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00:50<millisa>about 340 of us
00:51<millisa>er, sorry, i read that as 'anyone there'.
00:51<millisa>ignore me. Hi!
00:52<Ade>yeah,I have question. if I registered an account and pay usd5 trough my credit card. now I cancel my account,if the 5usd can be returned to my credit card??
00:53<Peng>You should email Linode about that
00:53<millisa>They talk about it down here:
00:54<Ade>I will try
00:55<Ade>just there is only one way to contact?? by eamil?
00:55<Ade>by email?
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00:55<Ade>aren't there other way to contact?
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00:55<Peng>Email. Phone. Support ticket, if you have an account.
00:56<Ade>I just cancel my account a moment ago.
00:59<Ade>okay,got it.
00:59<Ade>thank you
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05:35<Braincube>is there any partner program you are providing
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05:37<Ade>I have registered an acount on Linode,and prepaid $5 with my credit card. now I cancelled my account, how can I return my $5.
05:38<Ade>can you see my question?
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05:39<Peng>You should email Linode about that
05:40<Ade>have sent email to Linode. but how long can deal with my question?
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05:44<Ade>hi,are you there? dealing with my question?
05:46<Ade>come on, you should give an reply at least.
05:47<grawity>we're not Linode support; we're customers and other internet randoms
05:47<grawity>(although Linode staff show up *occassionally*, but apparently not now)
05:48<Peng>The people answering email are probably too busy for IRC
05:50<Ade>as usual, how long can reply my eamil?
05:51<Peng>I don't know. It depends. Not very long.
05:51<ponas>a few hours
05:51<ponas>fyi, it takes several days to get $$$ refunded via credit card even if linode processes it today
05:52<ponas>at least that's my impression of credit card transaction technology these days
05:53<Ade>I know,and It should send an email to confirm it when linode is in processes.right?
05:54<ponas>you'll get a reply from Linode, yes
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05:54<Ade>but I send this morning.can
05:55<Ade>can't get the reply email
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05:55<arlen>call them
05:57<Ade>is it necessary?
05:57<grawity>if you feel it's urgent
05:57<grawity>for $5, I wouldn't
05:58<grawity>they don't *ignore* support mails, just take a while to get around to it
05:58<Ade>okay, wouldn't I.
05:58<Ade>maybe I am a little hurry.
05:59<Ade>let's see it tomorrow.
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06:05<Hari_>Hi Is There anyone from Linode Support
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06:05<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
06:05<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:06<Hari_>Just Wanted to Check If The Linode Servers are Down
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06:06<grawity>Which Servers
06:06<Hari_>We are not able to login to our panel neither our sites are opening
06:06<Hari_>any idea who can help with that
06:07<grawity>which datacenter are your servers hosted, and does Linode Manager show them as running?
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06:10<Hari_>and status shows running
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06:23<Panseriya>How can i download backup from linode manager?
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06:25<Panseriya>How can i download backup from linode manager?
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06:26<Panseriya>I want to download only mysql database
06:27<kyhwana>Panseriya: so dump it inside the linode and download it from the linode itself?
06:28<ponas>I am using the award winning tool Google to find these links, it's pretty good
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06:29<Panseriya>can you please give me steps for recentl deleted files from server?
06:29<grawity>if the question is about downloading backups from the Linode Backup Service, I think the answer is "you cannot"
06:29<grawity>i.e. you need to create a new linode and restore the whole backup to it
06:30<Panseriya>is it possible to i can store recently remove file from mysql?
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06:30<ponas>if you have a backup of it, yes
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06:32<Panseriya>No. i have not backup of it
06:32<grawity>are you using Linode's backup system then
06:39<grawity>you'll want then
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06:44<Sifu>A quick question regarding billing: if I were to get a new linode, say Linode 200GB, will I be charged $960 immediately or will it be at the end of the month? And if I downgrade to, say Linode 4gb which is $20/month, after a week, does that mean that I wil only be paying pro rata on $960 for a week and remainder on $20? And most importantly, once again, when will my card be actually charged by linode?
