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00:02<lan>I have another question
00:03<lan>can I upgrade plan easily?
00:03<linbot>Linodes can be resized to a different plan size via the Resize tab in the Linode Manager. Doing so will shut down your Linode and copy your disk images to their new host(this will take a few minutes). Your IP addresses and data will be unaffected, but you will need to resize your disk images.
00:06<lan>I see
00:06<lan>thank you
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00:27<lan>Hi guys!
00:28<lan>i'm wondering what Preload Amount is?
00:34<millisa>an amount of money you pre load your account with
00:34<lan>Hi millisa
00:34<lan>so when I purchase plan they will withdraw from my pre-load account?
00:35<millisa>it'll bill from that first, sure.
00:35<millisa> might be a good thing to read
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01:33*dcraig preloading
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01:36*arlen predcraiging
01:37*FluffyFoxeh foxes about
01:39<dcraig>somebody explain this
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01:42<amohost>I have a question
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01:42<amohost>What are the late fees at linode?
01:42<FluffyFoxeh>dcraig: rofl
01:43<Peng>amohost: There aren't any, as far as I know.
01:43<amohost>If my server expires and I have not renewed there any additional charges?
01:43<Peng>amohost: If you never pay, your stuff will eventually be removed.
01:43<amohost>lets say i pay a week delayed and by stuff is still there
01:43<amohost>will there be a late fee ?
01:43<Peng>You should pay.
01:44<amohost>ok. thanks :)
01:44<arlen>or at least open a ticket letting them know you'll be late
01:44<dcraig>your interest rate will change to the penalty rate of 39.99% APR
01:44<amohost>interest rate ?
01:44<Peng>amohost: It's a joke
01:44<amohost>i do not understand
01:44<FluffyFoxeh>dcraig is just being funny
01:44<Peng>dcraig lies to children
01:44<Zimsky>no one understands dcraig
01:45<FluffyFoxeh>what is dcraig anyway?
01:45<Zimsky>someone who lies to children
01:45<amohost>na im getting a server for a client, but i dont know about their payments
01:45<Zimsky>Pong just said it
01:45<amohost>and i wont be renwing anything before they pay up
01:45<Zimsky>also, what is the time that must surpass before an account's linodes are actually suspended?
01:45<amohost>good question!
01:46<dcraig>from past experience, it seems to be about 10 days
01:46<Zimsky>I'll make sure not to win a bet with you
01:46<FluffyFoxeh>amohost: you'll be responsible for the payments either way, so there's no reason to delay if you don't have to
01:46<Peng>If i remember correctly, they're shut down after like 10 days, and erased after 20.
01:46<Zimsky>I read "payments" as "pyjamas"
01:46<Peng>Maybe it's 7 and 20?
01:46<amohost>understood. so 10 days till account gets long till everything gets wiped out?
01:47<Peng>I think
01:47<arlen>ask linode
01:47<Zimsky>sort of
01:47<Zimsky>ask linode
01:47<amohost>appreciate it :)
01:47<Zimsky>pls send mangoes
01:47<Peng>amohost: Don't bet your life on stuff i remember being told several years ago. :P
01:47<amohost>got it
01:48<dcraig>if a customer started asking me how long they could go without paying me before they started suffering consequences, I think I'd suggest they take their business elsewhere
01:48<amohost>i will send mangoes. we have good mangoes down here
01:48<Peng>dcraig: glad you don't work for my surprise health insurance company
01:48<Zimsky>dcraig: perhaps they are in a sticky financial situation
01:49<Zimsky>dcraig: it's not necessarily a bad intention
01:49<FluffyFoxeh>can't find anything in the docs, oddly
01:49<dcraig>"surprise" is a horrible name for a health insurance company
01:49<Peng>tell me about it
01:53<dcraig>ok, sure
01:53<Zimsky>we're listening
01:53<arlen>story time with dcraig
01:54<dcraig>so let's say you decide to go into health insurance
01:54<Zimsky>keep your ears peeled like an orange
01:54<Zimsky>let it be said
01:54<dcraig>go with a clean, healthy sounding name
01:55<millisa>Caramel Sauce Healthcare
01:55<dcraig>that'll do
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02:00<arlen>the end
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02:56<linbot>Yo mommas so dumb, she runs Kubuntu64 on her 360! (28:0/0) [uomrm]
02:56<dcraig>lol, 360...
