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00:24<montigny34>hey all
00:24<montigny34>is anybody familiar with BIND dns it's all confusing to me
00:25<Peng>I have a passing familiarity. I use other DNS servers more.
00:25<dwfreed>I use it a lot
00:25<Peng>Why not outsource your DNS to a more powerful provider, such as Linode.
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00:25<dwfreed>Peng: I can't use @server with dns6 can I?
00:26<Peng>dwfreed: You can't.
00:26<montigny34>I'm trying to setup my own name servers so clients can configure their dns to mine instead of adding an A record
00:26<dwfreed>I think !dig can, though
00:26<dwfreed>!dig version.bind ch txt
00:26<linbot>dwfreed: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
00:26<montigny34>bing is one program i can use to do this correct?
00:26<Peng>dwfreed: I didn't wanna make !dns6 too powerful.
00:26<Peng>montigny34: That sounds like it makes things harder, more complicated and less reliable.
00:27<montigny34>using bind
00:27<montigny34>or using name servers instead oif an A record
00:27<Peng>dwfreed: Bad enough it can DoS me and authoritative nameservers, worse if it can do random reflection...
00:27<dwfreed>(and the answer is no, !dig can't either)
00:27<dwfreed>Peng: restrict it to linbot's IP
00:28<Peng>I don't trust linbot. :P
00:28<Peng>And linbot might change IPs someday! :P
00:28<Peng>montigny34: That sounds like it makes things harder, more complicated and less reliable.
00:28<dwfreed>it's already changed once
00:28<dwfreed>that's why !point broke
00:28<Peng>!dns6 localhost
00:28<linbot>Peng: ::1,
00:28<montigny34>peng: using DNS makes things more complicated and less reliable?
00:29<Peng>Omg, it changed
00:29<montigny34>peng: or using BIND
00:29<dwfreed>!dns6 version.bind ch txt
00:29<linbot>dwfreed: DNS resource record type is unknown.
00:29<dwfreed>!dns6 version.bind txt ch
00:29<linbot>dwfreed: unbound 1.5.8
00:29<dcraig_>your customers could use linode's DNS service
00:29<Peng>montigny34: Telling people to set up delegations rather than one A and AAAA or CNAME record is more complicated.
00:30<Peng>montigny34: Relying on one DNS server is less reliable than a powerful service.
00:30<montigny34>All the hosting company's do it
00:30<Peng>Many of them have crappy, unreliable service.
00:30<Peng>Or they spend a lot of money on reliable DNS.
00:30<Peng>Or they really do outsource it.
00:30<montigny34>I doubt it's as bad as you say it is since most hosting companies tell you to change DNS servers not add an A record...
00:31<dwfreed>see the latter two points
00:31<dcraig_>tell them to change to
00:31<montigny34>was typing when it got sent :P
00:31<montigny34>so unless i spend a lot of money i cannot get realiable dns servers?
00:31<dcraig_>they're included for free with your linode
00:32<Peng>montigny34: Linode's DNS service is quite reliable and available at no extra cost.
00:32<Peng>dwfreed: It's Ubuntu 16.04's Unbound package.
00:32<montigny34>dcraig: i don't want my users knowing where my server is if I offer hosting
00:32<dwfreed>Peng: :3
00:32<dcraig_>can anyone explain these 3 blue folders?
00:32<Peng>(And a third-party PPA version of dnspython.)
00:32<montigny34>dcraig_: plus I dont want them typing somebody elses dns i would rather it be and
00:33<dwfreed>you can white label linode's namservers and hope their IPs don't change
00:33<Peng>montigny34: If you run your own DNS service, they'd know where your DNS servers are hosted...
00:33<dcraig_>occasionally people point their own at linode's servers...
00:34<Peng>montigny34: I understand why you'd want people to use instead of There's not really a perfect option.
00:34<montigny34>if I want to try making my own, am i looking for a private server, caching or public
00:34<dcraig_>montigny34, if your customers see that you're using linode, they will probably think you are very wise
00:34<montigny34>there was a lot of tutorials online they all sucked a$$
00:34<montigny34>confused me a lot
00:34<Peng>montigny34: Some DNS providers offer white label service, sometimes for an extra fee. Linode doesn't promise they won't change the IPs without notification.
