stable" given the current situation
23:01-!-_eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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23:08-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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23:10<microvb>that's pretty much all the cheap certs tho
23:12<microvb>thawte, geotrust, etc
23:12<Peng>not Comodo
23:12<microvb>comodo isnt cheap
23:12<microvb>and i don't trust them
23:12<Peng>Comodo is the cheapest on
23:12<microvb>i trust LE over comodo
23:14<Peng>Wait, *only* offers Comodo
23:14<microvb>besides i seen issues with the alleged spot checks on banks and the cert was the least of their problems. their servers were configured to accept weak ciphers, supported various downgrade attacks, and so on
23:14<Peng>Didn't they used to have RapidSSL and Symantec?
23:15<Peng>Well... they don't now
23:15-!-zchrykng [] has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.6.3 -]
23:15<microvb>great i'm fucked i use hsts and geotrust
23:15-!-ayiconnection [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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23:16-!-zchrykng [] has joined #linode
23:16-!-zchrykng is "zchrykng" on #linode
23:16<Peng>hsts or hpkp?
23:16<microvb>motherfucking google seriously get rid of java it's a bigger security hole
23:16-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:16<microvb>fallback is a LE cert -.-
23:16-!-fridaynext [] has joined #linode
23:16-!-fridaynext is "fridaynext" on #linode
23:17-!-mode/#linode [+l 369] by ChanServ
23:18<microvb>heh RapidSSL my bad looks like i'm screwed either way
23:19<microvb>$249 instead of $79 since i have to buy direct now
23:19<microvb>wasn't comodo like googles baby way back anyway indirectly ?
23:20-!-fridayne_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:20<Peng>What do you mean?
23:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 368] by ChanServ
23:21<Peng>FWIW, the cheapest resellers i've found are and . They both have CAs other than Comodo.
23:21<Peng>But, of course, Let's Encrypt is infinitely cheaper. :-)
23:23<microvb>yes only LE doesn't do wild cards and you have to keep renewing it in shorter periods than pinning is recommended to be set at
23:23-!-ruprect [] has joined #linode
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23:24<Peng>How much of an issue is the renwal? If you pin your key and reuse it, you're okay. If you pin the intermediates, you... might be okay. If you pin the roots, you're okay.
23:24<microvb>also comodo issues certs before containing malware lol
23:24-!-mode/#linode [+l 369] by ChanServ
23:24<microvb>in 2009 comodo just evoked them quietly
23:25<Peng>"containing malware"?
23:25<Peng>How does a certificate contain malware?
23:25<microvb>neat huh
23:26<microvb>sorry issued to known malware
23:26<Ikaros>I was gonna say.
23:34-!-MJCS [] has joined #linode
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23:34<microvb>I see a huge Antitrust issue against Goliath -- i mean Google --
23:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
23:34<microvb>abuse of it's power in the consumer market to take down another company by directly denying access or support of a product they make available --- is bad
23:35<Peng>microvb: If CAs want to be in trust stores, they should follow the requirements.
23:38<Peng>microvb: I shouldn't speak for anyone, but i strongly disagree with the characterization that a trust store operator enforcing that CAs follow the rules that they agreed to instead of endangering the security of billions of users and threatening the security of the PKI is an abuse of power.
23:38<microvb>first, it is only an allegation, and from the read, seems like it is grossly exaggerated
23:39-!-Wythe [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:39<Peng>Wythe: Hello :)
23:39<Peng>microvb: I disagree with that interpretation.
23:39<microvb>where are certificates issued by google to the public ?
23:39<Peng>Google does not at present issue certificates to the public. Why do you ask?
23:40<Wythe>I have built a website, how do I improve speed
23:40<Wythe>Website loading speed
23:40<microvb>I don't consider Google to be full trust then, given they have not had the decades longer than google has been around, dealing in trust
23:40<Wythe>What do you suggest?
23:41<arlen>google hasn't been around longer than google...
