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01:58<kayo>does linode support MongoDB?
01:58<millisa>it supports anything you can install (that is legal)
01:58<millisa>it's a bare vps that you get root access to
01:58<kayo>ok just running linux and nothing else correct?
01:59<dwfreed>pretty much
01:59<millisa>linux is what is supported... but folks have gotten bsd, voip setups, some heathens have even put windows on them...
01:59<millisa>(mongo docs if you want them:
01:59<kayo>lol ..... I know about those heathens, they're not my type
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02:06*dcraig tickles zifnab around a bit with a large blue triggerfish
02:06*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large straptail
02:06<zifnab>dcraig: whats up
02:07<dcraig>I want a computer to hook up to my tv
02:08<dwfreed>I generally find that everything I want on my 27" monitor which basically functions as my TV supports chromecast, so I just use that
02:08<millisa>to do what kind of things?
02:08<dcraig>whatever I do on the computer
02:08<zifnab>irc on a 55" 4k is hard
02:08<zifnab>i've tried it, hdmi cable reaches
02:08<millisa>what about an ecs liva z?
02:09<zifnab>that and my mouse/keyboard are wired
02:09<millisa><$200, intel chipset, comes with a 4gb ddr3 sodimm (can go to 8), has 32gb emmc (and an m2 slot if you want more local storage)
02:09<millisa>can do 4k has hdmi and dp output
02:09<dcraig>can it run win 10?
02:09<millisa>they sell it with win10 if you want that. it's about $200 with the os
02:09<zifnab>does windows 10 even run on 8gb
02:10<zifnab>i have 16gb and it feels tight some days
02:10<dcraig>I think 8gb is ok for mirc and chrome
02:11<zifnab>i disagree with the chrome bit
02:11<zifnab>chrome is currently using 8GB
02:11<zifnab>i have plex and hangouts open
02:12<dcraig>well, if you didn't have 8gb, it wouldn't be using 8gb...
02:12<zifnab>i assume it'd just crash
02:12<dcraig>my current desktop is a lenovo m910 "tiny"
02:12<dcraig>it's kinda a big version of that ECS thing
02:13<millisa>i kind of collect little pc's (especially fanless).
02:13<Cromulent>hmm my system is using 5.2GBs of RAM with chrome, spotify, KVIrc and Discord open - you must have a lot of chrome tabs open to be using 8GBs on its own
02:15<dcraig>I'm using 6.2 of 15.9 gb with mirc and chrome :D
02:15<dcraig>where did my 0.1gb go?
02:16<Cromulent>I'm thinking of going up to 32GBs of RAM with my next computer build because I'm going to be doing quite a bit of video editing in the future
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02:29<zifnab>my next computer, i'm hoping to build the case myself
02:29<zifnab>need to wait until Eugene has a garage and i can buy tools for it
02:31<millisa>do you have a specific material in mind?
02:35<millisa> ?
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03:45<Zimsky>asbestos is a good material
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06:47<Chandhu>I am intersted in purchasing a Linode server but I don't know which location to choose.
06:48<Chandhu>Can you please tell me which server is central server among available US server locations?
06:52<Woet>do you not know what a map is?
07:01<Chandhu>I checked and US Central is having good speed.
07:01<Chandhu>Can you please tell me which one is central server?
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07:23<@jhaas>@Chandhu that would be Dallas, TX -
07:24<@jhaas>oh nvm he left :<
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07:42<Woet>I linked the speedtest because it literally says "dallas" next to the US Central one
07:42<Woet>oh well, cant fix stupid
07:43<Woet>someone who cant use google maps probably shouldnt have an unmanaged vps anyways
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07:48<dzho>to be fair, our midwest is not mid west, and our south tends not to extend all the way across the south
07:49<Woet>just get a dc in denver
07:49<Woet>thats pretty central
07:50<dzho>let's not even talk about the Northwest, territory or university.
07:50<dzho>(I'd say "airline" too but it is, alas, defunct, having been swallowed by Delta)
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07:58<Celti>!wx kphx
07:58<linbot>Celti: [metar] OBS at KPHX: 91.4F/33C, visibility 10 miles, wind 5.75 mph, chill 96.94F (altimeter: 29.79) [KPHX 271151Z 12005KT 10SM FEW180 33/02 A2979 RMK AO2 SLP063 T03280022 10378]
07:58<Celti>Ugh, that hot already and it's only 5AM.
