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00:07<Alfian>IIf any support here please help to follow up ticket : [8098200]
00:07<arlen>this is the user community
00:07<arlen>support will answer your ticket shortly
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00:45*dcraig tickles arlen around a bit with a large california halibut
00:46<dcraig>arlen would answer it, but he's busy with that halibut
00:49<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Going to clone a disk to move to another account <>
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01:09<Ikaros>But I'm no legal expert, so I can't draw any conclusions on that.
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01:21<Guest1995>is there a problem with linode, my linode is performing rather slowly
01:24<Celti>My linode is performing just fine right now. Maybe we could figure out the difference if you're a little more specific?
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01:25<Guest1995>well every few seconds it lags for a few seconds, so for about 30 seconds I get a lag, and then works fine. This is multiple websites so it doesnt seem server related
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01:26<Guest1995>or software related even
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01:26<MrPPS>Guest1995: it's not simply latency? resource usage?
01:26<@armiller>Guest1995: You should open a ticket about this if you suspect issues on Linode's end, but that sounds like it may be networking
01:28<Guest1995>everything looks normal on the graphs, 3% cpu usage is the highest
01:28<Celti>Do you have any gaps in the graphs?
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01:45<Guest1995>gaps in the graphs, not sure what this means?
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01:53<MrPPS>Guest1995: I think he means spots in the graphs that you're looking at
01:53<MrPPS>where there are gaps
01:53<MrPPS>i.e. data is not present
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01:58<aniessh>is anybody facing a increased connection timeout on the london data center?
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02:03<Guest1995>gaps in which graph cPU?
02:04<Celti>Any of them. It helps narrow down the issue.
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02:59<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Going to clone a disk to move to another account <>
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04:33<Benjad>Does anybody know how you can change your package? From Linode 2GB to Linode 1GB.
04:33<arlen>Resize tab in the manager
04:34<arlen>You may need to resize your disks first
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04:37<Benjad>I cannot go to a lower plan. The radio button is deactivated
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04:49<vishal_>Can anyone tell me how to "leverage browsing cache" in Magento, I am tweaking .htaccess but no results.
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05:50<Simon_>Hi there, i would like to know how much this cost and if there is some free trial VPS\
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06:10<Celti>Nothing to make you hate Reply All like everyone in the company CCing the ticketing system. >.<
06:10<millisa>and cc'ing another ticket system?
06:11<millisa>Thank you for your reply! No no, thank *you* for *your* reply. Now see here, we're thanking *you*...
06:11<Celti>That occasionally happens to, but the other ticketing system is more well-behaved than bloody ServiceNow
06:11<Zimsky>there's nothing wrong with reply all
06:11<Zimsky>there's something wrong with the people that incorrectly use it
06:12<Zimsky>or alternatively, people who misconfigure email services
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06:50<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Reverse DNS & Letsencrypt <>
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07:27<jstitt>howdy Linodians
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07:44<@jleal>hia jstitt :3
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07:48<jstitt>@jleal :D
07:48<@jleal>rawrrrr :D
07:48<jstitt>lol got used to twitch
07:48<jstitt>jleal: :D
07:48<jstitt>Don't IRC much these days.
07:49<Celti>I have the same issue because of Discord
07:49<Celti>I'm only in three channels on IRC anymore
07:50<Zimsky>Celti: you should get checked for bone cancer
07:50<Zimsky>it's well-established that usage of discord causes cancer
07:51<Celti>Eyugh. I have nightmares about bone cancer ever since seeing a skeleton from someone who had bone cancer in his skull.
07:52<Zimsky>should look at a case of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
07:52<Zimsky>that's terrifying.
07:53<jstitt>@Celti I'm on Discord a lot too
07:53<jstitt>Er, I mean Celti:
07:53<Zimsky>jstitt: you should also see an oncologist
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07:55<Zimsky>as opposed to DumbJ
07:55<SmartJ>can you help me
07:55<jstitt>ahaha thanks
07:56<SmartJ>i recently created linode and install centos 7
07:56<jstitt>SmartJ: Awesome!!!
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07:56<SmartJ>i want to know how to install Godaddy SSL in it
07:56<Zimsky>why would you not just use LE
07:56<jstitt>I would recommend installing cPanel and then you can get a free certificate!
