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00:14<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
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00:17<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
00:17<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
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00:19<Ikaros>I sense hackery
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00:22<@mcintosh>no way
00:22<@mcintosh>totally legit! we have the best points!
00:22<@mcintosh>ask anybody
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00:43<Neo_>Hi Linode
00:43<Neo_>May I know the linode pricing plan
00:44<Neo_>if our website has 25,000 concurrent user
00:44<Neo_>which plan you recommend?
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00:44<MrPPS>Neo_: depends on what your website is built with, what resource usage it requires, etc
00:45<MrPPS>See that link for plans
00:45<Neo_>our website is news website
00:45<MrPPS>Neo_: What are you current usage specs/requirements?
00:50<Neo_>now 5, 400 concurrent usage
00:50<MrPPS>What about CPU + RAM + Disk
00:50<Neo_>our vendor didnt give me actual cpu + ram + disk
00:51<MrPPS>Perhaps pick a plan, get your website up and running on it, then test it with simulated users
00:51<MrPPS>see if it can handle concurrent, or not
00:51<MrPPS>Upgrade the plan if need be
00:51<MrPPS>Or if you're running load balanced, add more servers to the pool
00:52<Neo_>they only said 12 servers
00:52<Neo_>wait a minutes
00:52<Neo_>i check my email
00:54<Neo_> Host Name Specs Transfer Network In Network Out 1 CP-NLB 2 Cores/ 48GB SSD 3TB 40 Gbps 250 Mbps 2 CP-NFS 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps 3 CP-DF00 4 Cores/ 96GB SSD 4TB 40 Gbps 500 Mbps 4 CP-ADM02 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps 5 CP-VRMARRIED 4 Cores/ 96GB SSD 4TB 40 Gbps 500 Mbps 6 CP-DEV 4 Cores/ 96GB SSD 4TB 40 Gbps 500 Mbps 7 CP-DF 2 Cores/ 48GB SSD 3TB 40 Gbps 250 Mbps 8 CP-WEB04 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB
00:55<Neo_>pls ignore above
00:55<Neo_> Host Name Specs Transfer Network In Network Out
00:55<Neo_>1 CP-NLB 2 Cores/ 48GB SSD 3TB 40 Gbps 250 Mbps
00:55<Neo_>2 CP-NFS 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps
00:55<Neo_>3 CP-DF00 4 Cores/ 96GB SSD 4TB 40 Gbps 500 Mbps
00:55<Neo_>4 CP-ADM02 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps
00:56<Neo_>5 CP-VRMARRIED 4 Cores/ 96GB SSD 4TB 40 Gbps 500 Mbps
00:56<Neo_>6 CP-DEV 4 Cores/ 96GB SSD 4TB 40 Gbps 500 Mbps
00:56<Neo_>7 CP-DF 2 Cores/ 48GB SSD 3TB 40 Gbps 250 Mbps
00:56<Neo_>8 CP-WEB04 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps
00:56<Neo_>9 CP-WEB05 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps
00:56<Neo_>10 CP-WEB06 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps
00:56<Neo_>11 CP-WEB07 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps
00:56<MrPPS>Are these all the servers you currently use?
00:56<Neo_>12 CP-WEB08 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps
00:57<Neo_>13 CP-WEB09 6 Cores/ 192GB SSD 8TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps
00:57<Neo_>14 CP-DB01 16 Cores/ 1152 GB SSD 20TB 40 Gbps 6000 Mbps
00:57<@mcintosh>hello, kindly use a pastebin services for messages that long:
00:57<Neo_>[12:58] <MrPPS> Are these all the servers you currently use?
00:57<Neo_>these all server curretnl use
00:58<Neo_>i checking google analytic
00:58<MrPPS>Neo_: if you're looking to migrate to Linode, it'd make sense that you then start off with similar specs
00:58<MrPPS>And increase as you need to
00:58<Neo_>now we have 5000 concurrent user
00:58<Neo_>actually we already using linode
00:58<Neo_>now using linode service
00:59<Neo_>bcos vendor told me we hit maximum level (25k concurrent user), we can't upgrade anymore
00:59<Neo_>is it true?
01:00<MrPPS>Which vendor told you that you hit a limit?
01:00<Neo_>vendor said our current spec can hit to 25k
01:00<Neo_>our local website vendor
01:01<MrPPS>If this is a custom written application, then your vendor may have the best idea; it is very hard for us to say. It is possible their application is written in such a way that it cannot handle more than 25k useres
01:01<MrPPS>But that could be a software limitation
01:01<MrPPS>If they're indicating that your hardware won't support more than 25k users, then you'll simply have to assess as you approach that limit
01:01<Neo_>bcos general election is coming , we forecast our website traffic will hit to more than 25k
01:01<MrPPS>and increase your hardware if you need to
01:01<MrPPS>(or redesign - i.e. so that you have more web/db/etc running in parallel)
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01:02<Neo_>i see
01:02<Neo_>i think you are right, they have software limitation
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01:06<Neo_>Thanks Mrpps
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01:08<FluffyFoxeh>that's a shit ton of servers for 5k users
01:09<millisa>and scary single points of failure based on the names
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01:13<Peng>Well, there's "DB01", maybe the other 99 DB servers are... hiding?
