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00:19<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
00:22<Zimsky>do you have supporting evidence?
00:31<Toba_>I doubt it
00:45<Eugene>!towel Zimsky
00:45<linbot>Eugene: Point taken from zimsky! (8)
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03:34<raihankalla>Hi, my Linode account has been canceled. Can anybody help?
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04:54<linbot>New news from forum: /dev/random • Buy registered Passports(,Drivers license, <> || Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials • Buy registered Passports(,Drivers license, <> || Linux Networking • Buy registered Passports(,Drivers license, <https://forum.linode.c
05:04<linbot>New news from forum: Customer Testimonials • I am disappointed with linode <> || Current Betas • Linode Block Storage (Newark beta) <> || General Discussion • connecting via ssh - permission denied <> || Performance and Tuning • 502 Bad Gateway When We S
05:05<@sjacobs>linbot. that's old news.
05:08<Zimsky>sjacobs: don't you wanna buy registered passports?
05:08<@sjacobs>now, that's bad news.
05:13<Woet>sjacobs: can linode just hire me? for $1000 ill fix the spam for good.
05:13<Woet>i take payment in BTC
05:15<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials • [TOP TIP] Text to image notifications... with fortune & cows! <>
05:15<Woet>not these retarded top tips again
05:15<@sjacobs>Woet: i can't hire you. :(
05:16<Woet>sjacobs: thats not what you said last night
05:17<@sjacobs>i... i... that wasn't me.
05:17<Zimsky>sjacobs: woet doesn't know what he's doing
05:17<@sjacobs>just someone with a registered passport from real life docs that said it was me.
05:17<Zimsky>pay me 10BTC and I'll do it properly.
05:17<Woet>Zimsky: you cant even dress yourself
05:18<@sjacobs>stopping forum spam does not require getting dressed.
05:18<Zimsky>Woet: correct, the maid does
05:18<Woet>you are the maid
05:18<Zimsky>this is also true
05:20<Zimsky>sjacobs speaks truth
05:20<Woet>not always
05:21<Zimsky>sjacobs: solution is to abolish the forum, and there will be no spam
05:21<Woet>he said he had no STDs
05:21<Zimsky>forums are for people too slow in thinking to IRC
05:23<Zimsky>Woet: ben jij een stoephoer?
05:24<Woet>sjacobs: Zimsky is insulting in foreign languages again
05:24<Woet>needs a week ban imho
05:27<Zimsky>Woet: you lack ambition
05:27<@sjacobs>Woet: i'm leaving this q&a about you
05:28<@sjacobs>r job between you and Zimsky.
05:29<@sjacobs>if the questions go much further, though, they should probably be taken elsewhere.
05:29<Zimsky>don't worry, Woet and I are good friends
05:33<Woet>speak for yourself
05:33<Zimsky>I just did
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06:55<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • can pay without credit card? <>
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07:07<Trustmaster>Hello I'm trying to install an Minecraft server but I got some errors
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07:08<Trustmaster>I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, trying to run this cmd: apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless
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07:09<Trustmaster>Error appear: openjdk-7-jre-headless : Depends: tzdata-java but it is not going to be installed
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07:10<@sjacobs>Trustmaster: have you tried installing tzdata-java first? (is it an ubuntu package?)
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07:11<Trustmaster> tzdata-java : Depends: tzdata (= 2016j-0ubuntu0.14.04) but 2016j-0ubuntu0.16.04 is to be installed
07:13<@sjacobs>haha, what a rabbit hole. is tzdata installed? i'm surprised it's not installing these dependencies for you.
07:14<Trustmaster>Yeah so what can I do
07:15<Trustmaster>tzdata is already the newest version (2016j-0ubuntu0.16.04). 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
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08:20<farid>any one is there
08:21<farid>i have problem in webadmin
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08:32<Farid>i have problem in webadmin
08:32<Woet>just use your brain for a minute
08:32<Woet>how are we supposed to help you
08:32<Woet>when you just say "i have problem in webadmin"
08:32<Woet>and then quit 2 minutes later
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08:35<ramesh>@linode der?
