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00:56<golde>hello friends
00:56<MrPPS>hey golde
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00:57<MrPPS>guess not then
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03:43<Sid__>Hello Everyone
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03:44<Sid__>Can anyone explain about Linode 1 GB hosting plan which comes for $5 a month
03:44<Meyer__>Sid__: What do you want to know?
03:44<Sid__>Is it a shared hosting or VPS?
03:44<Meyer__>Sid__: VPS
03:45<Sid__>Why their VPS is so cheap as compared to others?
03:46<nate>Pretty sure it's pretty competitively priced compared to others (most other 'major' VPS providers I can think of offer $5 packages too)
03:46<nate>in fact if anything linode was a little bit late to the $5 package offer party lol
03:47<Sid__>Nate, Can you name any such company which offer VPS in 5$
03:47<kyhwana>Sid__: digitalocean, vultr..
03:47<Sid__>I've seen bluehost VPS and they are very costly
03:47<nate>etc etc. Though last I checked linode still benches better in the hardware area
03:47<nate>Bluehost is also a shared host aren't they?
03:48<nate>All shared hosting providers trying to do VPS's tend to go overpriced
03:48<nate>linode is purely a VPS provider, nothing more nothing less
03:48<Sid__>What about fastcomet.. any opinion for it
03:48<nate>never heard of them
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04:50<Guest1995>Hi, I'm getting frustrated with postfix and amazonses, can anyone recommend alternatives? Which is the best? Mailgun, Sendgrid, Google Apps?
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05:57<Guest1995>Anyone know a good free email host to use with mailgun?@
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06:26<scotti>Guest1995: your VPS
06:26<scotti>if you are using Mailgun, you just set up your server to use them for sending emails
06:27<Guest1995>Hi scotti, I always had problems with dovecot and keeping my emails there, is it not best to use a service to do it?
06:27<scotti>Mailgun is just for sending emails
06:27<scotti>usually lots and lots and lots
06:28<scotti>and they give you an API to shoot of emails
06:28<scotti> will host your email
06:28<scotti>$40 for 2 years
06:28<scotti>40 GB total for unlimited domains and unlimited boxes
06:28<Guest1995>wow mxroute sounds amazing
06:29<scotti>yeah they are great
06:29<scotti>their panel sucks but once you get everything setup they are great
06:31<Guest1995>can't thank you enough, this has been a real pain in the youknowwhat to find a good one
06:31<scotti>you're welcome!
06:40<Zimsky>toDSaH nuqneH SoH
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07:09<Guest1995>Hi scotti you still there? I signed up for mxroute, but can't figure out how to get the junk folder
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07:42<scotti>Guest1995: did you setup a mailbox ?
07:43<scotti>it's just email hosting...... junk folders are created for each mailbox you create
07:43<scotti>you can tell your email client to use a specific folder for junk
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07:50<Guest1995>ahh i see, yes set up a mailbox, I can send from it but cannot send to it - says "relaying denied" I've got the domain set up in mailgun, but the txt records are not yet verified (not sure if that's significant
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08:07<rovo>Hello, I just noticed in my /etc/resolv.conf that it says "options rotate" 500+ times. Is that normal?
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08:15<Zimsky>yes. servers need to spin super fast to be good at jibbering
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08:23<divesh>hi there
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08:23<Usman>Hy guys i have a question i am trying to login into linode lish but i am not getting logged in it says incorrect login is there any way of reseting lish user and password?
08:24<divesh>can you buy additional ssd storage on a plan if you fall short?
08:26<@armiller>Usman: You can reset the root password and then login as root on Lish
08:29<Usman>Armiller: The link you sent says that shut down your linode(server) is there any other way of reseting password without shutting server down??
08:30<@armiller>Usman: No. In order to change the root password for the Linode, it has to be powered off.
08:32<Usman>ok Armiller let me try..
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08:51<alimirayman>the site is down
08:51<millisa>which site?
