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00:01<Woet>after Eugene of course
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01:19<FluffyFoxeh>!lick Zimsky
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01:19<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to zimsky. (9)
01:20<Zimsky>I never would have imagined a world in which I would accrue nine points
01:21<Woet>how do you subtract points from someone
01:21<Woet>!slap Zimsky
01:22<Zimsky>!unpoint Woet
01:22<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from woet! (5)
01:22<Woet>!unpoint Zimsky
01:22<Zimsky>that's how
01:22<linbot>Woet: Point taken from zimsky! (8)
01:22<Woet>!unpoint Zimsky
01:22<linbot>Woet: Point taken from zimsky! (7)
01:22<Woet>that seems abusable
01:22<Zimsky>!point Zimsky
01:22<Zimsky>giving a point to yourself should instead just take 2 away
01:23<FluffyFoxeh>!boo Woet
01:23<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point taken from woet! (4)
01:23*Zimsky fi-hives FluffyFoxeh
01:23<Woet>still more than Zimsky
01:23<Zimsky>Woet: last time I went to school, 7 > 4
01:23<Woet>Zimsky: you sure you have 7?
01:24<Woet>thats a bold assumption
01:24<Zimsky>oh yes I see what you've done now
01:24<Woet>what I have done?
01:24<Zimsky>probably caused global warming
01:25<Woet>my flights have only contributed 53.8 of tons CO2, 2.99 kg of methane and 2.44 kg of nitrous oxide
01:30<Woet>!point Zimsky
01:30<linbot>Woet: Point given to zimsky. (8) (Biggest fan: woet, total: 11)
01:30<Woet>you did have 7
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01:41<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
01:43<Woet>not every day
01:43<Woet>dont lie to me Eugene
01:43<Woet>the counsellor told us about this
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01:47<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
01:47<Woet>i'm not in a position to argue that
01:47<Woet>but i'm skeptical
01:48<Woet>this doesnt change my opinion
01:55<Zimsky>Eugene: what kind of towel?
01:55<FluffyFoxeh>dat towel voice actor
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01:56<FluffyFoxeh>Zimsky: don't do that
01:57<Woet>Zimsky: dont tell FluffyFoxeh what you can or cant do
01:57<Woet>dont let*
01:58<Zimsky>Woet: FluffyFoxeh can tell me what he wants me to do
01:58<Woet>can you speak Japanese instead
01:58<Woet>i didnt know you were into that
01:58<Zimsky>whether or not I actually do that is a different story
01:58<Zimsky>yeah you didn't let me finish
01:58<Zimsky>and no I don't speak tokyo
01:59<Woet>cause thats where i'm at
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02:09<mmustac>oh btw I called today for the first time in long while. I like how the out of scope message is right fronloaded in the fucking greeting. top notch. I'm jealous of todays support peeps.
02:09<marshwallow>bai ppl, gotta sleep.
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02:11<jeremye77>whatevs! we don’t support your jealousy…or password.
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02:11<mmustac>right. I had to at least type that out. more like attempt to though.
02:12<mmustac>ok well I guess in these cases it would be on the say it with conviction. (which wasnt hard. makes complete sense)
02:13<jeremye77>Then you get…. Well, what the fu** do you do!?
02:14<mmustac>plz don't trigger me...I have support PTSD still
02:14<jeremye77>It’s beenover 7 years since I was in it and I am still haunted
02:14*mmustac embrases jeremye77. I know man...I understand.
02:15<jeremye77>I also still have nightmares about waiting on tables. Maybe I am sensitive :P
02:15<mmustac>that I don't have experience with, but I totally get. I see how my fellow man treats them.
02:16<mmustac>and then is smug about their 10% tip
02:16<jeremye77>like its a blessing from god himself.
02:22<Woet>i love blessings from non-existent beings
02:23<jeremye77>It’s better than the existant ones generally.
02:23<Woet>Eugene blesses me every day
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02:27*dcraig tickles woet around a bit with a large diver
02:27<Woet>how do you tickle someone with a diver?
02:27<Woet>a large one at that
02:28<Woet>but what part of the diver is tickling
02:28<Woet>the snorkel?
02:28<Woet>the fins?
02:28<dcraig>yes, the fins
02:28<dcraig>snorkel? give me a break
02:28<Woet>the octopus?
02:29<Woet>what if I inflate his BCD?
02:29<dcraig>he might tickle less
02:31<Woet>do they have to be male?
02:31<dcraig>this one is
02:32<Woet>is it dwfreed?
