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00:52<polo>linode2303749: Ping is out of time. it seems my IP address is blocked by the GFW as I use in China. Please help change to new IP address. But please noted do not change my server and any my server setting, Only change IP address. As I do not want to bulit my server again. Thanks so much.
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01:34<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Smaller VPS plan? <>
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01:45<ardipithecus>domain name is set in a few places. so am I right to set in /etc/hostname or just there?
01:45<ardipithecus>so, really, if I own, do I even need the www?
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01:56<poky>Hey all
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01:56<poky>I want Linode server in my country. Is Linode expanding
02:00<ardipithecus>everyone is aslweep
02:01<ardipithecus>one of those guy with the @ in their name are employees
02:02<ardipithecus>or you can call them tomorrow. they are in NJ, east coast USA
02:02<FluffyFoxeh>poky: I think any plans for expansion would be announced on the blog. I'm not aware of any myself
02:02<FluffyFoxeh>(though I'm not an employee)
02:03<ardipithecus>poky fell asleep
02:03<poky>Its 11:33AM lol
02:04<ardipithecus>I'm in NJ, they're in NJ. they have servers just three miles from me.
02:04<ardipithecus>you're in california?
02:04<millisa>don't have to wait till tomorrow to call them. they pickup 24 x7
02:04<poky>I'n in India. Want servers somewhere in this country. Preferrably in Bangalore or Hyderabad.
02:04<ardipithecus>I think they have servers in India.
02:05<millisa>i lose.
02:05<poky>YAYYY!!! hahahahaha
02:06<ardipithecus>oh, sorry, I was thinking of
02:06<poky>Is there a way that I can invest in Linode for datacentres?
02:06<millisa> those are the locations
02:06<poky>Yeah checked that millisa . Im running on Singapore. Closest
02:07<ardipithecus>oops, am I not supposed to link to
02:08<poky>I have around 20 servers lying around at my abandoned office
02:17<poky>dad wont lol
02:18<poky>I will make my own CDN with those someday
02:18<poky>Was also thinking of mining cryptocurrency. Too much hard work
02:20<poky>wow some compnay has server in my country.
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02:29<poky>Any linode employee up? Waiting for an update on my ticket from past 7hrs
02:32<poky>10hrs ago.**
02:36<FluffyFoxeh>there are support staff working 24/7 but they may just not have gotten to it yet
02:36<FluffyFoxeh>all I can say really
02:41<dwfreed>if it's critical, you can always call them
02:41<dwfreed>Skype allows for calling US toll free numbers (like the 855 number Linode has) from anywhere in the world for free
02:41<poky>on call
02:43<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
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03:20<Zimsky>who's david
03:21<Zimsky>David Wesley Freed
03:25<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • Global performance tuning <>
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04:18<honeyM>anyone from linode here ? :)
04:18<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
04:19<rsdehart>honeyM: most of the time anything you actually need staff for should be submitted via a support ticket
04:20<rsdehart>but most of the time we the community can help with mundane questions
04:20<honeyM>thx.. i'll try here. maybe you'll know answer:) > Do they fulfill the European Data Security Standards from 2018 ?
04:20<rsdehart>support ticket/email
04:22<honeyM>got this question from one client of mine. .. + he is requesting : some Paper with this information
04:22<rsdehart>that is one I can't quickly turn up. It's not mentioned in so you'll probably want to send an email
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04:24<honeyM>you are right, email would be the only way :( thanks rsdehart
04:24<ponas>honeyM: you mean GDPR?
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04:25<honeyM>ponas. yep, it seems so
04:26<ponas>honeyM: in general, following GDPR mostly means thinking about what kind of data you collect and how you use it - in whatever application you are running
04:28<ponas>this checklist looks like a good overview:
04:28<honeyM>i know.. but my client has asked for GDPR for, i mean from 2018 (related to linode service)
04:28<honeyM>but thanks for a hint.. i assume that i know already where to get info
04:29<honeyM>have a great one !
