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00:24<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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03:22<montigny34>does anybody know how to fix no tty present and no askpass program specified?
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03:23<Zimsky>did you check google
03:24<montigny34>for the past week yes
03:25<montigny34>read this post already nothing helped
03:26<Zimsky>perhaps elaborate on the specifics of the issue
03:26<Zimsky>Woet: I have a job for you
03:26<dwfreed>^ eg, what command are you running, how are you running it, etc
03:27<montigny34>trying to execute my bash script is the first issue
03:27<montigny34>i setup my wheel group to have all sudo privileges
03:27<montigny34>for testing purposes
03:27<montigny34>apache cant run bash scripts
03:28<montigny34>so i need to do either sudo or su and specify the password for that user
03:28<montigny34>even with NOPASSWD: ALL
03:28<montigny34>which doesn't make sense in my head
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03:32<montigny34>my user user1 is part of the wheel group and it's configured to allow all commands and nopasswd in visudo
03:32<montigny34>this is my script
03:33<montigny34>$output = exec('sudo user1 -A bash /var/www/');
03:33<montigny34>returns no tty present still though
03:33<montigny34>any thoughts?
03:34<grawity>but sudo isn't being executed by user1
03:34<grawity>if you do this from a webpage, then it's being executed by "www-data" or something such
03:35<montigny34>so i must use su or specify the password with sudo?
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03:36<Zimsky>why is there a shell script in varwww
03:36<Zimsky>it's a trap
03:36<grawity>montigny34: neither
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03:37<montigny34>yes /var/www
03:37<montigny34>grawity: how do i achieve what I'm trying to do then
03:38<montigny34>Zimsky: I know it's not a good spot to place it, it's just convenient for me until I get the bash script to run and then I'm going to move it
03:38<Zimsky>isn't that what dropbox said
03:41<montigny34>I've been trying to figure this out for a week plus lol
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03:46<montigny34>do i need to grant apache the sudo privileges?
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03:47<grawity>well, apache is running sudo, so yes?
03:48<grawity>very carefully though ._.
03:48<grawity>if it needs sudo *at all*, then limit it to that specific script name only
03:48<Zimsky>such BCP violations
03:48<montigny34>apache isn't running sudo
03:48<montigny34>it is now
03:48<kyhwana>I sense an xy problem
03:48<grawity>ehh, cheapest way to implement webhooks
03:49<montigny34>it has no bash access tho
03:49<montigny34>does that mean i need to allow apache bash access?
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03:50<montigny34>its /sbin/nologin right now
03:50<montigny34>so i need to change it to /bin/bash
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03:51<grawity>it has bash access just fine
03:51<grawity>that is, it *can* always run a shell that isn't its default login shell
03:51<montigny34>but it's set to /sbin/nologin
03:51<montigny34>ahh so that doesnt matter ok
03:51<montigny34>so would i just do sudo bash /path/to/script ?
03:51<grawity>sudo -u user1 /path/to/script
03:52<grawity>or, sudo -u user1 bash /path/to/script
03:52<grawity>the variant without 'bash' should work just fine, as long as the script is correctly written
03:52*kyhwana stares
03:52<grawity>i.e. as long as it has #!/bin/bash at the top
03:52<montigny34>apache is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
03:52<Zimsky>have you perhaps considered alternate solutions to the original problem
03:52<grawity>please suggest alternate solutions
03:52<kyhwana>I'm going to regret this, but what exactly are you trying to do?
03:53<montigny34>I'm trying to create new users via a php form
03:53<kyhwana>You should not be having root run some random script in your web root based on some user input
03:53<montigny34>I'm doing web hosting
03:53<montigny34>and want it to be automated to add new users and virtual hosts
03:53<Zimsky>sounds extremely secure
03:53<grawity>buy cpanel or something
03:53<Zimsky>grawity: that's even worse
03:54<kyhwana>Zimsky: but probably less worse
03:54<Zimsky>no kyhwana
03:54<grawity>hire Zimsky to enter all user accounts by hand
03:54<montigny34>hold on 1 sec
03:54<montigny34>sorry to interrupt
03:54<montigny34>apache is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
03:55<montigny34>is what i get when i run my php script
03:55<montigny34>now wait
03:55<Zimsky>yes I just got the report
03:55<grawity>well I'm pretty sure you can figure out that one
03:55<montigny34>forgot the a in apache
03:55<montigny34>IT FRICKEN WORKED
03:56<montigny34>!point grawity
03:56<linbot>montigny34: Point given to grawity. (5)
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03:56<montigny34>now that i got this working, I'm open to suggestions
03:56<kyhwana>montigny34: so, what happens if you create a user called "username;reboot" ?