08:35<Woet>this isnt discord/slack
08:35<Woet>and theres no one called linode
08:36<Woet>and "der" is not a word
08:36<Woet>try again
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08:38<ramesh>who are you actually ?
08:39<ramesh>what's your work?
08:39<Woet>sitting on IRC answering dumb questions
08:40<ramesh>Do you know anyone, who can help me get to linode customer support
08:40<dzho>!to ramesh ask
08:40<linbot>ramesh: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
08:40<dzho>!to ramesh ops
08:40<linbot>ramesh: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
08:41<@jmetz>ramesh: what did you need help with?
08:41<Farid>its https connection issue
08:41<Farid>connection is not secure error
08:41<Farid>how i can solve this problem
08:42<Woet>Farid: what did you google for so far?
08:42<Woet>Farid: which tutorials did you read?
08:42<Woet>Farid: which documentation did you go through?
08:42<Woet>Farid: what have you tried so far?
08:42<@jmetz>gotcha, your best bet is to open a support ticket with the details. once you get that submtited feel free to send the ticket number through
08:42<Woet>jmetz: are you a wizard? ramesh didnt say anything
08:43<Woet>Farid: did you try actually reading those pages?
08:43<Woet>Farid: specifically this part: "Note: When logging in for the first time, you will see an "Invalid SSL" error. This is because the server has generated a self-signed certificate. Allow the exception to continue so you can replace the self-signed certificate with one from Let's Encrypt."
08:43<@jmetz>i can be wizardy at times. other times i just misread things on irc :|
08:43<Woet>Farid: and from the second link, this part: "For security reasons, Webmin generates a self-signed SSL certificate for itself when you install it. If you get a warning about an SSL certificate from your browser, you may wish to verify the details of the certificate and accept it."
08:43<Woet>Farid: so what is your question?
08:43<Farid>i read
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08:44<Farid>so should i ignore this issue
08:45<Woet>Farid: don't tell me "i read" and then ask a question thats answered by what I pasted.
08:45<Farid>or is there any this for worry
08:45<Woet>[14:43:32] <Woet> Farid: specifically this part: "Note: When logging in for the first time, you will see an "Invalid SSL" error. This is because the server has generated a self-signed certificate. Allow the exception to continue so you can replace the self-signed certificate with one from Let's Encrypt."
08:45<Farid>Then, select SSL Encryption from the list of icons, and then select the Let's Encrypt tab. You'll see a screen like the following figure:
08:45<Farid>is part is not working or me
08:45<Farid>giving error
08:46<Woet>Farid: you want to share said error or is it a secret?
08:47<Farid>i want to share
08:48<Woet>feel free
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09:04<farid>hello Woet
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09:12<salazarmaxi>hello everybody
09:13<salazarmaxi>from chile
09:13<farid>i want webmin
09:13<dzho>farid: what is your error
09:13<dzho>!to salazarmaxi ask
09:13<linbot>salazarmaxi: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:14<farid>ssl issue
09:16<Woet>farid: you cant just start over
09:16<Woet>we already discussed it
09:16<Woet>you said you got an error
09:16<Woet>so.. whats the error?
09:16<Woet>also, i never said "please private message me"
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09:18<Farid_>now i want vertualmin
09:18<dzho>Farid_: are you doing this on linode, or on digitalocean?
09:19<Farid_>on linode
09:19<dzho>!to Farid_ docsearch virtualmin
09:19<Woet>dzho: he already linked it
09:19<Woet>he just doesnt read any of it
09:19<Farid_>i installed webmin
09:20<dzho>oh, there it is.
09:20<dzho>I got lost in all the DO links
09:21<Farid_>now i need vitualmin
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09:26<salazarmaxi>so sorry my english is not good but i have a problen i install postfix,devecot, squirrelmail but i cant try sending a email i use this guide
09:28<salazarmaxi>i to restart all services and fine and see logs tail -f /var/log/syslog and fine O error but how i try this service
09:28<dzho>salazarmaxi: lack of log entries is a problem :-)
09:29<dzho>postfix will log successful connections as well as denied ones
09:29<dzho>so you should be able to show *something* from the server side
09:29<dzho>if not, then the problem is elsewhere
09:30<dzho>so, you should try to get errors from your mail client then
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09:31<dzho>salazarmaxi: there is a link to troubleshooting near the bottom of the page you are looking at
09:32<dzho>it has, for instance, instructions on using telnet to test the most basic functionality of your email server.
