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01:21<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
01:21<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
01:21<rsdehart>what manner of sorcery is this?
01:22<@mcintosh>linbot luvs me
01:23<@mcintosh>Error: "luvs" is not a valid command.
01:23<Ikaros>I sense a secret hatred
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02:38<lych>hi there
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02:39<lych>do your droplets expand when i upgrade to another plan?
02:40<Peng>WWhat do you mean? Disk space?
02:41<Ikaros>lol, a DO customer.
02:42<Peng>You can resize your disk images bigger or smaller at any time (within the confines of your plan). Upgrading to a larger plan does enable you to resize your disk images larger.
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03:13<dcraig>does linode have cloud firewalls?
03:22<dcraig>ok then, I'll put arlen between my linode and the internet
03:23<arlen>wise choice
03:23<arlen>everyone should have an arlen
03:25<dcraig>arlentables -L -v -n
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04:31<rsdehart>everybody's got a water buffalo^W^Warlen, yours is fast but mine is slow, where do you get one I don't know but everybody's got a water buffaloOOOO^W^WarlennnnNNNNN
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06:16<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Does anyone else have LISH issues? <>
06:18<Shahzoor>Hi. How can I send a mail from 'mail' cmd using other FROM email address?
06:18<Shahzoor>If I just use echo "BODY" | mail -s "SUBJECT", it is sending through hostname
06:19<Shahzoor>telnet localhost smtp ---- is this good?
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11:13<FluffyFoxeh><lych> do your droplets expand when i upgrade to another plan?
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13:21<azza>can anyone help me with Create a Certificate Signing Request
13:22<azza>when i run command = openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -sha256 -days 365 -keyout /etc/ssl/private/ -out
13:22<dzho>does /etc/ssl/private exist?
13:23<azza>this error appear = WARNING: can't open config file: /usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf Unable to load config info from /usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf
13:24<azza>yes. exist
13:24<dzho>ok, so does /usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf exist?
13:25<dzho>also, does the command complete anyway? That's a warning, not an error.
13:25<dzho>so it's possible it still works, but is just pointing you to where it looks by default for settings it probably needed to prompt you for.
13:26<azza>noob here. how to check /usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf exist?
13:27<dzho>how did you check that /etc/ssl/private exists?
13:27<azza>i use cd /etc/ssl/private
13:29<azza>ok. /usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf is exists.
13:30<azza>what i do wrong?
13:32<dzho>not sure.
13:32<dzho>run whoami to see what user you are running as
13:32<dzho>ls -ldh /usr/lib/ssh/openssl.cnf to see who owns that file and what permissions they are given
13:33<dzho>also, what instructions are you following?
13:35<azza>i'm running as root. i follow same one as u gave
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15:34<linbot>mcintosh: Latest 32 bit (4.9.15-x86-linode100) <> || Latest 64 bit (4.9.15-x86_64-linode81) <> || 4.9.15-x86_64-linode81 <> || 4.9.15-x86-linode100 <> || 4.9.7-x86_64-linode80 (4 more messages)
15:41<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
15:44<CornishPasty>Oh thank goodness
15:44<CornishPasty>I was starting to get worried about you Eugene
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15:56<dcraig>i turn my linodes off on Mondays
15:56<dcraig>out of respect
15:58*arlen nods
16:27<linbot>mcintosh: Latest 64 bit (4.9.15-x86_64-linode81) - 2017-04-10 :: Latest 32 bit (4.9.15-x86-linode100) - 2017-04-10
16:28<@mcintosh>perhaps || is a superior divider for readability..
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16:29<linbot>mcintosh: Latest 64 bit (4.9.15-x86_64-linode81) - 2017-04-10 || Latest 32 bit (4.9.15-x86-linode100) - 2017-04-10
16:29<@mcintosh>eh - not really
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16:35<SleePy>I read || as OR
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17:04<User013>hello i got msg from user linode & he give me to send bit-coin. i give bit-coin but no sarver? where my VPS?
17:04<User013>he deliver VPS delay?
17:05<User013>he said instantt send me of sarver
17:05<User013>u have my moanies
17:05<User013>where my sarver?
17:05<User013>he selll it for me on the chat
17:05<Peng>Linode doesn't take bitcoin.
17:05<User013>he say dont use for web page
17:05<Peng>Or sell things in chat rooms.
17:05<User013>he said linode
17:06<User013>where my sarver?
17:06<User013>4g RAM
17:06<User013>i pay for it
17:06<User013>plz where the detail for it?
17:06<User013>he sayd discount buy for the chat
17:07<User013>so i buy for the chat
17:07<User013>seravar set up
17:07<Peng>Who's "he"?
17:07<User013>man name linode
17:07<User013>he say he sell here to this place
17:08<User013>plz saver set up?
17:08<Peng>Maybe you should ask him.
