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00:09<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Lish - Improve 'Copying the Disk' over ssh speed <>
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00:26<Kartik>I am running a curl command on MS-DOS window to call linode api
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00:26<Kartik>c:\curl\curl -u u:SJkQdpAPbrlkedDSAVSRfFr06c0CFg2MsWJ808xG7ZfKI8FDaRR ""{"defaults": ""}""
00:26<Kartik>but I am getting error curl: (3) [globbing] unmatched brace in column 192 curl: (3) [globbing] unmatched close brace/bracket in column 1
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00:27<Kartik>Can somebody show me why am I getting this error
00:28<Kartik>I know it is coming from StackScriptUDFResponses parameter but not sure how to fix it
00:29<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • trying to define a new CNAME <>
00:30<Peng>Did you just paste your API key
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00:31<Kartik>no changed it little bit
00:32<Peng>a little?
00:39<millisa>I'm trying to find a reference to confirm - network transfer between linodes in the same datacenter - for it to count against the quota, the private network/IP's have to be used?
00:39<millisa>sorry, for it to *not* count
00:40<dcraig>or you can use ipv6
00:40<Peng>millisa: IPv4 private IPs, or any IPv6 IPs.
00:40<Peng>also, inbound is always free, of course
00:40<millisa>Ok, is this blog post: the best reference? or is there one that says it in the docs that I'm missing?
00:40<Peng>Oh, you meant an official reference other than IRC logs from randos
00:41<millisa>yeah, just something I can point at and say 'see? says it right here.'
00:42<Peng>IPv6 reference:
00:42<Peng>second paragraph
00:42<millisa>!point Peng
00:42<linbot>millisa: Point given to peng. (10)
00:43<Peng>For IPv4, mentions it in passing.
00:43<millisa>that's better than what I found.
00:44<millisa>I really want it to be in the first paragraph here:
00:45<Peng>Aye. One of us could send a pull request.
00:45<millisa>Much appreciation.
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00:53<zifnab>!metar ksea
00:53<linbot>zifnab: [metar] OBS at KSEA: 51.8F/11C, visibility 10 miles, wind 13.81 mph, chill 47.23F (altimeter: 30.35) [KSEA 210353Z 21012KT 10SM FEW030 BKN080 11/06 A3035 RMK AO2 SLP285 T01060061]
00:53<zifnab>!metar kbtm
00:53<linbot>zifnab: [metar] OBS at KBTM: 35.6F/02C, visibility 10 miles, wind 10.36 mph, chill 28.02F (altimeter: 30.12) [KBTM 210353Z AUTO 33009KT 10SM OVC036 02/M01 A3012 RMK AO2 SNB29E46 SLP204 P0000]
00:53<zifnab>so glad i left that hellhole
00:54<Celti>!metar kphx
00:54<linbot>Celti: [metar] OBS at KPHX: 75.2F/24C, visibility 10 miles, wind 4.60 mph, chill 77.88F (altimeter: 29.88) [KPHX 210451Z 22004KT 10SM CLR 24/M06 A2988 RMK AO2 SLP104 T02441061]
00:54<Celti>And that's here at 10PM.
00:55<zifnab>speaking of hellhole :P
00:56<zifnab>seattle's pleasant
00:56<zifnab>!help metar
00:56<linbot>zifnab: (metar <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "wx $*".
00:57<zifnab>!help mtrdallas
00:57<linbot>zifnab: (mtrdallas <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web title [concat!mtr-dallas&q= [cut -1 [urlquote $*x]]]".
00:57<zifnab>concat, thats the one i was looking for
00:58<zifnab>!help concat
00:58<linbot>zifnab: (concat <string 1> <string 2>) -- Concatenates two strings. Do keep in mind that this is *not* the same thing as join "", since if <string 2> contains spaces, they won't be removed by concat.
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00:59<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Google apps email <>
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01:44<sutra>anyone feel like saving some headaches? ;o) do linodes arch images have some kind of gotchyas for use as an openvpn server?
01:47<Woet>why would you use arch on a server?
