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01:43<zifnab>this is the most informative ticket I have ever recieved.
01:43<zifnab>i'm actually impressed at the total lack of information provided.
01:45<zifnab>hey look a human
01:45<FluffyFoxeh>it was such an emergency they didn't have time to explain
01:46<retro|blah>jenkins eh
01:46<zifnab>why not?
01:46<zifnab>not entirely sure what else to use for "I have a bunch of random boxes and need them to do the same task repeatedly"
01:47*zifnab waits for "GoCD"
01:47*zifnab vomits all over the idea
01:47<retro|blah>Oh, it was referring to a hostname got it
01:51<zifnab>i tend to name boxes after what they do, most of the time
01:51<zifnab>they're cattle afterall
01:52<FluffyFoxeh>my boxes sort of do "everything" so it's hard to name them that way
01:52<zifnab>yup, my personal ones do too
01:52<zifnab>new boxes for that project are just swarm01/swarm02/swarm03/..../swarm06
01:53<zifnab>just...haven't moved everything over to coreos yet
01:53<Ikaros>Well that's interesting. I only do like three queries to today and then it tells me I hit a limit.
01:55<Toba_>Maybe the limit is done on a netblock level?
01:55<FluffyFoxeh>only thing I know about coreos is that the name looks like oreos
01:55<FluffyFoxeh>And I like Oreos
01:55<Toba_>now I want Oreos
01:55<Toba_>Thanks a ton
01:55<retro|blah>The store is still open, so...
01:55<FluffyFoxeh>welcome :3
01:55<retro|blah>(at least in my area)
01:55<Toba_>Maybe your store is still open :p
01:55<Toba_>Mine is not.
01:55<FluffyFoxeh>I have a 24 hour store in walking distance
01:55<FluffyFoxeh>it's wonderful
01:56<Toba_>I probably have several actually
01:56<Toba_>if I'm willing to walk a couple minutes
01:56<Ikaros>Toba_ here's what's weird about it. I switched browsers, tried the same query I had beforehand that got me the error, and it works.
01:56<Toba_>but, I'm also not willing to leave the house right now, don't need Oreos that bad :p
01:56<Toba_>Ikaros: maybe the only limit is yourself
01:57<Toba_>That is odd, though.
01:57<Toba_>None of my mental models fit that.
01:57<Toba_>Except maybe doing the limit using user agent + remote ip
01:57<Toba_>and it's a really stupid low limit
01:57<FluffyFoxeh>the guy working the graveyard shift probably remembers me now as the dude who buys nacho chips at 2am
01:58<Toba_>Or maybe the limit error just is configured as the 503 page for the site nad it's overloaded.
01:59<Ikaros>See thing is, it throws this on my IPv6 address. Which, by the way, is my HE IPv6 tunnel.
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01:59<Ikaros>So it's inconceivable that a netblock would be affected as that entire netblock is exclusive to my tunnel, unless its a wider netblock encompassing mine.
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02:02<zifnab>Toba_: you do know that coreos is pronounced like oreos except with a leading k sound right
02:02<zifnab>should have called it koreos
02:02<Toba_>I didn't know that and I don't know that, but I like to believe that you're right
02:04<FluffyFoxeh>it should be
02:14<zifnab>Toba_: welcome to english, where words are pronounced how the majority of speakers pronounce them. spread the word
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02:31<Zimsky>english is the most fucked up language
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03:02*dcraig tickles zimsky around a bit with a large nurse shark
03:02<Zimsky>those are fucked
03:02*dcraig nurses on zimsky
03:03<Zimsky>don't do that
03:08*rsdehart raises public outcry
03:08*rsdehart gets out his "I'M OFFENDED" sign
03:09<rsdehart>jk it was already out. It's always out.
03:09*dcraig tickles rsdehart around a bit with a large razorfish
03:09<rsdehart>so offended
03:10<dcraig>that's hot
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03:14*zifnab tickles dcraig with a bit of a large prehistoric feline
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03:18<zifnab>i'll let you decide which bit that was
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05:36<gbit>6 hours to replace a server? :(
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07:17<jstitt>hi linodians!