09:32<salazarmaxi>here my log
09:33<salazarmaxi>i use telnet fine i havent problem
09:33<dzho>ok, so what email client is generating those error messages from the pastebin?
09:33<dzho>it might be a misconfiguration of that client
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09:34<dzho>or are those messages from the telnet connections?
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09:35<salazarmaxi>that messages are syslog
09:39<dzho>salazarmaxi: I mean, what are the details of the client you were using to try to connect from each of those two IPv4 addresses?
09:43<DrJ>dzho, we don't say tel*** in here
09:44<DrJ>salazarmaxi, same to you
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09:48<salazarmaxi>yes i do dzho
09:49<salazarmaxi>ok DrJ
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10:05<dzho>salazarmaxi: if those are from your telnet attempts, they are incomplete, and you should continue debugging that.
10:05<dzho>not just connect to port 25, but send a complete message, or generate an error message, either way.
10:18<linbot>New news from status: Linode is experiencing sporadic ipv6 connectivity issues in our Dallas Data center <>
10:27<FluffyFoxeh>move_objects on
10:28<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Dallas <>
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10:56<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Hiring for VP of Support? <>
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11:14<zifnab>people always confuse me
11:14<zifnab>i don't think a forum is the correct place for that question
11:22<Woet>yea, posting on a community forum for a VP position is definitely the way to go
11:25<zifnab>plus, what kind of horrible company doesn't promote from within
11:26<zifnab>...oh wait
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11:39*Woet promotes zifnab
11:39<zifnab>no thanks
11:39<zifnab>i like writing code
11:53<dzho>undermining the Peter Principle since 2017
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13:13<pavan>i migrated my ubuntu server
13:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
13:13<pavan>now it is not reachable trhough ip or putty
13:13<pavan>any idea .. how can i access it now?
13:14<Woet>did you try the console?
13:14<Woet>or LISH or however its called
13:15<pavan>i am able to access through lish console..
13:15<Woet>so diagnose the networking issue
13:15<pavan>but from outside i am not able to access it.. if i hit my server ip in browser.. it is not showing any page
13:15-!-gsputta_ [] has joined #linode
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13:16<synfinatic>sounds like you want to look at your networking config
13:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
13:16<pavan>my linode was just migrated ..not sure what netwok config i need to change
13:17<Zimsky>if it was migrated somewhere where it was given new IPs, you need to update any static configurations you have
13:17<Zimsky>as well as any services you have running that bind to those addresses
13:18<gsputta_>I have a small question. I've brought up a new linode using debian 9, in the process list I see both [rpciod] and [nfsoid] running. I've tried every possible way to get rid of them including purging any nfs portmapper etc packages. Is this normal? Could someone please tell me why these are required?
13:18<pavan>i did not get any new ips.. it is still showing old ips in the the dashborad
13:19-!-kyhwana_ [~kyhwana@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:19-!-kyhwana_ [~kyhwana@] has joined #linode
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13:19<Zimsky>then you should be fine
13:20<gsputta_>(also, why do they show up in the first place, A stock debian install doesn't have these running)
13:23<gsputta_>(I did install the net-tools package and tcpdump, cut I don't think this is the cause)
13:28-!-relidy [] has joined #linode
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13:36<retro|blah>gsputta: My guess is those are likely kernel threads, and if that is indeed the case, the reason you're seeing them is that the thing that enables those things is built into the Linode kernel (i.e., not compiled as a separate module).
13:37-!-gecco [] has joined #linode
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13:38<gecco>DALLAS IPV4 CONNECTIVITY just dropped off for a moment, what's going on over there?
13:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
13:38<gecco>All my nodes just went out for about 30-60 seconds
13:39<gsputta>retro|blah: yes, they are kernel threads, but not threads that should be required
13:39<gecco>yeah, I saw status had something of IPV6 connectivity issues, we're not using IPV6 for production, or even monitoring it, but we just lost contact to everything out in Dallas for a very brief time period (we're doing VOIP, so any loss is a big deal)
13:40<gecco>anyone else having issues in dallas? we're back, but just curious
13:40-!-kyhwana [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:40<millisa>i didn't see the dallas issue; i'm still connected through one and it must have been short enough that my monitors didn't catch it?