06:45<Sifu>I wasnt sure how linode protects itself if they dont charge users straight away
06:46<Sifu>I believe the billing is on hourly basis but not sure when they actually charge users - whether simply at the end of the month or if one has to deposit funds before hand
06:50<synapt>Sifu: It is indeed on an hourly basis, so basically if you shut the linode down by the end of the month you would be pro-rated for the time used. That said, I think you get charged basically every $50~ worth of time used unless you get special exceptions from linode (you request in a ticket)
06:51<Peng>If you've been a customer for years and years, you may still be on the old billing model, where you prepay (for the rest of the month) (and get a refund when you delete/downgrade)
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06:51<grawity>I thought it was something like, Linode bills you at the beginning of the month, not at the end
06:51<Sifu>ok cool! Many thanks! I just wasnt sure if they were going to charge $960 upfront or not
06:51<Sifu>grawity: well, thats what I thought
06:52<Sifu>the problem then is, they would need to issue a lot of refunds if users downgrade or close linodes
06:52<Peng>On old billing, you don't automatically get a refund to your credit card. It's stored as credit on your account, used to pay for future services. (You can also get a refund to your credit card, less a processing fee.)
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06:53<Peng>So issuing a lot of people a lot of credit is just some numbers in the accounting database, not a payment processing expense or anything
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06:54<Sifu>Peng: does that mean then they will charge $960 straight away for the linode?
06:55<Peng>IFF you're on old billing, you would be charged straight away a prorated fee for the rest of the month. (Or, since today is the 24th, for this and next month.)
06:55<Peng>Are you on old billing?
06:55<Peng>Most people are not on old billing.
06:55<Sifu>Peng: Not sure. Is there a way to find out?
06:56<Peng>1.) Have you been here for years?
06:56<Sifu>No - only since May
06:56<Peng>2.) Is there a "Convert to Hourly billing" link on ?
06:56<Peng>Then you're not on old billing :P
06:57<Sifu>I cant see convert to hourly billing but I can see that Account Balance: 0.00
06:57<Sifu>and Uninvoiced Balance: $XX.XX (and counting)
06:58<Peng>You're on hourly billing.
06:58<Peng>Unless you mean May 2013. :P
06:58<Peng>I wanted to warn you just in case, but you're not on Old Billing
06:58<Peng>So ignore everything i said and listen to synapt :D
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06:59<panseriya>mysqldump: Got error: 1146: Table doesn't exist when using LOCK TABLES
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07:00<panseriya>How can i resolve that?
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07:00<MrPPS>you repaired the tables?
07:06<panseriya>Is it possible to database backup from your side?
07:07<kyhwana>panseriya: grawity already gave you the link to restore a linode backup, follow that
07:10<panseriya>can you please give me a link?
07:12<grawity>didn't I just do that
07:12<MrPPS>from about 30 minutes ago ^
07:12<MrPPS>grawity is most helpful :)
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07:21<Sifu>just found this on the forums from <dwfreed> "Linode has been doing postpaid billing for quite some time. Postpaid billing is where you pay for services you've used after you've used them (Most US utility companies are like this, including cell phone providers). The uninvoiced balance is simply the cost of service you've used since your last invoice. (1/2)
07:22<Sifu>The number will continue to go up until the next invoice is generated, at either the balance limit or the first of next month (the balance limit starts out at $50, and will increase in proportion to your usage and age of account; it's usually higher than most people's monthly service costs, so they see invoices once a month), and then it resets back to 0 and starts over. (2/2)
07:23<Sifu>Thanks once again <synapt> and <Peng>!
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08:39<Duckle>Hey there. Is there any way to check if I cancled my account earlier?
08:40<Duckle>I don't have any email saying I did, but I can't log in
08:40<Duckle>nor can i get a password reset sent to me
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08:54<grawity>Duckle: try calling the support phone line
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09:11<Duckle>grawity: that's expensive :/ I'm in Denmark.
