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00:01<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • firewalld failed to reload <>
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02:41<Ahmed>Hello to everyone
02:41<Ahmed>I need little bit help related to IPv6
02:42<Ahmed>May I know who is here from support ?
02:42<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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02:43<MrPPS>now I got linbot all up in ma pm's
02:44<Zimsky>my nick doesn't have Mr in front
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02:45<arlen>!to Ahmed ask
02:45<linbot>Ahmed: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:45<Ahmed>I just want to add a IPv6 address to my VPS
02:45<Ahmed>Need to add AAAA record for this
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02:46<arlen>remote access tab lists your IPv6 address
02:46<Ahmed>I can see on remote tab there is a IPv6 address
02:47<Ahmed>Can i add this to my VPS ?
02:47*rsdehart adds an AAAA record to arlen
02:48<Ahmed>I have added (AAAA) for this in my domain registrar
02:49<Ahmed>Should i add this IPv6 address to interface like "ifcf-eth0"
02:52<Ahmed>thank you Arlen
02:52<Ahmed>Its mean VPS has a IPv6 address
02:53<Ahmed>Should i add AAAA for this ?
02:54<rsdehart> this bird is setting up ipv60
02:56<MrPPS>Ahmed: if that is your ipv6 address, then that is the IP you should set in your AAAA record
02:57<Ahmed>@MrPPS, I can see this is my ipv6 address
02:57<Ahmed>I checked that with ip -6 addr show
02:58<MrPPS>Fantastic; sounds like all that's left is for you to create your record
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03:07*Karthik slaps jkorang around a bit with a large fishbot
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03:32<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Netflix Change Email Address <>
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03:36*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large stingfish
03:37<Bradolf>Kia Ora, I'm having trouble with the DNS on, assigned the nameservers, running as virtual host on Apache2, one site is running fine, but the is refusing to load
03:38<miachle>为什么系统 无法选择WINDOWS?
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03:39<millisa>miachle: linodes are (mostly) linux boxes. Some people have gotten windows to load, but it's not supported.
03:39<miachle>thank you <millisa>
03:40<dcraig>millisa, you can read that?
03:40<millisa>no, but google translate can
03:40<miachle>Can you read Chinese?
03:40<millisa>not a word
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03:41<miachle>I 'see
03:44<Zimsky>dcraig: 人们看不懂中文
03:44<dcraig>People can not understand Chinese
03:46<Zimsky>too true
03:47<csnxs>stop speaking foreign!
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03:49<Zimsky>csnxs: that's kind of rude
03:49<Zimsky>seriously, why would you say that, even as a joke
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03:51<dcraig>some people......
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09:16<Newclient>I have a question
09:17<Newclient>I need to open some tcp ports for my VPS, how can I manage?
09:20<dzho>Newclient: What OS have you installed, and how have you configured it? Linode doesn't manage your tcp ports--they are all open to your VPS by default.
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09:24<Newclient>Thanks for the support, my intention is open every port ;)
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10:31<wheatie>Just wanted to say that I love the Block Storage beta . Thanks Linode =)
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10:57<synfinatic>so I actually have a question: so if I deploy a $5/mo linode for 24hrs, do I get 1TB of bandwidth or 1TB/30 of bandwidth included?
10:59<grawity> seems related
10:59<Zimsky>grawity: you got on that pastry yet?
11:00<synfinatic>so if I create it on the 1st I get 1TB but on the 15th I get 0.5TB?
11:00<synfinatic>that's a interesting model
11:01<hawk>If you keep the service for the rest of the month
11:01<dwfreed>when you remove the Linode, transfer you didn't pay for is deducted from your pool
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11:03<synfinatic>like i said, 24hrs lifetime of the VPS. that link indicates that the xfer is prorated based on creation date, not lifetime
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11:05<hawk>synfinatic: That would make no sense, so I don't think that's a reasonable assumption, even if that is the particular example shown there
11:05<synfinatic>i agree it makes no sense, but that's what it says
11:07<hawk>Well, you can try it, but don't expect it to fly
11:07<hawk>I very much doubt that's how the systems wrk
11:08<synfinatic>i totally admit what I want to do is a strange usecase, and not something I think is really covered by the FAQ
11:08<hawk>I imagine it's just written by someone who is very much in the mindset of long-running VMs, which has been the traditional use case on Linode
11:09<synfinatic>yeah, i need to spin up a bunch of short lived VM's which eat bandwidth
11:09<synfinatic>oddly enough, i'm not even doing pr0n
11:14<hawk>I mean, if that is an accurate (which I don't believe), I can see some interesting things one can do in the beginning of the month
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11:15<synfinatic>TL;DR: I need a network of exit points with diverse IP's to avoid detection by malware TDS's. To avoid detection, i need to rotate my IP's regularly
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11:21<Zimsky>use an ipv6 range
11:22<synfinatic>works great except for sites which are v4 only
11:23<Zimsky>can you tor it?
