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00:12<pbryan>Mmm, cake.
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03:18<Peng>If any ops are active, please kick the flooder from #linode-beta :<
03:38<scotti>Peng: it's weekend and they are probably sleeping in their beds in NJ
03:38<scotti>#oftc is better
03:38<scotti>global IRCops
03:42<Peng>Yeah. They took care of it. I prefer not to escalate relatively limited problems to the top, though.
03:48<scotti>that's what they are there for though
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04:15<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Prevent sending SPAMS <>
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04:23<shahzoor>Hello All. Who can help me with mail log file? my mail log file is huge, about = 2119883758 b. How can I tell my system to create backup after every xxx bytes and start a new log file.
04:30<Peng>logrotate should normally be configured to rotate your mail logs daily or weekly, or something like that (regardless of size).
04:30<shahzoor>I will try google with that. Not great with linux
04:31<shahzoor>Any guide on this?
04:31<Peng>This should already work right, unless your OS sucks, or you're sending tons and tons of mail very rapidly.
04:33<shahzoor>The reason it is over 2GB right now, my server was sending TONS of spam emails which I have rectified now
04:33<shahzoor>I will be following this guide -
04:34<Peng>The file will probably be rotated tomorrow or next week, and then compressed in 2 days or 2 weeks, and then eventually deleted.
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04:36<shahzoor>Thanks. Reading that now.
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04:38<shahzoor>What is ideal filesize for log file?
04:38<shahzoor>I want to set 'size [value] ' in logrotate.conf.
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04:40<Peng>On normal days, it doesn't matter. :P
04:40<Peng>It's up to you, how much disk space you have, how big the files normally get.
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04:43<shahzoor>I wanna keep 2MB for each log file. No weekly, no monthly.
04:43<shahzoor>Peng: Is this .conf file looks good? -
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04:44<chenhao>there have people?
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04:44<chenhao>Bad customer service, no one told me how to solve this problem, this is not the government, there are still so bureaucratic honor system exists, even let people wait for so long audit, I think this violated my human rights, and did not tell in advance I need so long to review, so rotten this system, wasting my time and money.
04:44<Peng>shahzoor: I'm not sure, sorry. I don't use that logrotate option. I guess it looks fine.
04:45<chenhao>why need so much time to review my info
04:45<shahzoor>Peng: Alright! Thanks.
04:45<Peng>...And i don't know precisely what settings your mail server expects. If you didn't change the other parts, it should be fine.
04:45<shahzoor>Yeah, everything is very basic and default as of now.
04:45<chenhao>so slowly
04:48<chenhao>I was about to deploy a project on the server, after payment I found it needed to wait for a long review. Terrible
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05:13<shahzoor>Peng: I got my self sorted out! Thanks
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08:26<rascal999>hello, I have a box in Europe but sites like et al say that the IP is based out of the US, why is this?
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08:43<Peng>Does migrating a node between data centers also migrate its backups?
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10:06<dwfreed>Peng: no
10:07<Peng>Backups go poof?
10:07<dwfreed>I don't think it's immediate, in case you decide to go back
10:07<Peng>Oh. Interesting.
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10:24<vlaja>is there a way to setup my linode that it shuts down before it goes over its allotted monthly bandwidth?
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10:29<ttaylor>vlaja: Yes anything is possible, though linode is unmanaged and that set up would be on you to come up with.
10:31<vlaja>ttaylor, i was hoping for something more simple, like paying 5$ for amonth from credit card, when i exhaust my bandwith it tries to get from my account, sees it is empty and shuts down
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10:31<ttaylor>There are email threshold alerts for each linode within linode's Manager..
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10:33<vlaja>ok that is useful
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10:36<vlaja>and if someone manages to do cat /dev/zero > it would be 216$ of overdraft if it takes me 24h to notice that email
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11:24<Celti>So set up something to respond to that email by shutting your linode down. Or watch your bandwidth via the API and do likewise.
