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00:26<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • configuring domain name <>
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01:04<montigny34>could somebody here guide me / help me setting up a fail2ban filter?
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02:43<_1000yrs>Hi there. After 7 days, can one cancel one's contract at any time, if after a few months the server is no longer needed?
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02:44<millisa>you don't have a contract. you pay for what you use.
02:45<_1000yrs>And is an email server provided to brand emails after one's domain? Speaking of domains, can linode host a domain or do we just point the dns at a linode ip address?
02:45<_1000yrs>Oh okay. So it's not like signing a year thing, it's a pay as you go setup right?
02:45<millisa>you pay for each hour you have linode(s) provisioned
02:46<_1000yrs>Did both you and Mats start to answer the query but Millisa beat Mats to it?
02:46<millisa>I don't know anything about that.
02:47<_1000yrs>Yes each hour, up to the tier price such as $20.00 or $40.00 - it will never go above that, unless bandwidth exceeds the tier allowance right?
02:47<millisa>sounds like a good summary
02:48<_1000yrs>In other words, the tier pricing of 20 or 40 or 60 is a calculation of one month's use correct ? So that's the price one always pays, unless excessive bandwidth is used, correct?
02:48<millisa>as for mail, you can handle that however you like. you can run mail servers on linodes if you want to set them up
02:48<millisa>the 20/40/60 are caps on the service. so if you had a linode spun up all month, they hit the cap about 27-28 days in
02:49<_1000yrs>Which leads to domain pointers. Do we host a domain on Linode or just point to a Linode IP?
02:49<_1000yrs> since most months are 30 or 31 days, the price will generally be slightly higher than the cap right?
02:50<millisa>no, it won't be above the cap, you just get more days 'free' on the longer months effectively
02:51<_1000yrs>Got it. Now about the domains. I have a lot of them. Can I point all of them, about 100, at a linode Linux server? And set up an smtp server(s) to handle any email I wish to receive or send?
02:51<millisa>you could, sure.
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02:54<_1000yrs>Right now I use 1and1 and all 100 domains are on shared hosting. So by simply using a Linux, Apache setup, I could get all the functions of my 1and1 shared hosting on a single Linode server?
02:57<Zimsky>what's a 1and1
02:57<Zimsky>it's a linux server, you can put what you like on it
02:57<Zimsky>provided it's in line with linode's terms of service
02:57<_1000yrs>1and1 is the world's largest internet provider - or was....perhaps still is...
02:57<Zimsky>doubt it
02:58<_1000yrs>how so Zimsky?
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02:59<_1000yrs>Hey Millisa - are you in Newark? I used to live in Princeton, NJ. Great part of the world eh?
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03:00<millisa>I'm not. I've driven through it a few times over the last 40 years...
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03:01<Zimsky>1&1 seems to be a web host, not an ISP or transit provider
03:01<dcraig>urmom's a transit provider
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03:03<_1000yrs>Yes, 1and1 hosts domains and provides webspace and webserverrs and email for each domain hosted there, or pointed there even if the domain is owned and hosted by another domain name registry, such as godaddy - but ooo gross - godaddy does not believe in free speech and pulls politically inccorect websites protected b y the 1st amend.
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03:03<_1000yrs>But dcraig hurt my feelings. It's wrong to talk about someone's mom that way. Shameful. Hurtful.
03:05<dcraig>yo momma said go daddy
03:05<_1000yrs>Where are you Milissa? I miss NEW YORK!!! And China town and LIttle Italy!
03:05<Zimsky>you are aware that everyone not subject to US law doesn't care about the first amendment, right?
03:06<Zimsky>your idea of free speech seems hazy
03:06<_1000yrs>dcraig - why do you hurt me so much? My mom left when I was 5 and any mention of mother's hurts me. So apologize.
03:06<_1000yrs>If you don't, Godaddy may pull your website.
03:06<Zimsky>good thing dcraig is smart enough to not host with godaddy
03:06<FluffyFoxeh>where did linbot go
03:06<Zimsky>the incinerator
03:07<dcraig>fluffy, I dunno!1
03:07<dcraig>this place is circling the drain
03:07<millisa>he's over in that cheating, backstabbing, chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the manager now from what I hear.