04:32<rsdehart>thanks for weighing in, ponas
04:32<rsdehart>I have no idea about GDPR
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04:34<ponas>it's the kind of regulation where most small/medium websites will be non-compliant forever/for years
04:34<ponas>kinda like the cookie law
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05:37<mg0314a>hi there
05:38<mg0314a>trying to run anisible script on linode
05:38<mg0314a>but getting this message
05:38<mg0314a>fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "linode-python required for this module"}
05:38<mg0314a> to retry, use: --limit @/mnt/c/Users/Matthew Graham/streisand/playbooks/linode.retry
05:39<mg0314a>any suggestions?
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10:20<SNy>ponas, rsdehart: IANAL, but I think that GPDR does not really apply to Linode as virtual infrastructure provider.
10:20<SNy>It would be entirely up to the client, I think.
10:21<SNy>Unless they wanted to share the linode account as such, then parts might apply (e-mail, names).
10:21<ponas>that is my understanding as well
10:21<ponas>basically 1) have a privacy policy 2) ask for permission 3) don't be a dick
10:23<SNy>Well, 3) don't collect what you don't need, 4) document what you collect, and why 5) offer a way to contact you about it and 6) offer a way to delete info in request.
10:23<SNy>So, I agree, it will be very difficult to get right for smaller entities.
10:24<SNy>Uh, make these 4->7. s/in req/on req/
10:24<SNy>I also wonder in amazement about the vagueness of that 12-steps-paper you linked above.
10:25<ponas>it is perhaps too vague
10:25<SNy>They couldn't possibly be any more unclear if they tried.
10:26<ponas>I think lawyers in general are still trying to digest GDPR
10:27<SNy>Oh, my browser played a trick on me with the PDF, there are more details below. Mea culpa.
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10:29<SNy>Haha, point 4: "You will need
10:29<SNy>to provid
10:29<SNy>e the personal data in a
10:29<SNy>structured commonly used and machine rea
10:29<SNy>OOps. Sorry.
10:29<SNy>Note to self: don't C&P directly from PDF.
10:30<SNy>Commonly used form, as if there were any.
10:31<SNy>"Let's put this into JSON-LD using the FoaF vocabulary." "What?!"
10:31<ponas>I've tried a few times to download my facebook data. There's this hoop where they need time to gather the info into an archive, and they tell you a link to it will arrive by email
10:31<ponas>but it never does
10:31<dzho>"what, you're still here?"
10:33<SNy>ponas: That is easy: your fault, check spam folders, mail provider hiccup, ...
10:33<SNy>No one will ever be able to come up with proof they didn't send it.
10:33<ponas>a few years has passed, maybe it works now
10:34<ponas>no you
10:38<linbot>New news from status: Edge Router Upgrade - B Side - Tokyo 2 Datacenter <>
10:48<linbot>New news from status: Edge Router Upgrade - A Side - Tokyo 2 Datacenter <>
10:56<FluffyFoxeh>i do not
10:56<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • 502 Bad Gateway When We Send Notification <>
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12:05<smallclone>Farid: hi, feel free to ask your question
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12:12<Farid>hello sir
12:13<Farid>how i can install wordpress or cpanel to the server
12:13<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
12:15<smallclone>if you just need wordpress, Linode has a few guides on installing it plus you could use most guides for wordpress + whatever distro you're using..
12:15<smallclone>though if you want cpanel you should install that first, obviously
12:15<smallclone>and then do your wordpress install through that (i think? i've never used cpanel extensively)
12:17<Farid>hello sir
12:18<Farid>linode provide us cpanel or not
12:18<Farid>then how we can manage the server and install the scripts
12:19<Farid>and phpmyadmin
12:19<synfinatic>sure you can use that
12:19<Farid>what kind of server is this ?
