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01:00<steve>hello there
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01:01<Guest4519>can someone tell me the detail of a CPU, for example the Linode 1GB 1 CPU in the standard plan.
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01:02<nate>Were you the one asking about the CPU in an $80 plan the other day?
01:02<Guest4519>me? no
01:03<nate>Seemed coincidental timing lol, don't usually get questions about specific CPU details. Any details you're looking for specifically or just the general brand? They're Intel Xeon E5's
01:07<Guest4519>cheers, and bye~
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01:20<nagchampa>is there redundancy on the hosts? or if a disk fails and I'm not doing backups will I lose stuff?
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01:29<nagchampa>If I'm using btrfs for most of my system, could I create an ext4 disk that the backup service backs up and just have my system copy over anything important there before backups occur?
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01:30<dcraig>you ppl with ur fancy filesystems
01:32<nagchampa>I set it up partly to learn how to use it properly
01:33<nagchampa>i decided to make life as hard as possible for my by setting up gentoo on btrfs with systemd
01:33<dcraig>"Backups taken of ext4 or ext3 filesystems will be restored as ext4. Backups taken of other mountable filesystem types will have their contents restored using ext4.
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04:08<m0rk>Did something happen inat the server park in Atlanta about12 hours ago ? i see my server had an unexpected restart of sorts
04:14<nate>m0rk: Hurricane
04:14<nate>at least I'm pretty sure that's likely what caused the power issues
04:14<nate>last I heard atlanta got hit pretty rough
04:15<m0rk>that explains things, thanks
04:24<Ikaros>...freaking Irma.
04:32<kyhwana>lightning strike took at HE apparently
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05:18<AnkitaWadhwa>where do i notify about dmca violation ?
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05:30<Marcus_>hi, do linode providing AntiVirus service? or need to install it by myself..
05:33<nate>Marcus_: They are root virtual servers, you manage everything on it yourself mainly
05:33<nate>with exception of paying for managed/professional stuff, but even then you'd have to request something added
05:34<nate>that said just keep in mind 'antivirus' stuff in a server environment has pretty vast milage difference from that of a regular computer
05:34<Marcus_>i see.
05:35<Marcus_>what's the common way to do on security concern?
05:35<Marcus_>i have host some wordpress site on other hosting service.. but all of them infected by Virus
05:35<Marcus_>currently i have a custom application to host...
05:35<nate>More than likely you/they weren't keeping them up to date
05:35<nate>WP or plugins that is
05:35<Marcus_>that's part of the reasons... :'(
05:36<nate>Well keeping things up to date will the far majority of the time otherwise keep you pretty well off. Past that, there are generic security tools (that you can install into WP as well), but most of them aren't really incredibly functional imo
05:37<Marcus_>i see.. do you suggest to purchase anti-virus license for server?
05:38<Marcus_>or better code management by myself?
05:40<nate>like I said, "anti-virus" is not really the same for a server as it is computers. Most code breaches aren't something that an anti-virus is necessarily going to pick up. In the case of wordpress you probably just want to look into something like sucuri, and if you're concerned you can't spend enough time updating plugins and the core yourself, look into sucuri's paid-services perhaps
05:41<Marcus_>i see..
05:41<Marcus_>Thanks for your information
05:44<ponas>clamav/clamscan can be somewhat helpful though
05:46<ponas>mostly for finding PHP shells after being infected, or before being aware of an infection
05:47<Marcus_>woo. i see, opensource virus scanner
05:47<ponas>it's like antibiotics. it doesn't protect you, but can help clean up bad stuff
05:47<Marcus_>lol, nice description.. i will take a look on that as well :)
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06:03<Guest4532>hi, a question about the back ups listed here: will it back up the database too? Or just the files?
06:04<grawity>the database *is* files
06:04<grawity>or, in other words: Linode does not separately provide database hosting, web hosting, mail hosting, or anything (well, except for DNS)
06:04<grawity>everything like that is just files and programs on your server
06:05<Guest4532>ok thanks grawity
06:06<Guest4532>so when you restore a backup can you choose what part to restore or is it a full restore of your entire instance
06:09<ponas>full restore
06:09<ponas>only :-\
06:11<ponas>you will probably want to dump/"backup" your databases to some text-like format on the linode for easier restores
06:12<ponas>also useful for fixing UPDATE ... SET without WHERE style fuckups without going through the backup service
06:15<Guest4532>ok thanks
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06:53<Jagli>Hello, I am a visual artist wanting to build my own website, and i happen to get a linode account in barter for my services, As i do not understand technical stuff with all the cloud system, i am used to shared hosting and Cpanel. can anyone here let me know how do i find some one who can help me setup wordpress on my linode server ?
