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00:00<yuicat>Check your email for instruction
00:00<nhi9x>It takes a interval
00:00<nhi9x>I did not receive any emails
00:01<yuicat>Also keep in mind with account-related issues (with billing, etc) it's best to submit a ticket
00:01<yuicat>Looks like your account needs to be verified and activated
00:02<Peng>nhi9x: You should receive one soon
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00:03<nhi9x>Can you send a verification ticket, I will take a picture and verify immediately
00:03<nhi9x>Because i really need it
00:03<yuicat>That's something Linode staff has to take care of
00:04<nhi9x>Please help me as soon as possible thank you
00:04<yuicat>nhi9x: Did you receive the email?
00:05<nhi9x> Payment Receipt [5963188]
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00:05<yuicat>If your account is pending, that generally means you've been marked for additional verification, and need to reply to the email per their instruction
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00:07<nhi9x>Okay, I'll wait
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00:30*dcraig lights a scented candle
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00:46*arlen turns on the smooth jazz
00:48<Ikaros>lol arlen I got enough of that on The Weather Channel back in the 90s to last a lifetime.
00:48*Ikaros looks at his collection of MP3s of such
00:50<Ikaros>Yeaah, kinda still wish it was like that. Jazz is relaxing.
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00:53<dcraig>you have MP3s of the weather channel?
00:53<Ikaros>dcraig: Of the smooth jazz tracks used in past days, yes
00:54*dcraig puts on the headphones
00:54*dcraig cranks up the local forecast from aug 3, 1997
00:54<Ikaros>Bought, of course, some on iTunes, some from Amazon MP3.
00:55<Ikaros>Heh I can beat you on that dcraig
00:55<Ikaros>March 3, 1992
00:57<Ikaros>Fiesta Sol - Max Groove
00:58<dcraig>DJ Local on the 8s in da house
01:04<dcraig>really heats up at the 30-second mark
01:08<Ikaros>Ahhh, memories.
01:10<Ikaros> <- This is actually FROM Dallas, that's the one from March 3, 1992. The guy who uploaded that captured a lot of clips from both the Dallas area and from College Station ranging from 1990 all the way up to I believe 1997.
01:11<dcraig>wuh woh tornado watch
01:12<dcraig>big red wall of text got the audio all outta sync
01:14<dcraig>omg mind blown
01:19<Ikaros>Yeah I have that and actually regularly make videos with it.
01:20<dcraig>any tips on getting it to run on Windows 10?
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01:27<dcraig>I was expecting an error message, but nothing happened
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01:34<Ikaros>I use it on Win10.
01:34<dcraig>what did you have to install?
01:34<dcraig>I think I already have .net?
01:35<Ikaros>You also need XNA 4 framework
01:36<Ikaros>Too bad Microsoft axed that project :/
01:36<Ikaros>But here
01:42<Ikaros>My YouTube channel's full of video recordings made dating back all the way to version 2 of the program, though that isn't entirely what comprises the channel itself.
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01:45<arlen>what else is on it?
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01:50<dcraig>"There must be exactly seven Latest Observation cities."
01:50<dcraig>this is torture...
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01:53<dcraig>hi brians
01:53<dcraig>how many are there?
01:54<zifnab>So I can confirm dwfreed is a human
01:54<zifnab>He's not alien.
01:54<dcraig>that's what an alien would say
01:57<Ikaros>arlen: A few gameplay videos here and there, mostly. Occasional "just because I have a camera" type videos too.
01:58<arlen>what games?
02:00<Ikaros>Japanese RPGs for the most part, also some Valve games, and emulators (think SNES)
02:01<Ikaros>Most of those clips are set as unlisted as I was using them for demonstration purposes with a select audience.
02:05<arlen>ahh nice
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02:08<FluffyFoxeh>good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯
02:09*dcraig tickles fluffyfoxeh around a bit with a large port jackson shark
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03:06<dcraig>Ikaros, do you have one of these?
03:06<dcraig>that's mine :D
03:07<Ikaros>Used to.
03:08<dcraig>why no more?
03:10<Ikaros>Doesn't function correctly.
03:10<Ikaros>Part of showing its age I guess.
03:10<dcraig>what happened?