13:41<gecco>ok, I'll chime back if I see anything, thanks for letting me know
13:41<retro|blah>gsputta: So as a test I tried setting up a test debian 9 linode to boot from the distribution supplied kernel instead of Linode's default kernel. When doing that, there is no rpciod or nfsiod running.
13:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 353] by ChanServ
13:41<retro|blah>gsputta: While still booted to the distribution kernel, if I modprobe sunrpc, then I see rpciod in "ps aux".
13:42<gsputta>retro|blah: so it *is* the startup images that linode provides that bakes this in
13:42-!-pintraj [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:42<retro|blah>Not the startup image per se, but the Linode kernel (which is not part of the startup image)
13:42-!-kyhwana [] has joined #linode
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13:43<pintraj>i want to install aksbot
13:43<gsputta>the kernel that linode provides
13:43-!-gecco [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:43<pintraj>i have followed you documentation
13:43<pintraj>at last step
13:43<pintraj>sudo apt-get install nginx nginx-full nginx-common
13:43<pintraj>i am getting the follwoing error
13:43<pintraj> See "systemctl status nginx.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.
13:44<pintraj>can any one help me
13:44<millisa>did you look at the systemctl status and journalctl -xe output for details?
13:45<pintraj>i am new to linux
13:45<pintraj>i dont know how to look it
13:46<pintraj>can you tell the command to see the details
13:46<gsputta>retro|blah: so this is normal, I was just curious as to whether this was deliberately done by linode or something else
13:47<millisa>pintraj: it gave you two commands to run to start looking at it
13:49<retro|blah>gsputta: Yeah, not unexpected. I suspect if Linode had wanted to try to separate things out into modules for their kernels it would be more complicated to distribute the modules
13:52<gsputta>retro|blah: thanks
13:58-!-pintraj [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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14:16-!-zzla [] has joined #linode
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14:16<zzla>so, i have a linode here with a domain, and linode is handling the DNS for the domain
14:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 353] by ChanServ
14:16<zzla>id like to have any emails forwarded from to
14:16<zzla>but i keep finding conflicting information on the web about whether or not this is possible
14:17<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Installing SSL Cert on Linode server for subdomain <>
14:17<synfinatic>good starting point
14:17-!-fstd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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14:19<zzla>definitely a startming point, but it doesnt seem to answer my question
14:19<Peng_>All things are possible with enough work? You or someone else needs to run a mail server.
14:19<zzla>can i accomplish this without running a mail server?
14:20<zzla>or.. isnt that waht outlook is already doing?
14:20<Peng_>Yes, they're running mail servers for Not
14:20<Peng_>You could get... what's Microsoft's equivalent of Google Apps called? Office 365?
14:21<synfinatic>you can set your MX record in DNS for to point at, but by default they won't know what to do with it
14:21<Peng_>And Outlook might even offer some specific forwarding service.
14:21<synfinatic>i'm pretty MSFT stupid
14:21<Peng_>Some domain registrars offer mail forwarding, but you'd probably have to transfer your DNS to then, instead of using Linode.
14:21<synfinatic>"they make that windows thingy"
14:21<Peng_>(In other words, the domain registrar would run mail servers, configured to forwardh ow you want.)
14:22-!-pavan [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:22<pavan>how to configure network interface
14:23-!-mode/#linode [+l 353] by ChanServ
14:23<Peng_>pavan: What do you mean?
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14:28<pavan>i am getting following error
14:28<pavan>Restarting networking (via systemctl): networking.serviceJob for networking.service failed because the control process e xited with error code.
14:28-!-fstd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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14:31<Nav>Question: How much do you guys charge for 20 GB transfer / month
14:32<zzla>are there alternatives to outlook, as a email provider, which woudl allow me to redirect emails using an MX record?
14:33<millisa>Nav: the lowest end linode comes with 1TB of transfer in a month.