01:13<MrPPS>Neo_: No worries!
01:13<millisa>i need 99 1tb ram db servers.
01:14<millisa>and wall mounts. and people to pass them around to.
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03:19<asabih>hi, can anyone share a website hosted on linode's servers in singapore, japan or HK. I need to check its performance in China as iam about to make a decision to host my website on linode for better china connectivity
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03:21<Peng>China's international connectivity can be iffy. :/
03:22<Peng>And it probably depends on ISP.
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04:44<asabih>yes i know it can be verified from the provided link, but i need to have a website hosted at linode so that i can check its performance
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04:45<rsdehart>asabih: those speedtests are on linode-hosted sites
04:46<rsdehart>that's as good a measure of network speed as is possible
04:46<asabih>its giving download option. is there anyway i can check web page rendering?
04:47<rsdehart>you can ping the servers to get response time
04:47<rsdehart>I don't know any sites specifically hosted at those locations
04:49<rsdehart>you can ping a site you consider to have acceptable response time and then ping each of those speedtest sites and see how the numbers compare
04:49<rsdehart>you can't judge Linode's servers by how well some arbitrary site loads on a server of unknown spec, though
04:50<@armiller>asabih: We have a seven day refund period and hourly billing. If you are really concerned about performance testing you can set up a Linode with your web page to test it with almost no risk
04:50<rsdehart>armiller to the rescue
04:50<arlen>site performance could also depend on the admin. two identical servers next each other, one loads the other takes forever
04:50<asabih>ok, in short, iam looking for hosting that provides better connectivity to china. As my major customers are from China.
04:51<rsdehart>hence the only objective measurement you're going to be able to get is download speed and ping time
04:51<asabih>And i got to know linode provides good connectivity
04:51<asabih>to China
04:51<rsdehart>so ping the test servers, like I suggested
04:52<rsdehart>better than some subjective test
04:52<rsdehart>either the numbers are good or they're not
04:55<asabih>ok thanks rsdehart
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05:07<Peng>But just because one ISP has good or bad connectivity to Linode, doesn't mean another does.
05:07<Peng>It varies.
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05:35<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (beta) <>
05:35<Agasper>Hi all, is there intranet for servers ?
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05:36<gbit>Happy bday Linode! :)
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05:39<Agasper>intranet inside one region or global ?
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05:41<rsdehart>Agasper: per datacenter
05:41<rsdehart>if you have two linodes in the same DC, they can talk to each other on private IPs without having to hit the open internet
05:42<Agasper>@rsdehart thanks
05:42<gbit>Agasper: don't forget to firewall it
05:55<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • Linode High CPU Usage <>
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07:20<mehul_>how can i set ipv6 as a default ip on that instance
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07:22<dzho>mehul_: it's automatic, you needn't do anything
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07:23<mehul_>Oh okay...i do have ipv4 and ipv6 configured but default route if ipv4 this is why i am confused
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07:24<dzho>mehul_: when I connect to or from my linode to another site that has IPv6 available, It Just Works (eg, the connection goes through IPv6)
07:25<zafar>I have lost my hosting details...Is there any way, we can get the hosting details of the site?
07:25<dzho>!to zafar contact
07:25<dzho>zafar: you'll want to contact Linode directly.
07:26<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Are custom essays a good idea? <>
07:26<dzho>have to hand things like your payment details (eg, what credit card you use) to help confirm that it's you and that it is your account
07:26*dzho has to go
07:27<dzho>good luck, bbl
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09:03<nbrewer> /buffer 44
09:07<Celti>That's a lot of buffers.
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09:10<nbrewer>i'm a popular guy
09:10<nbrewer>also i meant /buffer 4
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09:22<dwfreed>nbrewer: pft, I have 83; GOML
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09:31<MrPPS>251 :(
09:31<MrPPS>screen gets crowded
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09:37<hardik>any one there
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09:37<hardik>i just want to know linode stores data at one place or multiple place
09:38<hardik>anyone there?
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09:48<resicons>hi, I have some questions about linode services, should I ask here?
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09:49<resicons>is there any linode supporter here?
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10:32<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
10:36<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
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11:57<Peterson>Hi. I have some questions if you have time
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11:57<tharkun>Peterson: Just ask, someone will answer.
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11:58<Peterson>witch days will the server be billede, if i order today.. Today or on the first i any month
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12:04<relidy>Peterson: "All services are billed automatically at the end of the month. You are charged the hourly rate for a service up to its monthly cap. You may receive a mid-month bill from Linode if you reach a certain threshold of Linode services used within a single month." --
12:06<Peterson>thx relidy
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12:38<millisa>(Happy Birthday, Linode!)
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12:39<Eugene>I am just noticing that the Backups service for a Linode 1G is $2/mo, versus everything else's "25% of the plan price"
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13:02<zifnab>Eugene: do you want to deal with quarters
13:02<zifnab>i don't
13:03<Eugene>I don't deal with the bills manually. That's why I have a computer?
