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00:40<JamesTK>Peng: gimme more storage
00:41<Peng>That's per week.
00:41<Peng>rsync access, no backups, IPv4 sort of works on some days. Sound good?
00:43<Peng>One nines uptime guaranteed. Hurricanes excepted.
00:45<FluffyFoxeh>does IPv6 work all the time?
00:46<Peng>Of course.
00:57<JamesTK>Woo, I'll take 10
00:58<JamesTK>Peng: that 0.00000009 uptime
00:58<JamesTK>11 0's?
00:58<JamesTK>I'm probably off with my math
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00:59<Zimsky>* dcraig doubles the Peng, has less dwfreed
01:00<Zimsky>that's terrifying
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01:00<Peng>JamesTK: The nine isn't in the same place every month. It's never too far to the left, of course.
01:00<Zimsky>the uptime isn't 9% or 0.9% or any %
01:00<Zimsky>it's just 9
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01:00<Zimsky>there's no scale
01:01<JamesTK>so one month, it's up for 9 seconds
01:01<JamesTK>another, 9 minutes
01:01<Zimsky>no, the 9 is not a unit
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01:02<Zimsky>i t i s j u s t n i n e
01:05<HoopyCat>uptime: 9
01:05<HoopyCat>everybody's. dead. dave.
01:06<Zimsky>what even is a hoopy cat
01:07<Zimsky>a cat with hoops? a cat that likes hoops? a cat made of hoops? a hoop made of cats?
01:08<Peng>all of the above, and more
01:08<Zimsky>never trust a Peng
01:09<Zimsky>my father told me this
01:09<Zimsky>and his father before
01:09<Zimsky>he might have been a Japanese nationalist though
01:10<HoopyCat>it's supposed to be Hoo Pycat but the shift key was laggy
01:10<HoopyCat>sooooo i decided to just become a cat
01:10<Zimsky>or did a cat become you
01:10<Peng>is that a Python module?
01:11<Zimsky>its only function is (lambda s: sys.stdout.write(s + '\n'))
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01:13<HoopyCat>i am a python module
01:17<Woet>what are your pronouns
01:17<Zimsky>py, pyc and pyself
01:17<Peng> who
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01:18<Woet>Peng: who?
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01:18<HoopyCat>Zimsky: +1
01:19<Woet>Zimsky: -10
01:19<HoopyCat>oh hell, how do i tell linbot that i want to score
01:19<HoopyCat>that i want to increment Zimsky's score
01:19<Zimsky>you want to score with linbot?
01:19<Zimsky>this can be arranged
01:19<HoopyCat>damn, what is in this gin
01:19<Peng>HoopyCat: !point
01:19<Zimsky>probably gin
01:19<HoopyCat>!point Zimsky
01:19<linbot>HoopyCat: Point given to zimsky. (8) (Biggest fan: woet, total: 11)
01:20<Woet>the secrets out
01:20<HoopyCat>who the hell put alcohol in this gin
01:20<Zimsky>the mole people
01:20<HoopyCat>damn the mole people
01:21<Zimsky>the mole people damn you
01:21<Zimsky>fuck you JamesTK
01:21<JamesTK>You're paying me to get some rub n tug?
01:21<Zimsky>that's dee gus ting
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04:36<TimeTraveler>i have a question, ive been using lets encrypt, and it was working and added a auto update into my crontab but now it stopped working
04:37<TimeTraveler>when i try to run the comand manually i get this error
04:37<TimeTraveler>Too many flags setting configurators/installers/authenticators 'standalone' -> 'webroot'
04:37<TimeTraveler>no idea what that means
04:37<TimeTraveler>anyone have any idea
04:37<millisa>What's the actual command you are running?
04:38<TimeTraveler>/opt/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto certonly --quiet --standalone --renew-by-default --webroot --webroot-path=/var/www/html/ -d -d >> /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto-update.log
04:38<millisa>you've got both standalone and webroot in the switches
04:39<millisa>chances are good you don't want standalone
04:39<TimeTraveler>ok il try it without that
04:40<Peng>What about "/opt/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto renew"?
04:40<Peng>And why use "--renew-by-default"?
