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00:00<Joseph_>Btw, thanks for all explainments.
00:00<Joseph_>See you all soon.
00:00<Joseph_>Good night.
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00:37<MrPPS>> explainments
00:37<MrPPS>that's a new one for me
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01:37<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • adidas futurecraft <> || Feature Request/Bug Report • adidas nmd hombre baratas <> || Feature Request/Bug Report • adidas nmd herren günstig <>
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04:50<Phillip>Need to find out if Linode supports bank transfers as a mode of payment
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04:53<Peng>> We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept PayPal, as well as checks and money orders ... Note that we do not accept bank/wire transfers.
04:55<arlen>could transfer the money to a PayPal account
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05:13<rsdehart>All these people seem to be completely taken off guard that Linode has a website
05:14<rsdehart>#caught off guard by the fact that
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05:39<rsdehart>hi lumawnew
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05:45<lumawnew>Can I talk about Linode account issue here?
05:47<linbot>The staff may or may not be around but if you tell us your problem then someone in here may be able to help
05:47<rsdehart>that wasn't what I was after
05:47<rsdehart>lumawnew: for official support, you should submit a ticket
05:48<rsdehart>this is community discussion, and even though staff are in the channel and some of them speak up from time to time, no one is going to discuss specific account-related issues in chat
05:49<rsdehart>for general questions we'll certainly attempt to help, but if you need support, ticket is the way to go
05:49<rsdehart>*account support
05:51<lumawnew>I just canceled my account and requested for refund
05:51<lumawnew>I think it is 2 months ago
05:51<lumawnew>but there are not refund and now I just want my account back..
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06:02<arlen>email or call
06:03<lumawnew>Thanks bro,, I already sent email
06:07<arlen>ok now just wait for a reply
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06:34<samael>hello. i have problems logging in to my linode manager accounts. can't receive any email from them to activate access from new IP address, or even password change. anyone else experiencing problems?
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06:35<arlen>check your spam
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06:36<samael>arlen: nothing.
06:37<arlen>could try emailing but might not get their reply
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06:37<arlen>maybe call them
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06:38<Zimsky>knock on the door of their office
06:38<arlen>or fax
06:39<Zimsky>knock on the door of their fax?
06:39<arlen>alternative fax
06:40<samael>lol. yep i'm dropping them an email. let's hope
06:40<arlen>good luck
06:41<hawk>Fwiw, contacting them via email could be a problematic approach if your problem is that you can't receive email from them.
06:43<samael>i'm asking them to Cc another email of mine on a different smtp
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06:45<samael>(in the hope thay won't take it as some kind of forgery)
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10:09<Shiloh>So does linode VPS have auto backup function?
10:09<linbot>You should probably have backups. If you don't want to set up your own, use Linode Backups. Prices start at $ 2.50/month depending on your plan.
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10:10<dwfreed>(fixed the alias to use the price for the $5 plan as the lowest)
10:11<Shiloh>Does linode ever have data lost history?
10:12<dwfreed>it is rare, but hosts have lost data before
10:14<Shiloh>Got it, thank you. I will backup my data, I have three VPS on linode. None backuped
10:15<Woet>dont backup with the same host as the servers are running on if you value your data.
10:16<Shiloh>Should I stop the server before backup?
10:16<Woet>that depends on your backup method
10:17<Woet>usually not, no
10:18<dwfreed>Woet: the Linode Backup Service stores its data on completely separate infrastructure, so it's protected from host failure. But for critical data, yes, you should have a multi-layer backup strategy
10:18<Woet>dwfreed: I never argued that
10:18<Woet>dwfreed: but hosts can go bankrupt, hosts can get hacked, your account can get compromised and everything deleted, etc
10:19<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Feature request: anycast DNS for Linode's nameservers <> || Feature Request/Bug Report • Regular problems with frozen or unresponsive linodes <> || Feature Request/Bug Report • reboot from the shell via ssh does not reboot (centos) <
10:20<Woet>still haven't dealt with the spam?