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09:09<alimirayman>● apache2.service - LSB: Apache2 web server Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/apache2; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: activating (start) since Thu 2017-06-08 14:05:55 BST; 35s ago Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8) Process: 14241 ExecStop=/etc/init.d/apache2 stop (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 14157 ExecReload=/etc/init.d/apache2 reload (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Control: 14427 (apache2) CGroup: /system.slic
09:09<alimirayman>this is the error
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09:09<alimirayman>is anyone there??
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09:10<ponas>alimirayman: check the apache logs
09:10<ponas>for a more specific error message
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09:22<Guest1995>Hi, can anyone help? trying to use mailgun with mxroute and I think I have this problem -
09:22<Guest1995>In linode
09:23<Guest1995>However, I can't seem to figure out how to enter subdomains into linode to organise the mx records
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09:42<Guest1995>totally lost as to how to set up mailgun to receive mail on linode
09:46<Guest1995>in the control panel of linode, when I enter a full subdomain for it seems to delete the actual domain part - why?
09:51<@caker>it's the same result, so you're fine
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09:56<Guest1995>well it seems to mean that I cant put in a different main domain for the subdomain, so not working I think for that reason
09:56<Guest1995>as per the stackoverflow thread a subdomain needs setting up but I cant figure out how to do it
09:57<@caker>What exactly are you trying to do? Use actual values, please
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10:00<Guest1995>in mx record I think im supposed to add and then in subdomain im suposed to add but the section gets removed, im trying to follow the stackoverflow post I posted here
10:01<@caker>You've accomplished that, sounds like - you're just getting confused by the subdomain part removing the main domain in the UI; since it's not needed...
10:01<Guest1995>ok cool just checking
10:02<Guest1995>thx, although I still cant receive mail with mailgun though
10:02<Guest1995>I can send it no problem
10:02<@caker>you don't want .. you wanted, which just entering 'mail' will get you
10:02<scotti>Guest1995: mailgun isn't for receiving mail
10:02<scotti>Just use MXroute for sending/receiving
10:02<@caker>DNS takes time for changes to time out to the internet
10:03<scotti>not if you use Cloudflare's free DNS
10:03<scotti>Guest1995: I think you are confused about the purpose of mailgun, mxroute, etc.....
10:04<praetorian>dns can always take time.
10:04<scotti>Mailgun is a service for sending email. They provide a number of things, including a convenient API which your applications can use to shoot emails out
10:04<scotti>MXroute is actual email hosting. You set up mailboxes and can receive, store and send email
10:05<scotti>(and MXroute uses Mailchannels which is kind of similar to Mailgun)
10:05<praetorian>mailgun can take incoming emails tho.
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10:05<scotti>but why would one use mxroute + mailgun ?
10:05<scotti>I think he just wants to set up some email boxes
10:06<praetorian>i know, but just saying.
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10:08<Guest1995>yes, there is a way to use a subdomain to route mailgun mail to that, and then use mxroute for my mailboxe - I'm wondering how is this possible in linode, in the stackoverflow post it says a subdmon
10:09<Guest1995>is needed
10:09<Guest1995>for delegation
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10:09<@caker>What is the actual domain and actual subdomain?
10:11<Guest1995> , - I'm just trying to relay through, or past mailgun - it seems a pretty common problem because you can't have two MX records
10:11<Guest1995>trying to set up hosted mail using mxroute and mailgun for sending wordpress emails.
10:12<@caker>ANSWER SECTION 299IN MX10
10:12<@caker>so, you did that part already
10:13<Guest1995>the stackoverflow post seems to pinpoint the problem, but I can't make it work on linode
10:13<Guest1995>sorry im not sure I understand
10:13<@caker>You did that already - the MX record on the subdomain. It's there.
10:14<Guest1995>righto, so do I need to do something in mailgun bz its still not receiving mails
10:14<Guest1995>basically, im asking how can i set up linode dns as per the stackoverflow setting - so I can receive mail to mxroute
10:15<@caker>You did that already@
10:15<Guest1995>while still maintaining continuity to mailgun
10:15<Guest1995>ok so it should work then?