12:19<smallclone>you can install whatever you want
12:19<synfinatic>you can even install cpanel
12:19<Farid>everything we have to purchase sapratly
12:19<smallclone>it's a linux server. it doesn't come with any management interface pre-installed. you have to know how to use the command line
12:19<synfinatic>most things are free
12:20<smallclone>you'd have to purchase your own cpanel license, yes - but generally on a linux server you're running software that doesn't cost money
12:20<synfinatic>if you know how to read, can follow instructions and are willing to learn, you don't need cpanel
12:20<Farid>linode suport ceter will help us or not
12:21<smallclone>they will not install stuff for you
12:21<synfinatic>not for things you'd use cpanel for
12:21<synfinatic>"here's a virtual linux server. go have fun"
12:21<smallclone>they will not perform system administration tasks or even access your linode at all
12:21<Farid>fuck of man
12:21<Farid>how much time it will take
12:21<smallclone>for you? years
12:21<synfinatic>for you? i'm guessing a long time
12:21*synfinatic high fives smallclone
12:22<smallclone>!point synfinatic
12:22<linbot>smallclone: Point given to synfinatic. (1)
12:22<synfinatic>wow, my first point
12:22<Farid>which os is best for speed and woocommerce ecommerce portal
12:23<synfinatic>which os does woocommerce support?
12:23<synfinatic>pick one of those
12:23<smallclone>the os doesn't really matter for that stuff...but if you want to install cpanel first then you need to use centos
12:23<smallclone>well yeah, use a supported os
12:24<Farid>centos is fast
12:24<Farid>suggest any fast server
12:25<smallclone>the os is not going to have a major impact on how fast the server is, despite what like..slackware or gentoo users will tell you
12:25<synfinatic>centos is good. use that. linode runs centos just fine
12:25<smallclone>here's the woocommerce server requirements. they don't seem to spell out any specific operating systems though:
12:26<synfinatic>just use centos. you'll be fine with that
12:26<smallclone>will probably need to add an additional repo to get php 7 though, i imagine centos 7 is still on php 5
12:26<tafa2>ubuntu is the easiest...
12:27<tafa2>what dyu guys use for benchmarking your VPS's?
12:27<relidy>Modern PHP for CentOS:
12:27<smallclone>what are you trying to benchmark specifically?
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12:28<synfinatic> also works
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12:29<relidy>But isn't as flexible as the authoritative source for those packages :)
12:29<tafa2>could always compile it
12:29<tafa2>or use phpbrew?
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12:30<smallclone>i imagine we've scared him back to shared hosting with this discussion
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12:30<synfinatic>some people need to be on shared hosting
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12:31<smallclone>I think Steve_ got your message loud and clear synfinatic
12:31*relidy snickers
12:31<synfinatic>if the shoe fits :)
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12:41<Farid>what is my login name and password
12:42<Farid>i installed centos
12:42<tafa2>username root
12:42<tafa2>password whatever you chose on install
12:42<Farid>now via ssh its asking me login and pasword
12:42<tafa2>might be better for you to do shared or dedicated hosting man
12:42<tafa2>or watch a youtube video on how to manage a vps
12:43<tafa2>smallclone hdd and speed
12:43<tafa2> <--- that worked really well
12:44<tafa2>I'm happy to say my linode 1024 kicked the equivalent Vultr VPS in my highly unscientific test
12:44<tafa2>*kicked ass
12:44-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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12:48<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:06<@jalter>!point Eugene
13:06<linbot>jalter: Point given to eugene. (33)
13:06<@jalter>!piont tafa2
13:06<@jalter>!point tafa2
13:06<linbot>jalter: Point given to tafa2. (1)
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13:17<Jasper_>Anybody know how can i cancel my account and get the money back when i'm at Probation period ?
13:18<smallclone>you can leave a note when you cancel, requesting a long as you're within the 7-day window
13:18<Jasper_>thanks so much
13:19<smallclone>also ugh, that stupid email popup on the docs. i swear it gets me every time..i thought it had a cookie or something, it's not like i open it in a private window.
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15:33<kz>Are there docs on the configuration of Linode-supplied kernels? (lsmod says nothing, it looks like everything is compiled in.)
15:34<@mcintosh>they are not customized
15:34<Peng_>/proc/config.gz can tell you what's in the kernel
15:35<kz>Thanks, didn't know about that!
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16:01<microvb>Good afternoon :)
16:04<microvb>It appears that one simply cannot register an application for the required applicationid / secret for use with your API. How may I proceed with this ? Also, is there a more permanent method in place for communication rather than requesting a new code on every access request as the intent is only server to server communication --- no direct access from clients.