04:41<TimeTraveler>or should i use -nginx
04:41<TimeTraveler>Peng, heh its been a while since i set that up
04:41<TimeTraveler>i cant remember why on a lot of stuff
04:43<Peng>If you use Nginx, you could switch to the --nginx plugin. Might have to fiddle with the config files a bit to set it up.
04:47<TimeTraveler>hmm i tried it and it worked without error
04:47<TimeTraveler>however when i go to my website i still get a this website is insecure warning
04:48<TimeTraveler>Peng, that requires a server shutdown
04:48<millisa>reload nginx
04:48<millisa>or restart it
04:48<TimeTraveler>no i have to stop nginx, run the command, and then restart
04:50<Peng>You don't haev to shut down Nginx.
04:52<Zimsky>TimeTraveler: was it working tomorrow?
04:56<Zimsky>just take an almanac into the past and retire to a penthouse
04:59<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Let's Encrypt AFTER getting my site up? <>
04:59<millisa>looks like you got it; i see a green lock
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05:02<TimeTraveler>everything is right as rain again
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05:02<Zimsky>or did you just traverse minkowski space to reach this point
05:05<TimeTraveler>yes thanks millisa
05:06<TimeTraveler>you just have to exceede the velocity of life to double back on your lightcone
05:06<TimeTraveler>and wha-la!
05:07<TimeTraveler>about 3 times the speed of light aughta do it
05:08<TimeTraveler>man i see asinine automated scripts probing my server all the time
05:08<TimeTraveler>what the hell is wrong with people
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05:46<JamesTK>hmm, so linode is matched up to aws with zone naming now? :P
05:47<Zimsky>perhaps aws is matched with linode
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06:56<Jilani>how do i install plesk in linode hosting
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07:30<scotti>you run the command on the plesk website
07:30<scotti>it's a one-liner
07:30<scotti>copy/paste into your terminal window
07:30<scotti>bam boom
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07:45<poky>Hi. My wordpress website goes down every 15 mins and gets live every 3-5mins. I get these notifications from services like pingdom and Jetpack for wordpress
07:45<poky>How can I find the problem? I see system resources are at 3-4% only.
07:50<ponas>for starters you should look in your webserver error.log
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07:51<poky>error logs are fine. The entire Linode is going down
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07:51<ponas>like - it reboots?
07:51<poky>No, I do it manually
07:52<ponas>/var/log/syslog is a good place to look
07:52<poky>oh! ponas good point
07:56<poky>im lost lol
07:56<poky>some shit UFW blocks only
07:58<ponas>well, what does your stack look like
07:58<ponas>nginx + php-fpm?
08:00<poky>Yes. LEMP
08:00<ponas>I'd look at the php-fpm logs as well, but if it's acting up your should see som 'upstream' connection errors in the nginx logs as well
08:00<poky>damn. BRB ponas ....
08:00<ponas>how does it act when it's down, HTTP 503?
08:00<ponas>or connection refused?
08:09<poky>No. Server not found after waiting for long.
08:09<poky>php7 error log says : [pool www] server reached pm.max_children setting (5), consider raising it
08:10<ponas>there's your lead.
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08:12<Zimsky>consider raising your children
08:13<Zimsky>have more children
08:13<poky>with single lady?
08:13<Zimsky>no, with multiple lady
08:13<Zimsky>or multiple man
08:13<ponas>having more children lets you deal with more customers :|
08:13<Zimsky>your children are your customers
08:14<ponas>take at look at some wordpress caching plugins, might help
08:15<poky>They are intact. (caching). THis is my new linode. I moved my entire effected linode to new one. So this problem wasnt there before. I forgot how the php-fpm was configured.
08:15<poky>How to give birth to new children? Any guides?
08:16<poky>Something to do in /etc/php/7.0/fpm/pool.d/www.conf?
08:16<Zimsky>having not had children myself, I don't know
08:16<poky>Neither do I, but it seems we have virtual children and I need more
08:17<poky>pm = dynamic
08:19<ponas>poky: that's the right file
08:19<poky>pm.max_children = 5
08:19<poky>pm.start_services = 2
08:19<ponas>make sure you have enough memory to deal with the number of children you enter
08:20<poky>Yeah I think I have plenty of room to accomodate more children. Longview says memory used 45%
08:22<poky>So I am changing pm = ondemand from dynamic
08:22<poky>will increase upto 20 children.