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03:11<Ikaros>Couldn't say for sure, after some years the accuracy gradually started to drop off and it started misreporting things/communication issues with the network
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03:13<Ikaros>I guess with all the wild weather it was exposed to over those
03:13<dcraig>it had a good life...
03:14<Ikaros>Including a lot of instances of 60-70 MPH gusts
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03:15<Ikaros>For now I'm content on doing one of two things - streaming NOAA Weather Radio online, or streaming the simulator program by means of an uplink to YouTube via OBS
03:21<zifnab>dcraig: i might be driving through that area tomorrow
03:21<zifnab>depends onw hat time i leave
03:21<zifnab>debating heading back to seattle via coast
03:21<dcraig>ohh ok
03:21<zifnab>i'm in portland right now
03:22<dcraig>linode meetup!!!
03:22<zifnab>had beer with dwfreed earlier
03:22<zifnab>needed an excuse to come down here
03:23<zifnab>dcraig: how's the whole tech scene down here for jobs
03:23<dcraig>no idea
03:23<zifnab>(i'm curious, seems like its all hw companies)
03:23<dcraig>I have a job
03:23<dcraig>so that's soething
03:23<dcraig>something, too
03:23<zifnab>seattle has things
03:24<zifnab>portland nvidia? amd?
03:24<dcraig>I don't think AMD is here
03:25<zifnab>apple, hp, autodesk
03:25<zifnab>somedays i wish i was an ee
03:25<zifnab>also, light rail here is fantastic in comparison to seattle
03:26<zifnab>at least from my very limited 'between downtown and convention center'
03:27<dcraig>I would like to move closer to the MAX station
03:27<dcraig>currently it's a 25 min walk
03:28<Ikaros>Pfft, I have you beat on light rail service.
03:28<zifnab>this is seattle's light rail:
03:29<zifnab>they're horribly against at-grade, its all elevated track (except mount baker->raineer beach i think?)
03:29<zifnab>i really fucking wish they'd do some surface street things now, and do tunnels later if needed
03:29<zifnab>bus system is pretty ok if you'e going downtown, if you're not its shit
03:32<zifnab>its more focused on suburbia than seattle sadly
03:33<Ikaros> and this would be ours, longest system in the country.
03:33*dcraig tickles ikaros around a bit with a large trout-perch
03:33<zifnab>fucking hotel wifi blocks youtube
03:33<zifnab>Ikaros: dallas?
03:34<Ikaros>Station stop ~3.5-4 min in
03:34<Zimsky>zifnab: openvpn on 443
03:34<Zimsky>/might/ work
03:34<zifnab>Zimsky: i'm too lazy to care
03:34<Zimsky>assuming it's not proxy-based
03:34<zifnab>ports aren't blocked
03:34<zifnab>youtube just fails to load
03:34<zifnab>as does netflix
03:35<zifnab> works fine, as does my shitty plex proxy via linode
03:35<Zimsky>because they want you to pay for video on demand
03:35<zifnab>Ikaros: problem: seattle wasn't planned at all
03:35<zifnab>it just kind of...grew
03:35<zifnab>its also on an isthmus?
03:36<zifnab>2-3 sides of seattle are surrounded by water
03:37<Ikaros>Transit agency tends to boast the whole 'longest system in the US' thing
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03:39<zifnab>...i'm going to just assume you aren't actually dumb enough to be running an irc client from the root user
03:39<zifnab>and go to bed
03:39<dcraig>test failed
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03:40<zifnab>dcraig: is voodoo worth the line for breakfast
03:40<Ikaros>Yeaaah...running IRC as root is just asking for shit to happen to you, and you'd only have yourself to blame.
03:40<D30>sorry just testing my account using IRRSI client.. :)
03:40<dcraig>I have never been to voodoo donuts
03:40<dcraig>seems kinda touristy
03:40<zifnab>everyone's telling me i need to go
03:40<zifnab>i assume its the space needle of portland
03:40<dcraig>well yeah
03:41<dcraig>if you're a tourist, you should go
03:42<zifnab>fair point
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04:10<manoj>whn i am doing SSH with my linode server am getting Permission denied (publickey).
04:10<manoj>what should i do?
04:11<kyhwana>manoj: use the correct corresponding keypair?
04:12<manoj>i am using the ssh
04:12<manoj>you are telling i have to do something else?