01:48<sutra>it's for personal use only
01:50<sutra>(it won't be doing much else)
01:52<sutra>but it throws crappy ip version=15 errors
01:53<Zimsky>yeah you gotta use ip version 4 or 6
01:53<Zimsky>15 is too high for the intertubes
01:54<sutra>it should only be seeing ipv4
01:55<sutra>usually that error would surface when server config != client (ie compression, etc.)
01:56<sutra>my configs are basic af
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02:06<Tanmoy>i wanted to get a package for meteor backend?
02:06<Tanmoy>which one would work best?
02:06<FluffyFoxeh>yet another spider on my wall
02:06<FluffyFoxeh>I want winter back already -_-
02:07<millisa>I don't know what a 'meteor backend' is - but assuming you know how to get it going on a linux distribution, you could just start with the smallest linode and resize upwards if you find it's not enough
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02:09<sutra>where i come from, spiders rule the land and we are their guests.
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02:22<sutra>bleh so it was compression after all.. explicitly turned it off on both ends and all good.
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02:46*Celti got fed up with OpenVPN quirks like that and switched to an IPsec VPN via strongswan.
02:46<dwfreed>OpenVPN AS is incredibly convenient, I'll give it that
02:48<Celti>Plus strongswan lets me experiment with things like post-quantum encryption
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02:53<Pritam>Hi there
02:53<Celti>Dangit, who gave the IRC bot an AI again?
02:53<Pritam>I was going through the server pricing but there is no where written about the server
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02:54<Celti>What do you mean? The exact hardware you'll be running on varies a bit, though always at a minimum standard.
02:56<Cromulent>Pritam: you'd be pretty safe to assume reasonably modern Xeons and RAID 10 SSDs
03:00<FluffyFoxeh>Cromulent: it's RAID 10?
03:00<Cromulent>FluffyFoxeh: that is what I always heard
03:01<dwfreed>I don't know about the SSD setup, but if you dig deep enough in the forums, you'll find posts mentioning the spinning rust setup was RAID 10
03:02<dwfreed>it would not surprise me if the SSD setup was the same
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03:28<sutra>yeah post-quantum encryption is overkill to the magnitude of overkill ssl+tls is already ;o)
03:29<sutra>really vtund would cover my needs
03:29<dwfreed>TLS is not overkill
03:30<sutra>it's sensisble
03:30<sutra>i don't need it though
03:35<Ikaros>Heh...many, many people would highly disagree with you
03:37<dwfreed>I mean, if what you're running over the tunnel is already encrypted, it's not really important
03:37<FluffyFoxeh>which is why I wish openssh had a cipher=none option
03:37<dwfreed>HPN does
03:37<Ikaros>Of course they'd laugh at you for suggesting it, probably
03:38<FluffyFoxeh>Yeah, which is dumb, because its feature set goes beyond that of secure shell
03:38<dwfreed>Yes, which is why it's never getting merged into upstream
03:38<FluffyFoxeh>what's HPN?
03:38<dwfreed>High Performance Networking
03:38<dwfreed>it's a patchset for openssh
03:38<FluffyFoxeh>that sounds neat
03:39<dwfreed>what's funny is that in certain cases, its multithreaded AES implementation can be *slower* than single-threaded AES
03:40<FluffyFoxeh>also my comment about the feature set referred to OpenSSH itself. It provides a *very* convenient general purpose tunnelling system in addition to secure she'll
03:40<sutra>what i'm putting over the tunnel isn't important.. i don't care who reads it
03:40<dwfreed>tun/tap, TCP, Unix sockets
03:41<sutra>i'd rather save the cpu cycles tbh
03:41<dwfreed>and for fun, you can use something like socat to tunnel UDP over TCP through SSH
03:42<sutra>but since it's easy af to encrypt it, why not
03:45<sutra>anyway i think i will blow this away and see what debian looks like here, arch is fun for a desktop
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03:49<dwfreed>now that's an IRC client I haven't seen in a while
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04:14<hawk>dwfreed: It's kind of cool that there's some form of ircII still under active development
04:20<dwfreed>is it actively developed?
04:20<dwfreed>that's scary
04:26<hawk>dwfreed: epic is, yes
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04:39*Celti ought to make his Linode something besides Arch one of these days
04:39<Celti>I just get frustrated by how out-of-date everything is in comparison. ^^
04:40<Celti>Ugh, no.
