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01:39<Panseriya>Can you please suggest memory_limit in php.ini?
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01:40<nate>Can you clarify a bit? :P
01:40<Panseriya>We need to increase the value of 2GB. Is that Possible?
01:40<grawity>as long as your linode has enough RAM
01:41<nate>If you have more than a 2G linode, sure, but it would also be absolutely insane. If you have individual PHP scripts doing more than 2G in memory usage you're probably doing things very very wrong (unless the box is literally being used for a once-in-awhile heavy-load PHP script)
01:41<Panseriya>Can you please recommend that what should maximum memory can set into the php.ini file for memory_limit?
01:41<nate>Nobody here can possibly give you a general estimation, every application is different.
01:42<Panseriya>Can you please give me total memory in our linode server?
01:42<grawity>that's part of whatever plan you use
01:43<grawity>in fact, it's even part of the plan's name
01:43<Panseriya>how can i check our plan name
01:43<grawity>check the Linode Manager?
01:43<grawity>also, use `free -h` or `htop` or similar tools to find out how much used/free memory the server currently has
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04:53<Mitch>Hey guys, I'm just interested if you have customers that use ActiveCollab on your servers
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04:53<Mitch>And if your smallest package meets the minimum system requirments
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04:56<Woet>why dont you just check the system requirements..?
05:00<Mitch>Well the thing about that is
05:00<Mitch>That i'm not sure where to check if the servers support
05:00<Mitch>PHP 5.6 and above
05:00<Woet>are you familiar with Linux system administration?
05:00<Mitch>MySQL5 etc
05:00<Woet>are you aware of what Linode is selling?
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05:00<Mitch>Not really, this service was recommended to me by a friend
05:01<Woet>Linode sells Linux VPSes
05:01<Woet>which means you have to install PHP and MySQL yourself
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05:01<Woet>and you can install any version you like
05:01<Woet>if you're unfamiliar with Linux system administration, you're not going to have a good time
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05:01<Mitch>Woet you are a life saver :)
05:01<Mitch>Ah we have our sys admin
05:01<Mitch>I'm just trying to confirm this is actually what we need
05:01<Woet>then ask them whether it meets the requirements
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05:02<Mitch>They blew me off as it's my job to fund thus find a solution
05:02<Mitch>Not very friendly that guy hah
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05:05<Mitch>But thank you Woet, I really appreciate the confirmation! :)
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08:36<AndrewMohawk>Hey guys, I just migrated my linode to the KVM and got the free upgrade, its restarted and I can connect via lish but I cant seem to make any connections to the box, netstat -nat | grep -i listen shows me services running (ssh, apache, etc) but I cant seem to even connect to these from the box itself or from the net
08:36<AndrewMohawk>is there something silly I've missed here? (it was accepting connections prior to the restart)
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08:43<AndrewMohawk>I cant ping ip's outside the box either
08:45<AndrewMohawk>I've also restarted the box
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09:39<Jean_>Hello !
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09:41<Jean_>Can anyone tell me how much it cost me If Iwant purchase a "Linode managed " with $5 server ?
09:45<dzho>Jean_: pricing is on the managed page
09:45<dzho>ctrl-f pric
09:47<Jean_>There is no pricing There . I have already check it Out
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10:00<dzho>you can lead a horse to water
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10:03<dzho>AndrewMohawk: any luck?
10:04<dzho>pastebin the results of 'ip a' and of 'ip r' probably, if not.
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11:09<AndrewMohawk>dzho, here was there response
11:09<AndrewMohawk>Hi Andrew,
11:09<AndrewMohawk>It looks like you've gotten bitten by Predictive Network Interface Names; i.e. eth0 is being renamed to ens4.
11:09<AndrewMohawk>Run this command:
11:09<AndrewMohawk> ln -s /dev/null /etc/udev/rules.d/80-net-setup-link.rules
11:09<AndrewMohawk>and then reboot your Linode. Everything should come back up as this will prevent eth0 from being renamed.
