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00:54<Ikaros>You know, more than half the time, I could swear somebody messes with that bot to screw with our heads or something. >.>
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00:55<linbot>Ikaros: you think?
00:55<Ikaros>Oh you clever bastards. :P
00:55<linbot>fwiw, there's more than 1 hand in this puppet at the moment
00:56<Ikaros>Great, look at me, I'm having a conversation with a bot that apparently has multiple personalities...
00:56<millisa>"Thats my fetish!"?
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00:56<liru2>I can't connect to one of my nodes... is there something wrong datacenter-wise, or did something get borked on the actual node
00:56<dwfreed>an mtr would be helpful
00:56<dwfreed>as would an IP address
00:56<millisa>liru2: nothing up on the status page. can you connect via lish?
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00:59<liru2>millisa: Sort of... I got into a screen session but now I can't get back out
00:59<dwfreed>Ctrl+a d
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01:01<liru2>Bleh, I'm just going to reboot it and see what happens
01:01<dwfreed>we can't help you actually solve the problem if you just reboot it and that fixes it
01:02<dwfreed>because when it comes back later, you go through this all over again
01:04<liru2>I had a pending upgrade anyway, so it doesn't matter too much at the moment
01:07<JamesTK>reboot and pray?
01:07<Eugene>Eh, it works in Windows
01:08<dwfreed>works != best practice
01:09<Eugene>I've already ranted about best practices once today. Meh.
01:12<liru2>...okay, now we have a problem
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01:12<liru2>Post-migration. Node won't boot, Lassie keeps trying to boot it
01:13<dwfreed>this is where lish comes in
01:17<liru2>Alright, I have no idea what to do, but apparently the cause is "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,0)"
01:19<dwfreed>pastebin what it says before that line
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01:24<dwfreed>liru2: could you provide the full output of the 'logview' Lish command?
01:27<liru2>This is as far back as I can go, I think.
01:29<dwfreed>reboot into rescue mode, and run 'file -s /dev/sda'
01:31<liru2>"/dev/sda: data"
01:31<dwfreed>that's a problem
01:32<dwfreed>when you took the upgrade, was your Linode migrated?
01:32<dwfreed>yeah, you're going to have to open a ticket
01:32<liru2>aw :<
01:33<dwfreed>that's going to need an admin to poke things with a stick
01:33<liru2>Contents? Just a "my linode doesn't work, dwfreed asked me to open a ticket"?
01:33<dwfreed>My linode doesn't boot after a migration to take a free upgrade, dwfreed says it looks like the migration failed in strange ways
01:34<dwfreed>(I used to work for Linode, even the people who were hired after I left have heard my name at some point, probably)
01:37<liru2>Alright, sent it off
01:38<JamesTK>dwfreed: or they are aware of IRC and can refer back to this chat :P
01:39<liru2>Sucks that it happened right now, since I really have to get to bed and to work tomorrow
01:39<liru2>Thanks for your help, dwfreed
01:39<dwfreed>no problem
01:40<dwfreed>if you don't get a response of some sort in the next 5 - 10 minutes, I'd suggest following up with a phone call
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02:00<JamesTK>dwfreed: here's a fun read. ... tl;dr i run windows on that machine now
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02:12<BobTheBuilder>Does linode still allow you to add more storage instead of the whole linode package?
02:12<BobTheBuilder>I don't see it in the dashboard.
02:12<millisa>not at the moment.
02:12<millisa>many of us are holding our breath for a block storage beta that was supposed to be any day now
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02:23<JamesTK>millisa: same could be said for OVH's Sydney, AU release... delayed by 6 months... >.>
02:23<JamesTK>It's been up for 3 months now though lol
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03:09<mahmud>can I add linode vps in whmcs to sell?
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03:09<arlen>but there's no discount for resellers
03:13<Zimsky>resellers are scum
03:14<JamesTK>Zimsky are scum
03:14<rsdehart>JamesTK scum resellers
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04:18<unlmtd[m]>I dont understand why openrc fails to get a dhcp at boot but gets one if I restart networking
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04:19<unlmtd[m]>first time around it says 'eth0 already configured'
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04:54<dcraig>Catch that Linode Spirit
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05:03<GeorgeJetson>I just converted to hourly billing. I have a Linode 8192 and I am planning to run a WSGI website on Postgres, Python and Apache. I expect maybe 4000 to 5000 visits per day. I do need more disk space but beyond that, I could scale to more memory or more CPU power. Which type of upgrade should I get?
05:04<GeorgeJetson>By the way, this [resize screen]( should have links to the product specs or have the pricing sheet with specs below it.
05:05<dcraig>oh George
05:07<GeorgeJetson>Is this as much space as I'm supposed to have on a Legacy Linode 8192 - ... it says 96GB SSD on this page - ... I dont even have 10gb of disk space
05:07<dcraig>perhaps there are upgrades available to you
05:07<dcraig>you also need to resize your disk when you get more space
05:09<GeorgeJetson>How would I know if there are upgrades available for me dcraig?
05:10<dcraig>how much are you paying for the 8192?
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05:10<mahmud>anybody can tell me how can I add linode vps in whmcs for sell?
05:11<GeorgeJetson>dcraig: $40 per month + $10/mo for backup
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05:11<dcraig>oh ok
05:12<dcraig>if the manager indicates you have 96 GB of space available, you probably just need to resize your disk
05:13<GeorgeJetson>where would it indicate that? I dont see it anywhere... all I know is I converted to hourly billing....
05:13<dcraig>click on your linode in the manager
05:13<dcraig>on the right, it'll say "you have allocated x% towards disk images"
05:14<GeorgeJetson>oh wow
05:14<GeorgeJetson>total 96G
05:14<GeorgeJetson>used 20G
05:14<GeorgeJetson>Free 77G
05:15<GeorgeJetson>you have allocated 21% towards images...
05:15<mahmud> can anybody tell me how can I add linode vps in whmcs for sell?
05:15<dcraig>on the left, under "Disks" you can click your primary disk...
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05:15<GeorgeJetson>how do I get that other 79%?
05:15<dcraig>type in a new size
05:15<dcraig>and hit go
05:15<dcraig>I think this shuts down and restarts your linode
05:15<GeorgeJetson>do we need more than 256mb for swap?