00:35<Zimsky><montigny34> dcraig: i don't want my users knowing where my server is if I offer hosting
00:35<Zimsky>I'm probably taking that out of context, but that seems kind of silly
00:35<Zimsky>if I host something somewhere, I'd want a pretty good idea of where it is
00:36<montigny34>you havea good point, i take back my earlier statement
00:36<montigny34>but can anybody tell me what kind of DNS server II would need to setup as everything online is confusing
00:37<dcraig_>you should have at least two servers in different locations
00:38<dcraig_>if you're using webmin or something, maybe it expects BIND
00:39<dcraig_>if you're going to host the dns for on the nameservers, you'll need to set up some "glue" with your registrar
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00:48<dcraig_>I can't resolve Ikaros
00:49<FluffyFoxeh>I dig dcraig
00:49<FluffyFoxeh>I got NXDOMAIN :(
00:49<dcraig_>I'd host FluffyFoxeh any day
00:50<Ikaros>Yay older hard drive still works well
00:50<dcraig_>they get better with age
00:52<dcraig_>when will linode dns offer dnssec?
00:52<dwfreed>dcraig_: nice tail
00:52<dwfreed>dcraig_: key management is a nightmare
00:52<dcraig_>thank you
00:52<dcraig_>I don't know how to log in
00:52<dcraig_>I guess I could reconnect...
00:53<dwfreed>/msg NickServ regain dcraig passwordGoesHere
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00:53<dcraig>like I know my password...
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00:53<dcraig>changing nicks seemed to work OK
00:53<dcraig>it auto-logged me in
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00:54<dwfreed>connected with matching client cert
00:54<dcraig>activating cloak!
00:55<FluffyFoxeh>cloak engaged
00:57<Peng>dwfreed: "key management is a nightmare" That's why it's nice to make Linode do it. :D
00:58<dwfreed>Peng: I mostly meant keeping them secure; rotation isn't bad
00:59<dwfreed>especially with how the master servers are set up internally
00:59<Peng>[TBH i probably wouldn't use DNSSEC from Linode even if they offered it. But i'd think it was cool.]
01:01<Peng>Key manglement is kind of getting better over time.
01:01*rsdehart mangles Peng
01:01<Peng>Cloudflare "solves" the logistics of key rotation by never rotating KSKs. :P
01:02<rsdehart>* Peng is now known as gPne
01:02<Peng>A lot of DNS providers are "we'll send you an email when you need to update your KSK, if you don't everything will die"
01:03<dwfreed>Peng: KSKs should be rotated every year
01:03<dwfreed>ZSKs should be rotated every 3 months (those are easier, though)
01:04*Peng shrugs
01:04<Peng>Cloudflare uses P-256 so it's not like they have to worry about godawful RSA-1024 ZSKs being cracked.
01:04<Ikaros>Mmm. Pretty damn pleased with my SSL Labs test now.
01:07<Ikaros>Question: Disable TLSv1.0 yes/no?
01:08<montigny34>is there a reason with echo "user:password" | chpasswd
01:08<montigny34>only works if I'm root
01:08<montigny34>it wont work if I'm a sudo user with all permissions
01:08<montigny34>i've tried echo "user:password" | sudo chpasswd
01:08<montigny34>no errors but doesn't work
01:10<Peng>Ikaros: Personally, i can't decide. TLS 1.0 is on its way out, but not unusably broken. I'd probably leave it enabled, but have no good reason for it.
01:11<Peng>Ikaros: You could run the numbers for your services. See how many clients still use them. Most of them might be sketchy search engines or browsers so old they don't support your JavaScript.
01:11<Peng>how many clients still use 1.0*
01:11<Peng>could follow PCI's oft-delayed schedule for banning it
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01:16<Ikaros>Peng honestly most people visiting any of my sites are using TLS 1.2, there's the occasional stray TLS 1.0 hit and what few of those there have been, have all been WinXP clients.
01:16<nate>Ikaros: PCI-DSS requires it disabled for what it's worth
01:17<nate>that said, TLS 1.0 can still be pretty mixed usage
01:17<Ikaros>It does? Huh.