11:10<AndrewMohawk>didnt even see it changed
11:10<AndrewMohawk>but its up now again thankfully
11:12<dwfreed>caker: you can add 'net.ifnames=0' to the kernel command line of Linode kernels to disable predictable network interface names entirely (should probably make network helper add the udev override anyway, though; both /etc/udev/rules.d/80-net-name-slot.rules and /etc/udev/rules.d/80-net-setup-link.rules)
11:13<Woet>!point dwfreed
11:13<linbot>Woet: Point given to dwfreed. (16)
11:13<dwfreed>jleal: ^ :)
11:13<Woet>dwfreed: point4point
11:13<dwfreed>!point Woet
11:13<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to woet. (5)
11:13<linbot>dwfreed: 1. eugene (24) 2. millisa (24) 3. dwfreed (16) 4. peng (14) 5. mcintosh (10)
11:13<Woet>whats the cooldown?
11:13<Woet>!point dw
11:13<linbot>Woet: Point given to dw. (1)
11:13<Woet>!point dwfreed
11:13<linbot>Woet: Point given to dwfreed. (17)
11:14<dwfreed>I'm not sure there is one
11:14<Woet>!point Woet
11:14<dwfreed>but mcintosh will probably ban you if you do it too much
11:14<Woet>!point mcintosh
11:14<linbot>Woet: Point given to mcintosh. (11)
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11:35<dwfreed>Eugene: plz2update the server and rejoin the channel
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11:51<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
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12:04<tanja84dk>I have a question that I have not been able to google. If I want to cat a webserver logfile and want to now show lines with my ip is there then a way to do that?
12:04-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
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12:04<relidy>cat <filename> | grep -v "<IP address>"
12:05-!-madbytes is "madbytes" on #debian @#iqyotpsc
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12:05<tanja84dk>relidy thanks I will look into the grep -v
12:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 373] by ChanServ
12:06<tanja84dk>relidy thanks alot that worked. I have now written that down in my personal manual / cheat sheet
12:07-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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12:07<dzho>grep -v "<IP address>" filename
12:07-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has joined #linode
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12:08<dwfreed>yay UUOC
12:09<dzho>> There is a twist: echo will "flatten" any whitespace in $variable into a single space
12:10-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
12:10<tanja84dk>dzho: also thanks to you and yes that is true but I follow several files ( web logs ) so in this situation I'm using cat -f * |grep -v "<IP address>" so it shows the log file name when it reads from a log file
12:10<dwfreed>dzho: echo doesn't, bash does
12:10<dwfreed>tanja84dk: grep -v '<IP address>' <list of files>
12:10-!-madbytes is "madbytes" on @#iqyotpsc #debian @#mmejc @#tzvwcaj
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12:11<dwfreed>telling grep all the files means that it'll tell you which file it's in
12:11-!-descender [~heh@2406:3003:200b:12:1ca6:46d2:4c53:83c9] has joined #linode
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12:12<dzho>what version of cat has -f?
12:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 374] by ChanServ
12:13<tanja84dk>dwfreed: sure but I'm using it to follow real time with the cat -f and I dont know that is posible with grep. Plus everytime there is a new line in another file then it post like this "==> <==" over the output in standard output
12:13-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has joined #linode
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12:13<tanja84dk>dzho: I think it has been the follow flag forever
12:13<hawk>tail -f?
12:13<dwfreed>tanja84dk: there's no such thing as cat -f
12:14<tanja84dk>I actually think its from bash then because that is the command I use
12:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 375] by ChanServ
12:14<dzho> <-- I've seen enough weird differences between BSD-ish utilities and GNU-ish utilities to never say never, but I don't see it here, for instance.
12:15<dzho>and I get an invalid option error when trying to use it.
12:15<dzho>tanja84dk: so, yeah, I disbelieve :-)
12:15-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
12:15<tanja84dk>my bad all
12:15<dwfreed>bash doesn't implement cat
12:16<dwfreed>it implements a lot of things, but cat is not one of them
12:16-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has joined #linode
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12:16<tanja84dk>just noticed I use a alias and thought it were cat
12:16<tanja84dk>actually its tail there is run
12:16<dwfreed>(kill, sleep, time, and test, for example)
12:16<zifnab>i have a better list somewhere
12:16<zifnab>gawk; grep; unzip; touch; strip; init, uncompress, gasp; finger; find, route, whereis, which, mount; fsck; nice, more; yes; gasp; umount; head, halt, renice, restore, touch, whereis, which, route, mount, more, yes, gasp, umount, expand, ping, make clean; sleep
12:17<tanja84dk>when we follow a log in our systems
12:17<dwfreed>zifnab: the ones I listed are the ones bash implements that are also binaries
12:17<zifnab>(these are all actually linux commands)
12:17<dzho>speaking as we are of tail, that's one of the BSD v GNU differences: GNU coreutils has 'tac' but BSD stuff seems to lack, uh ... tac. Instead, BSD has "tail -r". OK, fine, so I'll standardize on using tail -r. But guess what? GNU's tail doesn't have -r!