06:54<Zimsky>linode has their own professional services they can provide
06:54<Zimsky>you could also learn the stuff yourself
06:54<Zimsky>there's a billion guides and stuff on how to do stuff
06:55<Zimsky>you could always just advertise your thing on freelancer
06:57<Jagli>where can i find linode's own professionals
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07:16<Zimsky>new jersey
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09:03<ammad>need some help regarding Linode packages
09:03<ammad>and also for images
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09:06<ammad>knock knock!
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09:31<linbot>ammad: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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09:32<Zimsky>ammad: who's there?
09:33<Zimsky>hello who?
09:33<ammad>I'm Linode user
09:33*Zimsky laughs
09:33<ammad>Is that now Linode room :D?
09:34<ammad>They shared this link.
09:34<ponas>this is #linode yes
09:34<Zimsky>or are you?
09:34<Zimsky>personally I don't really trust ponas
09:34<ammad>Thanks Ponas
09:34<ammad>Well, I really don't care.
09:35<Zimsky>I'm a nihilist too
09:35<ammad>I'm here for some help.
09:36<ammad>I'm want to create image through Linode and then launch servers via API.
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09:37<ammad>But the thing is that once we launch server, it asks for deploy image and then boot the server.
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09:39<ammad>What steps should I take to deploy image (i believe distribution would be use) then need to boot the setup with same dist.
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09:47<Toba_>it totally depends on how well your shared host was doing
09:47<Toba_>oh nvm, that was in response to an old post. ignore.
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12:57<krav>Hey guys, just checking in since i can't find it anywhere on your website. You guys have redundant power in your DCs?
12:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
12:58<krav>I assume so, but i need an official answer in order to go back and tell people they're being stupid.
12:58<dwfreed>all Linode facilities have redundant power, cooling, and networking
12:59-!-roydondsouza [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:03<Zimsky>they also have redundant redundancy
13:03-!-porkus [] has joined #linode
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13:05<kwriley87>hello -- has anyone gotten block storage to actually work? I keep trying to add a 200GB volume and it constantly tells me that it is unable to create a volume.
13:05<millisa>works for me
13:05<Zimsky>works for me
13:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
13:06<kwriley87>support has told me to just keep trying, as space is being taken faster than it can be added. Real helpful.
13:06<FluffyFoxeh>is your linode in a datacentre that has it available?
13:06<kwriley87>Yes, it's in the Newark datacenter.
13:07<synfinatic>it's still in beta right?
13:07<Zimsky>that might be your answer
13:08<smallclone>yeah I think people scooped all that space up pretty quickly since they allowed for a really high storage limit for free
13:08<millisa>if it makes you feel any better, I also get 'Unable to create a volume. Please contact support.' when I try on an account that already has 10 or so volumes
13:09<kwriley87>It's just frustrating, I really would like to put this server I need in Linode with the rest of my servers.. I don't want to go create a digital ocean account just for one VPS but it is what it is I suppose
13:09<kwriley87>At least it's not just me, thanks Millisa :)
13:09<smallclone>you shouldn't rely on a beta for that anyway
13:09<Zimsky>kwriley87: you're using a /beta/ product
13:10<synfinatic>beta = if we accidentally delete all your data ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
13:10<Zimsky>there are no guarantees in life
13:11<smallclone>yeah, particularly when it's something being given away for free
13:11<smallclone>you should apologize to support for your lousy attitude. you're entitled to nothing.
13:11-!-Bass10 [~JM@2601:440:c080:206e:61d7:61a0:8d51:66ca] has joined #linode
13:11-!-Bass10 is "realname" on #linode
13:12<kwriley87>well, with that being said.. does anyone have any other suggestions for a VPS provider that offers block storage that offers easy server transfers from your local PC to their platform? Digital Ocean didn't seem to work very well with migrating FreePBX to their environment
13:12-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
13:13<Zimsky>you could get a dedi or colo it
13:13<FluffyFoxeh>literally anything + rsync?
13:14<Zimsky>what's wrong, synfinatic?