07:18<Don>hello, Linode newbie here
07:19<Don>if I have a 48GB disk, and I want to increase the space, is it just as simple as resizing it, rebooting and i'm done?
07:19<jstitt>Well, shudown first, resize using the Linode Manager assuming you have the storage available, and then reboot.
07:20<jstitt>(Edit the disk image and enter a "new size" in the box)
07:21<jstitt>If you need a larger plan, you can resize to a larger Linode from the "Resize" tab and then do the above*
07:21<Don>what if I'm fine with the CPU and RAM, just need bigger disk
07:22<jstitt>Linode has all-in-one pricing, so typically you'll need to upgrade to a larger Linode.
07:22<Cromulent>also blovk storage is in beta at the moment
07:22<Don>lets say the $20/month plan, it has 48GB storage, what if I want to add storage,
07:22<Don>i see
07:22<jstitt>Ah, yeah beta block storage.
07:23<Don>but upgrading to the next plan won't mess up any of my files/installation
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07:23<jstitt>Nope, upgrading only allocates more resources for the VM itself. If you upgrade, you'll still need to increase the disk image.
07:23<ponas>look at it this way: by paying for a better plan to get more storage, you get more RAM and CPU for _free_!
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07:25<Don>cool, thanks guys
07:25<jstitt>Surely :)
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07:41<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new one <>
07:42<rsdehart>I am the new one who knocks.
07:42*JamesTK knocks on rsdehart's skull
07:42<JamesTK>hmm... maybe a full 42RU rack isn't the right thing to knock someone's head with
07:43<jstitt>iptables -A INPUT -s rsdehart -j DROP ; # I AM THE ONE WHO DROPS :)
07:44*rsdehart sets JamesTK on fire
07:44*rsdehart finishes dying
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07:46<jstitt>Makes you wonder what happened to models 1-4 ^
07:51<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Why did system reboot itself? <>
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08:55<v0lksman>hey all! I'm in a lish console and using VI to edit a do I get my esc : commands working? I just get a wuff wuff
08:55<Zimsky>a what what
08:55<v0lksman>a message at the bottom of the console saying wuff --- wuff!!
08:56<Zimsky>that's a bit weird.
08:56<v0lksman>pretty sure it's an inside joke with screen or whatever they are using to session the terminal
08:56<v0lksman>just can't figure out the escape commands
08:58<ponas>wuff wuff is the terminal bell in screen
08:59<v0lksman>I got out using ZZ but that wouldn't help if I needed to save
08:59<ponas>try nano :>
09:00<hawk>ZZ saves, though?
09:01<v0lksman>oh! cool!
09:01<hawk>You're not using the web thingy for accessing lish, are you?
09:01<v0lksman>uhm..yes for now
09:01<hawk>Don't do that?
09:02<hawk>If you use ssh to lish, I imagine you wouldn't have those issues
09:03<hawk>I don't get why the web thing is in such a prominent position. It just causes trouble
09:04<v0lksman>it's just convenient and 90% of the time when I use Lish I just want to see what happened during boot
09:04<hawk>It's convenient until you interact with it and everything turns to ****
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09:24<hawk>(glish is probably better in that regard, but has its own issues, being a graphical thing)
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09:53<shubham>any one solve my problem in linode server
09:53<linbot>shubham: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:54<shubham>css files data not refelect in browser
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09:55<mgrimes>Hi all, I'm wondering if there is a way to resize disks (not the beta volumes) using the linode-cli?
09:55<dwfreed>mgrimes: yes
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09:56<dwfreed>shubham: browsers cache CSS and JS often times more aggressively than you'd like; add a query param to the path that you increment every time you change (or make it a hash of the file, or your VCS hash of the commit, etc)
09:56<dwfreed>shubham: eg, /path/to/styles.css?1 /path/to/styles.css?2 etc
09:58<mgrimes>dwfreed: great, but I'm stumped. I even looked at the v4 python cli.
