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00:01<Noble>can i install cpanel on linode cloud servers?
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02:09*snubby nods
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02:11*FluffyFoxeh shakes head
02:12<newbie>Hi there, newbie question (it's been years since I've had to dip into this) - (1) Bought a domain name through I added a domain zone for it through Linode's Domain manager. Via the Linode's CLI, I've added it to sites-enabled and restarted apache. It's still ping'ing through to whois's IP - do I have to wait 24hrs after the last move?
02:13<Cromulent>newbie: did you change the nameservers to Linodes DNS on your domain registrar?
02:13<FluffyFoxeh>Did you change the domain's nameservers to Linode's name servers?
02:13<newbie>(2) I think I might have left it too long to update my ubuntu and can't now. It's currently lucid - anyway articles you can link me to lessen the pain of upgrading?
02:14<FluffyFoxeh>oh dear
02:14<Cromulent>10.04 is ancient
02:14<Cromulent>and outside of support
02:15<newbie>Thanks for reply! The new Domain Zone is a clone of an working existing one. I only edited the A/AAAA Records so nameserver setting is the same.
02:16<Cromulent>if you want Linodes DNS servers to handle the A/AAAA records you need to set your domains nameservers to Linode nameservers
02:16<newbie>@fluffy and cromulent - I know... :-( That's why I'm wondering if anyone knows of an article that helps ease the pain of upgrading.
02:16<Cromulent>personally I'd start with a fresh 16.04 install
02:16*snubby burps to indicate his linoding status
02:16<newbie>@cromulent I want to try to keep it as simple as possible so I'd imagine letting Linode DNS servers handling it?
02:17<Cromulent>yes but you still need to update the nameservers at your domain registrar
02:17<newbie><--newbie, a totally fresh install would be uber-painful
02:18<Cromulent>newbie: well if you want to upgrade you'll have to upgrade to 12.04 then upgrade to 14.04 then upgrade to 16.04
02:18<newbie>@cromulent - ok, I should ask to use, etc. as name servers for my new domain?
02:18<Cromulent>but seeing as it is out of support that may not be possible anymore
02:19<Cromulent>you just do it in your domain management console
02:19<newbie>I'm a new customer to whois - I'll have to fossick around to see that.
02:20<Cromulent>I didn't even know sold domains
02:20<newbie>meantime, looks like I just landed myself uberpain by forgetting to update my OS
02:20<newbie>crom: least I taught you something as well...
02:20<Cromulent>take a backup before you do anything
02:21<newbie>Might be time for me to bow out of using linodes. I used to know how to do things to this level but too busy in other things to keep up at this level...
02:22<Cromulent>you could always pay for professional services and the managed plan
02:27<newbie>hmm...I see what you mean. I only run 1 blog and maybe another coming up. I signed up on linode >10yrs ago because I has stuff that needed the grunt but things have moved on..
02:27<Cromulent>maybe you'd be better off with shared hosting if you don't have the time for sys admin stuff?
02:28<newbie>@cromulent exactly. pity, it was kinda fun fossicking around but no time now. that said, I wonder how the pricing of that compares to linode now...
02:29<Cromulent>if your blog is wordpress you could even move to
02:29<Cromulent>the paid plans that is
02:34<newbie>I wonder how the costs compare? I'm on a really old linode plan (Linode 1024)
02:35<newbie>Looks like whois has updated the NS settings. How long will it take to propagate? New website is still pinging to the whois' IP
02:37<newbie>Any1 have an idea of how much pro-service would be to upgrade my linode to latest ubuntu + switch over from XEN to KVM (yeh I know it is the click of a button but I want some hand holding in case anything breaks)
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02:51<FluffyFoxeh>refused: for what it's worth, nothing fundamental to Linux system administration has changed in the last 7 years
02:51<FluffyFoxeh>not a lot anyway
02:54<refused>fluffy - thanks. Except I've deskilled :-(
02:54<refused>for example, I've somehow managed to make my apache fail to reload :-O
02:56<refused>"sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload" got an OK. I then did some pinging, ran "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoclean" and now apache reloading is returning a fail
02:57<refused>Any suggestions where I start to look where the problem lies?