08:22<ponas>dynamic is better imo
08:23<poky>Hmmm.. OK
08:23<ponas>it makes sure there are children standing by, ready to deal with requests
08:23<poky>;pm.max_requests = 500 is commented. Leave it like that?
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08:26<poky>Thanks! Let me observe this for a day
08:27<poky>Done. restarted php.
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08:42*Zimsky observes ponas
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11:08<Zimsky>!wx LSZH
11:08<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at LSZH: 53.6F/12C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 6.90 mph, chill 51.57F (altimeter: 30.12058266) [LSZH 081450Z 28006KT 9999 FEW015 BKN018 BKN023 12/09 Q1020 NOSIG]
11:08<Zimsky>lovely weather today
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11:09<Zimsky><Woet> i'm facing issues with Zimsky
11:09<Zimsky>but you're my biggest fan
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11:09<Woet>you see
11:10<Woet>the biggest issue is your response time
11:10<Zimsky>I never got it until now
11:10<Woet>the second biggest issue are your constant lies
11:10<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Just wanted to say Hello. <>
11:11<Zimsky>Woet: I was in a canyon
11:11<Woet>Zimsky: more like playing with crayons
11:11<Zimsky>nice try
11:11<Zimsky>but gfy
11:11<Woet>ops, Zimsky is using bad language again
11:11<Woet>in English this time
11:12<@bmartin>Let's keep it PG in here
11:12<Zimsky>Woet: ik zou nooit zoiets doen
11:12<Woet>bmartin: now its Dutch swear words
11:13<Woet>put a stop to this asap
11:13<Zimsky>woet is an imposter
11:13<Zimsky>the real woet was far less of a dcraig than this
11:14<@jhaas>"My hovercraft is full of eels" -- seems legit
11:14<Woet>in my defense thats pretty offensive to eels
11:14<Woet>the feeling is not mutual
11:14<Zimsky>yeah, no
11:14<Yaakov>That changes nothing.
11:14<Zimsky>love is a scam
11:16<Woet>only if you're incapable of connection with humans
11:16<Woet>try getting your firmware upgraded
11:16<Zimsky>you know what woet? 我的氣墊船裝滿了鱔魚
11:16<Woet>jhaas: as a big proposer of eel rights i think Zimsky needs a timeout
11:17<linbot>Yaakov: The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days. — 老子
11:18<Zimsky>sounds like a cool dude
11:18<@jhaas>"My hovercraft is full of eels" -- seems legit
11:18<Yaakov>That database needs reforming. Junk in there...
11:18<Zimsky>leems segit
11:18<Zimsky>Yaakov: only thing that needs reforming is Woet
11:18<Zimsky>there's a lot of junk in there too
11:18<Woet>much like your mouth
11:19<Zimsky>can confirm
11:19<Yaakov>jhaas: You might want to ask Sir William how legit it is.
11:19<@bmartin>is it too legit?
11:19<@bmartin>Perhaps so much so that it could not quit?
11:19<Yaakov>bmartin: That's mere speculation.
11:19<Zimsky>so legit it could get hit
11:20<Zimsky>you would not want it to like, legit quit and get hit
11:20<Zimsky>that's it.
11:20<Zimsky>you kno it
11:20<linbot>Yaakov: That URL appears to have no HTML title.
11:21<Zimsky>nobody likes a non-https-er
11:22<Yaakov>Well, good morning from the banks of the St. Jospeh River. Hope you all have a fine day! *poof*
11:22<@bmartin>Have an excellent day
11:22<Zimsky>have a regular day
11:22<Zimsky>let's not be too overzealous
11:23<Woet>good afternoon from the banks of frankfurt airport gate 56
11:24<Woet>B56 to be exact
11:24<Woet>i had to put more distance between Zimsky and me
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11:24<Zimsky>Woet: I'll always be right there. Not for you, but there.