02:32<dcraig>he's no diver
02:32<Woet>he could be
02:33<dcraig>but he ain't
02:33<Woet>he might be
02:37<dcraig>but he ain't
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02:40<Mantosh>is this plan managed or unmanaged
02:40<Mantosh>Linode 8GB $40/mo
02:40<millisa>there's a manage service addon you can pay for (professional services, too) -
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02:41<Mantosh>how much they charge for the setup
02:41<jeremye77>I’ll do it for $1276
02:42<dcraig>there's no "setup fee"
02:42<jeremye77>It’s an option :D
02:42<dcraig>you can set it up and charge yourself
02:42<Mantosh>yeah I can do that lolz
02:43<dcraig>jeremye77 does a really nice job though......
02:43<Mantosh>chutiya likha hai kya mere face me, 90,000 rs deke setup krwayenge.. laurde
02:43<jeremye77>Special discount! $2.6% off
02:43<jeremye77>err 42.6
02:43<dcraig>what's a dollar percents
02:44<jeremye77>Things are strange in my kingdom
02:44<jeremye77>dollar percents are mushrooms
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02:45<millisa>google translate thought it was hindi. the translation amused - "Chutia has written, in my face, 90,000 juice will be set up by tomorrow .."
02:45<jeremye77>Perfect! It will be done tomorrow mantosh!
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02:47<jeremye77>add a dollar percent weekend fee tho
02:47<jeremye77>One day someone will pay my fee!
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03:17<Tushar>I have question
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03:21<kahlee>anyone around? :)
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03:25*dcraig tickles kahlle around a bit with a large frogfish
03:26<kahlle>Hi guys, do devices connected to a shadowsocks server count as incoming traffic and is charged to my monthly quota for transfer?
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03:26<Woet>why wouldnt it..?
03:27<Woet>inbound doesnt get charged at all
03:27<Woet>and outbound all of it gets charged
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03:29<caps>Hey guys I just setup my 1st wordpress site. But when I changed the permalink into postname the post/pages get 404 error. How can I possibly solve this? I have seen a lot of thread in google but still i'm unable to fix this.
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03:30<Woet>what did you google so far?
03:30<Woet>which documentation did you read?
03:32<caps>thread about changing the default permalinks to postname
03:33<caps>this was actually default permalinks '/index.php/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/' error happened when I changed it into /%postname%
03:33<Woet>did you google "wordpress permalink 404"?
03:34<Woet>or just "wordpress permalinks" in general?
03:37<caps>ohh yeah! I just missing the 'AllowOverride All' in virtualhost. I thought 'Require all granted' would be enough
03:38<Woet>theres no reason to use .htaccess if you have server access
03:39<caps>Virtualhost configuration between 14.04 and 16.06 is a bit different. thought It was the same my very bad.
03:39<caps>Thanks mate!
03:39<Woet>no worries
03:54<Zimsky>I always worry
03:54<Woet>you can worry all you like
03:54<Woet>but caps doesn't have to
03:55<Zimsky>Woet: I worry about my jelly
03:55<Zimsky>it doesn't set right
03:55<Woet>well your jelly is pretty shit
03:55<Woet>so you should
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04:06<nginxfan>Hi there! I'm just trying to setup my server and was wondering if I could get some ideas on how I could structure my websites. Traditionally I've had my nginx.conf files located in /home/user/www/; however, I think this might be a security risk because the nginx.conf file would be owned by <user>
04:07<nginxfan>I guess, what I'm trying to achieve is a structure where each website has all of its necessary files under one single folder, rather than a configuration under /etc/nginx, and another for /etc/supervisor, etc.
04:07<nginxfan>I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea
04:13<jeremye77>I feel like you could do a site enabled sites available type thing scattered around one or many directories. I am not sure what the implications are in the security and stability domain. If you have randos editing their own nginx.conf it seems reasonable someone will put something shit in there.
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04:15<nginxfan>jeremye77, I suppose I could ln -s from sites-enabled into each website's directory
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04:16<jeremye77>That seems like an option. I have no experience with such. I just imagined it.
04:18<jeremye77>prolly need to do hot reloads when the file changes…idk if they would involve some watcher or a once a day thing.
04:23<Zimsky>at least you're using nginx
04:29<nginxfan>true :p
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06:58<syk0saje>hello! could someone help me with an issue i have using tmux?