03:56<montigny34>on how to make this as secure as possible
03:57<montigny34>dunno should I try it?
03:57<montigny34>or will that perma break my server
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03:57<montigny34>or just reboot once as I presume
03:58<kyhwana>montigny34: are you sanitising your inputs?
03:58<montigny34>also fyi i do plan on sanitizing user input and making sure usernames are stricly characthers
03:58<grawity>tbh this is very similar to sql ... if you must run scripts via exec(), then you ought to be using escapeshellarg() everywhere
03:58<montigny34>maybe numbers to an extent
03:58<montigny34>but no characters
03:58<grawity>letters numbers are "characters"
03:58<montigny34>i meant special chars sorry **
03:59*grawity wonders what would be the misc shell tasks equivalent of SQL's "prepared statements"
04:00<montigny34>so since what I'm doing is frowned upon what are alternatives?
04:00<montigny34>I'm really stuck on alternatives being 0
04:02<montigny34>has to be other ways
04:02<montigny34>not every hosting company uses cpanel
04:02<arlen>yes they do
04:02<montigny34>dreamhost does not **
04:02<grawity>tbh they also often have more experience writing reliable code than you do
04:03<montigny34>!point grawity
04:03<linbot>montigny34: Point given to grawity. (6)
04:03<grawity>anyway, if you *must* use a script, then the first step would be something like exec("sudo /path/to/ ".escapeshellarg($user)." ".escapeshellarg($email));
04:03<grawity>sanitization is good, but I'd say it's not enough
04:04<montigny34>in the command u just gave me, why is escapeshell after the bash script?
04:04<grawity>because its purpose is to escape user input
04:04<grawity>there's really no point in escaping "/path/to/"
04:04<montigny34>ohhh nvm got confused
04:05<montigny34>those variables are being passed to my bash script
04:05<montigny34>I only need to run useradd and chown btw
04:05<montigny34>unless one of you know how to set chown automatically for home directories by default, haven't been able to figure that one out yet
04:06<grawity>useradd -m
04:07<montigny34>that just creates the users home directory
04:07<grawity>and chowns it
04:07<montigny34>to root?
04:07<grawity>to the user, of course
04:07<montigny34>it's like that by default
04:08<montigny34>I need their home directory to be chowned to root by defaulrt
04:08<grawity>then don't bother with -m (you probably don't need the skel files either)
04:08<grawity>just mkdir stuff
04:09<montigny34>either way i run extra commands
04:09<montigny34>or simply chown and useradd
04:09<montigny34>everything else is setup
04:09<montigny34>so unless there's a way to make root the owner of the home directories by default it's just making apache have access to more scripts and making it less secure
04:10<Zimsky>this sounds like a terrible idea all round
04:10<grawity>probably, but if apache runs /etc/whatever/ either way, then it's not any more or less secure
04:11<montigny34>-R doesn't chown correct?
04:12<Zimsky>unless you understand all the security implications, you shouldn't be running shell scripts with root privileges from a web form
04:12<grawity>this reminds me of how people insist on writing a program in C because "I check all inputs and everything, so it's secure"
04:12<Zimsky>inb4 buffer overflow
04:12<grawity>and oddly, they screw up more often in C than in e.g. PHP
04:12<grawity>but for some reason, writing C still makes one a "real programmer™"
04:13<montigny34>that's a relief
04:13<grawity>either way though, you can do this securely, but you really have to pay a lot of attention – both inside the script, and outside
04:13<Zimsky>grawity: I've heard "It's secure, I'm using SQL"
04:14<Zimsky>then when asked "do you sanitise your input and output data?"
04:14<Zimsky>"what does that mean?"