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14:23<Tuneris>I wanna close my linode
14:24<Tuneris>Since I ain't using it
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14:43<@caker>I wanna rock
14:50*arlen hands caker a rock.
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15:02<shahzoor>Hello people. Need help with troubleshooting NGINX config file.
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15:02<shahzoor>I have installed NGINX Helper plugin on wordpress, it needs some extra configuration to be added in nginx.conf. Guide -
15:04<shahzoor>I did almost everything except reinstalling NGINX. I thought it would remove my current NGINX and install this as fresh. So I did pretty much the same thing as mention how domain.conf should look like. I get error on line 93
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15:05<shahzoor>My current domain.conf file looks like this -
15:11<akerl>What is the error
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15:21<shahzoor>akerl: unknown directive "fastcgi_cache_purge"
15:21<shahzoor>I dont have ngx_cache_purge installed
15:22<akerl>Do you have ngx_http_fastcgi_module
15:22<akerl>How did you check?
15:22<shahzoor>akerl: I can check. Any command to check that?
15:22<shahzoor>I remember installing it way back
15:22<shahzoor>But I wanna check it
15:22<akerl>How did you install it?
15:24<shahzoor>sudo apt-get install nginx php7.0-cli php7.0-cgi php7.0-fpm
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15:26<akerl>What version of nginx are you running
15:27<shahzoor>nginx/1.10.0 (Ubuntu)
15:27<akerl>"This functionality is available as part of our commercial subscription."
15:28<FluffyFoxeh>shit's annoying as hell but at least it's open source so you could add the little features that they paywall
15:29<akerl>Of the available options, their business model is one of the better ones
15:34<shahzoor>So, that means I need to get commercial plan
15:34<akerl>If you want a feature from the commercial build of nginx, you'll need to pay for that
15:35<FluffyFoxeh>it's super expensive and not worth it unless you need the rest of the enterprise features. try to find a workaround for your setup
15:37<shahzoor>Workaround ?? -
15:37<shahzoor>It is super expensive
15:37<akerl>Heh, depends what you're doing, I guess
15:38<FluffyFoxeh>it's reasonably priced for the people it's targeted at basically
15:38<akerl>Yup yup
15:39<akerl>I work w/ a handful of folks that pay for it, and generally for them, the work involved in setting up the billing costs more than the actual bill
15:40<akerl>shahzoor: What is the root cause that led you to look at this cache purging stuffs?
15:41<shahzoor>akerl: installing this
15:41<akerl>Yes, why
15:43<shahzoor> (for wordpress multisite)
15:44<akerl>This seems like quite the adventure
15:44<shahzoor>it seems my wordpress wont clear cache after updates
15:44<akerl>Wordpress, or nginx
15:44<akerl>Why is nginx doing caching
15:44<shahzoor>wp caches, it wont clear cache
15:45<akerl>Which thing is doing the caching: nginx, or wordpress
15:45<akerl>So why do you need a cache purge directive in the nginx config
15:46<akerl>Nginx shouldn't be thinking about the cache at all
15:46<shahzoor>hmm... maybe my fault. I went to other direction...
15:47<akerl>Does your WP site get enough traffic for the difference between "having a cache" and "not having a cache" to matter?
15:47<shahzoor>Well, first place I wasnt doing that, coz it doesnt suit my environment, but things were broken and was not showing changes... I thought somewhere something is cached
15:47<shahzoor>Yes, not now but moving a heavy website to new... Want things ready.
15:48<shahzoor>You know what? You made me recall some things. Which IS not my conern to worry about ngx_fastcgi
15:48<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Problem connecting to some Chinese websites from Fremont, CA <>
15:50<shahzoor>Thanks. was wasting my time and yours
15:50<shahzoor>I think I wasted your time and more things LOL
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18:00<veecious>can linode stop timing me out of dis chat room
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18:05<akerl>veecious: No
18:05<nizoo>hello everyone
18:05<nizoo>I have a bit of a problem setting up the SSH for the first time :/ keeps saying Server Refused Our Key
18:05<nizoo>is it possible to get help here?
18:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:05<akerl>Where did you get the key you're using?
18:05<nizoo>PuTTY Key Generator
18:06<akerl>How did you configure it on your Linode?
18:07<nizoo>I tried 2 ways, using the copy paste method from PuTTY Key Gen and tried uploading it using WinSCP
18:08<akerl>So, on your server via SSH, run `cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys`
18:08<akerl>!p pastebin the results
18:08<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
18:08<nizoo>my key starts with ssh-rsa and ends with rsa-key-##### numbers there
18:09<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
18:11<nizoo>isn't it weird that it says : ssh-rsa: command not found
18:12<akerl>Not really; you just pasted random text into a command prompt
18:12<millisa>not weird. that's not a command
18:12<akerl>instead, run `cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys`
18:12<akerl>and pastebin the results
18:12<millisa>that bit you pasted goes in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys for the user you want to login with
18:13-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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18:13<nizoo>that is what I have on that file
18:14<millisa>let's see it. run akerl's command
18:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
18:14<nizoo> nizoo91@damas:~$ cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAgEAjE6eCXauTe3JOXPGSKtvbPCr6V0D8fWg+YCkjHTyFdHolqpZuaWn5kBG9vWM2NX4w9LaiVCwi8Vd/QzDo1cnP+Zo4pc0nzjrRbhG5XhNfZI6ZGDXtq98rAstnNZrk3JM/wqGT3PV1hcVQ0tkO+Rv5zfrpR0Yx0ZEfwhpOZZYM1bBqsivGPPN4fcd5Hoa6CwvyjTrIpsxwTAc1M6FYRsIJ1iYezFGfvNkURKJ1CeGVcdO7HlIn01PKleQ5P13MUi5Qs0YIYocix9gf8oSY1nL65kKYn1pcUf07ZacBFFjeJo0NWCd7NO6GQzAzoIezSWomo/9stofaqNLDEEE3Vp8ICCvTFdVJydY8QQ1
18:14<akerl>:| :|
18:14<nizoo>that's what I got from running your command?
18:14<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
18:14<millisa>put it in a paste bin, just like you did before
18:14<retro|blah>"and pastebin the results" Let's follow all instructions, please.
18:15<nizoo>there ya go, sorry
18:15<akerl>Either there's no newline at the end of that "file", or your terminal/copy are borked
18:16<nizoo>I made sure there is no new line, should I copy the code from Putty
18:16<akerl>Why did you make sure there wasn't a new line?
18:16<akerl>For good measure, run `wc ~/.ssh/authorized_keys` and `ls -la ~/.ssh` and pastebin the results of those, also `tail -n100 /var/log/auth.log`
18:17<nizoo>should I be logged in as a root or as my username?
18:17<akerl>Who do you want the key to work for
18:17<nizoo>my username
18:17<akerl>So then be logged in as your username
18:20<akerl>You're gonna need sudo to read that logfile
18:21<akerl>also, add the newline to your authorized_keys file
18:21<nizoo>okay just go till the end and hit enter right?
18:21<akerl>Are you reading the things you paste before you paste them?
18:22<nizoo>I am, somewhat
18:22<akerl>Does it seem strange that your log file output looks super square?
18:22-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
18:23<nizoo>oh damn, I think its because it was in small window, ill fix it
18:23<akerl>If you could pastebin the full width of the lines (also if there's not an error in there for the SSH attempts w/ a key, try 2 or 3 more times w/ the key first)
18:24-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
18:24<nizoo>I will try to login again hopefulyl I get the error
18:25<nizoo>here is after the first login attemps
18:26<akerl>There's no key-based auth there
18:27<akerl>Nor there
18:28<akerl>Screenshot the putty config and the error?
18:29<nizoo>what do you need from the Putty config?
18:29<nizoo>which page?
18:29<nizoo>the SSH > Auth?
