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00:37<mhdelta_>nick mhla
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00:38<mhlo>whois mhdelta
00:38<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Im glad I now registered <>
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00:48<rsdehart>what's going on here?
00:48<rsdehart>someone seems to be having a hell of a lot of trouble with irc
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01:38*kyhwana pokes things
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01:40<kyhwana>ah, is back
01:40<kyhwana>route change thing
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02:46<bazzard72>hi there
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02:46<bazzard72>i had a site before i stopped it i want to bring it back
02:47<bazzard72>its ""
02:48<Woet>and your linode question is?
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03:04<weblizar>need help in creating a new directory which will map to doamin
03:05<weblizar>I have already one directory in the same server.
03:05<kyhwana>weblizar: you make a directory somewhere and then your set your documentroot to point there?
03:06<weblizar>explaining more.
03:06<kyhwana>But I get the feeling if you're stuck there, you probably want to pay someone to set this up for you
03:06<weblizar>I have one VPS ,
03:07<weblizar>here I have mapped 1 domain let say now In the same VPS I want one more domain
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03:08<Woet>go ahead
03:09<kyhwana>you'll want to follow something like
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03:29<weblizar>Apache , mysql already there
03:31*dcraig tickles weblizar around a bit with a large demoiselle
03:32*dcraig tickles fluffyfoxeh around a bit with a large cobia
03:32<dcraig>foxeh what makes you so fluffy?
03:35<FluffyFoxeh>the cold Canadian Arctic.
03:36*Woet deflates FluffyFoxeh
03:36<dcraig>u did woet m8?
03:37<FluffyFoxeh>have you ever seen a really fluffy dog after it fell in the lake
03:37<FluffyFoxeh>it does look pretty deflated
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05:01*xCrypt0 slaps jackley around a bit with a large fishbot
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05:40<Meena>Hi , My Linode server had been temporarily some network restrictions applied due to brute force attempt. Now i have rebuilded the server, Can i get the restrictions removed
05:40<Woet>how did you get hacked in the first place?
05:41<Meena>i am unable to find the issue. the time mentioned in the support was not mentioned in the auth.log
05:41<Woet>so dont you think finding the issue would be a good idea?
05:41<Meena>i think something is compromised.
05:42<Woet>instead of just rebuilding and waiting for it to happen again
05:42<Meena>Wed Oct 4 16:12:56 2017: user: root service: ssh target: source: Wed Oct 4 16:12:56 2017: user: root service: ssh target: source: Wed Oct 4 16:12:56 2017: user: root service: ssh target: source: Wed Oct 4 16:12:51 2017: user: root service: ssh target: source: Wed Oct 4 16:12:51 2017: user: root service: ssh target: source: W
05:42<Woet>that's not useful.
05:42<Shentino>Per a linux admin guidebook: Reinstallation should be considred MANDATORY on an intruder gaining root access
05:43<Shentino>And if auth.log is not showing anything your syslog may have been compromised
05:43<Meena>in Log there is no log information available in that time.
05:43<Meena>Oct 4 16:09:01 localhost CRON[32118]: pam_unix(cron:session): session closed for user root
05:43<Woet>Meena: yes, those kind of exploits are not really made to log and give you info where it came from.
05:44<Meena>Oct 4 16:15:01 localhost CRON[32185]: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)
05:44<Woet>Meena: none of this is useful info
05:44<Woet>Meena: please stop pasting everything with the word "root" in it
05:45<Meena>IS there any other additional information which could help me in investigating the issue.
05:45<Shentino>look, if root was compromised then the system log would be one of the first targets
05:46<Shentino>anything you find could be forged or altered
05:46<Woet>Meena: what are you running on your linode?
05:46<Woet>Meena: did you install security updates?
05:46<Woet>Meena: did you use strong unique passwords, or better yet, pubkeys?
05:47<Meena>i am using postgres Databse, Pentaho ETL tools running.
05:47<Meena>did u mean strong password for root?
05:48<Woet>for everything.
05:48<Woet>strong, unique, random passwords.
05:49<Meena>its a unique password only
05:50<weblizar>any help ?
05:52<Meena>i didnt install any security updates.
05:54<Meena>Per a linux admin guidebook: Reinstallation should be considred MANDATORY on an intruder gaining root access . reinstallation of Putty u meant to say shentino
05:55<Shentino>troll alert
05:58<Meena>unable to fetch my syslog as i have rebuilded my server.