09:11<Duckle>I'll consider it, it's not really super important, I just wanted to test installing a particular software on freebsd
09:57<dwfreed>you can email them
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09:58<Sifu>slightly confused with the specs shown on adding a new linode page: why is Linode 81920 at $640/mo has higher specs than Linode 204800 which is at $960/mo??
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09:58<Sifu>I am sure it has something to do with the number in the titles:-)
09:59<chmod_777>i velieve one is a high memory plan
09:59<Sifu>yes, that is right
09:59<Sifu>but why are the specs lower than?
09:59<Sifu>or seem lower**
09:59<chmod_777>the specs, other than memory, are going to be lower on a high memory plan
10:00<chmod_777>because they're mainly focused on lots of ram
10:00<dwfreed>people who need the large amount of memory generally aren't going to need the other resources
10:00<dwfreed>because they're using it for something like memcached
10:01<Sifu>hmm. so if I was going to temporarily host a high-taffic WP website and in order to prevent any downtime, wanted to get the best that linode could offer, would you recommend a high-memory instance or standard?
10:01<Sifu>I know lower specs might be configured, but because of the timeframe, I need an "as much as possible complete" solution
10:02<chmod_777>either of those plans seem way unnecessary for a website..but ok.
10:02<Sifu>I was hoping Linode 204800 deafult would do most of the trick
10:02<Sifu>ahh, you think they would be overkill?
10:03<Sifu>Apologies, I am a newbie - still learning some of the basics
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10:03<Sifu>I am planning on testing with siege but again due to short timeframe, just wanted to go for the most secure option
10:04<chmod_777>Sifu: well..the 200GB has the advantage of the highest network out..but otherwise it's totally unnecessary for what you're trying to do
10:05<Sifu>chmod_777: Many thanks for the advice!
10:05<Sifu>chmod_777: there is a "potential" (with a big if attached to it) expected traffic surge of circa 150k over 2 days
10:07<chmod_777>that's not that much really. i'd go way lower. maybe the 12GB plan if you want to play it safe.
10:08<Sifu>chmod_777: Many thanks once again! Really appreciate the support
10:08<chmod_777>i mean, it depends on what you're serving out and how it's configured, but i don't see why you would need some huge plan for that
10:09<Sifu>Saved me a few cups of coffee:-))
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10:20<Demonicpagan>having a bit of trouble installing longview on my Debian 9 box. Every time it gets to the MySQL portion I always encounter "Unable to automatically configure MySQL plugin...." I have to run a CREATE USER and FLUSH PRIVILEGES SQL command. Once done, I still get a successful installation. I see: DBI connect('host=localhost','linode-longview',...) failed: Access denied for user 'linode-longview'@'localhost' (using password: YES) at -e line 1.
10:20<Demonicpagan>Unable to connect using the credentials specified in /etc/linode/longview.d/MySQL.conf...trying Debian maintenance user DBI connect('host=localhost','debian-sys-maint',...) failed: Access denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost' (using password: NO) at -e line 1.
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10:27<@soh>Demonicpagan: you might want to shoot support a ticket for that one:
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10:51<Demonicpagan>support ticket opened. now to wait
11:06<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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11:07<Sifu>Hi guys, I am struggling with prefork of IfModule - are there any default values one can use for these?
11:07<Sifu>espceially if one is expecting a high-taffic surge
11:10<chmod_777>kinda depends on the amount of resources available..what size linode did you end up going with?
11:12<Sifu>Ended up with Linode 61440
11:12<chmod_777>holy hell
11:13<HoopyCat>i suppose that's one way to use prefork
11:13<chmod_777>that a lot o' child processes
11:13<HoopyCat>sweet child o' processes
11:13<chmod_777>like a whole polygamist colony of child processes
11:13<Sifu>Thought best to play it safe
11:13<Sifu>obviously I will be using siege after the weekend
11:13<HoopyCat>quiverful of forked handlers
11:14<Sifu>and downgrade accordingly
11:14<dzho>ugh, quiverful
11:14<Sifu>Do I take it as prefork is not really necessary with that linode?