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09:24<Rick>i'm trying to connect to my Linode account through Filezilla or Cyberduck
09:24<Rick>i'm struggling thoough. can i get help anywhere ?
09:28<Rick>thanks dwfreed. I think i've read this, but let me check again
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09:28<grawity>if SSH works, the exact same details should work with Filezilla (in SFTP mode)
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09:39<Rick>i can login to SSH through Mac terminal, but getting no joy with Filezilla
09:50<dzho>Rick: did you take care to set the port to 22? That's a step I've missed before with Filezilla
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09:55<Rick>Hi dzho, yes.
09:56<dzho>Rick: and you're still using password authentication?
09:58<ponas>Rick: what does Filezilla say when you try to connect?
09:59<Rick>Host: I've put in my Linode IP > Port: 22 > Server type: SFTP - SSH File Transfer > Logotype: Normal > User: my username > Password: my password
10:00<Rick>Status: Waiting to retry... Status: Connecting to Response: fzSftp started Command: open "reddotcre@" 22 Error: Connection refused Error: Could not connect to server
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10:06<ponas>have you edited /etc/ssh/sshd_config at some point? maybe the sftp subsystem is disabled somehow
10:06<ponas>/var/log/auth.log might also give you clues about what's going on.
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10:38<Woet>clearly his SSH port isnt 22
10:39<dzho>how is that clear from what you're seeing, especially given "13:39 < Rick> i can login to SSH through Mac terminal, but getting no joy with Filezilla"
10:40<linbot>New news from blog: Linode Network Backbone <>
10:40<Woet>but it says "Connection refused"?
10:40<dzho>oh, gone.
10:40<Woet>aka nothing is listening on port 22
10:41<dzho>maybe he was conflating connecting via Lish with connecting to the guest's sshd
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10:52<alexandrej>Hi, I had to reinstall my phone and lost my Authenticator app and, by mistake, I don't have the scratch codes anymore. Is there a way to access my account?
10:52<dwfreed>alexandrej: email; they'll ask you for account details to reset your 2fa
10:52-!-T_Ro110 [] has joined #linode
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10:52<dwfreed>Woet: and yet, "ssh" works fine here (also rdns is, so obviously his linode)
10:54-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
10:55-!-alexandrej [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
10:55<Woet>dwfreed: yea, I noticed. he quit too, maybe he just changed his ssh port back
10:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
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11:02<Lucent>i've got an ubuntu listening on ipv6 with its single address listed in remote config. i thought i could play with the last couple parts of the address and have mulitple ips for different virtual hosts by adding them to network/interfaces, but none are reachable remotely
11:03<nb>Lucent, umm no
11:03<nb>Lucent, you need to ask for a pool
11:03<Woet>Lucent: why do you need multiple IPs for different vhosts?
11:03<nb>Lucent, if something isn't listed in the config, you won't be able to use it
11:03<Lucent>just nice to have reverse dns. it says /64, that doesn't mean i have a lot?
11:04<nb>Lucent, no
11:04<nb>Lucent, that is the subnet mask
11:04<nb>not how many ips you have
11:04<dwfreed>reverse DNS isn't meaningful for anything other than SMTP and IRC
11:04<nb>Lucent, you can file a support ticket asking form ore, but they will ask you what you need them for
11:05<Lucent>wild. i thought the point of ipv6 was having trillions of addresses. i have to go through the process to get a few dozen so i can visit my hosts without using domain names?
