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01:13<Zimsky>internat2: ikr, you have to let go of that KDDI address
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04:44<unknown>Not sure where to write it... I got an connection by one of your vps, my server is not listed in an DNS so I guess someone is using your service for IP/port scanning. Is it legal?
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04:45<Peng>There are only a few billion IPv4 addresses. It's not hard to scan them all.
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04:46<unknown>Sure, but I just wonder wether linode users are allowed to.
04:47<Peng>I'm not sure actually!
04:47<roychan>If it was hacking or email spam, I thought it is not allowed. But what you should do is check the TOS of Linode.
04:47<Peng>I'd hope that harmless research scans are allowed, and federal crime type things are not.
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04:49<joecool|mobile>That would be my interpretation, though its likely that if you generate abuse complaints by scanning, linode might raise issue
04:49<Zimsky>it's not illegal
04:50<Zimsky>if you're trying to "gain unauthorised access" when there are clearly measures in place, it might be considered illegal depending on your country and region
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04:51<Zimsky>but there have been cases in certain contexts where interpretations vary and the definition of "security measures to prevent unauthorised access" is broad or vague
04:51<unknown>Ok. So then, wish a good day...
04:51<joecool|mobile>Zimsky: eh, wouldn't claim outright that it isnt illegal, < good article on it
04:52*Peng gets bored and does 3 million DNS queries
04:53<Zimsky>joecool|mobile: legal systems are broken and telecommunications acts that relate to these types of cases are often either outdated, vague, too broad, or drafted with a lack of systematic understanding
04:54<Zimsky>also worth noting; sometimes people forget there are countries other than the United States
04:54<Zimsky>that article is good though
04:55<joecool|mobile>Most of the fines/charges levied were to other countries, also why i took issue with saying its not illegal
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04:55<kyhwana>unknown: unless they go on to try to brute force creds, just ignore it. If you tried to chase up every IP scanning your box you'd do nothing else with every waking hour of your days
04:56<Zimsky>in my country, it's not illegal
04:56<kyhwana>and even then, good luck trying to get any residential ISP to "fix" some owned IoT device trying to login to your VPS.
04:57<Zimsky>in some cases you can argue a router forwarding the packet is also culpable
04:57<joecool|mobile>And maybe he wasn't from your country? Not helpful
04:57<Zimsky>it's hilarious
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04:57<Zimsky>you should revise your nick to something other than 'joecool'
04:58<unknown>I'm from Germany, also the palce where the server stands. I guess here it's quite legal to scan.
04:59<Zimsky>anything is legal in Germany!
04:59<Zimsky>except stuff in §86a
04:59<Zimsky>don't do that
05:00<unknown>Great advice, thanks.
05:01<Zimsky>if some random box has made a single connection to your server one time, don't worry about it
05:02<Zimsky>like kyhwana said, if you followed up on every random connection and sent in abuse reports to the relevant LIRs, you'd have little free time
05:03<scotti>yeah and if you waste abuse@ 's time they will ignore you forever
05:03<Zimsky>you'd probably ironically end up being more of a spammer than the purported 'abuser'
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05:04<scotti>you are indeed welcome
05:04<Zimsky>that felt cold
05:04<scotti>Mr. unknown
05:04<scotti>it's IRC
05:04<Zimsky>everyone is warm and fuzzy?
05:04<scotti>nope - but there's no way to tell over IRC
05:05<scotti>he's German
05:05<scotti>that's normal
05:05<scotti>No Extra B.S.
05:05<Zimsky>are you german
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05:05<Zimsky>are you a member of the bund
05:05<scotti>ya know - Eastern Europeans think our American "polite" B.S. is really really inauthentic
05:05<scotti>and it's actually offensive to Russians, etc
05:06<scotti>in their culture - fake smiles were deceptive
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05:06<Zimsky>russians can't be offended
05:06<scotti>goes back to the days of Tsar Katarina and Grigory Potemkin
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07:24<dangeroushash>wher all the people?
07:24<millisa>mostly earth.
07:24<dangeroushash>hey dear
07:24<dangeroushash>how are u?