03:08<_1000yrs>Heh heh. Zimsky - you don't think countries without the Constitution and 1st Amendment would not be better, more free and prosperous if they adopted it? Though many say it's not democracy or the Constitution, but the early Christian patterns that made the West great, the things not adopted elsewhere.
03:08<Zimsky>there's a chat bubble?
03:08<millisa>yeah, showed up recently, login to the manager and look in the bottom right
03:08<Zimsky>_1000yrs: tbh I don't care about any of that
03:08<Zimsky>>early christian patterns
03:08<millisa>oh, and it's billing day!
03:10<_1000yrs>Sure Zimsky - like at the bottom of my site: Pretty good stuff in the 1st century when nothing like this existed. We take it for granted now, but how did these ideas get here? Jesus and the church of course :-)
03:10<Zimsky>I also don't care about your site
03:10<Zimsky>fridays are better
03:11<_1000yrs>That's like me saying I don't care about London when I've never been there. Actually I have so let me say France. You never know what you care about until you meet it.
03:11<dcraig>I see london, i see france...
03:12<_1000yrs>Well, Zimsky, perhaps you care about the Animal Holocaust as mentioned in my other site:
03:12<Zimsky>probably not
03:13<_1000yrs>Earth treats animals badly and I bet Millisa agrees.
03:13<dcraig>I had brisket for lunch :D
03:13<_1000yrs>She's obviously the real brains of this outfit :-)
03:13<FluffyFoxeh>dcraig: I had Nachos
03:13<Zimsky>here in china you can get cat meat
03:13<Zimsky>it's actually delicious
03:13<FluffyFoxeh>Zimsky: Nachos are better
03:13<millisa>I treat animals differently. Some get bbq, some get soy, some get smoked for 30 hours
03:13<_1000yrs>The Yulin Dog festival makes smart aware alive humans reconsider eating animals.
03:14<FluffyFoxeh>next step is to get the dead humans to reconsider it too
03:14<_1000yrs>Millisa - I thought we really had something...special :-) Repent, go Vegan and we can resume our torrid affair.
03:15<FluffyFoxeh>_1000yrs: do you like nachos?
03:15<Zimsky>cheese is murder
03:15<FluffyFoxeh>oh, shit!
03:16<_1000yrs>FluffyFoxeh - in Heaven? It's an all Vegan menu up there, as I document on because, sadly, Christians eat more meat than any other demographic and, sadder still, they use, incorrectly I might add, the Bible to justify killing...can you believe lambs, and on Easter no less.
03:16<FluffyFoxeh>you're off your rocker mate
03:16<Zimsky>"as I document on <x>"
03:16<_1000yrs>Morrissey is pretty passionate about veganism in his interviews. He takes no prisoners. Good singer too!
03:16<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
03:16<millisa>soylent linode is made of people.
03:17<Zimsky>murder is meat
03:17<_1000yrs>Einstein had lots to say about Veganism. He thought any society wishing to move upward should make kindness to animals a first step, without which, kindness to humans is less likely. But many philosophers thought that, even among the Greeks.
03:17<millisa>Hitler was also vegan.
03:18<_1000yrs>Millisa - look at the video on in which Gary Yourofsky lays that huge lie to rest :-)
03:19<_1000yrs> Was Hitler Vegan? Don't be silly.
03:19<FluffyFoxeh>lays that huge lie... lies that huge lay?
03:19<millisa>Yeah, he was
03:19<_1000yrs>It's too late Fluffyfoxeh - you've really hurt my feelings. Our friendship is in peril now.
03:19<Zimsky>"Fuck bitches, get money" -Gandhi
03:20<_1000yrs>Next you'll say he was Christian too :-) Just a sweet Christian Vegan eh? Maybe a lil' spanky for Millisa for being WILLFULLY naughty.