12:17<dzho>GROUP HUG
12:17<zifnab>dwfreed: ah, whoops. i bet i could implement all those in bash though
12:18-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
12:18<zifnab>dzho: i have a fix for this. don't use BSD
12:18-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has joined #linode
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12:20<dzho>zifnab: a knowledge of an immigrant's language can help in welcoming them to their GNU home.
12:20<zifnab>Fair point
12:21<zifnab>I'm sure I know something more esoteric for reasons
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12:23<dzho>yeah, I forget where I ran across that, not something I do often at all. Maybe I was trying to use a Mac?
12:23<dzho>"oh, it has bash. OK!"
12:23<dzho>that is some sneaky shit right there.
12:23-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
12:24<dzho>least they could do is stick to some non-GNU shell if they're going to use FreeBSD stuff everywhere else.
12:24<dzho>what an unholy conglomeration.
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12:28<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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12:40<zifnab>Eugene did you need a ride
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12:41<zifnab>I'm leaving
12:41<zifnab>As soon as pants
12:41<Eugene>Nope, thanks
12:41<zifnab>Cool, np
12:41<zifnab>In which case, I'm gonna go get that tire fixed
12:43-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
12:43<zifnab>Actually gonna grab a reachnow, I haven't driven a go-kart in a while
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13:01<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
13:02<Pratik>my linode node does not start and gives error No Config Profile provided
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13:02<dwfreed>did you deploy a distribution?
13:02<Pratik>dont remember
13:02<Pratik>I created server a month ago
13:02<Pratik>it was started
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13:02<Pratik>I tried to access it today but does not work
13:02<dwfreed>do you have disk images?
13:03-!-mode/#linode [+l 376] by ChanServ
13:03<dwfreed>is there anything in the job log?
13:03<Pratik>not sure
13:03<Pratik>I am new to linode and accessing it only for the second time
13:03<Pratik>I am happy to rebuid servers if required
13:03<dwfreed>take a screenshot of the section between the disk images list and the graphs
13:04<dwfreed>if there's a 'more' link in that area, click that first
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13:05<Pratik>how can I upload screenshot here?
13:05-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has joined #linode
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13:05<dwfreed>post it to imgur
13:05<dwfreed>just be sure to uncheck the gallery option
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13:08<@sjacobs>^^ start there
13:09<Pratik>ok thanks
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13:11<dwfreed>(it was never deployed)
13:12<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
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13:22-!-Denys [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:22<Denys>Hello. do you have installed cPanel on VPS?
13:23-!-mode/#linode [+l 375] by ChanServ
13:23<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
13:25<Denys>Ok, do you have some panel pre-instaled? or I need to install everuthing? I didn't use VPS before
13:25<dzho>Denys: there is a web management console for creating, starting, stopping the VMs.
13:26<dzho>it does not do very much at all to manage what is running in the VMs though.
13:26-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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13:26<Denys>So, I need to install PHP, MySQL, etc by myself?
13:29<atrus>Denys: that's what a vps is, IaaS, just like renting/hosting a dedicated server.
13:30<Denys>Ok, Thank you
13:32-!-Denys [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
13:32<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
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13:55-!-joao_ [] has joined #linode
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13:55<joao_>are you from staff?
13:55<millisa>most of us are customers
13:56<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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13:56<joao_>So, i need a server to restream some iptv channels
13:56<joao_>what do you advise me?
13:57<millisa>you can do anything (legal) you want with a linode.
13:58<joao_>what service do you advise?
13:58<millisa>they give you an empty system you install linux (mostly) and anything else you want to install. you get root access.
13:58<@caker>the only limit is yourself
13:58<joao_>i am a little noob
13:58<millisa>well, linodes are easy to resize. you can start with the smallest and if you find it's not enough, you can resize upwards.
13:58<joao_>how many users could be watch the channel in the 40$ plan?
13:59<millisa>You might want to browse this: it gives you a feel for what it's like setting a linode up
13:59-!-jpm [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:59<millisa>joao_: I doubt anyone here could guess. That sounds like it'd be pretty dependent on the stream sizes and the clients networks
13:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 376] by ChanServ
14:00<joao_>but its possible to use linode to stream an ".m3u" or ".ts" file?
