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00:12<Harry>I have a Linode 2 GB plan
00:13<Harry>and I would like to upgrade only my disk. Is it possible ?
00:14<Peng>Not at this time. You would have to upgrade to a larger plan. A network block storage product is in development.
00:15<Harry>I saw that I would have to upgrade to 4 GB plan, but at disk only increase a little
00:15<Peng>More than a little, but less than double.
00:15<Peng>Would it work to get multiple small VPSes?
00:16<Harry>Yes, but would be more expensive to me
00:17<Harry>Best regards
00:17<Peng>Four $5 nodes would give you 80 GB of disk space. They'd also be more of a hassle to manage, of course.
00:21<Harry>What you sad is that having four nodes would be more difficult to manage than only one node right ?
00:21<Peng>Well, i don't know.
00:22<Peng>It's more work for you to do stuff to four computers than one computer, right?
00:22<Peng>Though not a *lot* of work, and most things can be automated.
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00:46<inquiry>Hi I understand FAQ says - start small and increase as you need, however I wanted to know does that mean I can jump plans without any issues?
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00:47<inquiry>for e.g. can I start at 5$ plan and if I feel I need to go 20$ one then just switch and I don't need to worry about moving all the services and stuff?
00:48<Peng>Your node will have to be shut down briefly to upgrade, but your stuff won't be destroyed.
00:49<inquiry>nice thanks :)
00:58<Ikaros>Just remember that you'll need to tweak the size of your disk image(s) yourself should you upsize later, and ofc this also means that downsizing, you'll need to make sure you're not using more than the plan you're downgrading to offers, but that's about it. I found that when upsizing at least, the only thing I had to do was shut down, resize the existing image, and boot.
01:05<inquiry>so bascially change it in dashboard while node is down and that's pretty much it (unless I'm downsizing)
01:06<Peng>Yes. It's the same thing if you're downsizing, just backwards.
01:06<Ikaros>The last time I touched mine was the last disk space upgrade they gave to my plan. The only thing I had to do was just resize the disk image in the dashboard, and boot it back...seems it took to it on its own after that.
01:07<Cromulent>yep same here
01:07<Ikaros>Didn't need to touch the filesystem at all
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01:07<Ikaros>(that was a pleasant surprise, I thought for sure I'd have to do some resizing magic via finnix or something)
01:07<Peng>Linode automatically runs resize2fs
01:07<Ikaros>But yeah
01:08<Ikaros>Just tweak it in the dashboard, and their system handles it for you.
01:08<Ikaros>Easy peasy
01:08<Peng>If you're using btrfs or something, then it's more complicated
01:12<Cromulent>hmm I really want to ask Linode for a professional services quote but I'm scared it is going to be way out of my price range
01:12<inquiry>thanks guys :D
01:40<zifnab>is there some magic place to view all notifications
01:40<zifnab>or are those email only
01:41<FluffyFoxeh>Pretty sure they're email only
01:56<dwfreed>the RSS feed
01:56<dwfreed>but I don't know how much history it has, I've never actually looked at it
01:56<dwfreed>(I was around when it was implemented)
01:57<dwfreed>zifnab: ^
01:57<zifnab>i ended up just looking at invoices for what i wanted, it was close enough
01:57<dwfreed>if you ask really nicely in a ticket, support can give you *everything*
01:57<zifnab>well, it had exactly what i wanted (pricing, i cared enouogh to see when things were created)
01:58<zifnab>open source project, working on "Here's what we've spent"
01:58<zifnab>tl;dr: 1200 this year split between two people :(
02:00<zifnab>kinda cool what you can see with bitcoin
02:00<zifnab>auditable log of transactions
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02:01<jstitt>hello :)
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02:02<zifnab>although it appears coinbase does (something?) internally to move them around
02:04<dwfreed>jstitt: hi
02:05<zifnab>ugh i have $WORK_EVENT tomorrow
02:05<zifnab>i have no idea what it entails, some team building shit probably
02:06<zifnab>means i have to actually show up on time for hte first time in months
02:06<zifnab>fucking jobs
02:06<zifnab>i dont' want to do team building
02:06<zifnab>bowling? gocarts? "Meh"
02:07<zifnab>i'm not social, i just want to do my job and leave, an extra day off would be better
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02:09<FluffyFoxeh>zifnab: lol I know what you mean..
02:11<FluffyFoxeh>they had a team building event after working hours before. I said I was busy
02:11<FluffyFoxeh>And I was busy. Busy not being at work
02:11<FluffyFoxeh>after working hours
02:16<zifnab>yeah, small team, i'm assuming its during the day because they know some of us wouldn't show up
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03:29<dcraig>FluffyFoxeh :D :D
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03:34<dcraig>zifnab, foxeh, wanna come to my linode meetup?
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03:41<zifnab>dcraig: only if it's within reasonable driving distance from Seattle for now
03:42<zifnab>I've yet to get over my irrational fear of metal tubes with wings being thrust through the air
03:42<sirpengi>how is that fear irrational
03:42<dcraig>it's simple physics
03:42<sirpengi>sounds very rational to me
03:43<zifnab>Yes I'm more likely to get hit by a car tomorrow than I am to ever be in a plane crash
03:43<dcraig>because you won't get on a plane
03:43<zifnab>Well, if I did
03:44<zifnab>I do need to get over it. I intend on doing so by starting small (like, 1 hour)
03:45<zifnab>Anxiety isn't rational
03:45<zifnab>I don't like being in situations I can't leave
03:45<dcraig>maybe beome a fighter pilot
03:45<zifnab>Tests, airplanes, etc
03:45<dcraig>with one of those eject seats :D
03:46<zifnab>Nah I need to work on it
03:46<dcraig>I did a 15-hr flight a few days ago
03:46<zifnab>Serious question
03:46<zifnab>What if you get explosive diarrhea halfway
03:47<dcraig>they have toilets
03:47<dcraig>but generally, I do try to not eat anything weird before a flight
03:47<zifnab>What if the seatbelt light is on
03:47<dcraig>you can probably go anyway :p
03:47<dcraig>and ask for forgiveness later
03:48<zifnab>Fair point
03:48<zifnab>Anyways that's not all of it. I probably need questionable levels of Xanax for it to not be miserable
03:49<zifnab>The flight that is
03:49<dcraig>maybe if you got more familiar with how planes work, it would not seem so scary
03:50<zifnab>I understand the physics
03:50<zifnab>Anxiety isn't rational
03:52<dcraig>book a flight to portland
03:52<dcraig>we can meet up :D
03:52<dcraig>it'll be short
03:53<dcraig>and less than $200
03:53<dcraig>get a window seat :)
03:56<zifnab>Ha. At some point
03:56<zifnab>Busy job hunting for a while
03:56<zifnab>Maybe new job will give me buckets of money and I'll just have to get over this fear quickly
03:57<dcraig>one money bucket for ziffy
03:59<zifnab>Well more than one
03:59<dcraig>it's a big bucket
03:59<zifnab>I'm to lazy to find a source on my phone but a 5 gal jug of random money is about $2500
04:00<zifnab>Change, that is
04:00<dcraig>this bucket has bills
04:00<dcraig>paper money
04:00<dcraig>how many $20 bills fit in one 5 gal bucket?