11:06<nb>Lucent, AFAIK they will pretty much definately give you a /64, you just have to ask for it
11:06<nb>they don't assign it by default
11:06<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
11:06<nb>they even gave me a /56 because i want to try to get my VPN to have ipv6 addresses
11:06<dwfreed>it's not a huge process, you just open a ticket asking for it, and they give it to you
11:07<dwfreed>it's just it's not handed out by default for when it's not needed
11:07<nb>the only reason they asked me why i wanted it was probably because i asked for a /56 instead of a /64
11:07<dwfreed>most people don't need more than 1 IPv6 address
11:07<Lucent>i see
11:08<Celti>I did not get asked why when I received my /64
11:10<nb>Celti, ok
11:10<nb>with me, it was probably just because i wanted a /56
11:10<Lucent>thanks for the tip, i'll just put in a request for a /124
11:11<dwfreed>you mean a /116
11:11<Lucent>sure, that's more than enough
11:13-!-xxh9 [] has joined #linode
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11:16<Celti>Be warned
11:16<Celti>Some software will complain about v6 subnets that small
11:17<Celti>OpenVPN most notably
11:25-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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11:47<grawity>OpenVPN has slightly adjusted its limits in 2.4
11:48-!-Lucent [~oftc-webi@2601:844:4100:cc50:c51c:4206:51ee:86a9] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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12:15-!-acrooss [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:15<acrooss>i want ask for the price for additional ips
12:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
12:17<nate>acrooss: For IPv4? Still $1 per IP I believe however you have to give very good technical justification for it
12:17<acrooss>1$ i want more discount
12:18<acrooss>if is it possible
12:18<scotti>acrooss: they won't do it
12:18<scotti>you need justification too
12:18<scotti>IPv4 address space is scarce
12:19<acrooss>yes i want to create virtaul machines
12:20-!-scotti [] has quit [Server closed connection]
12:20-!-scotti [] has joined #linode
12:20-!-scotti is "scotti" on #oftc #linode
12:20<nate>acrooss: You want to do VPS reselling on a VPS?
12:20<nate>Pretty sure they're not going to consider that valid justification
12:21<scotti>uh who said reselling ?
12:21<nate>scotti: <acrooss> yes i want to create virtaul machines
12:21<nate>That's the impression I get from that :P
12:21<scotti>that doesn't imply reselling
12:21<scotti>but yeah - I doubt he'll be allowed extra IPs for that
12:21-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
12:21<scotti>acrooss: you get an entire /64 though
12:21<nate>scotti: well I don't think I've ever seen someone get a VPS to run their own VPS's on like that, most would just go get a cheap dedicated server or rent a few linode instances for
12:22<scotti>nested KVM is slow AF
12:22<acrooss>i want just 10 or 20
12:22<scotti>acrooss: won't happen
12:22<nate>acrooss: Most you can do is contact support
12:22<nate>and ask them
12:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 369] by ChanServ
12:22<nate>highly unlikely you're going to get them if you're just trying to do some form of reselling though
12:22<scotti>acrooss: people run docker on their VPS, etc
12:22<scotti>VMs aren't just for selling VPS
12:23<scotti>they are an important part of infrastructure
12:23<scotti>great way to segregate services, etc
12:23<acrooss>iyes i already worked with many other providers
12:23<scotti>and nobody would buy a nested KVM VPS :P
12:23<nate>scotti: docker is not what I would call a 'virtual machine'
12:23<acrooss>when i told them create virtual machines
12:23<acrooss>they give me ips
12:23<scotti>that would be ludicrously slow
12:23<nate>so that seems like a bad example
12:23<acrooss>whats the problem?
12:23<Eugene>Celti - OpenVPN would not be able to do anything with a Linode /116 to begin with: its delivered on-link, not as a routed block
12:24<nate>(in fact doesn't docker basically state straight out in their description they're basically an alternative to avoiding full virtual machines?)
12:24<scotti>nate: right but it has the same purpose of virtaulization
12:24-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:24<scotti>"creating virtual machines" doesn't imply reselling at all
12:25<nate>scotti: Like I said, I'm going based off experience in here when people ask shit like this
12:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 368] by ChanServ
12:26<nate>Especially at 20 IP's, not sure what other technical reasoning he would have for 20 different virtual servers on a VPS :P
12:26<acrooss>who can help me ?
12:26<nate>acrooss: You were already told who can, contact support
12:26<nate>open a ticket
12:26-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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12:27<nate>this is a community chat channel, majority of us in here are just regular linode customers
12:27-!-mydog2 [] has joined #linode
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12:28<acrooss>but you put me on doubt
12:28<acrooss>of they wont give me ips
12:29<nate>acrooss: Because IPv4 is exhausted and has been for a while, so they require REALLY good reason to give them out. They can't really easily just go and buy more IPv4 at this point in time
12:29<nate>which is also why they give users large IPv6 blocks to try and compensate for it where possible I imagine
12:29-!-eagle [] has quit [Server closed connection]
12:30<acrooss>my system dont support ipv6
12:30-!-eagle [] has joined #linode
12:30-!-eagle is "eagle" on #moocows #linode-beta #linode #linuxfriends
12:30<acrooss>thats why i need ipv4
12:30<nate>Well if this is literally for you and only you and you're trying to, for whatever goofy reason run multiple virtual instances on a VPS, why don't you let the linode do the routing internally over IPv6?