14:33<Nav>Sorry typo 20TB
14:33<millisa>Nav: Ah, well, this would apply then
14:34<Nav>oh perfect thanks millisa
14:34<millisa>Nav: or you could just get bigger linodes or more of them that have more transfer; the transfer amount is pooled in an account
14:34<Nav>hmm.. cool
14:34<millisa>the 48gb plan comes with 20tb of transfer in it
14:34-!-pavan [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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15:05<Glen>Hi all
15:06<Glen>I have a question regarding moving from managed shared cloud hosting to linode
15:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
15:06<Glen>My currrent hosting provider manages my email for me and I have a few email addresses setup under my domain through my hosting provider.
15:06<Glen>If i move to linode ill lose all of this correct?
15:07<DrJ>Glen, yea
15:07<DrJ>you could host your email on linode but I don't really recommend that
15:07<Glen>Okay is there anywhere else I can hist them free?
15:07<DrJ>I'd suggest looking into Office 365 or Google Apps... each will cost around $5/email account/year
15:08<DrJ>sorry per month
15:08<Glen>Ah i see so there is no free service I can use/
15:08<DrJ>I don't know of any good free place to use with your own domain
15:08<Glen>Okay how would i do it through linode and why would you not recommend it?
15:09<DrJ>you'll have to fight to keep your IP off blacklists
15:09<DrJ>which can become a major pain
15:09<Peng_>Running email is hard. Popular wisdom is to get someone else to do it if at all possible. :D
15:09<Glen>Ah i see
15:09<DrJ>you could do everything right and someone that has an IP close to you could get an entire range blacklisted
15:10<DrJ>and all of a sudden most of your email will go straight to spam boxes
15:10<Glen>Yeah i see what you mean
15:10<DrJ>its just a major pain
15:10<DrJ>I'd rather pay $5 a month
15:11<Glen>haha yeah ill let the client know. Hopefully that will be okay with them
15:13-!-Glen [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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15:31<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Installing SSL Cert on Linode server for subdomain <>
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16:03<gbit>Linode manager having issues?
16:03<gbit>I keep being disconnected over and over
16:03<millisa>works for me
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16:19<linbot>New news from status: Dallas Emergency Network Maintenance <>
16:21<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Installing SSL Cert on Linode server for subdomain <>
16:31<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • how to server images (pics) without serving them from the site's server <>
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16:53<safetypin>are restored backup disks automatically mounted?
16:54<Peng_>I'm pretty sure they're not.
16:54<Peng_>You'd have to edit the configuration profile and reboot.
16:56<Zimsky>is peng automatically mounted?
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17:16<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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17:19<Zimsky>Eugene: do you have supporting evidence?
17:20<ericoc>I know Linode's got some free passes to devopsdays in philly right? wink wink, if you guys can hook me up with admission, I'll tell literally everyone I meet how great you are and wear a Linode t-shirt ;D
17:20<Zimsky>wink wink
17:20<Zimsky>ericoc: why would you need to tell everyone how great linode is?
17:20<Zimsky>linode is so great everyone just already knows it automatically
17:20<ericoc>rando people at devopsdays won't know
17:20<Zimsky>of course they will
17:20<ericoc>i'll tell people outside the event even
17:21<Zimsky>it's in the ether
17:21<ericoc>i'll scream it on the subway
17:21<ericoc>i'll hand out flyers
17:21<Zimsky>linode is the only decent major provider anyway
17:21<Zimsky>sure as fuck wouldn't be telling people to use DO
17:21<ericoc>also linode should totally get their name up on the jumbotron at the sixers home opener tonight
17:22<Zimsky>some of those words are weird
17:23<ericoc>philadelphia 76'ers first home game of the season is tonight, ads can be had on the giant scoreboard in the stadium
17:23<Peng_>Zimsky: maybe you're weird
17:23<ericoc>also SEPTA buses with linode ads on the side would be beautiful
17:23<Zimsky>Peng_: "maybe"
17:24<Zimsky>Peng_: how long have you been aware of my existence?
17:26-!-KindOne_ [] has joined #linode
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17:26<Peng_>Zimsky: Some might say that i've been receiving messages from the gods warning me of you since the mid 1990s, others could say that i'm not aware yet.
