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00:00<arlen>happy transfer reset day!
00:10<Peng>unhappy paying money day
00:10<Peng>happy for Linode :P
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00:27<JamesTK>Unhappy day ey Peng
00:30<Peng>not the unhappiest day, but an unhappy one
00:31<Peng>Fun fact: You get an alert email every 6 hours when you're at 90% transfer usage
00:32<Zimsky>not as unhappy as a day in northern Syria
00:32<JamesTK>You hit 90% already!?
00:32*Zimsky hits JamesTK
00:32<JamesTK>you missed and plunged into a black hole
00:33<JamesTK>buy me pizza
00:33<Zimsky>that would be an excellent way to die
00:33<Zimsky>in a black hole
00:33<Zimsky>condensed into a tiny speck
00:33<Zimsky>JamesTK: be more available
00:33<rsdehart>I would also like pizza, thanks
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00:39<FluffyFoxeh>Just got my invoice
00:41<Peng>in a bad way?
00:41<Peng>I tells ya, annual billing can (could) provide a certain excitement if you forget the schedule :P
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00:53<FluffyFoxeh>!wx cyow
00:53<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: [metar] OBS at CYOW: 68.0F/20C, visibility 15 miles, wind 6.90 mph, chill 68.90F (altimeter: 30.06) [CYOW 010400Z 34006KT 15SM FEW250 20/14 A3006 RMK CI1 CI TR SLP178 DENSITY ALT]
00:59<JamesTK>!wx YSSY
00:59<linbot>JamesTK: [metar] OBS at YSSY: 60.8F/16C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 20.71 mph, chill 57.68F (altimeter: 30.179642626) [YSSY 010430Z 18018KT 9999 FEW040 16/06 Q1022 NOSIG]
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01:43<zifnab>problem with $5 linodes: they tend to accumulate
01:43<zifnab>"why are there so many on my bill"
01:43<zifnab>"oh right, i didn't ever destroy those"
01:43<millisa>This week on Linode Hoarders . . .
01:44<zifnab>also arbitrary problem
01:44<zifnab>when i delete a linode that has block storage assigned, does the block storage also go poof
01:44<zifnab>or is that global for hte account
01:44<zifnab>i found the button i was looking for, nevermind
01:45<Peng>It will get worse as ancillary services accumulate.
01:46<Peng>"Why do i have this $5 Linode" "Wait, it has backups, an extra IPv4 address, a bunch of block storage, numerous snapshots, and it costs $15!"
01:46<zifnab>this is what i ran into:
01:46<zifnab>"wtf is alioth or linode325 or all those volumes"
01:46<zifnab>"oh right"
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01:52<rock007>actually for me this time extra amount has been debited by linode from my account , i need to know the reason
01:53<millisa>Today is billing day
01:53<MrPPS>What does your bill say?
01:54<rock007>extra 5$ have been taken , i don't how to check it
01:54<rock007>can u guide for checking that
01:56<MrPPS>rock007: Log in to the linode manager, then go to Account, then Billing History
01:56<MrPPS>click on the Invoice number
01:56<MrPPS>this will then list all the charges for that invoice
01:58<zifnab>somewhere in
02:00<rock007>ya i have seen , i don't know why two servers are running in my account
02:00<zifnab>whats the thing for 'this is community support, most of us aren't linode employees, open a ticket'
02:00<kyhwana>rock007: well, the manager will tell you when/who started them
02:01<rock007>amount taken like for MainServer, linode,linode and backup service
02:01<MrPPS>rock007: If you have a second server running on your account that you didn't start, then probably worth checking if someone else did. Does anyone else have access to your account? If nobody else is supposed to, then maybe you were compromised, or maybe you did it in your sleep
02:07<rock007>how shall i remove that extra server from my account
02:08<rock007>so that next time i should not get billed for that server
02:08<zifnab>main page, click 'remove'
02:08<kyhwana>rock007: delete it? tho if you want to find out why it's there/what it's doing you might want to take a copy of the disk image etc and run some forensics on it
02:08<kyhwana>rock007: you're still billed for the time it was running, of course
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02:30<Nguyen>slowly connect control panel
02:30<Nguyen>please help
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02:33<nameboost>how is that possible?
02:35<MrPPS>I'm not sure how we could help you slowly connect to the control panel
02:36<nameboost>what is the reason the control panel is slow?