03:20<Zimsky>it's true, look it up on
03:21<FluffyFoxeh>My IRC client doesn't think that's a URL
03:21<Zimsky>your irc client is a twat
03:21*dcraig checking the proxy and firewall
03:21<_1000yrs>Oh, you're not foolin' this savvy internet user with a loopback scam! I know a bit from a bugar.
03:22<Zimsky>_1000yrs confirmed for markov chain bot
03:24<_1000yrs>Well sweet kiddies - it's been unexpectedly fun. I'll leave you with my final site for the night: and who knows, maybe even my real self at - You might begin to glow if you get it :-) Soon our lives' echo's will fade and when we awake on the other side - well...deep inside you know what happens :-)
03:25<_1000yrs>Good night friends :-)
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03:25<Zimsky>let the ignorance flow through you
04:09<dcraig>I miss him already :(
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04:49<Lily>is there any online service?
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05:06<Emily>I have a question
05:07<Cromulent>ask away
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05:08<Emily>I want to buy a vps server. however. I want to make sure the IP address have not been use before .
05:08<Emily>It has clear history.
05:08<Emily>for create amazon account
05:09<Cromulent>you want an IP address that has never been used before to create an amazon account?
05:10<Cromulent>why do you need an IP address that has never been used before to create an amazon account? I'm pretty sure amazon don't care
05:11<Emily>amazon not allow one ip address has two or more amazon account
05:11<Emily>amazon seller account
05:12<Cromulent>well that doesn't mean you need an unused IP address just an IP address that has never been used to make an amazon seller account - I'm pretty sure you'll be safe to use a Linode IP address for that
05:13<Cromulent>and if you want to be even safer use the IPv6 address
05:13<Zimsky>there's nothing stopping you from using a linode to proxy http requests to amazon for that, but if you're doing it for fraudulent purposes, that's probably against linode's tos
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05:14<Emily>so you suggest us to use IPv6 address?
05:14<Zimsky>what are you even trying to do
05:14<Zimsky>amazon doesn't give a shit
05:15<Emily>we just want to has a vps for our amazon seller account
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05:15<Zimsky>you get whatever ip address you get
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05:18<Peng>Seems legit
05:18<Zimsky>is it me or have the questions become stranger in the past year
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05:19<ponas>nah, business as usual
05:19<Cromulent>I haven't seen any requests for class C IP addresses for SEO recently
05:19<Zimsky>lol what
05:19<Cromulent>yeah it is rather amusing
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06:50<DrJ>Happy billing day everyone
06:52<Peng>Happier for some than for others
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07:16<Sensi>Is there a way of just giving a user SFTP/SSH access and nothing else directly on the Linode Account Manager?
07:16<Sensi>There seems to be quite a few linode grants - but none of the descriptions seem to fit
07:16<Sensi>obviously, I do not want to give root details
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07:17<Sensi>or do I have to do it via the command line on the server by adding a new user?
07:18<grawity>Sensi: the latter – the Linode Manager does not normally have access to your sever's innards
07:18<Sensi>grawity: I thought as much. Many thanks!
07:23<Sensi>oh man! I just realised that I have disallowed root login via ssh
07:23<Sensi>only root can specify a user name
07:23<Sensi>any suggestions?
07:25<ponas>usually you'd have sudo rights on one of your users
07:25<ponas>if not you can use lish
07:25<Sensi>I did but it was producing an error
07:25<Sensi>all good now - many thanks
07:25<Sensi>never tried lish
07:25<Sensi>ponas: Thanks!
07:26<csnxs>omg, linbot is ded ;_;
07:26<ponas>linbot made me look like an idiot :(
07:32<neo^>Survey: Which configuration management tool do you use?
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07:37<dwfreed>neo^: salt
07:40<millisa>neo^: not really configuration management, but I've been pretty happy with ansible for deployment
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07:41<ponas>I'm pretty happy with puppet
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07:45*neo^ can't decide which one to learn/use.
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07:52<Manasvi>Hello sir
07:53<Manasvi>I am eager to know about linode cloud hosting package.
07:54<millisa>what do you want to know?
07:55<Manasvi>If I go for Linode 2GB Standard Plans I will get 2 GB RAM and 1 core CPU, is this shared?