17:27<Zimsky>strange - I told them to send you messages back in the 1920s
17:27<Peng_>I usually hang up when the gods call, TBH.
17:27<Zimsky>I don't even pick up the phone
17:27<Zimsky>I don't even have a phone
17:27<Zimsky>what's a phone?
17:27-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Quit: See you on the other side]
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17:28<Zimsky>Peng_: "1972 - Dennis Ritchie invents a powerful gun that shoots both forward and backward simultaneously. Not satisfied with the number of deaths and permanent maimings from that invention he invents C and Unix."
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17:35<ericoc> artistic rendering of linode ads on a SEPTA bus :)
17:36<Zimsky>ericoc: can I hire you to advertise me
17:36<Zimsky>I need to get the concept of Zimsky out into the world
17:36<ericoc>ya, i just need two pictures to cram together in, no transparency on either, and both need to be like <1024x1024 preferably
17:36<Eman>that big?
17:37<Eugene>Zimsky - do you have any pants
17:37<ericoc>i mean, smaller is better
17:37<Eman>320x240 stretched to 1600x1200 is better
17:37<Zimsky>Eugene: plenty, why
17:37<Eman>also needs moar jpeg
17:37<ericoc>preview originally wanted to save as .jpg at like 75% quality, but i thought i'd class it up
17:37<Zimsky>Eugene: I'm not selling you my used pants
17:38<Eugene>Burn the heretic
17:39<Zimsky>Eugene: 'pants' means 'underpants' in british english
17:39<Zimsky>just fwiw
17:40<Eugene>Burn the heretic
17:40<Eugene>Pants are for the weak and materialistic
17:41<linbot>Eugene: Why is there a cauda equina?
17:41<Eugene>Thats new
17:41<Zimsky>tail of horse?
17:42<Zimsky>horses tail?
17:42<Zimsky>oh the spinal nerves
17:42<Zimsky>I should know that
17:42-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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17:43<Zimsky>Eugene: because neurology
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18:32<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Installing SSL Cert on Linode server for subdomain <>
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20:38<ardipithecus>power went out again again again again
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20:42<ardipithecus>apache2=down, linode still up
20:42<ardipithecus>I wonder what took down apache
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21:25<girlygirl>everyone here in the chat is a rep or?
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21:27<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
21:28<girlygirl>I want to buy a domain name
21:29<Peng_>Linode offers DNS hosting to customers, but Linode doesn't sell domain names.
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21:47<girlygirl>im a little confused
21:48<girlygirl>I looked up to see what they use
21:48-!-descender [~heh@2406:3003:200b:19:b4cf:e222:f1a8:2962] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:48<girlygirl>because I want to start a law website
21:48<girlygirl>and it says they use Linode
21:48<girlygirl>but who do they pay for the domain name? and why do I need DNS hosting?
21:49<BDIkaros>The domain name itself they bought elsewhere with a domain registrar. Linode is not a domain registrar.
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21:49<Peng_>Their website is hosted by Linode. Their email by Google. Their domain is registered with Namecheap. They also use Namecheap's DNS hosting.
21:50<girlygirl>Thank you Peng. why doesnt Namecheap host it if they got their domain from them?
21:50<zifnab>why should that be a requirement
21:50<zifnab>namecheap could host it, namecheap is a domain registrar and doesn't do hosting
21:50<Peng_>They do actually
21:51<BDIkaros>zifnab actually they do
21:51<zifnab>oh really?
21:51<girlygirl>so you're saying "they also use Namecheap's hosting" alongside Linode? How is that possible?
21:51<BDIkaros>Yeah, shared and dedicated.
21:51<Peng_>They offer shared web hosting, VPS hosting. And email hosting.
21:51<girlygirl>im so confused
21:51<girlygirl>I just want to start a .com site
21:51<girlygirl>what should I do
21:51<Peng_>girlygirl: I'm not sure how to explain.
21:51<Peng_>girlygirl: But they're different technical roles. You can mix and match different companies. And many companies provide more than one type of service.
21:52<girlygirl>mix and match how?
21:52<girlygirl>how is Linode providing something Namecheap is not to them?