05:16<dcraig>make the other one bigger
05:16<GeorgeJetson>thanks dcraig!
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05:16<mahmud>is there anybody who can tell me how can I add linode vps in whmcs to sell
05:17<Meyer__>mahmud: Is there a linode plugin for whmcs?
05:17<Meyer__>mahmud: In that case you should probably read the documentation for that
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05:17<mahmud>As I know linode does not have whmcs module
05:17<GeorgeJetson>still though dcraig, this did not add up to 20gigs -
05:17<Meyer__>mahmud: In case there is none you should probably read up on how to develop your own custom plugin to achieve what you want to do. Linode has a API
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05:18<Meyer__>GeorgeJetson: If you look at Step 7 and continue from there
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05:21<dcraig>do you just have one primary disk and the swap disk?
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05:33<GeorgeJetson>dcraig: I think this old disk image is occupying that remaining space and there is no need to keep it -
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05:57<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • WordPress upload and Activation procedure <>
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09:50<haseeb>is there is someone?
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09:52<haseeb>Hi ChanServ
09:52<linbot>haseeb: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:53<haseeb>I have question about Cloud hosting
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09:53<haseeb>Is cloud hosting contain cpanel /WHM
09:53<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
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09:54<haseeb>Is it support one click sostware installation like Wordpress, joomla and drupal
09:55<scotti>haseeb: nope
09:55<dwfreed>you can do that with stackscripts
09:55<dwfreed>but you need to know how to maintain that software, because it will have security vulnerabilities, and will need to be updated
09:56<scotti>it's not a panel like plesk or cPanel
09:56<scotti>"just provided"
09:56<scotti>but of course you can install that
09:56<haseeb>and how can I manage the domain directories?
09:56<haseeb>in cloud?
09:57<scotti>basically: you get an unmanaged VPS from Linode which you can install whatever OS
09:57<scotti>then you can install cPanel or Plesk or whatever you want
09:57<haseeb>is there are extra charges for cpanel / plesj
09:57<scotti>nope - but you need the buy the license yourself
09:58<scotti>plesk is $5/mo from the plesk company
09:58-!-blaflamme [~blaflamme@2001:18c0:25e:4eae:548e:d2e6:c22f:e532] has joined #linode
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09:58<haseeb>and what are the cloud server per / month charges?
09:58<scotti>$5 for the smallest Linode
09:59<scotti>512 MB
09:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
09:59<scotti>small disk
09:59<scotti>goes up from there
09:59<haseeb>and if the ram is 2048 MB than?
09:59<scotti>it's on the website - I don't remember
09:59*scotti only pays for the 512 MB
10:01<scotti>it's $5 for 1GB and $10 for 2GB
10:01<haseeb>is there is SSL include in Linode 2GB
10:01<scotti>but you can get one for free from
10:02<DrJ>yea, go with letsencrypt, they are great
10:02<scotti>you're welcome!
10:02-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
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10:02<scotti>SSL pretty much costs $0 these days
10:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
10:02<scotti>you can get a cert for all your domains
10:02<scotti>no problemo
10:02<scotti>quick and easy
10:03<scotti>I don't use cPanel but plesk will do that with one-click
10:03<scotti>I assume cPanel does too because it's American
10:03<haseeb>If I buy Linode 2gb with cpanel: How much dose it cost monthly?
10:03<DrJ>haseeb, go with webmin/virtualmin if you need a good free control panel
10:03<haseeb>or with Plesk
10:03<DrJ>it also supports letsencrypt with a few clicks
10:03<scotti>plesk is $5/mo
10:04<scotti>for 10 domains
10:04<DrJ>2GB is $10 flat a month
10:04<scotti>+ plesk for $5/mo
10:04<scotti>duh duh duh
10:04<haseeb>$10 include plesk or have to pay additional charges for it?
10:04<DrJ>I would recommend onsite backup service as well though
10:04<DrJ>which I believe is another $2.50 per month for the 2GB level
10:06<DrJ>but again, give webmin/virtualmin a shot
10:06<DrJ>it's free
10:06<DrJ>and it's really nice
10:07<DrJ>that'll save you the $5 month for plesk
10:07<haseeb>how much domains can I add up to Cloud servers
10:10<DrJ>by cloud you mean per linode?
10:10<DrJ>technically no limit
10:10<DrJ>of course, eventually you'll overload your linode and things wont work as well
10:11<haseeb>Is there is specific bandwith limit for linode 2GB?
10:11<DrJ>so it really depends on how much traffic the sites get
10:11<haseeb>bandwidth usage limit
10:12<DrJ>you get 40Gbps in and 1Gb out
10:12<DrJ>and 2TB of transfer per month
10:12<DrJ>with the 2GB plan
10:13<DrJ>most poeple never come close to the transfer limit unless you are serving up like huge downloads or streaming videos
10:13<haseeb>like: If i have 3M page views per month how much bandwidth is used?
10:13<DrJ>that depends
10:13<DrJ>can't really answer
10:13<DrJ>some sites 3M views might relate to 500MB of transfer... others it might be 10TB
10:14<DrJ>depends on things like do those hits include videos/large images
10:14<DrJ>or just simple web pages where you are talking KBs per hit
10:14<haseeb>40gbs bandwidth is daily limit or monthly
10:15-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:15<DrJ>that is your speed
10:15<DrJ>think of it as like the speed you get from your ISP for your home
10:15<DrJ>the transfer is per month
10:15<DrJ>which is 2TB
10:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
10:15<DrJ>like at home you might get 25Mbps/10Mbps
10:16<DrJ>with linode you get 40Gbps/1Gbps
10:16<DrJ>so basically that is your limit at any given point in time
10:17<DrJ>honestly, I highly doubt you need to worry about speed/transfer limits
10:18<DrJ>I host about 10 sites on one server and that includes 24/7 audio streaming to about 50 people at any given time
10:18<DrJ>I hit 274.27GB transfer
10:18<DrJ>last month for that server
10:19<DrJ>that's only like 1/8th of the limit for 2GB plan
10:19<haseeb>If I buy linode 2GB than how can add domains to it?
10:19<haseeb>and install wordpress to them
10:19<haseeb>and how can upload the files to directory
10:20<haseeb>or server root directory for domain
10:20<haseeb>separate domain?