09:58<shubham>any other way to solve my problem
10:01<dwfreed>mgrimes: huh, yeah, that doesn't seem to be implemented
10:01<dwfreed>I thought it was
10:02<dwfreed>it's in the API, just not in the CLI tools
10:02<dwfreed>shubham: clear your cache?
10:02<shubham>i am clear browser cache but its not reflect
10:03<shubham>how to clear linode cache
10:04<mgrimes>Well, I'm glad to know I didn't miss it. If it in v3, maybe I can add it.
10:04<mgrimes>Nothing like a little yak shaving on a Friday.
10:06<dwfreed>shubham: unless you set up a cache on your Linode like varnish, there wouldn't be one on your Linode
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10:31<fission6>I am trying to believe in linode, I have used linode for 6 yrs to serve a web app, in the last year its CONSTANT server issues, today I got a new one that hardware failed and linode is moving to new hardware. I just went to reboot my server and get "Unable to boot 32-bit on this host. Please open a support ticket."
10:31<fission6>my customer is getting very frustrated with all the downtime in recent months do to server maintence
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10:33<Zimsky>pond cats
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10:38*john slaps amassry around a bit with a large fishbot
10:38<Zimsky>DON'T DO THAT
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10:39<fission6>is anyone here a linode employee that coudl help
10:39<john>only thing around here is just bots man,
10:39<Zimsky>there are ≥21 linode employees here
10:40<john>let them reveal themselves
10:40<HoopyCat>most are probably busy doin' their jobs tho :p
10:40<Zimsky>or sleeping
10:40<Zimsky>sleep is important too
10:40<john>their jobs includes attending to us, their clients right??
10:41<Zimsky>it also includes sleeping
10:41*john slaps Zimsky around a bit with a large fishbot
10:41<Zimsky>don't do that.
10:41<john>are you one of them???
10:41<Zimsky>a bot? yes
10:41<Zimsky>you haven't actually said what your issue is
10:41<HoopyCat>john: some of them, yes. opening a ticket or calling them on the phone will get in touch with someone
10:42<john>do you guys have block storages?????
10:43<Zimsky>not personally
10:43<fission6>whats the point of this channel?
10:43<Zimsky>what's the point of life?
10:43<john>Like does linode have block storages???
10:43<Zimsky>yes, linode does
10:44<Zimsky>see the topic
10:44<john>Yeah zimsky, what's the point of this channel??
10:44<fission6>OK so this is not an official support channel
10:44<Zimsky>HoopyCat: help
10:44<john>No it doesn't you are lying...
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10:45<HoopyCat>this is not an official support channel. this is a community discussion channel.
10:45<john>How many real people are here???
10:46<HoopyCat> <--- ways to contact actual linode support
10:46<john>lksakdskjalska;lkdj;alkdjl;sakjd;lsakjdclksjdlksa;ldk ;lsakd ;alkdalskej;lwhkcjsa;lk;lkds';lkdsj';aJLCKJN ;LSAKD ;LSKD;LASKDJ;SLAKD;LKAS;LXKALKSA'LKS;claKJSDL;AKJSD;lkanc;laKS;LKJSclna;dl nka;lskna;lksdj;lask; laskjd;lkasj;dlkj;alskm ;lskdm;lsn ;lskds;alkdjcas;lkdj;AKLSJ';LKSjlakjdskhdck nsalkn lskadja;lkdn lasn;ldkj;asldknc; lsakn;ldkc ;lsakn ;alkdj;aslkdj;salkdjc;lkn d;lsakjf;lsakjd;lsakjdvlkn sa;dlk;salkdn ;laskdn;lsakdj;ln ;asldkn ;asldjf;saldkj;aslkdsakn
10:47<john>can you read that zimsky???
10:47<john>or hoppyCat
10:47<john>which one of you is a girl???
10:47<dwfreed>john: enough
10:48<john>peace out
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10:49<HoopyCat><--- girl
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10:50<Zimsky>same irl
10:50<Zimsky>john: are you a girl too?