10:20<dwfreed>those aren't spam, just an overzealous user posting crap
10:21<dwfreed>Shiloh: is a good read, in particular the "Limitations" section at the bottom
10:21<Shiloh>I'll check it out, thank you
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10:42<MajObviousman>yeah, but backuping is hard
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10:43<Shiloh>Hi guys, How can I change my VPS location? Should I submit a ticket or is there a link to change it by myself?
10:44<@mcintosh>you'll need to submit a ticket so we can set that up for you
10:44<Shiloh>OK, will do, thank you
10:44<@mcintosh>no problem
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12:07<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:14<savenko>Hello! Can abybody help with install FreePbx on linode? I am try and get errors
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13:15<savenko>After login by Glish i see this
13:16<grawity>what errors though?
13:17<dzho>savenko: looks like the installation process has not yet completed. Did you answer the question and then moved forward with the installation?
13:17<savenko>what i have problem with hard drive. I try fix. See avaible 5GB select disk, several click done and error dos not gone, i see now
13:18<savenko>This error
13:19<savenko>I use this manual
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13:19<savenko>I can not add another disk (for example /dev/sdb)
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13:20<savenko>I see only /dev/sda i think this disk only for reead
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13:20<dzho>you are in rescue mode?
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13:22<dzho>savenko: you needed to follow this step twice, once for installer, once for boot:
13:23<dzho>my guess is that you did it only once
13:23<dzho>!to jj999 ask
13:23<linbot>jj999: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:23<savenko>No, after download .iso enter command "dd if=mini.iso of=/dev/sda" and reboot i am in glish
13:23<dzho>ok then where is sdb?
13:27<savenko>In configuration profile i am set this ""
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13:38<dzho>oh well
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13:47<wanderer_>Is there any limit on number of distros I can deploy on linode?
13:47<csnxs>i don't see why there would be
13:48<wanderer_>hosting multiple distros for client
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13:51<dwfreed>wanderer_: note that you can only run one distro on one Linode at a time
13:51<dwfreed>unless you use containers or nested virtualization (but I don't think VT-x is exposed to guests, so you wouldn't be able to use KVM)
13:52<wanderer_>I'm new to linode! May I know what is VT-x and KVM?
13:52<dzho>VT-x refers specifically to Intel's implementation of hardware virtualization support.
13:53<dzho>KVM is a virtual machine technology that relies either on VT-x or its AMD counterpart (the name of which eludes me at the moment)
13:53<dzho>AMD's is "SVM"
13:54<dzho>which is an unfortunate namespace collision if you do machine learning because that also is used for "support vector machine" :\
13:54<grawity>...and if you're working through a
13:55<wanderer_>Thanks a lot
13:55<wanderer_>So what will be the linode equivalent to multiple ec2 instances on AWS ?
13:56-!-marshmn [~matt@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:56<dzho>multiple linodes
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20:31<zifnab>have you tried to turn it off and on again
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20:31<zifnab>also how is that related to email and/or smtp
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21:50<glickity>whats going on i just got to the thank you page that says your account is being reviewed, you get an email from us, and i got the email, and i cant leave from that page
21:50<glickity>i cant click on account or anything it just takes me back to that page
21:50<millisa>Did you read the email?
21:51<glickity>i did millisa it was just a payment reciept
21:51<arlen>then you haven't received the other email yet
21:51<millisa>There is an email that is sent after an account is reviewed.
21:51<glickity>i thought that was the one i was waiting for
21:52<millisa>They'll either tell you you are all set or request some more info for you to send in.
21:52<glickity>more info?
21:52<glickity>what kind of info?
21:53<arlen>probably picture of an id
21:53<glickity>oh god
21:53<glickity>same crap as hostgator
21:53<millisa>It'll say in the mail if they need it
21:53<glickity>are they owned by the same company?
21:53<millisa>linode's definitely not like hostgator.
21:54<Peng>Linode is owned by Linode
21:55<glickity>still no magical email
21:56<arlen>still gotta wait
21:56<glickity>am i waiting for the pope's blessing here?
21:56<arlen>it has not been decided yet if you're worthy of a linode
21:57<millisa>Lipope. Popenode. High Linquisitor
21:59<@caker>The power of Cloud compels you!