21:52<BDIkaros>Because someone can buy a domain name at Namecheap, then configure the nameservers to use Linode's, which would let them manage the DNS records at Linode.
21:53<girlygirl>and whats the benefit of managing the DNS records with someone else
21:53<girlygirl>whatever that even means
21:53<zifnab>so its like buying a house
21:53<zifnab>or, well, more like renting a house
21:53<zifnab>you pay someone for the house
21:53<girlygirl>ok so im renting the house from Namecheap
21:53<zifnab>erm, its more like renting the house from linode
21:53<zifnab>and renting the address of the house from the post office
21:54<zifnab>that's a really really bad explanation
21:54<girlygirl>ok i get that they use 2, but WHY would the creators of the website do that
21:54<girlygirl>what is the benefit
21:54<zifnab>better service maybe?
21:54<zifnab>better pricing?
21:55<girlygirl>how much space should I get with Linode
21:55<girlygirl>if I'm putting articles out every week
21:55<Peng_>The cheapest plan is a good start.
21:55<girlygirl>can I merge it to tumblr?
21:55<zifnab>arbitrary looking at namecheap's hosting prices, their 30/mo plan is about on par with linode's 5/mo plan
21:55<zifnab>oh man, i'm gonna go elsewhere now
21:56<Peng_>I use Namecheap, but i don't trust their DNS, for several reasons. :-/
21:56<zifnab>i suggest tumbler or blogger or
21:57<girlygirl>so once I buy the domain from Namecheap (one time? yearly?) do I get the quality hosting from Linode
21:57<Peng_>With some exceptions, domains are bought on an annual basis. With some exceptions, you can prepay up to 10 years.
21:58<Peng_>(Some country code domains have different policies.)
21:58<girlygirl>okay and then how do I take that domain name to Linode
21:58<girlygirl>and use it on there
21:59<Peng_>It depends.
21:59<Peng_>If you want to use Namecheap's DNS hosting, you would enter the Linode's IP address in Namecheap's control panel.
22:00<girlygirl>learning so freaking much today
22:00<Peng_>If you want to use Linode's DNS hosting, you would do that in Linode's control panel, and change the nameservers to through in Namecheap's control panel (on a different page).
22:00-!-internat [biteme2@] has joined #linode
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22:00<Peng_>Though those two sentences aren't really enough to explain the proces...
22:00-!-descender [~heh@2406:3003:200b:19:f1a2:db4b:9e08:a2e2] has joined #linode
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22:01<girlygirl>how did you get lawschooltoolbox's information? all of it with the email, domain name?
22:01-!-descender [~heh@2406:3003:200b:19:f1a2:db4b:9e08:a2e2] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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22:01<Peng_>to continue my series of links,
22:03<Peng_>girlygirl: I did a few DNS queries. To be honest and specific, I used a silly program I wrote. But there are lots of DNS programs around.
22:03<girlygirl>can you make your program downloadable
22:03<Peng_>I could. It's not very good. :P
22:04<girlygirl>it's pretty useful
22:04<girlygirl>do you run a website?
22:04<Peng_>It's not much more useful than the DNS clients like dig, host or nslookup that everybody has.
22:04-!-ardipithecus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:04<Peng_>No interesting websites. :P
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22:05<girlygirl>i just want to get a feel as to what to expect, what I should do
22:05<girlygirl>for running a website
22:05<girlygirl>like search engine placement
22:05<girlygirl> for viewing statistics
22:05<girlygirl>a nice layout, etc.
22:06<girlygirl>maybe pay someone to make a logo
22:06<girlygirl>I'm sure there's more to it but
22:06<girlygirl>I wouldnt know
22:06<girlygirl>I've never run a website
22:06<girlygirl>other than a personal blog
22:06<Zimsky>as opposed to a boy-yboy
22:07<Zimsky>Woet would have a field day
22:07<Peng_>Zimsky: :|
22:07<Zimsky>peng_: |: to you too
22:08<girlygirl>so anyone have a good starting point
22:08<girlygirl>or article I could read
22:08<girlygirl>about all this
22:08<girlygirl>okay but a recommendation
22:08<Peng_>Zimsky: Vague
22:08<Zimsky>Peng_: I googled.