04:14<grawity>"I don't have to, i'm using Secure Query Language"
04:15<montigny34>my fail 2 ban is setup so that's a good thing
04:15<grawity>Zimsky: I've also heard "we don't need prepared statements, our website can't possibly have SQL injections because we use HTTPS" and "we don't need HTTPS, our website is completely secure because we have a WAF"
04:15<Zimsky>that probably won't help
04:15<grawity>montigny34: fail2ban doesn't help at all against this
04:16<montigny34>well if they cant get inside my server they cant abuse the script
04:16<montigny34>so it does
04:16<grawity>but fail2ban doesn't prevent them from getting inside your sever
04:16<montigny34>the only way would be through user input
04:16<grawity>and user input *is* how they get in
04:16<montigny34>the way i configured it...yes
04:16<montigny34>I blocked all methods of getting into my server and have a perma ban
04:16<Zimsky>grawity: montigny34 is living our stories
04:16<montigny34>ssh is only accessible via key pairs
04:17<Zimsky>montigny34: that's all well and good
04:17<montigny34>which is virtually impossible to brute force
04:17<grawity>montigny34: and yet, your website lets everyone run shellscripts via HTTP
04:17<montigny34>root cant login besides when i use putty via another user and the key
04:17<montigny34>so trust me that does "help" quite a lot
04:17<Zimsky>montigny34: that's the equivalent of putting a huge fuck-off metal door with bolts on your house, but then doing nothing about the hole in the side wall
04:17<montigny34>lmaooo thanks for making my night
04:17<grawity>after a story like that, ain't going to trust you with anything
04:18<grawity>much less hosting my website
04:18<montigny34>sanitize user input is important, i will use escapeshell as well
04:18<montigny34>i will move my script into another location other than /var/www
04:18<montigny34>i will give apache only capabilities to run the MUST have commands, which so far is 2
04:18<Zimsky>that's not really the main point
04:18<montigny34>the main point is that I'm setting myself up for failure
04:19<grawity>like I said, you could do this securely, if you paid attention to the right things
04:19<grawity>but here you are talking about SSH and fail2ban
04:19<Zimsky>montigny34: well yeah kind of
04:20<montigny34>i will do it securely, it is why I have a test server after all
04:20<montigny34>I won't go into production until I know it's safe and secure
04:20<grawity>just remember that the author is the worst person to security-review their own code
04:20<Zimsky>that's subjective
04:21<grawity>and I guess always have backups of everything
04:21<Zimsky>"we don't need HTTPS, we have backups" is another one I have heard
04:22<Zimsky>and don't forget the classic "we don't need backups, we have RAID"
04:22<montigny34>https is a must
04:22<Zimsky>https in this situation basically won't solve any important problem
04:22<montigny34>google is trying to make it mandatory in a year or so for every site that exists
04:23<grawity>I doubt about 'mandatory', but
04:23<grawity>they *have* been shifting the browser UI towards the direction of marking HTTP sites 'insecure'
04:23<Zimsky>google already puts https results above http results
04:23<grawity>Chrome has had a flag to enable that for a long time
04:24<Zimsky>firefox too
04:24<grawity>(hmm I'm sure I had it enabled, why is it off)
04:24<hawk>Not sure about mandatory, but the general view of https has definitely shifted way over in that general direction. Not necessarily for encryption but ensuring authentic data.
04:24<montigny34>they're coming out with a new method i believe too
04:25<Zimsky>rubber-hose transport security?
04:25<Zimsky>beat the shit out of people refusing to use https?
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04:27<montigny34>did google win the lawsuit against the europe commitee anybody know?
04:27<Zimsky>ok hawk
04:27<arlen>google knows
04:27<Zimsky>which one
04:27<montigny34>the one about changing their search result algorithm for shopping
04:29<montigny34>btw i appreciate everybody's input with my problem / vision
04:29<montigny34>thank you
04:29<Zimsky>you might want to see an optometrist
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05:23<john>can anybody tell me, if linode server price include cPanel?
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06:37<mackann>Hello, any linode support here?
06:40<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:44<mackann>I moved my wordpress site to linode, it seems to finaly working except i cant update or remove any plugin or themes, it seems their is a problem with permissions
06:44<mackann>for exampel i get this error msg when trying to update a plugin: Update Failed: Download failed. The destination directory for file streaming is not available or is not writable.
06:44<mackann>anyone have a idea what to do?
06:45<Zimsky>fix the permissions?
06:45<ponas>I usually make sure the files/directories are owned by the user running the PHP process
06:45<ponas>usually www-data
06:45<grawity>that's probably the main difference – if you moved from a shared-webhosting system, they had it configured so that PHP would run under the same account as FTP and stuff
06:46<grawity>while generic apache installations run under a dedicated account
06:46<grawity>so you need to use chmod and/or chown and/or setfacl to give it access
07:03<mackann>ok ty, il try check that out
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07:23<kutti>Hi, I am looking to purchase cloud VPS. I have traffic from US, Australia, India and UK. these are the main locations. After purchase plan what location I need to select. please help me anyone?