05:59<Meena>And one more priority is, i have my project deliverables tomorrow, so if you could please help me with this restriction issue, it would be great help
06:03<Meena>this issue is mainly due to passwords?
06:04<Zimsky>do your project deliverables not include "ensuring systems are not compromised"?
06:04<Zimsky>crikey mikey.
06:32<kyhwana>Zimsky: maybe they work at equifax?
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06:37<Meena>How to ensure systems are not compromised . I dont have syslog files right now as my linode had been rebuilt
06:37<poky>Ever used rkhunter?
06:38<poky>rkhunter, clamscan, maldet
06:38<Woet>Meena: for starters, you should use random, unique, strong passwords
06:38<Woet>for every account
06:38<Woet>then use public key auth for SSH
06:39<Woet>install security updates and keep it up to date
06:39<ponas>^- also applies to any internet-facing webapps
06:39<poky>Meena: For the guide what Woet suggested -
06:40<poky>rkhunter to find RootKits, clamscan (malware, virus scanner, i guess), maldet (malware detector)
06:42<poky>OK guys. I am here to achieve something. FTP related
06:43<Woet>why are you still using FTP
06:43<poky>My ssh config has restrcited to PermitRootLogin no
06:43<poky>what shall I use?
06:43<Woet>i mean, did you mean SFTP?
06:43<Woet>its not the same
06:44<poky>Yeah SFTP* correction
06:46<poky>Using filezilla on my PC via SFTP. So, as SSH restricts to login user 'root' I cannot login to SFTP with that user. The other sudo user is 'poky'. But when I login to sftp with that user, I cannot create files/folders but can read.
06:46<poky>How can I create files and folders with the user 'poky'
06:47<grawity>I'd say use chmod/chown to give permissions for that
06:47<poky>chown is set to www:data
06:47<poky>shall I keep user 'poky' under www:data?
06:48<grawity>um, as in user "www" group "data"?
06:49<poky>www-data:www-data (user:group)
06:50<poky>All files are set in that owner/group. There is no user called www-data
06:51<grawity>how can a nonexistent user be the owner, though
06:51<grawity>i'm sure it exists
06:51<grawity>but the user doesn't matter that much; the group is more useful
06:51<grawity>I don't know if adding "poky" to the "www-data" group is best practice, but ... it's one way to do it
06:52<poky>Hmm. Explain Why not the best practice?
06:52<poky>Any security issues?
07:00<poky>So I added 'poky' to www-data group. Still I can't create a file in a folder which is owned by www-data:www-data (user:group)
07:01<Meena>Do we have to access the Linode server only with static IP address ?
07:01<grawity>Meena: as opposed to?
07:01<grawity>poky: use chmod to make the folder group-writable
07:01<grawity>poky: i.e. g+w, and probably g+s to make all new stuff in it also www-data-owned
07:04<Meena>dynamic IP address from the routers are trying to make connections with Linode server. So is it necessary to have static IP connection was my doubt
07:08<grawity>Meena: ah – if you're talking about the source (client) address, that's completely unimportant
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07:10<Meena>not the Linode server address,
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07:16<Nino>Hi, Can I ask if you have data centers in North Europe Region?
07:16<Nino>We are planning to deploy a Linux Virtual machine but we need to be sure that its connectivity is good
07:17<Woet>so deploy one and see
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07:17<poky>Got disconnected
07:17<rsdehart>we saw :)
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07:18<abhi131>on Complete Signup there is only Creditcard payment option.I do not see Paypal payment option... please Help.
07:18<Woet>abhi131: what makes you think linode accepts paypal?
07:18<abhi131>I read
07:18<Nino>Do you have CentOS 7.3 distro?
07:18<Woet>abhi131: "While any customer can use PayPal to fund their account, new customers will still need to sign up using a credit card. You can use PayPal from then on."
07:18<Woet>Nino: i've googled and given you the first result twice now
07:19<Woet>Nino: perhaps we can cut out the middle man and you can use google yourself?
07:19<Zimsky>what if google is illegal
07:19<Woet>then just bing it™
07:19<Nino>Okay, thanks!
07:19<Zimsky>what if <search engine> is illegal
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07:20<Woet>what if you're illegal
07:20<Zimsky>I am, but that's beside the point
07:20<Woet>go back to mexico
07:20<Zimsky>I'm not from mexico
07:20<Woet>well go there anyways
07:20<Zimsky>technically from Korea
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07:21<Zimsky>I had to dig that tunnel by hand but I feel so liberated now
07:21<Zimsky>maybe I'm just full of shit
07:22<Zimsky>brb deleting america
07:22<poky>Well, I have many folders in different locations. chmod each folder is lengthy process.