07:24<millisa>er. fine.
07:24<dangeroushash>are u girl?
07:25<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:25<dangeroushash>ok actually im new on irc
07:26<dangeroushash>but im know all member on this chat site --->
07:26<dangeroushash>sure on programming channel on hack.chaat
07:27<dangeroushash>it is prety cool LaTeX
07:27<dangeroushash>try find this
07:28<millisa>found it. it was behind waldo.
07:28<dangeroushash>waldo ?
07:29<dangeroushash>are u a girl?
07:29<dangeroushash>or a mom?
07:29<millisa>only on tuesday and thursdays. other days, we switch.
07:29<dangeroushash>how old are u?
07:30<dangeroushash>hey sweety ?
07:30<millisa>do you have a linode question?
07:30<dangeroushash>oops ok sorry
07:30<dangeroushash>are u a mod here?
07:30<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
07:31<dangeroushash>becouse english is not my first language
07:32<dangeroushash>ohh so u are work on ?
07:32<millisa>not the last time I checked.
07:33<dangeroushash>sorry what do you mean? idu
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07:33<millisa>I am not an employee. The people with @'s in front of their names are employees. The rest of us are mostly customers.
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07:34<dangeroushash>so who are u?
07:35<@armiller>dangeroushash: Do you have a question relating to Linode?
07:35<millisa>I'm several customers.
07:35<dangeroushash>ok @armiller how to get free ?
07:35<millisa>linodes aren't free
07:36<dangeroushash>@millisa ssstt i just ask her
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07:36<@armiller>Linodes aren't free, but you can use promotional codes to get credit when you sign up. This can cover a few months of costs
07:37<dangeroushash>who know the them give free
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07:38<dangeroushash>but why the price is hight ? 5$ per mounth
07:38<millisa>linode prices are extremely low compared to other equivalent services
07:39<dangeroushash>@armiller how much is visitor per day maximum?
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07:40<dangeroushash>hey millisa we can talk on channel btw
07:40<millisa>dangeroushash: there are no artificial limits placed on a linode. you get root access to a full linux instance you spin up. what you do with it and how it is configured and what it can support is up to you.
07:40<Panseriya>I am unable to connect ssh with root user.
07:40<millisa>Panseriya: why not?
07:41<dangeroushash>woow ok , im new on vps
07:41<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Increasing my disk space <> || Feature Request/Bug Report • reboot from the shell via ssh does not reboot (centos) <>
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07:42<Panseriya>I have just configured server. but somehow I am unable to connect ssh with root user
07:42<millisa>Panseriya: it looks like ssh is open on that IP, what's it saying when you try to connect?
07:42<Panseriya>Permission denied (publickey).
07:43<millisa>can you connect with a non-root user?
07:43<Panseriya>I am able to connect with other user
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07:45<millisa>Is PermitRootLogin set to yes in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config? (consider *not* allowing this; if you can ssh in as a regular user, you can always use 'su' to become root or 'sudo' to do things in a privileged way)
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07:46<millisa>or, you could setup an ssh key for your root user (last I checked debian/ubuntu allowed passwordless root login by default)
07:46<Panseriya>How to do it? can you please send me steps for it?
07:46<millisa>if you really want to be able to login with root over ssh with a password, you'd need to set 'PermitRootLogin' to 'yes', and restart ssh (service ssh restart)
07:47<millisa>As for how to do ssh keys, this doc goes over it:
07:47<Panseriya>I am unable to use "sudo" command in other user
07:49<@armiller>Panseriya: You should still be able to use `su` as millisa said earlier
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07:50<Panseriya>simbanic_user is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
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07:52<Panseriya>simbanic_user is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
07:52<@armiller>You need to use `su` not `sudo`. `su` will prompt you for the root password and allow you to log in as root.
07:52<Panseriya>let me try with su
07:53<Panseriya>No passwd entry for user 'nano'
07:53<millisa>just 'su'
07:54<Panseriya>same error
07:54<millisa>are you typing 'su' or are you type 'su nano'?