10:50<dwfreed>there are no girls on the internet
10:51<Zimsky>dwfreed: ikr. it's impossible to ban me from anywhere because I don't exist to begin with
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11:28<john>John is a dudes name dumbass
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11:33<Zimsky>john: not if you try hard enough
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11:34<dwfreed>drop it
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11:37<fission6>anyone have insight into rebooting a linode and getting "Unable to boot 32-bit on this host. Please open a support ticket."
11:38<relidy>fission6: Recently move from Xen to KVM?
11:40-!-mode/#linode [+b *!*@] by mcintosh
11:40-!-john was kicked from #linode by mcintosh [john]
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11:40<dwfreed>relidy: KVM wouldn't have that requirement
11:41<dwfreed>fission6: perhaps you should do what it says :)
11:42<relidy>dwfreed: Ah, I misread the emails then. Re-reading, it appears you are correct and the warnings I got were because we had an old kernel version (<4.x) pinned. My apologies.
11:43<fission6>dwfreed: i have was hoping someone could help here, i guess i will wait
11:44<dwfreed>You're on an old Xen host; you can either boot a 64 bit kernel, or switch to KVM
11:45-!-gbit [] has joined #linode
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11:45<gbit>Hi, can I swap IPv6 address between Linodes?
11:47<dwfreed>gbit: not the main address
11:47<dwfreed>as it's tied to the MAC address, which is fixed and derived from the Linode ID
11:47<gbit>thanks dwfreed
11:47<dwfreed>you can get IPv6 pools that you can use freely among Linodes in the same facility
11:48<linbot>IPv6 is currently available in all six facilities! More info:
11:48<gbit>cheers I will ask for it
11:48<dwfreed>you want the /116
11:49<fission6>dwfreed: if i switch to KVM can i use a snapshot/disk image
11:50<fission6>I guess what i am saying, whats a "good" upgrade path dwfreed
11:50<dwfreed>KVM is a mostly transparent switch
11:50<dwfreed>you have to be migrated to a different host, but the distro helper will fix your fstab to use the /dev/sd* names instead of /dev/xvd* names
11:51<dwfreed>should also fix up the console so it ends up on the right device (so LISH works as it should)
11:52-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
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11:56<fission6>dwfreed: is it possible to spin up a kvm using an image of my current machine
11:56-!-mindlesstux is "ZNC -" on #virtualization #virt @#tuz-oftc @#tuz #qemu #osm #openttd #openconnect #observium #linode #ipv6 #OpenRailwayMap
11:56<fission6>like using a snapshot backup
11:56<dwfreed>you could, yes
11:56*Zimsky takes a photo of a rack server
11:56<fission6>dwfreed: would i hit any issues if i am using an old ubuntu distro (like 10.4)
11:56<dwfreed>you might
11:56<dwfreed>you definitely should update; 10.04 stopped being supported 2 years ago
11:56<dwfreed>almost 2.5 years ago
11:56-!-atula [~neobreed@] has joined #linode
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11:59<fission6>dwfreed: i created a support ticket for my 32 bit issue, i also have snapshot backsup for my linode, should i just try to upgrade the linode to KVM and see if it happens to solve my issues or wait for support to get back to me (likely going to tell me to ugprade to KVM id have to think)
11:59-!-NomadJim [~Jim@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:59-!-gbit [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:59<smallclone>fission6: the only issue i know of with older ubuntu installs + kvm (this is prob just for ones older than 10.04) is that sometimes you need to disable the "automount devtmpfs" helper under the config profile
12:00<fission6>ok i will keep that in mind
12:00-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
12:00<fission6>i am debating just pulling the trigger and trying to upgrade to kvm so i can get the server going again but not sure if i should just *wait* for suport
12:01<smallclone>fission6: i would restore a backup snapshot to a new kvm linode and see how that works for you
12:01<Zimsky>I read "i am debating just pulling the trigger" and panicked
12:02<smallclone>it shouldn't take very long, depending on the size of your backup...and Linode support response times increase during peak hours in the US, like right now
12:02<@jspinosi>hey fission6, I'm sorry for the trouble you've had here. This is our community channel so if you need to contact our support team opening a ticket would be the best way. Right now things are a bit backed up but if you have created a ticket please PM me the ticket number and I'll mark it as urgent for you. If you're still on the legacy Xen platform it's likely that any maintenance that you've been having is due to reboots to apply critical
12:02<@jspinosi> security patches to our Xen hypervisor. While we certainly don't like subjecting our customers to repeated downtime I'm afraid applying these patches is not something that we can postpone or avoid.