07:22<poky>UGH. akf again
07:22<Zimsky>Always keep fresh
07:23<Woet>thats rich coming from you considering your shower habbits
07:23<poky>What if I keep 'poky' user to root group?
07:23<Zimsky>Woet: what are shower habbits?
07:24<grawity>poky: doesn't affect a thing
07:24<grawity>poky: being a sudoer does not make you root
07:24<grawity>poky: being in the root group does not make you root
07:24<Zimsky>are they something to do with hobbits?
07:24<grawity>poky: being in the wheel group does not make you root
07:24<Zimsky>grawity: not with that attitude
07:24<grawity>Zimsky: sudo shut up
07:24<Zimsky>this incident will be reported.
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07:24<Woet>to who?
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07:25<Zimsky>Woet: I once seemed to have caused grawity to ragepart
07:25<Zimsky>it was invigorating
07:25<Woet>i hope the incident was dealt with
07:25<Zimsky>poky: do you have to chmod each folder? why can't you just do it recursively?
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07:25<Zimsky>poky: unless your file structure is really weird
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07:26<Woet>cant be as weird as you
07:27<Zimsky>indeed, that would be infringing on my IP
07:30<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Possible to allow AXFR from another server to pull zone from linode? <>
07:30<abhi131>on complete signup page can I enter any of these promo codes "DOCS10" or "CHANGELOG2017" along with my visa card details to get free credits of 10$ or 20$?
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07:31<abhi131>on complete signup page can I enter any of these promo codes "DOCS10" or "CHANGELOG2017" along with my visa card details to get free credits?
07:32<Woet>abhi131: try it and see.
07:33<abhi131>what if promo code dont work but only my visa card work then ...... I have to use then....I am just trying Linode cause right now they have this free credit offer
07:35<Woet>im pretty sure DOCS10 works, seeing as its advertised on the documentation.
07:35<Woet>of course it has to be a new account.
07:35<abhi131>okay lets see....anyways there 7days monyback ......:)
07:46<poky>HAHA got it grawity
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07:46<poky>Zimsky: Yeah file structure is weird
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07:47<poky>Some folders and files in the folders are not supposed to be changed
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08:19<adriyel>anyone here
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09:19<erlenbs20> Good Morning I can not access my linode account
09:20<Zimsky>you should call or email them
09:20<Zimsky>why can't you access it though?
09:21-!-saki [~Thunderbi@] has joined #linode
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09:22<erlenbs20>Welcome to Linode! Please confirm your email address.
09:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
09:23<dzho>you might want to confirm your email address
09:23<Zimsky>I think confirming your email address might work
09:24-!-Matt__ [] has joined #linode
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09:25<rsdehart>dzho: that's crazy talk
09:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
09:33<Zimsky>it usually is
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09:37<luis8systen> I can not log in to my luis8systen account
09:38<rsdehart>have you been tied up?
09:38<Zimsky>is your fridge running?
09:38<luis8systen>I put the password and nothing, and it was already debited from my credit card!
09:39<rsdehart>did it say anything about verifying your account?
09:39<Zimsky>"and nothing"
09:39<rsdehart>well there you have it
09:39<rsdehart>it told you why you can't yet log in
09:39<rsdehart>it should have told you it may take a few hours
09:39<rsdehart>and hopefully requested you be patient
09:40<luis8systen> not yet
09:40<rsdehart>your money hasn't been stolen.
09:40<rsdehart>this is a security measure they take to ensure someone who isn't you isn't using your card
09:41<rsdehart>they'll notify you when the verification step is completed, whereupon you'll have access to your account
09:42<rsdehart>I didn't say your card hasn't been charged. I said they haven't stolen from you
09:42<rsdehart>I assure you they're doing what they've said they were going to do
09:43<Zimsky>but what if
09:43-!-luis8systen [~oftc-webi@] has left #linode []
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09:44<Zimsky>a screenshot like that is insufficient anyway
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13:45<fergtm>anyone else getting high packet loss to dallas?
13:45*jhaas checks
13:46<dwfreed>fergtm: what's the reverse?