11:15<Sifu>Again, I am really starting out:-)
11:16<HoopyCat>it's what you go with if your application is not thread-safe, since it's basically multiple processes with only one thread each
11:17<chmod_777>yeah it tends to use more resources than other mpms but tbh you've got the headroom i think
11:19<chmod_777>you probably just want to change min and max spare servers + max clients and server uh, something high. i dunno. i've never used a web server with that much ram.
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11:22<Sifu>does one need to use prefork at all? - again, apologies if it is too obvious
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11:25<dwfreed>Sifu: if you're running apache with mod_php, it's required
11:25<dwfreed>but for high-performance sites, that's one of the worst ways to do it
11:26<Sifu>dwfreed: In that case would you have any suggestion as to how to change: KeepAlive Off <IfModule prefork.c> StartServers 4 MinSpareServers 20 MaxSpareServers 40 MaxClients 200 MaxRequestsPerChild 4500 </IfModule>
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12:17<dd>Hello, which location I can choose when register linode?
12:17<linbot>New news from forum: Customer Testimonials • Very happy with Linode <>
12:17<dwfreed>^ all the locations are listed there
12:17<dwfreed>you pick the one you want when you add your first Linode
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12:30<minesrv>hi guys
12:30<minesrv>i have a question...
12:31<minesrv>which country are in sanction list of ????
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12:36<@mcintosh>oh... he left...
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13:16*relidy waves
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13:18<relidy>I'm not that scary looking, am I?
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14:47<Woet> - 3 minutes
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15:11<EdsonRichter>Hi, I'm considering to setup a cloud server to service a customer. During the test and development phase, my plan is to hire the "Linode 8GB". When in production is possible to migrate to Linode 12GB or Linode 16Gb? How much effort is necessary (is or just a matter to change de setting in control panel)?
15:12<chmod_777>EdsonRichter: it's easy enough to do, though it requires some downtime while you migrate to a new host
15:12-!-joecool|mobile [~joecool@2601:8a:500:f00:75cd:ffc4:b423:5b1] has joined #linode
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15:14<EdsonRichter>Perfect, cleared my mind. Now I've all info I need to go. Thank you so much.
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16:42<montigny34>hey everybody, would somebody be able to help me out with this jquery click function?
16:42<montigny34>it currently returns on ?database=databasename when i click on either buttons
16:43-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
16:43<montigny34>instead of return ?database=databasename OR ?username=username when click on the appropriate buttons
16:44<relidy>montigny34: Is .prev() going to return something that JS interprets as truthy (you're testing the return value directly)?
16:45<relidy>Why not have two different handlers? You're already branching to handle them completely differently.
16:45<montigny34><div class="row username">noodleman</div><button class="delete">Remove</button>
16:45<montigny34>this is what my markup looks like for a username
16:45<montigny34><div class="row database">test</div><button class="delete">Remove</button>
16:45<montigny34>this is what it looks like for a database
16:46<montigny34>instead of adding different classes to both buttons for example db_button and user_button I figured I should be able to use an if statement?
16:46<montigny34>but it returns ?database= when i click on the username remove button as well as the database remove button?
16:46<montigny34>so it's half working, idk if what I'm doing is not going to work for a specific reason?
16:47<relidy>Which is why I asked if the return value from .prev() was returning something that Javascript can treat as a boolean. It looks like it's always passing the first if statement and.
16:47<relidy>... not evaluating the second as a result.
16:47<montigny34>.prev is matching the class
16:47<montigny34>so it should work for both no?
16:48<relidy>But the return value from .prev() is not a boolean.
16:48<relidy>A jQuery object is returned whether it finds an element or not.
16:48<montigny34>so it will always do the first statement
16:49<montigny34>so i should add 2 seperate classes to the different buttond
16:49<montigny34>buttons* and have 2 click functions
16:49<relidy>Or rewrite the handler to discriminate between the cases differently. I suspect you can boil that entire thing down to something really "elegant".
16:52<relidy>I'd also warn you to make sure you're not doing an actual delete operation just when someone loads the link(s). You really want to hide the actual operation behind something like a POST so that spiders don't empty your database trying to follow all the links. Granted, this is likely (hopefully!) behind authentication, but people will try just about anything.