23:41<Peng>microvb: What?
23:41<microvb>i like choice, and Google's action is causing that to be minimized to 'Comodo'
23:41<arlen>not at all
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23:42<Peng>microvb: The consequences of Symantec's actions are Symantec's responsibility.
23:42<Wythe>I mean, I use linode built website, but loading speed is slow, how can I optimize?
23:42<microvb>arlen - lol, you missed the other part of the conversation --- Symantec, has been around and dealing in trust, much longer than Google has been in existence, and .... has been issuing certificates to the public -- which Google has yet to have any such offering.
23:42<Peng>microvb: Google is also not removing them from the trust store at this point. It's only an issue if you require EV or long-term certificates.
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23:42<Peng>Wythe: It depends on why it's slow...
23:42<Wythe>I use linode built website, but loading speed is slow, how can I optimize?
23:43<Peng>microvb: also Comodo and Symantec are not the only CAs.
23:43<arlen>microvb: I didn't miss it
23:43<microvb>how is this more serious than Comodo's issuing certificates to known malware creators and distributors ?
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23:43<Peng>microvb: Code-signing certificates or website certificates?
23:43<microvb>certs were revoked --- no harm done. it was bad, yes, but.... moving on to the 30% of the world using them
23:43<Peng>microvb: HTTPS certificates do not exist to prove good intentions, only that you are connecting to the hostname you think you are.
23:44<Peng>Although this can be debated until the end of the universe.
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23:45<microvb>agreed. and DNS can be hijacked as well.... /
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23:45<microvb>similar effect
23:45<arlen>so don't use google dns?
23:45<Peng>I don't understand the connection, or what's wrong with Google Public DNS
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23:46<microvb>arlen : staying away from any potential danger would mean might as well unplug and live in a cave
23:46<microvb>Peng : Googles Public DNS has been hijacked in the past ---
23:46<arlen>what are you even talking about
23:47<Peng>Hijacked in what way? And does it matter?
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23:48<microvb>it only matters if you consider 150 billion requests / day to be a significant enough number to be potentially impacted
23:49<Peng>DNS is not a highly secure protocol, by design. Google Public DNS is as good as anything can be.
23:50<microvb>arlen : I was addressing your comment "so don't use google dns" --- great, we can just stop using the services / technology that are common on the internet, and the lesser ones and so on, out of fear that something bad may transpire on one of those services ---
23:50<arlen>cause google is the only dns service right
23:50<microvb>4 people, and 127 certificates are at stake here with Symantec ----
23:50<microvb>which have been revoked
23:50<Peng>"4 people"?
23:51<Peng>I disagree with that interpretation of the situation.
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23:52<microvb>"Symantec allowed at least four parties access to their infrastructure in a way to cause certificate issuance, " if it was more, Google would have most definitely said that, as the number
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23:53<arlen>Symantec shouldn't have allowed anyone access
23:53<arlen>four parties is not four people
23:53<microvb>agreed, but that is not cause for Google to play judge jury and executioner
23:53<Peng>microvb: The 4 RAs are companies. I don't believe there's a public enumeration of the number of people involved.
23:53<Zimsky>it's four parties
23:54<Zimsky>it's rave time
23:54<millisa>just caught back up on the last hour - cpanel's got their LE module, but they actually did their own DV certs with 'autossl' first:
23:54<Zimsky>peng, I tunnel everything over DNS
23:54<Zimsky>fight me
23:55<Zimsky>in soviet zimsky, you are on joke!
23:56<millisa>the biggest complaint I have about their autossl certs is I've had a few get down to 14-15 days before they autorenewed (had to adjust my alerts)
23:58<microvb>millisa -- i subscribe to cpanel/whm directly, and noticed the first autossl they added was Comodo -- which didn't make any sense. This was back just before they wrote the LE script that you had to run manually to enable LE in the autossl section. Thankfully now LetsEncrypt is just there.
23:58<microvb>as is Comodo -.-
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