07:57<SmartJ>i have i year godaddy ssl
07:57<Zimsky>unsure if satire
07:57<jstitt>lol I work for cPanel :p
07:57<Zimsky>can we not talk any more
07:57<SmartJ>and i don't have to purchase cpanel right now
07:57<jstitt>Haha ;)
07:57<Zimsky>make it rain
07:58<jstitt>I understand. In that case, one of these knowledgeable Linodians can probably help.
07:58<Zimsky>just download the certificate from godaddy and use it how you like
07:58<Zimsky>one doesn't "install" a certificate
07:58<SmartJ>i downloaded and install it but it's don't work
07:59<SmartJ>when i edit my virtual host to use that certificate my website didn't load
07:59<jstitt>Did you include the whole certificate chain and also enable SSL?
08:00<SmartJ>firstly i created key file and uploaded to goaddy and downloaded the certificate from godaddy
08:00<Zimsky>are the file modes set correctly?
08:00<jstitt>Still got it.
08:01<SmartJ>then i upload the certificate on server and edit virtual host file
08:01<SmartJ>i used the tutorial as wll
08:01<jstitt>Right but you have to enable SSL
08:01<SmartJ>how to enable SSL
08:03<jstitt> SSLEngine On
08:04<Zimsky>why is apache still the standard
08:04<Zimsky>it just sucks so much
08:04<jstitt>SSLCertificateFile , SSLCertificateKeyFile
08:04<jstitt>Under the :443 VHost entry
08:05<jstitt>Zimsky: false. You can make apache fly. It just doesn't work that way out of the box :D
08:05<SmartJ>i tried ti enable SSL engine on
08:05<jstitt>You did it on the <Virtualhost *:443> ?
08:05<SmartJ>and place the SSL CERTFICATE KEYS locations etc also
08:05<jstitt>and not 80
08:06<SmartJ>yes on virtual
08:06<Zimsky>jstitt: java is fast too
08:06<jstitt>and have perms for the files
08:06<SmartJ>how to perms for the files
08:06<Zimsky>jstitt: it still sucks syntactically
08:06<jstitt>Zimsky: Is your other name Buhman?
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08:06<Zimsky>why do you ask
08:07<SmartJ>and when i edit virtual host and restart httpd
08:07<SmartJ>its show me the error httpd not restart
08:07<Zimsky>check the logs
08:07<SmartJ>and my website don't load
08:07<SmartJ>i check it
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08:07<SmartJ>but i didn't find anything
08:08<jstitt>apachectl configtest
08:09<SmartJ>i also tried apachectl configtest
08:09<jstitt>tail /var/log/messages/apache2/error_log
08:10<SmartJ>if install nginx
08:10<Zimsky>could try manually invoking apache
08:11<SmartJ>can it be easier to install ssl on nginx
08:11<Zimsky>well, nginx actually works, so you might have an easier time
08:11<jstitt>systemctl restart httpd
08:11<SmartJ>i tried sytemctl restart httpd but doesn't restart
08:14<jstitt>whats the error
08:14<jstitt>in error_log
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08:15<Zimsky>apache is just overcomplicated
08:15<Zimsky>and the concept of log files seems to elude so many
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09:05<Ahmed>Not a technical person
09:06<Ahmed>Would like to ask which is the package i need to choose for hosting if the approx traffic and SKUs expected for first nonths shall be around 5000-8000 ?
09:08<ponas>that's hard to say as it depends on your application and its performance
09:09<ponas>perhaps start with the 2 GB plan and resize to a bigger plan if you need more memory/cpus
09:10<ponas>your technical person should be able to give better input than us
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09:11<umoh>hi linode... i want to ask some questions
09:12<Zimsky>I want pizza
09:12<ponas>I just want an ice cream
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09:13<ponas>you should have told umoh it's okay to ask questions, Zimsky
09:13<Zimsky>it's not okay to ask questions
09:14<Zimsky>questions are what lead to a dystopian society
09:14<Zimsky>I use "lead" in both future and past-tense forms
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09:41<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Does anyone else have LISH issues? <>
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11:06<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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11:10<Goo>Greetings. I have a few Linodes, but I am being asked to put them in front of a firewall so they are not directly accessible. Is that an option?
11:10<Goo>Also, is there a guide for how to optimally secure a linode?
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11:18<DanielNM>Goo: /w 52
11:18<Zimsky>Goo: in /front/ of a firewall?
11:19<Goo>Sorry, I meant a firewall in front of the server or conversly, the server behind a firewall.
11:19<Goo>I misspoke.