04:40<dwfreed>what's wrong with Gentoo?
04:40<Celti>I don't need to spend umpty-dozen hours compiling everything on my server?
04:41<dwfreed>you're not wasting that time, and package compilation doesn't take that long
04:41<Celti>Part of me wants to go back to playing with CoreOS and containerizing everything
04:41<Celti>The more sensible part of me knows that is beyond overkill for what I run.
04:42<dwfreed>you realize CoreOS is a Gentoo derivative? :P
04:43<dwfreed>linbot: apropos rpn
04:43<linbot>dwfreed: No appropriate commands were found.
04:43<dwfreed>you suck
04:45<Celti>dwfreed: You could as readily call it a ChromeOS derivative
04:46<dwfreed>ChromeOS is a Gentoo derivative
04:46<Celti>It uses a Gentoo-based SDK as a build environment
04:47<dwfreed>thus making it a Gentoo derivative
04:47<Celti>If I build packages for CentOS on an Arch install does that make it CentOS an Arch derivative?
04:47<dwfreed>no, because you're using the CentOS tools
04:48<dwfreed>that you just installed on an Arch system
04:48<Celti>And the tools CoreOS uses were made for ChromeOS
04:48<dwfreed>and the tools ChromeOS uses were made for Gentoo
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04:49<dwfreed>Xeon W3520, 4 real cores plus HT for 8 threads, 16 GB of RAM; last emptytree rebuild (aka rebuild every package that's installed) took 3.5 hours, and that's not as parallel as it can be (there's still a lot of idle CPU time in that 3.5 hours; I'm too lazy to play with the parallelization options to make it better)
04:50<dwfreed>note that that includes rebuilding gcc and glibc, which are the two longest packages to compile on that system
04:50<Celti>...seriously, why is it so important to convince me I'm wrong about not liking Gentoo?
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04:50<Celti>It takes time I'd prefer to spend experimenting with new software, writing code, or gaming
04:51<Celti>I ain't gonna do it.
04:51<Celti>Especially when I don't have anything approaching the hardware you're describing to run it on.
04:51<dwfreed>except you're not forced to sit and stare at your system compiling
04:51<dwfreed>so I don't see what the problem is
04:51<Celti>It uses system resources I could be using for other things
04:52<Celti>It is *not necessary*
04:52<Celti>And neither is this argument.
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05:07<Barook>hey, please I have a small question, is someone here to assist me?
05:07<linbot>Barook: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
05:10<Barook>no I prefer a human being
05:11<dwfreed>this isn't a live chat
05:11<dwfreed>if you'd asked your question, you might have gotten an answer already
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05:37<Barook>oh great
05:38<Barook>please can can I host my emails on linode as well?
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05:39<Barook>I currently have my domain name registered on, if i want to host my website and email on linode, how can I do that?
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05:40<silver>anyone here?
05:41<silver>looking to move a large amount of websties over here most PHP
05:41<ponas>Barook: take a look at the resources at
05:41<Barook>hey am here trying to get some answers too
05:44<nate>Barook: Well worthy note, linode is not a registrar, so you can't transfer your domain. As far as hosting goes, unless you pay extra for managed or professional services, linode VPS's are you-manage root virtual servers, you configure and set everything up yourself, most of which can be easily found at the link ponus gave
05:44<nate>the docs have a lot of user-made guides and tutorials to help people with
05:45<nate>So basically you can do anything you want on your linode within linode's Terms of Service and of course your own countries laws (and US laws since that's where linode is based)
05:47<nate>silver: If you're asking what package you should get, there's no real way for anyone here to answer that, there are simply too many factors in such a broad statement
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07:03<turbonafta>does linode dns manager support CAA records?
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07:13<ponas>turbonafta: no
07:15<turbonafta>argh, guess I'll have to setup a bind server myself - even my registrar doesn't support it ...
07:16<ponas>you can use the Linode nameservers as slaves though
07:20<Zimsky>turbonafta: use powerdns
07:20<Zimsky>it's just better
07:20<Zimsky>bind is a disgusting behemoth
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07:22<turbonafta>Zimsky: I'll have a look at it!