17:08<User013>or i rapport u
17:08<dzho>to whom, the bitcoin police?
17:08<User013>world paolice i rapprt u to them
17:08<User013>for steal my moanies
17:08<Peng>You should talk to the person you gave Bitcoin to.
17:08<User013>thisi is lineode chat
17:08<User013>he say linode
17:09<Peng>People say lots of things.
17:09<dzho>he could have said Donald Trump
17:09<User013>i buy vpas 4 gig RAM
17:09<dzho>and that might have been just as true
17:09<User013>i paya with bit-coin
17:09<dzho>well, so you say.
17:09<dzho>we also don't know who you are.
17:09<User013>he seold it
17:09<User013>he say instantn set up for vps
17:09<dzho>you can sort of see the problem here.
17:09<User013>instant/ where my vps
17:09<User013>hello help me plaz
17:10<User013>or i rapprot u all
17:10<User013>for steal of theft
17:10<arlen>oh well
17:10<User013>plz dont be ruders to this palace
17:10<User013>i assit for VPS?
17:10<User013>i want set -up
17:11<User013>log in for it
17:11<User013>whao can help for this solatuion
17:11<Peng>User013: Ask the person you paid.
17:11<User013>he says instant for satup
17:11<arlen>the world police
17:11<Peng>User013: Not random otherp eople.
17:11<User013>this isai linode ?
17:11<User013>yes htais this lindo
17:11<User013>i find it
17:11<User013>he says he lineode
17:11<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
17:12<User013>he esay web-site naot work
17:12<User013>so i cget deal for chat
17:12<arlen>lame troll
17:12<User013>so 4gig VPS
17:12<User013>he say instanta for set up?
17:12<User013>help plz
17:12<User013>i jaust want connect for it
17:13<User013>how connect
17:13<dzho>well, since you don't have it already I guess it wasn't instant, and that means that person was lying to you.
17:13<User013>athat why help for me ok
17:13<dzho>and probably about a lot of things.
17:13<User013>mayebe problem?
17:13<User013>what problem to this palace?
17:13<dzho>arlen: yeah, I'm not sure which would be worse: If this is trolling, or if this is real.
17:13<User013>i apay him
17:13<User013>he have pay moanies
17:13<dzho>do you even know it was "him"?
17:14<User013>soi did pay for sarvice
17:14<User013>so for me here is the chat ok?
17:14<User013>for costumer sarvice
17:14<User013>set-up not avail? i need the costumer sarvice
17:15<User013>i am not for wronger to this palace
17:15<User013>i am for haelp of my set up
17:15<arlen>User013: listen, linode doesn't accept bitcoin as payment. whoever you paid wasn't a linode employee. you're welcome to create an account at and get a server that way.
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17:16<User013>jcan e mail set-up for me?
17:16<User013>sfor log in
17:16<User013>to VPS
17:16<User013>4GIG ram
17:16<User013>plz make 4GIG ram
17:16<User013>it imporatnt
17:16<arlen>there's nothing we can do here for your current situation
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17:17<User013>is that problem of set up?
17:17<User013>no quantity RAM for vps ?
17:17<User013>plz end delayy for RAM
17:17<User013>do u have replenish ?
17:17<User013>do u plan replenish?
17:17<User013>i eat a tomato
17:18<User013>do u have replenish RAM ?
17:19<arlen>finished the tomato?
17:19<User013>linode RAM exhaust ?
17:19<User013>help mu explain to me
17:19<User013>4 GIG ok
17:19<User013>plz no less for it fail function to me
17:19<User013>4 GIG
17:19<@jalter>Anyone read any good books lately?
17:20<arlen>I need to read more books
17:20<User013>plz halp ur costumer!!!!
17:20<User013>i am to be valuble costumer
17:20<@jalter>I own a few that I haven't read because they're physical books. Seems I'm more likely to read it if it can go onto my phone or a tablet.
17:21<@jalter>There's one on Ansible that seems pretty solid.
17:21<User013>i am costumer to this palace ok
17:21<@jalter>"Ansible for DevOps"
17:21<User013>i wait set up for VPS
17:21<User013>i pay my moanies
17:21<User013>it wait now?
17:22<User013>i amm not goat for mistreat ok
17:23<User013>i summon world paolice for betray of me
17:23<User013>do u want trabbles? plz no
17:23<User013>u r in big traables
17:23<arlen>gonna call team america?
17:25<User013>world paolice
17:25<User013>i talking for them to this momentt!!!!!!!
17:25<User013>they r confirm my case!
17:25<User013>ur in big trrables
17:25<arlen>definitely troll
17:25<User013>for theft maonies
17:25<User013>they sayi give me VPS ok
17:25<User013>4 GIG
17:26<arlen>ask them to connect us to a supervisor
17:27<User013>poalice man say he com for u to regret my moanies
17:27<User013>u thiever
17:27<@jalter>wait, one paolice man for all of us?