02:58<refused>"sudo service apache2 restart" failed to be exact.
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06:49<snubby>leenodah eh
07:53<DrJ>hmm, linode all of a sudden is rejecting my 2fa
07:54<ponas>check your clock
07:55<DrJ>clock is right
07:56<DrJ>minor miracle... I just found my scratch code
07:59<DrJ>I just regenerated my 2fa and now it works
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08:46<cbirk>good morning
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09:14<cbirk>jleal: <3
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09:17<cbirk>Zimsky: don't hate
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09:18<Zimsky>cbirk: no
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10:00<Jackrabbit>Does anyone have a suggestion on how I might be able to identify why there was a CPU usage spike on my linode? Logs that I should check or something in the dashboard? Today I received a notice of high usage and I would like to know why it was happening. Thank you.
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11:20<Patrick>Why is Linode port scanning my system?
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11:20<millisa>I don't know, why?
11:21<Patrick>Source: whois.arin.netIP Address: LINODE-USHandle: NET-45-79-0-0-1Registration Date: 4/29/15Range: LinodeOrg Handle: LINODAddress: 329 E. Jimmie Leeds Road Suite A City: GallowayState/Province: NJPostal Code: 08205Country: UNITED STATES
11:21<millisa>this joke is terrible.
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12:28<nava>I want to start my own Email Marketing site
12:28<nava>I am developer
12:29<nava>I want it sell for small business
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12:29<nava>Can i use Linode for bulk mail marketing to my client
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12:53<ben_>when using linode server, are we allow to instll Plex Media Server
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13:00<skyler_>hey folks. I’d like to add a terabyte drive to an existing Linode. I can’t seem to find per-disk pricing. Do you offer this? I’m most used to Google Cloud Platform, where I can create, resize, snapshot disks, attach them to any server, etc.
13:01<grawity>there is no per-disk pricing *yet*
13:01<skyler_>is adding additional disks, outside of a Linode’s storage allotment, possible?
13:01<skyler_>regardless of special pricing I mean
13:02<grawity>again, not yet; see /topic though
13:02<skyler_>right, yeah. Okay, thank you
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14:01<scraper>Does linode allow scraping websites from their VPSs?
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14:03<grawity>I assume Linode does not forbid it as long as the websites being scraped themselves allow it
14:04<grawity>otherwise it might fall under "unauthorized access"
14:05<scraper>thx for ur reply
14:05<scraper>yes the site allows it
14:05<scraper>in fact it provides robots.txt to help scrapers & google bots
14:06<scraper>the issue is it consumes about 30GB of bandwith to scrape the website
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14:07<grawity>that's not much bandwidth really
14:07<scraper>which means 30GB * 2 websites * 30 days = 1800GB / month
14:07<grawity>(well "30GB" without a time unit is also not bandwidth either, but)
14:09<scraper>OK so If i use the 2TB/month I should be fine
14:09<scraper>It's not against TOS
14:10<grawity>afaik, incoming traffic isn't really metered anyway
14:10<grawity>but when the plan allows e.g. 2TB outgoing, then I'm sure 2TB incoming would be 100% fine
14:10<scraper>Does scrapping account as out or incoming ?
14:11<grawity>well does data go into the linode or out from it?
14:11<scraper>I download webpages from to my server & store it to a local file
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14:13<scraper>so it's going into linode but as reponse to my request
14:13<scraper>my requests are 28mb
14:13<scraper>my responses are 2.9GB
14:14<grawity>is that 28 MB total, or 28 MB per request?
14:14<grawity>out of curiosity
14:14<grawity>I was almost wondering what unholy kind of HTTP you're using
14:14<scraper>i am using Scrapy
14:15<grawity>traffic isn't measured based on "requests" or "responses"
14:15<grawity>if it goes into the linode, it's incoming
14:16<scraper>so 2-3 TB of webpage downloads should be fine for the 5$ plan?