13:46<@jhaas>pings from my homeserver over fios to our test server in dallas 0%
13:47<dwfreed>jhaas: it's probably specific to his return
13:47<dwfreed>jhaas: given the one shows that it starts as soon as it crosses from Cogent to Linode
13:47<@jhaas>for my sanity i just like to check the datacenter hasn't fallen over :)
13:47<dwfreed>You'd know
13:48<wheatie>from zayo into linode i see no loss
13:48<@jhaas>(i'm over telia fwiw)
13:48<dwfreed>jhaas: one of the OFTC hubs is in Dallas; it's currently in the middle of the network, so you'd only be able to see half the users you'd normally see
13:49<@jhaas>oh cool, didn't know that
13:49<dwfreed>fergtm: that's a very curious loss pattern
13:50<dwfreed>could be cogent<->linode handoff, or a problem in cogent's network
13:51-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:52-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
13:54<fergtm>ok, so nothing I can do, I'll wait ...
14:01-!-mkogan [] has joined #linode
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14:17*balu slaps jmetz around a bit with a large fishbot
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15:24<Frogging101>huh. my Newark Linode has powered off
15:25<Ikaros>Same with mine.
15:25<Ikaros>I'm getting yelled at by the people that were using the stuff on it
15:25<dwfreed>Frogging101: it is worth noting that these days when a host dies, the Linode's status is set to Powered Off in the Manager
15:26<Frogging101>yeah. that's what I assumed had happened
15:26<@jackley>I don't see any host issues in Newark atm.
15:26<dwfreed>you pinged out, which would be consistent with host death
15:26<@jackley>Frogging101: do you have a host name for me?
15:26*jackley looks
15:26<Ikaros>jackley: Mine as well has also powered off.
15:27<Frogging101>yeah what dwfreed said is its IP/network hostname
15:27<millisa>(one of mine also dropped)
15:27<@jackley>Ikaros: same host? newark1185?
15:27<Ikaros>jackley: No, newark926 /
15:27<dwfreed>those are far enough apart in numbers I can guarantee you they're not in the same cabinet
15:28<Ikaros>That can't be a coincidence that you had a slew of Newark nodes power off at right about the same time in different cabinets
15:29<dwfreed>(Unless a drive swap happened, but those are uncommon)
15:29<millisa>newark947 for me
15:30-!-aaronraimist-2 [] has joined #linode
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15:30<Ikaros>So a total of 3 Newark nodes all powered off around the same time (that has been reported here so far). The heck is going on... o.O
15:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
15:31<Woet>Eugene is showering with the servers again
15:31<Woet>i told him to wrap them in towels first
15:31-!-aaronraimist-2 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:31<@jackley>thanks folks. investigating now.
15:32<millisa>(my other newark node in that account on newark748 is up; so it's not 100%)
15:32-!-Acejam [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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15:33<wheatie>My newark node powered off too
15:33<Acejam>Anyone aware of any current system issues?
15:33<Woet>this is why i fly out of JFK instead of EWR
15:33<dwfreed>Acejam: are you in Newark?
15:33<Acejam>Same here, my newark node just powered off and fails to start up
15:34<Ikaros>Yeah, you're not the only one.
15:34<dwfreed>Linode is looking into it
15:34<Acejam>Roger, thank you
15:34<dwfreed>it's likely a partial power outage
15:34<Acejam> needs updating :)
15:34<Ikaros>They'll do so eventually once they can ascertain the extent
15:34<@jackley>it's not a power issue.
15:35<Acejam>This is the first time since 2009 that I've had a Linode unintentionally power off
15:36<dwfreed>jackley: fun
15:37<Ikaros>Acejam: Regularly occured to mine before I finally got off the host node it was on previously.
15:37<Ikaros>After that it stopped doing it.
15:37<Acejam>Noisy neighbors / bad node :/
15:38<Ikaros>Unfortunately, both are regular occurences in the hosting business.
15:38<Acejam>At least I can confirm that my monitors work :)
15:38<Ikaros>How you respond to it is what makes or breaks the deal.
15:39<@jackley>this is related to the block storage beta. If your Linode can't boot, and you've got an attached volume, can you detatch the volume and attempt to boot?
15:39<millisa>the one i have that is down is one that i have one of the beta block store store volumes on.
15:39<Ikaros>jackley yeah one moment let me see.
15:40<HoopyCat>datapoint: all three of my newark linodes are alive and well, and i am not participating in the block storage beta
15:40<Ikaros>Boot successful.