10:20<DrJ>not to sound rude, but it sort of sounds like you may not be truly ready yet to launch sites on a server you manage
10:20<DrJ>but there are guides... for example:
10:21<DrJ>just keep in mind, you should really know what you are doing because you are also responsible for security of your server
10:22<DrJ>not knowing what you are doing will highly increase your risk of just getting all your sites hacked
10:22<DrJ>including the server itself
10:25<haseeb>How can I prevent data and sites from hacking?
10:26<mindlesstux>know what you are doing and if using wordpress keep up on the patches
10:26<mindlesstux>but like DrJ said, sounds like you are diving into an ocean of unknown where you will certainly have a very hard time
10:28<mindlesstux>example, my domain is constantly being probed for security holes, the one weekend where I did not check things, bam, someone got in and made my server part of a botnet
10:28<mindlesstux>which turned into a couple days of building everything from scratch again
10:28<mindlesstux>as I had not setup any kind of backup system at the time
10:30<DrJ>haseeb, what I really recommend is to start small
10:30<DrJ>maybe try using linode for one small site that isn't that important
10:30<DrJ>learn how to set up and install things, learn about how to use command line for your server. Research things like security, firewall, etc
10:31<DrJ>you can also even use something like virtualbox at home to set up a test server and play around in that
10:33<mindlesstux>hosting your own server you kinda have to understand the full stack of hosting and how to guard all points of it, otherwise you will be paying for resources that someone else will abuse and consume
10:33<mindlesstux>will = could
10:34<ponas>it's like buying a car vs. building a car. your homemade car is likely to be less secure than a car made by professionals. </caranalogy>
10:35<ponas>the first time you build a car it's going to be pretty hard and time consuming
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11:45<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin
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12:33<CornishPasty>Eugene: oh good I'm glad
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12:49<Eugene>jhaas - re: #7524039. Are you guys actually doing anything about it, or just updating me to let you know that you care? I don't actually need anything changed, I'm just curious whats taking so long, heh
12:52<scotti>Eugene: what's the ticket about
12:52<Woet>Eugene: did you tell them that you Linode every single day?
12:53<Eugene>scotti - underscores stopped being valid characters in Manager DNS zones at some point. I have zones with underscores in them. Hilarity ensues.
12:54<Eugene>The zones still work, but I get a manager error when I try to change anything. I'm just using slave zones and my master is fine and everything is happy.... but lol
12:54<scotti>they probably need to get a developer on that
12:54<Eugene>I could tell them every day. They might close the ticket for spam.
12:54<scotti>jhaas the L1 superstar probably can't do much to help - even though he wants to
12:55<Eugene>Yeah. The original report was several months ago. i think I'm in a backlog, or they decided not to bother and deal with it in the new API
12:56<Eugene>The underlying bug of course is that the manager has wrong ideas about valid characters in DNS zone names.
12:56<Eugene>I have not tried unicode
12:56<scotti>ym Punycode
12:57<Eugene>No, I mean literal unicode characters. DNS supports things other than ASCII, so it Ought to work - the RFC says so!
12:57<scotti>an underscore is just an underscore in Punycode
12:57<Eugene>Punycode is a hack ;-)
12:57<Peng>[Random web host] won't let me create CNAME record values that start with "_". :(
12:57<scotti>pretty much anything DNS *must* be in ASCII
12:58<Peng>The record name can start with a _ but not the value. :<
12:58<Eugene>scotti - google my name, and then try that again ;-)
12:58<scotti>what is your name
12:58<Eugene>I assure you, DNS can and does work with things outside of ASCII in it. Some resolvers have issues, but it works
12:58-!-kata [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:58<Peng>scotti: DNS can generally be arbitrary binary data, as horrifying and generally unused as that is.
12:58<scotti>"I assure you, DNS can and does work with things outside of ASCII in it. Some resolvers have issues, but it works"
12:58<scotti>so in other words
12:58-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
12:58<scotti>some resolvers have issues
12:59<scotti>so you shouldn't use it
12:59<Eugene>That's a resolver problem - not my issue
12:59<scotti>Peng: yes of course
12:59<scotti>Generally people want their domain 100% resolvable
12:59<scotti>100% of the time
12:59<scotti>by 100% of resolvers
12:59-!-kata [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
12:59<Eugene>I don't want to look up the RFC # right now, but the spec says it should work. Resolvers that don't are broken
13:00<@mcintosh>Eugene: we are doing something about it
13:00<Eugene>*I* don't actually care about my domain working for other people, just *me*
13:00<scotti>what kind of name is Kashpureff anyway
13:00<Eugene>I realize that most users do care, and so they should restrict themselves to the ASCII set. But don't make everybody do that
13:00<scotti>is that like Hungarian
13:00<Eugene>mcintosh - yay!
13:00-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
13:00<scotti>or French
13:01<scotti>woher kommen Sie ?
13:01<Eugene>scotti - Russian. Another anglicization of the family nam is "Kasparov"
13:01<scotti>I suspected that was another silly Slavic name
13:01<Eugene>Story goes that 3xGreat-grampa was a governor-general(like a "Count" in the Western system) of a province in Siberia. Then the revolution happened, he got shorter. 2xGreat grampa emigrated to San Francisco
13:02<Eugene>But that's just a family story
13:02<Eugene> section 2.3.3
13:03<Eugene>Also spread throughout the documentation, the domain and subdomain fields are not defined as characters but as octets
13:03<Eugene>Its binary masquerading as ASCII
13:05<scotti>Eugene: that's from 1987
13:05<scotti>nowhere does that mention Unicode
13:05<scotti>by the famous Mockapetris
13:05<Eugene>So? Unicode uses octets too
13:05<scotti>so you have to do an RFC 3597 style expression
13:05<scotti>yeah that's not literally using Unicode
13:05-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has joined #linode
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13:06<scotti>that's just expressing binary data in terms of ASCII
13:06<scotti>there's something more recent
13:06<Eugene>That's for RR types, not names
13:07<Eugene>There is no hard-defined limit on the DNS character set(if there is, please show me the RFC?)
13:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
13:07<scotti>is 1035 even standards track ?