12:30<Meyer_>acrooss: Why not just buy more smaller Linodes?
12:31<nate>Then all you need is the single IPv4 address going to the main linode. forward traffic based on port or something
12:32<acrooss>no as i said ill create VMs and to buy more VPS its cost 5$ and 1 ip just with 1$
12:32<acrooss>thats why and installation
12:32<acrooss>so its take more time space and money
12:32<Meyer_>acrooss: So, you want to run 1 $5 linode and run many nested vm's on that?
12:32<nate>acrooss: How about you tell us exactly what you're trying to do?
12:33<Meyer_>acrooss: 20 VM's I assume as you are speaking about 20 IP's
12:33<nate>I think you're going to find it highly unlikely you'll get a $5 linode running 20 separate virtual machines on it
12:33<nate>especially if you're trying to resell like I mentioned earlier (which you never did deny)
12:33<Meyer_>acrooss: I believe you would have a hard time getting that working as 1GB of ram seems a bit low for running 20 VM's
12:35<acrooss>what do u mean with reseller ?
12:35<acrooss>why i have to sell them
12:35-!-eric [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:36<acrooss>i may use them to send emails to my subscribers
12:36<acrooss>so 1 ip may send arround 1k
12:36<acrooss>so extra ips = extra sent
12:36<Meyer_>acrooss: So, you do not want to run vm's
12:36<Meyer_>acrooss: You want to be able to send more email?
12:37<nate>acrooss: I'm not sure I see why extra VM's would be needed to send email...
12:37<acrooss>i have double jobs
12:37<Meyer_>acrooss: For what it's worth. If you do send mails frequently and it is not spam higer volumes will be accepted
12:37<nate>Though if you're trying to get extra IP's to get around spam stuff then no chances of them actually giving you the IP's are slim. But again, ultimately, we're just other linode customers, you NEED to contact linode support for a definitive answer :P
12:38<Meyer_>if it is spam, well.
12:38<acrooss>not spam
12:38-!-marshmn [~matt@] has joined #linode
12:38-!-marshmn is "Matt Marsh" on #linode
12:38<acrooss>my method and ISP dont have section spam
12:38<acrooss>i know some they sent spam millions per day
12:39<acrooss>for me i sent just arround 7 or 9k
12:39<acrooss>its depend of ips
12:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 370] by ChanServ
12:39<Meyer_>that amount of e-mails is fine from 1 ip in my experience
12:39<Meyer_>at least after the reputation for that IP has gone up
12:39<acrooss>if is it a good reputation
12:39<acrooss>to imrove it i have to wait many months
12:40<acrooss>so how can u help ?
12:40<Meyer_>I can not help you at all. I am just a Linode customer
12:40<Meyer_>As nate said. Contact Linodes support and ask
12:41<acrooss>so you make me feel scary
12:41<acrooss>what should i told them
12:41<acrooss>to give me that ?
12:42<relidy>The real reason you need the IPs. Anything less and you risk them discovering and revoking them.
12:43<Meyer_>acrooss: As relidy said. The real reason why you feel you need the IP's.
12:43<acrooss>i already said the real reason
12:43<acrooss>but u told me they wont give me
12:43<Meyer_>acrooss: You said running 20 vm's
12:43<acrooss>yes but wat abt the other
12:43<Meyer_>acrooss: So. I would assume you will need at least 512M ram per VM
12:44<acrooss>to send emails
12:44<relidy>Besides, out opinions don't really matter. You need to ask Linode directly.
12:44<nate>acrooss: We're giving our opinions based on what we've seen approved before as customers. We are not staff. We are not the end decision makers.
12:44<nate>So ask linode :P
12:44<Meyer_>acrooss: And that would mean that you would need at least a 12GB Linode
12:44<acrooss>told me ur reasons
12:44<acrooss>why they accept u ?