07:55<Panseriya>both tried
07:55<millisa>It's just 'su'. When you type 'su', it isn't asking for a password?
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08:08<Panseriya>how can i connect ftp with other user?
08:09<Panseriya>I am able to connect but unable edit file via ftp
08:12<Cromulent>don't use FTP use SFTP instead
08:12<Panseriya>I have used sFTP
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08:13<Panseriya> open for write: permission denied
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09:24<Greg>Hi, thinking of going with Linode but want to confirm whether you can point to domains from it?
09:26<grawity>sure, why couldn't you?
09:28<Greg>inherited a 1&1 hosting account that doesn't let you so just wanted to double check. I've come across linode before and didn't think they'd be the type of company to make those restrictions!
09:29<grawity>Linode doesn't *do* webhosting – you get a Linux server & an IP address, and do whatever you want with it
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09:30<grawity>although I'm not sure about how works in the first place, since they sell 3rd level domains apparently
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09:32<nate>I don't even think I've ever seen a, is that actual?
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09:33<Greg>unfortunately yes >.<
09:33<nate>thought everyone just used lol
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09:34<Greg>yeah for some reason this guy has gone with a, think the uk was already taken
09:34<nate>That said, I imagine 1&1 (.com) may not support stuff because 1& is oriented in the US and mostly 'generic' domains. You'd prob need like 1& for the UK/Euro specific domains. Though either way, Linode isn't a registrar
09:34<Greg>I thought the same though, might recommend to get rid of it
09:34<nate>So domain support is otherwise irrelevant here, outside of nameservers, which should support anything that's a "valid" domain
09:36<Greg>thanks for the advice
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09:56<Zimsky>u wot m8
09:56<Zimsky>that seems so pointless
09:56<Zimsky>especially when you now have .uk
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10:22<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • reboot from the shell via ssh does not reboot (centos) <>
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12:38<mydog2>morn.. anyone here use both linode as well as digitalocean??
12:39<linbot>mydog2: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:39<mydog2>i asked the question
12:40<dwfreed>you're looking for a topic expert; ask your real question
12:40<mydog2>no.. i wanted to know if anyone uses both..
12:40<mydog2>good lord..
12:40<dwfreed>I'm sure somebody does
12:40<millisa>many somebodies.
12:40<dwfreed>I can probably think of one
12:40<millisa>why are you asking if there are folks that use both
12:41<mydog2>i was curious.. if there were people who did.. i was curious as to the pros/cons that they saw..
12:42<millisa>linode you get more ram for the buck. do's got their block store and recently their separate firewall.
12:43<dwfreed>I don't see a particular benefit to the separate firewall
12:43<millisa>linode's backups you have a bit more control over when they run.
12:43<millisa>billing is different between the two on backups too
12:44<dwfreed>Linode's block storage service is in the works, might be in beta $soon
12:44<millisa>dwfreed: you get to tick off a box on audits that you have a separate firewall. and it sounded like you could use it like the aws security groups where it applies to multiple nodes
12:44<dwfreed>millisa: *shrug* config management
12:45<millisa>won't hear me arguing for it
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13:11<Zimsky>FluffyFoxeh: would prefer .gb
13:11<Zimsky>screw the rest
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13:28<mydog2>ok.. took a quick look at the api/docs..
13:29<mydog2>do allows me to spin up 100-200 instances.. is there a way to do that with linode or is that a conversation to have with their cust sevie guys?
13:30<mydog2>also... are there sample chunks of api code "working" examples that is.. just to save time if I wanted to switch over..
13:31<mydog2>i've seen some of the snips of api for the diff languages..
13:35-!-diveyez [~dyuveyez@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fefb:a6d3] has joined #linode
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13:37<dwfreed>mydog2: there's a limit of 75 per hour, other than that, make as many as you can pay for
13:39<mydog2>dwfreed, -- hmm 75/hr?? not enough.. is that a limit that can be increased?? or is it a platform limit?
13:40<dwfreed>it's a hard limit, can't be changed; why do you need more than 75 per hour?
13:40<mydog2>ie with DO.. i can create a vm/snapshot. and spin off a bunch off that..