13:14<synfinatic>that's a long list
13:15<smallclone>there are cheap dedis with lots hdd space available. you'll probably have an easier time with that freepbx kernel or whatever it needs on dedicated hardware
13:15<smallclone>i forget what freepbx wants but i know it at least requires a different kernel on linode
13:17<kwriley87>Yeah you can install FreePBX on CentOS or whatever, but in order to get their full product, you have to install the "Distro" which is their own CentOS formula. That's hard to do when you don't have physical access to the server. I've gotten it to work by using Rsync with Linode which is why I was trying to make it work here on this platform, but I'll do some digging around, maybe try out AWS Lightsail or something until block storage
13:18<FluffyFoxeh>many providers have a recovery environment from which you can launch an OS install or dd a disk image
13:18<smallclone>vultr has install via ISO and block storage
13:18<FluffyFoxeh>linode has such a feature
13:18<kwriley87>oh do they really? That sounds promising, thank you Smallclone, I will look into that
13:19<millisa>i dont have a strong feeling for them, but profitbricks you can do interesting block storage things
13:20<millisa>it's got this weird cad-like graphical deployment thing
13:22<Zimsky>get a big ass rack server and start it up in your garage
13:22<millisa>or someone else's garage.
13:23<millisa>which amusingly is a parked domain
13:23*jhaas read pun. regrets visiting.
13:24<millisa>try the veal
13:24<Zimsky>try guys
13:25<FluffyFoxeh>shy guys
13:32<kwriley87>Vultr worked great and they have a FreePBX ISO built into their platform that you can deploy, thanks a bunch Smallclone
13:33<smallclone>oh nice
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13:36<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • StackScript on CoreOS <>
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14:13<phlux>lol most underwhelming apple keynote ever
14:13<krav>what were the highlights?
14:13<phlux>iPhone8 = iPhone7 with a new processor
14:13-!-scivola [] has left #linode [WeeChat 1.9]
14:13<phlux>Even though it was a "completely new redesign"
14:13<millisa>the cell feature on the watch is probably the biggest highlight
14:13<phlux>No bezel-less phone
14:13<phlux>"We put glass all the way around the phone!"
14:14<phlux>That's not a redesign
14:14<phlux>That's covering the phone in glass
14:14<phlux>millisa: agreed
14:14<krav>cell feature on the watch?
14:14<krav>and yeah. it also makes replacing it much more expensive.
14:14<phlux>yeah, watch will have it's own cell service now
14:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
14:14<millisa>highlights so far: cell watch $400, appletv4k (yawn) $179, iphone8 (no price yet)
14:15<phlux>if the iPhone8+ is over $700, you might as well get a 7+
14:15<millisa>lots of marketing cruft about their stores or town halls or whatever their marketing is calling it now and some ra-ra about their new facility
14:15<phlux>Apple is doomed honestly
14:15-!-jcanto_ [] has joined #linode
14:15-!-jcanto_ is "Jorge" on #linode
14:15<millisa>there was something about the cell watch sharing your number with the phone and not having to have the phone with you (they showed people surfing with the watch)
14:16<phlux>Stock holders will not continue to accept the lack of innovation with the phones
14:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
14:16<millisa>most fo the stuff so far has been pre-order 9/15 with shipping on 9/15
14:16<millisa>er, 9/15 and 9/22, sorry
14:17<phlux>LOL $800
14:17<phlux>iPhone X will be $1000
14:17<millisa>oooh, they are doing a one more thing. ]
14:17<millisa>come on mac mini
14:17<phlux>and I'm not paying $1,000 for a phone
14:18<Zimsky>I wouldn't pay $1000 for a computer
14:18<krav>phlux: i don't think you're their target. They want the fanbois. that's who will pay. I bet 1/3 of my office will pay it.
14:19<millisa>there's the iphoneX.
14:19<krav>I'll buy a ThinkpadX for $400, they'll drop the money on the new iphone.
14:19<krav>or new ipad.
14:19<krav>or whatever.
14:19<millisa>(x = 10)
14:21<Zimsky>cost aside, apple hardware is great
14:21<phlux>but cost is a consideration for most
14:21<Zimsky>that's why I said "cost aside"
14:21<millisa>looks like the new phone is getting a 70% increase in courage.
14:21<Zimsky>ヽ( 。ヮ゚)ノ
14:22<phlux>Zimsky: don't mess with me bruv i've been in soccer fights in england ok
14:22<Zimsky>phlux: you're having a laugh
14:22<phlux>i'm havin a giggle m8
14:22-!-jcanto [~Jorge@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:22-!-jcanto_ is now known as jcanto
14:22<Zimsky>good for you
14:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
14:22<krav>speaking of silly phone things, has google bought HTC yet?
14:23<phlux>i wish i could use android
14:23<Zimsky>so use it
14:23<Zimsky>and your wish will be true
14:23<Zimsky>ヽ( 。ヮ゚)ノ
14:23<phlux>android is great for the first month you have it
14:23<phlux>then your phone quits receiving updates
14:23<phlux>and you're left behind the rest of the world. at least apple gets that right.