18:29<akerl>Wherever you set it to use a key and log in as your user
18:29<nizoo>oh after I hit connect you mean when the command prompt opens
18:30<nizoo>this is what I get, do you want an actual image?
18:31-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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18:33<akerl>How did you get the pubkey that you put on the server from puttygen?
18:33<nizoo>yes from puttygen
18:33<nizoo>4096 bits RSA
18:34<nizoo>I had it working before, but I lost the steps of setting up so I did a re-image of the whole thing and started from scratch hoping I can figure it out again
18:35<nizoo>but now the SSH isn't even working anymore :/
18:35<akerl>What do you mean
18:35<nizoo>like when I first purchased the service, I was able to setup SSH following the guides here and thre
18:35<nizoo>but I had to reset everything to start from scratch again
18:35-!-rhughes [] has joined #linode
18:35-!-rhughes is "rhughes" on #linode
18:35<akerl>What does "reset everything" mean
18:35<nizoo>and since I did that, it won't work anymore :/
18:36<nizoo>sorry Deployed a new image
18:36<nizoo>of the Ubantu 16.04
18:36<akerl>So, the logs you've sent thus far don't indicate that any key auth checking is occurring
18:37<nizoo>which is weird, should I start fresh again :/
18:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
18:37<akerl>The easiest explanation would be if the pubkey on the server and the key you have in putty don't match
18:37<diveyez>Anyone updated a Debian8 linode to a Debian9 yet?
18:37<diveyez>If so, SHARE!
18:38<nizoo>okay I can make a new key and try
18:39-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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18:39<nizoo>I should always load the "private" key in putty correct?
18:40<nizoo>still says "Server refused our key"
18:40-!-mode/#linode [+l 366] by ChanServ
18:47<nizoo>I just erased everything AGAIN
18:47<nizoo>with nothing setup and SSH not even touched yet..
18:47<dzho>why not it seems to be an approach that is working so well
18:47<nizoo>I still get "Server refused our key"
18:47-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:47<akerl>if you erased everything and didn't set up SSH keys, key auth will not work
18:48<nizoo>okay, and its normal to get "Server refused our key"?
18:48<akerl>If you try to log in with a key, and haven't set up the server to accept the key
18:48<akerl>the server will refuse the key
18:48<dzho>it's a key *pair*
18:48<dzho>you have to put the public half on the remote server
18:48<nizoo>that's the thing, I did not try to inlcude a key in
18:49<akerl>Clearly that's false
18:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
18:49<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • apt-daily-upgrade.timer updates <> || General Discussion • Can I check my files through Linode manager? <>
18:49<nizoo>okay, let me double check
18:50<nizoo>so when you say using a key you mean in Putty > Connection > Auth > Browse my private key
18:50<nizoo>that is empty
18:50<nizoo>unless the key is loading by itself somewhow?
18:51<nizoo>I did a rebuild.. that is a fresh install no?
18:52<dzho>you should really just drop the "fresh install" part for now, it's really not relevant or helping.
18:52<akerl>a rebuild of what
18:52<nizoo>of the linode
18:52<akerl>If every time you encounter a problem, you destroy everything and then start back from now minus X time, progress will be difficult
18:52<akerl>when your car runs out of gas, do you drop a nuke on your garage?
18:53<dzho>buy a new car
18:53<millisa>that'd solve my hoarding issue. maybe not the roach issue out there.
18:53<nizoo>I understand, but I have messed around with many settings to try to figure this out, now everything is back to normal
18:53<akerl>Is it?
18:53<dzho>there is no "back to normal" for key authentication--the default is for it not to work.
18:53<dzho>hence, the need to set it up.
18:54<nizoo>okay, so that is my question, is it normal that it is saying the following: Server refused our key
18:54<nizoo>even thou I did not setup anything yet
18:54<nizoo>then what the hell is going on ?!
18:54<dzho>it needs to be set up on both sides: You need to generate a key pair on the local side, then you need to transfer the public half of that pair and put it in the right place on the remote side.