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03:02<dcraig>actually, I think a 360 would still be adequate for my needs... can I pay $1.75/mo?
03:05<linbot>Yo mommas so ignorant, She thinks a computer is the monitor. (12:0/0) [ourmm]
03:05<arlen>damn, that's exactly my mom
03:06<dcraig>inb4 imac
03:08<linbot>Yo mommas so insecure, she gets exploited more than Roundcube! (17:1/0) [uomrm]
03:08<dcraig>so if you don't want to use roundcube, then what?
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03:09<dcraig>hi rohit
03:09<rohit>i want php environment installed on my linode server
03:09<dcraig>great, that sounds like a common desire
03:10<rohit>with ftp account
03:10<rohit>can u please install php environment on my server
03:10<dcraig>maybe check out this site...
03:11<dcraig>any user you create should have SFTP access by default
03:11<rohit>can u please install php environment on my server ?
03:11<Zimsky>you can pay someone to
03:11<Zimsky>you could pay linode to do that
03:11<arlen>they can ^
03:12<dcraig>arlen, would you do it if the price was right?
03:12<Zimsky>the price is right.
03:12<Zimsky>but is arlen right?
03:12<dcraig>I can't think of an instance when arlen has been wrong
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03:13<arlen>I try not to be, but there definitely have been times.
03:13<Zimsky>dcraig: weird. arlen's life is pretty big
03:13<Zimsky>hard to miss it
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03:14<dcraig>"Receive a monthly email that lists all the new and updated guides in our library. You will only receive emails regarding library updates.
03:14<dcraig>wtf is this
03:16<dcraig>I sorta feel like I wouldn't be receiving many emails......
03:17<Zimsky>unless the updates are things like single character typos
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03:35*rsdehart emails dcraig
03:35<rsdehart>"Hi dcraig, don't feel neglected, we think you're adequate."
03:36<dcraig>thanks, that's all I've ever wanted
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03:42*rsdehart stamps MEETS EXPECTATIONS on dcraig's forehead
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04:47<prashant>any offer for new cistomer
04:48<prashant>any offer for new customer
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04:50<prashant>ponas thanks
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05:25<rohit>i have installed phpmyadmin on my linode server
05:25<rohit>in ubuntu
05:25<rohit>but tell me
05:25<rohit>how to access phpmyadmin in browser
05:26<Zimsky>you should refer to the phpmyadmin documentation
05:26<rohit>i am able to access my webpage by '<my ip>/html/
05:26<rohit>but hhow to access phpmyadmin
05:29<JamesTK>hello rohit
05:29<JamesTK>Which linux did you install? Linode has some guides that should help you get set up :)
05:29<JamesTK> <-- start here
05:32*Zimsky starts Windows
05:32<rohit>ubuntu 14.04
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05:34<JamesTK>That should get you mostly set up
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06:01<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Amazon Gift Cards <>
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09:21<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Sendmail “Connection refused by” when attempting to send emails <> || Linux Networking • Using GoDaddy as DNS Server for Linode Instance <> || General Discussion • Does any one have any clever tricks for automating this somehow? <https://forum.linode
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09:49<marcaparent>Hello! Hope everybody is good today
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09:52<marcaparent>I'm having a problem with a domain (for which both the DNS and hosting are managed by Linode) which sometimes (for some clients, without being able to tell how or why) redirects to another website of my account. I've been told to look into an IPV6 issue, but I can't find any documentation about this. All the A/AAAA are setup properly for the given domain. The domain is
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10:21<dwfreed>marcaparent: * SSL: certificate subject name ( does not match target host name ''
10:21<dwfreed>marcaparent: that only happens over IPv6
10:22<dwfreed>over IPv4, one gets the correct SSL certificate