07:56<millisa>it's a vps; you get the cpu and ram allocation to spinup your own linux instance.
07:58<Manasvi>Yeah, that's it. Another one, if I can't setup linux instance although there are documentation and tutorials, then can I get help from linode for server configuration?
07:58<millisa>They have professional services at that you can request a quote
08:00<Manasvi>How much the cost for, aren't they helping for being a customer?
08:04<ponas>they'll probably help you with the technicalities of getting a base linux installation (i.e. with networking) up and running, but configuration of any software is up to you
08:05<Manasvi>Hmm, thank you.
08:06<ponas>the base price is for the infrastructure, if you want sysadmin support you can pay extra for managed ($100/month) or professional services (quote)
08:09<Manasvi>Great ! Okay, suppose I am running linode 2GB, 30GB SSD storage, can I increase just SSD storage if I need just storage?
08:10<Manasvi>And estimated price for increased amount of storage
08:10<ponas>no, you'll need to upgrade to a bigger plan. but they have 'block storage' coming soon(tm) which lets you add additional space for $10/100 GB/month-ish
08:12<Manasvi>Hmm, that will be cool as I don't require more RAM and CPUs
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11:06<iamthetwice>Hi, just spinned up a new server on linode that I would like to be only accessible locally (via a public facing server that exists). How do I go about doing this?
11:06<@mcintosh>iptables ->
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11:12<linbot>Peng: 2600::,
11:12<Peng>linbot: <3
11:12<linbot>Peng: ♥
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11:30<csnxs>please keep your human-bot relationship somewhere else
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11:43<ang>i would like to know linode do have prepaid billing?
11:44<millisa>you can prepay if you want; they mention it here
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12:36<lzcccc>how long will the account review take? I already waited like 30 mins -_-
12:36<millisa>they usually get to them pretty quick.
12:36<millisa>watch your email; they'll send you something if they want more details
12:37<Zimsky>30 minutes sounds like hell
12:37<lzcccc>haha thank god. They replied me 15s ago
12:39<millisa>i didn't know he was on staff
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12:55<Cristian>Hi, anyone who can help me?
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13:03<CriCL>any support from linode here?
13:04<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:04<Zimsky>be more like a doctor
13:04<Zimsky>have patience
13:05<CriCL>i'm looking for a service 24/7 to retrieve and store data from twitter using their API.
13:08<CriCL>does linode offer a service to complete this task?
13:09<HoopyCat>CriCL: can you do it with a linux server connected to the internet?
13:09<HoopyCat>CriCL: then you can probably do it on a linode =^.^=
13:10-!-Jamool [] has joined #linode
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13:10<CriCL>What product fits better from my requirement?
13:11-!-NomadJim_ [~Jim@] has joined #linode
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13:11<HoopyCat>CriCL: how much RAM and storage do you need?
13:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 337] by ChanServ
13:11<Jamool>hey there i have a few questions about converting an annual plan to a metered plan
13:12<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:12-!-lzccc [] has joined #linode
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13:13<CriCL>at least 500gb storage, 8gb ram.
13:13<Jamool>so today is actually my renewal date. The linode manage says i need to pay my annual fee before i can upgrade to metered
13:13<lzccc>how to use linode to set up shadowsocks on a MAC ?? help~
13:13<Jamool>will i be credited if i make the switch after I settle the bill?
13:14<CriCL>Don't know if a cloud service could what i want to do
13:14<CriCL>would fit for what i want to do*
13:15<Zimsky>it's a linux server
13:17-!-lzccc [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:18<CriCL>HoopsCat, u there?
13:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 336] by ChanServ
13:18<Zimsky>HoopyCat is never there when you need her :(
13:19<CriCL>Bad experience
13:19<CriCL>as a prospect
13:19<Cromulent>CriCL: this is the user community not linode staff
13:20-!-CriCL [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:23<Zimsky>"i'm looking for a service 24/7 to retrieve and store data from twitter using their API." that sounds like just using twitter
13:24-!-Megaf [] has joined #linode
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13:33<waybons>hello, i need a help
13:33<millisa>what with?
13:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
13:33<waybons>I am a new user of linode
13:33<Zimsky>just one help?
13:33<Zimsky>not two?
13:34<waybons>but my account is not yet activated and my card is charged. so help my account to get activated
13:34-!-elky_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:34<millisa>Watch your email; they'll send you something if they need more info for validation.
13:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 338] by ChanServ
13:35<waybons>I just received my payment receipt and thats it
13:36-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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13:36<waybons>payment is successful yet my account is activated''
13:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
13:37<arlen>keep waiting
13:37<Cromulent>waybons: some accounts need to manually verified
13:37<Cromulent>to be*
13:37<waybons>am ready to show my proofs
13:38<waybons>I been a user of DO, Vultr but I had nver seen this alike
13:38-!-Jamool [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:38<Zimsky>because linode is better
13:39-!-ahmed [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:40<waybons>uff, fed with this.. Is there any live support for linode?/
13:40<millisa>sure, give 'em a call.
13:40<waybons>dude, am from India
13:41<Zimsky>does india not have phones
13:42<Cromulent>waybons: if you can't call then send them an email
13:42<millisa>But if you're just waiting on activation/validation, be patient. It's worth the wait.
13:43<waybons>emailed them but no response either
13:43<ahmed>i want to increase my storage , for 100g how much per month on linode?
13:43-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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13:46<ahmed>yes, i choose a plan , i want to increase only my storage , how much 100g per month?
13:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
13:47<millisa>"CPU, transfer, storage, and RAM bundled into one simple price."
13:47<Zimsky>you don't
13:47<Zimsky>those plans are what there are
13:47<millisa>There's a new block storage beta that may interest you, that's going on in newark, but it's a beta.
13:55-!-ahmed [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
13:55<HoopyCat>dang, they left while i was in the shower
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13:57<Zimsky>just don't ever shower. Works for me
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14:22<waybons>submitted all my proofs to a unique link
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15:27<Jamool>anyone know the monthly cap for legacy linode 512
15:28<Zimsky>like, the hat it wears on a tuesday?
15:32<Jamool>haha yes the cap it wears all the time
15:32<Jamool>its hairdoo
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17:59<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • firewalld failed to reload <>
18:17-!-newperson [~oftc-webi@2a02:c7d:382e:fc00:78a4:9634:7170:6fac] has joined #linode
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18:18<newperson>Hi, I've seen linode advertised quite a bit on the websites I visit, is linode any good?
18:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
18:18<newperson>I currently use digital ocean thinking of switching for the cheaper pricing
18:19<@mcintosh>linode is great!
18:23-!-newperson [~oftc-webi@2a02:c7d:382e:fc00:78a4:9634:7170:6fac] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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18:29<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • firewalld failed to reload <>
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18:39<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Implement spam protection in this forum! <>
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18:45<c_prompt>hello all. sorry for the wall of text. hoping someone can direct me in setting up BIND (9.10 - via Webmin/Virtualmin) to automatically transfer new domains to Linode DNS. I created a slave domain zone for in Linode with the master IP as my assigned IP (domain transfers field is blank). I went to Webmin > BIND > Zone Defaults and I then created a virtual domain on Virturalmin and added the slave IPs indicated on https://www
18:45<c_prompt>or direction as to why this isn't working? Thanks.
18:46<Eugene>Your question was cut off after "slave IPs indicated on"
18:46<Eugene>FYI IRC has a line-length limit
18:46<c_prompt>serves me right for a wall of text, huh?
18:47<Eugene>Thats one way of interpreting it, yup
18:47<c_prompt>I created a slave domain zone for in Linode with the master IP as my assigned IP (domain transfers field is blank).
18:47<c_prompt>I went to Webmin > BIND > Zone Defaults and added the slave IPs indicated on to "Allow transfers from", "Also notify slaves", and "Allow queries from".
18:47<c_prompt>I also set Notify slaves of changes as Yes.
18:47<Eugene>You have it backwards. You want to allow transfers TO the Linode IPs
18:47<c_prompt>When I add the virtual domain via Virtualmin, I see errors in my syslog like this: "debian named[12721]: client ( zone transfer '' denied".