10:18<Guest1995>so do i need to set up two mx records, one for the subdomain and one for without, because Im now no longer even receiving the bounced message - the email is just lost
10:22<Guest1995>anyone know how to set up mailgun and mxroute at the same time in linode?
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10:45<@cwalsh>Hi all, CoreOS Container Linux is now available from the Linode Manager. We'd really appreciate any feedback you have, and if you encounter any issues putting the distribution through its paces.
10:45<waltman>Is there any way to check if there's a new kernel aside from rebooting my linode?
10:45<@caker>there is an RSS feed:
10:45<millisa>well. one of my windows covered up the 'c' in coreos, and now I can't pronounce it properly or think about not dipping it in milk...
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10:46<waltman>caker: Oh, nice, thanks!
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10:48<waltman>And there's this, which I found by googling for "linode kernels". Duh.
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10:59<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
11:01<@jalter>!point Eugene
11:01<linbot>jalter: Point given to eugene. (23)
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12:52<shentino>Is there a way to get a refund of my balance *without* closing my account entirely? I into a financial bind irl and need to skim some of my money back out
12:52-!-clandestino [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:3845:3858:9bfb:addd] has joined #linode
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12:52<relidy>shentino: I'd try opening a support ticket.
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13:06<Celti>woo CoreOS
13:07<Celti>now I just need *time* to spin up a small fleet to experiment with
13:09-!-Shahzoor [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:10<Shahzoor>Hey guys!
13:10-!-mode/#linode [+l 382] by ChanServ
13:10<Shahzoor>Need some help with postfix and DKIM thingy
13:11-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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13:24<Shahzoor>Need some help with postfix and DKIM thingy... anyone?
13:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 381] by ChanServ
13:25<relidy>Shahzoor: You're going to have to ask a question before anyone's likely to step in.
13:25<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:27<Shahzoor>I have followed this guide successfully till the end. . Everything went well except "Received-SPF: Pass (sender SPF authorized)" Using ubuntu 16.04
13:31-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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13:33<Shahzoor>For more details - check this result
13:35<@jalter>Shahzoor: looks like SPF is passing based on those results. what problem are you having?
13:35<Shahzoor>Insted DKIM check: neutral... it shouldve been PASS
13:36<Shahzoor>And instead of Result: neutral (message not signed) ---- it should get signed by my keys from TXT records
13:37<@jalter>did you just recently add the DKIM TXT record? It doesn't look like it's active
13:37<Shahzoor>Email sent to any email, it is unencrypted or unsigned.
13:37<Shahzoor>I can shoot a test email if you want...
13:38<@jalter>When I run "dig TXT" I don't see your DKIM TXT record
13:38<@jalter>if the receiving mail server can't retrieve that TXT record, it can't validate your messages
13:38<grawity>that's not where DKIM records go
13:39<Shahzoor>what do you get if you dig into ?
13:39<Shahzoor>Hmmm.. let me check
13:39<grawity>they're usually at <selector>, no?
13:40<@jalter>i stand corrected
13:40<Shahzoor>TXT records -
13:41<@jalter>Shahzoor: according to the guide, you should replace YYYYMM with the current year and month
13:42<grawity>Shahzoor: do your messages have a DKIM-Signature header?
13:42<Shahzoor>Let me try that. Just in TXT or the key file also. Which was generated by a command
13:43<grawity>whatever the actual name is, most importantly they have to match
13:44<Shahzoor>Check this -
13:44<Shahzoor>grawity: the key file has YYYYMM in it
13:45<grawity>the summary is rather useless
13:45<grawity>I'm more interested in the actual headers below
13:45<grawity>and even more in what opendkim writes to syslog
13:45<@jalter>!point grawity
13:45<linbot>jalter: Point given to grawity. (4)
13:46<Shahzoor>I will share full headers... wait
13:46<grawity>I vaguely remember when I first tried to set up opendkim, it insisted on verifying the messages rather than signing them
13:46<Shahzoor>Full Header -
13:46<grawity>(turned out to be due to lack of 'MTA' option in the .conf -- which the Linode tutorial for some reason skips)
13:47<grawity>yeah, no DKIM-Signature there
13:47<grawity>go check the syslog or mail.log or wherever opendkim's logs go
13:47<Shahzoor>Yeah that is why DKIM result as unsigned
13:47<Shahzoor>hmm ok... where that could be.... trying to look.