01:17<nate>Ikaros: yeah latest spec as far as Irecall
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01:18<nate>That said I'm still of an opinion that TLS 1.0's "position" is kinda overblown. It did have the downgrade issues, but they're easily mitigated server-side. Especially if you forgo utilizing stuff like 3DES and RC4
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01:21<Peng>Isn't the PCI 1.0 date 2018-06-30?
01:21<Ikaros>Hm. Speaking of SSL.
01:21<Ikaros>I noticed something with Mozilla's HSTS preloading list.
01:21<nate>Peng: That's the EoL for any spec < 3.2 I think?
01:22<nate>After that date people have to follow 3.2, but since they try to imply you should follow the 'latest spec' when setting up anything new, you technically should be going TLS 1.2 only, which indeed is still a bit rough
01:24<Peng>The impression i got -- without reading DSS 3.2 itself -- is that you can continue using 1.0 until 30 June 2018 but you have to write a migration plan give your auditor a cupcake
01:24<Peng>plan and give*
01:27*arlen gives Peng a cupcake.
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01:40<nate>Yeah, assuming that is, they don't extend it again
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03:29<markus>Hello, i did update php on ubunto 14.04 from 5.5.9 to 7.0 and after when i do: sudo service apache2 restart - i get this msg:
03:30<markus> * Restarting web server apache2 (98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80 (98)Address already in use: AH00072: mak e_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down AH00015: Unable to open logs Action 'start' failed. The Apache error log may have more information.!
03:31<markus>anyone now what to do? My wordpress site seems to still work but i still get error message from plugins that need php 5.6+ that i only have 5.5.9
03:35<markus>but if i write php -v it says 7
03:35<markus>but i gues its because i cant restart web server?
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03:38<asd>Linode will block hosts or IP address from datacenters?
03:38<asd>unable to use one service from one datacenter .. and works on another datacenter
03:39<arlen>linode doesn't block anything
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03:40<markus>anyone who can help me?
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03:41<asd>one of my server can't use a server .. but works on another server
03:41<asd>what will be the issue?
03:41<asd>it is php
03:41<asd>api acess
03:41<arlen>markus: everyone can
03:42<markus>arlen, ok so u can you explain me what to do then hehe :D
03:42<arlen>asd: perhaps explain in more detail
03:43<arlen>markus: sorry I don't use apache
03:44<asd> using this service, working on One Linode and not working on another linode.. they are not banned IP .. what will be the reason ..
03:47<arlen>how many requests are you doing? "Our system will automatically ban any IP addresses doing over 150 requests per minute"
03:50<grawity>what does `c
03:51<grawity>the ip-api servers appear to be ratelimiting even TCP connections, not just API calls
03:51<grawity>they drop like every 2nd TCP SYN
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03:53<asd>i have pro API key ..
03:53<asd>so they will not limit my requests
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03:54<asd>also working on another linode .. but not from my Main Linode ..
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06:36<PleaseHelp>Nginx reWrite looks fine, but my wordpress returning 404. On the same linode another WP site with same Nginx Rewrite working fine? What will be the Problem with my Wordpress
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07:27<hawk>PleaseHelp: I think you'll want to describe all the details if anyone is to have any chance finding your problem.
07:28<PleaseHelp>@Hawk My wordpres site is loading.. but all pages retuning 404
07:30<PleaseHelp>if Permalink set to Plain pages are loding
07:30<PleaseHelp>but for all other Permalink option i am getting 404
07:30<PleaseHelp>Usually it is a rewrite problem, but in this case it is not
07:31<PleaseHelp>Nginx rewrite is correct, same rule on another site on SAME linode server is working ...
07:35<ponas>so what does your nginx config look like?
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07:40<hawk>Yes, what ponas said. Anyway... based on it not actually working, I find it very tempting to assume that something is wrong rather than assuming that it's all correct.
07:41<PleaseHelp>here is my config
07:44<PleaseHelp>Same settings on another virtual host is working fine.. That is why i am confused
07:44<hawk>You mentioned rewrite?