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11:23<synfinatic>LOL. not at the bandwidth I need
11:23<synfinatic>i'm looking at +10M requests/day
11:23<Zimsky>not with that attitude
11:24<synfinatic>i'm pretty sure Roger would be really pissed off at me I I tried to use Tor
11:24<Zimsky>who is roger
11:24<Zimsky>and why would he be annoyed with using tor
11:24<synfinatic>roger is one of the main authors of Tor
11:25<Zimsky>he can be pissed, but there's not really much he could do
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11:26<synfinatic>well he's actually a friend of mine. i'd rather not piss him off by saturating the Tor network with TB of traffic
11:27<Peng>Well he never would have known if you hadn't said it :D
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11:27<synfinatic>fair point :)
11:28<synfinatic>but yeah, i don't think tor will scale enough for my needs for this. also the latency extra hops is going to kill me
11:28<synfinatic>i'd like to do GRE tunnels and save the crypto overhead
11:28<Zimsky>you're concerned about "saturating the tor network with TB of traffic"
11:29<Zimsky>do you know what tor is also used for?
11:29<Zimsky>and the amount of pointless traffic on tor is?
11:29<synfinatic>i've been running a tor node for years... have a pretty good idea
11:29<Zimsky>I'd think whatever your use case is, is probably pretty meek compared
11:30<synfinatic>uh huh
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11:31<synfinatic>also, tor will suck for my needs since all the tor exits are published/well known and often blocked
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11:34<dwfreed>synfinatic: I know for a fact that transfer is prorated based on lifetime :)
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11:35<synfinatic>awesome. that's what I needed to know to build my pricing model. thx
11:35<dwfreed>(source: I used to work for Linode, and that's one thing I know hasn't changed)
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11:43<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • One Linode, one IP, two domains for two different email server. <>
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12:15<Mmsingh>what is the price for managed hosting
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12:52<Jose_Gabriel>My account has been deleted after payment.
12:52<Jose_Gabriel>Anyone can help me ?
12:53<dwfreed>you should email
12:55-!-JustinMac [] has quit []
12:55<Jose_Gabriel>I have already contacted the support via ticket but they take a long time to respond.
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12:56<Woet>i'm fairly certain i disagree with your definition of "long time"
12:56-!-larsdesigns_ [] has joined #linode
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12:58<Zimsky>Jose_Gabriel: define "long time"
12:59<Woet>inb4 < 2 hours
12:59<Zimsky>Woet: I'm sure it coincides with the implied definition in full metal jacket
12:59<Jose_Gabriel>5 hours ago
12:59<Woet>yea, thats not a long time
12:59<Woet>come back in 19
12:59<Zimsky>it takes me 5 hours to eat breakfast
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13:03<Jose_Gabriel>Is there a code of ethics telling us how long we should wait to be served? I'm just looking for another way to report my problem to the company.
13:03<Jose_Gabriel>Anyway thanks for the help !!
13:03<Woet>why would a code of ethics contain a SLA
13:03-!-larsdesigns [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:14<@jhaas>it's like the phone number in our footer and on our contact page is invisible
13:17-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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13:20<dwfreed>jhaas: to be fair, he's in Brazil
13:21<@jhaas>there's an international number :<
13:21<dwfreed>jhaas: international calls are expensive
13:22<scotti>use skype you jokers
13:22<dwfreed>still not free
13:22<scotti>well neither is his Linode
13:23<scotti>$5/month minimum
13:23<scotti>life isn't free
13:23<@jhaas>meh seems to meet "looking for another way to report my problem to the company" to me
13:23<Peng>scotti: Cheaper than the call, though, perhaps
13:23<scotti>no way
13:23<Zimsky>scotti makes sense?
13:24<scotti>what makes that number more international than 855-454-6633
13:24<scotti>can foreigners not dial +1-855-454-6633 ?
13:24<Zimsky>different numbers
13:24<scotti>why is the second U.S.
13:24<scotti>and the first int'l
13:25<Zimsky>scotti: foreign phones don't have the numbers 4 and 5
13:25<scotti>aren't 855 numbers toll free
13:25<scotti>Zimsky: kindly stfu
13:25<Zimsky>no and no
13:25<scotti>please email Zimsky
13:25<Zimsky>I already did
13:25<dwfreed>855 is toll free in the US
13:26<Zimsky>they said they weren't going to kidnap you because you're not worth it, scotti
13:26<dwfreed>but iirc, international callers can't call those numbers
13:26<dwfreed>anyway, from skype, you can call a toll free number for free, apparently
13:26<Zimsky>must you already have skype credit?