04:01<dcraig>$478000 according to this thing
04:03<dcraig>this other site gets $196000
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04:12<dwfreed>dcraig: assuming you could perfectly fill 5 gallons, wolfram alpha comes up with $332,700
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04:13<dcraig>did they just average my other two numbers?
04:13<dcraig>are they reading this chat?
04:13<dwfreed>it's $4,300 off from the average of your numbers
04:14<dcraig>they probably don't want to make it obvious that that's what they did
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04:27<JuPaname>you need shell account for free ? contact me private :)
04:28<arlen>all set thanks though
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04:29<grawity>JuPaname: you need a full VPS with root access for just $5/month? contact linode :)
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04:45<Cromulent>hmm I need to look into SSH / SFTP jails to give me web developer access to my server - never done that before
04:46<Cromulent>oh looks like their is already a linode doc telling you how to do it - sweet
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04:59<sonu_nk>hi i recently created subdomain but its not working ... nslookup server can't find NXDOMAIN
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04:59<Cromulent>what is your domain?
04:59<Cromulent>also DNS takes 15 minutes to update on Linode
05:00<sonu_nk>its almost 2hours
05:00<Cromulent>hmm odd
05:02<sonu_nk>Cromulent, what to do ?
05:03<Cromulent>not sure to be honest when I try and use nslookup to use I get query refused
05:04<hawk>sonu_nk: 172800 IN NS, 172800 IN NS
05:04<hawk>Ie, not delegated to Linode's nameservers
05:05<sonu_nk>hawk, i am not an expert in this..wht steps i need to do now ?
05:06<Peng>Sometimes it takes Namecheap's DNS servers a few minutes to update.
05:06<sonu_nk>Peng, its approx 2 hours to go
05:07<Peng>Well, there's nothing #linode can do about it.
05:07<hawk>sonu_nk: Where have you tried to add this record? The initial impression here was that you did it in Linode's DNS service
05:08<sonu_nk>i only did with command, nothing did in DNS service in linode admin area
05:08<hawk>I'm confused
05:09<Peng>What command?
05:10<Peng>To change your DNS records, use or Namecheap's API.
05:10<Peng>Assuming Namecheap is your registrar.
05:10<Peng>and not some resller
05:14<sonu_nk>Peng, hawk : first : i created the conf file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/
05:14<sonu_nk>then edited it and setup my configuration
05:14<sonu_nk>ServerAdmin, Server alias, directory path
05:15<Cromulent>yeah that has nothing to do with DNS
05:15<hawk>Peng: I think technically enom is the registrar, Namecheap is the reseller. And I would guess, maybe naively, that the reseller does not have further resellers.
05:15<sonu_nk>then created a direcotry in www folder with subdoamin name and
05:15<sonu_nk>restart the server
05:15<sonu_nk>only these things i did
05:15<Peng>hawk: True. I hope.
05:15<Peng>sonu_nk: So, no DNS changers were made
05:16<Peng>You need to do that
05:16<sonu_nk>i can see there is no my domain name in DNS manger in linode admin
05:16<sonu_nk>but is running on linod
05:16<Peng>The domain is using Namecheap's DNS service.
05:16<hawk>Yes, as was mentioned you do not use Linode for DNS. Which is no requirement, so that's fine unless you want to change that.
05:18<sonu_nk>Peng, got what to set in TTL when adding A record ?
05:18<sonu_nk>there is 1 to automatic
05:19<Peng>That's your choice. Any option works.
05:19<sonu_nk>What says TTL >
05:20<sonu_nk>sorry ...
05:20<sonu_nk>good news its working
05:20<sonu_nk>thanx guys
05:20<sonu_nk> i am new in server administration..
05:23<Cromulent>just out of interest does anyone use Windows when using IRC? If so what IRC client do you use? I'm thinking of buying mIRC and wondering if it is worth it?
05:24<sonu_nk>Cromulent, haxchat windows client
05:25<Cromulent>ah thanks
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06:10<sonu_nk>my server says when restarted " "* Restarting web server apache2 AH00112: Warning: DocumentRoot [/usr/share/squirrelmail] does not exist
06:10<sonu_nk>AH00180: WARNING: MaxRequestWorkers of 423 exceeds ServerLimit value of 256 servers, decreasing MaxRequestWorkers to 256. To increase, please see the ServerLimit directive."
06:10<sonu_nk> "
06:11<sonu_nk>what about this " MaxRequestWorkers " ?
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06:34<JamesTK>sonu_nk: You can only have as many workers as threads (Servers in this case)
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06:37<madhu>hi ...
06:37<JamesTK>I'm your father
06:38<linbot>No, for I am your true father.
06:38*madhu slaps restelow around a bit with a large fishbot
06:39<JamesTK>ahh, the old fishbot treatment
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07:24<jiggawattz>let's have a chat
07:25<dzho>is this like a rap battle, but in IRC?