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02:54<fwancheese>i just charged 5$ with a credit card but its been minutes and all it says is your account is being currently reviewed.
02:54<kyhwana>fwancheese: it's being reviewed
02:54<fwancheese>how many hours should i wait?
02:55<fwancheese>i already received a text confirmation of the credit charge.
02:55<nameboost>you cant wait?
02:55<nameboost>just wait
02:55<fwancheese>okay sir yes sir!
02:56<arlen>just have to continue to wait till they approve the account or ask for more information
02:56<fwancheese>but im a deep web assassin, i cant hand out my info.
02:57<fwancheese>anyway thanks for the replies
02:57<fwancheese>just kiddin. thanks for the replies
02:57<MrPPS>fwancheese: Sometimes it's quick, sometimes a few hours
02:57<MrPPS>Once done though you're set to go with no more hold-ups
02:58<fwancheese>thanks MrPotatoePeaSalad
02:58<nameboost>own that vps!
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04:19<yasar>any admin here
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04:19<nameboost>no way
04:20<yasar>how to can find
04:20<yasar>this fck company always charge money my card
04:20<nameboost>for server?
04:21<yasar>i dont know
04:21<yasar>ii never register this website
04:21<yasar>but always charge money fck
04:22<Zimsky>what's a fck company
04:22<nameboost>how is that possible?
04:23<yasar>i dont know
04:23<Zimsky>yes, this is #linode
04:23<yasar> very slow now?
04:23<yasar>i can't access
04:23<Zimsky>depends where you are connecting from
04:24<Zimsky>idk, might be slow, might be fast
04:28<Ikaros>Mmm. I might have to send an email to support for the first time ever.
04:30<Zimsky>Ikaros: that's terrifying.
04:30<Ikaros>Well if their email system would work properly I wouldn't have to.
04:30<Zimsky>that sounds contradictory
04:33<Ikaros>On a completely unrelated note I have to figure out why my HDD light is solid.
04:33<yasar>not answr mail , can't register website wtf
04:33<Zimsky>Ikaros: it's solid because it's a bro
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04:35<yasar>i dont know how to contact admin
04:35<Zimsky>you can send a ticket or an email, or even call them
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04:36<Zimsky>can even go to their office
04:37<yasar> thanks for your message. Our social media team isn't here at the moment, but you can contact our support team directly 24/7 at
04:37<yasar>everyplace this company offline
04:37<yasar>i from china . how to go office
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04:37<Zimsky>it was somewhat of a joke, but generally one would fly on an airplane
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04:38<yasar>why not have here any admin
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04:38<Zimsky>it's night time in america
04:38<Zimsky>people need to sleep
04:38<yasar>yeah good sleep charge money and sleep
04:39<Zimsky>there's probably someone to answer their phone though
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04:39<yasar>i can't call . beaucse im in china how o can call
04:42<hawk>Use a phone or skype (if you paid to call to regular phones) or whatever
04:43<hawk>Anyway, email or phone (or a support ticket obviously if you are a customer, but it sounded like you might not be?) seem like the reasonable ways for you to contact Linode.
04:53<hawk>yasar: However, if you are saying that you get charges on your credit card without being a customer (ie, someone is using your credit card without your consent), I think you should rather contact the issuer of your credit card (your bank?) and have the card revoked and replaced as the top priority.
04:54<Ikaros>^ correct
04:59<yasar>i can't call the my bank i travel another country
04:59<yasar>must be smart!.
05:10<hawk>I'm sure you can call your bank from this other country? However, I guess it may be extra inconvenient timing.
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07:32<rahul>i am have one website. that was consultancy site
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07:33<rahul>daily 500 visitor
07:33<rahul>which server is best for this website?
07:35<rahul>hello any one here?