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10:29<marcaparent>Hi dwfreed
10:29<marcaparent>Thanks for the insight, is there any way I can fix this? Sorry, kinda newb for all things IPV6
10:30<Amar_>i need some information regarding inbound traffic
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10:30<linbot>Amar_: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
10:31<Amar_>Actually i have sent an email to the customer support
10:31<Amar_>no response till
10:32<dwfreed>if you just ask your question here, we can probably answer it
10:32<Amar_>how transfer limit is calculated
10:34<dwfreed>it's prorated based on how long the Linode(s) exist
10:34<dwfreed>also note that only outbound traffic counts against the transfer quota
10:34<dwfreed>inbound traffic has no transfer quota
10:35<Amar_>i am sorry i am unclear about inbound traffic
10:35<Amar_>eg if i login to console n upload some data to my linode
10:36<Amar_>what was that traffic called
10:36<Amar_>please i am new to this hosting
10:36<Amar_>bear with me
10:36<@sjacobs>if someone else downloads the file from your linode. that is outbound. that will be included in your outbound transfer quota.
10:37<Amar_>so if people access my site that is outbound n that traffic is monitored
10:37<Amar_>ok thanks i am good
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10:42<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials • Is It Possible To Have Multiple Hostname for Multiple Domains in Single Linode? <>
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11:10<marcaparent>dwfreed: Would you have any insight as of how to fix the IPV6 SSL issue?
11:15<hawk>marcaparent: What does the TLS/SSL configuration look like for the service in question (your favorite httpd?)? Maybe part of the TLS config is in some context that is only for ipv4 addresses?
11:17<hawk>marcaparent: (The problem is unlikely to have anything to do with the IPv6ness itself, probably something about the TLS config for the relevant service)
11:18<hawk>(Eg, the vhost where all this stuff is only exists for v4 addresses or somesuch.)
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11:32<marcaparent>hawk: Thank you very much, we looked into apache's Vhost configs and found out that IPV6 was disabled on the account
11:32<marcaparent>Have a nice day!
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11:44<sam1>Hi! Having issues with the v4 api & stackscripts. Everything works fine, but if I pass stackscript_data the server creation hangs on "Disk Create From StackScript". Stackscript works if deployed from the Linode Manager.
11:44-!-Linguica [] has joined #linode
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12:02<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Pointing an MX record to a 3rd party mail server <>
12:03<@jhaas>sam1: could you open a ticket about that? we'd definitely like to get some more info and track it
12:06<sam1>@jhaas: done (8450173). might be some stupid mistake on my end (a bit sleep deprived), but maybe something's wrong too... BTW, small issue in the doc: tells me to use "stackscript" instead of the correct "stackscript_id"
12:07<@jhaas>awesome thanks; i'll make a note of the stackscript/stackscript_id mismatch too
12:09<sam1>surely it can save someone from a mild headache
12:10<@jhaas>best Support job description; the Headache Prevention Squad
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12:12<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Pointing an MX record to a 3rd party mail server <>
12:12<sam1>I was "Professionally not evil" once. Now I'm "Professionally waiting for a response to my support ticket" (HA!)
12:12<sam1>Couldn't resist.
12:12<Zimsky>in my experience, it's more like the Headache Creation Squad
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14:16<Rammy>Hi guys
14:17<Rammy>any good linode promo deals now ?
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14:25<gbit>How can a user sign up using paypal?
14:26<FluffyFoxeh>I think you need to sign up with a credit card first
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14:26<dzho>!to gbit billing
14:27-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
14:27<FluffyFoxeh> PayPal payments can only be made after an account is opened with an initial payment from a credit or debit card.
