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00:35<Hung>I want to deploy a VPS with pre-installed magento. Does Linode support that?
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00:35<Zimsky>you could write a stackscript
00:35<millisa>linode's dont even come pre-installed with an OS. there are a few stackscripts for it . .
00:37<Hung>So, what OS does Linode support? I am working with CentOS, just copy&paste cause I am not a pro sysadmin. I want to try Ubuntu, cause people said it is more easier and frequently updated.
00:37<millisa>These are the easy ones:
00:38<millisa>(you can run custom distributions, too)
00:38<Hung>Is that Ubuntu Server?
00:39<millisa>It doesn't have the graphical environment preinstalled if that's what you are asking
00:39<millisa>most of them are pretty minimal at install time
00:40<Hung>I see.
00:40<millisa>you could turn it into a graphical install if you wanted to
00:41<Hung>About billing, how is Linode VPS charged?
00:42<Hung>Does Linode offer custom CPU, RAM or storage?
00:43<millisa>cpu ram and storage are all linked. simple plans. simple price.
00:43<millisa>they have a block storage product in beta
00:45<Hung>What kind of technical support will Linode staffs handle?
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00:47<millisa>They maintain the hardware/network. Your OS and apps are mostly your responsibility. They have a managed service product and a professional service product that you can get for additional cost that goes further
00:47<Hung>So, how does the managed service cost?
00:49<Hung>Thanks Millisa.
00:49<Hung>That is all for now.
00:49<Hung>Have a nice day.
00:49<millisa>You, too
00:51<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
00:56<Eugene>Dangit guys, the Fremont-London ping time jumped by 20ms, and now I have a yellow button in my Nagios dashboard. u
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00:57<trippeh>fucking internet.
00:59<millisa>and the second north korea link came up today. coincidence?!
01:00<millisa>oh; I guess that was yesterday
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01:48<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Setup Apache server to get Original Client IP from Node Balanacer <>
01:59<Ikaros>Mmm. So I now find myself listening to a station on iHeartRadio - Vinyl Classic Rock. Currently doing a tribute to Tom Petty. Sad day in the rock world. :(
02:05<Eugene>Am I the only person who knows what an actuarial table is? People die all the time. I can't keep track of it
02:05<Eugene>I'm more frequently pleasantly surprised to hear about who is still alive
02:05<Eugene>Like Ozzy Osbourne, don't know how
02:06<Ikaros>Well the issue is these people seem to have a tendency to pass away much too soon.
02:06<Ikaros>...and this is getting annoying, the audio keeps blipping on me every so often.
02:06*Ikaros stares at his PC tower
02:06<Eugene>My point of reference for a human lifespan is a medieval villager. Modern medicine lets people stay alive way past their useful shelf life
02:07<Eugene>Have you tried turning it off and back on again? Serious question.
02:07<Ikaros>I'd say my DPC latencies are really high or something.
02:10<Ikaros>iaStor.sys just caused a DPC latency spike.
02:12<FluffyFoxeh>install gentoo
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02:23<Ikaros>Let's see...let me just reboot then.
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02:47<Mehul_>Can I make amazon type private cloud in linode
02:48<Peng>Linode has some of the properties you may want, but not all of them.
02:48<Mehul_>I meant two linode instance ping each other using private up address
02:48<Peng>How private?
02:49<Peng>Linode offers private IPv4 addresses, but it's one LAN for the data center, not a separate one just for you.
02:49<Peng>More like EC2 Classic and less like a VPC.
02:49<Peng>Nonetheless, it's not like other customers can sniff your traffic.
02:50<Mehul_>Let’s say I have two instances of linode can I connect one instance to another using private IP address
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02:50<Peng>How private?
02:50<Peng>Why do you want private IP addresses?
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02:50<Mehul_> or any
02:50<Peng>Wait, what?
02:51<Peng>They're currently assigned from 192.168/16. You don't get to choose which IP.
02:51<Mehul_>Linode imaged should have two interfaces one for public access and another for private LAN connectivity
02:52<Mehul_>Both instance ping/connect using private IP address
02:52<Peng>Public and private IP addresses are both on eth0, actually.