13:48<grawity>systemd? `journalctl -f --since="1 hour ago"` is a good start
13:49<Shahzoor>retype the command line again. actual one so i can copy/paste
13:49<Shahzoor>Sorry, I'm not great at linux
13:49<Shahzoor>journalctl -f --since="1 hour ago" -- got it
13:51<Shahzoor>grawity: check this
13:52-!-Victor_root2 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:53<Victor_root2>good day
13:53<Shahzoor>welcome victor
13:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 384] by ChanServ
13:53<grawity>Shahzoor: what if you change the _milters settings in to local:/var/spool/postfix/opendkim/opendkim.sock
13:53<grawity>(and `postfix reload` afterwards)
13:54<Victor_root2> How can I do to add domains to more of my vps with webmin
13:54<Shahzoor>Let me do that...
13:55<Shahzoor>Right now even non_smtpd_milters is set as = local:/opendkim/opendkim.sock... recommend change this too?
13:55<grawity>the difference is, postfix used to chroot some of its sub-services, now it doesn't
13:55<grawity>so paths are no longer automatically rooted at /var/spool/postfix and you might need to add that yourself
13:55<Shahzoor>done. postfix restarted
13:56<Shahzoor>Ah understood a bit lol. thanks.
13:57<Shahzoor>New result -
13:59<grawity>ah, could you add "SyslogSuccess Yes" to opendkim.conf
14:00<Shahzoor>There is
14:00<Shahzoor># Log to syslog Syslog yes
14:00<grawity>that's not the same thing?
14:00<Shahzoor>shall I add SyslogSuccess Yes underneath?
14:01<Shahzoor>done and restarted opendkim
14:02<Shahzoor>Now what? New result?
14:04<Shahzoor>jalter: do you think YYYYMM is still an issue?
14:05-!-milhomini [~beto@] has joined #linode
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14:05<@jalter>Shahzoor: no, grawity is right. the identifier doesn't matter as long as it is consistent
14:05<@jalter>the guide just recommends using the actual date so you can keep track of rotating it every month
14:05<grawity>DNS would be relevant if opendkim actually signed the message
14:05<Shahzoor>Yeah. I might reconfigure it when I pass through this
14:05<grawity>but it doesn't even do that
14:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 385] by ChanServ
14:07<Shahzoor>Who is this ?
14:08<grawity>that's my test message
14:08<grawity>did your opendkim at least *verify* it?
14:08-!-milhomini [~beto@] has quit []
14:08-!-mode/#linode [+l 384] by ChanServ
14:08<Shahzoor>grawity: by running this cmd? opendkim-testkey -d -s YYYYMM -k example.private
14:09<grawity>what's that supposed to do?
14:10<Shahzoor>Sorry nothing. tried to be smart. FAIL
14:10<Shahzoor>how to verify
14:10<grawity>1) see if there are any messages in syslog; 2) see if the received message has an Authentication-Results header from your opendkim
14:13<Shahzoor>this is syslog -
14:13<grawity>hmm still no opendkim in sight
14:14<grawity>plus it seems your postfix is sending spam
14:14<Shahzoor>Yes, i will fix that. doing some catch-all thing, will disable
14:15<Shahzoor>Meanwhile, I want to send a test mail from other email address/hostname.
14:15<Shahzoor>echo "This is the body of the email" | mail -s "This is the subject line"
14:16<Shahzoor>this is what I am doing right now, so it sending through default hostname. How can I use other FROM email?
