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00:45<andy>hi i can't sftp into my linode
00:45<millisa>why not
00:45<andy>it's just timing out any connection
00:46<millisa>can you ssh to it?
00:46<andy>no i can't
00:46<millisa>have you tried using lish?
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00:49<andy>i can lish into it
00:49<andy>how do i figure out what's wrong
00:49<millisa>can you reach anything from the console? can you ping the gateway?
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00:50<Peng>are IPv4 and IPv6 both broken?
00:50<Peng>what location is it in? What are its IPs? Can you reach other Linodes in the same location?
00:51<andy>I can ping the IP yes
00:51<andy>linode is in dallas
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00:52<andy>i think this linode may of been compromised a while back because i see a bunch of files in html folder that look suspicious
00:53<andy>how can i check my firewall rules
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00:53<Peng>That is additionally alarming
00:53<andy>I think linode blocked this linode via firewall rules or something of that nature
00:54<andy>indeed but i need to get my files from it
00:54<Peng>If the Linode is compromised, your files could be comprimised.
00:54<Peng>If the Linode is compromised, you can boot rescue mode, or deploy a separate image, or a separate node, to rip files.
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01:01<arlen>burn it to the ground
01:01<arlen>or the bottom of the rack
01:02<andy>how is these scumbags even found my linode
01:03<Zimsky>did you know, if the linode is compromised, the linode could be compromised
01:03<andy>how do they randomly put in ip's until they find something?
01:03<Zimsky>and if that happens, the linode could be compromised
01:03<arlen>andy: ip's aren't secret
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01:04<kyhwana>andy: there's lots of people that just scan all of ipv4 space and any FQDN's they can and check for bad/default passwords or vulnerable webapps. What webapp are you running?
01:04<Zimsky>but the rules of apostrophes are
01:04<kyhwana>arlen: neither is DNS
01:04<andy>what webapp you mean what distro?
01:04<Zimsky>kyhwana: yeah it is
01:04<Zimsky>DNS = Domain Name Security
01:04<kyhwana>andy: uh, as in what web stuff are you using?
01:04<kyhwana>Zimsky: *baps*
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01:05<Zimsky>bread makes you fat
01:05<andy>im using apache ubuntu 14.04 / LAMP stack
01:05<dwfreed>wordpress, drupal, joomla, ...?
01:06<andy>it was codeigniter but that's not the problem
01:06<andy>i should of used a more secure password then kayne2020
01:07<kyhwana>so yeah, your linode is compromised, blow it away and rebuild from scratch. (or save a copy of the image for forensics, if you can do such a thing)
01:07<andy>hm i just want my project folder :(
01:07<dwfreed>unless you have a local copy of that code, you have no idea what they changed
01:08<kyhwana>andy: unless you go through that line by line, assume that's compromised and has been modified..
01:08<dwfreed>they could have riddled every file with malware in ways that are difficult to detect without a clean copy to compare against
01:08<kyhwana>andy: you don't have a local copy or backup of it in source control somewhere?
01:10<andy>i guess i wasn't expecting people to compromise a random dev linode for code testing
01:10<andy>never backed it up
01:11<andy>there's nothing of value on it just a bunch of old non-commented code
01:11<andy>i guess there were using it as a zombie
01:11<kyhwana>well, you learnt a valuable lesson.. you have to secure _anything_ internet facing
01:12<andy>people are dicks
01:13<kyhwana>yes, yes they are
01:17<Zimsky>relying on people not being dicks is silly
01:17<andy>does anyone know the command to list all files in a directory that are not .html
01:17<Zimsky>at least in this context
01:18<Zimsky>ls -l | grep -v html
01:18<Zimsky>unless one of your non-html files has 'html' in the name
01:19<Zimsky>maybe `ls -l | grep -v "\.dmg$"` would be better
01:20<andy>ah yea the chinese hacked me
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01:20<andy>bunch of weird Chinese symbols in these files
01:20<Zimsky>definitely means the chinese did it
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01:32<Montigny34>Can anybody help me with --stdin please it's now working properly on my bash script
01:34<Zimsky>google knows
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01:38<Montigny34>There's an issue with the php password variable it's not working properly
01:38<Montigny34>When passed to my bash script
01:38<Montigny34>Username works fine
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01:39<andy>whats the error?
01:41<Montigny34>It doesn't have one
01:41<Montigny34>But the password is always incorrect
01:42<Montigny34>Works fine when I execute the bash script via command line with predefined username and password
01:42<Montigny34>But when use my php form the username is correct, the user isn't locked and has a password but it always returns authentication failure
01:43<Montigny34>I'm doing echo '$password' | sudo passwd $domain --stdin
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01:43<Zimsky>you should probably read the man page
01:43<Montigny34>I have
01:44<Montigny34>I don't see what I'm doing wrong
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01:45<Montigny34>is the line I'm using incorrect?
