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00:30<leonard>hi hi
00:31<leonard>anyone know, am i able to upgrade the SSD storage of standard plans ?
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00:36<kyhwana>leonard: nope
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00:37<leonard>but i still able to upgrade the plan right ?
00:37<leonard>thanks for the answer
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00:54<sokahost>hello, i need help :(
00:54<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
00:55<sokahost>my account unable login :(
00:55<arlen>did you try requesting a password reset?
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00:57<mbifulco>Hi there - I'm wondering if anyone has any docs on deploying and running code to a linode from a CI/CD service like circleCI or travisCI
01:03<Cromulent>no but it is something I'll be exploring when I get a bit further ahead with this development project I'm working on
01:03<mbifulco>That seems perfectly cromulent to me
01:05<sokahost>hello, i have questions
01:10<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:12<sokahost>my account unable can not login sir
01:12<arlen>did you try resetting your password? also you can email or call them
01:13<sokahost>I've reset the password, but no incoming email emailed me sir
01:15<sokahost>please check and reply my email from sir
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01:18<sokahost>hello sir? you can reply my message?
01:20<Cromulent>this isn't a support channel you'll have to wait for Linode to respond when they get to your email
01:20<FluffyFoxeh>did you check your spam folder?
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01:22<sokahost>yes i alread check inbox or spam nothing, can you check my account probelm?
01:22<FluffyFoxeh>guess you'll have to wait for Linode staff to see your email, as Cromulent said
01:24<sokahost>how long time sir
01:25<arlen>as soon as they read it
01:25<nick2cool1>Is there any negotiation on prices/resources between their set plans, or do they only offer what's listed?
01:26<FluffyFoxeh>only what's listed is offered
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01:29<sokahost>ok sir i will be waiting
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02:23<sokahost>hello sir
02:25<sokahost>can you check my account username : sokahost what is my probelm in my account?
02:25<FluffyFoxeh>wait for staff to reply to your email
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02:27<sokahost>but until now I have not received an email reply from linode staff, if there is no active staff?
02:27<arlen>sokahost: this is the user community
02:27<arlen>there's nothing we can do
02:28<sokahost>linode working hours?
02:29<FluffyFoxeh>support works 24/7 I believe
02:33<arlen>call them if you want to hurry things
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02:37*Celti cackles
02:38<zifnab>i like maybe
02:39<zifnab>almost as much as `alias no=yes`
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02:45<Celti>Seven and a quarter hours until I'm free from this hellhole for another 63.
02:45<Celti>It's probably not healthy to start counting down this early into my shift.
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02:52<FluffyFoxeh>I like the gwhiz verbose mode
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04:56<khanh>I took a snapshot and i check the ssd capacity. It's decreased. You save backup file on ssd, right?
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05:09<khanh>I took a snapshot and i check the ssd capacity. It's decreased. You save backup file on ssd, right?
05:12<ponas>khanh: via the linode backup service? that shouldn't use any capacity on the linode
05:14<khanh>i take a snapshot then the capacity is deceased
05:15<khanh>Auto backup has just fail, i think the capacity is not enough
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08:12<Grace>i want to ask : whether linode offer cpanel license?
08:14<Zimsky>only as part of the managed service;
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12:22<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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14:53<[deadman]>i need admin please i cant join my linode account
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14:53<@mcintosh>have you tried resetting your password?
14:54<[deadman]>I think maybe has expired but I want to be sure
14:55<[deadman]>yes i've try
14:56<[deadman]>you can help me?
14:57<@mcintosh>not via IRC
14:57<@mcintosh>you can email though
14:57<[deadman]>sure i've sent mail
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15:50<person885>Vote for Bear. Ends in 10 min. Need email to validate. Use 10 min email to do so.
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15:53<bdube>my tar is franked up on this raspberry pi. and I can't reinstall it because dpkg uses tar to install tar :)
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16:08<asdf>what methods payments does linode accepet
16:10-!-larsdesigns [] has joined #linode
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16:10<relidy>(It's about halfway down the page)
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16:57<Jordan>Does linode have a UK based contact number?
16:57-!-Jordan is now known as Guest180
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16:59<millisa>Unless it's hidden somewhere, there's just the intl # on the contact page:
17:00<Guest180>Ok thanks. Is the support 24/7 as normal? I am UK based so just checking I can still contact via Support Ticket/Phone in the regular working hours here.
17:00<millisa>They are 24/7
17:01<@caker>We are 3.42857142857
17:01<millisa>Which is close enough to Pi for Indiana
17:02<@caker>or in some circumstances, 0.00939334637
17:03-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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17:03<Guest180>lol thanks.