06:58<syk0saje>in a nutshell, running tmux gives me a display much smaller than my terminal actually supports
06:59<JamesTK>Are you trying to run it through ssh?
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07:00<JamesTK>Only suggestion I can think of is make sure all other clients are detached
07:00<JamesTK>There could be a stale client (maybe)
07:01<syk0saje>alright, thanks. i'll try that
07:03<syk0saje>ahh, i figured out the problem
07:03<syk0saje>i was connecting via lish instead of directly
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07:06<JamesTK>Ah, yeah. The terminal mode is a bit odd in that one
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08:50<Woet>hey Larry
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08:53<jerry>I want to build a central authentication service that allows a single sign on for 2 web apps I'm gonna host
08:53<jerry>but i'm not sure what is the way to start
08:53<jerry>any recommendations?
08:54<grawity>start with a protocol that already exists, I'd say either SAML2 or OAuth
08:55<jerry>I was gonna go with SAML, but the issue is that I don't have an existing users database of any kind
08:55<jerry>so I wanna have a server only for registration
08:55<jerry>what kind of service or protocol do I need to run on this server?
08:56<jerry>so I wanna build an identity provider
08:56<grawity>depends on the IdP implementation, I'd say LDAP but most support "regular" databases as well
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08:58<grawity>e.g. simpleSAMLphp can speak LDAP, various SQLs (sqlauth), RADIUS, ...
08:58<jerry>so I need to have an LDAP server that users register through right? but it's confusing. is ldap for users registration or is it only interact with MS AD?
08:58<grawity>how you add users to the backend is irrelevant
08:59<grawity>you can have a fancy web UI, you can add entries yourself, it doesn't matter what you build around it
08:59<grawity>in the end they're just different database types
09:00<jerry>so it could be just a normal mysql with UI (im gonna build with django), and just have the web apps on the other servers use it as a service provider?
09:01<grawity>as long as you configure the SAML IdP to obtain user information from that database
09:01<jerry>of course
09:01<jerry>so then I'm not gonna need an LDAP server
09:01<jerry>or AD
09:02<jerry>just have saml configured to interact with the service provider, that from what I understand from you can be anything
09:03<jerry>Thanks a lot its been days of research, and you just solved my issue in 2 minutes
09:03<grawity>your "2 web apps I'm gonna host" are the service providers (SPs)
09:03<grawity>simpleSAMLphp is the identity provider (IdP); it's also just a webapp
09:03<jerry>ah sorry I miss typed it
09:04<jerry>any django alternative?
09:04<grawity>not sure
09:05<grawity>I just know that Shibboleth is the other "big" one
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09:06<grawity>it seems there *are* django components for SAML, but <shrug/>
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10:34<wartw89>My host has been attacked by your service for about two days, has been about 60G of the traffic can handle it? Hostname is He has attacked my server HTTPS PORT443. Until now have not stopped.
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10:34<wartw89>My host has been attacked by your service for about two days, has been about 60G of the traffic can handle it? Hostname is He has attacked my server HTTPS PORT443. Until now have not stopped.
10:40<wartw89>I can help deal about it ??
10:47-!-detern [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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10:50<detern>Hi i just signed up at lined and submitted billing information about an hour ago. However i still see "You account under review" message. Does it usually take hours before creating a linode ?
10:55<Cromulent>detern: you need to wait for your account - it has probably been flagged as suspicious hence the wait
10:55<Cromulent>send in the documents Linode ask for
10:55<Cromulent>it can take a few hours to be approved
10:56<detern>Oh ok, Thanks for your reply. I'll wait for it and postpone my migration plan to linode after its approved.
10:56<detern>Have a good day
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11:02<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
11:06<wartw89>Customer service mailbox and abuse of mailbox, I have an e-mail
11:20-!-kaare_ [] has joined #linode
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11:21<marshwallow>sending mail from another Linode server, what do I need? configure the relay host in Postfix and that's all?
11:22<ponas>you'll also need to need to allow the "other" server to relay via the mail server
11:22<marshwallow>do you mean SPF and DKIM or ... something Postfix-y?
11:24<ponas>on the other server you need to set relayhost in to the actual mail server
11:24<ponas>and on the mailserver you need to set the IP of the other server in "mynetworks"
11:25<marshwallow>okay, I expected the first one ... but "mynetworks"?