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04:40<Zimsky>I've never seen a UAE ISP with actual rdns
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04:42<Woet>its finally off your bucket list
04:42<Zimsky>buckets are a conspiracy
04:42<dcraig>those emirates are always clowning around with their nameservers
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05:57<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • php mail() not working with Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL and SquirrelMail <>
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06:36<MrPPS>oh, nice; totally didn't realise linode created expiring disk images when you delete servers
06:36<MrPPS>that's a nice little feature
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06:41<Shahzoor>Hello people! Who can help me with SMTP / IMAP details?
06:42<scotti>Shahzoor: linode doesn't do any email hosting
06:42<scotti>you can run a mailserver on your VPS, though
06:42<scotti>but in that case you would be the only person to know the details
06:42<Shahzoor>Yeah. I installed postfix, devcot and tried the DKIM setting up guide.
06:42<Zimsky>Shahzoor: however you have your SMTP/IMAP server set up
06:42<Zimsky>your 'details' would be the details of your linode
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06:43<scotti>Shahzoor: so what's failing
06:43<Zimsky>whatever addresses and ports you're listening on
06:43<scotti>come on Zimsky
06:43<scotti>he knows that
06:43<Zimsky>evidently not
06:43<Shahzoor>I am a noob. Followed guides at Linode's Documentation. Now I don't know what is my IMAP SMTP
06:43<Shahzoor>any command to list them out?
06:43<scotti>okay maybe Zimsky is right
06:43<scotti>it's your hostname
06:44<Zimsky>"maybe Zimsky is right"
06:44<scotti>or your IP address
06:44<Zimsky>what a silly phrase
06:44<Shahzoor>22 ALLOW Anywhere 111 DENY Anywhere 80/tcp ALLOW Anywhere 443 ALLOW Anywhere Nginx Full ALLOW Anywhere 25 ALLOW Anywhere 465 ALLOW Anywhere 587 ALLOW Anywhere 110 ALLOW Anywhere 995
06:44<Zimsky>I'm Zimsky. I am the truth.
06:44<Zimsky>Please don't do that, Shahzoor
06:44<Shahzoor>Dont do what?
06:44<Shahzoor>Copy paste the outputs?
06:44<Zimsky>paste long lines of things
06:44<Shahzoor>Oh sorry!
06:44<Shahzoor>Will keep that in mind. So sorry
06:45<ponas>well seems like it's your hostname + standard IMAP/SMTP ports
06:45<Zimsky>nonetheless, you connect to your linode's IP and the port you set for SMTP and IMAP
06:45<Zimsky>apparently you have that set as 587 and 25
06:45<Shahzoor>Yes, I did.
06:45<Shahzoor>Those are for smtp and imap or pop lol
06:46<Shahzoor>I think I havent created any email address to a domain.
06:46<Zimsky>entirely depends what you did from the guide you followed
06:46<Zimsky>where's Woet when you need a Woet
06:46<Shahzoor>Do you guys know Amazon SES service? (Simple Email Service)
06:47<Woet>Whoet knows
06:47<Shahzoor>Ah Woet! lol
06:47<Zimsky>Woet: I woet stand for it.
06:48<Woet>was it woerth it?
06:48<Shahzoor>If curious, I followed - (I am going through it again. reading only)
06:48<Zimsky>almost definitely
06:50<Shahzoor>Ok. I have 2 email address configured as & (test address)
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07:11<nhi9x>My account has been verified, so next time I have to verify again, if the verification will take time
07:11<nhi9x>I mean on the same credit card
07:12<Woet>what is your question?
07:13<nhi9x>My account has been verified, so next time I have to verify again, if the verification will take time
07:13<nhi9x>Linode ID Verification --> Linode Account Activation
07:13<nhi9x>do you know what I mean
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07:20<Zimsky>no one does
07:28<Woet>i love how he just repeats his bullshit sentence
07:35<MrPPS>So glad to finally make use of linode-cli; I had 330 DNS record updates to do
07:35<MrPPS>This is so much better than doing it by hand haha
07:41<Zimsky>use a slave zone?
07:41<Zimsky>powerdns with a pgsql backend?
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08:04<MrPPS>Could do yeah, but haven't needed to do mass changes until this point.