11:25<Woet>as long as there is on the bottom of our flat earth
11:25<Woet>works for me
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11:27<Zimsky>Woet: you are there.
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11:29<Woet>no i'm at gate B5
11:29<Woet>i mentioned that
11:29<Woet>take your alzheimer meds
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11:33<Zimsky>Woet: I forgot which ones
11:33<Woet>god you're so demanding grandma
11:33<Woet>wish we could afford a retirement home
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11:41<AThanks>what a bad ui
11:41-!-Nyr [] has quit [Quit: Party like it's December 31st, 1983]
11:42<AThanks>how can i pay linode via alipay?
11:42<Woet>what makes you think thats possible?
11:43-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
11:44<HoopyCat>AThanks: ... convert it to an accepted form of payment
11:46<AThanks>it seems i need work hard to get a visa card
11:49<AThanks>thank you Hoopycat
11:49<Woet>very hard
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11:57<ponas>so did anyone see this:
11:57<ponas>it's not what you expect
11:58<Woet>i was expecting a goatse
11:58<Woet>very disappointed
11:58<Woet>guess ill have to look at Zimsky's photo for my daily eye bleaching
12:00<Zimsky>Woet: eye bleach is a good thing
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13:32<ciaky>Hi there!
13:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
13:33<ciaky>I am getting some strange connections to my server from Chiana while my server is located in Europe. Firewall is set and SSH access is given only to 2 users.
13:33<@bmartin>Hey there
13:34<@bmartin>Can you send those logs over to and we can take a look
13:35<ciaky>I send you here first a screen shot to be sure that it is something really strange as I am not an expert user.
13:36<ciaky>here it is:
13:36<ciaky>please ave a look
13:37<goose>so, people who are more knowlegable than me. I've got a shiny new UPS I just bought from a guy on craigslist. When I met him I turned it on in the parking lot (not connected to anything) and it fired up just fine. Now that I'm home with it, it won't turn on. Any ideas what may be wrong with it?
13:40<ponas>goose: download the manual and read it
13:42<ponas>ciaky: it's pretty common to have chinese/russian IPs trying to guess passwords
13:42<@scrane>@ciaky: ^
13:42<@scrane>Pretty much, they will scan entire IP ranges
13:42<goose>ponas: past that idea already
13:43<ciaky>is than a connection ? or just a trial from them ?
13:43<ponas>probably a short-lived connection, see /var/log/auth.log
13:43<ponas>you'll see all kinds of IPs
13:43<@scrane>and they will attempt to brute force all the time. In this case, I would recommend making sure you have root login turned off and you have password login turned off so the people who are logging in have to use a publickey
13:43<@scrane>Here's a little more information about how to do that:
13:44<ponas>goose: so you're doing whatever the manuals says you should do to make it go "online"?
13:45<ponas>usually it's a two-button combination
13:45<ciaky>O my goodness! Thanks guys
13:45-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:45<ciaky>yes I have only non-password access
13:46-!-ciaky [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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13:46<goose>ponas: yes. Per the manual, 0.2 seconds of pressing the power button should turn it in. Which worked fine 2 hours ago when I picked it up. Now it no longer does. I was hoping someone in here may have more experience troubleshooting UPS's and have seen this before, when the screen just flickers on for half a second then goes back off.
13:47<@scrane>ciaky: Then you should be good. They're gonna keep trying, but if you have everything set up properly, then you shouldn't run into any issues.
13:47<ponas>scrane: he left :(
13:47<@scrane>Hahaha I am so bad at this.
13:47<ponas>goose: do you have it plugged into mains at this point? maybe the battery is low :V
13:48<ponas>I'm just giving you bad tips I guess
13:49<goose>Yes, I do. Plugged it in and then plugged my desktop up, only to try and turn it on and find it not working. I assumed it would fire up fine, so didn't re-test it before wiring everything up to it.