07:25<jiggawattz>it's Real Talk (TM)
07:25<jiggawattz>about Real Shit (TM)
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08:10<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • CAA type DNS records <>
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08:34<microvb>@seen god
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08:44<Ahson>I want to know how many domains/sites can I host using $10/month plan
08:45<Woet>as many as you setup your server to handle
08:45<Woet>you know "domains/sites" is a bit vague right?
08:45<Ahson>Thanks, and sorry for not being specific. I mean, how many websites I can host.
08:45<Woet>you could host 0.00000000001 facebooks and 100000000 static pages with zero visitors
08:46<Woet>you know "websites" is equally vague right?
08:46<Ahson>I see. Thanks
08:46<jiggawattz>Ahson: are these static content websites ?
08:46<Woet>it depends on too many factors to accurately calculate. just run your VPS and monitor the resource usage.
08:46<jiggawattz>or do you want to run a CMS like WordPress
08:46<Ahson>And what about Control Panel, does it have a CPNALE, or similar?
08:46<jiggawattz>how many hourly visitors
08:46<Woet>unless you get managed, nope.
08:46<Ahson>Yes, Wordpress and mostly Static websites HTML based.
08:47<jiggawattz>Ahson: cPanel isn't included - but you can install it
08:47<Ahson>With target visitors of 50,000
08:47<Woet>add more sites if your resource usage is low, remove sites if your resource usage is high
08:47<jiggawattz>50,000 visitors per hour ?
08:47<Ahson>50,000 visitors, each website.
08:47<Ahson>Not hourly, monthly visitors = 50,000
08:47<Woet>thats nothing
08:47<Woet>thats 1 request per minute
08:48<jiggawattz>well damn math whiz Woet
08:48<jiggawattz>algebra class stand out
08:48<Woet>thanks bro
08:48<jiggawattz>Ahson: yeah you'll be fine on a $10 Linode
08:48<jiggawattz>WordPress will run on it
08:48<jiggawattz>just monitor it for load etc
08:48<Ahson>So, can I host like, 20 sites, with 50,000 visitors each site? on $10/month plan?
08:48<Woet>[14:46:38] <Woet> it depends on too many factors to accurately calculate. just run your VPS and monitor the resource usage.
08:48<Woet>[14:47:10] <Woet> add more sites if your resource usage is low, remove sites if your resource usage is high
08:48<Ahson>Thanks jiggawattz.
08:49<Ahson>I see. thanks.
08:49<Woet>you know you need to know Linux sysadmin if you buy a Linux VPS right?
08:49<Ahson>And what about CONTROL PANEL, is it user-friendly like CPANEL?
08:49<Woet>there is no control panel
08:49<Woet>you get SSH which is all you need
08:49<Ahson>I am not that techy, but have used CPanel and Plex hostings
08:49<praetorian>50,000 visitors a momnth is not 1 request per minute
08:49<Woet>okay, this is not the same
08:49<praetorian>a visitor is not a page load
08:49<jiggawattz>praetorian: I think he means requests though
08:50<jiggawattz>nobody really calculates unique visitors in this context
08:50<Woet>Ahson: do you know what Linode is selling?
08:50<praetorian>marketing people do
08:50<Ahson>Linode is selling Cloud Hosting right?
08:50<Woet>they're selling Linux VPSes.
08:50<jiggawattz>Ahson: more specifically unmanaged virtual private servers
08:50<Woet>"cloud" is a meaningless word
08:51<jiggawattz>Ahson: "Cloud Hosting" is a broad marketing term
08:51<Woet>and "hosting" is a generic word
08:51<jiggawattz>you might be looking for a shared host, Ahson
08:51<jiggawattz>"Shared Host" is the name of a product
08:51<jiggawattz>BuyVM is decent
08:51-!-minsunghuh [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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08:51<jiggawattz>$5 per website
08:51<jiggawattz>per year
08:52-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:52<praetorian>that's insane at that price point
08:53<jiggawattz>what's insane
08:53<jiggawattz>too expensive or too cheap ?
08:53<praetorian>tbe latter
08:53<Ahson>I see, thanks jiggawattz, appreciate your assistance.
08:54<linbot>You get what you pay for
08:54<jiggawattz>not too insane
08:54<jiggawattz>it's just shared hosting
08:54<Ahson>I have heard about VPS, but not sure what exactly it is.
08:54<praetorian>linbot: boy don't i know that. still itching.
08:54<jiggawattz>1GB storage at $5/yr
08:54<jiggawattz>100 GB / month traffic
08:54<Woet>Ahson: then you probably shouldn't buy one without finding out :)
08:54<jiggawattz>guys be polite
08:54<jiggawattz>this is #linode
08:54<Woet>to be fair Linode is the one using vague terms instead of just calling their product what it is
08:54<jiggawattz>not #lowendbox
08:54<Woet>"cloud hosting for your ideas"
08:55<jiggawattz>how the hell was I the guy that got K-Lined in here
08:55<jiggawattz>with all this attitude around me
08:55<Woet>then again, so is digitalocean, vultr and anyone else in this space
08:55<Woet>"High Performance SSD Cloud"
08:56<dwfreed>Woet: Cloud sells
08:56<Ahson>Wow, $10/year. IS it real?
08:56-!-minsunghuh [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
08:56<Woet>i love when cloud became a hype and providers just renamed "VPS" to "Cloud" without making a single change
08:56<jiggawattz>Ahson: yeah
08:56<jiggawattz>they are reputable
08:57<Woet>jiggawattz: any provider that uses WHMCS is not reputable
08:57<dwfreed>2017-04-10 12:54:09 < linbot> You get what you pay for
08:57<dwfreed>^ is relevant
08:57<jiggawattz>Woet: that's not true
08:57<jiggawattz>RamNode and BuyVM are better than Linode and DigitalOcean and Vultr
08:57<Woet>lol ok
08:57<praetorian>different product.
08:57<jiggawattz>WHMCS is just billing software for hosts that spend more on hardware than a billing panel
08:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
08:57<Woet>also, SolusVM is even worse.