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07:29<nagchampa>kutti: select whichever location is convenient for most of your customers. you could use region specific domains if you want to host a server for each region
07:30<nagchampa>From Australia the best connections are to Tokyo or Singapore
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07:30<nagchampa>Or Fremont if you want to host in the US, at least in my experience
07:30-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has joined #linode
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07:34<kutti>Hi. thanks for your response #nagchampa. But i have limited budget. Main traffic from US, India, Australia, UK. These are the order. I am from india, when I check speed test Singapore is good. Is same speed will get when US traffic. So lets finalise one location. I am ready to take now plan
07:35<nagchampa>I'm only another customer, this is a community support channel, but if Singapore works best for you then you should probably go with it
07:35<nagchampa>migrating to another datacenter if you have to isn't too painful
07:36<kutti>#nagchampa, Thank you
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08:23<isjjjkkk>anyone here?
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08:24<isjjjkkk>who u are? robot?
08:25<ponas>we are all robots
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09:33<tarq>beep boop
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10:49<shazy>anyone here
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10:50<linbot>shazy: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
10:55<shazy>my vps not work,
10:55<shazy>my all site down,
10:55<scotti>shazy: you can access the KVM in the console
10:55<scotti>in the panel
10:55<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
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11:37<Tyler>Hello all
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11:41<MunnaMobile>just wanted to ask what will happen when bandwidth is over on my account? All my websites will be down?
11:41<MunnaMobile>why lenode isnt allowing unlimited bandwidth like OVH?
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11:43*MunnaMobile slaps CornishPasty around a bit with a large fishbot
11:43<@sjacobs>MunnaMobile: your sites won't go down and they won't be throttled or cut off. you will be charged $0.02 per GB over your total outbound transfer pool (the total of your Linodes' outbound transfer quotas)
11:43<MunnaMobile>means 20 usd for per tb?
11:45<MunnaMobile>i want to host 5-6 websites on lenode with average traffic, which plan will be best for me? And will be using wordpress only.
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11:46<MunnaMobile>please reply
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11:49<@sjacobs>MunnaMobile: there are way too many factors involved to tell you what is best. i recommend starting small. do some load testing and resizes until you find the plan that fits your needs.
11:50<MunnaMobile>ypu mean we can change the plan inbetween without shutting the current plan?
11:52<@sjacobs>you would need to shut down. if you are running only one linode, the sites would be down.
11:53<skyfaller>hey folks, I have a weird problem: "iptables -L" doesn't appear to list all of my active rules. I know that I opened a hole in my firewall to allow mosh connections to my server, since I am connecting through mosh, but that rule doesn't show up. Any idea why?
11:54<@sjacobs>skyfaller: is there a rule for it in `iptables-save`?
11:55-!-Guest1381 [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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11:57<skyfaller>I cannot tell from the output of iptables-save :/ I'm too noobish
11:57<MunnaMobile>you mean i have to buy multiple plans?
11:57<grawity>but the output of iptables-save is the same format as you write the rules in...
11:58<skyfaller>... then maybe the rule is not there
11:58<skyfaller>let me pastebin some things
11:58<@sjacobs>skyfaller: do you see reference to the port you opened?
11:58<skyfaller>sjacobs: no
11:58<relidy>MunnaMobile: You can resize your existing plan at any time. It will require a brief bit of downtime for the Linode you're resizing, but that's it.
11:58<skyfaller>yet I rebooted the server and the port was still open
11:59<MunnaMobile>thanks alot brother
12:01<skyfaller>alright, here are the rules I want to use, and which appear to be active since mosh works:
12:02-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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12:02<skyfaller>here's the result of iptables -L and iptables-save:
12:02<grawity>iptables-save shows that you don't have any *deny* rules
12:03<grawity>(besides those banning two specific IPs from ssh)
12:03<grawity>so naturally mosh and everything else will work by default
12:03<relidy>skyfaller: Your default policy is "ACCEPT"
12:03<skyfaller>oh god
12:03<skyfaller>I'm pretty dumb
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12:07<skyfaller>OK, now it is listing my rules as expected, and now I know the problem is that netfilter-persistent doesn't appear to be saving my rules across reboots
12:08<skyfaller>thank you for helping this noob, I'll probably return with more questions about that soon!