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07:25*Celti seconds the call for powerdns
07:26<Celti>I have PowerDNS on Linode, with Linode's DNS all slaved to it
07:26<turbonafta>What are you hosting ?
07:27<turbonafta>( Celti )
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07:50<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • trying to define a new CNAME <>
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08:01<Kevi13>If I resize my linode vps to a higher plan
08:01<Kevi13>Will my IP change?
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08:06<Kevi13>anybadi here
08:06<DrJ>Kevi13: no
08:06<Kevi13>dang DrJ
08:06<DrJ>as long as you keep it in the same datacenter
08:07<DrJ>why, you want it to change?
08:07<Kevi13>no i dont
08:07<DrJ>then why "dang"?
08:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
08:07<Kevi13>i thought you replied "no" to when i said "anybadi here"
08:07<DrJ>oh, haha
08:07<DrJ>the "no" was in response to your original question :)
08:08<Kevi13>thx dr
08:08<DrJ>no problem
08:12-!-RumpledElf [~textual@2001:44b8:310c:7600:e8f6:ea9b:2cfa:f594] has quit [Quit: My iMac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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08:18<Kevi13>whats everyone up to
08:21<DrJ>Fixing Bacon
08:21<DrJ>then I plan on getting dressed
08:21<DrJ>after that, not real sure
08:36-!-steveski [~steveg@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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10:01<Zuenta>Sup guys anyone able to create a stackscript for me with ?
10:01-!-seanh-corona [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:01<Zuenta>For this I will give you a license + extras
10:01<Zuenta>cant figure it out
10:02-!-seanh-corona [] has joined #linode
10:02-!-seanh-corona is "Adium User" on #linode
10:02<Zuenta>anyone there?
10:03<Zuenta>who can help me setup a linode stackscript or show me one to run ?
10:03-!-mode/#linode [+l 371] by ChanServ
10:04<Zuenta>why u laughing at me
10:05<Zuenta>You want to be in on it? help me setup my linode server to run it:)
10:05<arlen>hmm, received a xen reboot ticket for a kvm linode...
10:06<Zuenta>Or arlen are you the one who wants to help me?:)
10:06<Zuenta>You get a license plugins and extras if you do!!!
10:06<arlen>no thanks
10:07<synfinatic>a license plugins and extras? wow
10:07-!-ArchNoob is "ArchNoob" on #oftc
10:07-!-ArchNoob [] has joined #linode
10:07*Nivex_ beats the rush
10:07*Nivex_ has added Zuenta to shitlist (
10:07-!-Nivex_ is now known as Nivex
10:08<Zuenta>for the same script you have to install
10:08<Zuenta>for me
10:08-!-mode/#linode [+l 372] by ChanServ
10:08<Zuenta>I suck at linux:/ and server setup
10:08<Zuenta>So I need help
10:11<Zuenta>whats that?
10:14<ponas>Zuenta: just hire someone from or something
10:18-!-cmcdonald [] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
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10:21-!-jason2012 [] has joined #linode
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10:31<Zuenta>Well I have a post up now
10:31<Zuenta>anyone want to help me install ?
10:33-!-jason2012 [] has quit [Quit: My iMac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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10:54<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
10:55*MajObviousman makes check mark next to today's date
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11:12<bittin->Hello, my mom promised to my Linode VPS this month, as i am low on cash, but she did not, so now i had too pay it myself so might come up in a couple of days late
11:12<bittin->sorry guys
11:13<synfinatic>fwiw, i don't think anyone here can help with billing issues
11:14<bittin->ah alright sent an email aswell
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11:29<csnxs>I'm 3 days late to celebrate my linodiversary :(
11:29<csnxs>Your account has been active since April 18, 2016
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11:32<MajObviousman>did account start dates get reset when Linode went UML -> Xen?
11:35<hawk>Not sure, I don't have my original account
11:39<Zimsky>why would account start dates change with the virtualisation?
11:42<hawk>I guess it would be with some general overhaul of systems, if that happened.