12:02<fission6>smallclone: OK, my only issue there is that i would have a new IP right and would need to configure a bunch of things
12:03<smallclone>fission6: well if everything look good on the restored machine, you delete it, and then upgrade your xen linode to kvm
12:03<fission6>jspinosi: i got a special message about a hardware issue, and that its now resolved but i can't reboot my linode
12:03<fission6>smallclone: yea
12:04<@jspinosi>Can you send me your ticket number? I'll make sure someone from our support team gets eyes on that for you
12:04-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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12:10<fission6>ok so how do i want to try and spin up a new instance using a snapshot
12:10<fission6>i can play with that until support comes back
12:12<@jspinosi>you can create a new linode in newark and then restore a backup or snapshot to it through the Backups tab in the Dashboard of your existing Linode
12:15<fission6>will the backup, include ssh keys and such?
12:15<smallclone>it's the entire yes
12:15<fission6>ok cool so i have a new instance up
12:15<fission6>now go to backups on my old one
12:16<fission6>ok i think its restoring
12:16<fission6>ill let it finish and then try to ssh in
12:18<fission6>OK restore is done
12:18<fission6>now what?
12:21<fission6>weird looks like i have to epxlicitly boot it
12:22<fission6>excellent! more errors
12:22<fission6>This isn't a KVM kernel! Fix your configuration profile.
12:22-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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12:39<HoopyCat>fission6: what is your kernel set to in your Configuration Profile? (setting it to "Latest 32 bit" should do the right thing)
12:39-!-mgrimes_ [] has joined #linode
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12:42<fission6>HoopyCat: my server was deployed to the wrong instance type or something was fixed through a ticket
12:43-!-bauen1 [~quassel@2a02:810d:1980:5d2c:5c2e:a768:460b:6fa9] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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12:44<HoopyCat>fission6: cool. (might be worth planning to rebuild your stuff on a newer OS tho... ubuntu 10.04 is over 7 years old and no longer supported)
12:46<fission6>HoopyCat: yea i know :( its just such a passive project that still needs to be "up" i'd really need to dig in to deploy to a new OS and import mongo data and such
12:46<fission6>maybe i could get away with just updating my server OS and praying but i am sure python versions and such would break
12:46<fission6>it would really be a mini dedicated effort, does that make sense HoopyCat
12:46-!-atula [~neobreed@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
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13:00<HoopyCat>fission6: an upgrade should be fine, but test it on a scratch linode first of course. if you do rebuild, look into containerization and/or deployment automation... decoupling "what your application needs to run" from "what the system needs to support the container(s)" can make upgrades and fresh installs much nicer in my experience
13:01-!-jback [] has joined #linode
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13:01<HoopyCat>i can complain all day about docker (but i won't cuz i got actual work to do, heh) but docker-compose is kinda sweet
13:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
13:02<fission6>HoopyCat: yea i am also getting into PaaS and considering some of them
13:08<HoopyCat>(disclaimer: my web operational experience right now is only running a smol multiuser mastodon instance on a Linode 4GB, so YMMV)
13:22<Zimsky>dat aaS
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14:30<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
14:30<ADI_>I need some questions to be answered
14:30<ADI_>Hello Millisa
14:31<ADI_>So first of all I am representing a startup and I am not a tech person .
14:31<ADI_>So I am comparing the prices and making sure the first server which we will be deploying is the best and also cost effective
14:32<ADI_>Do you support the docker containers?
14:32<smallclone>Linodes support just about everything that runs on Linux
14:32<smallclone>they are just Linux VMs
14:32<ADI_>Which all languages are supported here?