13:03<millisa>($10 plan has a pair of quarters on the backups)
13:03<zifnab>you know, i wasn't thinking of that
13:05<zifnab>imo with volumes, they should probalby be billed per GB
13:10<Eugene>Volumes don't support backups(yet?)
13:11<millisa>not the new block store ones. not yet.
13:12<millisa>you can enable the backup service for a system with it, but it'll skip those volumes
13:12-!-Linguica [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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13:13<Eugene>What I really want is Linode NFSaaS
13:13<Eugene>But I know thats impossible to do
13:13<csnxs>merry birthday lindoe!
13:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 368] by ChanServ
13:14<csnxs>as a present I'll allow you to evenly share what's left of my lovely hot chocolate
13:14<@tduff>eew it's got spit in it
13:14<@tduff>I mean, thanks
13:14<csnxs>none for mcintosh though
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13:41<irCurts>Greetings. Recently with some help here (thanks millisa and others) I got a linode up with LAMP and Drupal. When setting up LAMP I completely ignored anything to do with email because I set up the email I want to use for the domain I am using with google pro.
13:41-!-Megaf [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:42<irCurts>I am looking for advice on how to get some basic email funtionality from my drupal site without interfering with the whole gmail pro part of it.
13:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 371] by ChanServ
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13:59<alexf>Occasionally I'm Linodin'
14:00<irCurts>how is that working for you?
14:00<dzho>In soviet new jersey, you work for linode
14:00<alexf>Not anymore!
14:01<alexf>jfred: you should approve my blog comment.
14:03<irCurts>so... I did have a bit of a situation I was asking about. Ubuntu 16.04/LAMP/Drupal 8 with a domain where I have already set up email to be handled with that 5 buck a month gmail pro... how can I get my site to be able to do mail?
14:04<@mcintosh>alexf: seems already approved
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14:17<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (beta) <>
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14:18<millisa>irCurts: you don't want it to use your google mail account?
14:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 369] by ChanServ
14:19<dzho>"do mail" could encompass, or exclude, a lot o things.
14:19<millisa>if you just want to send mail using your gmail account, this doc would probably apply:
14:21<irCurts>For now I just need a contact form to work. But at some point I may open up the site to "sign up" and include a forum.
14:21<millisa>if you're just sending mail, you can have postfix on your local server send through your gmail setup with that doc above
14:21<irCurts>suweet thanks :)
14:22<millisa>it's possible to get mail sending to work directly from a linode, but managing all the requirements to get past other people's blacklists/spamscanners/whatnot can be a real pain.
14:22<millisa>it's definitely easier to relay through someone else that deals with that sort of thing
14:23<irCurts>yeah. I liked the whole idea of having google handle that but I hate to break my install just wining how to make it all work this way.
14:23<millisa>This is a more generic guide for getting outbound mail working through someone elses smtp server for debian 7 (it's mostly the same for ubuntu):
14:25<dwfreed>I think you mean 'whining' or 'whinging'
14:25<dwfreed>the latter being chiefly british in origin
14:25<irCurts> this was my first thought. But I set up all that googly stuffs at namecheap as well as A records for use with Linode. This doc seemed to point me at running it all via Linode instead.
14:26<irCurts>I mean "Wing ing"
14:28<grawity>it doesn't matter much who hosts your DNS
14:28<grawity>Linode's DNS service might be nicer than certain registrars' web-based managers
14:29<FluffyFoxeh>Namecheap's used to be nice and then they "modernized" it and now it's awful
14:29<irCurts>that was mentioned more as to what doc to follow to get the results I wanted. I think I like millisa's suggestion more than what I found.
14:30<irCurts>hehe... Fluffy. I soooooo miss all the old "style" of everything from cars to the windows GUI.
14:34<nbrewer>i liked the classic Mac OS interfaces, but every version of Windows before 8 was hideous imo
14:35-!-mboeru [] has joined #linode
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14:36<irCurts>I don't disagree nbrewer. But once I got used to them I was used to them..
14:38*jfred[m] really didn't like namecheap's old interface
14:41<tharkun>Any @ on duty at the moment?
14:42<tharkun>hi, I'll pm you :)
14:46-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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14:48<irCurts>in the guide to use postfix to work with gmail/google apps: I am asked to enter a FQDN. the image shows The default on mine came up Should I accept that default?
14:50<millisa>For the 'myhostname' parameter in postfix?
14:50<irCurts>yes and on the screen before it also. During the actual install.
14:51<millisa>that's your linode server's name.
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14:51<YesButProbablyNo>Talking about postfix, I keep getting Server error: '554 5.7.1 <asd@qwe.rty>: Relay access denied'
14:51<millisa>postfix will use whatever you set there in the helo/ehlo part of the smtp greeting when talking to another server.
14:52<millisa>it works best if it's a valid name that has a correct forward and reverse entry
14:52<millisa>YesButProbablyNo: You get that when you are doing what?
14:53<YesButProbablyNo>sending an email
14:53<YesButProbablyNo>Jun 16 21:47:15 bertram postfix/smtpd[5670]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 554 5.7.1 <>: Relay access denied; from=<> to=<> proto=ESMTP helo=<JUB>
14:53<YesButProbablyNo>this is in my log file
14:53<millisa>that is sending from something on your linode to your linode's smtp port?