14:00<millisa>if you know how to do it on linux, I don't see why not. people use them for all sorts of things
14:00-!-jpm [] has joined #linode
14:00-!-jpm is "jpm" on #iovisor #kernelnewbies #perf #linode
14:00<joao_>i dont know it
14:01<joao_>thats why i am asking
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14:05<@jalter>joao_: You can do it with Linode, but you'd need to install and configure the necessary software. We give you a server with Linux installed, and a network connection. The rest is up to you.
14:05-!-joao_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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14:12<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
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14:22<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
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14:49-!-Denys [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:50<Denys>Hello , where I can ask question regarding PHP installation? or I need to open ticket?
14:50<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 377] by ChanServ
14:51<MajObviousman>not always
14:52<Denys>I cannot install PHP , Ubuntu 16.04 , it says Package 'php5' has no installation candidate , also i have tried ppa and it throw me another error
14:52<MajObviousman>could we change that text to "usually"? To better set expectations
14:52<Eugene>Sure, the command is "!alias set ask echo <text>"
14:52<Eugene>I don't think linbot has very many locked commands
14:56<trippeh>random: running my plex on linode block storage would cost me $2100+ a month
14:57<Denys>Thank you millisa!
14:58<dwfreed>Eugene: alias add
14:58<dwfreed>not set
14:58<dwfreed>you re-add over the old one
14:58<Eugene>Its set in newer supybot/limnoria :-/
14:58<Eugene>That thing should be updated
14:59<dwfreed>linbot: version
14:59<linbot>dwfreed: The current (running) version of this Supybot is The newest version available online is
14:59<dwfreed>it is pure supybot, not limnoria
14:59<millisa>and now it's sad that you called it "that thing"
14:59-!-Denys [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:59<Eugene>AFAIK supybot original isn't developed anymore
15:00<Eugene>trippeh - I lost a 10x8TB array to multi-disk failure recently. Aside from "Dont ever buy SMRs", the other thing I learned recently is that AWS is REALLY expensive if you think about putting it all on S3/Glacier...
15:00<Eugene>Just my music library is nearly 200GB
15:01<trippeh>yeah, the restores are especially costly
15:01-!-mode/#linode [+l 376] by ChanServ
15:01<Eugene>I would be using it all-online, with just transcodes coming down the pipe. Still too expensive for storage
15:04<dwfreed>Google Drive + Plex Cloud
15:04<FluffyFoxeh>you lost an 80TB array? O.o
15:04<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: it was probably more like 72 or hopefully 64 formatted
15:05<dwfreed>ie, RAID 5 or 6
15:06<MajObviousman>!alias set ask echo If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's usually willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:06<Eugene>Yeah, RAID-6 mdadm. SMR drives(aka Seagate Archive brand) have problems with I/O timeouts under heavy mixed workloads
15:06*MajObviousman strikes out, but will dig around
15:06<Eugene>SATA command timeout --> retries --> md failed a device out
15:07*trippeh avoids SMR like the plague
15:07<Eugene>Then during the rebuild I had another disk come up with lots of read errors, and it went downhill from there
15:07<MajObviousman>trippeh: you won't have to avoid much long. Winter^W3d Xpoint is coming
15:07<Eugene>Me too, now. These were relatively cheap drives and I got exactly what I paid for. :-|
15:08<Eugene>Oh well, there are always more linux ISOs to download
15:08<Eugene>It is now an 8-disk array, set up as 4+2+2 spares. No problems yet.
15:08-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has quit [Quit: Oh freddled gruntbuggly | Thy micturations are to me | As plurdled gabbleblotchits | On a lurgid bee]
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15:09<Eugene>Meanwhile, I am working on a series of scripts to automate my media sorting and BD-R archival
15:10<dwfreed>MajObviousman: please don't change it
15:10<dwfreed>it's fine the way it is
15:11<FluffyFoxeh>Eugene: what do the scripts do to help with your media sorting?
15:11<Eugene>FluffyFoxeh - I am very particular about how my library is arranged. "Scene naming conventions" are as well, but in the worst possible way.