11:19<Goo>Or mis-typed :)
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11:19<Zimsky>hello Miss Poke
11:19<Zimsky>I am Miss Zimsky
11:20<FluffyFoxeh>I miss akerl
11:21<Zimsky>I miss caker
11:21<Goo>@daniekNM - What do you mean "52"?
11:23<FluffyFoxeh>it looks like he accidentally tabbed you and then typed a command for his IRC client
11:23<FluffyFoxeh>to switch to window 52
11:25<Goo>So back to my question; can a linode be placed behind a firewall?
11:26<Zimsky>it's a server
11:26<Zimsky>of course it can
11:26<Zimsky>you can do anything with it
11:26<hawk>It can have a firewall, but there's not really any way (to my knowledge) to change the topology in any way, so it won't be behind anything
11:27<Zimsky>you can run a firewall or set up iptables rules
11:27<Zimsky>or you could screw with the routing and run everything through some other server that acts as your firewall
11:27<FluffyFoxeh>you can use the private network to put one linode as a firewall in front of a bunch of others
11:27<Goo>I'm making the distinction between this [cloud]-->[firewall]-->[server] and this [cloud]-->[server with software firewall]
11:27<Zimsky>what is a cloud
11:28<FluffyFoxeh>where did meteorology enter into this
11:28<Goo>FluffyFoxeh: love that idea. Are there docs on how to do that in Linodes ecosystem?
11:28<Goo>FluffyFoxeh: e.g., One Linode as a firewall.
11:28<Zimsky>add 'gle' to your name
11:29<hawk>FluffyFoxeh: Has something changed regarding the "private" network? It used to be not particularly private.
11:31<Zimsky>you could just enable private networking and block incoming connections on eth0
11:31<Zimsky>er, on your public address on eth0
11:31<Zimsky>or whatever
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11:31<FluffyFoxeh>hmm true, it is shared with other linodes in the DC
11:32<Zimsky>that's your only caveat
11:32<Zimsky>to which you can then just only allow connections from your other linodes
11:32<FluffyFoxeh>yeah you could use iptables on the "behind the firewall" linodes to only accept packets from the firewall
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11:33<Zimsky>you really should just do iptables stuff though
11:33<hawk>Zimsky: All of which you could do just as well with the public addresses. So in the end it's more about cost than about being private.
11:33<Zimsky>no need to overcomplicate it
11:33<Zimsky>hawk: I know
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13:44<Eugene>IPv6 is best IPv
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13:58<Kim_B>Hi I'm new here and to many things but I'm trying to figure out how to backup my wordpress website which I see is hosted by Linode
13:58<Kim_B>Does any one have any suggestions for a n00b like me to begin this process
14:05<voker57>Kim_B: use dump routine for your DB, i.e. mysqldump for mysql, upload resulting file somewhere
14:05<voker57>you might also want to backup your WP installation whole by archiving
14:06<synfinatic>for the DB: easiest is the "WordPress Database Backup" plugin and have it automatically email you (gmail/etc) the DB dump
14:07<synfinatic>you can also use Linode backups to backup your server files, including WP install
14:07<synfinatic>or a cron job + tarball method voker57 mentinoed
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15:13<zifnab>Eugene: nope, ipv64 is best
15:14<zifnab>technically there's a pile of ipvX things
15:16<zifnab>ipv7 is ipv4 feature deprecations, ipv8 is pip, which was deprecated by ipv6 (kind of, mostly)
15:16<millisa>ipv3 on vinyl = much warmer packets. gives much better true transmission
15:17<dwfreed>zifnab: IPv9
15:17<zifnab>i got bored before i got thee
15:17<zifnab>Tcp and Udp with Bigger Addresses
15:18<zifnab>orange is the new black season 5 is out
15:18<zifnab>nice knowing all of you, see you monday
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16:51<TyanColte>Quick question for anybody who wants to answer.
16:52<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
16:52<TyanColte>What happens if you load your account with money and start a node, and your account runs out of money? does all the stuff on the node go away?
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16:52<millisa>it'll bill to the credit card on file
16:53<TyanColte>Also, is it possible to have multiple Public facing IP addresses on a single node instance? Thinking about using linode to start a web hosting company.
16:54<TyanColte>Or do i have to use a different node per website.
16:54<millisa>Yes, you just have to technically justify the ip. You don't need multiple ip's to host multiple websites though...
16:54-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:3c7a:53ef:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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16:55<TyanColte>well i know that but when you're binding a hostname dns to an IP and you have multiple hostnames for different sites you do.