12:08<skyfaller>y'all are awesome
12:08-!-skyfaller [~textual@2601:42:2:bf30:d023:ec6d:fd99:234d] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
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12:25<Tyler>Anyone here able to offer some support / advice? Reboot my VM and now it has no network access. I used the Reverse DNS tool on the website and was rebooting to accept the changes.
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12:26<Tyler>Been waiting on Linode Support for over 2 hours and my system is down and my boss is on my butt.
12:26<nbrewer>Tyler: how have you confirmed that it has no network access?
12:26<nbrewer>also, what's the distro / version?
12:26<grawity>is it at least accessible via Lish?
12:26<Tyler>SSH into lish
12:27<Tyler>Cannot ping anything. Own IP, Gateway or Internet.
12:27<Tyler>Ubuntu 16.04
12:27<grawity>can you at least ping fe80::1%eth0 ?
12:27<grawity>(or whatever the ethernet interface is named)
12:27<Tyler>unknown host
12:27-!-in1t3r [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:27<Tyler>ping6 responds
12:28<grawity>the ipv6 gateway is perfectly pingable then
12:28<Tyler>I believe it is an ipv4 issue to be honest.
12:28<grawity>might be
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12:28<grawity>if you try to ping the IPv4 gateway, does its MAC at least show up in `ip neigh` / `arp -a`?...
12:28<Tyler>I havent changed any IP settings and had their tool rebuild my ipv4 config
12:29<Tyler>eth0 isnt getting an ipv4 address when I do ifconfig
12:29<grawity>what if you do `ip addr`
12:29<nbrewer>when you ssy you were using the Reverse DNS settings, do you mean you were setting the PTR in the Linode Manager?
12:30<grawity>either way though, that's more of a linux issue than a linode one
12:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
12:30<grawity>I don't remember, do the configs made by "network helper" use static config or DHCP?
12:30<grawity>or rather, do your network configs specifically use static IPv4, or DHCP?
12:30-!-eggstyrone [] has joined #linode
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12:30<Tyler>Uses static, I'm happy to post my interface if needed
12:30<nbrewer>Tyler: please do
12:30<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
12:31-!-mode/#linode [+l 361] by ChanServ
12:31<grawity>can you pastebin the output of `ifup -v --force eth0` at the same time
12:32<grawity>I wonder if 16.04 is too old to understand "address <ip/plen>" syntax
12:32<Tyler>That is the auto generated file, most of it. Left out the comments.
12:32<Tyler>ifup paste is here
12:33<nbrewer>Tyler: i've seen this before with sendmail in if-up.d messing things up
12:33<grawity>yeah, your sendmail installation seems to be messed up and breaks ifupdown in the process
12:34<grawity>kill /etc/network/if-up.d/sendmail with fire, then try again
12:34<nbrewer>no idea what causes it, but I'm guessing if you did "mv /etc/network/if-up.d/sendmail ~/" or something, and then either restart or ifup, it'll work
12:34<grawity>(I wonder why it even exists since you seem to also have postfix installed)
12:34<Tyler>Sendmail was there at one time and it was replaced with Postfix
12:35<Tyler>Guess Sendmail isnt as gone as I wished it was.
12:35<Tyler>Should I apt-get purge sendmail* ?
12:36<nbrewer>Tyler: couldn't really say, depends on how sure you are that you don't need any of its stuff any more..
12:36<nbrewer>just getting that out of if-up.d should fix your networking issue though
12:38<Tyler>What is the best method to remove it from if-up.d ? I've never dont anything this advanced before.
12:39<nbrewer>^ that command I gave wouldn't get rid of it, it would just move it to your home directory
12:39<nbrewer>you can probably just get rid of it though if you're not using sendmail anymore
12:39<nbrewer>in which case just rm it
12:40<Tyler>You beautiful people!
12:40<Tyler>Back online!