02:53<Mehul_>I want to test clustering
02:53<Peng>Does the interface matter?
02:53<Mehul_>Off course
02:54<Mehul_>Heartbeat instance monitoring cluster things and other instance for data traffic
02:56<Peng>Why does it matter whether the interface is called eth0 or eth1?
02:56<Peng>By the way, intra-data center traffic over IPv6 is free.
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02:58<Zimsky>eth1 feels icky
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02:58<Peng>Linode used to use eth1.
02:58<Peng>Mehul_ -- satisfied customer???
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02:59<Zimsky>or is mehul a catisfied sustomer?
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03:19*dcraig tickles zimsky around a bit with a large loach
03:19*dcraig tickles peng around a bit with a large false moray
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06:27<Dinesh>I'm interest to purchase your hosting, Can you please arrange a callback on my mobile number
06:28<@sjacobs>You can support at any time.
06:28<@sjacobs>pricing is on this page.
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06:29<Dinesh>Do you have any callback facility?
06:30<@sjacobs>i don't think i understand. what is a callback facility? support is available 24/7 to take your call.
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06:30<Dinesh>I'm from India and My Jio Operator does not allow international caals
06:30<Dinesh>So I want you to call on my number - +91 8168035877
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06:35<Dinesh>You don't even care to reply when someone is going to be your customer. How you can you provide support after purchasing?
06:35<@sjacobs>Dinesh: i've heard you can make international calls with skype.
06:35<Dinesh>Leave it
06:36<Dinesh>Don't wanna buy
06:36<@sjacobs>you can email as well
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06:37*rsdehart emails instead
06:40<ponas>seems like he doesn't hold his mobile operator to the same standards as potential VPS providers
06:41<ponas>"my ISP doesn't allow outgoing international TCP connections, please connect to my IP"
06:42<rsdehart>ponas, you can only do business over the phone because the internet hasn't been invented yet
06:42<rsdehart>I'm appalled to have to be telling you this
06:43<ponas>I'm so sorry, you are right
06:43<rsdehart>so anyone proposing some "E-mail" or "web-site" mumbo-jumbo is obviously delusional
06:44*rsdehart gets out in front of his motor-car and turns the crank to start it
06:44<ponas>business was fine even before this "internet" craze
06:45<ponas>dotcom failed long ago
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08:19<dzho>my respect for businesses in general really has increased from seeing the kind of interactions they have to deal with from potential customers as in the above interaction
08:19<dzho>the self-firing would-be customer like that is probably a blessing
08:20<dzho>compared to the one who wants you to move heaven and earth for $5/month
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08:51<smallclone>dzho: can confirm, that guy did them a big favor.
08:52<smallclone>the $5/month customers who open tons of tickets probably end up being an overall loss for Linode when you factor in all the support time they eat up
08:52*jhaas calculates cost of typing this sentence
08:53<dzho>it's an interesting price point. That's the one-time fee Metafilter charges to have an account, but it apparently has gone a tremendous way towards making things manageable for them.
08:54<dzho>whether that's the price point itself, or just the fact that by paying one has become demonstrably de-anonymized, I don't know.
08:57<smallclone>it's a really lucrative price point but it attracts loads and loads of idiots and abuse
08:59<smallclone>probably why vultr places a limit on the number of $2.50 machines an account can purchase
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09:27<omegax>Greetings All. So can I or can i not try Linuxnode without having to enter my credit card info?
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09:29<grawity>but no, a credit card is required for signup
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10:30<linbot>New news from forum: Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (beta) <>
10:43<Zimsky>oh uh
10:56<DanielNM>"We have reached capacity!"
10:59<smallclone>i mean, it's a free beta and they were giving away a ridiculous amount of space at no charge
11:00<DanielNM>I agree
11:01<@jhaas>DanielNM: Sorry about that. At this point our focus is still on internal testing before we begin scaling up/out. No ETA on more space I'm afraid :/
11:02<DanielNM>jhaas: no problem. I was just commenting on the other person's forum post above.