08:58<jiggawattz>BuyVM doesn't use SolusVM
08:58<jiggawattz>they have Stallion
08:58<jiggawattz>and BuyShared is cPanel of course
08:59<jiggawattz>but yeah SolusVM sucks but that doesn't mean the host sucks
08:59<Woet>of course it does
08:59<jiggawattz>SolusVM only sucks the hosts' money because it's like $10/node
08:59<Woet>if a host chooses to use something that sucks, they suck by extension
08:59<jiggawattz>Woet: Linode's panel sux
08:59<jiggawattz>Is Microsoft Azure > Linode ?
08:59<praetorian>Woet: I use a hoover. what are you implying
09:00<jiggawattz>oh wow I didn't notice that dwfreed added some profundity to this conversation
09:00<jiggawattz>[15:56:23] <dwfreed> Woet: Cloud sells
09:00<jiggawattz>fucking brilliant Philosophe man
09:00<jiggawattz>tell us more
09:01<jiggawattz>plz plz plz
09:01<praetorian>im not answering for him
09:01<praetorian>but sex sells right?
09:01<praetorian>to the right people, buzzwords sell
09:02<Ahson>jiggawattz, regarding this, for $10/year, do they have a control panel hosting?
09:02<jiggawattz>Ahson: yes - they give you cPanel access
09:02<praetorian>"Check out the synergys you can achiee by using our people management app"
09:02<praetorian>etc etc
09:02<Ahson>Great. Thanks. And how many sites can I host for $10, please?
09:03<jiggawattz>as many as you can fit on 5GB of storage
09:03<Woet>if only it said "UNLIMITED ADDON DOMAINS" on that page
09:03<jiggawattz>come on Woet
09:03<Ahson>Great. Any limit on MySQL DBs?
09:03<Woet>if only it said "UNLIMITED DATABASES " on that page
09:03<jiggawattz>Ahson: not sure actually
09:03<Ahson>Like ho wmany DBs can I have?
09:03<Woet>are we gonna do this for everything they list on that page?
09:03<jiggawattz>Woet knows
09:03<Ahson>Oh okay,thanks so much for the link.' I wil explore it later today.
09:04<Woet>also, discussing different hosts in detail in #linode is a bit odd.
09:04<Woet>especially from a sales perspective.
09:04<JamesTK>praetorian: can i pay you $10/hr
09:04<jiggawattz>who cares
09:04<jiggawattz>they aren't even competitors
09:04<praetorian>JamesTK: i couldn't accept that.
09:04<jiggawattz>Linode doesn't sell what BuyShared sells
09:04<jiggawattz>different product
09:04<JamesTK>poor praetorian
09:04<praetorian>JamesTK: not when you don't earn that much :>
09:04<Woet>jiggawattz: you know very well buyshared is owned by buyvm which is a direct competitor
09:04<praetorian>JamesTK: new-new job yet?
09:05<JamesTK>still poking
09:05<jiggawattz>yes - but BuyShared is shared hosting, and that's what he wants
09:05<jiggawattz>Linode doesn't offer that
09:05<jiggawattz>it's not unreasonable for businesses to refer to other businesses like that even
09:05<jiggawattz>and I don't work for LInode
09:05<JamesTK>in the mean time i'm on a large dose of antibiotitcs
09:05<jiggawattz>I just give free support in their chat pit
09:05<jiggawattz>and I take network-wide K-Lines when the IRC Cops get pissed
09:06<jiggawattz>taking it for the TEAM wouter
09:06<Woet>and get klined once in a while
09:06<JamesTK>/pline Woet wut a pline
09:06<praetorian>JamesTK: tryhing to weaken your future defenses? ;)
09:07<JamesTK>What am I defending against?
09:07<praetorian>well, eventually your body becomes immune to anti-biotics
09:07<praetorian>or they help less, really
09:07<praetorian>to use sparingly
09:07<JamesTK>Oh, I'm on ... amoxycillin 875mg
09:08<JamesTK>...the tablets are huge
09:08<praetorian>that seems a strong dose
09:08<JamesTK>+ clavulanic acid
09:08<praetorian>normally 250mg
09:08<JamesTK>yeah pharmacist was like "wha" too :p
09:08<JamesTK>RIP me
09:09<JamesTK>Linode doesn't pay me enough to ... deal with this shit
09:09<Woet>im on
09:10<JamesTK>it will also possibly cause your linode-borne bacteria to become resistant
09:11<praetorian>Woet: i had you tagged as dutch the other day
09:11<praetorian>Woet: seems i should have said swiss
09:11<Woet>praetorian: that is Dutch
09:11<praetorian>one of the drugs came back to a swiss name
09:11<praetorian>so was curious :>
09:12<praetorian>i dont know enough dutch, just some south african
09:12<praetorian>so let me say: lekker
09:12<JamesTK>praetorian: when the medication you're taking mentions "approved for use in animals"
09:12<praetorian>you know they got the right candidate
09:12<JamesTK>heh, they would also charge a lot mor
09:13<JamesTK>e for the vet variety
09:13<JamesTK>praetorian: >.>
09:14<JamesTK>Woet: Mometasone buddies!
09:14<Woet>im still waiting for my 0 EUR hospital bill to hit
09:14<praetorian>i see you have the same healthcare as us
09:15<praetorian>and by us, i mean me and jamestk
09:15<praetorian>not the country
09:15<JamesTK>I got bulk billed in private practice
09:15<JamesTK>cos i'm like
09:15<JamesTK>totes give me all your disposable income praetorian
09:16<praetorian>i bulk bill. who doesnt?
09:16<praetorian>i only use private healthcare when required
09:19<JamesTK>found a decent doc so sticking with em
09:19-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has joined #linode
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09:19<JamesTK>also post-nasal drip is ass
09:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
09:20<praetorian>might be doing it wrong if it involves a donkey
09:25-!-jules [~julian@] has joined #linode
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09:37-!-steve_ [~Steve^@] has joined #linode
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09:38<steve_>Can anyone explain why I'd need to run an nqinx infront of a uWSGI server?
09:40<Woet> "Can I use uWSGI’s HTTP capabilities in production?"
