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01:29<BlooAlien>Well, that went kinda smoothly. Shiny new linode up and running.
01:38<dcraig>nothing beats that fresh linode smell
01:42<BlooAlien>Seems pretty snappy. They must be running some pretty good hardware in their data centers.
01:42<dcraig>only the best intel xeon processors, I'm sure :D
01:43<BlooAlien>Sweet. So, am I allowed to nmap my own linode slice IP to check that my firewall rules are applied properly as I expect them to be?
01:44<dcraig>do whatever you want to your "slice"
01:44<BlooAlien>Good good. Just like to be certain all is set up properly when I'm setting up a new VPS. Always good to keep the "bad guys" at bay by not giving them a wide open attack surface. ;)
01:45<Zimsky>"bad" is a matter of perspective
01:46<dcraig>Zimsky has a pretty large attack surface
01:46<BlooAlien>First thing I tend to do right off the bat is disable password logins, and set up private/public key login instead, and then move the SSH port off the standard 22 just to kill the automated script kiddie scanner hordes. :)
01:47<BlooAlien>Not that it'll stop anyone truly determined from trying to find other attack vectors, but at least it stops the automated junk out there from pinging my server all day every day.
01:48<dcraig>I keep SSH on port 22 and just never look at my logs :D
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01:51<Zimsky>remember kids, fail2ban is your best security tool
01:51<Zimsky>as long as you use https, no one can hack you
01:52<Zimsky>don't forget to allow for arbitrary root RCE in web forms
01:52<Zimsky>ヽ( 。ヮ゚)ノ
01:53<BlooAlien>Love fail2ban, actually. Still a good idea to check those logs tho.
01:53*dcraig leaves a log for Zimsky to check :D
01:54<BlooAlien>I get the feeling you two have a bit of history. :)
01:54<dcraig>oh yeah we go way back
01:54<Zimsky>dcraig: and with my lathe I shall fashion a baseball bat and whack both you and BlooAlien
01:54<dcraig>but seriously, you have a lathe?
01:54<BlooAlien>I think I'ma enjoy linode. :)
01:54<Zimsky>dcraig: yes, why is that strange
01:55<dcraig>it's not strange, it's so hot
01:55<BlooAlien>Powertools are epic.
01:56<dcraig>you probably even have a garage
01:56<Zimsky>dcraig: I also have a vibratome
01:56<dcraig>I wish I had a garage....
01:57<dcraig>I had to google vibratome
01:57<dcraig>I also have a vibrating razor...
01:57<Zimsky>can it slice up brains perfectly?
02:00<dcraig>no, I actually don't even like it
02:03<BlooAlien>Wow. And here I thought DigitalOcean was easy to get runnin'. (It actually was.) This linode is goin' pretty much silky smooth thus far tho.
02:04<Zimsky>what were you expecting it to do?
02:04<dcraig>crash and burn
02:05<BlooAlien>Well, honestly wasn't sure after the blog and forum both havin' expired certs. ;)
02:05<BlooAlien>Looks like the rest of their sites are all good tho (billing and setup, docs, and main web).
02:05<Zimsky>so an expired tls cert is your primary metric to determine the reliability of a host?
02:05<dcraig>I don't get any expired certs when I go to the blog or forum
02:06<dcraig>maybe it is fixed now!
02:06<Zimsky>maybe it was never broken
02:06<BlooAlien>And the VPS is just downright snappy speedy good. I'm way pleased by that.
02:06<Zimsky>you sound like an american
02:07<dcraig>in 8 years, I think this is the first expired cert issue I've heard about
02:08<dcraig>Zimsky, are you NOT an american?
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02:08<BlooAlien>I am an American, but sssh... Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.
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02:08<Zimsky>dcraig: I'm the furthest from american one can get
02:09<BlooAlien>@Zimsky: Chinese?
02:09<BlooAlien>(Isn't that somewhere around the other side of the planet from us?)
02:10*BlooAlien is Earthican.
02:11<BlooAlien>Normal Hyoo-man. Nothing unusual to see here.
02:12<BlooAlien>Yup. Looks like they renewed their certs. Blog and Forum back up here at my end as well.
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02:20<BlooAlien>Well, folks. Thanks for the entertaining chat, but I got me a VPS to set up. I'ma go do that. Y'all have yourselves a fantastic evening/morning, or whatever it is whereever you are. :)
02:20*BlooAlien waves buh-bye to everyone and beams up to his escape UFO.