11:43<MajObviousman>I don't know why it would, but I had my account since the UML days back in like '05, but it says my account dates to 2008
11:45-!-jlark [] has joined #linode
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12:22<bittin->should be solved now :)
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12:34<webipro>no paypal payment?
12:35*webipro slaps agracie around a bit with a large fishbot
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12:42<bittin->Weekend for the rest of the day
12:42-!-bittin- [] has left #linode []
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12:42<FluffyFoxeh>but what about tomorrow
12:43<staticsafe>so um Linode Longview is saying that the 39 postgres processes are using 3.30GB of memory which on a 2GB + 512MB swap linode is uhh, how is it calculating that?
12:49<Celti>Poorly, I would say.
12:49<@jfred>do you have two Longview clients using the same API key?
12:51<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Is Linode blocking port 25? <>
12:55<staticsafe>jfred: no, this is my first time using Longview, one VM is using it only
12:56<@jfred>staticsafe: Hmm, weird. I'd say open a support ticket and we can take a look at it.
12:56*staticsafe nods
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13:43<idiotpinata>how lmuch time does the new user review take?
13:44<arlen>depends on how busy they are, they'll get to yours soon
14:32<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Phoenix Ecampus Login <>
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15:39<mTony>Hey, does anyone here know how to enable ftp port on the linode server?
15:40<mTony>Not able to connect to my Filezilla ( connection refused)
15:40<millisa>can we talk you out of using ftp? filezilla will do sftp/scp won't it?
15:40-!-mode/#linode [+l 378] by ChanServ
15:42<MajObviousman>it will, because I use it to do sftp
15:42<mTony>sure, if that connects my filezilla
15:42<millisa> there's even a doc for it!
15:44-!-larsdesigns [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:45<mTony>Great! Thanks. I wasnt aware of the '22 port'
15:45<millisa>if you end up using another client, it may actually want you to specify sft/scp, but it looks like filezilla just knows what to do if you tell it the ssh port
15:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 377] by ChanServ
15:45<mTony>Yes, i am trying to connect my wordpress with it
15:47-!-jason2012 [] has quit [Quit: My iMac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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15:52-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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15:55<veecious>i would suggest winSCP personally
15:57<Zimsky>or you could install debian
15:57<Zimsky>and not touch dirty dirty windows
15:58<veecious>windows is great don't know what you're talking about
15:58<Zimsky>don't let the door hit you on the way out
15:59<veecious>are you like too hip for windows or what?
15:59<Zimsky>as a fatter of mact, I am
15:59<mTony>the public_html files are not visible tho
15:59<Zimsky>veecious: do you know who I am?
16:00<veecious>no should i know?
16:02<mTony>millisa: do you know how to see the public_html files?
16:03<veecious>are you using filezilla?
16:03<millisa>mTony: are you in the right directory?
16:04<veecious>only special files are hidden like .htaccess are you sure you have files in that directory
16:04<millisa>mTony: by default it probably dropped you into the user you logged in as's home directory
16:04<mTony>yes it loggin me into the home
16:04<veecious>what are you trying to do?
16:04<millisa>mTony: do you know where you set your webroot? (the default can be a little different per distribution, but /var/www/ is fairly common
16:05<mTony>i've gotta upload my wordpress files, it was supposed to redirect me to public_html folder on connection apparetnly
16:06<veecious>are you installing wordpress?
16:06<veecious>if you are then don't do it through filezilla
16:07<mTony>no i've already installed it using ssh, now im trying to transfer my localhost data to the server
16:07<veecious>if you are copying your wordpress environment then navigate to var/www/html and put it in there
16:07<millisa>what directory did you install your wordpress files into?
16:08<millisa>ok, so in filezilla, you'll want to change to that directory. it's been a while since I've looked at filezilla, but I think it used to show the path on the remote server in the section on the right
16:08<mTony>I dont see any .htaccess file etc, all i see are the normal installation files
16:09<millisa>it's probably something like /home/youruser. change it to /var/www/html
16:10<mTony>i can navigate to that path not a problem
16:13-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 375] by ChanServ
16:16<mTony>Looking for the htdocs
16:17<millisa>there may not be a directory called 'htdocs' if you didn't set it up that way
16:17<mTony>Yeah i dont think i did
16:18<millisa>if you are in /var/www/html - you don't see your wp-config.php file?