13:49<goose>Reading online, perhaps the battery is so low it won't turn on till it charges for a while first
13:49<goose>Guess I'll wait and see
13:49<ponas>that's worth a try
13:50-!-ciaky_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:50<ciaky_>sorry. lost connection :-(
13:50<ciaky_>I have always had disabled password access
13:50<ponas>I only have experience with bluewalker UPS-es, they turn the display on when connected to mains even if not giving power to anything
13:50<ciaky_>I think on windows this can not happen. Even a short connection
13:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
13:52<ponas>ciaky_: basically it's nothing to worry about, just regular civilian cyber warfare
13:53<goose>ciaky_: if you don't have any friends in China or Russia, you could always just ban the entire country from connecting
13:54<goose>ponas: gotcha. thanks for the effort :)
13:55<ciaky_>I travel a lot and also to countries (not China) where many sites are blocked and I needed to set up a server to use it for personal use like facebook or paypal.. very frustrating. Paypal disable users if coming from some common VPN IPs as I used this solution before.
13:56-!-arno [~oftc-webi@2602:306:b80d:7690:9e76:1cca:b6bc:d993] has joined #linode
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13:57<goose>ciaky_: I have a raspberry pi at my home running as a VPN server for that very reason. connection isn't great when I use it, but it works!
13:57<ciaky_>Oh.. that is very nice!
13:58-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
13:58<ciaky_>I do not have any experience with pi. Which distribution can you install on it? Ubuntu Debian ?
13:58<goose>both, and more
14:00<ciaky_>You use it somehow as a 'hardware' channel or just hosting a Linux and set VPN on it ?
14:03<Woet>a hardware channel
14:04<ciaky_>I recently set up an OpenVPN on another virtual machine but I saw connections from China I destroyed the entire server :-))
14:05<ciaky_>I was scared.
14:06<ciaky_>How can I check whether they could get access to the machine or not ?
14:06-!-dwfreed [] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
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14:06<Woet>yea you dont want those connections
14:06<Woet>definitely compromised
14:06<Woet>dont want people actually communicating over the internet, that'd be crazy
14:06<Zimsky>Woet is the hacker
14:07<Zimsky>I would blame her
14:11<ciaky_>Thanks guys! see you later I hope.
14:12-!-fapestniegd [~whitejs@] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
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14:14<Woet>i hope not
14:21-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
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14:45<dand>"apt-get upgrade" on a new Ubuntu 16.04 asks me about grub
14:45<dand>"keep the local version currently installed"
14:45<dand>is there a way to automate it?
14:46<dand>shouldn't linode handles this for me?
14:46<Woet>is there a way to automate what?
14:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
14:46<Woet>and why should linode handle your updates?
14:48<dand>I wonder if grub has sense on a vps.
14:48<dand>I'm asking if Linode ubuntu image could hide this from me
15:02<dand>on a new linode should I run "apt-get upgrade" or "apt-get dist-upgrade" ?
15:06<@jackley>dand: that's up to you. they do different things. 'man apt-get' explains the differences in detail.
15:08<FluffyFoxeh>I use aptitude
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16:08<react>dand: --force-yes
16:08<react>ez pz
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18:36<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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18:52<GTAXL>Newark to Dallas seems to be getting packet loss
18:55<@scrane>Are you still seeing that problem right now? If so, can you create a ticket and include an MTR to and from the LinodE?
18:55-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:55<GTAXL>no it went away, it'll prob come back again
18:55<GTAXL>I did an MTR and saw packetloss in between
18:56<GTAXL>could just be my newark server, since it's on a horrible node
18:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
18:57<GTAXL>getting pretty sick of the daily packetloss :/
18:58<@mcintosh>GTAXL: if you're only seeing packetloss in between the two machines, it's likely not actual loss
18:58<@mcintosh>only real loss if it's at the last hop
18:59<GTAXL>yeah, but my newark linode gets packet loss and network cutouts every day and I have an inbox filled with thousands of uptime robot reports every day
18:59<GTAXL>so I just figure it's that
19:00<@mcintosh>that sounds like something you should open a ticket for further investigation into - that's not normal
19:00<GTAXL>I have, even though I did my due-dilligence and upgraded to a KVM node long ago and everything, the hypervisor is running "outdated software" and I have to move to a new node to have stable networking
19:01<GTAXL>I have to make plans to move it, as my customers would be inconvienced with hours of downtime
19:03<GTAXL>It makes no sense, it's not my fault the hypervisor is running outdated software.. I shouldn't have to move nodes to have stable networking
19:03<GTAXL>I don't even understand how that could cause networking problems when I never had them before
19:04<GTAXL>I considered it was someone abusing services on the same node, nope
19:04<GTAXL>not getting any ddos attacks either
19:04<dwfreed>bug in virtio networking code
19:04<GTAXL>is that any reason to inconvience everyone on said node? no, they should fix it
19:04<dwfreed>that requires a reboot
19:05<dwfreed>they generally don't do that unless they need to
19:05<GTAXL>reboot of the vps or node?