13:26<scotti>NAILED IT
13:27<scotti>so +1-855-454-6633 is free globally via Skype
13:27<scotti>told y'all
13:27<scotti>told. y'all.
13:27<scotti><-- winning
13:27*scotti winning
13:27<Zimsky>dwfreed: I'm not this bad am I?
13:27<Peng>scotti: It only counts if you use Skype to call us and tell us for real
13:27<dwfreed>Zimsky: no
13:27<scotti>Peng: alrighty
13:29<Zimsky>dwfreed: you can call the toll free number internationally
13:29<Zimsky>go away scotti
13:30<scotti>I just called it via Skype and I have EUR 0.00 credit
13:30<scotti>from France
13:30<Zimsky>skype is different
13:30<scotti>jhaas: I think you guys should just make +1-855-454-6633 the support number
13:30<scotti>anybody from abroad will just skype it
13:31<scotti>caker: ^^
13:31<scotti>just my EUR 0.02
13:31-!-Linguica [] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
13:31<Zimsky>counterargument- keep the two numbers to annoy scotti
13:31<Zimsky>and because it's less effort
13:32*scotti doesn't want to argue anymore
13:32<scotti>I'm going to hire a girl from
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13:32<Zimsky>'meh' is a byword for "I'm going to pretend I don't care, but it actually deeply disturbs me"
13:33<scotti>she's kind of cute no?
13:34<Zimsky>their https is broken, I don't care
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16:18*csnxs coughs
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16:42*arlen tosses a cough drop to csnxs
16:43*csnxs coughs on the cough drop
16:43*Toba_ covers his mouth with his handkerchief and coughs.
16:44*arlen slowly backs out of the room away from the germs
16:59<Toba_>good idea
16:59-!-larsdesigns [] has joined #linode
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17:01<BDIkaros>Heh, wow, gas stations around here are all running out of gas. The ones by me are all out.
17:05*HoopyCat pushes sofa into middle of street; lights it on fire
17:10<Peng>Here in Florida gas prices are up a little
17:11-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:11<Toba_>BDIkaros: where do you live?
17:11-!-xxh9 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
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17:13<BDIkaros>Toba_: Dallas/Fort Worth area.
17:14<BDIkaros>Funny thing is, Texas' own Railroad Commissioner is saying that basically the only reason stations are running because people are panicking for no reason.
17:14<BDIkaros>In other words, he's putting the entire blame on the people
17:14<BDIkaros>And I agree.
17:19<Toba_>did you get your bread stocked up from the grocery store? ;D
17:23<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
17:29<HoopyCat>can't wait til this storm gets here, imma gonna overturn a bus
17:30<BDIkaros>It's not that the storm hit here.
17:31<BDIkaros>People just panicked 'cause they hear refinieries shutting down in south Texas and suddenly go "OMG GAS SHORTAGE!!!!111"
17:31<BDIkaros>When that's hardly even close to the truth.
17:31<HoopyCat>i filled up last night, seemed a little more expensive than it was last time, but w/e
17:31<BDIkaros>Yeah, there's a shortage...but you're the cause of it.
17:31<BDIkaros>Plain and simple
17:32<BDIkaros>Yeah we're getting reports of price gouging here.
17:32<BDIkaros>Texas' attorney-general is threatening to 'put them out of business'
17:32<HoopyCat>note: i filled up because i had approx 0.125 tankfuls remaining
17:33<Peng>Here it's like $2.35-$2.40 today after being $2.1x
17:33<BDIkaros>"Gouging is very un-Texan and we will not allow it"
17:33<BDIkaros>Our governor's own words
17:33<synfinatic>still cheaper then CA
17:33<BDIkaros>Some places around here gouged to $6/gal
17:34<BDIkaros>Texas' AG is telling people to report stations selling at $4/gal or above
17:34<BDIkaros>With a photo of the pump
17:34<BDIkaros>I think he's effectively restricting how high stations can sell at.
17:35<Peng>To only double the normal price? Yay.
17:35<synfinatic>i paid ~$6/ga for 91 last week. TBH it was a the race track and they're expensive. in that area it's closer to $4/ga
17:35<trippeh>$7-8/gallon is the norm here.
17:35<trippeh>so hah.
17:35<nate>That's pretty par for the course in any 'disaster'
17:36<nate>no-price-gouging laws go into effect with state of emergencies
17:36<nate>that said I think I'm paying a smidge over $3 for 93 currently
17:36<nate>Yeah $3.09-ish
17:37<HoopyCat>BDIkaros: wow, texas usually reserves such strong government regulation for restricting individual liberties, so it's good to see them using it against mom-and-pop gas station owners too :>
17:37*HoopyCat ducks and covers
17:37<nate>Even if they didn't do it at a state level, pretty sure it's the federal laws where they could get shit on
17:38<BDIkaros>Yeah nate but it's been made pretty clear here that (a) people are in a panic for no reason (b) they're stupid to think there's no gas (c) this does not give stations the right to charge shittons of money.