14:32<smallclone>with full root access, running whatever distribution you choose
14:32<ADI_>So it it a dedicated server ?
14:33<smallclone>it is a virtual server
14:33<ADI_>Virtual server . awesome.
14:33<ADI_>And what is the SLA time ?
14:33<ADI_>uptime of the server to be precise
14:34<smallclone>it's 99.9% uptime or something like that, basically it allows them a window of 45 minutes of downtime per month before you're entitled to an SLA credit
14:34<smallclone>it's not like your vm will go down every month or something though..many Linodes run for hundreds of days at a time
14:35<ADI_>So incase there is a server maintenance downtime , are the backups made automatically at no cost?
14:35<ADI_>Or will I lose the data
14:35<smallclone>it's pretty rare to lose data during maintenance
14:35<smallclone>however, they offer the Backup Service as an extra
14:36<ADI_>I know I might be a little stupid, but its just that I am a non tech guy and I can't trust anyone when it comes to procurement since we are a small group
14:37<ADI_>Do you have any discount going on for the startups?
14:37<smallclone>well, presumably you have someone to actually set all of this stuff up for you - Linode is pretty hands on, it's just Linux on a virtual machine and you build up everything from there.
14:37<smallclone>i would say that they almost undoubtedly do not
14:37<v0lksman>"server maintenance" done by Linode is typically unobtrusive to your VM. However if it will affect your running host they usually provide plenty of notice and sometimes even a migration button that moves you to another host.
14:38<smallclone>but you could open a ticket or something and ask if you want.
14:38<millisa>You might want to check out the docs, too (there's usually a promo code in them)
14:38<smallclone>yeah you can almost always use DOCS10 for a 10 dollar promo code
14:39<millisa>the getting started doc that is listed first will give you an idea of what you are getting into; it walks you through provisioning a linode
14:39<ADI_>Thanks a lot guys
14:40<ADI_>You have been really helpful .
14:40<smallclone>no problem
14:41<ADI_>And one more last question.
14:41<ADI_>Do you also provide email services ?
14:41-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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14:41<smallclone>they basically just provide servers
14:41<smallclone>just empty servers that you can run *anything* on
14:42<dwfreed>well, almost anything
14:42<smallclone>provided that it doesn't violate their tos. they do not have a separate email offering. but you can run a mail server on your Linode.
14:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
14:42<ADI_>SO how will the email hosting be done? :/ If anybody has worked on it before.
14:42<dwfreed>I recommend just using Google Apps
14:42<millisa>you don't have to have your email at the same place you get your servers for things like web service.
14:42<millisa>You could do office365 if that's what makes you happy. Or run your own inhouse mail server.
14:43-!-silphium1 [] has joined #linode
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14:43<smallclone>you should probably consult with whatever technical person you have, in terms of how to implement it. some kind of google / ms apps solution is going to be miles easier than self-hosting a mail server and all that entails
14:43<ADI_>I can do that.
14:43-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
14:43<ADI_>Anyways thank you so much.
14:44<ADI_>And I would also request you guys to have a glimpse at
14:44<ADI_>Thats my startup project
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15:23<geabenitez>Hello all, I am trying to Install the PHP SQLSRV Extension, i have followed all the steps in but when doing the following command sudo pecl7.0-sp install sqlsrv i got the following error sudo: pecl7.0-sp: command not found
15:27<geabenitez>Any ideas how can i fix that? i will really appreciate it
15:28<smallclone>geabenitez: are you actually using serverpilot?
15:30<geabenitez>smallclone: No, i'm using Linode, but that is the guide i found
15:30-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:30<smallclone>Linode is not a piece of software, it's just a platform
15:31<smallclone>if you aren't using serverpilot on your Linode, that guide won't work for you
15:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
15:33<geabenitez>smallclone: Ok, i get it, so what should i do to make it work? intall serverpilot?