07:45<PleaseHelp>yes i said "Nginx reWrite looks fine" actually mean Nginx rule
07:46<ponas>PleaseHelp: here's what I use for wordpress sites:
07:46<ponas>biggest difference is that I have the try_files thing in a location block
07:47<PleaseHelp>Yea, Let me try that.
07:48<ponas>consider including fastcgi.conf instead of hardcoding all the fastcgi params
07:51<ponas>also, location blocks must be inside a server or another location
07:51<ponas>seems like you have one outside which I'd expect nginx to act up on
07:52<PleaseHelp>OMG... it worked.. here is new config
07:52<PleaseHelp>No idea .. what was the mistake :)
07:52-!-salman [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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07:53<salman>I am creating an mobile app and its web app for managing app
07:54<salman>my developer telling me buy a dedicated server for the web app
07:54<salman>because he created the APIs in go lang
07:54<PleaseHelp>Thanks! i think .. as you said .. location inside location may cause this issue :)
07:55<salman>he want to open a new port for public
07:55-!-Mesopotamian [~manjaro-k@2001:250:4000:420a:71c7:1ecf:b32e:732c] has joined #linode
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07:55<salman>We need to deploy its API and front-end application on server using shell We want two ports to run for front-end and API on different ports. The functionality of the application is as follows: We need a MySQL data base, SMTP Mailing service, and we will be uploading all the files, images audios to the server from web API.
07:56<ponas>salman: you can do that on a linode
07:56-!-Mesopotamian [~manjaro-k@2001:250:4000:420a:71c7:1ecf:b32e:732c] has quit []
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07:56-!-Mesopotamian [~manjaro-k@2001:250:4000:420a:71c7:1ecf:b32e:732c] has joined #linode
07:56<salman>which hosting i will buy for my web app
07:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
07:57<salman>can i open new ports in linode?
07:57<salman>thats great
07:57<salman>which plan i will buy?
07:58<ponas>that depends on how efficient your backend runs, the size and design of the database schema, number of visitors/requests etc.
07:58<ponas>ask your developer
07:59<ponas>perhaps start with the 2GB linode and resize later if needed
08:05-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
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08:45<djweezy>what the heck is going on in dallas. i was emergency migrated to a new host yesterday. this morning i show up and im being emergency migrated again?
08:45-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
08:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
08:47<DrJ>I have a couple in dallas as well that had to be migrated to a new facility I believe
08:48<djweezy>yeah this is after migrating to the new dallas2 facility
08:48<PleaseHelp>Dallas, TX, USA My site had issue this morning :(
08:49<DrJ>growing pains in the new facility probably
08:52<djweezy>first one said it was multiple disk failures
08:52<djweezy>this one says its a raid card
08:57<DrJ>okay, I'll open a ticket and ask them to ensure none of my linodes are ever on the same hosts are yours
08:57<djweezy>sounds like a good idea
08:57<djweezy>been with linode almost 10 years and this is the first major issue except the DDOS stuff a while ago
08:57<DrJ>same here
08:58<Woet>what is major about a migration?
08:58<DrJ>I have had to be migrated a few times due to host issues... but that's bound to happen eventually
08:58<DrJ>I've been with linode for 7 years this october
08:58<djweezy>Woet: mostly that its done with about 45 minutes notice and causes a reboot
08:58<djweezy>for these emergency ones
08:59<Woet>nothing wrong with a reboot
08:59<Woet>allows you to patch your kernel
08:59<djweezy>3 of them in a week, doubt there is any new patches
09:01<DrJ>the DDOS attack they suffered through was tough for everyone at the time... but I love how in the end it has made linode much "stronger" and better for us
09:01<Woet>im more concerned about linodes approach to security than anything else
09:02-!-PleaseHelp [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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09:35<Redturn>Good day
09:36<Redturn>Can im increase hdd size on linode?
09:36<Peng>You can resize to the next larger plan. A block storage product is in beta.
09:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
09:38<Woet>Peng is in beta too
09:38<Redturn>Do exist plan to backup another sites?
09:38<Redturn>Backup storage need
09:39<Woet>Linode sells VPSes
09:39<Woet>you can use the storage for whatever you like
09:39<Woet>including backups.