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07:36<Woet>oh god
07:36<Woet>500 daily visitors
07:36<Zimsky>Woet the poet is back
07:36<Woet>64 GB RAM minimum
07:43<Zimsky>Woet: if you have 500 concurrent connections you could have ~123.65MB per connection on that kind of system
07:43<Woet>thanks mate
07:43<Woet>you can go back to /r/theydidthemath now
07:43<Zimsky>assuming 2 GB is to be left for other things
07:43<Zimsky>and only 62.375 of the 64GB is usable memory
07:46<Zimsky>Woet: no
07:46<Zimsky>Woet: have you ever lived underneath a bridge
07:47<Woet>Zimsky: not to my knowledge
07:53<ponas>the 500 daily visitors might each be downloading ~8TB of genetic data that is generated on-the-fly by a neural network that takes 72 input parameters specified by the user
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08:56<sudheer>hi syltaobis
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08:58<sudheer>i am already using aws but i am planning to shift to linode
08:58<ponas>great plan
08:58<sudheer>can i access the server using linux terminal
08:59<sudheer>do you have free tire plans
08:59<sudheer>do you also have user interface
09:00<ponas>there's an interface for managing basic things about the VM (like attached disks, IPs) but no interface for stuff running on the server
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09:00<ponas>you could install webmin or cpanel to get that though
09:00<sudheer>how to access the server using treminal do you provide permission files or via password
09:00<ponas>you get the root password
09:01<sudheer>there are no permission files
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09:01<grawity>what are "permission files"?
09:01<sudheer>.pem file
09:01<grawity>never seen those called "permission" files
09:01<grawity>but if you're talking about SSH keypairs/pubkeys
09:01<grawity>you can use those, but AFAIK setting them up is entirely up to you
09:02<sudheer>ohh that's great thanq
09:03*dzho had to look it up
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09:30<Ravi>I got signed up with linode and i am not getting any root access details
09:30<dwfreed>you deploy the Linode yourself, setting the root password yourself
09:32<Ravi>can you plese tell me the process
09:32<Ravi>How to do that
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09:34<Ravi>How can i find that, which plan currently i am using??
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09:38<AlexMax>Wait a minute
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09:39<AlexMax>Linode images have a maximum of 2 gigabytes?
09:39<AlexMax>...That's....not convenient....
09:39<grawity>what kind of images?
09:40<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Using GoDaddy as DNS Server for Linode Instance <>
09:41<DrJ>eww ^^
09:50<dwfreed>grawity: images images
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09:51<dwfreed>AlexMax: Linode Images are intended to be barebones gold masters, not full-featured; you should use your configuration management tool to fully configure them after deployment
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10:19<AlexMax>dwfreed: I already use configuration management to set up the 'staging' server, but the whole point behind images was so we could guarantee that we were using the exact same packages on every server
10:20<AlexMax>also, the miscalculation of image size means that the calculus changes from being right on the cusp to being way over the line
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10:30<dwfreed>AlexMax: Config management can ensure you're using the same packages on every server...
10:31<dwfreed>iirc, images is block-based, and may be including data that you've deleted, so running zerofree on the disk before trying to imagize it may help
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10:35<derek>Has anyone used the v4 Linode API? Having some issues with the docs not being up to date with OAuth tokens. I'm able to get back an access token, but it has an expiration date the docs don't mention and there seems to be no ability to refresh this token like most providers and I'm building a background integration in my service which needs the ability to reuse this access in 1 day or 3 months and I have no issues with Digital Ocean tokens.
10:43<dwfreed>derek: the v4 API is still under heavy development; I suspect the docs just haven't been updated yet
10:43<AlexMax>dwfreed: Not the same versions though. Let's say that you have your CM yum update, then you yum install foo-package
10:43<AlexMax>if you do that a month ago, you get a month-old version of foo-package
10:43<dwfreed>AlexMax: yes the same versions
10:43<AlexMax>if you do that today, you get the most recent rpm
10:44<dwfreed>AlexMax: all 5 major config management tools can pin versions
10:44<@jfred>The docs do mention an expiration date: ...are you getting an expiration date even if you don't include an 'expiry' parameter in your POST request?
10:45<AlexMax>dwfreed: I'm just using shell scripts, but pinning versions must be done from yum's point of view, no?
10:45<AlexMax>in my experience, trying to install outdated packages is a gamble
10:45<dwfreed>I just died
10:46<AlexMax>somtimes it works, sometimes it 404's
10:46<derek>dwfreed: Oh okay I understand. I can provide some feedback via email it would be preferable. I think it is a huge improvement over the v3 and I'm glad OAuth is being supported. It's the preferred way of integrating for my users who are less technical and offering them a seamless experience.