17:03-!-mode/#linode [+l 374] by ChanServ
17:04<Guest180>So who is everyone here, mixture of Linode customers and support staff I presume?
17:04<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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17:12-!-abs [] has joined #linode
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17:13<abs>hello, any chance one of you guys can help me with a mail server problem?
17:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 374] by ChanServ
17:13<millisa>Sounds like the type of thing people here know something about. What's the problem?
17:14<abs>im just not sure if this is the place for questions is what i mean
17:14<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:14<abs>i see
17:15<abs>i have a couple vhosts running, and have set up an email server according to the dovecot-mysql-postfix guide
17:16<abs>and would like the FROM to list the particular vhost of the user sending the email, as of now they all send from one
17:17-!-steveski [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:17<millisa>Are you talking about sending mail from a web process (as opposed to someone submitting the mail via their mail client?)
17:18<abs>im not sure what web process means
17:18<millisa>what is generating the mail?
17:19<abs>dovecot, i guess?
17:19<abs>er, mailx, in this case, farther up the chain
17:19<millisa>Heh. I mean, how is the mail being created? are we talking about a mail someone is writing using outlook or some other mail client or are we talking about a mail being created due to a cron job or a mail that is coming from a php script? that sort of thing
17:20<abs>im guessing mailx is some binary mail client
17:20<millisa>mailx uses the -r switch to send the sender address.
17:21-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:22<abs>ah, the recieved field is what i meant
17:23-!-SimonHampel [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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17:24<millisa>so something like: mailx -r -s "This is my subject" < /path/to/body.of.mail
17:25<millisa>does that give you what you are looking for?
17:26<abs>right, but the received field still shows the 'wrong' host from the recipients perspective
17:26<abs>for instance, i host a, b and c
17:26<bdube>the rDNS of the host sending the mail? there's only one, no matter how many domains you host
17:26<millisa>a screenshot of an example might be useful here, too
17:26<abs>i see
17:27<abs>yeah thats what i was talking about bdube, my vocabulary is lacking
17:27<abs>sorry millisa
17:27<millisa>no worries
17:27<abs>so no way to get the effect i want i guess?
17:28-!-adam__ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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17:29<millisa>I'm still not 100% I'm following though; the end user probably won't care what the mail server's actual rdns is. it's in the headers, but unless they are digging through those, they shouldn't see it
17:30<bdube>if it's really rDNS we're talking about, as it appears in received headers of a mail, then you get the effect by having each domain on its own host
17:30<millisa>mailx -r -s "Hi there friend at gmail" < /mailbody.txt
17:30<bdube>if they're all on one host, well, a host has only one canonical name
17:31<abs>thats right millisa, its just some wild hair i have about seperating aspects of my life
17:31<millisa>ahh, alright.
17:31<abs>such as not attaching a business's site i run with a political site, etc
17:31<millisa>there's a $5 solution!
17:32<abs>im a poor young thing
17:32<millisa>just get a cheap linode for the ones you want ot be separate
17:32<abs>theyre all on a 5 already i believe lol
17:32<millisa>you could also look at an external mail provider that charges per message
17:33<abs>well i guess ill just have to make an innocuous host and reverse dns to that
17:33<millisa>that's actually what I do for most my shared environments
17:33<abs>while im here is there any web frontend you would suggest
17:34<abs>i have squirrelmail but it's... gross
17:34<abs>and apparently cant be configured to send plaintext
17:34<millisa>i'm not a fan of any of them. roundcube was prettier than squirrel the last time I played iwth it
17:34<bdube>I'm looking for one I can tolerate, too
17:34<bdube>still haven't found it
17:34<millisa> ?
17:35<millisa>it has some of the prettier drag/drop stuff to it
17:36<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Block storage <>
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18:25<Eugene>Worrying about email headers is a pretty rookie mistake. Just move on with your life, it doesn't matter so long as SPF+friends pass and the email ends up in the right inbox
18:26<Eugene>Nobody actually cares what your server IP's reverse DNS entry is. Really
18:26<abs>rookie ?
18:26<Eugene>This is especially true once you stop mucking-about with postfix or whatever locally and just buy in to the cloud.
18:34-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:1c93:222a:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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19:26<Nick_>How do I contact a staff member
19:27-!-mode/#linode [+l 366] by ChanServ
19:27<arlen>by ticket, email, or phone at
19:27<Nick_>Are they almost off work?
19:27<arlen>nope they work 24/7
19:27<mrosabal>Ticket would be best
19:28<mrosabal>Especially on a Friday night. Ticket load is probably starting to tail off as they enter the weelend
19:30<Nick_>Ok thank you
19:30<Nick_>An IRC that is helpful in 2017 crazy
19:34<arlen> >.<
19:35<mrosabal>I just feel bad that they have to have all these fail-safes to keep the channel from going to the wolves
19:35<mrosabal>IRC is awesome and scary sometimes lol
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20:06<millisa>did you hear that? the sound of thousands of centos5 servers crying out for updates and silenced?