15:41<dwfreed>Good thing it's a beta :)
15:41<Ikaros>Though taking longer 'cause I assume systemd is hanging on the mount filesystems task since the block storage is no longer attached.
15:41<@jackley>Frogging101 && millisa -- can you give that a try as well?
15:41<@jmetz>jackley: it worked for my newark linode
15:41<wheatie>I will try this also
15:41<Ikaros>Aaaand into emergency mode.
15:42<wheatie>.... k maybe i'll wait for support direction =)
15:42<Frogging101>right, that worked jackley
15:42<Ikaros>How nice.
15:43<Ikaros>And I forget my root password, lol
15:43*Ikaros goes back to Finnix
15:43<HoopyCat>Ikaros: i have it
15:43-!-FluffyFoxeh [~Frogging@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe56:c54d] has joined #linode
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15:43-!-Frogging101 [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.9]
15:43<@jackley>Ikaros: just to clarify -- you mean you're intentionally booting into rescue mode?
15:44<dwfreed>wheatie: Ikaros's failed because of systemd silliness, not a Linode problem
15:44<Ikaros>jackley: No, normal boot, failed because the mount filesystem task fails and it drops into maintenance mode as a result, so I have to go into Finnix to correct that since I don't have my root pw handy at the moment.
15:44<Ikaros>But other than that it DOES boot
15:45<millisa>(it looks like mine *would* boot after I dropped the beta store volume; if I wasn't doing stupid things based on that mount being available)
15:45<dwfreed>millisa: hah
15:47-!-Linguica [] has joined #linode
15:47-!-Linguica is "fart" on #linode
15:47<Ikaros>There we go, error corrected in fstab, rebooted back normally, and all is well
15:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
15:49<@jackley>sorry folks
15:50<Ikaros>Hey, at least we found a potential issue that could occur with block storage. :P
15:51<@jackley>Our team was in the process of upgrading some software for block storage, which should happen without affecting Linodes.
15:52<millisa>a solid beta test then.
15:53<FluffyFoxeh>thanks for the quick and effective response
15:53<Ikaros>Yeah I'm gonna say that didn't quiiite work out the way it should have, lol
15:53<Ikaros>But all is good regardless.
15:53<HoopyCat>on the topic of unreleased products: my work project is in the state between "mention its existence to a few folks" and "available for sale"... it's weird how people assume we've got a warehouse of these things and we're just draggin' our feet just cuz :p
15:53<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Hosting a Subdomain? <>
15:55<HoopyCat>nope, there's good reasons it's not released yet
15:56<HoopyCat>(and also there is NOBODY who wants these to be available for sale more than we do, heh...)
15:57-!-jaylark [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:21-!-apocalypse [] has joined #linode
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16:21<apocalypse>Hello, I'm getting an error on the boot: Linode failed to boot for unknown reason.
16:22<apocalypse>can anyone help me with it?
16:22<millisa>is it in newark?
16:22<Eugene>Every day I'
16:22<Eugene>m Linodin'
16:22<@bmartin>and does it have block storage attached
16:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
16:22<Woet>Eugene: not if you're in newark
16:25<apocalypse>is in newark
16:25<apocalypse>it has a block storage attached
16:25<apocalypse>but I'm not using the bs
16:25<millisa>they are looking at it. if you detach the block store volume, you probably can boot
16:26<millisa>(and if you had it sitting in your fstab, you'll have to do the usual things to comment it out)
16:34-!-tonyyarusso [] has joined #linode
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17:07-!-Ikaros [] has joined #linode
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17:09<millisa>(just saw the ticket about the blockstorage beta incident). Just tried booting my linode with the blockstorage attached and it looks like it came up fine.
17:10<millisa>(no data loss)
17:11<@bmartin>double whoo
17:13<Ikaros>Well this sucks. My net goes down so I have to fire up my mobile hotspot to get back online :/
17:18<tonyyarusso>There's a definite downside to having my IRC client on my Linode - makes popping in here to ask about outages trickier :P
17:18<tonyyarusso>(Yeah, I got nailed by the block storage thing too)
17:38-!-TheAdmiral [] has quit [Quit: Hey! Where'd my controlling terminal go?]
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18:04<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Hosting a Subdomain? <>
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18:19<mmlj4>I've been unable to send email to various large providers recently... I get bounces that say my AS is on a blocklist (my IP is
18:19<mmlj4>I don't spam, this is incidental mail, and anyhow I'm not a /19
18:20<millisa>mxtoolbox doesn't show that IP blacklisted anywhere.