10:46<AlexMax>until you update your repo
10:46-!-zivester [] has joined #linode
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10:46<derek>@jwfred: I'm using the OAuth flow: but it doesn't mention expiration or now to refresh the token... I could be missing something though.
10:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
10:47<dwfreed>there's no w :)
10:48<derek>oops. @jfred
10:48<dwfreed>AlexMax: if it's important that the version you want always be available, then you make your own repo with the versions you want
10:48<derek>I did notice that I could create a personal access token from an authenticated OAuth token request, but I assume that is probably an anti-pattern :D
10:49<@jfred>oh whoops, oauth tokens vs. personal access tokens
10:55<@jfred>derek: I'll check with the devs on that - the v4 API is still somewhat in flux, I suspect dwfreed is right and the docs just haven't been updated yet
10:56-!-mrjayribs [] has joined #linode
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10:56<mrjayribs>Hello! I'm trying to connect mailgun to my linode DNS and I'm having some trouble. does anyone have suggestions for shooting?
10:57<derek>@jfred: Thanks! No worries, totally understand that. Loving the new modern too.
10:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 359] by ChanServ
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11:04<@peaton>derek: There are going to be some improvements to the docs (and changes of the actual fields returned) coming this week or next.
11:04<@peaton>In particular, that expires (or expiry, can't remember) field is becoming expires_in and will retun the number of seconds that the token is valid for.
11:06<@peaton>Until that happens though, the current expiration field returns the datetime that the token becomes invalid at.
11:07<@peaton>We're in the middle of trying to bring the oauth server completely in line with the spec. Adding a refresh endpoint is on the roadmap too.
11:15-!-montigny34 [] has joined #linode
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11:15<montigny34>How's everybody's day going so far?
11:17-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
11:18<montigny34>Has anybody here ever used rsync to perform full server backups?
11:18<montigny34>Also does anybody have any cons with doing a full server backup using rsync?
11:19<montigny34>Aha, thanks for the link! I've already read on how to do it. I just wanted to see if anybody finds doing a full backup using it isn't the best option out there :P
11:20<dwfreed>it depends on what you're backing up
11:20<dzho>I have been looking for something better and so far haven't come up with it.
11:20<dwfreed>and what your server is doing while you're backing up
11:20<hawk>consistency may be an issue
11:20<dwfreed>dzho: for a different set of caveats, LVM snapshots
11:20<dzho>but yeah it depends on what you want. What I like is that your backups look like your originals, so partial restores are intuitively easy.
11:20<dzho>dwfreed: some of my rsync backups have been *from* LVM snapshots.
11:21<dzho>montigny34: a big caveat is that if you have, eg, a database running you'll want to have it do a dump on the regular, and use that for your db backup source, not the working files that the db uses.
11:22<dzho>on review, I think that's what hawk is getting at, maybe dwfreed too.
11:22<montigny34>yea that's what I read. Plus a dump is easier to use / restore universally
11:22*dzho nods
11:22<montigny34>besides database would there be anything else it could cause issues with?
11:24<dzho>there's a FAQ and a "bugs" section in that link, so it's not just a HOWTO it's a pretty extensive write-up
11:25<montigny34>Ahh okay perfect thanks mate. I'll most likely pay linode 30$ a year or so to make the backups for me
11:25<montigny34>seems like less of a hassle
11:25<montigny34>plus it's 30$...I make more in an hour lmao so yea
11:25<dzho>I am not going to try to talk you out of that.
11:25<montigny34>"heh" meaning good or bad or in between lol
11:25<dzho>what I might suggest though is that you still make your own backups, just that you might be able to reduce the frequency.
11:26<montigny34>using their backups i am allowed to create a backup myself whenver I wish
11:26<dzho>good point
11:26<montigny34>so that's technically what you're telling me to do?
11:26<dzho>I'm not telling you to do anything :-)
11:26<montigny34>although, if I'm not mistaken when I do a backup I need to shutdown my server correct?
11:26<dzho>I've liked setting their things as fire-and-forget dailies.
11:27<montigny34>or is that only when "cloning", haven't used the backups they offer yet
11:27<dzho>no, you don't have to shut down.
11:27<montigny34>For clones it's advised though yes?
11:28-!-zivester [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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11:28<montigny34>WOAH! I just figured out the most useful phpmyadmin info ever
11:28<dzho>you've run into my limits at this point.