09:40<grawity>steve_: because the uWSGI server itself doesn't do a very good job at serving regular HTTP (*can* it even serve HTTP?), nor at implementing TLS (HTTPS)
09:42<Woet>grawity: apparently it can with a specific option enabled
09:42<Woet>as mentioned on that page
09:42<steve_>these two answers conflict slightly
09:42<Woet>but it also tells you not to unless its a proxy / load balancers
09:43<Woet>steve_: not seeing any conflicts on
09:43<steve_>My reading of that page is yes, I can use it happily
09:43<steve_>but there are some sentences that I don't quite understand the meaning of
09:43<steve_>The phrasing of "If you need a load balancer/proxy it can be a very good idea." confuses me
09:44<steve_>what can be a good idea?
09:44<Woet>it tells you, unless you use uWSGI as a load balancer / proxy, it's not a good idea.
09:44<Woet>using uWSGI HTTP's capabilities in production...
09:44<steve_>It certainly does not say that
09:44<steve_>maybe you can read that as a possibly thing it says, but it's not how I read it
09:44<Woet>make up your own mind then
09:44<Woet>i just linked you their docs and it tells you
09:45<steve_>So it should say "It is only a good idea if you have a load balancer/proxy."
09:46<Woet>no, its only a good idea if you use uWSGI as a load balancer/proxy.
09:47<steve_>Oh, then this is talking about something completely different to what I was thinking about
09:49<steve_>In this paragraph, "uWSGI HTTP" and "uWSGI instances" are separate things?
09:51-!-amayer [~amayer@] has joined #linode
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09:54<JamesTK>steve_: yeah
09:54<steve_>Woet, I couldn't say if you were right or wrong, but your reading of this text is not as black and white as you think it is. It doesn't say "only in this case", it doesn't say "don't do that" and it uses "it" so many times that an uninformed reader has no chance of drawing anything from it
09:55<JamesTK>basically i think you can proxy to several uWSGI instances behind the main one
09:55<JamesTK>I generally have nginx listening on http anyway so it's easier to proxy
09:55<steve_>I'm just looking to deploy a very small Flask app without much fanfare, and wondered why most of the tutorials also bundle in nginx
09:56-!-Latersbaby [] has joined #linode
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09:58<JamesTK>Generally you serve static assets out of nginx and only direct dynamic traffic to uwsgi if possible
09:58<steve_>It's purely a JSON API so no worry there
09:59<steve_>I'll be dockerising this, so nginx is another complexity for me to deal with, that's all
09:59-!-Latersbaby [] has quit []
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10:18<linbot>New news from kernels: Latest 32 bit (4.9.15-x86-linode100) <> || Latest 64 bit (4.9.15-x86_64-linode81) <> || 4.9.15-x86_64-linode81 <> || 4.9.15-x86-linode100 <>
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10:19<Peng>"linode100" \o/
10:20<Peng>100 versions of misery
10:24<hawk>misery hype
10:32-!-iali [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
10:32-!-iali is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
10:33<@nbrewer>iali: hello, feel free to ask your question.
10:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
10:34<iali>i wonder if there is any country-specific restriction on the Linode plans
10:35<@nbrewer>iali: not sure i understand the question, could you clarify?
10:35<Peng>What kind of restrictions?
10:36<iali>I mean, Digital Ocean had a restriction on Egypt-based accounts, You can't create machines more than 16GB of RAM. We are really considering to move to Linode. Does Linode have a similar restriction for Egypt?
10:37<@nbrewer>iali: we do not restrict certain plan sizes based on geographic location.
10:37<iali>great, thanks
10:37<iali>another question please
10:38<DrJ>go ahead, each user gets 3 free questions a day
10:38<hawk>nbrewer: But I guess there may be legally required restrictions on who you can do business with?
10:38<Peng>hawk: Absolutely
10:39<DrJ>or DO just doesn't have the capacity in egypt
10:39<@nbrewer>hawk: we're a US-based company, so yes.
10:39<DrJ>not sure why a country would have laws restricting ram
10:40<iali>in pricing, there is a standard plan with 12GB / 6 CPU cores , in the high memory plan there is an 16GB RAM machine with only a single CPU core , my question is : Can I purchase an 12GB RAM/6 CPU cores standard plan and upgade its memory to 16GB without having to move to the high memory plan ?
10:41<@jalter>We don't have country-specific restrictions on plans. If you're allowed to make an account, you're allowed to use all of the plans.
10:41<DrJ>plans come as they are
10:41<@jalter>We'll accept customers from any country that we're legally allowed to do business with
10:41<iali>@DrJ: I mean, can I scale my machine for extra RAM? or just by another plan?
10:42<DrJ>you'd have to buy another plan
10:42<DrJ>linode does not allow you to customize a plan with more cpu, ram, disk, etc
10:42<DrJ>they use to, but not anymore
10:42<iali>@DrJ: Oh!, thanks
10:43<DrJ>now you will be able to add more storage here in the near future when they introduce block storage
10:44<DrJ> <--looks like you may want/need the 24GB plan
10:44<Peng>Don't you miss buying extra RAM 90 MB at a time
10:49-!-pronab [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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10:50<@nbrewer>pronab: hello, feel free to ask your question.
10:50<pronab>i am looking for 8 GB linode where i can get its hw specifications
10:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 371] by ChanServ
10:51<Peng>pronab: Which specifications?
10:51<pronab>like processor cache, ram and ssd io read write speed
10:52<DrJ>pronab, I'd just fire one up and test it yourself
10:52<@jalter>the exact hardware depends on the host where your Linode lives. It's all similar across the fleet with some variations
10:52<DrJ>you'll be able to test all that in under an hour and would only be out 6 pennies
10:53<@jalter>there's a pretty cool benchmark here comparing our $5 plan to others -
10:53<@jalter>your mileage may vary - especially if you're using a Linode 8GB and not a Linode 1GB
10:53-!-John [] has joined #linode
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10:53<@nbrewer>maybe try this one instead:
10:54<pronab>ok thanks
10:54<@jalter>nbrewer: didn't even know about that one, neat!
10:54-!-mode/#linode [+l 372] by ChanServ
10:54<@nbrewer>John: hello, feel free to ask your question.