14:54-!-trippeh [] has quit [Quit: reboote IRC]
14:54<YesButProbablyNo>from outlook
14:54<millisa>does your smtpd_client_restrictions have 'permit_mynetworks' in it?
14:54-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
14:54<YesButProbablyNo>but my mail server is on linode
14:54<YesButProbablyNo>I beleive it is, let me check treal quick
14:54<millisa>Then ignore what I just said. you are not sending mail to your linode's smtp port from your linode.
14:54-!-dand [~Ofir@] has joined #linode
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14:55<YesButProbablyNo>yeah, sorry
14:55-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:55<millisa>You'd need permit_sasl_authenticated, and you'd need to be authenticating to the server.
14:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 371] by ChanServ
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14:56<YesButProbablyNo>yeah, that might be the issue
14:56<YesButProbablyNo>I thought I fixed that but thanks alot!
14:56<millisa>This doc goes over setting up a postfix/dovecot/mysql mail server that can do that sort of authentication. it may have more than you need.
14:57-!-mboeru [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
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14:59<YesButProbablyNo>is there a command to display where a setting is set for postfix?
14:59<YesButProbablyNo>something to do with postconf
14:59<grawity>"where" is always going to be
15:00<grawity>...well no, also, but I'm not sure if there's a command to divine out which one will be used
15:01<grawity>but eiher way, it's only two files, so
15:01<YesButProbablyNo>yeah, found the issue
15:02<YesButProbablyNo>now I am getting a different error
15:02<YesButProbablyNo>making progress
15:02-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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15:03<YesButProbablyNo>Jun 16 22:03:26 bertram postfix/smtpd[5798]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 554 5.7.1 <>: Relay access denied; from=<> to=<> proto=ESMTP helo=<JUB>
15:04-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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15:37<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Create a new disk and then mount to my existing $20 instance <>
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15:44<YesButProbablyNo>okay, it seems like I can send emails to mailboxes on the same domain
15:47<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Improve the way zones are updated <>
15:55<irCurts>yay! good job YesButProbablyNo
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15:55<irCurts>on my end I am struggling still :(((
15:57<irCurts>pretty sure I am having problems with this. relayhost = []:587
15:57<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode REST API (v4) - Early Access <> || General Discussion • Linode Security <>
15:58<irCurts>I get mail at via the google apps. So if I change the part of that to I get one error and leaving it as I get another.
15:58<YesButProbablyNo>what issue are you having?
15:58<irCurts>in /etc/postfix/
15:59<millisa>the relayhost is the server that your linode is going to hand mail off to for delivery.
15:59<YesButProbablyNo>do you even need to have postfix to use google apps?
16:00<irCurts>I think I do. Yes....
16:00<YesButProbablyNo>I thought you just had to set the MX records
16:01<YesButProbablyNo>but I am no expert in mail servers
16:01<YesButProbablyNo>or in servers in that matter
16:01<irCurts>same here LOL
16:02<irCurts>So millisa if the and are both generating errors what is the correct value for relayhost?
16:03<grawity>since GApps has separate "incoming" and "outgoing" SMTP servers, you need to specify the one they tell you to use in mail apps
16:03<grawity>and specify it inside []'s, with :587, etc.
16:03<irCurts>gotcha. could you drop a clue where to find it? hehe
16:04-!-Rico [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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16:04<YesButProbablyNo>I got it to work
16:04<grawity>google "google apps outlook smtp settings"
16:04<YesButProbablyNo>fucking retarded outlook was not authenticating to smtp
16:04<millisa>relayhost is the mail server you want your linode to hand its mail off to.
16:04-!-Rico [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
16:05<millisa>I could swear I said that an hour or two ago
16:05<irCurts>obviously I am still confused.
16:06<millisa>(that was about the authentication issue).
16:06<millisa>irCurts: what are you confused about
16:06<irCurts>I will get back to you after I read more stuff and hope I can ask a better question.
16:10-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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16:16<irCurts>Jun 16 20:15:12 hipocrates postfix/smtp[17806]: 3FB4520693: SASL authentication failed; server[] said: 534-5.7.9 Please log in with your web browser and then try again.
16:17<zifnab>irCurts: gmail thinks you're fraud
16:17<irCurts>I am... but what can I do to fool them?
16:18<millisa>did you do this step:
16:18<grawity>irCurts: do you use two-factor auth?
16:18<irCurts>yes. the sasl_passwd?
16:19<grawity>you'll need an "app password" I think
16:19<irCurts>grawity I did as per the guide millisa referenced
16:20<millisa>and you did the postmap step after making the sasl_passwd file? then did the bit below where you setup the smtp_sasl_password_maps entry in the and then restarted postfix?
16:20<irCurts>I think the problem is in sasl_passwd file or the file with the value used for [] or []
16:21<millisa>if you are relaying off gmail, you'd use their server name.
16:21<irCurts>yes millsa as well s the chmod and chwon and all the way down
16:21<irCurts>I tried with and smtp.ircurts
16:22<irCurts>different errors when I sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog
16:22<irCurts>I have not done the Troubleshooting - Enable “Less secure apps” access yet.
16:23<millisa>might be that.