16:07<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Im glad I finally signed up <>
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17:15<linbot>mcintosh: 4.9.50-x86-linode105 <> || 4.9.50-x86_64-linode86 <> || Latest 32 bit (4.9.36-x86-linode104) <> || Latest 64 bit (4.9.36-x86_64-linode85) <> || 4.9.36-x86-linode104 (3 more messages)
17:18<linbot>New news from kernels: 4.9.56-x86-linode106 <> || 4.9.56-x86_64-linode87 <> || Latest 32 bit (4.9.50-x86-linode105) <> || Latest 64 bit (4.9.50-x86_64-linode86) <>
17:25<tmberg>Can you see whats new/added anywhere?
17:25<dwfreed>just look at the kernels page
17:25<dwfreed>there are dates on each of the kernels
17:25<dwfreed>or you mean what's new in the kernel version?
17:26<dwfreed>nothing is new, LTS kernels don't see feature additions
17:26<dwfreed>this is just bugfixes
17:26<tmberg> /fixed then.
17:27*tmberg is *curious*
17:27<dwfreed>edit the last bit to see previous versions
17:30<tmberg>dwfreed: Oh. Thanks. Didnt now they "followed" that right off.
17:32<dwfreed>there would be notes on the kernels page if Linode was patching the kernel with anything (like they had to do a long time ago with xsa39)
17:32<dwfreed>otherwise they're just vanilla kernels
17:34<tmberg>I see.
17:39-!-in1t3r_ [~LordShiva@] has joined #linode
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17:53<synfinatic>i have a cat on my lap
17:55<Peng_>I have an upset cat sitting hearby
17:55<synfinatic>i may be willing to trade. hard to type this way
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18:56<tafa2>so I'm trying to install a custom distro
18:56<tafa2>and all is going well so far
18:56<millisa>but then the fire nation attacked?
18:56<tafa2>The distro I'm trying to install wants to configure its own swap
18:56<tafa2>millisa haha
18:56<tafa2>after its all complete
18:57<tafa2>do i just delete the swap and edit fstab to use the default swap disk image?
18:57<tafa2>does that work?
18:58-!-lostlife [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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19:00<tafa2>looks like I got disconnected - not sure if my BNC send the last few messages through?
19:01<tafa2>they didnt
19:02<tafa2>so later on in the guide - it details how to copy the disk image to an ext4 image so that its compatible with Linode's backup and resize features
19:03<tafa2>When I do copy it over will the OS take utilise all the space available on the disk?
19:03<tafa2>* -take
19:03<tafa2>or do I have to manually play with partitions on the command line?
19:05<dwfreed>you might want to do a 'resize2fs' afterward so the filesystem has the correct size
19:05<dwfreed>I don't remember if that's in the guide
19:05<tafa2>it isnt
19:06<ardipithecus>wow. my dns changes hasn't fully propagated after 24 hours
19:06<tafa2>can i just mount the ext4 image directly from the installer configuration and install directly to that?
19:07<tafa2>or does it have to be to a raw image then copy it over?
19:07<tafa2>ardipithecus long TTL?
19:08<ardipithecus>I guess
19:08<ardipithecus>I didn't set a TTL actually.
19:18-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
19:20-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
19:20<dwfreed>the default is 24 hours
19:20<dwfreed>so it can take a little more than that
19:23-!-Megaf|Home [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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19:30<dwfreed>anybody else seeing packet loss to newark? seeing loss from Tata (AS6453) starting at Linode's internet edge
19:30<millisa>only have a couple systems there right now, but they haven't alerted to anything
19:31<dwfreed>seems to be in the return
19:32<synfinatic>always throws me a loop that newark is in NJ, not the city next to fremont
19:34-!-emerson [] has joined #linode
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19:34<dwfreed>the return traffic hops into a company called "Core-Backbone" through DE-CIX; the loss is between their DE-CIX router in New York and their router in Nuremberg, Germany
19:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
19:36<Peng_>At least OFTC hasn't split :P
19:36<dwfreed>funny, I noticed this because of OFTC's monitoring
19:37<dwfreed>fortunately, we don't use the monitoring server as a hub :)
19:37-!-Linguica [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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20:02<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
20:03-!-Guest6580 is now known as FastLizard4
20:09<ardipithecus>I have a account in the newark, nj center
20:09<ardipithecus>I just did a ping -f
20:09<ardipithecus>2963 packets transmitted, 2962 received, 0% packet loss, time 5598ms
20:10<ardipithecus>did the same from outside to my linode.