16:21<mTony>i xN AWW IR
16:21<millisa>move left hand 1 key set left.
16:21<mTony>I can see it, .wp-config.php.swp
16:22<millisa>they usually don't have a leading dot or an ending '.swp'.
16:23-!-steveski1 [~steveg@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:23<millisa>am assuming that was put there by vim or some other editor when you edited the wp-config.php
16:23-!-mode/#linode [+l 374] by ChanServ
16:23<millisa>in any case, fi you see your wp-config.php there in /var/www/html; then that is probably your webroot
16:27<mTony>okay, so what am i supposed to do with it? Thing is, i've saved my databse via phpAdmin, now i just need to upload it on this server. Since I dont have cpanel, i have to go through this method
16:27<mTony>because cpanel has its own file manager
16:27<mTony>Now im just stuck here
16:29<millisa>I'm not sure I'm 100% following you. You dumped your database with phpmyadmin from some other server/provider and you need to upload that database to the linode mysql server you setup?
16:31<mTony>Thats right, i've got the database for my wordpress site which I had on localhost
16:32<mTony>I had exported it earlier with phpmyadmin
16:34<millisa>ok - a database dump file doesn't have to go in the webroot (don't put it there, even). just put that in your home directory. assuming you have the mysql server installed and a database created, you can restore it with a single command from a shell session
16:35<millisa>This doc would apply:
16:35<millisa>(they actually cover creating a database, a database user, and then restoring into that database in that section)
16:42<mTony>okay so for the last step, to restore the database, i'l have to copy that databse file into the server right?
16:43<millisa>following their steps, yes. the bit where they have: '< [filename].sql'. - if your filename was 'mybigoldbackup.sql' and it was in the local directory, you'd have ' < mybigoldbackup.sql'
16:43<veecious>you copy it then you have sql execute it
16:44<veecious>i'd recommend using mysql workbench in the future over phpmyadmin it deals with exporting and importing from a gui no linux commands
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16:49<mTony>i am not able to scp the file from my local, and neither is filezilla detecting the sql file. weird.
16:49<mTony>scp says- not a regular file
16:50<carlo>hello, is it possible to add extra storage to an instance? I haven't found any reference on this topic in the docs so my conclusion is that if you want extra storsge you must upgrade the whole instance
16:51<Nivex>Your conclusion is correct.
16:51<millisa>carlo: storage/cpu/memory are all tied together right now. they've got a block storage offering in the works, but we haven't seen a beta for it yet.
16:51-!-ArchNoob is "ArchNoob" on #oftc
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16:52<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Invalid Debian Mirror Config <>
16:53<mTony>millisa: any update?>
16:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 375] by ChanServ
16:56<veecious>mTony download and configure mysql workbrench then use their importing tool
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17:02<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Invalid Debian Mirror Config <>
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18:14<zifnab>how's my favorite channel today
18:14<zifnab>arbitrary linux problem
18:14<zifnab>`ps -elf | grep tmux` shows tmux running under a user
18:14<zifnab>however, running `tmux a` as that user fails
18:14<zifnab>with `no sessions`
18:14<zifnab> /tmp/tmux-UID/ is empty
18:14<zifnab>i suspect /tmp got cleared out (it did)
18:15<zifnab>is there some magic way to force tmux to attach to a running process? or am i fucked
18:15<jji>I hope someone can make help decide. Im looking for hosting for social mobile app server which include db and the server (upload images,signup..) .as i see linode,its better for blog sites and portal with less concurrent users,and aws or gae is better for that stuff,am i right?
18:15<Eugene>Fuck about in /proc
18:15<zifnab>If the socket is accidentally removed, the SIGUSR1 signal may be sent to the tmux server process to recreate it.