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16:40<irCurts>millisa: nope. not that.
16:42-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:42<millisa>try to get a desktop mail client working with the same server and credentials.
16:44<irCurts>eeeeep I have not done that in more than 15 years.
16:44-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:44-!-Denys [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
16:44-!-Denys is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
16:45<millisa>if you can't get a desktop client working with the and user/password you are using, you likely won't get it working with postfix.
16:45<millisa>(it's the same info)
16:46<Denys>Hello everyone, I have problem with apache, I have renamed /var/www/html/ to and I have changet conf . Now I cannot restart Apache , it says apache in not enabled and I cannot enable it. How to fix it?
16:47<millisa>what does apachectl -t say?
16:48<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • need fully-qualified hostname; <>
16:49<Denys>AH00112: Warning: DocumentRoot [/var/www/html/] does not exist AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message (2)No such file or directory: AH02291: Cannot access directory '/var/www/html/' for error log of vhost defined at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ (2)No such
16:50<millisa>Looks like you have directories defined in the config that haven't been created
16:52<zifnab>!point millisa
16:52<linbot>zifnab: Point given to millisa. (25) (Biggest fan: arlen, total: 7)
16:52<zifnab>!point millisa
16:52<linbot>zifnab: Point given to millisa. (26)
16:52<zifnab>fake internet points
16:52<millisa>collect the whole set!
16:54<zifnab>meh i figured for the email shit too
16:54<arlen>!point zifnab
16:54<linbot>arlen: Point given to zifnab. (8)
16:54<zifnab>!point arlen
16:54<linbot>zifnab: Point given to arlen. (7)
16:55<zifnab>i'm winning
16:55<zifnab>!help point
16:55<linbot>zifnab: (point <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$nick/$1/".
16:55<arlen>!boo zifnab
16:55<linbot>arlen: Point taken from zifnab! (7)
16:55<arlen>now we're tied
16:55<zifnab>'access denied'
16:55<zifnab>who runs
16:55<arlen>maybe mcintosh
16:55<zifnab>makes sense, he's the resident ginger afterall
16:56<arlen>is he?
16:56<zifnab>(this is the best part about internet people, it doesnt' need to be true)
16:56<zifnab>you're all bots until proven otherwise
16:56<zifnab>or, well, southpark warcraft guy
16:57<arlen>I remember that episode
16:58-!-amayer [~amayer@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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16:59<Denys>Now it says apache2: Syntax error on line 219 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/myoldwebsite.conf: No such file or directory, but I cannot find this line
16:59<zifnab>its safer that way arlen
16:59<zifnab>no suprises
17:00<zifnab>well, only suprises, technically
17:00<arlen>trust no one
17:00<millisa>if you do a 'ls -l /etc/apache2/sites-enabled' do you see 'myoldwebsites.conf'? is it a symlink pointing to a file that exists?
17:00<zifnab>"oh you aren't a useless slob, cool" is the normal reaction meeting internet people
17:00<arlen>the only surprise is the surprise
17:00<Denys>Yes, I see , it has red color in console
17:01<millisa>is it pointing to another file?
17:01<Denys>No, I just changed my domain and renamed website directory according new domain
17:02<Denys>Sorry for stupid questions, I am new in linux
17:03<Denys>oldwebsite.conf -> ../sites-available/oldwebsite.conf
17:03<Denys>newwebsite.conf -> ../sites-available/newwebsite.conf
17:03<Denys>I have these two lines
17:03<millisa>ok, that is a symlink. does /etc/apache2/sites-available have an 'oldwebsite.conf' file?
17:05<Denys>Now, I do not see this file
17:05<Denys>only standart config files and new for new domain
17:06<millisa>so what is happening is all the conf files in that sites-enabled directory is being included in the apache config. You have a symlink in there that is linked to a file that does not exist.
17:06<millisa>I'm guessing you renamed the file in sites-available without removing the symlink.
17:06<irCurts>DOODS!!!! (and Doodetts) TY I got a working contact form now :)))
17:06<millisa>you can either remove the symlink or just create an empty /etc/apache2/sites-available/oldwebsite.conf file. either one should fix it
17:07<millisa>!point irCurts
17:07<linbot>millisa: Point given to ircurts. (2)
17:07<Denys>how to remove symbol link?
17:07<millisa>rm /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/myoldwebsite.conf
17:08<millisa>for next time, what you probably want to do is use the 'a2dissite' command to let it remove the symlink for you. then you can do your changes, then put the new one in with a2ensite
17:08<Denys>Now error is gone) THX
17:08<millisa>either way, use apachectl -t to help you find your errors
17:10<Denys>Ok, I will know next time
17:11-!-rhughes_ [~rhughes@2601:43:200:2157:9058:e1c8:8aed:a988] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:13<@mcintosh>zifnab: i run it indeed
17:13<zifnab>well, i want a dashboard
17:13<zifnab>where's your flask skills
17:13<zifnab>or w/e its written in
17:13<zifnab>(probably need an /s somewhere)
17:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
17:14<@mcintosh>it's flask :p i suppose for read actions there's no reason i couldn't expose a web interface
17:15<zifnab>{% for i in users %} {{i.user}} {{i.points}} <br /> {%- endfor %}
17:15<zifnab>'hey look magic'
17:15<zifnab>nice domain fwiw
17:17<AlexMax>got a question
17:17<AlexMax>i have an upgrade available for my linode
17:17<AlexMax>it says that the only resources effected is going from 8 to 12 GB of ram
17:17<arlen>you can downgrade back to 8 if you'd like
17:17<AlexMax>should I take this on its face? it's not upgrading from a "linode 8192" to a "linode whatever' and getting all of those upgrades?