09:39<Redturn>Thanks you
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12:06<Bdragon>jackley: Re: #8276832 -- I was going to ask for the new addresses today and get my config files and zonefiles updated, but I see the ticket is closed. Is this just because I am slow at responding or did the situation change?
12:08<dwfreed>somebody probably marked it autoclose by accident
12:10<Peng>I'm still delaying
12:12-!-Petr_ [] has joined #linode
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12:15<Petr_>Hi, could somebody tell me please if NodeBalancers can balance between different datacenters?
12:16<Peng>They can't
12:17<Bdragon>jackley: Frankly I'm also just fine with dealing with it next time I migrate hosts, if it's all the same to you.
12:19<Petr_>@Peng: That's a pity.
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12:25<Petr_>Is there any solution for 2 VPSs in 2 DCs. One is main server, second one is a backup/slave. I would like to find a way how to automatically failover to the second one during a problem on the first one.
12:26-!-Alpesh [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:27<react>Petr_: GCP, google's load balancer's are global
12:27<Petr_>react: I was afraid of it. Thanks ;)
12:28<Peng>Petr_: DNS-based failover/load balancing would work
12:28<react>Petr_: it really depends on how much work you're willing to do; can you orchestrate via code and programming logic to achieve what you want using Linode, probably, or do you want to do very little work and focus on your app, up to you
12:29<jcanto>But DNS-based failover is not for a main-backup/slave model :(
12:30<Peng>It can be.
12:30-!-gojira2 [] has joined #linode
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12:34<Alpesh>i have one problem on my linode dedicated server
12:34-!-gojira2 [] has quit []
12:35<relidy>!to Alpesh ask
12:35<linbot>Alpesh: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
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12:35<Alpesh>i buy linode dedicated hosting
12:36<Alpesh>today more than 2500 user come to my site
12:36<Alpesh>but server not responding
12:36<Alpesh>it seem to down on traffice
12:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
12:37<react>Alpesh: which plan are you using?
12:37<Petr_>I can image DNS-based failover but that's all :D
12:37<Alpesh>i check the bandwidth but its a ok and enought to run
12:37<Alpesh>linode 2048
12:38<Alpesh>its down for few minutes and than run correctly
12:39<react>Alpesh: sounds like you're running out of resources, what do the CPU and Memory utilization graphs show?
12:40<Alpesh>cpu graph show 30 to 35 % up at that time
12:41-!-veecious [~oftc-webi@2601:2c6:4900:8620:9161:1f2b:90ad:fbfc] has joined #linode
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12:41<veecious>some days im Linod'in
12:41<Alpesh>bits/sec graph show the maximum level
12:41<react>Alpesh: and memory?
12:41-!-aspis [] has joined #linode
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12:42<Alpesh>blocks/sec show 120 to 140
12:42-!-Petr_ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
12:43<veecious>is anyone familiar with some library that checks new user accounts against a profanity filter or do i have to roll my own solution?
12:43-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
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12:57<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • how to use all IPv6 IPs? <>
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13:10<dhrupad>need help
13:10<itsasadstory>hi, feel free to ask your question
13:11<dhrupad>i have purchased 2 gb standard plan
13:11<dhrupad>when request increase server goes down
13:11<itsasadstory>you've either configured things poorly or you just need a larger plan
13:12<dhrupad>so should i upgrade plan
13:12<itsasadstory>i would look at your logs first
13:13-!-dhrupad [~oftc-webi@] has left #linode []
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14:54<montigny34>hey all :)
14:55<montigny34>Is there a reason why echo "$2" | sudo passwd "$1" --stdin
14:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
14:55<montigny34>says all authentication tokens updated successfully, but it says authentication failed when i try to login as that user?
14:55-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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14:56<montigny34>Celti: NewLines?
14:56-!-Cromulent is "Cromulent" on #linode
14:56-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
14:56<Celti>I'll bet it's newlines, try 'echo -n'.
14:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
14:57<montigny34>echo -n "password" | sudo passwd "user" --stdin
14:57<montigny34>same thing
14:57*Celti shrugs.
14:57<montigny34>I'm using my sudo user part of the wheel group
14:57<Celti>My passwd doesn't have a --stdin flag, so I'm not sure.