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09:32<Cromulent>hi randy_
09:34<Cromulent>hi again
09:34<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:34<randy_>i have some problem
09:34<randy_>How could i add volumn to my linode?
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09:46<Schroeder>wtf is up with websites for distilleries requiring you to enter your age before you see the website?
09:46<Schroeder>(a) they have no way of verifying
09:46<Schroeder>and (b) it's not like you're actually consuming anything
09:46<Schroeder>there's no age check when an ad for Heineken comes on TV
09:46<Schroeder>I mean, I'm 32, so it's not like I have to lie
09:46<Schroeder>but it's fucking obnoxious
09:55<nate>Schroeder: Same reason you have to enter an age on steam for 18+ games, laws
09:56<nate>Or why historically birthdate is required for most 'communication' mediums like forums and shit (the old COPPA stuff)
09:56<nate>well at least within the US
09:56<nate>though most countries have similar crap
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10:00<HoopyCat>Schroeder: their websites are advertising, and advertising alcohol to minors is no good
10:00<Cromulent>Schroeder: you have age checks on vaping websites as well
10:01<Cromulent>also alchol related adverts on TV only come on after the watershed
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10:05<Schroeder>see, I know that's not true because I regularly see ads for beer during football games and on network prime time
10:05<Schroeder>there's no ad check when that Heineken ad runs at halftime of the Colts game
10:05<Schroeder>s/ad check/age check/
10:07<Cromulent>I guess it is different in the USA but in the UK I'm pretty sure alchol ads are only shown after the watershed
10:08<Cromulent>damn I really can't spell today
10:08<millisa>i always assumed it was free demographic info they'd use cfor their marketing...
10:09<nate>Alcohol ads on TV are mainly limited to things expected to be largely adult-oriented (such as football games indeed)
10:09<nate>You aren't gonna see them on during like
10:09<nate>power rangers or sponge bob
10:09<nate>not that sponge bob itself isn't an acid trip
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10:11<Cromulent>the new laws on vaping over are really stupid - I have to get some things shipped from outside the EU now and hope that customs doesn't take it
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10:11<Cromulent>so I'll start making my own e-liquid
10:12<Schroeder>I mean, vaping needs to be banned outright just because of the douchiness factor
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10:49<v0lksman>hay all. wondering if anyone knows if a domain starting with _ violates some sort of DNS rules?
10:49<grawity>yes and no
10:49<grawity>it's a perfectly valid DNS name *in general*
10:49<v0lksman>I was asked to create a CNAME record to prove ownership of a domain (for a cert), I did and the zone has updated...all linode DNS servers resolve the name but Google and OpenDNS do not even though they have the current serial
10:49<grawity>but it's generally considered to be an invalid *hostname*, i.e. in DNS it cannot have A/AAAA records
10:50<grawity>_names are very common in DNS for non-"hostname" purposes like SRV, TXT, etc.
10:50<v0lksman>grawity: hrm...I just just find it strange that Google returns the right serial but won't resolve that CNAME
10:50<nate>v0lksman: If you attempted to get them to resolve it previously, they may have cached the lack-of-a-record response temporarily
10:50<grawity>v0lksman: well, as for "the current serial" ... resolvers cache each record independently
10:51<grawity>v0lksman: so they have separate cache entries for yourdomain.tld/SOA and _foo.yourdomain.tld/TXT
10:51<grawity>the serial *only* matters between *authoritative* servers for that domain
10:51<grawity>e.g. you can compare serials directly on ns2.linode, ns3.linode, ns4.linode
10:52<v0lksman>ahh...but this was a record that didn't exist before so if it should be resolving no?