14:16<Shahzoor>will test DKIM for that domain
14:16<grawity>with gnu mailutils? no idea, maybe -f
14:16<grawity>hmm, I seem to be using TCP sockets instead of local
14:17*grawity has "Socket inet:16720@localhost" in opendkim, "smtpd_milters = inet:localhost:16720" in postfix
14:18<Shahzoor>uhhhh... I broke myself lol
14:19<grawity><afk, cat>
14:20-!-marshmn [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
14:21-!-Liam_ [] has joined #linode
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14:21<Liam_>Hey! I'm trying to create a file so I can install mongodb and I'm not quite sure how to make files on linux
14:25-!-ArchNoob [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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14:30<Shahzoor>Liam_: sudo nano ??
14:31-!-biax-laptop__ [] has joined #linode
14:31-!-biax-laptop__ is "biax-laptop" on #virt #linode
14:31<Liam_>Is that the same as vi?
14:31<Liam_>This vi one wouldn't save my files and kept making this crash
14:31-!-mode/#linode [+l 384] by ChanServ
14:31<Liam_>the console that is sorry
14:32<Shahzoor>sudo nano myfile.txt ----------- type your thing and CTRL X. save it
14:32<Liam_>Okay I'll try it thank you
14:33-!-biax-laptop__ [] has quit []
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15:20<Shahzoor>grawity: if you have patience to deal with my DKIM, let me know. Apart from that. If I want to use my SMTP details to send email via server, what could be my SMTP details?
15:21<grawity>depends on whether you enabled the incoming 'submission' port in
15:21<grawity>and whether you've configured any sort of authentication (cyrus or dovecot SASL) in
15:21<Shahzoor>I did dovecot and purged. ppphh
15:24<Shahzoor>submission inet n - y - - smtpd
15:24<Shahzoor>Its enabled. Chroot yes. private no
15:25-!-cwalsh [] has left #linode [ - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.]
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15:46<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new girl <>
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16:46<Jon_>Is there anyone to move an IP from one server to another like if you were doing a backup?
16:46-!-Ikaros [] has quit [Quit: Resetting network driver parameters, be right back]
16:46<Jon_>Restoring I mean
16:46<nbrewer>Jon_ if they're in the same data center, yes
16:47<Jon_>Okay how would I do that
16:47<Jon_>Perfect thanks!
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17:29<tusk>I need some help debugging a strange apache problem.
17:29<tusk>I can redirect to everything expect the one I need
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17:36*relidy sighs
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18:20<Daedolon>great, my linode seems to be slowwwww
18:21<Daedolon>nginx etc works but no ping response, lol?
18:22<linbot>when does a pirate hate his wallet?
18:22<linbot>when it's emp - ty, arrrrr
18:22<dwfreed>linbot: getout
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18:51<Daedolon>well now I'm sad
18:51<Daedolon>server can't ping itself
18:52<relidy>Sounds like a firewall issue
18:53<Eugene>omnomnom ICMP
18:54<Daedolon>must've been something pacman did, rip
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20:57<Digital_ADHD>Hello, what is the proper way of passing multiple name / value pairs to a --stackscriptjson?
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20:59<dwfreed>Digital_ADHD: it's just json :)
21:00<dwfreed>{"foo": "bar", "bar": "baz"}
21:00<Digital_ADHD>ok, i just didn't know the syntax i should have looked that up, thanks!
21:05<Zimsky>remember to use eval() to parse json
21:05<Zimsky>W3C recommends it
21:05<Zimsky>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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21:07<Digital_ADHD>Zimsky, meaning?
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21:08<Zimsky>no meaning, I'm an enigma floating through spacetime without purpose or an ability to be accurately perceived
21:11<Zimsky>dwfreed can back me up on that
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21:20<MrPPS>Digital_ADHD: zimsky is kinda like the resident jester most of the time ;)
21:21<Zimsky>no, MrPPS
21:21<Zimsky>a jester is ridiculous and answers to a royal leader, I am not and I don't
21:22<MrPPS>I tried
21:25<FluffyFoxeh>nah Zimsky is pretty ridic tbh
21:25<Zimsky>says the one named "FluffyFoxeh"
21:26<Zimsky>don't throw stones in glass houses, FluffyFoxeh
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