10:55<John>Thanks nbrewer
10:55-!-pronab [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
10:55<John>I need to add private IP for load balancer
10:55<John>Not sure how to setup private IP
10:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 371] by ChanServ
10:56<John>Cool thank you
10:56<@nbrewer>^ you can add it via the Linode Manager. Then if you're using Network Helper, you should just be able to reboot to get it working
10:56-!-Linguica [] has joined #linode
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11:01<jiggawattz>nbrewer: is Linode ever going to offer a $2.50 VPS
11:01<jiggawattz>like Vultr
11:01<jiggawattz>when they gonna drop?
11:02<@nbrewer>jiggawattz: i don't believe there's any plans to, but i really couldn't say for sure.
11:03<UKn0Me>vultr are just cheap
11:04<DrJ>jiggawattz :)
11:05<Woet>with IPv4 running out they'll all be a thing of the past anyways
11:05<Woet>or IPv6 only
11:05<DrJ>once they do the question will become.... so when is that $1.25 linode plan coming :)
11:05<jiggawattz>nbrewer: I don't know if I should bring my business to Linode if its not committed to best services at best prices
11:05<jiggawattz>please pass that on to upper management
11:05<jiggawattz>Bring On The Two Fiddy
11:06<DrJ>but, I would not be surprised to see a $2.50 plan in the next 5 years... they would be good for people who just want to run something small like an IRC bot or something
11:06<jiggawattz>IRC bots are best on $15/yr OVZ
11:06<jiggawattz>best in class
11:07<UKn0Me>can agree
11:08<UKn0Me>set and forget
11:08<Woet>lol openvz
11:09<jiggawattz>Woet: yeah openvz foolio
11:10<jiggawattz>for people who want efficiency at best price
11:10<jiggawattz>if you run an IRC bot on anything pricier you are a we todd
11:10<jiggawattz>sofa king
11:10<jiggawattz>we todd ed
11:10-!-jiggawattz is now known as SofaKing
11:11<SofaKing>Woet: /nick WeToddEd
11:11<SofaKing>Woet: /nick WeToddEd
11:11<SofaKing>ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
11:11<SofaKing>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
11:12<dwfreed>SofaKing: knock it off
11:12<Woet>oh dear
11:12<Woet>part 2 here we come
11:12<SofaKing>dwfreed: we had this discussion yesterday
11:12<SofaKing>we also had this convo with Christoph Berg
11:12<dwfreed>and I think Myon would support me if I akilled you again, otherwise I wouldn't do it
11:13<SofaKing>he opposed it
11:13<SofaKing>you're like Russia: all alone
11:13<SofaKing>OFTC support is aligned with me, broheme
11:13<SofaKing> took 5 minutes to remove my K-Line
11:13<dwfreed>you see, I get those emails too, so I know exactly what he said
11:14<SofaKing> took 5 minutes to remove my K-Line
11:14<SofaKing>dwfreed: what's your direct email
11:14<SofaKing>I tried emailing but it bounced... hella late though
11:14*SofaKing thinks it was a fake bounce
11:15<dwfreed>no, the mailserver isn't properly configured to handle our direct addresses at the moment; it needs to be fixed, but I'm not brave enough to learn postfix just yet
11:15<SofaKing>alright then
11:15<Woet>you could just sign up for G Suite / Zoho / whatever
11:15<Woet>running your own mail server is silly anyways
11:15<SofaKing>Woet: oftc has no money
11:16<dwfreed>Woet: who's going to pay for that? ^^^
11:16<Woet>dwfreed: the sponsors
11:16<SofaKing>dwfreed: you could learn to suck da 8======================D
11:16<Woet>also Zoho is free
11:16<dwfreed>the sponsors don't pay anything, they provide equipment
11:16<SofaKing>30 euros for a quickie in Woet's country
11:16<dwfreed>SofaKing: ...
11:16<SofaKing>zoho is free for 5 users
11:16<SofaKing>any more... $$$
11:17<Woet>you only need 1 user and a bunch of forwarders anyways
11:17<dwfreed>configuring them manually is not my idea of fun
11:17<SofaKing>dwfreed: I would donate two of my VPS toward a proper OFTC mailserver
11:17<dwfreed>the infrastructure is already there, it just needs to be configured properly
11:17<Woet>are you saying adding ~ 30 forwarders is less fun than configuring and maintaining an email server?
11:17<Woet>oh dear
11:17<SofaKing>dwfreed: put me in charge of infrastructure
11:17<SofaKing>I'd do it in 15 minutes
11:18<dwfreed>hell, there's even already the alias map, I just need to learn how to tell postfix to use it properly
11:19<hawk>dwfreed: Isn't GApps/Gsuite/whatever free for non-profits still? (Provided you jump through their hoops9
11:19<SofaKing>hawk: nah
11:20<dwfreed>hawk: perhaps, never actually looked at it
11:21<hawk>SofaKing: Are you sure?
11:21<SofaKing>40% positive
11:22<SofaKing>so no - not 100% sure
11:22-!-ryu [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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11:22<ryu>hi is there a tutorial how to tune my apache server for an influx of traffic?
11:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 373] by ChanServ
11:23<ryu>thanks relidy
11:24<relidy>ryu: It may not be a perfect fit, but it should at least get you started down the right path.
11:25-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:8d4:60ee:9bfb:addd] has joined #linode
11:25-!-raijin is "raijin" on #ck #linux-iio #smxi #linux-smokers-club #linode #ceph
11:25<ryu>im just trying to figure out if my server can handle a pretty big spike in traffic
11:25<ryu>i guess load testing would be the best route
11:25<relidy>It's really the only way to know for sure
11:25<ryu>any tools you recommend?
11:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 374] by ChanServ
11:26<dwfreed><3 siege
11:27<hawk>SofaKing: The web site seems to indicate that program still exists.
11:30<hawk>dwfreed: Just throwing that in there, in case it would actually help and cost was the show stopper.
11:32<dwfreed>there would definitely be implementation challenges
11:32<rick111>i missed the last sale SofaKing, when's the next one?