10:52<grawity>not necessarily
10:52<grawity>as nate just mentioned, resolvers also cache the fact that a record doesn't exist
10:53<grawity>well, Google DNS actually has a page for this:
10:54<v0lksman>"invalid domain"
10:54<dwfreed>grawity: oh that's nice
10:54<dwfreed>v0lksman: you have to specify the whole domain, rather than one record, I think
10:54<grawity>what's the exact domain, anyway
10:55<grawity>works from here, including google dns
10:55<grawity>well, we're using different instances of google-dns
10:56<grawity>your SOA record has a min-ttl of 86400, by the way
10:56<grawity>so a non-existence will be cached for a whole 24 hours
10:57<v0lksman>son of a
10:57<grawity>you might want to reduce that while you wait
10:57<v0lksman>but yeah...just checked with a web interface and it was able to resolve too
10:57<v0lksman>yeah will do
10:58<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Netflix Sign In Help <>
10:59<grawity>(though don't mix up the min-ttl field *in* the SOA record, and the ttl value *of* the SOA record)
10:59<v0lksman>grawity: not even sure where to set that in linode CP
10:59<dwfreed>zone settings
10:59<v0lksman>looking at the SOA of the domain
11:00<v0lksman>I only see default ttl, refresh, retry and expiry
11:00<dwfreed>default ttl
11:00<dwfreed>controls both fields, iirc
11:00<grawity>appears so
11:01<grawity>1 hour or 2 hours would be a good default, IMHO
11:01<v0lksman>yeh set to 1 hour for now
11:01<v0lksman>thanks guys...wanted to make sure I wasn't waiting for nothing... :)
11:02<v0lksman>hopefully comodo is smart enought to use the auth resolver to validate things
11:04<dwfreed>grawity: anecdotally, I believe Google DNS caps TTLs at 6 hours
11:05<dwfreed>presumably to prevent people from DoSing the servers by setting obnoxiously high TTLs on a zone, and then doing a bunch of queries for those records
11:06<grawity>well, dunno about 6 hours, but capping the TTL at e.g. 1 week is something everyone should do
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12:16<Cromulent>I have no idea why Stackoverflow jobs keeps recommending senior positions to me when I am at best a junior developer
12:18<Eliz>Cromulent: eh are you sure you're not underselling yourself? :p
12:18<Cromulent>I build websites in django - senior people do all kinds of different programming
12:19<Cromulent>plus I don't have a degree in CS
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12:21<Toba_>django webapps are perfectly Cromulent programming
12:24<Eliz>Cromulent: my point stands :p
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14:17<kakacao>Do you have multiple IP VPS
14:17<kakacao>how much ?
14:17<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
14:19<kakacao>I want to use your VPS, and then if I add 10 separate IP, it's going to increase by 10usd per month
14:19<millisa>assuming you can do the technical justification for 10 ip addresses
14:19-!-hg [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:20<dwfreed>kakacao: why do you need multiple ips anyway?
14:21<kakacao>technical justification what is thiis
14:21-!-hg [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
14:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
14:22<dwfreed>kakacao: a valid technical reason why you can't just use one IP
14:22<kakacao>I'm going to do 10 different websites, I don't want IP to be the same, it's bad for inclusion, it's not good for SEO, YOU KNOW?
14:22<dwfreed>that's wrong
14:22<millisa>10 different websites can live on the same IP, it doesn't impact SEO.
14:24<kakacao>Are you sure do not affect, if not, then I can use your service, I just used your service before, soon, so I like very much, I use dreamhost recently, very slowly, I want to change into a linode immediately
14:25<nate>kakacao: "unique IPs" have never really been SEO relevant outside of ancient https:// pre-SNI
14:25<kakacao>ok 。the price
14:26<kakacao>i use php Program, you suggest I use LINUX?
14:27<kakacao>you are so many people ,haha ,very good .
14:27<gparent>LINUX is great
14:28<kakacao>yes ,i think so .
14:28<kakacao>Good ,THANKS ,Tomorrow i will change yours . bye ,
14:31-!-kakacao [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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14:46<elmoco>Hi all
14:46-!-Anees [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:47<Anees>Hello @Linode. I just wanted to know that I run 15 websites on cpanel. How can this server help me get all the sites to Linode
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15:10<mkmk>anybody can say what is the network speed of linode server per second , which is one TB transfer monthly ????
15:13<Peng>The maximum speeds are given on
15:19-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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15:41<dcraig>on a 1 GB linode, at the maximum transfer speed, you will use up your monthly transfer in 2.2 hours...
15:42<dcraig>what then?!
15:43*Peng stacks pennies
15:58<Cromulent>dcraig: invent a time machine seems like the obvious answer
15:58<Cromulent>or buy a mac I hear Apple already have time machine :P
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16:05<arlen>!point Cromulent
16:05<linbot>arlen: Point given to cromulent. (2)
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16:34<elmoco_>i need help with setting up dns.he for google domain and linode
16:37-!-mkmk [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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16:42<Peng>You could also use Google or Linode DNS hosting.