08:04<MrPPS>So haven't really needed to consider other options until now
08:08<Zimsky>well for one, you can push updates instantly instead of waiting for the quarter hour
08:08<Zimsky>be one of those loons who uses 60 second ttls
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08:34<navi>Hey, all. My inbound IPv6 just dropped off a cliff around six hours ago. Right now I'm doing investigation work from my own end, but are there any known changes/issues that happened relating to networking in the last day that it might have been?
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08:35<navi>(London datacentre)
08:37<ponas>fwiw my london linode gets inbound ipv6
08:38<navi>Will continue investigating.
08:53<Zimsky>check your routing and router advertisements?
08:57<JamesTK>ponas: does it get outbound?
09:02<navi>The graph, and a few programs that are using IPv6, are still showing activity, it's just significantly lower than I'd usually expect.
09:02<navi>I think there's probably some upstream routing issue.
09:03<navi>NTP Pool is saying that they can't see me on IPv6 any more, for example, but I'm still serving a good 10req/s over IPv6 for NTP.
09:03<Zimsky>run some mtr reports to various endpoints
09:03<Zimsky>see if you can track down the bunged route
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09:13<navi>Part of me thinks I don't have a problem.
09:14<navi>As in, I think that the issue might be very far upstream somewhere.
09:14<navi>I seem to have full connectivity for HTTP. Seems like things like NTP have crashed because the NTP health monitor has decided I'm not a valid node any more and they're no longer directing further requests in my direction.
09:15<navi>The NTP pool seems to have lost about 25% of its IPv6 nodes today. I think that speaks volumes.
09:20-!-MJCS [] has joined #linode
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09:23<Zimsky>or does it speak mountpoints?
09:32<MrPPS>I'll definitely check it out re: dns :) Thanks!
09:34<Zimsky>MrPPS: the setup is sometimes referred to as a "hidden master"
09:34<Zimsky>you have a secret box that your slave dns servers AXFR/IXFR from
09:35<Zimsky>you make your changes, increment the serial and send notifications
09:36*Woet increments Zimsky's serial
09:36<Zimsky>you're pushing your luck
09:42<MrPPS>Awesome, makes sense; I'm sorta doing the opposite of that at the moment
09:42<MrPPS>Using Linode's as my master, then AXFR'ing to a bind server that I backup
09:42<MrPPS>just so I've got a backup of my records. But might switch that around to the setup you recommended
09:42<MrPPS>Cheers :)
09:44-!-kaare_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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09:45<Zimsky>you could always run your own authoritative servers too
09:46<MrPPS>I've considered it from time to time. Still debating it - temptation is always there. I prefer to run most things myself than rely on others, but just haven't done it with DNS yet
09:46<MrPPS>Probably gonna end up happening now :P
09:48<Zimsky>if you're using a vm, you're already relying on others
09:49-!-max [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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09:49<Zimsky>unless you run your own datacenter with redundancy on everything, powered by your own batteries that get charged through solar, geothermal or hydroelectric generation, you're relying on something
09:49<MrPPS>I know I know :P I just mean data/services
09:49<MrPPS>Stuff that's more within my reach
09:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 359] by ChanServ
09:49<MrPPS>It's mostly so I can guarantee how it's backed up
09:49<Zimsky>you're quite safe using linode, cloudflare or hurricane electric dns
09:50<Woet>i wouldn't trust a hurricane to run my dns
09:50<Woet>especially an electric one
09:50<MrPPS>Yeah, I don't feel like it's gonna disappear tomorrow, but I just like to have a backup plan
09:50<MrPPS>Rather than be kicking myself if it ever did :)
09:50-!-max [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:50<Zimsky>chuck it in a psql db and have that backed up all the time
09:51<MrPPS>Yeah, similar to what I'm currently doing with bind config file backup
09:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
09:51<MrPPS>But I'll check out powerdns and see if I switch
09:51<Zimsky>if you want to be mental, you could always have it automatically print out every week
09:51<Zimsky>bind is ugly and disgusting
09:51<Zimsky>powerdns is superior
09:51<Zimsky>JamesTK got me onto it
09:51<Zimsky>never looked back
09:51<MrPPS>Awesome :) I'll look forward to it then
09:52<MrPPS>Always on the lookout for better options
09:52<Zimsky>┐(◉‿ ◉;)┌
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09:53<MrPPS>Anyway, sleep time for me. Cheers for the suggestions
09:54*Zimsky cheers
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10:27<JamesTK>MrPPS: if you ever need help, check out the PowerDNS mailing lists, and #powerdns on this irc ;)
10:34-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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12:48<zifnab>That navi individual shares a name with my cat
12:48<zifnab>I'm going to assume my cat figured out IRC
12:48<Woet>still more useful than Zimsky
12:49<zifnab>Eugene: speaking of cat, is she dead yet?