16:55<TyanColte>unless you bind it to a different port maybe.
16:56<millisa>That was true about 10+ years ago. it isn't anymore.
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16:57<millisa>both nginx and apache support SNI so you can have many sites (both http and https) on the same IP
16:58<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
16:58<millisa>there's an nginx example in the linode docs here:
16:58<TyanColte>well i wouldn't be using nginx, i'd be using apache. it's what i'm already used to running my own home web server out of my house
16:58<millisa>here's an apache example:
16:59<synfinatic>apache supports SNI too
16:59<millisa>see where they define the 'servername' and 'serveralias' bits there in the virtualhost block?
17:00<TyanColte>so apache handles the virtual SNI and will route the dns hostname to the correct site on the same IP?
17:01<millisa>The only interesting bit is the default site that comes up if there isn't a matching servername/alias.
17:01<synfinatic>it's basically VirtualHosts, but for TLS
17:01<millisa>in nginx, it'll go to the site defined as the default. with apache, it's a little sillier - whichever virtualhost comes first in the config would take precedence
17:02<arlen>so make the first a blank site
17:02<millisa>(so if you are using separate config files for each of the vhosts in apache, you'll want to define whatever default virtualhost you want to use in an alphabetically early config file)
17:02<millisa>er, alphanumerically early.
17:03<TyanColte>I'm going to have to play with this at home. I've never had SNI set up and this really kind of changes everything i was thinking about doing. Thank you so much for your help.
17:04-!-ArchNoob [] has joined #linode
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17:04<millisa>I guess apache 2.4 has the _default_ syntax too. today i learned.
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17:27<TyanColte>@millisa still confused about one thing say i charge my linode account with a prepaid credit card. if that card gets charged to the point where there's no money left, what happens to the node? does it just turn off or does it get deleted?
17:28<TyanColte>prepaid debit card**
17:28<arlen>it gets deleted, eventually
17:28<TyanColte>eventually like how long?
17:28<arlen>linode will send an email to you first
17:28<arlen>i dont know, i've never not paid my bill
17:28<millisa>don't think they define a set time. seems to be at least a week by other folks asking in here.
17:28<synfinatic>clearly we need to test this... for science
17:28<TyanColte>agreed. lol
17:28<arlen>i nominate you
17:28-!-Linguica [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:29<synfinatic>no way man. my backups suck :(
17:29<TyanColte>i'm just starting out, i'll do it :)
17:29-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
17:29<synfinatic>by that I mean, i have them, but restoring is going to be a PITA
17:29<TyanColte>that makes me think of another good question. what kind of backup can you use on a linode instance?
17:30<TyanColte>i guess anything that works on a linux server huh?
17:30<arlen>yup, linode also offers their own backup service
17:30<millisa>there's a backup service you can get from them that is about 25% more of that linode's price
17:30<linbot>You should probably have backups. If you don't want to set up your own, use Linode Backups. Prices start at $ 2.50/month depending on your plan.
17:30<dzho>whatever kind of backup you can use on an internet connected linux machine running a rescue system to which you have no physical access (and even some of the latter can be compensated for via lish)
17:30<millisa>but it's a linux system you have root access to. you can setup whatever backups you like.
17:31<TyanColte>so if i wanted to use Crashplan PROe (Which i already have access to through work) i can
17:31<dzho>assuming you can get it installed and running etc
17:31<arlen>does it run on linux? can you install it from the command line? yup
17:32<millisa>and if your licensing is legit...
17:32<TyanColte>oh that's not a problem, i used to install and run it on synology nas boxes. before the wrapper lost support for arm processors
17:33<dzho>oh, those are ARM?
17:33<millisa>the small ones are
17:33<TyanColte>some of them are
17:33<TyanColte>some are intel
17:33<TyanColte>this is all good info. Thanks everybody 'Two Guys and a Tux' Web Hosting will be in business thanks to this info.
17:34<millisa>Two Guys One Tux?
17:34<millisa>too late.
17:34<arlen>do you wear a tux while working?
17:34<millisa>only on Thursday nights.
17:34<TyanColte>Tux the penguin (the mascot of linux)
17:34<dzho>Tuesday Night is Tux Night!
17:34<arlen>i like it
17:34<TyanColte>Basically Two guys and a Linux Server
17:35<arlen>tuesday is taco night
17:35<TyanColte>heck yea taco night. oh wait, it's friday... oh well
17:35<arlen>what if you have more than one linux server?