13:07<scotti>doesn't say
13:07<scotti>it's from 1987 forchrissakes
13:07<Eugene>I don't think Standards Track existed back then
13:08<scotti>Then that's not a standard
13:08<scotti>ASCII is the DE FACTO standard
13:08<Eugene>Well, except for rfc1035 being the definition of DNS, sure, its not a standard
13:08<dwfreed>"While in theory the Domain Name System (DNS) supports arbitrary sequences of octets in domain name labels, the DNS standards strongly recommend the use of the LDH subset of ASCII conventionally used for host names, and require that string comparisons between DNS domain names be done case-insensitively assuming ASCII."
13:09<scotti>ASCII is De Facto standard.
13:09<Eugene>In RFC parlance "recommend" "assuming" are just suggestions. A good implementation SHOULD be able to deal with anythng allowable
13:10<scotti>ehh wrong
13:10<dwfreed>how about we drop it
13:10<dwfreed>since this is clearly going nowhere
13:10<Eugene>like its hot?
13:10<scotti>dwfreed: why? it's important discussion
13:10<scotti>Unicode is DNS is very very risky
13:10<scotti>could introduce security/phishing issues
13:10<scotti>nobody has cursed anyone out yet
13:10<Eugene>Hey fuck you
13:11<Eugene>You're not my real mom
13:11<scotti>pretty sure Eugene and I can debate this without seriously getting combative
13:11<Eugene>If you think that phishing / character collisions are not a problem then you haven't opened spam in a few years
13:11<Eugene>That is a super-old trick.
13:11<scotti>Eugene: sure - but Unicode DNS would *magnify* that
13:11<scotti>to heinous levels
13:11<scotti>I mean
13:11<scotti>does resolve Unicode DNS ?!?!?!?
13:12<scotti>Punycode is bad enough.... but Punycode is designed to make it easier to handle that stuff
13:12<Peng>Eugene: DNS largely predates RFC 2119.
13:12<Eugene>Sorry, $DAYJOB interruption. I'll be back in a few
13:12<scotti>what is RFC 2119
13:12<Eugene>I do like this discussion though
13:13<scotti>"Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels"
13:13<scotti>RFC 2119 from 1997
13:13<Eugene>scotti - `dig Π`
13:13<Eugene>That is not punycode
13:14-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:14<scotti>;; QUESTION SECTION:
13:14<scotti>;\206\ IN A
13:14<scotti>what am I supposed to see ?
13:14<Eugene>Oh heh, I should check to make sure that Linode's resolvers actually have it
13:14<Eugene>I just updated the zone
13:14<scotti>borken sir :P
13:15<scotti> actually does resolve it
13:15<scotti>just not my resolver
13:15<scotti>that's bad
13:15-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has joined #linode
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13:15<scotti> should not resolve that. period.
13:16<Peng>scotti: Why not?
13:16<scotti>well maybe resolution is fine
13:16<scotti>but Gmail better not show it
13:16-!-steveski1 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:16<Peng>Won't argue that :)
13:17-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
13:17<Eugene>I agree that client implementations and representations of unicode are a thorny issue. But the low-level DNS system does do it just fine
13:17<scotti>well clearly not
13:17<Eugene>BIND does
13:18<scotti>as my resolver at doesn't show it
13:18<Eugene>I'm actually curious if PowerDNS will, I haven't tried that one with it before
13:18<dwfreed>version.bind. 0 CH TXT "unbound 1.4.22"
13:19<Eugene>Oh hahahaha.... wow
13:19<Eugene>BIND works fine with this zone if I edit it and do a "reload"
13:19<Eugene>But it errors on "restart"
13:19<Eugene>That's great, never seen this before
13:19<scotti>so clearly you should be using ASCII
13:20<Eugene>SHOULD, yes. :-p
13:20<Peng>Eugene: You're using PowerDNS already, as a secondary. That's what HE runs.
13:20<Eugene>I enjoy violating RFCs in new an amusing manners
13:20<scotti> F
13:20<scotti> C
13:20-!-kaare_ [] has joined #linode
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13:20<Eugene>Peng - yes, that's what I was referencing. The answer is that yes, it does work
13:20<scotti>why are RFCs standards anyway
13:20-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
13:20<scotti>aren't they just "Request For Comments"
13:20<scotti>why aren't they called "IS" for Internet Standard
13:21<Eugene>Originally, yes. Turns out nobody actually comments on them anymore, so now they are just standards; if they get assigned a number etc anyay
13:21<scotti>is that because the IETF charges $$$$$ for the "official" standards
13:21<Eugene>As with everything humans make: legacy issues
13:22<dwfreed>IETF doesn't charge anybody anything for anything
13:22<dwfreed>except maybe filing fees for submitting shit
13:22-!-code4hack [~code4hack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:22<dwfreed>you might be thinking of IEEE
13:23<scotti>here's a good one
13:23<scotti>when Time Began
13:23-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:23<scotti>from 13 January 1970
13:23<scotti>"We are about to install a relatively accurate real-time clock on our
13:23<scotti>system. I would like any comments relative to Network time standards
13:23<scotti>for such things as delay measurement so we can decide how good our clock
13:23<scotti>should be."
13:24-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
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13:25<scotti>yeah IEEE blows
13:25<scotti>they can suck a coconut
13:25<Eugene>I can't tell if I want to submit this to ISC as a bug or not
13:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
13:25<scotti>Eugene: submit it
13:25<Eugene>The amusement:effort ratio is too low
13:26<scotti>announce it on a major mailing list too
13:26<scotti>like NANOG
13:26<Eugene>I doubt they would welcome my name
13:26<scotti>did you make an ass of yourself on NANOG ?
13:26<dwfreed>no, but you should look up what his father did
13:26<dwfreed>(who shares his name)
13:27<scotti>what did your father do
13:27<scotti>did he kill someone
13:27<Eugene>No comment
13:28<scotti>I bet that was you Eugene
13:28<scotti>whatever happened to Network Solutions after they did that DNS wildcard thing
13:28<scotti>in mid 2000s
13:29<scotti>when every host not found got pointed to a special ad page
13:29<Eugene>I very pointedly use a Jr and keep my nose clean ;-)
13:30<scotti>that wasn't your father Eugene
13:30<scotti>that was YOU
13:30<scotti>and you could be a fake
13:30<scotti>but who knows
13:30<scotti>mcintosh: Is Eugene 's real name on his Linode account "Eugene Kashpureff" ?