11:29<montigny34>Anybody knowdledgeful on 4.7 & 4.8 for phpmyadmin?
11:29<@jfred>Yes, shutting down before a clone is recommended - clones don't take a snapshot before running unlike backups
11:29*dzho has never cloned, nor restored eg a database from a linode-supplied backup.
11:29<montigny34>Jfred, so backups don't require my linode to be shut off is what you're saying?
11:30<montigny34>Back to phpmyadmin, either of you use it?
11:30<montigny34>currently **
11:30<dzho>been a long time since I used it, and then only rarely.
11:31<@jfred>but as dzho mentioned, you may run into issues with database consistency if you run a backup while the database is running
11:31<@jfred>if you dump the DB to a file and run a backup though, you should be fine
11:31<montigny34>so that's still an issue if the linode is running or mysql...mmm simple cron job can help me make regular backups
11:32<montigny34>AuthLog works in 4.7 NOT just 4.8 for anybody who is interested (phpmyadmin)
11:32<montigny34>the documentation lies!
11:33<montigny34>Has anybody ever changed the path to phpmyadmin by any chance? I'm having issues doing so
11:34*jfred hasn't used it in years
11:35-!-mrjayribs [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
11:35<montigny34>do you know how to re route urls using apache?
11:35<montigny34>I believe it's an apache config tbh not phpmyadmin directly
11:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
11:36<@jfred>we actually have a guide on that -
11:37<montigny34>just to make sure we're on the same page, will this guide help me achieve the following: become
11:37-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
11:37<montigny34>essentially load phpmyadmin without adding it to the url
11:37-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has joined #linode
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11:39<@jfred>you should be able to do that, although a cleaner solution would probably be to make a virtualhost with your phpmyadmin folder as its DocumentRoot
11:39<montigny34>i did that thinking it would work...
11:39<montigny34>but then the url went BERSERK
11:40-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
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11:40<montigny34> it seems to work...
11:40<montigny34>well you sir are awesome aha
11:41-!-tocsro [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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11:41<tocsro>any admins here / i have financial problem
11:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
11:42<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
11:42<tocsro>any admins hereee
11:42<FluffyFoxeh>What is your issue?
11:42<tocsro>anyone use my credit card and every month take money
11:43<montigny34>I would suggest calling to address that mate.
11:43<tocsro>how to i can call lol
11:43<tocsro>im in china now
11:43<tocsro>i also can call my bank
11:44<montigny34>There's a phone number for international.
11:44<montigny34>They are also available 24/7
11:44<@jfred>We have an international phone number, but if you're unable to call us you can also email and our support team will help you out
11:44<tocsro>you know ? my country call service call the another country 1 munite 15 $
11:44<tocsro>so i cant call
11:44<FluffyFoxeh>The email option sounds good for you then
11:44<tocsro>emaıl not answer me
11:45<tocsro>also not answer facebook
11:45<FluffyFoxeh>I don't think facebook is an official support channel.
11:45<dwfreed>Linode doesn't do support via Facebook
11:45<montigny34>I would suggest finding a cell phone to use?
11:45<tocsro>so how to ı can solve my problem
11:45<dwfreed>and you'll get a response via email as soon as possible
11:45<FluffyFoxeh>or just wait for a reply to your email, assuming you sent it to the right place
11:45<montigny34>I'm sure somebody has free calling or minutes they can lend.
11:45<tocsro>4 month take every mtn 10 dolar
11:45<tocsro>what ı can do
11:46<FluffyFoxeh> will respond
11:46<FluffyFoxeh>if you contacted them, just wait for a reply
11:46<tocsro>ı send maıl before 15 hour
11:46-!-zivester [] has joined #linode
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11:46<tocsro>but they not any answer
11:47<@jfred>what email address did you send it from?
11:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
11:47<retro|blah>*from*, not *to*
11:50<hawk>looks kind of fishy, is that really what it is? not but gmaılçcom?