18:16<zifnab>from the man page
18:16<Eugene>You can probably find the tmux session socket and... or that
18:16<zifnab>yup that
18:16<zifnab>learned a thing
18:16<Eugene>Thats a neat thing
18:16<zifnab>that it is
18:16<zifnab>they should really use /var/run/tmux though
18:16<Eugene>Its a degenerate form of vending
18:16<Eugene>I'm sure it can be monkeypatched by $DISTRO
18:17<zifnab>(this is a jenkins slave, its /tmp fills and there's a shitty crontab to disconnect it, remove /tmp, and reconnect it)
18:17<zifnab>problem: it's a jnlp slave (if shit breaks on it i want it to disconnect), and uses tmux to launch itself instead of systemd (i don't want it automatically connecting)
18:18<zifnab>jji: linode is perfectly on par with aws and gae, and probably a bit easier
18:18<zifnab>if you're thinking something like mastadon
18:18<zifnab>you also have the added benefit of knowing how much you'll pay up front (ie, a $5 node is $5, assuming you don't go over traffic) instead of fucking with their insane pricing
18:19<jji>i tell you the truth, i prefer linode
18:19<Eugene>That is a shitty crontab
18:19<zifnab>Eugene: you know when tueton poops after he's gobbled a bunch of hair?
18:19<jji>but i cant find how i can grow with linode
18:19<zifnab>thats roughly what most of my job looks like
18:19<jji>lets say i have 5k users
18:19<zifnab>shit connected together with fibers of hair
18:19<Eugene>You should do the stupid thing I do: make a giant swap LV, have a giant tmpfs /tmp, and sysctl vm.swappiness = 100
18:20<Eugene>It actually works great.
18:20<Eugene>The tmpfs gets paged out to disk, and wiped on reboot
18:21<zifnab>jji: i don't see how aws or gae fixes that
18:21<Eugene>Not even a little bit secure if you get root or steal my disks, buuuut, Plex no longer chews my write cycles
18:21<zifnab>if you've got a single box, you're gonna fail scaling to any huge scale
18:21<zifnab> has around 2500 active users a month from my shitty log grepping
18:22<Eugene>Half of them are me
18:23<zifnab>oh god he's pming me now
18:23<zifnab>what do i reply with
18:23<zifnab>(better quesiton, why is +G not on)
18:23*mcintosh PMs zifnab
18:24*zifnab slaps mcintosh around with a potato
18:24<zifnab>actually, i still need potato, you can't have that
18:24*zifnab takes potato back
18:25<@mcintosh>you should know that I took a bite...
18:25<zifnab>RIP lineageos gerrit
18:25<zifnab>enjoyed you while you lived
18:26<zifnab>maybe someday that'll be on a linode
18:27<zifnab>still can't justify a 64g when thats...129 at ovh?
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19:21<zifnab>i don't know if i've shared this
19:21<zifnab>!help mtrdallas
19:21<linbot>zifnab: (mtrdallas <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web title [concat!mtr-dallas&q= [cut -1 [urlquote $*x]]]".
19:21<zifnab>do you know how fucking stupid it is that that thing uses titles
19:21<zifnab>why the fuck
19:22<zifnab>its like, sure, lets load the whole fucking dom, and search for the <title> tag
19:22<zifnab>its stupid
19:22<Eugene>I believe its original purpose was to fetch titles of links(particularly shortlinks) and display them so a user has some semblance of what they're about to click
19:22<Eugene>And this is a pretty outrageous abuse of that feature
19:34<FluffyFoxeh>zifnab: it actually doesn't search the whole page, it only searches the first x bytes
19:34<FluffyFoxeh>x is configurable
19:34<zifnab>!web title
19:34<linbot>zifnab: Google
19:34<zifnab>so i can that
19:34<zifnab>i got it
19:35<zifnab>well, in that case, apis that have abused it (itvends, metar) get a serious face
19:35<FluffyFoxeh>i thought it was dumb too but apparently the rationale is that whoever runs the bot isn't around to insert proper plugins for these things
19:36<FluffyFoxeh>so new features are hacked in with web title
19:36<FluffyFoxeh>quite clever, really
19:37-!-cnf [~cnf@2a02:1807:3920:400:b4a5:7568:b955:f97b] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
19:38<dwfreed>and I think web fetch is disabled
19:38<dwfreed>linbot: web fetch
19:38<linbot>dwfreed: '\n'
19:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 367] by ChanServ