17:18<AlexMax>so in orther words, no more disk space, no more CPU power, etc.
17:20<@mcintosh>AlexMax: some upgrades modify specs - you can open a ticket for more detailed information on the specific upgrade available to you
17:20<millisa>that sounds like last years birthday upgrade. if you look at your bill, your are probably paying $80 for that 8gb instance
17:21<arlen>belated happy birthday on their birthday!
17:22<DrJ>will the new linode manager offer themes or anything?
17:22<FluffyFoxeh>why would it
17:24<DrJ>because I asked :)
17:25<DrJ>I will say it's not as bad as I feared it could be
17:25<DrJ>but imo the old manager is by far the best in the industry
17:25<FluffyFoxeh>I agree with that
17:25<DrJ>this one feels more digital ocean like
17:25<DrJ>which btw is rock bottom of the industry
17:26-!-Jordack [] has quit []
17:26<DrJ>honest opinion: this new manager is taking a step back from the awesomeness of the original
17:27<Woet>i mean, they're the second biggest hosting company in the world
17:27-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
17:27<Woet>pretty sure rock bottom companies dont get there
17:27<zifnab>is that accurate?
17:27<@mcintosh> <-- theme away
17:27<zifnab>i suspect its aws > gce > microsoftsbullshit
17:27<FluffyFoxeh>Woet: they do if they're paid millions by VCs
17:28<DrJ>I would like the new one much better if everything wasn't so white
17:28<Woet>FluffyFoxeh: how does VC get you customers if you're rock bottom?
17:28<zifnab>Woet: 2010
17:28<zifnab>GCE and microsoft-bullshit wasn't a thing
17:28<Woet>zifnab: did you look at the graph?
17:28<millisa>new interface handles gravatars better. old: new: hooray for transparency
17:28<FluffyFoxeh>I somehow doubt you can improve the usability of anything by changing colours :p
17:28<Woet>zifnab: its 2015
17:28<zifnab>wtf why'd they do that
17:28<Woet>zifnab: dont know why the url says 2010
17:29<zifnab>i want customer counts
17:29<zifnab>VC money paying for unused servers is not a good metric
17:29<Woet>zifnab: ?
17:29<Woet>zifnab: its not total servers
17:29-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
17:29-!-Cromulent is "Cromulent" on #linode
17:29<zifnab>'sum of computers'
17:29<Woet>okay, they suck at their graphs
17:30<zifnab>yeah those metrics are bullshit
17:30<Woet>if you say so
17:30<zifnab>'online web servers'
17:30<FluffyFoxeh>is mine measured in there? I doubt it
17:30<zifnab>i've had ~5k aws boxes behind nat
17:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
17:32<Woet>my only point was that having 170,000 vpses is not possible if you're a rock bottom company
17:32<Woet>unless you give them away for free
17:32<zifnab>ah, got it
17:32<zifnab>they've had their issues, linode has as well
17:32<zifnab>i could bring up pagerduty's reasons for migrating
17:33<Woet>every company has issues
17:33<zifnab>DO had that break in shit before they were DO that i can't actually remember the name of
17:33<zifnab>i find this nicer because when there's a problem, i can just ping caker repeatedly until its resolved
17:34<Woet>does caker also reimburse your 10,000 bitcoins you lose because linode gets compromised?
17:34<zifnab>i'm not an idiot
17:35<zifnab>why the fuck would you keep a wallet on an internet connected box
17:35<zifnab>those go on the encrypted flash drive, and backed up to bd-r
17:35<FluffyFoxeh>the only thing bitcoins are good for is having them stolen
17:35<zifnab>preferably if its 200k worht, its safety deposit box level
17:36<zifnab>i dislike DO because i dislike the whole VC funding model
17:37<zifnab>i don't know how this even came up now
17:37<zifnab>back tow ork
17:38<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • Linode High CPU Usage <>
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17:49<csnxs>now he's liking my tweets
17:49<csnxs>when will mcintosh stop being rude? :(
17:49<FluffyFoxeh>When will Eugene stop Linodin'?
17:56-!-elb_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
17:56-!-elb_ is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
17:56<elb_>can you get support here?
17:57<zifnab>somewhat, 'community support'
17:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:00-!-kickscafela [~oftc-webi@2606:6000:e713:7400:78cb:9bde:82c0:3ae9] has joined #linode
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18:00<tharkun>elb_: unless you want to blow up a submarine, I think most if not all bases are covered
18:00-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
18:00<kickscafela>Im new to linode
18:00<millisa>welcome to Linode, then
18:01<csnxs>hi new to linode, I'm dad
18:01<kickscafela>im not able to login
18:01<kickscafela>incorrect login
18:01<millisa>so the linode manager?