12:44<Meyer_>acrooss: So, cost for that is $80 per month
12:45<Meyer_>acrooss: I have not asked for extra IP's except for some temporary things
12:46<Meyer_>acrooss: I've gotten that extra ip for a while and then returned it. But I've had a good justification in those cases
12:46<acrooss>my account still pending
12:46<acrooss>for approval
12:52<Meyer_>acrooss: I see. It will probably be approved shortly
12:53<Meyer_>acrooss: Anyway. As I said earlier. If you want to run 20 VM's you will probably at least want to have 512M ram each and that would mean a 12GB Linode for $80. On top of that, assumed you get the IP's, you would pay $20 for IP's. So total cost $100
12:53<Meyer_>acrooss: If you instead run 20 x $5 Linodes you have the same cost, get 1G ram each and much better performance
12:53-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Quit: See you on the other side]
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12:54<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:55<acrooss>do you know any other provider
12:55<acrooss>give ips with 1$ or less ?
12:58-!-Michiel_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:00<Meyer_>acrooss: I have no idea.
13:01<acrooss>hhhhh u wont told me bro
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13:48<AndroUser>I'm welcome... am I?
13:49<AndroUser>have we got Linode staff on here? or it's just us the users
13:49<nb>AndroUser, there are staff here, yes
13:49<nb>but a lot of us are users
13:51<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
13:52<AndroUser>need help getting CPanel on one of my managed linodes... ticket not getting any response
13:53<react>AndroUser: how long ago did you submit it
13:53<AndroUser>about 15mins ago
13:54<react>you may need to be simply patient
13:54<react>if you have an actual production-level workload that's down, then I'd call them by phone
13:54<AndroUser>thanks @react
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16:13<david>anyone here??
16:13-!-MaZ- [] has quit [Server closed connection]
16:13<ponas>yes, over three hundred people
16:13<grawity>we are eagerly waiting for you to ask a support-related question.
16:13<grawity>i.e. get to the business
16:13<Eugene>I want a pony
16:13<david>yes, i am migrating my shared host to linode\
16:13<david>and got a problem
16:14<david>Error establishing a database connection
16:14-!-MaZ- [] has joined #linode
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16:14<david>always tell me error establishing a database connection, i am sure I used correct name and password
16:14-!-therock247uk[bnc] [] has joined #linode
16:14-!-therock247uk[bnc] is "therock247uk" on #linode
16:14<ponas>did you use the correct hostname?
16:15-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
16:15<david>yes, i checked many time
16:15<grawity>have you actually added that account to your mysql/mariadb on Linode?
16:15<david>no, that is from my shared hosting
16:15<grawity>well then you should
16:15<ponas>usually the hostname would be localhost if you also migrated your databases to linode
16:15<ponas>your shared hosting probably won't allow you connect from linode
16:15<david>can you tell me how
16:16<david>it is localhost
16:16<grawity>while shared hosting providers sync logins between FTP, MySQL, etc, etc, that is not actually automatic anywhere else
16:16<grawity>so first you install mariadb (or mysql), then log in to mariadb's root account and use whatever SQL commands it has to create a user
16:17<grawity>(I don't exactly remember them offhand, but they did start with "CREATE USER ... IDENTIFIED BY ...")
16:17<grawity>you can install phpmyadmin first and set up users & databases through that, if you'd like
16:17<david>i created linode/wordpress
16:18<david>and now from web browser, type my ID, and then asks me these fields
16:18-!-xxh9 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:18<david>i put my old ones and told me error connection, i must missed some steps
16:19<grawity>does Linode have a pre-made wordpress server these days?
16:19<ponas>there's the stackscript
16:19<david>there is a click
16:19<ponas>it sets up mysql but doesn't really create a user + database etc. I think (?)
16:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
16:19<david>there is an option linode/wordpress, when i click, and put ID in browser, it comes
16:20<Zimsky>wordpress is still a thing?
16:20<grawity>david: mind posting a screenshot of that "linode/wordpress" option?