14:57<montigny34>i can use chpasswd?
14:58<dwfreed>why not just make a script you run as root that uses chpasswd
14:59<dwfreed>you've have been done yesterday already
14:59<montigny34>I would have to add roots password and thats not secure to run anything as root
14:59<dwfreed>it's no different than running it with sudo
14:59<dwfreed>because that's what sudo does, runs it as root
15:00<montigny34>this command doesnt work as root either --stdin
15:00-!-avelardi [] has joined #linode
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15:00<dwfreed>but 'echo user:password | chpasswd' would
15:01<montigny34>i can do that as a sudo user correct?
15:01-!-Joshua [] has joined #linode
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15:01<montigny34>echo "user:password" | sudo chpasswd
15:01<montigny34>did not work
15:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
15:03<montigny34>thisi s my last issue theni can focus on securing everything
15:03<Cromulent>symlink /usr/sh to /dev/null :P
15:04<montigny34>echo "user:password" | sudo chpasswd does not work as root either ?
15:05<montigny34>Cromulent: what does the symlink do and is it insecure to do this?
15:05<montigny34>i know what it does but why am i linking one to the other **
15:05<Cromulent>sorry it was a bad joke
15:06<montigny34>oh aha oops
15:06<montigny34>dwfreed: chpasswd doesnt work as root
15:06<dwfreed>I call BS
15:07<montigny34>passwd user worked as root
15:07<montigny34>now i'll try changing it using chpasswd
15:08<montigny34>echo user:password | chpasswd
15:08<montigny34>did not work
15:08<montigny34>do i need double quotes?
15:09<dwfreed>does the password contain special characters?
15:09<montigny34>so i take it i do
15:09<dwfreed>then yes
15:10<montigny34>nope still won't work
15:10<dwfreed>drop the | chpasswd, and look at what the echo outputs
15:11<montigny34>why is there random numbers at the end
15:11<dwfreed>what are you specifying as the password?
15:12<montigny34>um I can't say
15:12<montigny34>it is all letters
15:12<montigny34>then ends in
15:12<dwfreed>you can just pick a different password
15:12<dwfreed>$$ is bash PID
15:12<montigny34>is the @$$ the issue
15:12<dwfreed>so use single quotes, rather than double
15:12<dwfreed>to avoid it expanding the $$
15:13<montigny34>that worked!
15:13<montigny34>let me try sudo now!
15:14<montigny34>YESSSSSSS you sire are amazing
15:14<montigny34>!point dwfreed
15:14<linbot>montigny34: Point given to dwfreed. (22)
15:14<montigny34>I'm so glad i didn't play video games but instead decided to try working on this
15:17<montigny34>if i only ask for user input password and domain (domain being used as the username for new users), and I check the domain for it to be a valid domain name using php for example only, not special chars except
15:17<montigny34>theoretically i wouldnt need to pass escapeshellarg($domain)
15:18<montigny34>since they wouldnt be able to use;reboot
15:18<montigny34>or anything to harm my server
15:18<montigny34>is this correct?
15:23<Zimsky>this sounds bad
15:24<montigny34>it didn't seem right, which is why i figured i'd ask
15:25<montigny34>why would i need escapeshellarg if they can only enter things that wouldnt harm my server
15:25<montigny34>or am i wrong and thinking too simply?
15:25<Zimsky>you should hire a developer/sysadmin
15:25<HoopyCat>wh... why is user input going anywhere near a shell :x
15:26<Zimsky>HoopyCat: we don't ask those kind of questions any more
15:26<montigny34>HoopyCat: setting up a hosting server
15:26<Zimsky>HoopyCat: run fast, run far
15:26<montigny34>once they add a domain to their account they can then decide to add that domain to our hosting server
15:29<Zimsky>HoopyCat: montigny34 is making a service to host live demos of exploits
15:29<Zimsky>in the same way that wordpress is a remote, unauthenticated shell, which, as a side feature, also contains a blog
15:30<Zimsky>it's cutting edge.
15:30<montigny34>dwfreed: for some reason when i run my script which uses a form input to create the user and set the password
15:30<montigny34>it locks the user password / account
15:30<montigny34>when i dont use the variable input it does noyt
15:31<montigny34>is there a setting or argument i must specify for it not to lock the account when it's created from the form input data?