11:34<SofaKing>hawk: I stand corrected
11:34<SofaKing>hawk: cheers sir
11:34<SofaKing>rick111: don't be We Todd Ed
11:34<SofaKing>migrating to G Suite would require that dwfreed touches shit
11:35<SofaKing>he doesn't want to do that
11:35<SofaKing>he just likes setting k-lines
11:35<SofaKing>good enough for him
11:36<@mcintosh>SofaKing: enough
11:39<SofaKing>mcintosh: don't worry - I got your guys' back
11:39-!-iali [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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12:13<John>Hello, I added 2 nodes to Loadbalancer using the provate IP, but it is showing as down. I have the active check setup but no log of check in apache log either
12:14<Peng>Are they down?
12:16<John>apache is up
12:16<John>but nodbalacer is not checking on the node it seems
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12:22<dwfreed>John: could you take a screenshot of the nodebalancer settings page and post it here, please?
12:23-!-aspis_ [~aspis@] has joined #linode
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12:25<Peng>Are they in the same data center?
12:25<Peng>Are the private IPs up and working?
12:27<John>Private IPs are up. They are not in the same data center. I cannot ping each other maybe because of that
12:28<John>I will post the screenshot
12:29<dwfreed>John: they need to be in the same datacenter
12:29<Peng>The Linodes and the Node Balancer have to be in the same data center.
12:31<dwfreed>the private network is local to the datacenter only; between datacenters is not connected (and can't be, due to IP conflicts)
12:33<John>So node balancer and high availability nodes all has to be in the same data center?
12:34<John>How it will work when that data center is not available?
12:34<Peng>That would be bad.
12:35<Peng>If you want to survive a data center outage, you have to set up more infrastructure. For example, 2 Linodes in one data center, 2 Linodes in a second data center, 1 NodeBalancer in each data center, and a DNS load balancing/failover product.
12:37<John>What product is there to do "DNS load balancing/failover"?
12:40<Peng>Personally, i'd probably use Amazon Route 53. But i sound like an Amazon shill. :)
12:42<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:43<Peng>DNS Made Easy can do it, to offer an alternative. Dyn probably can too.
12:43<John>So, Linode does not have Load balancer works across data centers?
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14:11<raj>would upgrading my OS to ubuntu 16 from 14 break nginx, since according to this article nginx has changed the way it does things now?
14:13<dwfreed>no, because it doesn't touch config files
14:14-!-steveski [] has joined #linode
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14:14<raj>thank you dwfreed
14:15<Peng>It would take like 30 seconds to fix Nginx anyway
14:15-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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14:32*amin slaps agracie around a bit with a large fishbot
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15:00<SofaKing>sup LINODERS
15:00-!-SofaKing is now known as jiggawattz
15:01<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Disk Size <> || Feature Request/Bug Report • Push Notifications on Mobile App <>
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15:50<MajObviousman>nginx has changed the way it does virtual hosting?
15:50<MajObviousman>this is news to me
15:51<Peng>It hasn't.
15:51<Peng>It's possible some OS switched their default config from a 'conf.d' directory to a 'sites-available' directory, or the other way around.
15:53<dwfreed>^ is likely
15:53<dwfreed>nginx in debuntu is probably just like apache is now; conf.d for settings, sites-enabled for vhosts
15:54*Ikaros hates that layout
15:54<Ikaros>I prefer the default software layout. I think THAT'S simpler.
15:56<Nivex>simpler in some ways, perhaps, but if I want to automate a deployment I can install the package and drop files in the .d folders and bam I'm online.
16:02<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Dermatolog wspomoże w zwalczaniu trądziku <>
16:11<MajObviousman>.wx kf86
16:11<dwfreed>!wx kf86
16:11<linbot>dwfreed: [metar] KF86: not data available, valid code?
16:11<dwfreed>!wx KAMN
16:11<csnxs>!wx i386
16:12<linbot>dwfreed: [metar] OBS at KAMN: 75.2F/24C, visibility 10 miles, wind 17.26 mph, chill 76.80F (altimeter: 29.83) [KAMN 101956Z AUTO 25015G25KT 10SM CLR 24/09 A2983 RMK AO2 T02400093]
16:12<linbot>csnxs: [metar] I386: not data available, valid code?
16:12<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error after REBOOT <>
16:13-!-JuPaname [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:14<relidy>I can't help but read "KAMN" as "DAMN" every. single. time.
16:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
16:14<relidy>!wx kggg
16:14<linbot>relidy: [metar] OBS at KGGG: 80.6F/27C, visibility 10 miles, wind 13.81 mph, chill 83.86F (altimeter: 30.03) [KGGG 101953Z 19012KT 10SM FEW028 SCT034 BKN085 27/20 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP163]
16:15<Ikaros>!wx kdfw
16:15<linbot>Ikaros: [metar] OBS at KDFW: 78.8F/26C, visibility 10 miles, wind 17.26 mph, chill 81.46F (altimeter: 29.98) [KDFW 101953Z COR 31015KT 10SM -TSRA BKN026 BKN035CB OVC055 26/20 A2998 RMK AO2]
16:16<MajObviousman>!wx kf86
16:16<linbot>MajObviousman: [metar] KF86: not data available, valid code?
16:16<MajObviousman>!wx kf46
16:16<linbot>MajObviousman: [metar] OBS at KF46: 77.0F/25C, visibility 10 miles, wind 9.21 mph, chill 79.56F (altimeter: 29.99) [KF46 101955Z AUTO 19008G19KT 10SM SCT028 BKN035 OVC050 25/20 A2999 RMK AO2 LTG]
16:16<MajObviousman>there we go
16:16<MajObviousman>!wx kdal
16:16<linbot>MajObviousman: [metar] OBS at KDAL: 78.8F/26C, visibility 10 miles, wind 9.21 mph, chill 81.77F (altimeter: 29.98) [KDAL 102002Z 24008KT 10SM TS BKN030 BKN046CB OVC080 26/19 A2998 RMK AO2 TSB01]
16:19<Ikaros>Part of it coming through here doesn't look to be severe. But it is severe to the north and to the south/southwest of us
16:19<Ikaros>Love how the central parts of the area seem to dodge this crap
16:21<MajObviousman>you've got the heat island protecting you
16:22<MajObviousman>my house is getting pounded right now, but where I am right now seems to have dodged the worst of it
16:22<Ikaros>Yeah we're getting socked in it now too
16:22-!-zivester [~zivester@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:22<Ikaros>Just heavy rain though
16:22<MajObviousman>long as there's no ice falling, I'm A-OK
16:22<Ikaros>Been listening to WBAP
16:23-!-aspis_ [~aspis@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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16:25<MajObviousman>I don't have my 2m radio here at work. I was trying to get a feed into collin county skywarn, but nothing is forthcoming
16:25*MajObviousman makes mental note to see how hard it would be to do so
16:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 369] by ChanServ
16:26<Ikaros>Mostly just half-dollar size hail, not tremendously large but certainly probably enough to dent your car, maybe crack a windshield or two
16:26<Ikaros>Your spotters are probably going to be down there on the storm in Cleburne, which is rotating a bit and has a wall cloud on it.