18:20<Ikaros>I don't think you're on any blacklist that I know of, I just ran the IP.
18:20<Ikaros>So whatever servers are rejecting you, it's likely their own blocklists you're hitting.
18:20<HoopyCat>any providers that aren't microsoft?
18:21<mmlj4>,, are the ones that come to mind
18:21<Ikaros>Yeah, Microsoft has a rep for that.
18:22<@scrane>Yeah, what you can do is open a ticket and provide the full error responses from Microsoft. We can then ask microsoft to remove the IP from the blacklist.
18:22<@scrane>Just let us know what domain you're sending from, and make sure you have your SPF records and RDNS set up properly.
18:22<mmlj4>well, if the error is telling the truth, large sections of linode are blocked by evilcorp
18:23<Ikaros>That's not unusual for Microsoft.
18:23<@scrane>Wouldn't surprise me.
18:23<Ikaros>I actually had to get aggressive with them when they pulled a CIDR block on an IP space I controlled on a dedi I had before.
18:23<@scrane>Assuming RDNS and SPF are set right, Microsoft usually honors the blacklist removal requests from us
18:24<mmlj4>hmm... I ought to check all my domains, probably SPF isn't set up for my clients' domains
18:24<Ikaros>But yeah
18:24<Ikaros>Check your RDNS, SPF setup
18:24<HoopyCat>microsoft begrudgingly accepts mail from the rest of the internet. they'd rather you just use them for all your mail needs :p
18:25<Ikaros>Then file a ticket with the domain you use for outgoing email, they can reach out on your behalf so long as you have your end set up correctly.
18:25<dwfreed>how do you scare a microsoft lawyer? whisper "anti-competitive"
18:25<Ikaros>(they would want to hear from the organization directly responsible for the IP space, instead of just the user who's using it)
18:26<mmlj4>I wonder... my postfix box does have a PTR record set... if they complain about mail for other domains being relayed through it... grr...
18:26<@scrane>Usually that isn't a big problem.
18:26<@scrane>At least not in my experience.
18:27<dwfreed>as long as the rDNS is sane, and the domain you're relaying mail for has an SPF record that says you're allowed, your rDNS not matching the domain you're relaying is not an issue
18:27<mmlj4>so open a Linode ticket, once I've done my homework?
18:27<Ikaros>Though yeah I can see your rDNS does seem to be correct, assuming that you send with that same domain name, and it also appears you have SPF set up too.
18:27<@scrane>Yup, pretty much. And make sure you share the full error code with us
18:27<mmlj4>I send for a few other domains too
18:27<dwfreed>make sure those domains have SPF records that say you can send their mail
18:28<@scrane>I think the blacklist is based on the IP address, so you should only need to do it for one domain per IP address, I think.
18:30<mmlj4>OK, the domains that can't send have SPF on them already
18:30<@scrane>Cool. You should be good.
18:30<rsdehart>email is objectively the worst
18:30<mmlj4>I'll file a ticket later tonight, thanks
18:31<millisa>what's the smtp error code/message that the live/hotmail/outlook/ms domains are giving? their codes usually give a hint at what is triggering them
18:31<Ikaros>So long as your IP has rDNS set, it should be fine as well. Ideally it should be set to the same domain, but most mail servers are "ok" with it if it's set up period.
18:31<mmlj4>I'll have to see if I can find it
18:35-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Quit: See you on the other side]
18:35<mmlj4>here's the error:
18:35<mmlj4><>: host[] said: 550 5.7.1 Unfortunately, messages from [] weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (AS3140). You can also refer your provider to (in reply to MAIL FROM command)
18:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
18:36<dwfreed>no idea where they got that AS number, because it's for "The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech"
18:36<dwfreed>which is obviously not Linode
18:37<mmlj4>hmm? I checked one the other day that did say Linode
18:38<mmlj4>or maybe I was looking at something else? /me forgets
18:38<@scrane>Hrm, not sure. But yeah, include that full error in a ticket and we should be able to take care of that.
18:38<millisa>interestingly, someone else saw the same as3140:
18:40<dwfreed>hardcoded error string?
18:41<millisa>or MS misusing a known industry thing again.