16:20<david>my blog in shared is wordpress, and i am thinking just migrate in
16:20<grawity>a bit confused
16:21<ponas>I think you set a root password + database name when using the stackscript and then need to input that same root password + database name when installing wordpress
16:21<Eugene>Zimsky - Yup. WordPress is the most popular easy-blog-software that exists, and will likely continue to be so forever. It works, its secure enough if oyu don't try to use it as an authentication backend instead of LDAP(seriously, wtf?), and there are lots of entrenched users, themes, etc built around it
16:22<Zimsky>Eugene: I was being mildly sarcastic
16:22<Eugene>And you don't have to deal with Blogger or whoever the cool kids are using nowadays
16:22<Eugene>And I was deflating your sarcasm with reality
16:22<Zimsky>I still hate it though
16:22<Eugene>Me too
16:22<scotti>Ghost FTW
16:22<scotti>but indeed WordPress will be around forever
16:22<scotti>it's the plugins that make it insecure
16:22<Zimsky>Eugene: now I'm not being sarcastic
16:22<Zimsky>people use it for an auth backend?
16:22<Eugene>Solution: don't use plugins; put it behind Varnish
16:23<Zimsky>the fuck?
16:23<scotti>Zimsky: nobody uses it for an auth backend
16:23<Eugene>I had a $CLIENT that did that once, yes. It started as a shopping cart app
16:23<scotti>Eugene: $WEBSITE ?
16:23<Zimsky>$CLIENTs are the worst
16:23<ponas>david: try using hostname: localhost user: root and then the password and database name is what you entered after choosing linode/wordpress
16:24<Eugene>They had this weird thing that would sync to Gmail, until that API went away
16:24-!-Linguica [] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
16:24-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
16:25<david>where you guys normally publish the pic, i had it
16:25<Zimsky>usually more terrifying than the one with no knowledge, is the one who has little knowledge yet is extremely confident in that knowledge
16:26<Zimsky>playboy magazine
16:26<david>ponas, i will have a try, i think i have used my shared hosting ones
16:26<Eugene>scotti - I actually respect the NDAs that I sign, but their domain seems to not resolve anymore so there you go
16:26<david>zimsky, if i post playboy, should i ask back the publishing dollars:)
16:27<Zimsky>why would you get the money?
16:27-!-Daedolon [] has joined #linode
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16:30<david>ponas, that does not work as well
16:32-!-Pulp [] has quit [Server closed connection]
16:32-!-Pulp [] has joined #linode
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16:32<ponas>david: well damn, try this guide:
16:33<david>thank you ponas, trying
16:33<ponas>the wordpress stackscript isn't really a one-click thing it seems, just a shortcut
16:34<david>a couple clicks:)
16:34<david>it rebuilt the server
16:35<david>i am new to linode and nothing there yet, so that does not matter
16:35<david>Rebuilding will destroy all data, wipe your Linode clean, and start fresh.
16:36-!-mr-spoon [~mr-spoon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:42<david>ponas, that is the one to install wordpress, useful, but if I migrate my previous contents, are they different
16:43-!-ilken [] has quit [Quit: Going!]
16:44-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
16:46<ponas>david: on a high level there are three things that need to happen here: 1) you need to setup a LAMP stack on your linode 2) you need to copy your wordpress installation to the webroot on linode 3) you need to copy your mysql database to linode and import it 4) you need to edit wp-config.php with the new database settings (probably)
16:46<ponas>that's four things, oops
16:47<ponas>there's no one-click solution to do all this but there are several guides on the interwebs
16:48<david>sounds very complicated to me
16:49<ponas>it's kind of easy when you know how to do it, but I don't think anyone here can hold your hands through the whole process
16:49<Zimsky>if you don't want to do it, hire someone
16:49-!-Spydar007 [] has quit [Server closed connection]
16:49-!-Spydar007 [spydar007@2a04:2e00:1:4:feed:face:b16:b00b] has joined #linode
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16:50<Eugene>There are 10 basic problems in CompSci: Data-encoding(including binary vs octal vs ASCII vs UTF8), Programming conventions(variables, indentation, comments, semicolons), and Off-by-One errors.
16:50<Zimsky>Eugene: funny
16:50<millisa>you forgot beer.
16:50*synfinatic clap
16:50<Zimsky>no millisa
16:50<millisa>beer = programming convention then?
16:51<ponas>david: to be honest, if you don't want to learn how linux and lamp stacks and system administration works you should probably stick to shared hosting
16:51<Eugene>I'm particularly proud of myself for getting the count right in both decimal and binary
16:51<Eugene>millisa - I didn't forget beer; that's not a proble
16:51<Zimsky>no one drinks beer anyway
16:52<david>ponas, maybe you are right, thank you, i am new to linode and just a hobby bloger
16:53<david>but linode is good compare those shared ones
16:53<ponas>david: what's your current host?