11:25<ponas>mynetworks is a list of the networks allowed to relay email through your mail server
11:26<ponas>unless you allow the other host, your mail server will reject anything you try to relay
11:27<ponas>if you set it too permissive, you'll be an open relay
11:27<ponas>and that's no good
11:28<marshwallow>that's certainly not my intention :P
11:29<marshwallow>this is my current mynetworks:
11:29<marshwallow>mynetworks = [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128
11:29<ponas>yup, you'll want to keep those
11:29<marshwallow>so, I should just add <anotherIP> at the end of this line?
11:29<ponas>if the IP of your other server is, you'll want to enter
11:30<marshwallow>stupid question, but why /32?
11:30<ponas>might work without the /32, dunno
11:30<ponas>it's CIDR notation
11:30<marshwallow>I know ... kinda.
11:30<ponas>/32 basically means "single IP"... ish
11:31<marshwallow>single IP is what I'm aiming for :)
11:32<ponas>actually you could use nullmailer instead of postfix if you're just going to relay to somewhere else
11:32<ponas>but postfix is fine
11:33<ponas>just uses slightly more RAM for what you're trying to do
11:34<marshwallow>so, for minimum functionality, that should be enough-ish?
11:35<marshwallow>I mean, if I now execute sendmail, it should work?
11:36-!-eggstyrone [~textual@] has joined #linode
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11:38<ponas>marshwallow: yup
11:40<marshwallow>will see what happens.
11:42-!-wartw89 [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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11:58<marshwallow>can I make the sidekick server contact port 587 instead of 25?
12:01<marshwallow>... and without authentication?
12:01<marshwallow>I thought of something
12:02<marshwallow>merely changing the port number doesn't seem really like a security move
12:04<marshwallow>something like "smtp_use_tls = yes"?
12:05<ponas>or "port = 587"
12:05<ponas>"enable_starttls_auto = true" seems to be a thing
12:06<marshwallow>does it work without the sidekick having the certificate?
12:07<ponas>it should if you're using one that's not self-signed
12:07<ponas>I found this, seems like you can tell it to use sendmail:
12:08<marshwallow>uh, I think certbot/let's encrypt certs are self-signed :/
12:08<marshwallow>or ... maybe ... not.
12:08<ponas>letsencrypt is fine, they're signed by the LE CA
12:08<marshwallow>oh, okay then.
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12:24<kelvinsimon>how can I evaluate that the traffic of linode is not very saturated?
12:24<kelvinsimon>my ping is too extended
12:25<Woet>i hate extended pings
12:25<kelvinsimon>and lost data sent by GPS devices, and provider if they have delivery notification, but on my server I do not
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12:27<kelvinsimon>you have any idea
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13:24<marshwallow>got this when relaying emails:
13:24<marshwallow>Recipient address rejected: Access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command))
13:24-!-nb [] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
13:24<marshwallow>do I need to uncomment smtps lines in master.cf_
13:25-!-kaare_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:28<marshwallow>ponas, any idea?
13:28<marshwallow>I mean, if you are still here.
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14:08<dzho>who's at OLF today?
14:09<dzho>ohio linux fest
14:09<marshwallow>nah, nope. too far :P.
14:09<dzho>"if you have to ask ..." ;-)
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14:12<ponas>marshwallow: sounds like you need to configure the mail server for another domain
14:12-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
14:12<marshwallow>I'm sorry, could you explain?
14:13<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
14:13<ponas>not sure about the specifics, I'm not a professional :P let me see if I can find you some pointers
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14:15<marshwallow>okay, here's the mail server:, and here's the, er, "sidekick":
14:16<ponas>I think this has something to do with
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14:17<ponas>or maybe not
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14:19<marshwallow>ponas, smtpd_recipient_restrictions?
14:20-!-Guest5733 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:20<ponas>yup, but I looked at the mail stack I have access to, and it also has reject_unauth_destination
14:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
14:21<ponas>this stuff is mostly black magic, not sure where you should look
14:21<ponas>do we have a postfix ninja in the room?
14:22<marshwallow>well, I've got suggestions on #postfix to check the docs, so... eh ... will do that in the meantime :P
14:23<ponas>what a clever suggestion from them, good luck with that
14:23-!-simplydrew [] has quit [Quit: simplydrew]
14:24<marshwallow>better than getting a lighter fluid :P.
14:24<marshwallow>and even then, the server is not next to me :D
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14:25<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • Global performance tuning <>
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15:02<travissss>Hello, does anyone know if there is a replacement for linode.ip.swap() in the V4 api? This isn't listed in the breaking changes, but it also isn't included in the V4 docs.
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16:08<soham>ANY Coupons for 1GB plan???