20:08<millisa>i'm assuming the EOL is based on UTC
20:09<arlen>maybe its an april fools joke
20:09<millisa>note to self: ignore the web part of the internet for the next 24 hours
20:10<arlen>few companies have already started with the jokes, saw one at 2am
20:10<arlen>google will probably have 50 different ones
20:10<FluffyFoxeh>they'll have a googolplex of them
20:10<millisa>i've seen a bunch of teamhuman/teamzombie twitter tags showing up, mostly on imgur posts. the data is beautiful reddit mostly has comments of 'data'
20:11<millisa>at least i'm assuming those are something 4/1 related.
20:15-!-bman013 [] has joined #linode
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20:35<kyhwana>arlen: it's been 1st of april for at least 13:35 hours, so..
20:35<arlen>not in trumland
20:35<arlen>i give up
20:37<arlen>i meant 2am march 31
20:40-!-aspis [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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20:47<Eugene>Yeah, tomorrow is definitely going to be a day spent playing video games instead of trying to get things done
20:49<arlen>i dont mind the occasional joke but its gotten too crazy imo. every company trying to be cool with their own joke
20:49<arlen>get off my internet lawn
20:49<millisa>This one was the best I've seen so far:
20:49-!-scorche [] has joined #linode
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20:49<Eugene>I don't mind when its a blog post. I do mind when the entire front page of every site is unusable
20:50<millisa>at least . . . I'm assuming it's a joke, despite hundreds of supposed security sites covering it...
20:50-!-mode/#linode [+l 366] by ChanServ
20:50<Eugene>No, that sounds like a totally serious and normal thing. I know enough about how "wire transfers" work to never want a bank account
20:51<millisa>(it's supposedly an fbi warning for healthcare to not use ftp servers for phi . . .except, you aren't supposed to transmit phi unencrypted already.)
20:52<arlen>dated the 22nd, probably legit
20:52<kyhwana>arlen: 22nd of march in 1999 amirite?
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21:25<fz>any cs onlin right now ?
21:26<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:26-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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21:26<arlen>this is the user community, staff idle and sometimes respond but its not guaranteed they'll answer
21:26-!-fstd_ is now known as fstd
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21:27<fz>i wanna ask about traffic quota
21:27<millisa>go for it
21:27<arlen>ask then
21:27<fz>"Please note that all inbound traffic is free and will not count against your quota." what does it mean ?
21:27<arlen>you're not charged for traffic to your server
21:28<fz>is incoming traffic same as inboud traffic ?
21:28<arlen>everything from the internet to the server is free, everything from the server to the internet isn't
21:29<fz>like downloading someting to server via wget is free ?
21:29<arlen>if you use wget from the server, yes
21:29<millisa>if you are on the server and wget something to it, then that does not count against your transfer quota
21:29<fz>thanks for the answer! :D
21:30-!-fz [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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21:31<fz>i wanna ask again
21:31<arlen>feel free
21:31<millisa>feel uninhibited by quota
21:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 367] by ChanServ
21:32<fz>is there any way to prevent server overcharge the traffic ?
21:32<fz>i mean, server stop serving content or shutdown or any if traffic quota limit reached
21:33<millisa>it won't limit the server, but you can setup notifications to know when it's getting close:
21:34<fz>is there any API to get traffic quota remaining ?
21:34<millisa>the linode manager also will show you what amount of your pooled transfer quota you've used that month when you login (there's a pretty % bar at the bottom of the page)
21:35<fz>is over traffic < 1 GB counted as 1 GB ?
21:37<millisa>I'm not finding a specific references, but I'm fairly certain the bandwidth overage would round up to the nearest gig
21:37<millisa>bandwidth overage is billed per gigabyte (2 cents)
21:38<fz>thanks for ur time :)
21:38<fz>really helped
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22:20<arlen>back to the symantec conversation from the other night
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22:29<millisa>wait. is sleeping in a bunk bed a bad thing?
22:39-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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22:46<nate>millisa: Is if you're heavier than the limit and sleep on top? :P
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23:08<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Joomla site access issue <>
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23:38<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Block storage <>
23:49<zifnab>!metar ksea
23:49<linbot>zifnab: [metar] OBS at KSEA: 51.8F/11C, visibility 10 miles, wind 3.45 mph, chill 51.34F (altimeter: 30.25) [KSEA 010253Z 27003KT 10SM SCT140 BKN250 11/04 A3025 RMK AO2 SLP253 T01110039]
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