16:55<montigny34>i make sure the user logged is had the username or database associated with their cust_id
16:55<montigny34>if they don't they cannot do anything
16:58<montigny34>thanks for the help i appreciate it
16:59<relidy>No problem. Good luck.
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17:03<montigny34>relidy: have you ever created custom filters for fail2ban?
17:04<L33qW33d1c3>Hi ppl do anyone have duplicate linode vps outside?
17:04<relidy>montigny34: Sorry, I have not.
17:04<L33qW33d1c3>By dd ?
17:05<montigny34>has anybody here created customer filters for fail2ban?
17:05<relidy>L33qW33d1c3: Are you looking for something like this?
17:07<L33qW33d1c3>Yeha but... as far as i understand there is no mbr in linode, which not allowed the disk to boot outside...
17:07-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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17:09<L33qW33d1c3>There is a work around for it? Any guide to create a mbr which load disk that came from linode systems
17:09<L33qW33d1c3>I really like to duplicate the aerver to my lan...
17:10<relidy>L33qW33d1c3: I've never tried any of this, but a quick search turned up this:
17:10-!-L33qW33d1c3 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:19<L1qw33d1c3>Can u resend the link about converting image to bootable?
17:20<L1qw33d1c3>Thank you in advance!
17:20-!-Megaf [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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17:28<L1qw33d1c3>Thank you very much man you helped me! I'll try that tommorow.
17:30-!-L1qw33d1c3 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:35<dark0>how do you get someone off linode dns servers
17:35<dark0>you are resolving which is a 419 scam
17:36<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
17:41-!-emgh [] has joined #linode
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17:41<dark0>heh, i figured it woudl be faster on IRC
17:41<dark0>90% of the time abuse never responds
17:42<Zimsky>that's the nature of abuse emails
17:42<Zimsky>also you'd have better luck reporting the host not the dns resolver
17:42<dark0>yea, and scams stay up
17:42<dark0>I tried host already
17:42<dark0>and the TLD
17:42<Zimsky>lol tld
17:42<Zimsky>the tld operator won't give a shit most of the time
17:42<dark0>their customer page is broken
17:42<dark0>host is in LV
17:42<dark0>so I guess they keep on sending 419 scams
17:43<Zimsky>c'est la vie
17:43<dark0>swiss live in latvia now
17:43<dark0>at a tractor repair place, comrade
17:43<Zimsky>can't fix everything on the internet
17:43<dark0>i did get some spammers pulled before
17:43<dark0>and they got really fucking mad
17:44<dwfreed>Linode will probably stop hosting DNS for it once they find out about it
17:44<dark0>I hope so
17:44<dwfreed>Linode Abuse is always responsive
17:44<dwfreed>they're one of the few hosts that is
17:44<kyhwana>it really depends on the host of the site/dns/whatever. Some hosts dont give a shit, but linode might do something with the DNS
17:44<Zimsky>not saying you shouldn't do anything, but it's quite likely the site will probably just move their dns elsewhere
17:44<kyhwana>They're certainly fast enough to bitch at you re copyright infringement
17:45<dzho>well, they have an obligation there
17:45<dzho>if they want to keep their DMCA safe harbor protections
17:45<dark0>its registered since 08
17:46<dark0>and I can google up their e-gold vps that is missing images
17:47-!-emgh [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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17:49<dark0>oh well goys, thanks for the help
17:49-!-dark0 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
17:49<Zimsky>yees baas
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18:02<nicolas>Buenas Tardes
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18:03<nicolas>Buenas Tardes
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21:53<Curious1>is it compulsory or recommended to turn off KeepAlive on apache centos 7? If not, why is it the suggested option on documentation?
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22:06<dwfreed>Curious1: the exact setting depends on your particular setup; for people using mod_php, and thus forced to use the prefork MPM, it should be off, generally speaking
22:06<dwfreed>nothing is ever compulsory
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23:01<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Who do you use to host domains? <>
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23:25<FluffyFoxeh>it'd be easier to read if you pasted it somewhere
23:25<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
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