15:38<montigny34>i don't understand why it's locking my new users passwords?
15:42-!-jcanto_ [~Jorge@] has joined #linode
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15:44<montigny34>okay i have concluded that when i create a new user it locks the account by default
15:44<montigny34>any idea why?
15:47-!-Nightmeare_ [] has joined #linode
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15:52<montigny34>woop woop i did it!
15:53-!-Demon|Laptop[1] [] has joined #linode
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16:04<montigny34>echo '$password' | sudo passwd '$domain' --stdin
16:04<montigny34>does not set the correct password from what i could see?
16:04<montigny34>I'm not sure why though'
16:08<montigny34>any ideas why?
16:10-!-jason_ [~oftc-webi@2601:58c:280:32e5:cd3b:9749:c6d8:bb8e] has joined #linode
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16:18<dwfreed>montigny34: because unless you're telling php to replace those variables before executing the script, you're literally sending $password as the password
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16:22<chris_>Hi. What's the best contact if I have a question about security monitoring that linode does?
16:22<itsasadstory>Linode doesn't do security monitoring for you
16:23<itsasadstory>or do you mean their own security policies?
16:23<montigny34>dwfreed: I am
16:23<montigny34>it creates the proper username
16:23<montigny34>always returns authentication failure
16:23<chris_>Is it possible that linode is doing some network monitoring of web requests to my linode looking for malware?
16:24<itsasadstory>chris_: no, they don't do packet inspection or anything like that
16:24<chris_>alright, thanks.
16:24<dwfreed>legally, they can't if they want to retain their safe harbor protections
16:27<montigny34>dwfreed: would there be any reason the password would be changed?
16:27<montigny34>I had to use the following so the account doesnt get locked
16:27<montigny34>echo '$password' | sudo passwd $domain --stdin
16:27-!-eggstyrone [] has joined #linode
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16:27<montigny34>when using chpasswd it woiuldnt work because the password never got initially set
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16:32<montigny34>it works fine when i do it via the terminal though
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16:49<montigny34>any idea because i have no clue
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20:40<dcraig>how can I do a dallas 2 speedtest?!
20:41<arlen>setup a linode in Dallas 2
20:41*dcraig tickles arlen around a bit with a large pike
20:41<dwfreed>dcraig: both dallas facilities are part of the same layer 2 network, so it doesn't really matter
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22:35<irenesu>why after confirmation, when I re-open the web
22:36<irenesu>still appear Thank you for completing your signup! Your account is currently being reviewed. You'll receive an email from us in just a few minutes, so hang tight!
22:36<arlen>you need to wait for support to verify your account, should receive an email shortly when your account is approved or if they need more information from you
22:36<irenesu>I just received the mail: Welcome to Linode! Please confirm your email address. You're almost there! Please click the link below to create your Linode Manager account. Confirm my email and create my account! »
22:37<irenesu>and the pay bill mail
22:37<arlen>yup, you'll receive another email once its been approved or if they need more info
22:37<irenesu>how long will take
22:37<arlen>depends on how busy they are, shouldn't be too long
22:39<irenesu>then the mail name:
22:39<irenesu>is what?
22:39<arlen>the address will probably be from
22:40<irenesu>Welcome to Linode! Please confirm your email address. You're almost there! Please click the link below to create your Linode Manager account. Confirm my email and create my account! » Here are a few things to help you get started: Linode Docs - Getting Started Linode Docs - Beginner's Guide Join us via webchat or via #linode on
22:40<irenesu>I think is this?
22:40<irenesu>Not right?
22:40<arlen>that's the welcome email from signing up
22:40<irenesu>thanks so much, dear
22:40<irenesu>Let's waiting
22:41-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
22:41<arlen>we shall
22:41-!-irenesu [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
22:41*FluffyFoxeh waits
22:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
22:42*arlen whistles a tune
22:43*HoopyCat eyes FluffyFoxeh suspiciously
22:45*FluffyFoxeh looks innocent
22:49*HoopyCat furrows her brow, having never seen an innocent fox before
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