19:38<dwfreed>oh, nope, it just results in ridiculous output
19:39<FluffyFoxeh>also I like that page
19:39<FluffyFoxeh>so much better than this
19:43-!-larsdesigns [] has joined #linode
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20:18<DrJ>oh how I wish dns updates were instant in the linode dns manager
20:19<trippeh>mmm slaving
20:20-!-Guest949 is now known as FastLizard4
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20:35<intheclouddan[m]>if you're using ansible to deploy Linodes hold off on upgrading to 2.3. I'm working on getting bug fix implemented for regression I missed when my change was merged
20:38*mcintosh runs to github to pick on the PR
20:40<intheclouddan[m]>haha I'm in ansible-devel now trying to get some feedback on it :P
20:43<zifnab>linbot: web fetch
20:43<linbot>zifnab: '*---------------------------------*\n| Z Good for one |\n| C free zifcoin! |\n*_________________________________*\n'
20:43<zifnab>yup, shitty output
20:44<zifnab>shitty question: i need an email forwarder/smtp server for a project
20:44<zifnab>is there a decent guide somewhere to 'making smtp not shit'
20:46<@mcintosh>intheclouddan[m]: nice! any idea when 2.4 is slated to go out? :D
20:46<linbot>leave me alone
20:48<intheclouddan[m]>probably in a month or 2 I would guess. I'm still not sure of exactly release cadence but I'm hoping if I can get some feedback there for patch I can get it finished up this weekend so at least provider will be back in good state then your stuff can get merged into something clean :P
20:48<intheclouddan[m]>I'm heading out, will jump back in here when I know more
20:49<@mcintosh>o/ be well!
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20:57<zifnab>2.3 was a nice update
20:57<zifnab>systemd support
20:57<zifnab>no more writing unit files
21:00-!-fstd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:00<dwfreed>zifnab: if you have a smarthost already, and you just need a sendmail binary, look at sSMTP
21:01<dwfreed>zifnab: it can work with smarthosts that require auth (like GApps)
21:01<zifnab>dwfreed: nope, its 'email forwarding + sending service' for an oss thing
21:01<dwfreed>ah, you need a full smarthost
21:01<zifnab>thought was just a dumb forwarder in postfix (easy) + smtp relay (so i can enforce dkim + spf on everything)
21:03<zifnab>i don't know how much i care as of right now though
21:04-!-gg [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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21:15<zifnab>(i'm wrong btw, ansible doesn't create systemd unit files, had to look at that again)
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22:40<IEN2390>hello people
22:40<IEN2390>i would like to know if i can make attack pages
22:40<arlen>what do you mean?
22:40<IEN2390>ie make a page that will driveby malware on unsuspecting users
22:41<@mquatrani>ummm no we generally frown upon these types of things
22:41*arlen drives by mquatrani
22:41*mquatrani waves
22:42<IEN2390>one time i used ec2 instances and allowed people to ddos each other =D
22:42<IEN2390>that was fun while it lasted
22:42<arlen>doesn't seem fun
22:43<IEN2390>the bad thing was that i didn't have a real way to charge people for the privilege
22:43<nate>Yes well that's what happens when you're underage and doing stuff from your parents debit card
22:44<IEN2390>i didn't use my parent's debit card
22:44<arlen>credit card then
22:44<arlen>paypal account
22:44<nate>Shhh, he just doesn't want to admit to still living with his parents
22:44<IEN2390>i am 15 dude
22:44<IEN2390>of course i am going to still be living with my parents
22:45<nate>and using their debit card
22:45-!-mode/#linode [+b *!*] by mcintosh
22:45-!-IEN2390 was kicked from #linode by mcintosh [IEN2390]
22:45<nate>aw :P
22:45<@mquatrani>!point mcintosh
22:45<linbot>mquatrani: Point given to mcintosh. (8)
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22:45*arlen drives by mcintosh
22:45<nate>Don't promote his proper-oping, it takes away our fun
22:45<zifnab>sooo, how accurate is longview for cpu usage?
22:46<zifnab>actually, nevermind, shit calmed down, fixed it
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