11:50<tocsro> they workıng usa tıme zone . so my country tıme zone dıffrent. ı can't contact
11:50-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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11:50<tocsro>i mean this
11:51<tocsro>facebook not answer , maıl not answer, webchat not have any admıns
11:52<tocsro>how to i can solve my problem
11:52<tocsro>they jokinh me
11:52<tocsro>here tıme 23.47 sleep tıme how to ı can contact
11:52<@jfred>I'll let our support team know, they should be able to find your email if it made its way into our system
11:54<tocsro>ı regıster websıte
11:54<tocsro>open tıcket a person saıd can call on the phone
11:55<tocsro>ı can't calll 1 munıte call servıce 15 usd $.
11:56<tocsro>ı saıd . ı want to talk skype etc or other chat appilaction . person said we not use any appilaction. how to can solve my problem
11:57<tocsro>I do not think they want to help
11:59<montigny34>tocsro, the best way to help you out is to suggest you find a cell phone and call the international number. It doesn't have to be your phone number. PLUS you can call them from whatsapp and other free applications as long as you have wifi.
12:00<montigny34>They won't do skype or other applications as it's not permitted by them, it's not secure. That's why they do email and phone strictly.
12:00<montigny34>Honestly just get an app on your phone/tablet and make a free call over wifi. It won't cost you anything.
12:00<tocsro>okay try call whatsapp
12:00<@mquatrani>!point montigny34
12:00<linbot>mquatrani: Point given to montigny34. (1)
12:01<montigny34>You can also setup a voip service setup on your computer for free and use that if it comes to it.
12:01<montigny34>How do I mention somebody in my messages?
12:04-!-syltaobis [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
12:04<@jfred>montigny34: generally in IRC you just put their nickname at the start of the line like this, most clients will highlight a message if it contains your nickname
12:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
12:09<montigny34>jfred thanks I did not know that!
12:09<montigny34>oops i did that wrong didn't I
12:09<montigny34>@mquatrani: thanks for the point :P
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12:21<montigny34>Does anybody know if it's possible to create linux groups that automatically have certain mysql privileges
12:21<montigny34>or to create mysql groups to achieve this?
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12:59<allankode>Hi, Linode Service has Internal Networking like DigitalOcean?
13:00<allankode>Any one is using it? How is the speed of the connection between 2 nodes?
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13:07<newdriv>guys my ssh has stopped working out of the blue on ubuntu
13:07<newdriv>looks like ssh service is running
13:08<newdriv>but it says no route found to host any ideas
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13:13<newdriv>my port 22 also seems to be open
13:15<dwfreed>are you connecting to your Linode using a DNS name or IP?
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13:41<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Sendmail “Connection refused by” when attempting to send emails <>
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14:57<montigny34>I'm having issues with configuring phpmyadmin
14:58<montigny34>When I grant privileges to a certain user for a single database they can do whatever they want within the database but they are allowed to back out of the database and go onto the server view
14:58<montigny34>is this a bad thing in any way?
14:58<millisa>can they see the other dbs that they *dont* have access to?
14:59<montigny34>no they cannot
14:59<montigny34>they do see the database they are entitled to see
14:59<montigny34>as well as information_schema
14:59<millisa>sounds normal to me
14:59<montigny34>is the second one something I should disable?
14:59<montigny34>or would want them to see
15:01-!-echoSMILE [] has joined #linode
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15:01<Peng>" Payment Receipt"
15:01*Peng cringes
15:02<montigny34>They can also go to status and see stats on the server
15:02<montigny34>is this all normal?
15:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
15:06<millisa>information_schema is a virtual db that is dynamically built according to the user's permission
15:07<millisa>The privileges section about halfway down is your reference:
15:07-!-jay_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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15:08<montigny34>okay so that db doesn't matter cool
15:08<millisa>it matters, but it should be limited to what the user should be able to see.
15:09<montigny34>so it's possible for me to remove "Status", "Plugins" ?
15:09-!-jay_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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15:11<montigny34>ahh so I can remove certain views but they can still go to the url if they know it to see those things?
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16:13<linbot>New news from status: Linode Critical Xen Maintenance <>
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16:50<Matt_Cutts>Does Linode offer Docker as a 1-click app ?
16:51<relidy>Linode doesn't really offer "1-click apps". They do have StackScripts.
16:51<relidy>!to Matt_Cutts stackscripts
16:51<relidy>!to Matt_Cutts stackscript
16:52<relidy>What? :sigh:
16:54<Matt_Cutts>Thanks ! Has anyone else tried docker in the cloud ?