18:41<millisa>AS clearly means AwesomeSpamlist
18:41<dwfreed>like, team cymru gets it right:
18:41<dwfreed>$ dig +short TXT
18:41<dwfreed>"63949 | | US | arin | 2010-03-15"
18:45-!-Pau [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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18:50-!-Help_me [~oftc-webi@2602:306:ce12:2750:c96a:d3a4:9b99:7316] has joined #linode
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18:50<Help_me>Anyone here that can help me?
18:50<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:50-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
18:51<Help_me>I ran a search on an IP address that i found. I was wondering if Linode would be able to tell me a little more about it
18:51<millisa>maybe, maybe not.
18:52<millisa>what is your real question/
18:52<Help_me>Well is Linode an ISP? Or just a hosting service?
18:52<millisa>Linode provides VPS; that's arguably both
18:53<Help_me>So it would be possible that the IP address I found is a VPN being hosted on Linode servers?
18:53<millisa>sure; that's something people could and do use linode for
18:53-!-cooldude [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
18:54<Help_me>Ok. Would anyone be able to tell me who runs VPNs from the IP address?
18:54-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
18:54<millisa>at least pretty unlikely
18:54<millisa>the official linode folks wouldn't.
18:54<Help_me>I see
18:54<Help_me>Anyone on here willing to help?
18:54<dwfreed>Linode cannot, as per their privacy policy, reveal any customer information without a court order
18:55<Help_me>Ok well thanks for the help
18:55<mmlj4>OK, ticket submitted
18:55<mmlj4>thanks, all
18:56-!-NomadJim [~Jim@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:56-!-NomadJim [~Jim@] has joined #linode
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18:57<Help_me>And I'm not really sure if it's abuse or not
18:57<millisa>what is it that is causing you to ask about all this
18:57<@bmartin>Can you give us some more info on the situation. It is difficult to give you any pointers without any details?
18:58<dwfreed>millisa apparently types faster than me
18:58*millisa types much more innacruately, too
18:58<dwfreed>bmartin: you mixed up your punctuation
18:58<millisa>hah. and that wasn't intentional :)
18:58<Help_me>I'm pretty sure the person I'm catfishing is also catfishing me so I emailed the woman and gave her a link that logs her IP address
18:58<Help_me>And when I searched it showed to be coming from Linode servers
18:59<Help_me>So idk if it's like a proxy or vpn that she's using
18:59<millisa>Well, I'll give you the unique issue of the day
18:59<dwfreed>yeah, I agree
18:59<dwfreed>definitely not abuse
18:59<millisa>Is the woman's name 'Eugenia'?
19:00<Help_me>Actually it's Beverley
19:00<dwfreed>millisa: *snerk*
19:00<Help_me>IP Address:
19:01-!-millisa [] has left #linode []
19:01-!-millisa [] has joined #linode
19:01-!-millisa is "millisa" on #linode
19:02<Help_me>And she's using a VOIP number to text me
19:02<Help_me>So pretty much a dead end
19:02<millisa>Well, I suppose I might put it this way - setting up a linode to do things isn't exactly hard . .but to go through the effort of getting a vpn setup on one just for the purposes of screwing with someone... is a little more advanced than the usual
19:02<millisa>The chances that beverley doesn't have a beard to rival someone on Duck Dynasty is slim?
19:02<dwfreed>Or it's just a security conscious person
19:02<millisa>the most security conscious beverley in existence
19:03<mmlj4>i know what she needs... a consultant!
19:03<dwfreed>There *are* women security researchers
19:03<millisa>they do exist.
19:03<dwfreed>let's not be that sexist :P
19:03<millisa>probably use linode too
19:03<millisa>and their beards...
19:03-!-cooldude [] has joined #linode
19:03-!-cooldude is "Jordie" on #oftc #moocows #linode #debian #bitlbee
19:03<Help_me>I'm pretty convinced she is fake though. She claims to be deployed to Iraq and has started asking for gift cards
19:03<mmlj4>I have a beard...
19:03<Toba_>just block her, Help_me
19:03<Help_me>It's pretty funny though. She keeps calling me "my love"
19:04<Toba_>you aren't in charge of fixing everything wrong in the world
19:04<millisa>Oh, well if you are giving out gift cards, I can be beverley.
19:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
19:04<@scrane>That's my job.
19:04<@bmartin>and mine
19:04<Toba_>enjoy your eternal burdens, scrane & bmartin
19:04<dwfreed>hey, I'll totally be beverley for gift cards
19:04<@scrane>Wonder Twins, activate!
19:04<Help_me>Itunes gift cards? lol
19:05<Toba_>I bet beverly "hills" catfish would activate her wonder twins. for gift cards.