14:16<scraper>$5/mo ($.0075/hr) 1 GB RAM 1 CPU Core 20 GB SSD Storage 1 TB Transfer
14:17<grawity>the Terms of Service *do* mention "excessive network capacity"
14:17<scraper>yes that is what i am talking about
14:17<grawity>I don't know what the official word is; might want to just directly ask support
14:17<scraper>they mention free incoming traffic
14:18<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Online Games <>
14:18<scraper>ok thx anyway :)
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14:54<sunny>Need help on choosing the linode plan.
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14:54<sunny>I sell themes on popular marketplaces and have setup 5 demos running Prestashop.
14:55<sunny>Can anyone suggest which Linode plan will I need?
14:56<sunny>Demos means live preview of my theme which shows buyers how theme will look after installing.
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15:45<geabenitez>Hello everyone, quick question, how can I configure my 1GB linode (using Ubuntu 16 LTS) to accept remoce mysql connections?
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15:46<millisa>open the port to the IP you want to allow the connection from and set the appropriate grants in mysql
15:47<millisa>(if you're just wanting to open it to use a local mysql client; most of the modern ones can tunnel over ssh)
15:49<geabenitez>millisa: I want to connect to the database using HeidiSQL from a different computer (so the IP may vary from one computer to another)
15:50<millisa>Have you seen this?
15:51<geabenitez>No, but I'll take a look to it right now. thank you
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17:01<relidy>^ spam (not that it's hard to tell)
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18:49<dwfreed>RIP millisa
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19:14<chamil>i am going to install phpfox
19:14<chamil>can anyone tell me anything about it
19:15<millisa>I'd never heard of it until you asked about it...
19:16<chamil>its a social media script
19:17<chamil>they recommend linode for hosting
19:17<millisa>this is old/deprecated,
19:18<Cromulent>nope sorry never heard of it
19:18<millisa>and I didn't notice, there's nothing of real value on that 'guide'
19:18<DrJ>never heard of it
19:19<DrJ>linode is good for hosting just about anything though
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20:08<reillyeon>Has anyone else had an issue booting their Linode after migrating from dallas1 to dallas2?
20:09<millisa>All of mine have been rock solid after migration
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20:09<millisa>what's yours doing when it boots?
20:09<reillyeon>Mine thinks it is running but Lish can't connect to the console and I can't SSH in.
20:09<reillyeon>(Ticket 8705147)
20:10<reillyeon>Trying to connect with Lish looks like it causes something to realize it is not running and initiates another boot task.
20:10<reillyeon>Oh, I see, Lassie is trying to boot it every minute.
20:11<reillyeon>The jobs show success but nothing changes.
20:12<millisa>definitely sounds odd. have you tried booting it in rescue mode?
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20:14<reillyeon>That worked but, oh, wait, I see I'm getting a kernel panic on regular boot.
20:14-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
20:15<reillyeon>Lish doesn't stay connected long enough for me to see what it is.
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20:15<millisa>logview in lish should let you see it
20:16<millisa>there's an example here
20:19<reillyeon>My best guess is that something on my system is optimized improperly for the new host's CPU. Talking to support. Thanks for your help.
20:20<dwfreed>are you running gentoo?
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20:23<reillyeon>dwfreed: Yes.
20:24<dwfreed>the lowest common denominator at this point is ivy bridge, so I wouldn't recommend setting your -march any newer than that
20:24<dwfreed>if you're lucky, your toolchain will still work, so you can chroot into your disk from rescue mode and rebuild everything
20:26<reillyeon>I don't think I had it set any higher than ivy bridge but I'm not sure. Definitely going to be a lot less aggressive about it from here on out.
20:49<reillyeon>sjacobs: Ping. I would really like to move back to my old host so I can prepare more thoroughly for the migration.
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20:59<@sjacobs>reillyeon: sorry about the delay. a ticket update is already in progress.
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22:29<atula>asking to see if anyone ever came across this problem. I read docs and google all day but couldn't figure it out. Does anyone know what's the flag to point to custom Erlang location when you're installing rabbitmq?
22:29<dwfreed>how are you installing rabbitmq?
22:30<atula>oh interesting!
22:31<atula>it just occurred to me that the docs isn't a usual cmmi
22:31<atula>it's literally just download, extract, remove root folder
22:31<atula>holy cow
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