13:31<scotti>I just need a yes or a no
13:31<scotti>he put his name in the /whois
13:31<scotti>clearly doesn't expect privacy
13:31<Eugene>Sec, I'll just get a screenshot
13:32<scotti>what happened to Network Solutions in mid 2000s
13:32<scotti>when they redirected all host not found to an advertising page
13:32<Eugene>No comment ;-)
13:33<Eugene>My linode account does not use an initial or suffix
13:33<scotti>Eugene is an anarchist
13:33<Eugene>It is my address and CC# on file. Dad uses Jack(the same box I'm IRCing to you through) for a webserver
13:34<scotti>lol doubt it
13:34<Eugene>Among other incompatible beliefs, yes
13:34<Eugene>Point is, kiddos
13:34<Eugene>Underscores are valid in DNS names.
13:34<Eugene>We can all agree on that, right?
13:35<Woet>yea, thats how SRV records work
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13:37<Eugene>....this is a dumb question, but how do you tcpdump lo
13:40<Peng>tcpdoump -i lo?
13:40<Eugene>Oh ffs
13:41<Eugene>Yeah, that works. I have two machiens here with similar names in different screen sessions
13:41<Eugene>Wrong lo device
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14:31*sunilg slaps csmith around a bit with a large fishbot
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14:46<scotti>so either you or your father dungoofed DNS back in the '90s
14:47<dwfreed>well, this Eugene doesn't have kids, and as the article you linked mentioned, the guy who did it had 4 kids
14:50<scotti>how do we know that this Eugene doesn't have kids ?
14:52-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has joined #linode
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14:54<scotti>dwfreed: have you done anything famous on the Internet
14:54*scotti hasn't
14:54<scotti>I know the Linode office got SWAT'd a few years back
14:54<scotti>interesting story in Internet history I suppose
14:57-!-devin_ [~oftc-webi@2601:197:901:feb:3067:39f:856c:2bfd] has joined #linode
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14:57<devin_>Hey all
14:57<scotti>devin_: 'allo
15:00-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:00<devin_>QQ for anyone who may know, and is willing to help :) – I am trying to copy a disk from 1 linode to another. Only issue is I run out of space. (dd: writing to '/home/archive/linode.img': No space left on device)
15:02-!-code4hack [~code4hack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:02<devin_>df -h returns that tempfs has 3.1G... and the other disks listed are too small to even consider allocating via mount... does anyone happen to know the proper way to resize?
15:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
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15:17<gganley>Hello I was curious about not using the monthly billing. I'm doing research for a University and the most convient way to have transactions is in a single, easily billable transaction. Is there a way to purchase 3 months of linode upfront?
15:17-!-branco [] has joined #linode
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15:19<Peng>You can pay any amount of money up front, which will be stored as credit attached to your account, but you'll always be invoiced monthly (or more often).
15:19<branco>hello guys, anybody knows if there is a way to configure automatically the hostname of a linode server??
15:19<branco>like passing a paramter to a stackscript or something similar
15:22<dwfreed>yeah, just pass a parameter to your stackscript, and set the hostname in the stackscript
15:22-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has joined #linode
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15:22<branco>and how do I pass a parameter to a stackscript?
15:23<@caker>via the api or the manager?
15:23<branco>via the manager (the web interface)
15:23<@caker>it shows them as fields when you're deploying the stackscript
15:24<branco>Ohh I see
15:24<branco>thanks a lot dwfreed !!!
15:24<branco>have a great day!
15:28-!-branco [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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16:21<ausjke>is there a way to save the whole linode instance, something similar to virtualbox's ova file, that I can import into a vm locally?
16:21<dwfreed>you can dd the disk
16:21-!-skyfaller [~textual@2601:42:2:bf30:2d5f:14de:c343:9b6c] has joined #linode
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16:22<ausjke>the simplest dirtiest way for me to backup
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16:25<ausjke>dwfreed: thanks, that almost does what I want, those the whole image will be about 30GB
16:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
16:26<ausjke>is there anyway I get this to boot up locally via kvm or virtualbox?
16:27<dwfreed>just dd it into a partition on a virtual disk, give it a bootloader and install a kernel
16:28<ausjke>i see, too many customized stuff on this debian7 image and i need save it, install a Debian8, migrate it over time
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17:21<Rainbow>sup fuckers? <3
17:21<Rainbow>long time no see~
17:21*millisa waves
17:21<Rainbow>whuddup millisa ?
17:22<millisa>it's maintenance night, got sick, and there's much factorio to play. how's life in the land of tobacco and odd bathroom rules
17:26<Rainbow>not there anymore
17:26<Rainbow>I left Facebook for an infosec consultancy in the Bay
17:27<Rainbow>that was the plan anyway, and I scored another 43k bump in salary with the move, so i'm feelin' pretty good :3
17:28<millisa>this does not surprise me. i die a little inside evertime I end up going to that state
17:28-!-amayer [~amayer@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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17:29<Rainbow>yeah, NC wasn't a very fun place to live
17:29<Rainbow>nice people, little to do
17:29<millisa>it's better around rtp, but not by a whole lot
17:29<Rainbow>granted moving to SF was a huge shock since i've been used to bumfuck nowhere for a year now
17:29-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has joined #linode
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17:30<dwfreed>Rainbow: just don't die of shock when you look at apartment rent prices
17:36-!-ausjke [~oftc-webi@2605:6000:ec08:d300:692d:33d2:25c9:ccee] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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17:37<Zimsky>Rainbow: a year of bumfuck is not healthy
17:38-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:40<Rainbow>dwfreed, lol. i died.
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17:42<Rainbow>its kind of awful
17:43<Rainbow>but i've got a (comfortably over) six figure income these days so its not so bad :)
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18:25<veecious>friday friday got to get down on friday
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18:32<sanjay> - How long it takes for account review
18:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
18:33<Peng>Not very long. Keep an eye on your email.
18:33-!-DreamPhysix [] has joined #linode
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18:33<DreamPhysix>I can't for the life of me get a SIT 6in4 tunnel to work between my Linode and my home router. :(
18:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
18:34<sanjay>ok thanks
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19:17<DreamPhysix>Anyone here familiar with Linux networking?