11:02<@jhaas>oh haha
11:03<DanielNM>It reminded me of the line from the movie, Life Stinks
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11:22<Zimsky>life is a fad
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12:08<jcanto>Hello, can I use Linode loadbalancer for SMTP?
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12:28<@scrane>jcanto: I... believe so. You will need to specify the individual port in the configuration you create for the NodeBalancer and set the protocol to TCP, but I think that should work.
12:28<@scrane>out of curiosity, though, why do you want to use a NodeBalancer for SMTP?
12:30<jcanto>@scrane: in my company we have to send many mails to our customers, some of them by our staff some of them automatically by our application
12:31<jcanto>right now we only have one email server and I want to configure a second one working actively
12:33<jcanto>so I thought a balancer can help me to do that, or am I wrong?
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12:39<songxinhua>How the bandwidth charge
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12:41<songxinhua>How the bandwidth usage calculate
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12:46<smallclone>jcanto: the nodebalancer is just going to distribute the inbound emails amongst whatever mail servers you put behind it..based on what you're saying, your diffierent mail servers are supposed to be distinct, in which case a load balancer doesn''t really make sense
12:53<@scrane>jcanto: I think what you will be looking to do is configure your DNS records to allow you to send traffic from multiple servers.
12:54<jcanto>my goal is mail redundancy
12:55<jcanto>inbound and outbound
12:55<jcanto>indeed, both servers will be almost the same configuration
12:57<jcanto>@scrane, how do I configure my DNS to do that (send from multiple servers)?
12:59<smallclone>oh wait, nodebalancers don't support custom rdns they're probably not going to work for load balancing mail.
12:59<jcanto>ideally I do not want to change clients configurations
12:59<@jhaas>@smallclone doesn't rdns only matter for sending mail? which wouldn't go through the balancer
13:00<jcanto>@jhaas, right (I guess)
13:02<jcanto>I think the balancer is going to connect my clients to any of the MTA's
13:02<jcanto>so, the connected MTA is going to send the mail
13:03<jcanto>but of course, I could be wrong
13:03<smallclone>ah yeah, I'm forgetting how NBs work
13:03<@jhaas>tbf round-robin dns is still probably easier
13:03<smallclone>either way though, i feel like most of what you're trying to accomplish could be done more easily (and cheaply) by just creating multiple MX records with the same priority
13:04<jcanto>smallclone, right! I am doing thtat right now
13:04<jcanto>but the´priority matters only for receiving
13:05<smallclone>well yeah..if they're all essentially the same mail server, i don't see why it would matter which one is doing the sending?
13:06<@jhaas>If you did round-robin A records in addition to the MX records i think that should do more or less what you're asking
13:07<@jhaas>and the answer to your original question remains yes, I'm pretty sure you could use a nodebalancer for smtp
13:07<jcanto>well, my clients and applications are configured with a FQDN for sending
13:08<jcanto>now that FQDN points to an IP (one server)
13:08<jcanto>If something goes wrong with that server I am going to be unable to send mails
13:09<@jhaas>fwiw it looks like people have done it both ways, for example -
13:10<smallclone>jhaas is right though, round-robin A records should cover the sending use case
13:11<jcanto>thanks @jhaas for the info
13:11<@jhaas>no problem, good luck :)
13:12<jcanto>smallclone, yes, I am doing that right now too
13:13<jcanto>but, If I stop the service in one server, some clients keep "stucked"
13:14<@jhaas>fair point; dns caching at its finest
13:16<jcanto>sorry @jhass, I don't get you :(
13:17<@jhaas>If you have multiple A records (I've been saying round-robin) the first time a client connects they get one from the list of X ip addresses. That address remains cached locally or with their ISP even if the server goes down. DNS doesn't know if the server is up or not.
13:17<HoopyCat>mail submission from MUAs would be a darn good case for a load-balancer indeed
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13:23<react>jcanto: I'll be that guy, why aren't you using a mature mail provider to outsource this, sounds like a lot of hassle
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13:24<jcanto>react: hahahaha, that was my first proposal
13:25<react>yea, life is too short to implement mail
13:25<jcanto>bosses said NO!