17:35<dzho>we have thai on tuesday, but I call it taco tuesday anyway
17:35<TyanColte>well that's what SNI is for isn't it
17:35<dzho>arlen: the network is the computer
17:36<millisa>why not multiple servers? separate database and web server roles. high availability. nude balancers.
17:36<TyanColte>nude balancers?
17:36<TyanColte>i'd like to see that
17:36<arlen>nude balancers are friday night
17:36<TyanColte>best typo ever
17:36<millisa>typo? oh right. these aren't incriminating at all.
17:37<TyanColte>Just starting out the DB and the HTTP server will be on the same instance. No need for delegating separate servers until we get bigger and more clients.
17:37<TyanColte>and more money for more instances
17:38<arlen>good luck
17:38<arlen>there's a lot of competition
17:38<millisa>well, at the beginning, try to design like you've got a herd. future you will thank past you. maybe send you a nice card.
17:38<TyanColte>I know. but we're just handling local clients right now. Not much competition in southwest kentucky
17:38<TyanColte>at least nobody good
17:38*arlen moves to southwest kentucky
17:39*TyanColte shoots arlen when he arrives
17:39<synfinatic>that's one way to kill the competiion
17:40<TyanColte>goofing off at work messing around with a side project is definitely the best thing ever.
17:41*synfinatic makes note to not hire TyanColte
17:41<TyanColte>that's ok synfinatic i love my job anyway boss is on a boat in the middle of the ocean at least till Monday. Nothing to do for the next half hour anyway.
17:41<dzho>land between the lakes represent!
17:41<TyanColte>dzho you from around here?
17:42*dzho spent ... some time just north of the Ohio near there
17:42<TyanColte>LBL 4 life
17:42<dzho>had friends who'd got down that way a lot
17:42<dzho>god I don't miss the humidity or the mosquitos
17:42<TyanColte>nice regex dzho
17:42<dzho>it's small, but it's mine
17:42<TyanColte>mosquitos are horrible
17:43<TyanColte>i myself can't stand regex, it's such a thorn in my side
17:43<TyanColte>I'm not much of a coder either, mainly windows batch files which thankfully don't understand regex
17:43<dzho>regex vs mosquito WHO WOULD WIN
17:44<TyanColte>regex wins
17:44<TyanColte>see what i did there? :P
17:44<dzho>anyway, I've got a tenuous contact with a linux person at USI in evansville if you feel the need to make regional contacts in the field as a sanity break or anything, just pm
17:44<millisa>mosquito stole your slash
17:45<dzho>perfidious insects
17:45<TyanColte>dzho evansville isn't really that regional but thanks for the offer
17:45*dzho shrugs
17:46<dzho>'sall good
17:46<TyanColte>and tenuous doesn't sound too promising anyway. :P
17:46<dzho>nashville probably has more going on in terms of what's close, memphis too I'd guess?
17:47<TyanColte>yea nashville is definitely closer
17:47<synfinatic>go Preds
17:48<synfinatic>sorry, lesser of two evils. i hate the Pens more.
17:48<TyanColte>so i'm going to play with SNI when i get home millisa this should be interesting. although i only have one domain at the moment so i can't really test it unless i use subs
17:48<synfinatic>make another domain. they're cheap :)
17:48<millisa>nothing wrong with subdomains. or make up whatever name you want and use a hosts file. your web server won't care.
17:48<TyanColte>that's true
17:49<synfinatic>and let's encrypt ssl certs
17:49<TyanColte>definitely we're going to offer that as an option for any websites
17:49<dzho>one year of a domain is cheap.
17:49<millisa>lets encrypt will care about them being real names (and be reachable)
17:49<TyanColte>ok people poll time, best registrar. i use Hover.
17:49<arlen>namecheap or gandi
17:50*millisa is a registrar.
17:50<dzho>decide that you're going to relinquish it to domain squatters or pay for it forever, that's ... more problematic.
17:50<TyanColte>that's ominous
17:50<synfinatic>for testing purposes, you can just do subdomains. let's encrypt doesn't do wildcards
17:50<millisa>add to your reading
17:50<dzho>"best" questions are pernicious
17:50*millisa is also a pope.
17:51<TyanColte>millisa can't you just run the lets encrypt script in your linux server node?
17:51<synfinatic>I hear lots of good things about namecheap. I've always personally used dotster since I don't have that many domains and it's not worth yet to move them
17:51<Peng>I use Namecheap (among other registrars) but their tech is meh.