19:18<Peng>THat's a broad topic
19:18<DreamPhysix>SIT 6in4 tunneling
19:18*Peng runs
19:19<Peng>I've used tunnels, as a client, but not run a server, sorry.
19:20<DreamPhysix>Trying to create my own tunnel server since the tunnel brokers are far away. linode would give me 1ms RTT, tunnel broker would be at least 17ms RTT
19:28-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has joined #linode
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19:35<veecious>i am only familiar with 6in5 tunneling
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19:55<madavaka>part #linode
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20:57<nexus_>hello anyone from support here?
20:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
21:00<nexus_>are you support
21:00<Zimsky>no, I'm Zimsky
21:01<nexus_>i want to talk with support
21:01<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
21:01<rsdehart>nexus_: if you need support you should file a ticket
21:01<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:01<rsdehart>also that
21:01<nexus_>my server got suspended and asking me to provide photos of my credit card.....i won't do that in any case so i want a full refund as you promise in first 7 days
21:02<Zimsky>why does linbot privmsg on command failures
21:03<nexus_>i am really really mad
21:03<nexus_>you really lost a customer
21:03-!-DrJ [] has joined #linode
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21:03<millisa>we are customers.
21:03<nexus_>where is the support ?
21:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 359] by ChanServ
21:04<Cromulent>send a ticket you've already been told
21:04<nexus_>i want to talk live
21:04<nexus_>i already send a ticket
21:04<Peng>You can call them on the phone.
21:04<Zimsky>so call them
21:04<Cromulent>this is the user community
21:04<Zimsky>the topic of this channel is literally "linode community discussion"
21:05<nexus_>asking for credit card photo etc it's not really legal
21:05<millisa>what is illegal about it?
21:05<Zimsky>actually it is
21:05<Zimsky>for the purpose of extra card verification, it's perfectly legal
21:05<nexus_>how is legal ?
21:06<Peng>How wouldn't it be?
21:06<Cromulent>nexus_: ask them to send you a GnuPG public key (which they will do) and send it encrypted
21:06-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has joined #linode
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21:07<Cromulent>I had to send some docs off to Linode and they sent me a GnuPG public key so I could email them encrypted
21:07<nexus_>anyway suspend my account and telling me i am scammer it's really disgusting
21:08<Zimsky>not really
21:08<millisa>you did get the part where we said we were customers, right?
21:08<nexus_>am i ?
21:08<nexus_>there is support members heree too
21:08<nexus_>with @
21:08<millisa>they don't handle that stuff in here.
21:08<nexus_>they are part of the company
21:09<Zimsky>it's almost as if there are certain places for issues to be handled
21:09<nexus_>that's an issue
21:09<arlen>oh well
21:09<Zimsky>I take all my health insurance issues to my local fruit market
21:09<nexus_>so sup ???
21:09<nexus_>i want a full refund
21:09<nexus_>thank you
21:09<arlen>not much sup with you
21:10<Zimsky>sup arlen
21:10<arlen>sup Zimsky
21:10<Zimsky>how's it hangin dudebro
21:10<nexus_>dude what's your problem ?
21:10<arlen>werd g
21:10<nexus_>they didnt call you a scammer
21:10<arlen>they didn't call you one either
21:10<nexus_>yes they did
21:10<Peng>they aren't even talking right now
21:10<millisa>I also heard they said you were a pirate.
21:11<Zimsky>I am a pirate
21:11<arlen>millisa is a ninja
21:11<Zimsky>I'm the captain now.
21:11<Cromulent>do you have a wooden leg?
21:11<millisa>I have a card and everything
21:11<Zimsky>Cromulent: I got a wood splinter once
21:11<Zimsky>does that count?
21:11<nexus_>asking me to send my documents or i will get suspended in 24 hours
21:11<nexus_>really ?
21:11<Zimsky>nexus_: that's pretty standard business practise for online services
21:11<Peng>nexus_: The thing is, you can't accomplish anything here. If the staff did respond, they would say that they're unable to discuss sensitive matters over ISP, and suggest you email them, file a ticket, or call them.
21:12<Peng>over IRC*
21:12<nexus_>i will call my bank
21:12<millisa>sounds like appropriate validation.
21:12<nexus_>and blacklist myself from this company
21:12<nexus_>they look too scammy asking for my documents
21:12<arlen>oh well
21:12<nexus_>the point is that i paid
21:13<nexus_>and they can't do that
21:13<Zimsky>ferrum integrated circuit
21:13<nexus_>if they don't refund me first
21:13<Zimsky>except the part where /they can/
21:13<arlen>so open a ticket and ask for a refund
21:13<nexus_>i did
21:13<arlen>then wait
21:13<nexus_>but no asnwer
21:13<nexus_>wait for what my friend /
21:13<Cromulent>the answer
21:13<nexus_>i want my money now
21:13<millisa>Them to answer?
21:13<arlen>the refund
21:13<Zimsky>...a response?
21:13<millisa>The linode folks are ridiculously reasonable about stuff. Most of them are downright nice even.
21:14<Zimsky>nexus_: here's an example; some chap steals a bunch of credit card details from somewhere, not actual cards, and uses them to buy servers online where they don't usually need to provide an actual plastic card
21:14-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:14<Zimsky>maybe there's some minor detail about the registration that looks fishy
21:15<Zimsky>so the online service will say "hey we want to just make sure those payment details are actually yours"
21:15<nexus_>they should find other way for verification i don't care
21:15<arlen>like what?
21:15<Zimsky>that's the way it is
21:15<Zimsky>welcome to the real world, nexus_
21:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 359] by ChanServ
21:15<nexus_>they can use my documents if i send them dont except me to trust someone that telling me to provide infos or my account will get suspended
21:16<nexus_>i am really mad
21:16<nexus_>please i want my money back
21:16<arlen>oh well
21:16<millisa>Me too!
21:16<millisa>I also want his money back.
21:16<Zimsky>I want a pizza
21:16<nexus_>and delete my credit card record
21:16<millisa>and blackjack . . .