16:42<Peng>Not that i haev anything against HE :)
16:45<Ikaros>Heh. I only use HE's DNS to reverse-resolve my IPv6 /48 tunnel through them. I'm content with hosting forward DNS zones with my own self-operated nameservers or using Google's DNS for others.
16:46<Ikaros>But yeah if you have your domain with Google then use Google's DNS.
16:46<dwfreed>you could use your own nameservers for your /48 rDNS too
16:47*Peng uses Knot to dynamically generate boring rDNS records
16:47<dwfreed>Peng: sometimes I wish BIND had that capability too
16:47<Ikaros>dwfreed: Yeah I could, and the thought had struck me before, but since I had the tunnel with HE already, I figured why not just use the DNS service too for reverse resolution since it's literally one-click to delegate to them and then just use their interface.
16:49<Ikaros>That and I don't have shittons of hosts that need reverse resolution for their hosts...BUT if that does change - like if I decide to assign a 'generic' hostname for any 'undefined' IPv6 hosts, like those that might be assigned to guests using my wifi for example, I could make use of my nameservers then.
16:49<Peng>dwfreed: Why wish BIND was good when you could use a real DNS server :D
16:49*Peng ducks
16:51<Ikaros>My wifi itself does not provide the guest access point. A separate router running DD-WRT firmware handles that on another segment of my network, isolating it from my segment locally, and going through the same IPv6 gateway "router" (said "router" being an older machine running Debian Linux acting as a router).
16:51<Eugene>ISC DHCPD makes "real" rDNS records just fine, if you set up your zones for dynamic updates? Y u mad bro
16:52<Ikaros>I took a /64 out of that /48 and use that on my end, and took another /64 out of the /48 and use it for the guest access.
16:52<dwfreed>Eugene: I mean generating records based on a pattern dynamically
16:53<Eugene> what way?
16:54<Ikaros>Though if I might ask, if I wanted to dynamically generate generic records for reverse resolution, what would be the best way to do that (such as what software to use, etc)
16:54<Peng>!dns6 2001:470:5:932:b8dc:8322:49a1:275a
16:55<dwfreed>^ like that
16:55<Eugene>DHCPD would be the thing IMO. It is a daemon to hand out IP addresses from a pool to hosts
16:55<dwfreed>but I want any rdns to automatically resolve, without having to worry about that
16:55<Eugene>IOW, do it at the same time as you do the address
16:55<dwfreed>as well as have the matching forward record
16:55<Eugene>How in the heck do you propose to do that? Magic?
16:56<Peng>Ikaros: I use the authorirative DNS server Knot.
16:56<Ikaros>Yep, was just looking at that.
16:56<Peng>It's not very flexible, but it works
16:56<Eugene>Oh, you want lying.
16:57<Ikaros>Ah nice, it supports CAA records too
16:57<Eugene>If your app can't udnerstand NXDOMAIN..... :v
16:57<Ikaros>(though will have to roll out a software change gradually)
16:57<dwfreed>it's not lying
16:57<Ikaros>'cause I JUST updated BIND on all 4 of my nameservers so that they all supported CAA
16:58<dwfreed>technically they've always supported CAA
16:58<Peng>Technically only since like 2000
16:58<dwfreed>just specifying it in a zone file is awful :P
16:59<Ikaros>dwfreed yeah, and I was looking to do it easy, lol
16:59<Peng>That's why you copy and paste from :P
16:59<Ikaros>Fortunately I only ever support one CA and one CA only to issue certs for my domain.
16:59<Peng>Knot only gained full support for CAA in version 2.2.0, but you could use RFC 3597 syntax before that.
17:00<Peng>Depending on your OS having a recent enough version may be a pain
17:02<Ikaros>Yeah Peng two of mine I had to roll my own version of BIND to get CAA into it
17:02<Ikaros>But easy enough to do imo
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18:38<MajObviousman>using linode DNS, what ipv6 addresses might AXFR requests come from?