20:13<tafa2>so... im a lil confused about which partitions need to be moved over as part of my custom os install
20:13<Eugene>tafa2 - are you using a donor VM?
20:13<tafa2>a donor VM?
20:14<Eugene>Do you have a local VM that you are uploading to Linode?
20:14<tafa2>but obviously its just a guide
20:14<tafa2>and its the first time I attempt this
20:14<Eugene>Ahhh, gotcha
20:14<tafa2>and the distro (freepbx) has created a swap
20:14<tafa2>a boot partition and a root one I believe
20:15<Eugene>FreePBX follows the CentOS defaults, which is a /boot as the first partition, a LVM PV, and then LVM LVs for / and swap
20:15<tafa2>so now im trying to figure out how to move the root partition to an ext4 image, delete the swap to use a swap image and move the boot partition as well?
20:16<Eugene>I actually kinda hate grub booting, because you have to go muck with the swap= arguments etc
20:16<tafa2>Eugene thanks actually helps
20:16<tafa2>so I need to move /boot/ and sda2?
20:17<tafa2>then delete the swap and configure it to use the "linode swap"?
20:17<ardipithecus>oh, you're moving all the files over?
20:17<Eugene>You want to move the /dev/mapper/s7_freepbx-root, which is the / LV
20:18<tafa2>ardipithecus yeah - isn't the best thing to do?
20:18<Eugene>What I would do(my 2c), is ignore /boot and swap altogether
20:18<tafa2>*isn't that the
20:18<tafa2>jeez can't type tonight
20:18<ardipithecus>I was actually going to say skip weird files and directories/folders like /dev
20:18<tafa2>Eugene I'm not going to pretend to understand enough about CentOS
20:19<tafa2>I don't need /boot/ ?
20:19<Eugene>dd the /dev/mapper/s7_freepbx-root over /dev/vda (created as an ext4 Image in Manager), resize2fs the result so it makes sense, mount it, edit /etc/fstab to get rid of swap and /boot, and then set up a Linode Profile that boots a Linode kernel with /
20:19<Eugene>Only if you want the CentOS kernel
20:19<Eugene>And even then, using a separate /boot is a PITA on virtual hardware
20:19<Eugene>(LVM sucks)
20:19-!-CodeMouse92 [] has joined #linode
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20:19<tafa2>so then which kernel would I use?
20:20-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
20:20<Eugene>The LInode-provided "linux"
20:20<Eugene>Its a generic kernel that they keep up-to-date and it just works. Does not support SELinux however
20:20<tafa2>and would there be any modules or features that would require the freepbx/sangoma kernel?
20:20<Eugene>AFAIK FreePBX should run fine on it? You won't have any of their proprietary hardware anyway
20:20<tafa2>*the kernel that comes as part of the distro
20:20-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:21<Eugene>TBQH, I would not use FreePBX at all. At $DAYJOB we are converting all our clients to 3CX, which has VM images pre-built
20:21<tafa2>we're moving away from 3CX
20:21<Eugene>Or, just use bare Asterisk
20:21<tafa2>and I'd like to move away from Vultr
20:21<Eugene>Por que, if I may ask
20:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
20:21<tafa2>3CX is great
20:21<tafa2>but its lacking a tonne of flexibility
20:21<tafa2>can't do basic follow me rules
20:22<ardipithecus>sorry, i'm fully paying attention to what's being said.