12:49<zifnab>I assume her stupidity will get her some day.
12:49<Woet>thats quite condescending towards his cat
12:50<Woet>i think you should apologise
12:53<csnxs>hey, listen!
12:53<dwfreed>Woet: zifnab is talking about his own cat
12:53<dwfreed>who Eugene is cat-sitting
12:53<Woet>no one told me about that
12:54<zifnab>Woet: the first month I had h let I had to leave the bathroom door shut 24/7 because she'd get trapped in the toilet
12:54<zifnab>She routinely eats any food put out for her, regardless of the quantity
12:54<zifnab>Then walks around barfing and eating it
12:55<Woet>some say that pets take up the behaviour of their owners
12:55<zifnab>Some do. I don't get trapped in toilets or eat myself into barfing.
12:55<Woet>maybe thats what you want people to believe
12:56<zifnab>She also used to nap in her litter box
12:56<zifnab>Until she made the connection of "litter box nap == bath time"
12:56<Woet>maybe she tried to nap in the toilet but you kept waking her up
12:56<zifnab>Fair point.
12:57<Woet>easy bath time too, just close the lid and flush once or twice
12:57<zifnab>Lid was to heavy for her when she was new. Was underweight now she's fat
12:57<zifnab>Haha. Pretty sure she'd go down the toilet
12:57<Woet>you have awfully big toilets
12:57<Woet>or awfully small cats
12:59-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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12:59<zifnab>She's tiny, toilet is some new fangled low water thing with a huge drain pipe
13:00-!-pavlushka is "pavlushka" on #linode #debian #oftc
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14:28<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'. And today, I'm also cat-sitting.
14:28<Woet>you should let her explore the toilet
14:29<Eugene>I leave the lid up, hasn't been a problem
14:29<Woet>see zifnab
14:29<Woet>its all about the humans they're with
14:29<Eugene>I know; zifnab is a bit of a shit human it turns out.
14:30<zifnab>Eugene: they say humans are a result of their environment, and I seem to hang out with you a lot
14:30<zifnab>Also she hasn't done that in months
14:30<Eugene>I blame your work environment
14:31<Eugene>Are you coming home today? We're making pork roast
14:33-!-Ranjee [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:34<Ranjee>I am trying to enable selinux but fail to enable
14:34<Ranjee>setenforce Permissive setenforce: SELinux is disabled
14:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
14:34<Ranjee>please help me to enable it
14:36<gparent>are you using the linode kernel
14:38<Ranjee>I did not understand
14:48-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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14:55<Ranjee>@gparent - are you asking with me?
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17:26<Swabby>Hey guys is there a decent guide for optimizing the VPS for Wordpress?
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17:39<ilpincy>hello everybody
17:39<ilpincy>I have a question about using Google's SMTP to send emails from a phpBB forum
17:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
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17:40<ilpincy>I keep getting the following output:
17:40<ilpincy>Could not connect to smtp host : 110 : Connection timed out Errno 2: fsockopen(): unable to connect to tls:// (Connection timed out) at [ROOT]/includes/functions_messenger.php line 1079
17:40<ilpincy>it seems that I can't connect from php
17:41<ilpincy>however, when I try to connect with
17:41<ilpincy>openssl s_client -CApath /etc/ssl/certs/ -starttls smtp -connect -crlf -ign_eof
17:41<ilpincy>this works
17:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
17:41<ilpincy>I'm hoping someone could help me understand what the problem might be
17:42<ilpincy>I contacted the phpBB forum, but they told me it's a problem of the hosting service, in their opinion
17:45<dwfreed>ilpincy: connecting to 587 versus 465
17:45<ilpincy>yeah, I did that
17:46<ilpincy>I tried ssl:465, ssl:587, tls:587, and tls:465
17:46<ilpincy>same result every time
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17:50<dwfreed>ilpincy: what version of phpBB?