18:01<millisa>er, to the linode manager?
18:01<kickscafela>no in "Launch Lish Console »"
18:02<millisa>are you trying to login as root with the root password you set?
18:03-!-YesButProbablyNo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:04<tharkun>kickscafela: Did you allow root login on sshd?
18:04<kickscafela>i type in root@ipaddress
18:04<tharkun>And when you miss all the tries what message do you get?
18:05<kickscafela>sshd or ssh?
18:05<millisa>if you are clicking on 'launch lish console' in the linode manager UI, it should bring up a console to your linode where it shows the login prompt. if you want to login as root you'd just type 'root' and your root password.
18:05<millisa>it's not much different than if you were at a console with the keyboard
18:06<kickscafela>the root password is the same password as the login for correct?
18:06<tharkun>kickscafela: login through lish console and through that tool fix your ssh stuff.
18:06<tharkun>hmmm lag is a killer today.
18:06<millisa>your linode manager password and user are something else. the lish console brings up the console on that one server. it could have a completely different set of users/passwords (and should)
18:07<millisa>if you don't know your linode's root password, you can reset it:
18:08-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:09-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
18:13<kickscafela>this message shows when launching console nf_conntrack: default automatic helper assignment has been turned off for security reasons and CT-based firewall rule not found. Use the iptables CT target to attach helpers instead.
18:13<@mcintosh>that's normal - just hit enter and it should show the login prompt
18:17-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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18:17-!-leopold [] has joined #linode
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18:20<elb_>what is the best way to get the most current comprehensive DNS records for my site. I have changed the NS servers in my domain hosting provider to use linode and previous host ns but it seems to have issue so I just made all the ns servers from linode. Trying to monitor the update.
18:20-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:21<leopold>Hey there, I am fairly new to linode and having trouble with my load balanced node. My custom .conf in site-availables keep getting ignored
18:21-!-kickscafela [~oftc-webi@2606:6000:e713:7400:78cb:9bde:82c0:3ae9] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:21<millisa>are you enabling the site with a2ensite?
18:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
18:22<millisa>did you reload apache?
18:22<leopold>I only can resolve from apache2.conf
18:24<millisa>when you run 'apachectl -S' does it show the vhosts you have configured?
18:24<leopold>it always points me to /var/www/html unless I change the conf in apache.conf or in 000-default.conf or web-data,
18:24<leopold>yes they are shown perfectly fine
18:25<leopold>grep doesn't give me a hint either and dns also resolve fine
18:26<leopold>It just ignoring the custom DocumentRoots in the custom .conf files
18:27<leopold>So I'd be only able to stage a single vhost
18:27<millisa>why don't you paste one of your custom conf files to pastebin/ and lets look ati t
18:27<millisa>(it sounds like the hostheader isn't matching based on your description)
18:27<elb_>anything for my question?
18:28<millisa>elb_: in the dns manager over to the right side of each domain zone there's a link for 'zone file' that you can use to actually look at the zone file that's being created/used
18:28<leopold>I don't know about pastebin/ let me check
18:28<millisa>any text pasting site would be fine
18:29-!-eht [~jared@] has joined #linode
18:29-!-eht is "eht" on #linode
18:30<leopold>just creating an account
18:30<zifnab>don't need to
18:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:30<zifnab>oh wow
18:30<zifnab>i have 68 users
18:31<zifnab>most of whom have the email
18:31<millisa>Good old Steve
18:31<zifnab>also lots of "c:\\boot.ini\\" and "//etc/passwd/"
18:31<zifnab>' and sleep(7)#1
18:31<leopold>millisa: ok - so how do I invite you
18:32<millisa>if you paste something to it should just give you a link for sharing it
18:34-!-larsdesigns [] has joined #linode
18:34-!-larsdesigns is "larsdesigns" on #linode
18:34<millisa>you probably want <virtualhost *:80>
18:35<leopold>nope this is a specific host
18:35<millisa>that's what your servername/alias are for
18:35<elb_>millisa: it says
18:35<elb_>@ NS @ NS @ NS @ NS @ NS
18:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
18:35<elb_>but if I do a dig linode is not in the authoritive server list
18:35<elb_>its been over 6 hours
18:35<leopold>ok I try
18:36<millisa>leopold: you want the vhost to actually listen on all your interfaces
18:36<zifnab>that bit is the bind ip
18:36<zifnab>not the host you want it to answer on
18:36<millisa>on the nodebalancer, you probably put in your linode's private ip. '' isn't gonna be your private ip.
18:37<arlen>elb_: what's the domain?
18:37<leopold>a so I put my private ip into the vhost?
18:37<millisa>if you only wanted it to work on the private ip (and balancer), but I usually just use *:80 so it'll work with the public IP (and any other IP that happens to be on the system)
18:38<millisa>start with *:80 and get it working that way before you try to make it more restrictive
18:38<leopold>thanks millisa
18:39<millisa>did it work?
18:39<leopold>yes :)
18:39<leopold>so now I just set my private ip in?
18:39<leopold>where * is?
18:39<millisa>if you really didn't want it to also work on the public IP, I suppose you could. but why bother?