20:22<tafa2>dialplans are too "simple"
20:22<Eugene>Less features is a Good thing for our target clientele, heh
20:22<tafa2>they love the 3CX clients
20:22<tafa2>and so do i - they just work
20:22<tafa2>but Sangoma has really got their act together with the phones and the commercial modules
20:23<tafa2>they've also rebooted their reseller programme here in the UK - so it's a lot more attractive
20:23<Eugene>We got burned pretty badly by them
20:23<tafa2>also more lucrative for me since there aren't any licensing fees
20:23<tafa2>0o how so if I may ask?
20:24<Eugene>Crummy support experiences with the hardware analog cards
20:24<Eugene>Followed by a bunch of Polycom integration issues
20:24<tafa2>Polycom and FreePBX I hear don't play nice
20:24<tafa2>The sangoma phones are sweet though
20:25<tafa2>I don't know.. I think I'll end up a running a mix of both
20:25<tafa2>3CX for the clients that need the basic stuff
20:25<Eugene>Its all legacy at this point. We're pushing people to soft phones and/or just forwarding to their cell
20:25<Eugene>On-prem PBXes are silly in 2017
20:26<tafa2>So that's one thing that drove me nuts in 3CX - call forwarding cannot do call assurance
20:27<tafa2>and you cant limit certain extensions from calling each other without creating a whole bunch of manual rules
20:28<Eugene>Again, thats A Good Thing ;-)
20:28<Eugene>Our #1 complaint before 3CX was "we don't know how to use our phone"
20:29<tafa2>never had that
20:29<tafa2>just dial the number
20:29<tafa2>no one uses 98% of the features anyway
20:29<Eugene>Yup. Except the couple of people who are used to smart phones, so they wander into Contacts
20:29<Eugene>Then Pam from accounting learns that it exists and starts whining about things not working right for her
20:30<tafa2>for me it was "how can I prevent the guys in office X from calling office Y" - how can I make sure the answering machine on my mobile doesn't pick up if im not at my desk
20:30<tafa2>Put Pam in her own group with no directory?
20:31<Eugene>That particular user got fired for embezzlement, so its moot heh
20:31<Eugene>What do I want for dinner
20:31<tafa2>Ok here's one in 3CX - you've got an outgoing rule for Mobiles - if number starts with 07 or 447 then send down route 1 and then route2
20:31<tafa2>then route 1 suddenly is down for maintenance
20:32<tafa2>or you stop using it
20:32-!-TomasCZ [] has joined #linode
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20:32<tafa2>you have to manually modify all your outbound rules to remove that rule
20:32<tafa2>what I love in FreePBX is that all your outbound dialplans are in one rule
20:32<tafa2>anyway, I digress
20:33<linbot>It vends! an empty water bottle
20:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
20:33<tafa2>Eugene: dd the /dev/mapper/s7_freepbx-root over /dev/vda (created as an ext4 Image in Manager), resize2fs the result so it makes sense, mount it, edit /etc/fstab to get rid of swap and /boot, and then set up a Linode Profile that boots a Linode kernel with /
20:33<tafa2>I'm going to go and try that
20:33<Eugene>Good luck
20:33<tafa2>thanks for the advice!
20:35-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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21:04<tafa2>so default linode kernel is throwing a bunch of errors
21:06<tafa2>do I actually need to move it over to an ext4 image? Is the only thing feature I'm missing out on is backups?
21:11<Eugene>No, you can do a LVM just fine
21:12<Eugene>It just won't Backup, as you say
21:12<Eugene>I bet you could also muck with the FreePBX installer to make it not use LVM
21:22-!-TomasCZ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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21:59<linbot>New news from forum: Customer Testimonials • I am disappointed with linode <>
22:00<FluffyFoxeh> sevice is so bad
22:01<millisa>I read it with this in my head.
22:04<Zimsky>I hate it when the respon is so slow
22:04<Zimsky>so bad !
22:04<Zimsky>sad !
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23:41<Milt0n>I ate the worm
23:41<Milt0n>Please return my stapler
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23:43<ardipithecus>Yes! My DNS changes have been propagated, finally.
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23:58<Nightmare>Yo that guy talking trash about Linode needs to shut up
23:59<Nightmare>Linode is even more responsive than these guys texting me who are tryna get laid when I respond to them
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23:59<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Im happy I finally registered <>
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