19:05<dwfreed>the host
19:05<GTAXL>I don't see why they don't schedule to do that then
19:05<GTAXL>it would be a lot faster than moving nodes
19:05<dwfreed>even so, it's likely something that is not easy to hit, which is why it's not a huge concern unless somebody is hitting it
19:06<dwfreed>reboots aren't fast either
19:06<dwfreed>unless you have a really large disk image, migrating is usually faster than a host reboot
19:06<HoopyCat>this ---^
19:06<GTAXL>If I knew this I would of just stayed on Xen..
19:06<dwfreed>Linode is phasing out Xen
19:07<HoopyCat>plus they're customer-driven, as opposed to rebooting everyone at an arbitrary time
19:07<dwfreed>You'd be on KVM at some point
19:07<GTAXL>atleast I didn't ping out every day
19:07<HoopyCat>it sounds like there's a solution and it's waiting on you to push the button
19:07<GTAXL>customer driven? They forced everyone to move nodes in Dallas
19:08<HoopyCat>customer-driven, as in "you push the migrate button when the time is right"
19:09<@bmartin>That is true but with the Dallas move we made a clear schedule and informed everyone as far in advance as we could so people could do it at their leisure ahead of the scheduled time.
19:09<@bmartin>It was a necessary evil as we moved to our new Dallas Data Center
19:09<HoopyCat>are you worried that your HA will be degraded for a short period of time? could spin up another node in the meantime
19:09<GTAXL>Will i have to migrate again and again
19:12<HoopyCat>GTAXL: eventually probably? i mean, it's a normal thing to have to do
19:12<@bmartin>It won't be a constant state of migrating but there is always the possibility you will need to again
19:12<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • [feature request] script management <>
19:12<@bmartin>I can't predict potential issues but this won't be a regular occurence
19:13<GTAXL>No, it's not.. I've never had these issues with all the other VPS hosts I use that use KVM. I've never had these networking issues or being forced to move nodes
19:13<HoopyCat>so like, what do you propose linode do?
19:15<GTAXL>find out what's causing all the network cutouts and fix it. I mean I have friends that have several Linodes that do the same
19:15<Peng_>I have weird networking issues with a different VPS host right now. :D
19:15<dwfreed>they already said what the problem is, and how you can fix it
19:15<dwfreed>and as I said, you migrating is probably faster than them rebooting the host
19:15<GTAXL>Why don't they inform all the users of said node hey we got a problem
19:16<dwfreed>as I said, it's probably a rare bug in virtio networking that you happen to be hitting
19:16<dwfreed>if nobody else is hitting it, why bother them?
19:16<GTAXL>how am I hitting it?
19:16<dwfreed>who knows? not all bugs are well understood
19:16<GTAXL>I don't abuse my servers, the network dropouts aren't my fault
19:16<HoopyCat>GTAXL: because you're an asshole and birds shit on assholes first?
19:17<GTAXL>hah, that's nice of you to say to a long customer
19:17-!-andrew [~oftc-webi@2601:646:201:d6bd:4843:1b21:17ed:418c] has joined #linode
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19:17<HoopyCat>GTAXL: in the time you've been sitting here pissing on linode, you could have fixed it
19:17<@bmartin>Hey there let's not
19:17<HoopyCat>GTAXL: from one long-time customer to another, go fuck yourself <3
19:17<@bmartin>that language is not acceptable in our channel
19:17<dwfreed>*shrug* telling it like it is
19:18-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
19:18<HoopyCat>alright, sorry. i'm just tired of watching y'all getting pissed on day-in, day-out. i'll go chill out for a bit
19:18<GTAXL>I'm the one that's paying my bill monthly and on time. I shouldn't have to deal with this inconvience, and moving nodes is a big inconvience to me as well
19:18<@bmartin>Civil discourse is completely acceptable but we need to keep it above the Linde
19:18-!-HoopyCat [] has left #linode []
19:19-!-andrew [~oftc-webi@2601:646:201:d6bd:4843:1b21:17ed:418c] has quit []
19:19<dwfreed>I mean, you either take the migration and the problems stop, or you don't and the problems continue
19:19<dwfreed>which is more inconvenient?