01:49<Montigny34>Zimsky: any idea what's going o
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02:37<montigny34_>can anybody help me please
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02:40<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Introducing CoreOS Container Linux on Linode <>
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02:45*montigny34_ slaps ajmitch_ around a bit with a large fishbot
02:46<Zimsky>don't do that
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02:59<montigny34_>okay zimsky thanks for all the help lol
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03:54<dcraig>previously, there was a button that would allow me to migrate from dallas 1 to dallas 2 now, but that button has disappeared.... how to get it back?
03:56<arlen>did you migrate already?
03:57<arlen>ticket maybe, or could resize to force the migration
03:57<arlen>then resize back after
03:58<dcraig>sounds like a pain
03:58<dcraig>I should just be able to click the "migrate" button
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04:06<dcraig>I don't think the support team responds to tickets anymore
04:06<dcraig>response time used to be like 30 seconds
04:06<arlen>usually 4 hours for me
04:07<arlen>busy busy
04:07<dcraig>lol that'll be 5 am
04:07<dcraig>I think I'll be asleep by then
04:07<Peng>Solution: never sleep
04:08<Peng>I love doing critical Linode migrations while sleep deprived
04:08<dcraig>well, I wanted to do this on friday night when nobody would notice
04:08<Peng>Ah. :X
04:08<dcraig>I didn't plan on linode taking my button away
04:09<arlen>probably would've been done by now with the resize method
04:09<dcraig>is it guaranteed that a resize up and down will result in you being in dallas 2?
04:10<dcraig>maybe they ran out of space
04:10<arlen>maybe d2 has neon lights
04:10<dcraig>if my button disappeared because there is no room in dallas 2, maybe resize method doesn't work
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04:10<dcraig>who knows
04:10<Peng>Maybe they ran out of space and they're migrating everyone back to Dallas 1 soon? :D
04:11<dcraig>I don't even like texas
04:11<arlen>create a new linode and see what the host name is
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04:12<dcraig>I feel like with tokyo 2, they said there is 1 and there is 2
04:12<dcraig>but with dallas 2, they're just all like, everything is dallas
04:13<dcraig>like, if I make a new linode, I can't specify dallas 2
04:13<dcraig>it's just dallas, like always
04:13<dcraig>and I suppose a new linode gets created in dallas 2
04:18*dcraig tickles arlen around a bit with a large moses sole
04:19<dcraig>since I can't migrate, might as well tickle arlen
04:22<dcraig>maybe it started taking 4x as long for a ticket response when the price decreased from $20 to $5/mo.... :D
04:22<Peng>So if the price was $40...
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04:26<dcraig>my theory is dallas 2 is full
04:26<dcraig>and they will make dallas 3 for me
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04:26<dcraig>and I will migrate there instead
04:26<dcraig>cya, suckers
04:28<Peng>how about Atlanta
04:28<dcraig>that's not exactly a lateral move
04:28<dcraig>anyway, I think atlanta 2 is next
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04:29<dcraig>well it's been 35 min and no reply
04:29<dcraig>remember when !ops used to chat in here :D
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04:30<Peng>Atlanta 2 sounds logical enough, but we have no idea what the internal deliberations are.
04:30<Peng>Maybe Atlanta 1 swears up and down that they've upgraded all the power equipment, and Linode can't find a better facility.
04:31<Peng>Maybe Newark is almost full or the Linode and Cologix teams got into a fight on the golf course. :D
04:34<dcraig>do you watch msnbc?
04:35<arlen>do you?
04:36<arlen>I don't watch cable news much. used to when I was younger
04:37<dcraig>well I think "chris aker" and "chris hayes" are the same person
04:37<arlen>to catch a linode
04:37<dcraig>wish someone would catch my migrate button
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04:38<dcraig>chris hansen is completely different from chris aker/hayes
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04:40<Peng>as opposed to Chris Christie
04:40<dcraig>"chris" sure is a popular name
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04:44<rsdehart>I'm pretty sure everyone named "chris" is the same person
04:44<rsdehart>why else would they have the same name?
04:45<rsdehart>wake up, sheeple!
04:46<dcraig>also all in new jersey...
04:46<rsdehart>that makes them, like, *extra* the same person
04:49<Peng>your name isn't D. Chris Raig, is it
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04:50<rsdehart>My name is actually Chris Robdgreat
04:50<rsdehart>oh wait, wrong network
04:50<rsdehart>Chris Rsdehart
04:51<dcraig>rob the great!