18:39<MajObviousman>I see a list of 2 each ipv4 and ipv6 addresses on the import a zone page, but then when I look in log files, there are more than 2 ipv4 addresses asking
18:41<Lee>Everyday Eugene is linoding
18:41<Zimsky>no lee
18:41<Zimsky>eugene is a fraud
18:42<Zimsky>eugene killed lincoln
18:42<Lee>that's a relief, I thought he was a bot
18:51<Peng>MajObviousman: "Import a primary zone" and "run a secondary zone" use different IPs
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19:44<dzho>How's the riding?
19:45<Yaakov>Got a nice new bike, a Specialized Sequoia, I love it.
19:45<Yaakov>Howdy, Peng.
19:46<Yaakov>Having trouble fitting fenders, but I will work something out.
19:46<dwfreed>he lives
19:46<Yaakov>I may do.
19:47<Yaakov>I am a retired gink now. I work for no one but myself. Yay.
19:47<dzho>taking hating the boss goes to a whole new level
19:47<dzho>"don't hate the players, hate the game"
19:47<Yaakov>Just had a chat with caker and I remembered all of you fine people, so...
19:49<Yaakov>How is everyone? Anything exciting and ew?
19:50<Yaakov>That exciting, eh?
19:56<Yaakov>Well I've been doing a few things. My main thing right now is photogtaphy. Landscape and portrait. I will be going commerical to pay for kit.
19:56<Yaakov>It's lots of fun.
20:02*Yaakov can sense the excitement in the channel...
20:03<Yaakov>So it looks like a lot of the old ones have moved on.
20:04-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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20:13<Yaakov>Well, I have to run. But I will stop back again.
20:13<Yaakov>Be well, all.
20:17<HoopyCat>Yaakov: <3 <3 <3
20:18<Yaakov>Woo... you caught me before I skadoodled.
20:25-!-Megaf [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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20:32<HoopyCat>Yaakov: in the midst of eating a delicious dinner and putting out a metaphorical trash fire atm, but we should catch up sometime =^.^=
20:50-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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21:19<Lee>Shalom molahS
21:21-!-Linguica [] has joined #linode
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21:40<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new girl <>
21:42<Zimsky>ooooo there's a new girl
21:45<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
21:45<Lee>Everyday Eugene is linodin
21:46<Zimsky>Every day Lee is talking about Eugene Linodin'
21:46<Lee>sorry, I meant:
21:46<Lee>Every day Eugene is linodin'
21:47<Lee>Every day Zimsky is complai'n 'bout Lee
21:47<Zimsky>I never complained
21:47<Lee>Every day Zimsky is aidfjoasidjosaidjfoisjdf'n 'bout Lee
21:48<Lee>Is Eugene a bot?
21:48<Zimsky>no, definitely not
21:49<Lee>We must be poets
21:49<Zimsky>woet is a poet
21:50<Lee>Eugene is a poet
21:53<Lee>Every day I'm talking to Zimsky
21:53<Lee>Every day I'm wondering if Eugene is a robot
21:54<Lee>Every day Zimsky tells me hes not
21:54<Zimsky>go away
21:54<Lee>Every day Eugene does his single hit and run post
21:55<Lee>Every day Zimsky is nasty
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22:00<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Im glad I finally signed up <>
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22:30<mnelsonwhite>Can I ask people here for help or is this chan for general discussion and status notifications?
22:30<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Just want to say Hi. <>
22:31<Ikaros>mnelsonwhite: Ask away, if someone can help, they'll probably pop in. This is community-backed support.
22:33<mnelsonwhite>ah thanks. We received a notification last night that there was emergency maintenance done on my node. After the ticket had been completed I lost routes to my subscribed static IPs. I have submitted a ticket, but there has been no response for 3hrs.
22:33<Zimsky>what's a subscribed static ip?
22:34<mnelsonwhite>@Zimsky, it is a public IP address I have assigned to by node.
22:34<Ikaros>Zimsky I think he means the IPs assigned to his specific node.
22:35<Zimsky>so your linodes' ips
22:35<Zimsky>you could call them
22:35<Ikaros>But yeah if you've already filed a support ticket, then just be patient. They'll get to it. Or you could call.
22:35<mnelsonwhite>well the default IP is there as expected, it is just the _additional_ ones that are not working.
22:36<mnelsonwhite>can you see the distinction I am trying to illustrate?
22:36<Ikaros>Easy now.
22:36<Zimsky>they're just additional ips
22:36<Zimsky>but really, call them
22:37<Ikaros>Just give them a call. Your ticket's in the queue, rest assured.