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13:36<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Pointing an MX record to a 3rd party mail server <>
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13:42<Cromulent>the only thing I hate about Linode is the 15 minute delay to add DNS records - it makes verifying and adding MX records for Google G-Suite and Office 365 a PITA
13:43-!-jas4711 is "Simon Josefsson" on #debian #debconf #alioth #smuxi
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13:43<Cromulent>add the records and the twiddle your thumbs for 15 minutes while you wait for Google or Microsoft to see the updated records
13:51<nbrewer>eh i mean, it's basically just a freebie that comes with the other services
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13:51<nbrewer>the 15 minute thing is admittedly a bit unusual at this point, but i'm always amused when people come in here and complain that the dns manager doesn't do like..cname flattening or something crazy
13:53<zifnab>so i found an information leak in lish
13:53<zifnab>i can bruteforce usernames
13:53<zifnab>is that...ok?
13:54<nbrewer>probably not
13:54<Cromulent>nbrewer: I used to pay for Route 53 but that was just yet another account to manage
13:55-!-yasarakin [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:55<nbrewer>yasarakin: feel free to ask your question
13:56<yasarakin>My linode account was closed
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13:57<zifnab>nbrewer: thanks. i'll poke them later.
13:57<nbrewer>they don't discuss account details here. they also don't respond in under a second, so be more patient.
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15:18-!-nema_ingenieria [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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15:18<nema_ingenieria>Hello, im not speak english very much
15:19<nema_ingenieria>i from colombia
15:19<nbrewer>hello, what's your question?
15:20-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
15:20<nema_ingenieria>how are pay the hosting my company
15:21<nema_ingenieria>the name is NEMA INGENIERIA
15:21<nbrewer>you need an active credit / debit card on the account to use Linode
15:21<nema_ingenieria>i not have the user in your page
15:22<nbrewer>but you would need the last six digits of the credit card
15:22<nema_ingenieria>and not have the password
15:22<nbrewer>to get access to the account
15:23<nema_ingenieria>im not have the credit card used the pay previus
15:23<nema_ingenieria>please send information
15:24-!-Ajay [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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15:24<nbrewer>but they are not going to give you access to an account if you just have someone's name
15:24-!-Ajay [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
15:25<nema_ingenieria>what information need for remember my count
15:25<nbrewer>the last 6 numbers of the credit card on file
15:25<nema_ingenieria>or what information need for restore my user
15:26<nema_ingenieria>not im not have the number card
15:26<nbrewer>ok well then email them and see if there is anything they can do
15:26<nbrewer>they are not going to talk about accounts in this community channel
15:26<nema_ingenieria>if change card number is possible
15:27<nema_ingenieria>ok than you
15:27<nema_ingenieria>very much for your help
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17:10<hello>hello this site make scamù
17:10<hello>please delete it
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17:10<Guest1414>care money
17:10<Guest1414>cared me 1000€
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17:53<sree>hi please any one hlep, I am new to linode and installed ubuntu 16.04 lts with lamp stack. I am unable to connect mysql through remote. Urgent project need to delivery. I suck with linode support. 4 hours back i opened support ticket, still no response.
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17:57<millisa>why can't you connect through remote? did you open the port to the remote address, did you setup an account that is allowed to connect from remote, what messages do you receive when you try to connect?
18:00<sree>millisa: I am receiving message could not connect the ssh tunnel. (In my desktop i am using mysql workbench to connect). As per documentation I finished steps.
18:01<millisa>as per what documentation?
18:02<sree>these are the two links I followed for setup
18:02<sree>how to open port to remote address?
18:03<millisa>Your error message says something about being unable to connect the ssh tunnel. is ssh open?
18:03<sree>Already I allowed to connect from remote. I am able to log into system by using ssh . but only mysql is the problem
18:03<sree>yes ssh open
18:04<millisa>then it sounds like you've setup mysqlworkbench incorrectly
18:04<sree>oh. is there any tool to connect remote?
18:05<millisa>does your connection window look like that first image on that page?
18:09<millisa>what did you put in for your 'ssh hostname'
18:09<sree>only problem with mysql. Rest of the things working perfectly.
18:10<sree>millisa mate ?as per your info is there any tutorial how to open ssh for mysql or checking port access ?
18:17-!-cnf [~cnf@2a02:1807:3920:400:55dd:d235:eff9:4598] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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18:19<sree>millisa: problem solved. I installed phpmyadmin. now i am accessing mysql without any problem
18:19<sree>thank you for help on my issue
18:20<millisa>you could likely still get workbench to work, too. but when on a delivery deadline, whatever works (you could also just do things from the command line on the system itself)
18:22<sree>yes right. actually time is limit. So I got very tension. so I thought it issue from server side. Thank you
18:22<millisa>sure thing. good luck.