18:47<c_prompt>When I run "dig -t axfr", I get two messages of "Transfer failed". Any thoughts or direction as to why this isn't working? Thanks.
18:48<c_prompt>ah, hmm...
18:48<Eugene>Generally we can't / won't support third-party web panels like this. I would be happy to look at a named.conf though
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18:49<c_prompt>notify yes; allow-transfer {all the ips here}; also-notify {all the ips here}; allow-query {allt he ips here};
18:53<c_prompt>Eugene, do those named.conf settings look right?
18:53<c_prompt>(and thanks for your help)
18:54<c_prompt>i also have in there listen-on-v6 { any; };
18:54<c_prompt>and dnssec-validation auto; auth-nxdomain no;
18:57<Eugene>That all seems fine. So next question: do you see the transfer attempt in named's log? Typically /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog. And if not, do you have TCP/UDP 53 open?
18:58<Eugene>(you should only have them open to the source IPs listed, in any case)
18:59<c_prompt>yes - saw it in syslog and port 53 is listening
19:00<Eugene>Well clearly something isn't matching up then :-p
19:00<Eugene>If you've got the right IPs in your conf, and the named process is running that conf(did it actually get restart-ed, or just reload-ed?).... then it shoudl work
19:00<c_prompt>after a few hours at it, i cried uncle and came here
19:01<c_prompt>i used the slave IPs identified in
19:01<Eugene>I am using a hidden-master setup myself; there ain't much to it.
19:01<Peng>Are the right IPs set in the Linode DNS manager?
19:02<Eugene>Interesting bits being
19:02<c_prompt>well, i ony have one IP - the IP linode assigned me
19:03<Eugene>Dumb question: is virtualmin wrapping everything in a views block?
19:03<Eugene>And can you do a transfer attempt against
19:03<c_prompt>just confirmed all the IPs with what you have
19:04<c_prompt>hmm... i don't know what "wrapping everything in a views block" means
19:05<c_prompt>i just did dig -t axfr and it said "transfer failed"
19:07<c_prompt>just stopped and restarted the BIND DNS Server (although I'm pretty sure I did that previously) and still seeing the transfers denied
19:12<c_prompt>i just added acls based on what i saw in your example but still getting denied
19:13<Peng>Wait did you mean "dig -t axfr" or "dig -t axfr @"?
19:14<c_prompt>the first peng, although i just tried it with @ and received the same message: "Transfer failed"
19:15<c_prompt>oh wait! my bad...
19:15<c_prompt>yes, with the @ it works
19:15<Peng>Without @ it probably tries to transfer and from whatever's in /etc/resolv.conf
19:16<c_prompt>but dig -t axfr @ fails
19:16<Peng>Does Linode have the zone? Is it working? Is it configured in the manager to allow outbound zone tranfers?
19:17<Peng>Do outbound zone transfers come from or
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19:23<c_prompt>yes, i have setup as a slave zone with my IP. but shows it unable to resolve. as far as I can tell, BIND is setup to allow outboundzone transfers. i haven't specified or anywhere; where would i look?
19:26<c_prompt>ah! i think i've fixed it. thanks peng! i now see in the log that the transfer started and ended.
19:27<c_prompt>many thanks to both of you eugene and peng - really appreciate it!
19:35<c_prompt>for anyone who'd like the knowledge for Virtualmin, it's under Virtualmin > System Settings > Server Templates > Additional named.conf directives for new zones (where you include the IPs) and then make sure to select Automatically add named.conf directives. many thanks again and wish you all a good weekend
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21:10<joyli>I had a account before
21:10<joyli>and I paid 20$ dollars
21:11<joyli>but I removed the account, I regerster it again
21:11<joyli>I want to know where is my money
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23:55<ella>Hello! Been a few years since i've been in this chat! Which means, Linode doesn't cause me any issues!
23:56<ella>But, I have some querstions regarding Dalla1-2 and Xen to KVM, I would like to get some clarrification on, before I screw up my live server with only 2 hours of internet access till late next week :)
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