15:34<smallclone>i would just google your linux distribution name + version + "sqlsrv"
15:34<smallclone>or something like that
15:35<smallclone>serverpilot is a whole big stupid thing you don't need it just to get a php extension, also i'm pretty sure it costs money or something
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16:06<@mcintosh>> Vigora
16:13<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • StackScript on CoreOS <>
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17:15<Zimsky>mcintosh: Vigora is awesome
17:15<Zimsky>don't dis it
17:16<smallclone>does it combine viagra and a fedora?
17:16<Zimsky>a really tiny fedora
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19:39<marshwallow>Hi guys! I'm currently following the Using Your System’s hosts File guide. Now, the guide suggests that I should add the system's FQDN to the DNS records. What happens if I don't, i.e. why should it be done?
19:39<Zimsky>the world will cease to exist
19:39<Zimsky>ikr I'm pretty pleased too
19:40<Zimsky>I'm confused though, what do DNS records have to do with the hosts file
19:40<marshwallow>I'd *really* like to know that.
19:41<marshwallow>Could I leave the hosts file untouched, just set up Apache and DNS records to make work?
19:42<Zimsky>it mostly depends on what you're trying to do
19:42<marshwallow>For now, I'm trying to host a plain, stupid, HTML-only webpage.
19:43<marshwallow>All I want to achieve is to see the "It works!" message on my domain.
19:43<marshwallow>I know I could blindly follow the guide and it will most probably end up fine, but I'd really like to know why I'm doing what I'm doing.
19:44<Zimsky>what's the guide
19:51<marshwallow>Am I missing something, or is the guide a bit vague?
20:03<marshwallow>From what I see, editing /etc/hosts seems like a needless hassle, but correct me if I'm wrong.
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20:08<marshwallow>Hi linbot!
20:08<marshwallow>How you doin'?
20:08<marshwallow>Can you help me with the /etc/hosts thingy?
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20:21<dzho>that's not how this works
20:22<marshwallow>That's what I expected.
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20:53<Iguil>What is the qustion?
20:54<marshwallow>What should I do to associate with my Linode?
20:54<marshwallow>What is the purpose of /etc/hosts in this process?
20:55<marshwallow>Could I get away with doing only a DNS record association?
20:55<Iguil>You can set up a DNS record of "" and any other hosts pointing to the IPv4/IPv6 ip of your linode
20:55<Iguil>you dont NEED to set up anything in /etc/hosts
20:55<Iguil>I have plenty of working servers where I never touched the /etc/hosts
20:56<marshwallow>So, it's merely an optimization?
20:56<marshwallow>OK, that's valuable information. Thank you.
20:56<Iguil>yes, I guess you could say that
20:56<Iguil>it wont matter to the world without the actual DNS record anyways
20:56<marshwallow>That's what I thought.
20:58<marshwallow>Okay, for the sake of optimizing, or, as I see, to avoid my Linode asking the DNS for its own domain, what should I add to the hosts file? "" or "<ip.address>"?
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21:08<smallclone>you don't need to add anything to your hosts file just to host a web page
21:09<smallclone>prepending an IP address as some kind of..subdomain or whatever your examples are doing, wouldn't make any sense. dns entries are intended to map to IP addresses so that you don't have to remember IP addresses
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21:13<marshwallow>So... does editing /etc/hosts make any sense then?
21:13<marshwallow>From what I see, it helps in finding out that is in fact localhost without the aid of DNS servers.
21:14-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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21:14<smallclone>it makes sense in contexts where you need to have a fully qualified domain name
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21:15<smallclone>and probably for some other things. and yeah, you can add whatever dns entries you want in there to make your machine resolve to if you want to
21:16<bow_>hello everyone
21:16<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
21:17<marshwallow>Okay, so to make it show the default page on my Linode when I type in the address bar, I just need to configure DNS records?
21:18<marshwallow>No changes on /etc/hosts are necessary?
21:18<smallclone>assuming all your web server config is correct, yes
21:18<marshwallow>Not even for some speedups mentioned here:
21:18<bow_>thank you smallclone
21:20-!-bow_ is now known as BowBoy
21:21<smallclone>marshmallow: without any modifications to /etc/hosts, your machine will refer to itself as whatever the default hostname was on the image, ie. on ubuntu it's "ubuntu" i think, on slackware it;s traditionally "darkstar"
21:21<smallclone>as that article says, none of this really matters to people visiting your site - they don't care or even necessarily know what your machine's hostname is
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21:22<marshwallow>So, no speed gains, not even when messing on Linode localhost?