16:53<david>bluehost, very slow
16:54<david>that is all i want to get rid of
16:55-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
16:57<david>ponas, i will give a try, I have the first you mentioned, then i need to install wordpress which should be fine, then copy my old stuff here...
16:59-!-mr-spoon [~mr-spoon@] has joined #linode
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16:59<Zimsky>sup mr-spoon
17:10-!-neo^ [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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17:29<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Buy Zithromax & Zithromax Online Free Bonus Pills - Canadian Pharmacy! <>
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17:42*sunny slaps sunny around a bit with a large fishbot
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17:44<sunny>Hi,How are you?
17:45<millisa>We exist.
17:46<sunny>I need some help.
17:46<millisa>what do you need help with?
17:47<arlen>What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
17:48<sunny>I've a website "" which is hosted on the linode. I want the ftp dedails of that site.
17:48<sunny>How I can get it.
17:48<millisa>arlen: roughly 11meters per sec
17:48-!-david [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:48<Woet>sunny: that website does not use linode.
17:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
17:50<sunny>there is one other site "" can provide me this website ftp details.
17:51<@jfred>This is the community chat channel - if you need official support, I would recommend opening a support ticket or emailing
17:52<@jfred>(Though note that Linodes don't come with FTP servers out of the box, and we don't store login credentials for your Linode)
17:52<Woet>sunny: again, not hosted by Linode.
17:52<@jfred>heh... indeed it isn't
17:54-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:44d:3ab8:b943:a77a] has joined #linode
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17:55<Woet>sunny: any more websites not hosted by linode you want to know the FTP details of?
17:56<Woet>arlen: user is root, password is letmein
17:56<warewolf>sunny: dude, stop.
17:56<arlen>thank you sir
17:57<@jfred>Woet: you mean your password's not god?
17:57<Woet>jfred: its not
17:57<warewolf>sunny: #linode is not a hacking service for you to take down Stop asking.
17:57<Woet>warewolf: are you sure
17:57<@jfred>what kind of sysadmin are you? :P
17:57<Woet>i offer those services.
18:04-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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18:11*Eugene has a thought: What will driverless trucks have stencilled onto their mudguards? Server racks? Hard drive platters? Fiber optic patch panels?
18:11-!-rsdehart_ is now known as rsdehart
18:11<dzho>anyone have recommendations or cautions about any of these?
18:13-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:44d:3ab8:b943:a77a] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:13<Eugene>linode-cli appears to be the right / new one?
18:13-!-AndroUser [~androirc@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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18:42<CARLOS_>hola buena stardes, alguien que me pueda apoyarm estoy buscando apoyo para localizar el dueño de una pagina web, alguien que hable español que me apoye
18:44<Woet>what made you think this is a Spanish channel?
18:44-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:44<millisa>La mayoría de nosotros hablamos inglés. No estoy seguro de si podemos localizar un propietario de página web para usted.
18:44<arlen>Linode no dará información al cliente
18:45-!-Lucent [~oftc-webi@2601:844:4100:cc50:5838:1ab7:97e2:2fb9] has joined #linode
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18:45<Woet>lets all use google translate because CARLOS_ refuses to
18:45<millisa>it's fun!
18:45<arlen>don't be mean
18:45-!-Lucent [~oftc-webi@2601:844:4100:cc50:5838:1ab7:97e2:2fb9] has quit []
18:46*CARLOS_ slaps mindlesstux around a bit with a large fishbot
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22:27<xzdzss3s3e>I can not log in, what happened to my account.
22:28<MrPPS>xzdzss3s3e: incorrect password? set a whitelist IP address?
22:28<xzdzss3s3e>I do not know that all my vps can not connect.
22:29<xzdzss3s3e>There seems to be a serious mistake.
22:29<MrPPS>xzdzss3s3e: can you not log in to linode manager, or are you having trouble logging in to your VPS?
22:30<xzdzss3s3e>Is there a linode administrator here?
22:30<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Improve the way zones are updated <>
22:31<xzdzss3s3e>All can not land, the account seems to be locked
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22:32<Peng>You can email or call them.
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22:33*Zimsky lands on peng
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22:45<zifnab>i suggest calling if its important
22:45<zifnab>you might even talk to the resident ginger
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