04:51<Zimsky>Chris Christie isn't a person
04:51<dcraig>peng, you're close
04:51<Zimsky>it's a whale
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06:49<Chand>i want window vps where can i see the pricing
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06:50<nate>Same pricing as any other, however only *nix is officially supported
06:50<nate>You can find some unofficial guides on the wiki on how to do windows though
06:50<nate>but you'll have to provide your own windows license
06:50<Chand>how can i order window vps
06:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
06:52<Zimsky>you get a linode and run windows on it
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06:55<chand>How to install window on your vps
06:56<Zimsky>never thought I'd say this, but nate was pretty clear
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06:56<chand>is ther ready to use templates
06:56<Zimsky>you will need to be more specific
06:57<chand>how i can install
06:57<Zimsky><nate> You can find some unofficial guides on the wiki on how to do windows though
06:58<chand>so is it possible to install from your end
06:59<chand>you have any tools
07:00<chand>what exactly i get after buying vps from you
07:00<chand>it will be linux or windows or what?
07:00<Zimsky>it will be whatever you configure
07:01<chand>from your control panel
07:01<Zimsky>you can load an image that linode provides, or you can run whatever image you have that is compatible
07:01<chand>ok thanks
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11:49<phlux>Anyone on a Dallas node that needs migrating?
11:52<DrJ>already migrated
11:57<phlux>Apparently there's supposed to be a 'Migrate' button on my dashboard
11:57<phlux>but it's not there
11:58<phlux>I'm on Dallas910, idk if that's the new DC or not
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13:22<phlux>Ah, looks like the migrations are being reconfigured
13:22<phlux>also, it looks like I need to filter out mode and nick changes in here
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13:58<chand>Anybody there
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13:59<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:59<chand>how to install windows on this vps
14:00<dzho>oooh, you know, the "lin" in "linode" is from "Linux" right?
14:00<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
14:01<arlen>chand: ^
14:01<chand>is it possible to install windows
14:02<arlen>read that link
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14:05<microvb>it's been a while since i did a full partitioning of a unix distribution, but what givese here : -- i know i setup partitions like this, even HP has...
14:05<microvb>reference (Dell) :
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14:52<dcraig>Dallas 2 is full! :D
14:52<arlen>is it?
14:52<dcraig>yup, that's why they took my migrate button away
14:53<dcraig>supposed to be more room in a couple days...
14:54<arlen>only the freshest server racks for dcraig
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15:01*microvb loves the fresh scent of superheated silicon and copper in the morning
15:01<dcraig>are linodes overclocked?
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16:17<tmberg>Yeah, With liquid nitrogen.
16:26<Cromulent>hmm emergency migration of my linode - don't see that very often
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17:37<xydrine>anyone know linode is considering adding UDP capabilities to nodebalancers, since QUIC support is increasing in server software (litespeed, caddy, etc)...?
17:38<Cromulent>no idea but you could put in a ticket and ask them xydrine
17:39<xydrine>thanks ill do that
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19:10<garrettjj>Whoops :/
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20:21<covefefe>any expert tell me if debian8, is the best option and hence is default
20:22<millisa>best for what? (generally whatever distribution you can work the best in is the best for you...)
20:23<covefefe>for mixed hosting lamp and node.js
20:26<Ikaros>Does it have to be Debian 8? lol
20:27<Ikaros>I see no problem with 9.
20:28<covefefe>neither do i
20:28<covefefe>i like ubuntu too
20:28<covefefe>and centos7
20:28<Cromulent>I've always ran Ubuntu LTS - works for me
20:29<covefefe>just was looking for some enlightenment
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21:37<nitsua>double ping pong!
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21:55<montigny34>okay i know what the issue is with my bash script
21:55<montigny34>$password is returning $password as the actual password instead of the user input
21:56<arlen>pretty sure dwfreed said that
21:56<millisa>"dwfreed: montigny34: because unless you're telling php to replace those variables before executing the script, you're literally sending $password as the password "
21:56<montigny34>echo '$password' doesn't take the variable
21:57<montigny34>i believe it's an issue with the echo statement, does anybody know how to tell it to take the data from the bash variable
21:58<montigny34>single quotes takes it literal
21:59<montigny34>so i need to use double quotes
21:59<montigny34>but when i have $$ it interprets it as PID
21:59<montigny34>is there a workaround for this
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22:18<Zimsky>crowdsourced php/bash scripting
22:20<nate>Or simply needed no quotes at all
22:21<Zimsky>I feel like this just the beginning
22:22*millisa gets the garlic and wooden stakes...
22:22<Zimsky>nate: maybe monti is just trying to properly reference the original authors of the code snippits
22:22<Zimsky>by putting it in quotes
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