21:23<smallclone>i don't really know where you took away this speed gains concept
21:23<smallclone>but no
21:23<marshwallow>"So, if I understand right, in the "hosts" file, it is a good practice to set the FQDN as the website I am about to host, otherwise the server would be "silly" for not knowing what it is when talking to itself."
21:24<smallclone>that just means that a machine can resolve its own hostname without a dns entry
21:24<marshwallow>Silliness sounds like it asks DNS who is, and then it finds out it's himself. Sounds like a slowdown, at least on a really small scale.
21:24<smallclone>it had nothing to do with the speed of a website
21:25<smallclone>yeah but that example is misleading because pretty much every distro configures a basic /etc/hosts by default
21:25<marshwallow>That's why I asked for the localhost scenario.
21:25<smallclone>linux machines do not actually go to dns servers to find out their own hostname
21:26<smallclone>at least in any use case i've ever seen
21:26<marshwallow>Not even if the hostname in question is a "remote" domain?
21:27<smallclone>a hostname is not a domain
21:28<marshwallow>Let's say I'm developing an application on a Linode server and I'm constantly communicating with a which is hosted on that server. If I don't touch the /etc/hosts, will I see any losses?
21:28<marshwallow>And by losses I mean any losses, even those measured in nanoseconds.
21:29<smallclone>if you want to make to your public ip in your /etc/hosts go right ahead
21:29-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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21:30<marshwallow>Will it affect anything?
21:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
21:30<marshwallow>I hate to point out the obvious, but it was a yes/no question.
21:31<marshwallow>I got a 'lmao' after that. It's a string, and a bool was expected :D.
21:31*marshwallow throws a TypeError
21:31<smallclone>ugh just try it and find out
21:32<marshwallow>Tried. No difference.
21:32<smallclone>yeah that's about what i expected
21:32<smallclone>well we've all learned a lot here. i mean not really. but it's like we did.
21:33<marshwallow>Linode guide emphasized the hosts file, while in reality it seems to be irrelevant.
21:33<smallclone>which guide emphasized the hosts file
21:34<marshwallow>A guy on SO was also confused by this:
21:34<smallclone>it isn't a bad practice at all to set it
21:34<smallclone>there's certain software that requires it, for one thing
21:34<marshwallow>Oh, so it matters?
21:35<marshwallow>Now that's a plot twist!
21:35<smallclone>shit are you trolling me
21:36<smallclone>i already said there are totally situations where it matters
21:36<marshwallow>At least not by the basic definition of 'trolling'.
21:36<FluffyFoxeh>they see me trollin, they hatin'
21:36<smallclone>i'm telling you not to do it because a) it's not strictly necessary for a web server and b) i don't think you know what you're doing and you would probably break things
21:39<marshwallow>b) is always likely, but I'm not new to Linux at all. And I learn from breaking stuff as often as from reading.
21:39<marshwallow>Dunning-Kruger much?
21:40<marshwallow>I have yet to break Linux so badly that it needs a reinstall, and have in mind I had kernel panics, but reinstalling doesn't seems like such a PITA even if it happens.
21:42<smallclone>well it sounds like you have the tools you need to make the decions about whether or not to set up and fqdn
21:43<marshwallow>Well, I came here for a TL;DR version of the /etc/hosts story, but it's googling and trial and error again.
21:43<marshwallow>Seems like we learned another thing today - bad help is worse than no help.
21:44<smallclone>yeah this has been many things but tl;dr it is not
21:44<smallclone>unless it's like a tl;dr of john mccain's time in a vietnamese prison
21:45<marshwallow>Any compression is a good thing ;).
21:46<marshwallow>What the hell did he do there?
21:47<smallclone>you know there are sources of information on the internet other than me
21:47<marshwallow>I do.
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22:55<marshwallow>Bye wo.
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