15:11-!-biax-laptop__ [~biax-lapt@] has joined #linode
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15:11<FluffyFoxeh>ah, yes
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15:13<Eugene>r(u)torrent+autotools spits out stuff into a Finished directory, from there it needs to be sorted by Movie/TV/Music, and then Season/Artist/Album/etc
15:13<Eugene>Its really a series of regexes
15:14-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
15:14<dwfreed>so you have 105 problems?
15:14<Eugene>I am spicing it up with a sqlite database, so that I can also track things I do not currently have
15:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 375] by ChanServ
15:14<Eugene>And maybe, someday, I will buy a BD-R autochanger for a laugh
15:15<millisa>hm. new block store volumes can be online resized. but can't be downsized. resizing an attached volume on a live system doesn't appear to get noticed even when I manually try to force a rescan on the dev
15:15-!-Megaf_ [~Megaf@2a02:8084:2842:7080:c62c:3ff:fe0f:a8bd] has joined #linode
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15:15<@caker>we couldn't either, but didn't investigate too much
15:15<Eugene>How are you doing the rescan? `echo "- - -" | sudo tee /sys/class/scsi_host/hostN/scan` ?
15:15<millisa>it picks up the new size just fine on reboot.
15:16<Eugene>Oh, its KVM. Yeah you're screwed.
15:16<millisa>Eugene: tried that and tried echo "1" > /sys/class/block/sdX/device/rescan
15:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 376] by ChanServ
15:16<Eugene>Yeah, I forgot, qemu is picky about its block device drivers.
15:16<dwfreed>millisa: presumably because the host detaches the device on power-off
15:16<Eugene>I'm used to VMware heh
15:16<dwfreed>Eugene: Linode uses virtio-scsi, so it's still scsi
15:17<dwfreed>apparently it provides better performance than virtio-blk, too
15:17<millisa>(not a feature I'd care about, really, just trying things and noting it probably needs documentation)
15:17<Eugene>dwfreed - do you want me to explain the difference between the various scsi drivers, and ddig into the Red Hat commit history? ;-)
15:18<dwfreed>caker: does it update from the host's perspective if you do that scan from the host? It's possible QEMU isn't passing the rescan commands down to the underlying device
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16:06<YesButProbablyNo>if is normal for a domain name to still not resolve after 8 hours?
16:08<nbrewer>YesButProbablyNo: are you using Linode for DNS? what's the domain name?
16:09<YesButProbablyNo>yeah, I set the nameservers to linode ones
16:09<YesButProbablyNo>when I dig the linode nameservers, it seems fine I guess
16:10<nbrewer>that domain isn't using Linode's name servers
16:10<YesButProbablyNo>that is weird
16:10<YesButProbablyNo>let me double check
16:11<YesButProbablyNo>yeah, that is weird indeed
16:12-!-anew [] has joined #linode
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16:12<nbrewer>YesButProbablyNo: is that a screenshot from your domain registrar?
16:12<YesButProbablyNo>ugh, the support for my domain registrar is offline
16:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 377] by ChanServ
16:13<YesButProbablyNo>nimeserver means nameserver
16:13<YesButProbablyNo>aah fuck me
16:13<YesButProbablyNo>I know what's the problem
16:13-!-anew [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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16:14<YesButProbablyNo>it is still being reviewd
16:14<YesButProbablyNo>but thanks
16:26-!-rzayac [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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16:29<rzayac>Hi, folks, I have a question about using a custom linux image on Linode. Is this possible or are you restricted to the choices available on the portal console?
16:29-!-mode/#linode [+l 379] by ChanServ
16:30<@mcintosh>rzayac: you can definitely do so -
16:39<@mcintosh>no problem
16:40<rzayac>OK that works, one more question. Can you upgrade/add more disk storage without bumping up the node hierarchy? I need more disk than the 8/4/96 option but don't need 12 GB RAM/6 cores of the next teir
16:41<@mcintosh>we have a block storage service currently in Early Access:
16:42<@mcintosh>that would be the only way - plans themselves cannot be customized at this time (but I urge you to try out the new block storage service! open a ticket if you'd like to)
16:42-!-rzayac [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:38<Eugene>Random question: anybody have experience with Adobe Captivate Learnign Management System?
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17:59<trey_>hi i have a question
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18:00<trey_>i am getting a error PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php/20151012/php_gd2.dll' it just recently started happening anyone know what would case this?
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20:23<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (beta) <>
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21:33<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (beta) <>
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