17:38<nate>Bdragon: "here" as in away from all the flooding or?
17:38<nate>Cause I'd say a lot of people in texas still have some concerns to be had
17:38<nate>Also doesn'
17:38<nate>*doesn't help there's another hurricane heading for the gulf they estimate to reach Cat 4 too
17:39<BDIkaros>HoopyCat: Harvey was a hell of a storm, worse than Katrina. Much worse in fact. It's natural that state governments would crack down on this stuff.
17:39<nate>actually looks like it just went Cat 3 already as of around 10 minutes ago
17:40<HoopyCat>BDIkaros: i know and i'm totally in support thereof, just taking a cheap political shot :p
17:40<Peng>HoopyCat: Under full communism political shots won't have pricetags
17:41<BDIkaros>nate yeah, its winds increased 50kt from the previous advisory, which was noted as 'remarkable' in the current advisory discussion.
17:43<BDIkaros>Like usual though the models are split on long-range track. European and its ensemble members want to drag it on a more southerly track, while some of the other models want to pull it more northward. It could be a threat to the Gulf, or a threat to Florida/eastern US coastline. If a threat to the Gulf, we're looking at a potentially much more intense storm as SSTs are 29C or better in that
17:43<HoopyCat>Peng: what we need is single-payer hot takes
17:44<nate>BDIkaros: It's gonna roll over florida anyways to get to the gulf
17:44<BDIkaros>Yeah and I'm concerned about that.
17:44-!-shinen [] has joined #linode
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17:44*BDIkaros has family there
17:44<nate>problem is if the gulf waters and air currents are going to cause it to do the same shit that harvey did, and 'stall out' just on shore where it can still suck stuff up
17:45<Peng>Lots of stuff mises Florida and fucks up other Gulf states
17:45<nate>BDIkaros: Well the nice thing to florida to an extent is they're pretty hurricane-built
17:45<nate>The big issue with where texas got hit is most of those cities weren't rated for more than Cat 3, let alone a cat 4 hovering for 3 days
17:45<BDIkaros>nate that only happened 'cause Harvey was stuck between two high pressure zones, the flow around them rather blocked it from moving, and the steering flow collapsed too.
17:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
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17:46<nate>BDIkaros: None of which they really expected to happen until it happened
17:46<BDIkaros>Oh they knew it was gonna stall out.
17:46<BDIkaros>I was reading that in advisories prior
17:46<nate>Right as it was hitting shore yes, but nothing that bad
17:46<BDIkaros>But what they didn't expect was just how rapidly it would intensify
17:46<nate>I remember reading the live updates on it from the different weather boards, like as soon as it started making land fall is when they were like "wait this is stalling out really weird"
17:46<BDIkaros>And also that it would maintain most of its structure even inland.
17:47<BDIkaros>Those were the two "gotchas"
17:47<nate>Then there were the poor storm chaser dudes stuck at the edge of the eye for hours because they didn't expect it to stall like it did either
17:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
17:48<BDIkaros>But yeah. Our refineries are all mostly offline and people hear that and they're like going into an understandable, but unwarranted panic.
17:49<BDIkaros>I'm telling people (a) use public transit, Dallas' own system is very extensive and cheaper to ride an entire week than a full tank of gas would cost most people or (b) carpool.
18:05-!-sorressean [] has joined #linode
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18:05<sorressean>I have a quick question. I am archetecting my systems so that different parts of it can run on different servers. My thought since all linode networks are connected through peering is to use a single database server and then have load balancers at different points across the world (east/west coast to start with). does it make sense to have a central postgres server, or is there another way that I
18:05<sorressean>should be setting this up?
18:05-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
18:13<kyhwana>sorressean: what happens if your DB node goes down?
18:13<sorressean>kyhwana: I cry
18:14<sorressean>kyhwana: as far as I can tell postgre doesn't have great support for failover
18:20<sorressean>kyhwana: ah hot/warm standby.
18:25<FluffyFoxeh>i cri
18:46-!-larsdesigns [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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18:53<sorressean>Is there a way on linode to create your own private network? I want only instances that I create to be part of the network so I can set up firewall rules to prevent access from other servers
18:58<MrPPS>sorressean: Well there's the linode private network, which you can use + add firewall rules too
18:58<MrPPS>or you can make a mesh vpn (tinc for example) and do it that way
19:17-!-Ikaros [] has joined #linode
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