17:27<User013>u stoalen my moanies
17:27<User013>i demand refound
17:27<User013>refound plz
17:28<@jalter>Please allow 3-5 business days for processing
17:28<User013>or paolice man get u foar stolen
17:28<User013>reofund plz
17:28<User013>in moment
17:28<arlen>ok done. did you get it?
17:28<dcraig>ok where can I get a Trumpnode
17:29<User013>u felllows are wrongers to me
17:30<arlen>oh well
17:31<User013>u r go for jail ok
17:31<User013>for staolen
17:31<User013>u lier
17:31<User013>paolice hearing ur wronger of me
17:31<dcraig>a VPS is sort of like a little jail
17:32<User013>helpp plz
17:32<ajmitch>dcraig: but if he doesn't have one, how can he put us in it?
17:32<User013>haelp vps
17:32<User013>u r stappid foals
17:32<arlen>oh well
17:43<User013>i finnish tomato
17:43<User013>u r bad parsons
17:43<User013>i have decide it
17:46-!-Linguica [] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
17:46<User013>world paolice say u have big tribble !!!~
17:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 368] by ChanServ
17:48<User013>UUUU FREEGOATS
17:48-!-User013 [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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17:52<dannluciano>hi guys, anyone have notices about when linode offers block storage?
17:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 368] by ChanServ
17:56<dcraig>free goats :D
17:57-!-dannluciano [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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18:47<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Linode Manager and Linode API <>
19:01<Ikaros>Again? Damn.
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19:21<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Does anyone else have LISH issues? <> || Web Servers and Web App Development • DNS not propagating for subdomain/s <> || Web Servers and Web App Development • DNS not propagating for subdomain/s <> || General Discu
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19:31<Spajjie>Hi, can somebody tell me whether there are some relay mail servers that I can point my linode ubuntu server to?
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19:34<Cromulent>Spajjie: if you want to send email I use Amazon SES
19:35<Spajjie>Thank you
19:38<millisa>I'm interested in this monthly freegoats service. Where is the beta for it?
19:39<Peng>Try or
19:40<millisa>the second one appears to exist
19:40<millisa>the content leaves a little to be desired.
19:42<Peng>I'm afraid to click
19:42<millisa>(just a parked page)
19:42<millisa>I was disappointed, too
19:43<millisa>I bet they announce the horse cloud on Friday and there'll be stuff here then
19:51-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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22:53<Redrield>Every time I listen to a new podcast that's sponsored by linode, I kinda feel ripped off
22:53<Redrield>It sucks :/
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22:59<Redrield>I used a promo code from ATP for $10
22:59<Redrield>Every single ad for linode offers a code for $20 now
22:59<arlen>so because you didn't predict the future, you feel ripped off?
22:59<Redrield>Well even when I got it I went far back into the backlog of one podcast, obviously before this started happening
23:00<Redrield>Cause going through the immediate backlog of Analog(ue) and Upgrade I find codes for $20
23:00<Redrield>so... eh
23:00<arlen>can't remember if i ever used a code
23:01<millisa>i don't know that i've ever felt ripped off when someone handed me money. even when the person next to me got handed more money.
23:01<Redrield>I know it's selfish, but it's just kinda annoying
23:01<arlen>just think of all the cool upgrades/gifts you've gotten by being a customer
23:02-!-Linguica [] has joined #linode
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23:04<Peng>I hate when i buy something, and then it's $1 cheaper the next day
23:04<Peng>Amazon did that to me once in like 2009. >:(
23:05<arlen>some credit cards will give you the difference
23:05<arlen>think citi or capital one offers that
23:05<Peng>"Hello, Capital One? I have this credit card transaction from..."
23:07<Peng>"As you can clearly see in this screenshot from Firefox 3.5..."
23:13<dwfreed>firefox 3.6 was best firefox
23:14<dwfreed>(last version before 4.0)
23:14<Peng>Have you ever tried using an old version of Firefox?
23:14<dwfreed>3.6.15 was the last update before 4.0 was released; 4.0 and 3.6.16 were released the same day
23:14<Peng>Like, when i upgrade, i always hate the UI changes. But then you sue an old version, and bleh.
23:18<SleePy>They still offer discounts with the new rates?
23:18<dwfreed>They still give coupon codes for new customers
23:19<dwfreed>best I've seen is the conference special (sign up for an account at a Linode booth at a conference, get $50 in free credit)
23:20<SleePy>I haven't changed mine since I sign up many years ago.
23:23-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:20b2:585d:9bfb:addd] has joined #linode
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23:40<arlen>SleePy: I don't think its changeable
23:41<arlen>probably not even stored with the account. not needed after signing up
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