16:09-!-soham [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
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16:50-!-fission6 [] has joined #linode
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16:50<fission6>hello, i recently received this and was hoping for some guidance
16:51<fission6>what is this even hinting at / referring too?
16:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
16:54-!-Rob_ [] has joined #linode
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16:54<dcraig>are you using pv-grub?
16:54<Rob_>i dont know
16:54<dcraig>not you, rob
16:54-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
16:54<dcraig>other people
16:55<Rob_>Do your Linux Webservers have the following preinstalled LAMP, Redis server, Node.JS tested with v0.12.3, Node version manager?
16:55<dcraig>none of that is preinstalled
16:55<fission6>dcraig i dont know at all
16:56<fission6>this email came out of no where for a linode i've had for like 5 yrs
16:56<fission6>any advice and guidance would be great
16:56<Rob_>Can it be preinstalled, or easily installed?
16:56<dcraig>you could pay extra for it to be installed
16:57<dcraig>you might find it easy to do yourself, depending on your experience
16:57<dcraig>there are guides for installing common things
16:57<Rob_>ok, is there an extra fee for those
16:57<dcraig>there's no extra fee to use them
16:57<dcraig>but if you want someone else to manage your server for you, you'd pay for that
16:58<fission6>can i pay someone to fix my issue?
16:58<dcraig>fission6, probably
16:58<fission6>this is such a PAIN for linode to drop on me right now
16:58<dcraig>you might reply to the ticket and ask what they can do for you
16:58<fission6>very unclear what i should do
16:59<dcraig>sounds like you both might be interested in...
17:00<fission6>this is annoying because they are kicking me off xen and on to kvm and not really telling me what i need to do
17:00<fission6>there is the tinest of tinest chances im sure it will go "fine"
17:01<marshwallow_>well, I think a ticket would be helpful in this case.
17:01<fission6>what is even meant here `Should you decide to upgrade to a newer release before this migration, we strongly recommend you deploy a new Linode with an updated distribution, copy your data to the new Linode, and swap IP addresses. Information on how to swap IP addresses between Linodes is below:`
17:02-!-marshwallow_ is now known as marshwallow
17:02<fission6>marshwallow_ i replied to the ticket asking, OK what do you want me to do next given my linode and where you are migrating it to
17:02<dcraig>rather than try to upgrade your ancient linode, make a new one and copy your website or whatever over to it
17:02<fission6>was thining that
17:02<fission6>but that a WHOLE other effort in its own right
17:02<fission6>copying mysql and mongo data
17:02<fission6>setting it all up
17:03<dcraig>think of this as an opportunity to update your setup :D
17:03-!-jcanto [~Jorge@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:03<fission6>absolutely NO time for this
17:03-!-jcanto [~Jorge@] has joined #linode
17:03-!-jcanto is "Jorge" on #linode
17:03<marshwallow>I think it would be nice if Linode crew did that for you, if it is such an abrupt change.
17:03<fission6>i agree
17:04<fission6>10 days to get to a new server, insane
17:04<marshwallow>10 days?
17:04<marshwallow>I brought up most of the server from scratch for a week, and I'm so noob that it's horrifying.
17:05<marshwallow>security matters are a completely different topic though.
17:05<fission6>is anyone here able to bump tickets in priority, ideally i can get connect to linode and figure out what they advise
17:06<Peng>fission6: You're not going "to" anywhere, exactly. Probably. If you're in Dallas i guess you'll go from Dallas 1 to Dallas 2, but that's a transparent and invisible change.
17:06<Peng>fission6: You're just going from Xen to KVM.
17:06<fission6>yea, its 100% going to break something i am sure
17:06<fission6>` you should consider upgrading to a newer release of your distribution before taking this migration. In our experience, older Linux distributions have difficulty moving from Xen to KVM. `
17:07<fission6>thats not comforting to read
17:07<Peng>For most nodes it's a seamless change. (The disk devices get renamed, but the helper should fix that automatically.)
17:07<Peng>Indeed. :X
17:07<Peng>I don't know anything about that.
17:07<fission6>Peng do you have any recommendations
17:07<fission6>whats this help?
17:08<Peng>Not certain. Either the "distro helper" that can be enabled or disabled in your configuration profile, or some other helper that isn't listed anywhere.
17:08<marshwallow>probably some backend thingy you don't even get to see.
17:08<marshwallow>or what Peng said.