18:39<millisa>if you cloned this to your second node, you'd have to go edit it
18:40<leopold>I heard it would be better for security
18:40<millisa>you can just not open the port in your firewall on the public IP if you wanted to worry about security.
18:41<leopold>ok. but given that is the other one an additional protection?
18:41<millisa>elb_: when I do a whois on your domain it says the nameservers are
18:42<millisa>leopold: it doesnt buy a whole lot. you're still allowing that level of access through the nlb
18:42<elb_>millisa: I know but in the domain host (namebright) I removed those and replaced them with linodes
18:43<elb_>I did this around 5+ hours ago
18:43<arlen>double check
18:43<leopold>ok thanks. Millisa you're my lifesaver - I've been struggeling with this since the last two days, as it went fine with the old config before I added the load balancer
18:44<elb_>Manage and organize your domain Status: Active
18:44<elb_> Nameservers are set to: | Edit NameServers
18:44<millisa>sure thing. the host header stuff passes through the balancers just fine, but remember it'll make it weird if you try to just test things by IP
18:45<leopold>will do. have good one!
18:45-!-leopold [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:46<zifnab>86400 seconds in ad ay
18:46<zifnab>blah blah blah, caching, "it'll be done tomorrow"
18:46<zifnab>is what i'm going with
18:47<elb_>LAST NIGHT I included linode. Not exclusive but ns1-2. Shouldnt they at least be listed?
18:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:47<millisa>it doesn't look like they made the change to me:
18:48<zifnab>i see the same thing, with an 86400 second TTL, which is why i was assuming it'd be a day (thats probably an invalid assumption)
18:49<elb_>I thought ttl was for record changes not NS changes
18:49<zifnab>i don't actually know how the NS bit works, i just know how to look them up
18:49<elb_>is there really a good reason to have a high ttl these days?
18:49<elb_>ahhhh I see
18:49<zifnab>i suspect there's some "update my upstream with new records" mechanism, but, its magic
18:49<zifnab>(maybe its batched and it just takes them time to do it?)
18:51<zifnab>what i'd do - duplicate all the records between linode and your current host
18:51<zifnab>and wait for the update to finish. if it doesn't, open a ticket with them asking why it hasn't
18:52<zifnab>(and find a new registrar that doesn't take ages - is pretty decent)
18:52-!-monokrome [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.7.1]
18:52-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
18:53<elb_>well... thats what I tried to do but I learned that the previous host dropped them like yesterday.
18:54<elb_>so not a lot of slack in the timeframe lol
18:57<elb_>well thanks guys.
18:57<elb_>hopefully the issue magically is solved tonight
18:57<millisa>what a nice way for them to have you start your weekend
18:57-!-elb_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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19:00<zifnab>yeah, wish i could be of more use there
19:00<zifnab>aaand he's gone
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20:04<prasad>this reminds me off yahoo chat rooms..?
20:05<prasad>but, have a quick question.?
20:05<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
20:05<prasad>does this linode hosting provide windows options..?
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20:05<millisa>Not as a supported option. There are folks that have made it work, but it's not something Linode really offers/supports
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20:06<prasad>so it's like you put your own OS on the server and setup from starch..?
20:07<prasad>similar to vultr.?
20:07<millisa>yeah. and if something went wrong, you wouldn't get assistance from the official Linode folks
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20:07<millisa>You'd need to provide your own licensing and such too
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20:07<prasad>so for we getting server for the $
20:08<prasad>hmmm licensing for windows correct..?
20:08<millisa>linode isn't a particularly good choice to force windows hosting on to.
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20:08<prasad>hmm... this sounds like a lot of fun..
20:08<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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20:09<prasad>hmm any particular hosting supporting windows vps with ssd
20:09<prasad>most out there are over priced I think..
20:09<millisa>amazon, profit bricks, rackspace cloud - they all have windows ssd options
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20:11<prasad>amazon is going above $50
20:11<prasad>as a new startup not much money to host..
20:11<prasad>I got 1&1 hosting for the month to try... seems pretty complicated
20:11<prasad>to work out the control panel.
20:11<millisa>do you really have to use windows?
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20:12<prasad>well I got an developer to code the app.. and he uses mostly windows technology
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20:12<prasad>so I'm pretty much screwed..
20:12<prasad>there are so many linux options..
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20:13<prasad>now I was checking the cloud hosting option... I guess the one which are pre-paid type plans..
20:13<prasad>but, could find much..
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20:46<SomeGuy>do Linode support paypal?
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20:47<arlen>still need a credit card on file though
20:48<arlen>also need a credit card to open an account but after that you can make payments through paypal
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22:19<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • send-mail: fatal: open /etc/postfix/ Permission denied <>
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22:29<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (beta) <>
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23:37<ibrahim>what is the managed server service cost
23:38<ibrahim>yes . but no prices shown in the site untill signup
23:38<rsdehart>oh, $100 on top of the cost of the plan
23:38<rsdehart>assumed it had a price
23:38<rsdehart>per month
23:39<millisa>it does, it's near the bottom above the sign up button
23:39<rsdehart>ah, must have scrolled right past it
23:39<ibrahim>Pricing is $100 per month per Linode on your account.
23:39<ibrahim>found it
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