19:19<@bmartin>I certainly understand where you are coming from but when the solution involves migrating there aren't a lot of additional options
19:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
19:19<GTAXL>What if I move nodes and it continues?
19:20<GTAXL>I already moved from xen to kvm which you said would be a massive upgrade and reap benefits
19:20<dwfreed>because I'd guess that all the hosts that have the outdated stack are set to not get new Linodes
19:20<GTAXL>even when I was on kvm at first this didn't happen, it only started happening when Linode was "improving their network and peering"
19:21<Peng_>GTAXL: Bugs happen
19:21-!-cnf [~cnf@2a02:1807:3920:400:6dab:7da2:a198:625f] has joined #linode
19:21-!-cnf is "Frank Rosquin" on #linode #openconnect
19:21<@bmartin>I apologize for what you are experiencing. You've opened a ticket before and support suggested the migration is that correct?
19:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
19:21<Peng_>GTAXL: Also, if you were on Xen, you would have been rebooted like 3 times recently for security bugs.
19:21<GTAXL>yeah, I'm inconvienced either way
19:22<@bmartin>We do our best to provide an excellent service but sadly sometimes there are going to be scenarios where the customer is inconvenienced. We do our best to prevent this situations and to be proactive but bugs do happen.
19:24<@bmartin>If you'd like to open another ticket we can take a look at the situation again and see what we can do but I imagine our initial diagnosis of a host migration being needed was correct.
19:26<GTAXL>ugh, getting loss to dallas again
19:27<Woet>i think you should stay here and complain about it each time it happens instead of follow the solution offered
19:27<GTAXL>the loss is seen from dallas going in too
19:27<@bmartin>We are looking into that now
19:27<dwfreed>fwiw, I just lost connection to a Newark ircd from Dallas, so it's not just him
19:27<dwfreed>at least in this one specific instance
19:28<@bmartin>Yup I noticed it as well. Looking into it right now
19:28<GTAXL>2nd hop 16.9% 66 1.4 1.3 1.1 3.2 0.2
19:28<GTAXL>from dallas
19:28<GTAXL>I should really stop using mtr interactive
19:28<Woet>if its any consolation, my OVH dedi hasn't had any issues for over 2 years
19:34<dwfreed>v6 between dallas and newark is busted
19:34<GTAXL>I was seeing this on IPv4
19:35<GTAXL>but it stabilized for now
19:35<GTAXL>seeing 2% loss on last hop at both ends so better
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20:22<GTAXL>huh, there seems to be cuts in my graphs in linode manager too for cpu, io, etc.
20:23-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
20:31<Peng>May or may not mean anything. The graphs are less reliable than your Linode iself. :P
20:32<Peng>To sound more enterprisey, the graph system is a best-effort monitoring solution. ;P
20:33<Peng>Holes in the graphs can be serious (the host crashed, which isn't what happened to you) or not very serious (there was a graph hiccup, shrug)
20:33*Peng shrugs
20:34<GTAXL>like this?
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21:28<FluffyFoxeh>yeah I get those sometimes GTAXL
21:28<FluffyFoxeh>it's not serious
21:29<FluffyFoxeh>I use munin in the VM anyway
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21:31<nate>Hm, beginning to wonder if the equifax info has gotten out and around despite no apparent signs of it, or if there was some other identity breach recently. There's like a massive slew of new .us registrations being used for spam and malware emails
21:32<nate>either that or restrictions on .us domains have been lifted
21:34<@scrane>Hrm. That's odd.