17:08<Peng>The point is it edits the /etc/fstab for the device rename (/dev/xvd -> /dev/sd)
17:08-!-Rob_ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
17:08<Peng>fission6: What kernel are you using?
17:09<fission6>no idea, how can i tell Peng
17:09<fission6>its Ubuntu 10.04 i believe for OS
17:09<Peng>fission6: "uname -r", or search your memory. :P
17:09-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
17:09<Peng>"uname -a" might be better actually
17:10<Peng>You're using a Linode kernel, but it's old af.
17:10*Peng tries to remain calm
17:11<Peng>You should really upgrade kernels sometime. There are security vulnerabilities.
17:12<Peng>And the kernel is usually more or less completely backwards compatible. Even if your distro is old, the current kernel will probably work.
17:12<fission6>what do you recommend me for next steps
17:13*Peng shrugs
17:13<Peng>Do you like risk?
17:13<fission6>whats the risky movie?
17:13<Peng>What distro and version is it? Though it probably won't help me to know that.
17:14<Peng>Switch to the "Latest" kernel in the configuration profile in the manager and reboot. It will probably work. It might not.
17:14<Peng>Either cross your fingers and migrate to KVM, or cross your fingers and wait for Linode to do it, or try cloning your node to KVM to see if it seems to work.
17:14<fission6>should i clone or do any of this on a new linode?
17:14<Peng>Or rebuild from scratch.
17:15<Peng>fission6: Depends on your judgment. Switching kernels is probably safe and would only take a couple minutes to switch back if it goes wrong.
17:15<fission6>i mean someone from linode should be able to tell me what is my best move
17:15<fission6>whats the value of switching Kernels peng, like if i switch, then what?
17:15<marshwallow>well, this is the fastest "from Linode" response you can get :P
17:15<marshwallow>CMIIW though.
17:16<@mcintosh>by far the fastest response is via telephone, actually
17:16<marshwallow>I stand corrected.
17:17<Peng>fission6: Well, the value is fixing like a thousand security vulnerabilities (most of them local), and getting it out of the way so you won't have to worry in teh future.
17:17<Peng>The oldest KVM kernel is... 3.0.0? Hardly newer, eh.
17:17<fission6>does updating the kernel help with the kvm stuff
17:17<marshwallow>pretty important IMHO if you serve a lot of visitors.
17:17<Peng>fission6: Maybe?
17:17<fission6>my biggest concern right now is just getting situated on KVM since they are apparently going to force me to do that oct 11
17:18<marshwallow>hmm, I guess it's better if you did it yourself, no?
17:18<marshwallow>ironing out the quirks and whatnot...
17:19<fission6>it seems like i should maybe start a new linode and just clone the disk right? see "how bad it is"
17:19<fission6>is that a reasonable first step
17:19<Peng>Be advised it likely won't work immediately, if the network configuration has different IPs, or if the /etc/fstab doesn't get automatically fixed.
17:20<Peng>You may have to fix one or both.
17:20<Peng>It gives a terrible first impression but isn't a big deal. :P
17:21<fission6>well whats this fstab thing is that suppose to be address through distro helper or something
17:21<fission6>i mean this is nuts and frustating
17:21<Peng>It's the list of filesystems.
17:21<Peng>I don't know if it gets addressed through the distro helper when you clone.
17:21<Peng>If it doesn't, it takes five seconds in a text editor to fix.
17:22<marshwallow>making it truly sane and relaxing.
17:22<Peng>Why are you still using the 2.6.39 kernel? Is there a specific compatibility issue, or was it an accident?
17:22<Peng>The kernel version is largely separate from the Xen/KVM matter, but still
17:22<fission6>i just haven't updated, its an old app that still needs to run
17:23<fission6>and redeploying it is going to be a pain
17:23<fission6>to copy db's and mongo
17:23<Peng>Most old apps don't take issue with modern kernels./
17:23<marshwallow>what if the dependencies got updates?
17:23<fission6>also i think my linode is 32 bit
17:23<fission6>i see this when i try to clone `(Displaying 32bit compatible options only.)`
17:24<marshwallow>(... breaking backward compatibility)
17:24<Peng>You can probably use a 64-bit kernel without issue.
17:24<fission6>ok so the advice right now is to try and clone right?
17:25<fission6>should i clone or use a snapshot
17:26-!-simplydrew [] has joined #linode
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17:27-!-marshmn [~matt@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:28*Peng shrugs
17:28<fission6>well for those following along i am trying to restore a backup to a new linode instance
17:29<fission6>i assume this will leaving me in a state with my new data on a KVM box?