16:27*MajObviousman goes to move his truck while he still can
16:27<Ikaros>Probably nothing active on the Skywarn network in Collin county
16:27<MajObviousman>cleburne is far from collin county
16:27<Ikaros>Yeah. My point is, there's much higher spotter activity on that storm, not on the one up in Collin
16:28-!-defaultName [] has joined #linode
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16:28<defaultName>How long does it take for an account to process?
16:29<Ikaros>Can vary. Be patient.
16:30-!-Newbie_ [~oftc-webi@2600:8801:2f03:2b00:8df4:e25b:1f91:a7f1] has joined #linode
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16:30<MajObviousman>I think part of the problem is that they don't know who you are
16:30<MajObviousman>I mean, default name is hard to pic kout
16:31<Newbie_>hello there. I need to know how to setup cloudflare with linode? I cannot erase the default linode Nameservers
16:31<dwfreed>if you want CloudFlare to be your DNS provider, you need to make those changes at your registrar
16:32<dwfreed>(which Linode is not)
16:32<Newbie_>So I don't have to touch the linode DNS? sorry for the question
16:33<Newbie_>Thanks dwfreed. Appreciate it. have a great day
16:34*MajObviousman steals dwfreed's great day
16:34<dwfreed>!boo MajObviousman
16:34<linbot>dwfreed: Point taken from majobviousman! (-1)
16:34<MajObviousman>wow, the dark angry red is splitting right around where I am
16:41-!-anew [] has joined #linode
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16:47<dzho>win 57
16:47-!-raijin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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16:48<MajObviousman>dzho: 57 fails in a row
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17:20<hamza>after i bough linode vps you ask me for ID Verification, and i sent it to and still no answer
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17:22<hamza>Hi, someone here ?
17:23<@mcintosh>hamza: can you try sending that once more, to instead?
17:23-!-shaff [~shaff@] has joined #linode
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17:25<hamza>sent now
17:26-!-jiggawattz is now known as ]{][}[]{][}[]{][
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18:03<ginijony> Your account is currently being reviewed. account status when this will gone ?
18:03<DrJ>should only take a few hours or so
18:05<ginijony>no issue
18:05<@caker>pretty sure the average is measured in minutes
18:06<ginijony>but can you show me any demo account ? so i can check what are ready applications i can use in my server
18:06<@cmullen>Hey ginijony you should be all set to go right now actually. Our team just took care of that.
18:07-!-steveski [~steveg@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:08<@cmullen>And we don't have a free demo, but if you find in the first 7 days of your account the Linode platform isn't right for you, you can cancel your account and request a refund. We'll refund whatever you initially deposited into your account.
18:10<ginijony>no i have already created account but i want to learn admin panel so
18:10-!-shaff [~shaff@] has quit [Quit: Colloquy for iPad -]
18:10<ginijony>if not then no issue i will wait to approve account
18:11<ginijony>if you help me to approve my account then its good for me
18:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 367] by ChanServ
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18:11<@cmullen>It's been approved. You should be able to login now.
18:11<ginijony>ok great
18:11<@cmullen>You got it. Hope you like the platform!
18:12-!-steveski [] has joined #linode
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18:12<ginijony>yes but want to know all instance are run at hourly bases or if i generate one instance and if i delete then it will charge me full monthly payment ?
18:13-!-KindOne [] has joined #linode
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18:13<@caker>you only pay for the time you have the Linode
18:13-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:3018:60ee:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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18:14<ginijony>ok and is there any option to readymade wordpress install with new instance ?
18:15-!-steveski1 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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18:16<ginijony>is there any option to readymade wordpress install with new instance ?
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18:52<GLaDOSDan>So say I have 20 odd debian boxes, what's the best way to manage package updates across the lot of them without SSHing into each one individually? I've been googling for a few hours but nothing's really popped out. Lots of talk of puppet, chef, etc but I feel they're too fully fledged and too much time to set up for what I want to do. I just want to see which of my boxes need package updates
18:52<GLaDOSDan>and some way to easily perform upgrades. Any suggestions?
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18:55<@caker>if you dare: /
18:57<GLaDOSDan>I suppose cron-apt is half way what I want, ideally I sort of want something snazzy with a whole web interface and removing the need for me to SSH in entirely, but perhaps that's a bit of a pipe dream
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18:59<@caker>for box in [box list]; do ssh $box (something awesome); done > index.html
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19:00<Eugene>GLaDOSDan - I'm a big fan of Salt for managing system state & central command execution
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19:01<razzamatazm>Hey all - is there any chance to get just extra disk space on my linode? I don't need any additional features
19:01<dwfreed>not at present
19:02<razzamatazm>ok, thanks!
19:02<dwfreed>a block storage service is in the works, could be in beta within a month, iirc
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19:02<Eugene>A month you say
19:02<arlen>a month he said
19:06<GLaDOSDan>Eugene: I'll take a look at that, cheers
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19:42<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • CAA type DNS records <>
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22:49<MajObviousman>a month was said?
22:49*MajObviousman has long wanted a block storage service for his linodes
22:49*Celti too
22:49<Celti>Mostly for NextCloud
22:51<Peng>The calendar was not specified
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23:39<arlen>the 13th month
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23:50<wythe>How do I use Paypal payment
23:50<JamesTK>You need to sign up with a credit card first then you can use paypal to top up the account
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23:51<JamesTK>not sure of plans to accept as initial funding
23:51<linbot>Make a Payment - via PayPal (beta):
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