17:01<Peng>Linode does have CoreOS :D
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17:05<montigny34>What's the best method to automate creating users on my linode?
17:05<montigny34>would it be to allow apache to run bash scripts using sudo?
17:06*Peng cringes
17:07<montigny34>okay, I know what you're thinking
17:07<montigny34>let me explain the situation
17:09<montigny34>I'm setting up a hosting server where I want users to be able to select which domain they want to have hosting with, then when they add the domain it runs a script that creates a user based on their domain and creates the folders and sftp permissions so they can start adding files to their hosted website.
17:09<montigny34>I really need to run a script to add the user based on the domain they selected and then run chown. The rest is taken care of when a new user is created.
17:09<montigny34>Same for mysql databases / users
17:09<montigny34>What's the best approach
17:11-!-jcanto_ [~Jorge@] has joined #linode
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17:13<montigny34>I need some direction as to how to make everything automated
17:16-!-Steve [] has joined #linode
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17:23<Peng>I guess, ultimately, it comes down to doing something like that.
17:23<Peng>Obviously you need to be _really damn careful_
17:23<Peng>I might suggest using some existing control panel instead of inventing your own, but they also frequently haev terrible security vulnerabilities. :P
17:24<montigny34>the two best methods I've come across are the following:
17:25<montigny34>1. call a bash script on my server when the form is submitted online and make sure i change users or sudo with the right privileged user. I would need to setup passwordless sudo for this user so that the password isn't in my bash script.
17:25<montigny34>2. use a cron job that checks a folder called domains, and any new file that wasn't inside of it the previous time it checked it would run a bash script for each new file which would be the domain names
17:26<Peng>Or use an suid program.
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17:31<newdriv>so guys still having issues with ssh
17:31<newdriv>it was working fine 2 days ago and just stopped
17:32<newdriv>ssh server is running
17:32<newdriv>ip tables look fine
17:32<newdriv>but i get ssh: connect to host .. operation times out
17:32<synfinatic>can you ping it?
17:33<relidy>newdriv: Looks like you never answered dwfreed's question from earlier.
17:34<newdriv>i can ping it 9.4% packet loss
17:34<newdriv>connecting using both DNS and ip
17:34<newdriv>same for both
17:34<dwfreed>what is your Linode's IP?
17:35<dwfreed>works fine from here
17:35<synfinatic>wfm too
17:35<dwfreed>'tcptraceroute 22' would probably be enlightening
17:35<newdriv>currently accessing using lish
17:36<Peng>Is this an IPv6 thing
17:37<dwfreed>they claim to have tried by IP
17:37<HoopyCat>montigny34: myself, i'd probably do it by creating users in a database (either SQL or LDAP or whatever), and then using pam_mkhomedir to create their home dir and etc on first login
17:37<Peng>nc: connect to port 22 (tcp) failed: Connection refused
17:37<Peng>Connection to 22 port [tcp/ssh] succeeded!
17:37<Peng>It does seem to /additionally/ be an IPv6 thing...
17:39<newdriv>traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
17:39<newdriv>1 ( <syn,ack> 0.072 ms 0.013 ms 0.015 ms
17:39<newdriv>so that seems fine
17:39<newdriv>i think i am using ip 4
17:43<dwfreed>except it shouldn't be the first hop
17:43<dwfreed>and that's also not your rdns
17:44<dwfreed>unless you're running that from the linode
17:44<dwfreed>which is wrong
17:44<dwfreed>you should be running it locally
17:45-!-Bdragon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:46<newdriv>command not found - on mac
17:46<newdriv>don't want to install brew
17:47<newdriv>wait hold on
17:50-!-jcanto_ [] has joined #linode
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17:50<newdriv>alright i am seeing like 12 hops to final destination
17:50-!-jcanto_ is now known as jcanto
17:51<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
17:57-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:58<newdriv>they are all ip4
17:58-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
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18:04<dwfreed>newdriv: the point of tcptraceroute is to see if something along the way is blocking the ssh attempt
18:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 362] by ChanServ
18:09<newdriv>i see but since am still not able to ssh but able to traceroute (i.e able to reach the destination & presumably nothing is blocking)
18:10-!-montigny34 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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18:10<newdriv>but since <dwfreed> & <synfinatic> are able to connect, I am assuming that one of these hops has issues?