21:16<Zimsky>nexus_: you have two options; wait for your ticket response or call them
21:16<nexus_>i am not
21:16<nexus_>english speaker
21:16<nexus_>i cant call them
21:17<Zimsky>you seem to be able to speak english right now
21:17<arlen>so wait for the ticket response
21:17<Cromulent>then wait for a response for your ticket
21:17<nexus_>if you hear me
21:17<nexus_>u wont understand what i say
21:18<nate>nexus: Even if a staff member was active here at the moment, they wouldn't assist you here, they don't use IRC to support on issues
21:18<nate>that said, you're not really going to 'find a way around' the verification, the fact you're so hard on them wanting to verify you are who you say you are kinda makes you way more suspicious lol
21:18<Zimsky>sup nate
21:18<nate>nexus_: We are not staff, we can't do a thing to give you your money back
21:18<nate>we're just other linode customers
21:18<Zimsky>they've been told already
21:19<Zimsky>literally no tip of a pencil
21:19<millisa>he wants his money back money money back. mooooneeeeey. baby back ribs.
21:19<nexus_>did they asked u to send your documents and you still customers here ?
21:19<Zimsky>nexus_: yep
21:19<millisa>Sure, I've had to send in docs for a few of my accounts.
21:19<nate>nexus_: many people here have gone through that process without issue
21:19<nexus_>well they didn't asked anything before i pay
21:20<rsdehart>I appreciate that they work so hard to make sure people are who they say they are
21:20<nexus_>i didn't knew i should send anything
21:20<nexus_>i just want my money back now
21:20<nexus_>thank you
21:20<rsdehart>I'd be upset if I were trying to commit fraud
21:20<millisa>Really, doing card ownership validation is a requirement for merchants when accepting credit cards. Some are more stringent than others, but they are required to make the effort to validate you.
21:20<rsdehart>about them preventing fraud
21:20<Zimsky>flabbergasting innit
21:20<nate>nexus_: Not everyone has to, the problem is you tripped a fraud alert, now you have to deal with them making sure you are who you say you are. If you are who you say you are and that's really your card, perhaps you should have some gratefulness to the fact linode has anti-fraud measures in place
21:20<Zimsky>colon pee
21:20<nexus_>it's a fraud also take a payment and then ask for verification
21:21<rsdehart>no it's not
21:21<nate>nexus_: ... no, no it really isn't
21:21<Zimsky>no it's not
21:21<nexus_>yes ofc it is
21:21<Zimsky>no it's not
21:21<nate>nexus_: Well you're free to pay an attorney to tell you it isn't if you want
21:21<millisa>nexus_: they do say they may need to do further validation when you pay. It's in the signup docs
21:21<rsdehart>did they say they wouldn't make sure you are who they say you are?
21:21<rsdehart>*you say
21:21<millisa>It's #2 in the first section of 'signup':
21:22<rsdehart>ffs, did they say they wouldn't make sure you are who you say you are?
21:22<nexus_>where is the support ?
21:22<rsdehart>oh wait, they specifically said they might do exactly what they're doing
21:23<rsdehart>the ticket you submitted is support
21:23<millisa>mostly new jersey
21:23<nexus_>they dont actually answer
21:23<rsdehart>we're the community
21:23<rsdehart>yes they do
21:23<rsdehart>they've answered me every time
21:23<rsdehart>you may not like to acknowledge hard facts, but linode has been around a long time and has a proven track record of good support, or else we wouldn't be here
21:24<arlen>they gone
21:24*rsdehart blows up Alderaan
21:24<nexus_>where is the support
21:24<arlen>answering tickets
21:24<arlen>answering the phone
21:24<Zimsky>playing CoD
21:24<nexus_>can someone call them for me
21:25<Zimsky>ask someone you know
21:25<nexus_>i am mad
21:25<arlen>me too
21:25<Zimsky>I am Zimsky
21:25-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
21:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
21:25<Zimsky>why am I Zimsky?
21:25<Zimsky>I shall defer to arlen
21:25-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
21:25-!-eyepulp is "eyepulp" on #linode
21:25<nexus_>i don't understand
21:26-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has joined #linode
21:26-!-daylight is "Thulasinathan" on #linode
21:26<arlen>Zimsky is Zimsky because Zimsky is
21:26<rsdehart>nexus_: how long ago did you say you submitted the ticket?
21:26<nexus_>30 minutes ago
21:27<rsdehart>yeah, I figured it was something like that
21:27-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
21:27<Cromulent>It might surprise you but Linode have more than one customer sending tickets so you might need to wait
21:27<rsdehart>Cromulent: GASP!
21:27-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:3058:6097:9bfb:addd] has joined #linode
21:27-!-raijin is "raijin" on #smxi #linode #linux-iio #ck #ceph
21:27<Zimsky>Cromulent: wait, individual people aren't special?
21:27<Zimsky>tf dude
21:27<Zimsky>more like Oliver Cromulent
21:28<rsdehart>nexus_: and where does it say they respond to tickets instantly?
21:28<nexus_>i don't care
21:28<nexus_>they suspend my server
21:28<nexus_>i want my money
21:28<arlen>you'll get it
21:28<nexus_>does the support ever talk here ?
21:28<rsdehart>why should they shove you in front of all the other people who submitted a ticket first?
21:28<rsdehart>nexus_: they don't do support here
21:28<rsdehart>this is community chat
21:28<millisa>not about account issues though
21:28<rsdehart>they have tickets for support
21:28-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
21:29<Zimsky>rsdehart: because they don't care
21:29<Zimsky>rsdehart: and they're made
21:29<Zimsky>Hello, this is god
21:29<rsdehart>Yes this is dog
21:29<Cromulent>hi God
21:29<Zimsky>I said god not God
21:29<Zimsky>pfft all you want
21:30<Zimsky>I'm not God
21:30<Zimsky>I'm god.
21:30<millisa>nexus_: 30 minutes is not an unreasonable response time for non-emergency issues.
21:30<nexus_>I AM GETTING BORED
21:30<Zimsky>play chess
21:30<arlen>I am too
21:31<Zimsky>god is superior to God. why? because God would imply only one particular deity (namely the christian God), while god would allow me to be any god of any religion or creed
21:31<nexus_>asking documents in 24 hours
21:31<nexus_>and can't asnwer within 30 minutes
21:31<nexus_>so legit
21:31<Zimsky>I'll play chess with you
21:31<arlen>too legit
21:31<nexus_>i don't play chess
21:31-!-fizzOuNet is "MimaScript 7.1" on #debian
21:31-!-fizzOuNet [] has joined #linode
21:31<millisa>I think I have a ball around here somewhere.