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21:08<eunice>Got some few questions
21:08<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:09<eunice>Does linode have a cPanel for the file management etc.?
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21:10<arlen>if you pay for managed they offer cpanel
21:10<arlen>otherwise no
21:11<arlen>you could buy a cpanel license and install it yourself if you wanted to
21:11<eunice>So cPanel is not included to the basic features of linode? correct me if im wrong i need to install it myself?
21:11<MrPPS>That's right, it's an "unmanaged" machine by default
21:11<MrPPS>which means you are provided with a basic server; up to you what you install on it
21:12<MrPPS>This isn't managed web hosting, such as the likes of Bluehost/GoDaddy etc
21:12<eunice>oh okay i get it now
21:13<eunice>do you know how much it will cost me to buy a licensed cPanel to install it to Linode?
21:13<arlen>i think cpanel charges $15 for vps licenses
21:13<MrPPS>I.e. it'd be the price according to
21:14<arlen>looks like its $20 a month
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21:17<eunice>Okay thank you again
21:18<eunice>Is chat support available 24/7 ?
21:18<arlen>via ticket, email, and phone - yes
21:18<arlen>this is the community support channel
21:19<eunice>I may need to ask several questions since our company is planning to purchase a plan from you
21:19<eunice>Do you have a VPS?
21:19<arlen>can ask the questions here, only the ops work for linode but the rest of us can be helpful
21:19<arlen>i do, yes
21:20<eunice>ok that's it for today, thanks for your help
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21:37*eunice slaps epochwolf around a bit with a large fishbot
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21:42<Zimsky>cpanel charges licences on an ongoing basis?
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21:58<warewolf>whee that was fun
21:59<warewolf>reboot to accept new IPs for dallas IP swapout
22:00<warewolf>receive new kernel after ~1y uptime (which changes enp0s4 to ens4)
22:00<warewolf>... nothing network comes up
22:00<warewolf>hack network back into working order
22:00<arlen>wow 1y >.<
22:01<warewolf>... openvpn throws a fit "No compatible ciphers" "Okay, I didn't have any set, why aren't you using defaults, here use defaults EXPLICITLY SPECIFIED" "Okay, I'll work now"
22:02<warewolf>yeah, 10 months 19 days ago I call that close enough to a year
22:03<arlen>why up for so long
22:03<warewolf>how else am I going to idle on IRC on a stable connection?
22:03*warewolf pokes at jabberd ... why u no
22:05-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:2091:1eec:e739:acc6] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:07<warewolf>oh nice, I get a bonus reboot. I've got a RAM upgrade too.
22:09<Zimsky>what if you didn't though
22:09<warewolf>that wouldn't be Linode then.
22:09<warewolf>I'm always pleasantly surprised with free upgrades.
22:10<warewolf>[this is why I've been a customer for nearly a decade]
22:10<Zimsky>what would it take for you not to be a customer
22:10<warewolf>at this point? a lot. Been a happy customer for a very long time.
22:11<warewolf>last place I left after a decade of continous service was from a particularly bad interaction with customer support
22:12<warewolf>me: "I found a bug in your API returning stale data" them: "We don't support what you're doing"
22:14<warewolf>aaaaaaaagh, I can't nullroute (part of france) because I now have folks who actually want to talk to france through my linode.
22:15<warewolf>(part of was attempting to abuse my PBX)
22:35<zifnab>does anyone use an ssl multiplexer
22:36<zifnab>i have a box i want to do openvpn + ssh + https on 443
22:44<warewolf>I think that only works for two services, one where the server says the first thing (ssh) and one where the client says the first thing (http)
22:45<warewolf>I've never run openvpn over tcp (dueling banjo TCP stacks is bad), so I can't speak to it
22:53<Peng>You could hypothetically do it with multiple TLS services with different SNI hostnames but
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22:57<zifnab>so that technically exists
22:57<zifnab>my answer was "use a different box"
22:57<zifnab>so i'll just have one more hop to do the things i want to
22:58<warewolf>that's the one I knew about
22:59<warewolf>nobody uses ipv6
23:00<zifnab>Peng: do you think corporate america wants ipv6
23:00<zifnab>'nat is security' remember
23:00<zifnab>the number of times i have to say 'nat is not a firewall' to people
23:00<arlen>how many times?
23:00<zifnab>well, its more than just right there
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