18:54<dzho>nizoo: what the hell is going on is you do not yet understand what you are doing. This is normal, when approaching something new.
18:54<dzho>but you have to work through it.
18:55<nizoo>actually I do understand what and how this works, as I have set it up last week and it was working so I get the idea
18:55<dzho>if you have a key pair created on the local side then that is only partially configured.
18:55<nizoo>holyshet you guys lol
18:55<nizoo>I do get that damn
18:55<nizoo>I am not loading the key on Putty
18:56<nizoo>so why would it say "Server refused our key"
18:56<akerl>It seems you and putty disagree on that fact
18:56<nizoo>it seems like you guys are wasting my time now and not even helping
18:56<dzho>if you have keys you created on putty it knows where to load them, even if you have not put them on the remote side.
18:56<akerl>Best of luck :D
18:56<dzho>nizoo: suite yourself.
18:56<nizoo>that is the question you guys refused to answer
18:56<dzho>what question?
18:57<nizoo>that Putty is capable of opening the key automatically
18:57<dzho>I think you're not listening.
18:57<nizoo>I asked that question couple of times, you keep insisting on me not knowing what the hell I am doing or trying to explain that its a two way verification bs lol
18:58<dzho>you keep talking about "the key" and not "the private key" or "the public key" which shows you don't have a grasp of the basics.
18:58<nizoo>I get that its supposed to be on both sides, I wasn't sure if Putty automatically opens old files
18:58<dzho>I don't know about putty, but ssh on linux will try every key it can find.
18:58<nizoo>well damn.
18:58<dzho>you've spent so much time telling us about blowing away your linode.
18:59<nizoo>if you don't know then how are you going to help me lol
18:59<dzho>and very little telling us about putting your public key(s) on them.
18:59<dzho>nizoo: I guess you won't let us help you. Which is frustrating, but it happens a lot here.
18:59<nizoo>I did actually upload the public key you can ask Akerl
18:59<nizoo>he even had me run a few commands to confirm this
18:59<dzho>every time?
19:00<nizoo>everytime what?
19:01<dzho>everytime you wiped your linode
19:01<nizoo>only did twice so far
19:01<dzho>doesn't matter
19:01<nizoo>just recently whipped it and tried to login
19:01<dzho>it still needs to be done every time, even if every time is only twice
19:01<nizoo>okay can you please answer the following question:
19:02<nizoo>I just whiped the linode and tried to login, is it normal that it is showing "Server refused our key" even thou I have not setup anything yet..
19:02<nizoo>better yet, I am going to uninstall Putty and install it again
19:03<retro|blah>Isn't there a way to have putty log what it's doing for debugging purposes?
19:03<nizoo>it doesn't make sense to me that the server would show "Server refused our key" when I am not even loading the private key
19:06<arlen>does the answer even matter at this point?
19:06<arlen>there is no spoon. there is no key
19:07<nizoo>ofcourse it matters
19:07-!-larsdesigns [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:07<nizoo>because I would be able to search why it is even trying to run a key
19:07<nizoo>or why its asking for a key when its not supposed to
19:07<nizoo>or vise versa
19:07<arlen>and how would that solve the issue?
19:08<nizoo>if I am able to figure out why its saying "Server refused our key"
19:08<arlen>because you didn't add the public key
19:08<arlen>next issue
19:08<nizoo>so if I add a public key it should work right?
19:08-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
19:09<nizoo>which I already tried by the way ..
19:09<arlen>if you configure ssh to use key auth, probably
19:09<nizoo>and it was still showing the same thing
19:09<arlen>have you don't anything besides add the public key?
19:09<nizoo>I haven't done anything yet
19:10<nizoo>but I followed this before and it didn't work
19:10<arlen>then there's your issue
19:10<arlen>obviously didn't follow it correctly
19:10<arlen>do you remember editing /etc/ssh/sshd_config?