17:50<ilpincy>the latest, 3.20
17:50<ilpincy>but this also happened with 3.1
17:51<ilpincy>it started last January
17:51-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:2871:5d4b:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:51<ilpincy>sorry 3.2.0
17:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
17:53<dwfreed>ilpincy: smtp_host should just be '' and smtp_port should be 587
17:54<ilpincy>you mean that I should not use "tls://" or "ssl://" in the URL?
17:55<ilpincy>I'm trying this code:
17:55<ilpincy><?php $fp = fsockopen(''); if(!$fp) { echo 'Unable to connect'; } else { $response = fgets($fp, 256); echo 'Response: ' . $response; } ?>
17:55<ilpincy>it doesn't work :(
17:57<dwfreed>correct; fsockopen isn't expecting a port in the hostname field
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18:43-!-pbryan [] has joined #linode
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18:44<pbryan>What's the default network device name on KVM nodes?
18:44-!-mode/#linode [+l 359] by ChanServ
18:45<dwfreed>pbryan: depends on whether udev's predictable network interface name rules are in effect
18:45<dwfreed>also whether it's full-virt or para-virt
18:46-!-nbrewer [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.7.1]
18:46<dwfreed>in full-virt, with udev's predictable names, you'll get ens2
18:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
18:46<pbryan>I'm guessing on my new box it's ens4.
18:46<pbryan>That's the closest match.
18:47<dwfreed>you can also look by mac address
18:47<pbryan>Currently, running paravirtualization.
18:47<pbryan>Ah, good point. :-)
18:47<dwfreed>it'd be the only one that would start with f2:3c:91
18:48<pbryan>Which it is. :-)
18:48<pbryan>Thanks, dwfreed.
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19:10<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • php mail() not working with Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL and SquirrelMail <>
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19:21<pbryan>Hmm, can't seem to ping IPv6 addresses, though the address is assigned. Anything obvious I should check?
19:22<dwfreed>is the right address assigned?
19:22<dwfreed>that's routes, not addresses
19:22<pbryan>Sure, but the routes are set.
19:23<dwfreed>if the address is wrong, it won't work either
19:23<dwfreed>which is why I usually start there, rather than asking if the routes are correct
19:24<pbryan>Address matches network tab.
19:26<dwfreed>seems to be working now
19:26<dwfreed>not sure what you did, but it works
19:26<pbryan>Uh, yeah.
19:26<pbryan>Magic behind-the-scenes network stuff?
19:26<pbryan>Takes a while to setup routes in Linode's routers?
19:27<pbryan>Anyway, \o/! Thanks.
19:27<dwfreed>there are no special routes added to the routers for the main address, because everybody's in the same subnet
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21:10<kafy>I wanted to know how many IP is included with a linode package?
21:10<kyhwana>kafy: one v4, many v6
21:10<kafy>Can I order more v4?
21:10<kyhwana>If you want multiple v4's you need to give good technical justification
21:11<kyhwana>(No, "What's SNI?" isn't good technical justification)
21:11<kafy>Technical justification like?
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21:18<nate>like quitting is a good one
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21:27<MajObviousman>he's still here in spirit, so go ahead and say your piece
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22:02<Diveyez>Is it possible to get a 1gbps linode?
22:02-!-Linguica [] has joined #linode
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22:03<Zimsky>how do you mean?
22:03<Diveyez>I'm just gonna call tech support
22:04<Zimsky>the minimum is 1gbps anyway
22:04<Zimsky>for outbound
22:04<Zimsky>inbound is all 40gbit
22:04<nate>Yeah was gonna say isn't that what linodes start at now lol
22:04<nate>unless he meant 1Tbit, in which case well good luck with that :P
22:06<Zimsky>yes hello I'd like to purchase an IXP
22:06<arlen>how do you mean?
22:08<Zimsky>fine thanks, how do you do?
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22:27<Diveyez>We deserve to have 100000000 terabytes of data transfer every second
22:33<arlen>you get nothing! you lose! good day sir!
22:36<pbryan>Mmm, cake?
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22:42<arlen>made with golden eggs
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23:10<Diveyez>Lol, I had cake. Thank you very much.
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