14:28<gbit>thank you
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16:33<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • 100% Disk Space Used <>
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17:14<waynr>what is this "Mode #linode [+l ###] by ChanServ" message that keeps showing up and why aren't my irc filters-a-filterin'
17:16<Ikaros>It's a mode change. Specifically, that message indicates that the channel user limit is being adjusted to the given number.
17:16<Ikaros>I don't really filter it 'cause there's no need to.
17:18<rsdehart>strictly speaking, there's no need to filter anything. Unfortunately, this is immaterial
17:18<relidy>I found it to be sufficiently annoying to filter. /shrug
17:20<rsdehart>that's my point. Filtering is technically not required in order to be on irc, so his statement is accurate. However, it's meaningless because people have a desire to control the amount of noise they're subjected to
17:21<rsdehart>and invaliding someone else's preferred noise threshold because it's not the same as yours is silly
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17:31<nien>how I was wondering if it was better to turn keep alive on or off with apache web server?
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17:58<MajObviousman>nien: google for "apache keep alive" and read
18:03<nien>is there a way i can do this without reading
18:04<nien>i read the articles, just wanted to see what other people thought
18:04<relidy>Like most things, everyone has their opinion. What matters is what *works* in your environment.
18:04<react>nien: it very much depends on your workload, there are pros and cons with keep alives, I recommend you read.
18:05<react>now if you want to blindly apply directives to your configuration, that's cool too, you simply have to live with the consequences
18:06-!-raijin [~raijin@2001:0:53aa:64c:1cf3:701e:e739:acc6] has joined #linode
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18:06<nien>i'm just trying to optimize my server configuration i have turned it on again a while back i read that i should turn if off but i have high RAM and server lots of images
18:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
18:08<nien>my other question is there a way apache can optimize my images before serving them to the user or do i need to run them through an optimizer and reupload to the server?
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18:08<react>nien: if you serve lots of images, have you considered moving those assets off the server completely, perhaps a CDN?
18:09<nien>yes i will be using cloud flare do they handle the image optimization?
18:10<react>nien: it sounds like you have done very little research lol
18:10<nien>i read that the google pagespeed module can do it too
18:10<react>google "cloudflare polish"
18:12<react>it's not a silver bullet, you will want to implement the solution and *measure*
18:13-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
18:13<nien>it's a better solution then having to optimize images yourself though so ill definitely go that route
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18:14<react>you should do *both*; optimize your images and implement caching/CDN solutions
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18:16<nien>isn't the point of cloudflare's image optimization to run that same algorithm on my images? wouldn't it mean im running it twice if i do it myself?
18:17<nien>or a similar algorithm
18:17-!-cooldude [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:18<react>try it and benchmark, see what percentage improvements are possible
18:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
18:19<nien>will do thanks
18:19<react>I doubt CloudFlare publishes details of their encoders/compressors, so you're purely guessing at the nature of the algorithm
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20:18<Syndley>i have a problem with the site
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20:19<Syndley>someone buy in the site with my credcard and i really dont know who made this
20:21<retro|blah>in what site
20:22<nitsua>credit card fraud? you probably want to call them :o
20:22<retro|blah>So you saw a charge on your credit card that you didn't make?
20:22<arlen>time to cancel the card then
20:23<arlen>and talk to your credit card's fraud department
20:24<Syndley>yes,thank you for help me
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20:25<millisa>Ooh oooh oooh. me me me. So . . as I walk around town I have this spooky feeling that I'm following someone.
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20:25<arlen>walk the other direction
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23:54<montigny>did my previous username get banned or blocked?
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23:55<montigny34>is it possible to create a php.ini for certain virtual hosts on centos7?
23:56<montigny34>while using the main php.ini for everybody else
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23:59<nate>montigny34: There's a bit of a rough way you can implement per-directory php.ini if you compile your own PHP
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