21:35<nate>I've gotten 9 different "adult" spam emails today all from completely different .us domains w/ different registrant info. At least back last time I registered a .us you had to effectively give citizenship info to actually register one
21:36<dwfreed>according to Gandi, you need only "demonstrate a link to the US"
21:37<nate>Yeah I think there are some business exceptions, but the whois on all these are individual registrant based, not business classified (and you're not allowed privacy on .us)
21:37<nate>neustar used to, not sure if they still do, actually do annual 'checks' of the information and if something failed a validation test you'd get an email to the main email on record about proving you are you (had it happen after an address change once)
21:40-!-Piney [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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21:41<Piney>I want to connect my database, what should I write for database host?
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21:42<Piney>is it localhost or anything else?
21:42<nate>if your database is on the same linode then yes, localhost or should work
21:43<Piney>same linode account?
21:43<Piney>i have only one linode account
21:44<nate>same 'linode'. As in whatever location you have set up. Linodes are VPS's, nothing comes set up on them, you need to set them up yourself if you aren't paying for managed or professional services
21:45<Piney>I have set 2 website in my linode
21:45<Piney>one is main domain
21:45<Piney>one is the second level
21:45<Piney>the second level is
21:46<Piney>but why I open, it gooes to
21:46<Piney>I have set two databases
21:51<Piney>can you have a check for me, please?
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21:55<@scrane>Hello Piney, give me just a moment to catch up to the chat log
21:56<@scrane>Okay, so my understanding is you are running the domain and the subdomain on the same Linode, yes?
21:57<millisa>(I get two different sites when I hit and
21:57<@scrane>I do as well.
21:57<Piney>yes, I need two different websites
21:58<Piney>but now, it go to one same website
21:58<@scrane>But in general you will want to make sure you have the virtual hosts configured in nginx so that is its own virtualhost pointing to the specific folder you want it to
21:59<@scrane>As millisa said, when I load the different links, they point to different pages.
21:59<millisa>And if you hit the IP both of those sites use, I see the lnmp default page
22:00<@scrane> points me to "One-stop plastic, glass and Hardware products custom manufacturer" and if I go to I see a basic page that says "Betrum Bottles Just Another WordPress site"
22:01<millisa>looks like this to me:
22:02<Piney>so you can go to two different pages, right?
22:03<millisa>yep. one for Bertrum Bottles, one for Bertrum Precision Tech
22:05<Piney>now it's ok
22:05<Piney>maybe my cookies
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22:53<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Just wanted to say Hello! <>
22:54<dwfreed>s/say Hello/spam the forums/
22:56<Peng_>potayto, potahto
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22:59<@scrane>I think I might have already removed that one.
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23:00<@scrane>IF link=psychic; ban; do nothing
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23:10<pithecus>linode has such a large user base.
23:13<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • SPF: HELO does not match SPF record (softfail) <>
23:17<Peng_>nate: Real spam domains? Not random joe-jobs?
23:20<nate>Peng: they follow a generic pattern of what looks like $firstgirl-with-$, with randomly generated subdomains being used for the actual links (eg;
23:21<Peng_>Sounds like an awful lot of effort
23:21<Peng_>Well... a little effort
23:22<nate>Actually those ones appear to be by the same guy
23:22<nate>well going by the whois
23:23<nate>lol jesus
23:24<nate>been doing this for years it looks like on that email
23:24<nate>wonder how the hell my email suddenly started getting them, usually one of my anti-spam methods filter them out
23:24<pithecus>that looks like a happen'n website
23:25*nate goes to poke neustar
23:25<nate>technically he's violating the naming model I believe
23:26<nate>at the very least gotta be violating some policy
23:28<Ikaros>nate: How about not being who he claims to be, maybe?
23:33<nate>Ikaros: neustar does ID checks yearly, good chance that is his actual info, the address definitely looks like a nice-ish place that a spam scammer making a few bucks from might live at :P
23:33<nate>or at least they USED to do ID checks yearly
23:35<nate> hell even the graffiti on his corner is so fancy google blur'd out the face as if it was a real person
23:35<Peng_>nate: May i PM? (It won't actually be interesting.)
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