22:37<Zimsky>or wait
22:38<Zimsky>is that www in australia?
22:38<Ikaros>Zimsky just a thought but...if there was emergency work done on the node, wouldn't it have rebooted more than likely? And wouldn't the availability of those IPs depend on whether or not routes were set up by the OS on boot?
22:38<Zimsky>could be a bunch of things
22:39<Zimsky>could be a user configuration issue in /etc/network/interfaces
22:39<Ikaros>I know on a few of my servers (not with Linode), any additional IPs I must configure myself via the facility provided by my chosen distro.
22:39<Ikaros>Usually /etc/network/interfaces
22:40<Peng>on Linode, DHCP will only give you the primary IPv4 IP, but network helper will set up all of them, i think
22:40<Zimsky>unless network helper is disabled
22:40<Zimsky>in which case network helper won't help
22:40<mnelsonwhite>Yeah, I manually configured the default interface. There are all there but no traffic reaches the node
22:40<Peng>Are you sure the config is right?
22:40<Ikaros>Just a suggestion, have you tried rebooting it yourself?
22:40<dwfreed>mnelsonwhite: 1) do the additional IPs still show up in the remote access tab for the linode? 2) do they show up in 'ip addr show' (pastebin it)
22:41<mnelsonwhite>@Ikaros yes
22:41<mnelsonwhite>@dwfreed yes
22:41<dwfreed>there were two questions
22:41-!-Judy [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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22:42<dwfreed>one of them isn't really a yes/no answer
22:42<Ikaros>Let us see what dwfreed said in (2) then - run 'ip addr show' and pastebin the output.
22:42-!-Judy [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
22:45<mnelsonwhite>@Ikaros I have the IPs configured correctly on the node, I appreciate your help but I won't be posting the IPs here.
22:47<Ikaros>Understandable. Unwarranted precaution, but understandable. In that case, wait for your ticket response or call them. We're only community support here, we can't help you without information.
22:47<Zimsky>so call them
22:47<Zimsky>ヽ( 。ヮ゚)ノ
22:50<mnelsonwhite>Running pings have started working. all working now. Thanks for your help.
22:50-!-mnelsonwhite [] has quit []
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22:51*Ikaros shrugs
22:51<Ikaros>What is it with people afraid to give that sort of info.
22:52<Zimsky>Ikaros: help me, I'm trapped under a car on a road in a city
22:52-!-larsdesigns [] has joined #linode
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22:52<Ikaros>Zimsky: Sorry, I'm afraid you're out of luck
22:52<Zimsky>I don't really want to tell you where though, because I don't want to be tracked
22:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
22:53<Ikaros>Paranoia these days...
22:53<Zimsky>actually it's pretty well based
22:53<Zimsky>but if you're about to die, who gives a shit
22:54<Ikaros>Like those people in SE Texas that were literally told "get out or die" and "write your Social Security number on your forearm in permanent marker"?
22:55-!-larsdesigns [] has quit []
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23:10<ausjke>the debian 9 kernel keeps popping out "IPVS: Creating netns size=2104 id=incremental-number", what is it?
23:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
23:14<ausjke>static int __net_init __ip_vs_init(struct net *net){<snip> printk(KERN_INFO "IPVS: Creating netns size=%zu id=%d\n",
23:15<ausjke>2018 sizeof(struct netns_ipvs), ipvs->gen);}
23:15<ausjke>not sure why this __net_int is invoked constantly by the kernel? something to do with linode's vm settings?
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23:26<retro|blah>ausjke: Never seen that. What iptables rules do you use?
23:28<ausjke>retro|blah: iptables is flushed still getting this, i have another linode that does not show this message, it pops up every 30 mins
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23:36<Ikaros>Dunno about you but if I'm unsure of what a specific message means I'll pop all or important parts of it into Google. Chances are someone else has seen something similar before and there might be a decent explanation as to what it means.
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23:37<Peng>I Googled it a couple days ago. Few folks with the same issue, limited information.
23:37<ausjke>Ikaros: googled it for hours to the extent to look at kernel source
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23:38<ausjke>i have two debian 9 nodes, the one showing this IPVS flooding my kernel.log is the one with redmine, otherwise they're kind of the same
23:38<ausjke>redmine + drupal are the major difference
23:39<ausjke>neither should really cron or activate ip-netns
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