13:40<dwfreed>oh, they increased it to 250 per hour
13:40<mydog2>dwfreed, i'm doing parallel computation.. so the more the merrier
13:40<millisa>a very sneaker friendly number.
13:41<mydog2>cheap computation
13:41<mydog2>250 would prob work..
13:41<mydog2>is that 250, without any special "privs".. ie, ust $$$
13:42<mydog2>just $$$
13:42<dwfreed>the implementation of the limit is such that it cannot be changed per account
13:42<mydog2>oh.. i thought i saw something that implies a limit of "clones" you can make with a single base vm.. did i miss something??
13:43<dwfreed>there's no limit other than the number you can create per hour
13:43<millisa>the only limit is yourself!
13:44<mydog2>so i can create a base vm.. and then spin up 200 from the base.. and run my tests.. .. ok.. same as do then..
13:45<mydog2>need to eval the api then..
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17:34<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Increasing my disk space <>
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18:05<SleePy>Anyone else notice some random timeouts in Fremont today?
18:07<@mcintosh>not that i've seen, no - do you have MTRs?
18:07<SleePy>No mtrs. It just did it a few seconds ago. Long enough to get my alerts triggering. Did it a few hours ago as well.
18:08<SleePy>Maybe its my isp.
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18:16<Ikaros>I could only name one ISP that shitty. ;)
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18:35<abacus_jim>hi. anyone free to answer a few linode questions?
18:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:35<grawity>as long as someone asks them first
18:37<abacus_jim>have been running a number of servers for my domain on my linode for couple years. very happy w the setup! question is how linode handles things like DDOS attacks on IPs they control? what are customers' options, etc
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18:54<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • DNS not propagating for subdomain/s <> || Web Servers and Web App Development • DNS not propagating for subdomain/s <>
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22:18<alex>I am hosting a site through linode, but cant seem to login to my wordpress site
22:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
22:18<arlen>time to ssh into the server and reset it
22:18<alex>i keep getting This page isn’t working redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
22:19-!-aspis [] has joined #linode
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22:19<alex>what is SSH?
22:19<arlen>secure shell
22:20<alex>tbh I know very little about webdesign and coding
22:20-!-mode/#linode [+l 366] by ChanServ
22:20<alex>im a very basic user, i work at a Kartell store in los angeles, and wanted to update our website, i got locked out when i changed some settings in general settings
22:21<alex>now when i go to ""
22:21<alex>and click forgot password i get an error
22:21<arlen>who installed wordpress?
22:21<alex>an employee YEARS ago
22:22<alex>im assuming
22:23<alex>I'm not even exactly sure what email is associated with the account, I hope that its the current email that I'm using
22:23<millisa>looks like your site is 301 redirecting between www and non-www.
22:24<alex>yeah i looked into that problem but i need to be able to log in to resolve the issue
22:24<alex>but i cant log in
22:24<alex>and get an error when i do "forgot password"
22:24<millisa>forgot password on the linode manager?
22:25<alex>honestly i dont know the password here either
22:25<alex>because i didnt set up the site with this server
22:25<alex>it was a former employee, im assuming
22:25<alex>are you a linode admin?
22:25<millisa>most of us are customers.
22:26<alex>what do you suggest i do?
22:26<millisa>you weren't given access to the server itself or the linode manager user/pass?
22:27<millisa>You'll need to figure out which credit card is used to pay for the account then. The linode support folks can help you figure out the email account used for the manager, but they usually will verify with the credit card and some other id
22:28<millisa>But without shell access or access to the manager, there's not anything here someone's going to be able to do to help fix your redirect issue
22:29<alex>the accountant is gonna love this :D
22:29<millisa>to properly admin a linode, you'd need to get that info anyways...
22:32-!-KindOne [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:33<alex>thanks millisa
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23:05<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • DNS not propagating for subdomain/s <>
23:12<kyhwana>hrhrgh DNS "propogating"
23:14<SleePy>Looks like my connection issues are my isps uplink. MTR times out. Last hop I get is just before my ISP leaves their network.
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