17:30<Peng>Yes. Since it's a backup, it's an hours-old copy of your data, though. :P
17:30<fission6>my server status is just hanging at "Brand New"
17:30<fission6>^ thats OK
17:31<Peng>Maybe? Is the backup restoring?
17:32<fission6>how/where can i tell
17:32<fission6>not seeing anything on the linode's dashboard
17:34<marshwallow>hmm, what about the "Host Job Queue"?
17:34<Peng>Check the other Linode's dashboard
17:35<fission6>just silent
17:35<fission6>and stuck in Brand New
17:36<fission6>and the nightmare/paint in the ass begins
17:37<marshwallow>no ... no ... someone will help!
17:37-!-hays [] has joined #linode
17:37-!-hays is "hays" on #linode
17:37<marshwallow>I guess?
17:37<hays>can someone help me troubleshoot my dns?
17:37<marshwallow>go away, fission6 is panicking.
17:37<hays>im using
17:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
17:38<marshwallow>you probably just need to set the nameservers, then reverse lookup, then virtual hosts.
17:38<Peng>hays: What's wrong?
17:38<hays>i moved my nameserver from ns?.linode to ns? and right now im getting a lookup failure
17:39<hays>hmm.. interesting. it just worked
17:39<hays>hmm. ssllabs still can't find it
17:39<fission6>ok so i had to add a linode and then i did it didnt start the backup restore, had to go back to my backups and select the new linode, now the hot jobs queue shows some activity
17:40<hays>Peng: ** server can't find SERVFAIL
17:40<Peng>hays: Did you just add the zone at HE?
17:40<hays>whois has it
17:40<hays>i added it last night
17:41<hays>about 20 hours ago
17:41<Peng>Did you spell it right? :P
17:41<hays>both name servers are still active
17:41<hays>yep, checked that :
17:41<fission6>ok restore copying complete
17:41<fission6>gonna boot up the server and likely piss myself
17:42<fission6>Peng `This isn't a KVM kernel! Fix your configuration profile. ` in the Linode Dashboard when i tried to boot
17:43<Peng>fission6: Edit the kernel in the configuration profile
17:43<Peng>fission6: Set it to "Latest 32-bit" or "Latest 64-bit"
17:44<fission6>Peng its on latest 32
17:44<Peng>What exact version number?
17:45<fission6>4.9.36.x_86 Peng
17:45<hays>i wonder if is the issue
17:45<Peng>hays: Well... From my perspective HE's nameservers all appear to refuse the zone
17:45<Peng>fission6: The rest of it? What's the -linodeXXX number at the end?
17:46<Peng>I think the Xen kernel has a different number.
17:46<Peng>That's weird.
17:47-!-wcpan [~quassel@2400:8902::f03c:91ff:fee0:f952] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:47-!-wcpan [~quassel@2400:8902::f03c:91ff:fee0:f952] has joined #linode
17:47-!-wcpan is "wcpan" on #linode #debian #debian-kde #debian-lxqt #dot
17:47<hays>Peng: here's some info from
17:48<hays>did i miss a record or do it wrong somehow?
17:48<fission6>Peng so i am screwed here?
17:49<fission6>i tried the latest 64 and it booted but gave me this
17:50<Peng>hays: AFAICT -- and i've rarely used HE as a primary DNS provider -- you did everything right and everything looks right but it's inexplicably not working.
17:50<Peng>hays: You'd have to contact HE. :-/
17:50<Peng>hays: There isn't some "enabled"/"disabled" setting, is there?
17:50<hays>thanks for the second set of eyes
17:51<hays>well.. i think it is maybe with them
17:51<hays>they are giving this: ERROR: Delegation was not found. Please delegate to ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4 and then retry. We found,,,, during our search.
17:51<hays>and this: ERROR: Delegation was not found. Please delegate to ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4 and then retry. We found,,,, during our search.
17:52<Peng>fission6: That looks right so far. I think. Hm.
17:52<hays>and this: This zone does not appear to be properly delegated to our nameservers.
17:52<hays>If you have corrected this issue, please click the 'Check Delegation' tab below to have the zone rechecked. Keep in mind that once the change has been made to
17:52<hays>reflect our nameservers in your whois record, it may take up to 24 hours for the actual delegation to take place.
17:52<hays>ugh, sorry for the bad pasting.
17:52<Peng>fission6: I forgot earlier, but the serial console device name probably changed too. It's possible that everything is working except the serial console.