21:59<glickity>activation baby!
21:59<@caker>glickity: ya -- all set, welcome to the club :)
21:59<glickity>and i dont have to send naked photos of myself to linode!
22:00<millisa>Well, I mean you can.
22:00<millisa>I didn't *have* to
22:00<dzho>linode has probably gotten big enough that they have a wide variety of tastes amongst the employee base so who knows
22:01<glickity>hmm, i guess it doesnt matter where i choose for location for my inode, the NSA gets access regardless i presume
22:01<dzho>that's sort of my going assumption
22:02<millisa> section 1,3,7 are likely relevant.
22:02<millisa>and very much 10
22:04<dzho>well, there's also CALEA et al
22:04<dzho>and your general hoovering up of all the things to provide for later "selection"
22:05<glickity>works like a charm
22:05<MrPPS>That it does :)
22:06<glickity>no hassles, no extortion
22:06<MrPPS>Nah, they deprecated extortion a few years back
22:07<dzho>it's now called Enterprise Cooperation
22:08<arlen>Peng: mind if i pm?
22:10<Peng>arlen: Go ahead
22:15<glickity>quick question, when i set up a webserver, what dns hosts do i enter into my registrar?
22:15<Peng>Whichever ones you use. :P
22:15<glickity>just any of the DNS resolvers?
22:15<Peng>Linode provides a hosted DNS service, using through, but you can use any DNS service.
22:16-!-atula [] has joined #linode
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22:16<Peng>You can use your registrar's DNS hosting, or some other service, if you want.
22:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 364] by ChanServ
22:16<Peng>Linode's is pretty good, though. :D
22:16<millisa>to use linode, this is a good doc to start with:
22:16<glickity>i do that under DNS managers?
22:17<glickity>cool thanks
22:19<Peng>You don't *have* to use Linode's DNS service, though.
22:22<glickity>is it best to reboot using the dash or can i reboot via the cmd as well?
22:23<millisa>you can do either and it should work.
22:24<dwfreed>^ by default, anyway
22:24<FluffyFoxeh>either one, doesn't matter
22:24<millisa>if you wanted to halt completely, that may not work how you expect if you did it from a shell
22:24<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: the manager's shutdown button pushes the "power button" on the VM right?
22:24<dwfreed>it does the equivalent of ACPI poweroff
22:25<FluffyFoxeh>yeh that
22:25<dwfreed>which would be pressing and releasing the power button on a real machine
22:25<dwfreed>however, if the system has not completed shutting down in about 2 or 2.5 minutes, it pulls the virtual plug
22:26<dwfreed>it is 2 minutes
22:27<dwfreed>at 1 minute it gets another ACPI poweroff
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22:32<Mr_Xuyen>I have account " nguyenhongxuyen" in linode
22:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 365] by ChanServ
22:33<millisa>this is a community chat, you don't want to share your account credentials
22:33-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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22:36<FluffyFoxeh>he just came to announce that fact
22:36<millisa>I am Spartacus.
22:39<dwfreed>no, I am Spartacus
22:40<arlen>I am Larry
22:42<FluffyFoxeh>I am number four
22:42<DanielNM>I am not
22:47-!-aspis [] has joined #linode
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22:58<dwfreed>DanielNM: Hi not, I'm Spartacus
23:02<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • PHP 5.6 CentOS 7 <>
23:04<glickity>for admin email when setting up domain zones, can those be forwarded?
23:04<glickity>i.e. i dont want to setup mail on my vps
23:07<glickity>how could i possibly have already used 1 gig of transfer?
23:07<glickity>the hell? i havent uploaded or done anything
23:08<glickity>yeah i did a debian update but it wasnt a gig of updates
23:08<glickity>meh whatever
23:09<millisa>not sure it shows a zero.
23:10<glickity>yeah if i click on the linode it shows zero
23:10<glickity>must be a sloppy roundup lol
23:10<glickity>in the main screen
23:10<glickity>50megs? meh close enough to 1 gig
23:11<dwfreed>the transfer bar always rounds up, no matter how little over an integer it is
23:14<glickity>i see dwfreed. yeah good to know
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