21:32<Zimsky>millisa: two would be better
21:32<nexus_>this guys want to fraud my credit card
21:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
21:32<Zimsky>how do you fraud a credit card?
21:32<arlen>no matter how many times you say it, doesn't mean it's true
21:32<Zimsky>tell the credit card you're actually Simon Blackwell?
21:32<millisa>it might even be the opposite of it even
21:32<nexus_>you take the screen of it first
21:32<Zimsky>(unless your name actually is Simon Blackwell)
21:32<nate>Beginning to get the impression nexus knows entirely how to fraud a credit card :P
21:32<nexus_>and then you cashout everything
21:33<Zimsky>nexus_: there's literally no difference between providing the numbers and name on the card to providing a photo of the card
21:33<nexus_>i just realized they want to fraud
21:33<nexus_>;) :)
21:33<arlen>ok thanks for letting us know
21:33<nexus_>ii proved both
21:33<Zimsky>nexus_: if they were to steal your money, this would have already been done
21:33<arlen>yup got us
21:33<millisa>it was a 13 year plan, but they did it. they got 'em
21:34<arlen>the long con
21:34<Zimsky>did you know Christianity is actually an elaborate ruse to troll people?
21:34-!-daylight [~gt051317@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:34<arlen>I did
21:34<nate>nexus_: yes, brilliant logic, a decade+ old company with a huge reputation and tons and tons and tons of clients totally is going to fraud you
21:34<Zimsky>all started with one chap named Jésus a few thousand years ago
21:34<nate>are you really this much of a numpty
21:34<millisa>only 1 month and a few days until their birthday. everyone know what they are getting them?
21:34<Zimsky>nate: yes
21:34<nexus_>what's the name
21:34<nexus_>of the admin here
21:34<nexus_>i want pm him
21:35<nexus_>what nick
21:35<Zimsky>or Chris
21:35<Zimsky>rsdehart: that's brilliant
21:35<millisa>It was some prince. Nigerian, I think?
21:35<arlen>I'm an admin of my servers
21:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
21:35<Zimsky>rsdehart: for some reason that name seems Jamaican
21:35*rsdehart frauds arlen's credit card
21:35*Zimsky becomes arlen
21:36*arlen becomes nexus_
21:36<millisa>Redundant Array of Independent Arlens
21:36<arlen>HELLO SUPPORT
21:36<rsdehart>so by nexus_ claiming that linode is committing fraud, does that count as libel?
21:36<arlen>I can be pretty independent
21:36<nexus_>i will call my bank
21:36<nexus_>tomorrow anyway
21:36<arlen>and inexpensive
21:36<rsdehart>arlen: I made my own breakfast this morning
21:36<nexus_>to cancel the payment
21:37<nexus_>i just want to be legal here
21:37<arlen>rsdehart: I did too!
21:37<arlen>support will respond to your ticket before tomorrow
21:37<nexus_>i hope so
21:37<Zimsky>oooooooooooo rsdehart
21:37<millisa>You know that getting your bank to treat something as fraud when you actually did authorize it looks bad for you, not the other way around, right?
21:37<Zimsky>ncie one
21:38<Zimsky>yeah so technically this would be not-legal in some way
21:38<arlen>and your bank will issue a new card and cancel the current
21:38<Zimsky>that's always annoying
21:38<millisa>If you enjoy that sort of thing . .
21:38<arlen>mmmm new plastic smell
21:38<Zimsky>I enjoy cake
21:39<nate>nexus_: well cancelling the payment with a lie as a reason is hardly "being legal" lol
21:39<Zimsky>arlen: I love the smell of freshly moulded ABS
21:39<nate>but I mean that's definitely one way to make sure linode will never let you sign up again though :P
21:39<nexus_>if there is no support here
21:39<nexus_>i have to leave
21:39<Zimsky>you can stay if you like
21:39<rsdehart>we told you this half an hour a go
21:39-!-nexus_ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
21:40<millisa>He will be missed.
21:40<rsdehart>shit, thought he'd never leave
21:40<arlen>now I'm bored
21:40<rsdehart>well, since it's our job to entertain you, this is problematic for us
21:40-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
21:40<Zimsky>arlen is nexus_
21:40<rsdehart>well, yes
21:40<Zimsky>it'd be fitting if a +o spoke now
21:41<rsdehart>well, there's almost 40 of 'em, seems not beyond reason
21:41<Zimsky>I'm actually trying to work out if that's technically illegal
21:41<rsdehart>yeah, it is
21:41<millisa>telling your bank that it was fraud when it wasn't?
21:41<Zimsky>no, revoking authorisation
21:41<Zimsky>because if you ask for a refund, that changes things
21:42<Zimsky>but it's at the point of "asking" that I'm unsure of
21:42<Zimsky>and whose discretion it's at
21:42<millisa>the issuer usually just shows proof that it was an authorized transaction and how it was handled (signed, card present, etc) and give a 1 page response in a week or so
21:42<Zimsky>whether the vendor is required to (legally, based on the circumstances), or whether it can only be a request
21:43<Zimsky>I'm really only talking hypothetically - no court would really give a shit
21:43<millisa>I've done it once when I didn't recognize someone's name on the bill. turned out it was a restaurant. it happens, they know it.
21:43<rsdehart>also depends on what's considered to constitute a request. Is it having send it, or it having been received and acknowledged?
21:44<rsdehart>because as far as we know his ticket is just in the queue
21:44<Zimsky>rsdehart: I'm glad I didn't go to law school
21:44<rsdehart>same here
21:44<rsdehart>I'm also glad you didn't go
21:44<Zimsky>...though I probably would have enjoyed it
21:44<Zimsky>nitpicking is fun
21:45-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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21:45<rsdehart>someone abolish hayfever, please. brb getting a shop vac to put on my nose
21:46<millisa>wear scuba gear around the house. works for onion cutting too
21:46<Zimsky>rsdehart: I'd strongly advise against that
21:46<Zimsky>I'm not a specialist in that area, but it seems like a generally bad idea
21:46<Zimsky>the shop vac
21:46<Zimsky>scuba is fine
21:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
21:47<millisa>no, maybe scuba is a bad idea, too. Put on some water wings, maybe an innertube, too. otherwise, you might look ridiculous.
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