19:10<veecious>this is why i never use keys i just make my password really long /s
19:11<nbrewer>it sounds like you have putty set up to use a key, but you rebuilt your Linode so there's no key on it..
19:11<arlen>veecious: why?
19:11<nbrewer>but i'm not reading all this scrollback
19:11<nizoo>I did follow it step by step :/
19:11<arlen>nbrewer: you're up to speed
19:11<nizoo>Putty however won't run a key unless you load it everytime, and I am not loading the key
19:12<veecious>@arlen i was making a joke
19:12<arlen>well you seem to have the answers to your issues, so I guess we're not needed. glad you got it working.
19:12<arlen>have a great day
19:12<nizoo>I will try to follow the tutorial again and see if it works :/
19:13<arlen>veecious: oh
19:13<veecious>seriously though if you're password is secure enough it's not practical to think it could be brute forced
19:13-!-asdfasdfasfd [~oftc-webi@2605:a000:bfc0:67:88ce:6ba1:ca9d:78d8] has joined #linode
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19:14<veecious>keys are obviously more secure
19:15<millisa>you could always just spin up a second linode and prove to yourself that ssh key authentication is working from one to the other. then you'll know it's something not specific to the linode but to putty...
19:15-!-asdfasdfasfd [~oftc-webi@2605:a000:bfc0:67:88ce:6ba1:ca9d:78d8] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:18<nizoo>so putty does somehow save the last location of the damn private key :/
19:19<millisa>does it?
19:19<nizoo>ahaa, but in the settings, it does now show that it is being loaded automatically everytime
19:20<veecious>ofcourse it does.
19:20<veecious>it remembers your previous server configurations
19:21<veecious>it stores keys too under connection->ssh->auth
19:22<nizoo>yes but in the "auth" tab, where browse is, it showed nothing, and I was trying to load the new key multiple times, so not sure why it didn't work, i will try again now
19:24<veecious>do you have something called pagent installed?
19:24<veecious>pagent will automatically try to login using a key
19:25<veecious>not login, authenticate
19:25<nizoo>nope, but it did work now :/
19:25<nizoo>finally shit
19:26<nizoo>I had it working last week but messed it up today :/
19:28<millisa>!point akerl
19:28<linbot>millisa: Point given to akerl. (1)
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19:31<veecious>!point veecious
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19:37<arlen>!boo veecious
19:37<linbot>arlen: Point taken from veecious! (-1)
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19:45<diveyez>We really need a debian 8 to debian 9 update guide. I have many asking me about it.
19:47<dwfreed>debian has a guide
19:48<dwfreed>there really isn't anything that would be special about Linode
19:54-!-blaflamme [~blaflamme@2001:18c0:25e:4eae:d83:ce24:fef3:b997] has joined #linode
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19:58<diveyez>User claims to have done it with debian 8 on linode. I agree. It worked.
19:59<staticsafe>what dwfreed said
19:59<staticsafe>just follow the Debian upgrade documentation
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20:00<diveyez>I had to modify the /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment a lot out, add my own apt sources. Done.
20:00<diveyez>Upgrading now.
20:00-!-mode/#linode [+l 366] by ChanServ
20:00<diveyez>Well that was a lot easier than I expected, ubudeb +2
20:01-!-Daedolon [] has quit []
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20:08<diveyez>Wow, it even restarted my VPN automatically when I rebooted.
20:08<diveyez><3 debian
20:08<diveyez>Its not even daemon'd properly.
20:10-!-nizoo [~oftc-webi@2607:fea8:1d60:a58:a5d9:50c9:c80:3edf] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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21:11<kenzie>hey sir
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21:12<kenzie>is linode accept fraud credit card to host web in linode server?
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21:17<kenzie>all user on this room is bot? Lol
21:17<arlen>just one
21:17<akerl>No, just you
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21:19<kenzie> host in right?
21:19<kenzie>and that web just fake library and accept credit card as payment
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21:21<arlen>send a complaint to then
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23:49<FluffyFoxeh>debian 999999999
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