13:26<jcanto>I took it as an oportunity to learn something, so, here I am guys
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15:08<Henrique>Could someone explain to me how it works in Linode to scale when a site's traffic increases? Can you climb and come back later or not?
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15:27<@scrane>Henrique: So that depends on what sort of solution you are looking for. You can manually resize the LInode, or you can use a NodeBalancer and add clones of a back-end Linode to additionally balance the traffic
15:29<@scrane>Using a Nodebalancer prevents downtime, but involves you creating new servers and cloning the server. Resizing the Linode back and forth can work, but you will need to power down the Linode each time you resize it.
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15:32<JerDoggMcKoy>Is it a big deal if the SSH fingerprints aren't matching? Here's the mismatch I'm getting:
15:32<dwfreed>did you rebuild your linode?
15:32<@scrane>Henrique: I'm not completely familiar enough with it to give you any specific calls to run, but I believe this is a process that can be automated using the Linode API. If that's something you'd be looking for, I would recommend taking a look at the Linode beta for API v 4.
15:32<dwfreed>then that's normal
15:32<JerDoggMcKoy>I did rebuild
15:32<JerDoggMcKoy>So don't worry about it then
15:33<@scrane>Yeah, you should be fine.
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15:37<react>Henrique: if you want a zero ops solution so you "don't have to worry about it", you should look at Heroku, Google App Engine, or AWS Elastic Beanstalk
15:39<Henrique>ok!!! Thank youuuu
15:39-!-Henrique [~oftc-webi@2804:14d:5ce0:9c80:1892:664b:6d60:9803] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
15:39<react>Henrique: there are tradeoffs when you choose a PaaS provider though, lack of control, some choices made for you, various pros/cons
15:39<react>and he left...
15:39*react sniffles
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16:27<Prabhu>I would like to know what is the price for Managed hosting in Linode
16:27<Prabhu>Anybody could confirm?
16:27<millisa>!managed it's at the bottom of the page
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17:02<@scrane>Hrm... I hope Prabhu knows that service isn't fully managed...
17:03<millisa>it could say it in big letters on the page and half the people that come in asking for the price wouldn't know...
17:03<millisa>half is probably generous.
17:03<Toba_>it's important to ensure that every data is quality based material
17:03-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:04<Toba_>That latest "new news from forum" is basically just spam right
17:04<@scrane>I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of that, haha
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17:05<millisa>I kinda like the name 'NamBusta' putting up spam for honest psychic readings.
17:09<@scrane>Haha just banned them. We good now
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20:59<Cromulent>that moment when you realise you can't continue to ignore Docker
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21:29*FluffyFoxeh continues to ignore Docker
21:34<Zimsky>I'm pretty happy ignoring docker too
21:39<Cromulent>gitlab uses it for its automated builds
21:39<Cromulent>and deploy stuff
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21:55<Cromulent>oh god "Docker Captain"
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23:22<criticalfailure>Hey, I just made the worse noob mistake on a client's production server. He couldn't connect in ssh but I could, so the support told him I had to flush the whitelist after backing up the iptables
23:22<criticalfailure>I did exactly that except I flushed all the rules and now there's no way to access the serveur
23:23<criticalfailure>is there any way of reboot it or restaure a backup or something from the linode administration once he can find his login and password or should I take a plane ticker to the datacenter with a keyboard or move to somewhere far right now ?
23:23<@sjacobs>criticalfailure: do you have access to a linode manager account? if so, you can access through Lish and troubleshoot it.
23:24<criticalfailure>Ok then I just have to wait for a moment until he gets home and finds the manager account login
23:24<criticalfailure>thank you very much
23:37<criticalfailure>I regained access to the server, thank you so much.
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23:45<jax>I have a question that I open I can get some help with. I set up a server for me to host my personal site a about 4 months ago and now I'm trying to set up my site on the server. But, I it's not recognizing my ssh-key for some reason. How would I fix that?
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23:48<@sjacobs>jax: you can log into the lish console and make any changes.
23:49<jax>ok, I will try the link. Thanks
23:49<jax>I'll report back :)
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23:49<@sjacobs>the details for you linode are at the bottom of it's the remote access tab.
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