14:24<Zimsky>phlux: do you need more foil?
14:24*krav dances with his pixel.
14:24<Zimsky>I'm dropping by the store
14:24<Zimsky>I can get you some more foil if you need it
14:24<phlux>no i need more salt, i'm almost out
14:24<Zimsky>was just about to ask
14:24<krav>and yeah. carriers are stupid that way. verizon is supposedly trying not doing that, but i doubt they'll actually do it.
14:25<krav>mostly because i think verizon is still losing market share to T-mobile.
14:25<Zimsky>the concept of carriers having any effect on your phone's OS is strange to me
14:25<phlux>i'm a verizon customer but considering swapping
14:25<krav>I loved T-mobile before moving off them to Fi.
14:26<krav>but, if you're outside a city, T-mobile goes to shit fast.
14:26-!-seanh-corona [~Adium@2603:3024:1515:7df0:a581:2462:d9fa:d3] has joined #linode
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14:27<phlux>Sprint claims to be within 1% of Verizon's network reliability
14:27<phlux>wonder how true that is
14:27-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
14:33<phlux>lol face id didn't work
14:33<phlux>good start
14:34<krav>I actually really hope google goes through with picking up HTC
14:34<krav>their hardware has always been pretty decent.
14:34-!-jleal [] has joined #linode
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14:35<Zimsky>krav: doesn't mean they should be absorbed into google
14:35<Zimsky>to become yet another part of THE MACHINE
14:36<krav>Zimsky: i'd rather see them become absorbed than cease to exist.
14:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
14:40<phlux>Zimsky: would you like me to get you some foil?
14:41<Zimsky>phlux mate, I have plenty enough
14:41<phlux>o good
14:41<phlux>don't want george bush getting your bran
14:45-!-BDIkaros [] has joined #linode
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14:49<Zimsky>phlux: I don't want george's bush getting on my bra
14:50<Zimsky>I will murder this keyboard
14:50<Zimsky>fuck you phlux
14:50<Zimsky>fuck you Toba_
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17:27<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • HELP! Cannot get 123-reg SSL Certificate activate on my Linode server <>
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19:04<psiryan>Is this a technical support channel?
19:05<Lee>kind of
19:05<psiryan>Kind of sounds un-official.
19:05-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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19:05<Lee>almost all users talking to users
19:05<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
19:06<Lee>@but @they @never @answer
19:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
19:06<relidy>They do, when appropriate or needed. But if you need something directly from Linode, you're better off opening a support ticket, or calling.
19:07<Lee>I've never seen those unicorns answer. But of course, I've only been a user for a few weeks.
19:08<Lee>so what happened to psiryan
19:08<millisa>(one commented earlier when we were talking about putting systems in a garage; and another during the ATL stuff yesterday)
19:09<Lee>garage garbage
19:09<dwfreed>most questions can be answered by users, though
19:10<millisa>Yeah, there's lotsa smart folks in here. And me, too!
19:12<Lee>linode owners are real slick. they user irc so that they can provide free tech support. they know its human nature to help each other out. and if not, there's that ego thing where people seek attention.
19:14<Lee>I just bought a crunchy keyboard
19:15<Lee>I didn't know there's a cult following around mechanical keyboards
19:15<millisa>some of us have fairly strong feelings about them.
19:16<Lee>I've used those old IBM mechanical keyboards
19:16<millisa>an m1
19:16<Lee>they clicked very loudly
19:16<millisa>well, or just an M if you like
19:17<Lee>the model Melissa1?
19:18<Lee>Even 20 years ago, I liked the mech. keyboards vs the $5 mushy keyboards.
19:18<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials • My Initial Setup stackscript <>
19:20<Lee>and now of course, hard screens of phones. I was very unconfortable typing on hard glass screens of phones and tablets. It took a long while to get used to them. Even now I'm not too used to them.
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22:39<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • How can I guarantee that someone else won't use my domain? <>
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23:00<FluffyFoxeh>huh. I had never considered that
23:02<nate>better question is why would someone even do that
23:02<nate>ie; change nameservers and then not bother setting it up
23:02<Zimsky>to hijack your DNS
23:02<Zimsky>maybe something crops up?
23:03<Zimsky>your power goes out
23:03<Zimsky>or in my case, falling asleep at the terminal
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23:21<zifnab>Zimsky: can i bother you for a screenshot of from australia
23:22<Zimsky>not in australia
23:22<Zimsky>try paul keating
23:22<zifnab>you know
23:22<zifnab>i can't wait to find out you live downstairs
23:23<zifnab>or something equally stupid
23:25<FluffyFoxeh>that's a neat page
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