19:05<Toba_>you should ask.
19:05<Help_me>I'll consider it
19:06<millisa>what's beverley's mos?
19:07<Toba_>"A United States military occupation code, or a military occupational specialty code (MOS code), is a nine-character code used in the United States Army"
19:07<Toba_>great question
19:07<Toba_>I think they have one for "defrauding hard working americans stateside via wire fraud."
19:07<Help_me>I'll ask shes telling me about her job right now
19:07<millisa>no no. she'd know her mos.
19:07<Toba_>this reminds me of back when I would be logged into skype all the time
19:08<Toba_>one time, this girl claiming to be a taiwanese teenager wanted to talk english with me and for a while she would call me and play the piano
19:08<Toba_>I thought it was entertaining enough that I humored her for a while
19:08<Help_me>free entertainment
19:10<dwfreed>Toba_: are you sure she was actually playing the piano and not just a recording?
19:10<Toba_>no. my whole life is a lie.
19:11<@scrane>This is why I employ the XKCD captcha on all my online dating profiles.
19:12<@scrane>Too many bots out there, man.
19:12<linbot>this is why scrane doesn't get any matches
19:12<Help_me>Well this is on Facebook. And I started the catfishing
19:12<@scrane>Damn, linbot! Be cool!
19:13<Ikaros>Bots should not have interfaces that let people talk through them!
19:13*Ikaros smacks linbot
19:13<linbot>Ikaros: SILENCE, PUNY HUMAN
19:13<millisa>TIL: linbot's first name is Beverley
19:13<mmlj4>talking through bots is always a hoot
19:14<Ikaros>Yeah because it makes me wonder which one of these goofs is doing it :P
19:14<mmlj4>hey, I got a question, I wonder if I'll ever get an answer
19:14<Ikaros>Almost like me making ChanServ speak for me on my net, confusing newbies.
19:14<mmlj4>I work at QTS in Atlanta
19:15<Ikaros>OR dumb spammers...
19:15<mmlj4>do you guys have your own datacenter, or do you rent space in a DC?
19:15<mmlj4>I don't expect an anwer, but I can always dream...
19:15<millisa>no, that wasn't it.
19:15<dwfreed>Atlanta is provided by Zayo, used to be GNAX
19:16<mmlj4>woah, an answer
19:16<Peng>Don't go there, you'
19:16<Peng>Don't go there, you'll never escape
19:16<Peng>and you'll get superpowers that makes every ATS you walk by short out
19:16<Help_me>I think Beverley is part of the Taliban
19:16<Help_me>She said I own her
19:16<@bmartin>We have removed the prison cells from Atlanta
19:16<Help_me>And she's in Iraq
19:17<Help_me>And she's in the "Army" (Taliban)
19:17<mmlj4>prison cells? I've missed a reference somewhere...
19:17<@bmartin>They said you'd never escape
19:17<@bmartin>it was a bad joke :(
19:17<Peng>Help_me: Taliban aren't active in Iraq, are they?
19:18<dwfreed>would be ISIS
19:18<mmlj4>when I hired on here, the first thing I asked about was if you guys were in our building... I'd have found your cage and taken a selfie...
19:18<@scrane>It's the sequel to Escape from New York: Escape from Atlanta
19:18<Help_me>Ok, so Taliban is in Afghanistan.
19:18<Help_me>She's in ISIS then
19:19<millisa>(Escape from LA was the sequel)
19:20<nate>had to double check what channel I was in for a moment
19:20<linbot>Welcome to #linode
19:20<@bmartin>Hey Nate welcome to Linode Movie night
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19:22<@scrane>millisa: We don't talk about Escape from LA
19:23-!-Help_me [~oftc-webi@2602:306:ce12:2750:c96a:d3a4:9b99:7316] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:23<millisa>but . . steve buscemi . .and surgeon general bruce campbell!
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22:59<MajObviousman>I haven't looked in on it in a while. How is the v4 API coming along?
23:00<millisa>it still works. they had some breaking changes a week or so ago and put up a changelog after
23:01<millisa>It's over on the left on the nav bar;
23:02<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
23:03<dwfreed>Every night I'm coughing up my lungs
23:04<MajObviousman>both of them?
23:04<MajObviousman>you're not trying to keep one hale?
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23:32<Zimsky>dwfreed: that sounds like a bad thing to do
23:33<Zimsky>why would you do that?
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