17:52<Peng>fission6: Or it started to boot and then just stopped. I don't know.
17:53<hays>so maybe.. they are not putting the entry in until they see themselves as being delegated to
17:53<Peng>hays: Seems so. That sucks.
17:53<Peng>click Check Delegation?
17:53<hays>yeah.. still they aren't seen it
17:53<hays>maybe i just need to wait a bit.
17:54<hays>how annoying that this is resulting in basically down time
17:54<hays>but free is free
17:54<hays>definitely glad i did this on this domain
17:54<hays>and not on the one that actually matters some
17:56<marshwallow>Peng, any idea if forward secrecy is a good security practice?
17:56<marshwallow>(or anyone currently active)
17:56<Peng>marshwallow: It is. In what context?
17:56<hays>of course it is
17:56<fission6>Peng i enabled Distro Helper and it booted with Latest 32
17:56<marshwallow>I'm relaying mails...
17:57<marshwallow>... from one Linode server to another.
17:57<marshwallow>and if there's some simple security tweak I can do, I'd like to do it ... if it does the job.
18:01<Peng>fission6: Great :D
18:02<hays>i'll definitely switch back to linode once CAA is implemented
18:02<Peng>marshwallow: Well, forward secrecy is always good.
18:02<marshwallow>okay, applied. thanks!
18:02<Peng>marshwallow: Unless you work in the White House probably your private email server won't be of great interest to wiretapping intelligence angencies, though. :P
18:02<hays>and might just wait it out on the domain that has real traffic. lack of CAA for a few weeks is a pretty abstract concern vs. actual service outage
18:03<Peng>Yeah :(
18:03<marshwallow>Peng, but ... what about *hat hackers which do that for fun?
18:04<fission6>Peng what should i be doing now that it booted
18:04<Peng>fission6: I don't know. Does it work?
18:04<fission6>my main though is to just ensure the web app appears to be working
18:04<hays>i keep all my sites and security practices as sharp as possible because i believe everyone should have the best security they can manage, even if it is overkill
18:04<Peng>fission6: pretty much
18:05<marshwallow>hays, second that. especially given the fact I'm not completely aware of what's enough and what's inadequate security.
18:06<Peng>marshwallow: I hate to devalue communications security, but forward secrecy is important but only has limited scope.
18:06<marshwallow>... oh well, but you have to praise the intent, right? :)
18:07<marshwallow>... even though predominantly irrelevant.
18:10<hays>Peng: working now.. not sure what happened. expecting an email from he about it though
18:10-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:10<fission6>it appears all is working
18:11<fission6>would this "hint" that i am likely in good shape to just update my prod to KVM? i think either way i will wait for Linode to respond to my ticket
18:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
18:14<Peng>fission6: Yes, probably.
18:15<fission6>ok - and Peng thank you for your guidance and support here, its very much appreciated
18:15<Peng>fission6: You could tell support that you cloned it, switch to the current 32-bit kernel, and it seemed to work, and ask if there's anything else you should expect.
18:15<fission6>thats a good idea
18:15<fission6>thank you for that suggestion
18:15-!-medicalwei [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
18:19<hays>hrm. I wonder why the ssllabs test shows my domain having a certificate for my other domains
18:20<dwfreed>missing config?
18:20<hays>its showing two certificates
18:20<hays>one correct, one incorrect. the nginx config points to one file.. im gonig to use openssl to read the .pem now
18:22<hays>.pem file seems ok
18:22<dwfreed>the second cert is what's given when SNI is left out
18:22<hays>check it out
18:22-!-fission6 [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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18:24<hays>hmm.. i wonder what the correct behavior should be
18:32<hays>hrm i think its nginx being strange. gotta dig thru my configs
18:32<dwfreed>it's not strange, it's perfectly normal
18:33-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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18:33<hays>dwfreed: well if i use my IP and http to get to my server i get the default nginx page
18:33<hays>but if i connect with ssl, i get another page
18:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
18:35<dwfreed>you're simply getting the first SSL enabled vhost
18:40<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Frankfurt <>
18:42<hays>dwfreed: ok. i suppose that shouldnt be a problem
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23:03<JamesTK>happy BILLING DAy
23:03<JamesTK>"Happy" "Billing" hah
23:05<Peng>Happier for some than for others
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23:58<Woet>my bill is $0, im pretty happy
23:59<Woet>not as happy as Eugene when he spots a towel tho
23:59<Eugene>Every day I'm a towel
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