17:52<TyanColte>I love hover because their cheap and they have the concierge service that lets you move domains with ease and whois privacy is included on all qualifying domains
17:52<TyanColte>and they have amazing cust svc
17:52<TyanColte>damn homonyms
17:54<TyanColte>well it's beer:thirty guys, nice talking to you. I'll go through the docs this weekend if i can find them again millisa i'm on the web irc client and my client at home isn't setup for this server yet so it's not saving any chat info thanks for all the good info
17:54<Peng>TyanColte: There are public logs of this channel
17:55<millisa> is pretty easy to remember
17:55<TyanColte>that's good to know, i'm just bookmarking all the links anyway. my chrome syncs with my home computer
17:56<millisa>7 days until linode turns 14...
17:56*TyanColte sings happy birthday
17:56<TyanColte>bye all
17:56-!-TyanColte [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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18:05<Eugene>Are the party streamers ordered?
18:05<Eugene>That's almost the age of consent in NJ
18:07<millisa>i want to google search it. but i don't want to be on another list...
18:10<Eugene>I said almost
18:10<arlen>i searched it for millisa
18:10<millisa>that's it. you are on . . the list. . .
18:11<arlen>im on enough lists, whats one more
18:11<Eugene>Integalacity planetary; planetary intergalactic
18:15<fo0bar>I wish linode wouldn't add paragraphs of "no really you should migrate to KVM" on the xen vuln reboot notices, when the linode is in tokyo
18:15<Eugene>If you're still on Xen they aren't going to convince you
18:15<fo0bar>> Please reach out to our Support team about migrating and upgrading your Tokyo 1 Xen Linodes to Tokyo 2 KVM Linodes.
18:15<fo0bar>Eugene: the problem is you *can't* migrate to KVM in tokyo
18:16<fo0bar>but apparently support can manually, huh
18:16<Peng>You have to move from Tokyo 1 to Tokyo 2. New IPs.
18:16<fo0bar>inconvenient but doable
18:16<Eugene>Yes, that's why I said "they aren't going to convince you". Do you think I'm stupid?
18:16<Eugene>Reading is so hard
18:17<Eugene>There was the same situation a few years ago with FMT1/FMT2. Eventually they just forklifted everybody across, but there was a time period of voluntary migrations
18:18<Peng>They seem to be in no hurry to do that in Tokyo.
18:19<Eugene>Pretty sure they're using a different datacenter provider here. FMT1/2 are both Hurrican Electric, and there was a lot of kerfuffle about power outages
18:25<Peng>I dunno if the operator of Tokyo 2 has been revealed
18:28<arlen>its my basement
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18:39<AlexMax>i want to live in tokyo 3
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19:43<Quazi>Hello Linode Community
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20:01<@cmullen>What's good Quazi
20:01<@cmullen>ha little late to the party there. Whoops.
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20:19<liam_>Hey I was wondering why when I login to my server it says there was 4595 login attempts since my last login yesterday?
20:20<liam_>Is this just bots attempting simple dictionary based attempts or something else? I'm quite confused
20:21<Peng>Probably. Check the logs. Is your username something common? Is your password sufficient? How 'bout disabling password auth?
20:22<liam_>I suppose my username could be somewhat common
20:23<liam_>I'll update the password to be sure
20:23<liam_>How do I access the attempt logs
20:23<Peng>Is it in the top 4595 most popular passwords?
20:23<Peng>liam_: Depends. Probabyl somewhere in /var/log. /var/log/auth.log on some OSes.
20:24<liam_>It's centos I won't trouble you more, I'll google for myself :-)
20:25<liam_>Just wanted some reassurance as it was kind of disconcerting before thinking about it
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21:43<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • DNS API unrecognized arguments: bug/feature request <>
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23:36<internat2>man, i should migrate my xen linode to kvm, but its so much effort :/
23:37<Ikaros>Legacy is legacy, you don't want to be left behind do you? :P
23:39<internat2>i was left behind eons ago :P but yes i know.
23:39<internat2>it just involves an ip change, and thats awkward
23:39<internat2>and either a rebuild or a long migration
23:39<Peng>Tokyo 1?
23:40<Peng>Sorry to hear that :(
23:40<Peng>Ikaros: It's not legacy, it's tradition :(
23:41<internat2>its a legacy plan too
23:42<Ikaros>I said legacy, dangit
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