18:11<synfinatic>i can ping. never said I can ssh
18:12<synfinatic>says connection refused
18:12<synfinatic>so sshd isn't running or you have a firewall blocking (sending resets which is rare nowadays)
18:12<newdriv>ohh says refused is good. public key login is enabled
18:13<synfinatic>refused means nobodys home
18:13<synfinatic>nothing to do with public key vs. password auth
18:13<synfinatic>oh interesting
18:14<synfinatic>now it says permission denied because it won't log me in
18:14<newdriv>ssh is running tripple checked
18:15<newdriv>service ssh start start: Job is already running: ssh
18:15<dwfreed>synfinatic: we determined the sshd is listening only on IPv4
18:15-!-cbirk [moss@2607:5300:60:1bdf::1] has joined #linode
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18:16<synfinatic>so fun fact: I'm an idiot
18:17<dwfreed>we know
18:17<synfinatic>so yeah, i can ssh to your box just fine.
18:17<dwfreed>synfinatic: <3
18:17<newdriv> No route to host to me :(
18:17<synfinatic>now it's no route?
18:18<synfinatic>error keeps changing
18:18<newdriv>it same from begining oddly traceroute works
18:18<synfinatic>btw, if I try telnet to your box, i get ICMP port unreach
18:18<synfinatic><newdriv> but i get ssh: connect to host .. operation times out
18:19<newdriv>ohh lets say i tried 20 times i get half the times
18:20<synfinatic>half the time it times out and half the time it's no route? or?
18:21<newdriv>yeah about 50% no route and other times operation times out
18:23<synfinatic>sounds like a network problem on your end. the no route is interesting enough i'd run tcpdump and see who is telling you that
18:23<newdriv>timeout I can understand but no route when traceroute or ip is accessible doesn't make sense
18:24<newdriv>yeah this is the first time happening in years
18:25<synfinatic>have you lish'd into your box and run mtr at yourself?
18:25<synfinatic>and run mtr from your local box back at the vps?
18:26<synfinatic>the paths will almost certainly be different, which may explain why you don't see consistent issues from your laptop/whatever
18:26<newdriv>so might be right @synfinatic . probably will try it on a different network tmr :)
18:26<newdriv>sorry still a bit novice to this what is a * mtr*
18:27<synfinatic>mtr = matts traceroute
18:27<synfinatic>it's like traceroute on steriods
18:27<synfinatic>but everyone knows it as 'mtr'. probably about 5% have heard of matts traceroute :)
18:28<dwfreed>wow, I didn't realize how old it is
18:28<dwfreed>"Roger Wolff took over maintenance of MTR in october 1998."
18:28<synfinatic>yeah i've been using it since the mid-late 90's
18:29<dwfreed>you're showing your age :)
18:29<synfinatic>too many emails to the Exodus NOC complaining their network has issues
18:31<dwfreed>in the late 90s, I was barely old enough to know long division
18:32<synfinatic>heh. i was taking calculus class before 8am around that time too. like I said, i'm an idiot :)
18:33<dwfreed>calculus before 8 AM? I'm not even awake before 8 AM
18:33-!-xxh9 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:33<synfinatic>to be fair, I wasn't either
18:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
18:36<newdriv>mtr trace shows different routes
18:36<synfinatic>routes can/do change
18:38<newdriv>interestingly it is moving into linodes newtwork twice before coming to me
18:38<newdriv>anyhow will try on different network in the morning . For now going to hit the bed
18:39<newdriv>thanks for all of your help :)
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20:18<spacebarbarian>is there a self serve way to transfer linodes between accounts yet or do you still need tickets ?
20:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 359] by ChanServ
20:19<arlen>ticket opened from both accounts
20:19<spacebarbarian>ok, thanks
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20:19<spacebarbarian>assuming the transferred node would keep its IP ?
20:20<nbrewer>it's purely an administrative change when you transfer a linode, everything else stays the same.
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20:41<@mcintosh>!point nbrewer
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22:26<Byrro>Hi, does anyone know if Linode charges for data transfered between different servers in the same data center?
22:26<arlen>if you use the private network or ipv6 they don't
22:27<Byrro>Ok, thanks arlen!
22:28<dwfreed>nbrewer: you should update your services email address, in case that password reset you requested a few hours ago ends up needing to be able to work someday :)
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