22:08<Zimsky>like, "running a website on a linux server" would get you some good info
22:09<girlygirl>okay see, why would I want to do that
22:09<Peng_>girlygirl: I linked above. I'm sure there are good articles, but I don't know any off hand.
22:09<girlygirl>Linux is a type of software
22:09<girlygirl>for computers
22:09<girlygirl>how can it be a type of server too?
22:10<Zimsky>linux is a kernel
22:10<girlygirl>which means?
22:10-!-Filibustero [~Filibuste@] has quit []
22:10<Peng_>A server is just a word for a computer.
22:10<Zimsky>really, googling isn't that hard
22:10<girlygirl>im in a chat for a reason
22:11<Zimsky>Peng_: I'm going to start a magazine called "Vague", like "Vogue", but readers won't really be sure what's going on, and it'll be very uncomfortable and confusing
22:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
22:11<Zimsky>girlygirl: sure, but you're expected to have at least the simple ability to look up the definitions of terms
22:11<girlygirl>thats a lot of back and forth that I don't have right now
22:11<Zimsky>I could explain all the terms you'd want to know within a long period of time
22:11<Peng_>Zimsky: You could fill the magazine with IRC logs of subjects the reader isn't an expert in.
22:11<Zimsky>...or you could google
22:12<Zimsky>Peng_: that's perfect. because that doesn't make sense.
22:12<Zimsky>I've never seen you so passive aggressive
22:12<@rsyracuse>girlygirl: Beyond our getting started guide we do have some more specific documentation for getting a site up and running on your Linode
22:15<@rsyracuse>I'm personally not too familiar with search engine optimization and that's not something we provide through our platform, but I was able to find some third party documentation for that as well
22:15<@rsyracuse>Hope that helps =)
22:17<girlygirl>Now that you’ve installed Linux and secured your Linode, it’s time to start doing stuff with it. In this guide, you’ll learn how to host a website. Start by installing a web server, database, and PHP - a popular combination which is commonly referred to as the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Then create or import a database, upload files, and add DNS records. By the time you reach the end of this guide, your Linode will be hosting one
22:18<girlygirl>how am I supposed to do all that
22:18<girlygirl>am i better off just using Namecheap?
22:18<Zimsky>you could hire a lackey to do it for you
22:18<girlygirl>is Linode a very manual thing?
22:19<Zimsky>it's just a server, you do all the configuration
22:19<Peng_>In other words, yes, unless you hire someone to manage it for you.
22:19<Peng_>That's how unmanaged VPS hosting works.
22:19<girlygirl>that would have been the first thing needed to know
22:19<Zimsky>so if you want a web server, you need to install the web server and configure the site
22:19<girlygirl>ok what is something I can just hit the ground running with
22:19<girlygirl>Namecheap + Tumblr?
22:21<zifnab>i mean
22:21<zifnab>if you want a blog
22:22<zifnab>there's a million platforms where you get a blog
22:22<zifnab>this is one way of millions to do that
22:22<Peng_>Does Tumblr support HTTPS with custom domains yet?
22:23<Zimsky>tumblr is worse than tumblr
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22:25<zifnab>other news: has anyone paid a place for backups before
22:25<zifnab>off-site stuff
22:25<zifnab>tarsnap? is that still good?
22:25<girlygirl>I love this article
22:25<Peng_>( paid plans include a domain name, incidentally.)
22:25<Zimsky>zifnab: what kind of backups?
22:25<Zimsky>zifnab: anytime access? tape archival?
22:26<Zimsky>mass long-term storage?
22:26<girlygirl>but the domain name probably has to be a .wordpress
22:26<Zimsky>wait, there's a wordpress tld?
22:26<zifnab>Zimsky: tbh, lineageos's main server. gerrit + mirrors
22:26<zifnab>so git data and sql
22:26<zifnab>as far as kind, 'something i can ignore for months then hopefully restore for cheap if ever needed'
22:28<Zimsky>is this that same thing you were talking about from months ago?
22:28<Zimsky>the many gigabytes of annoying data
22:29-!-descender [~heh@2406:3003:200b:19:f1a2:db4b:9e08:a2e2] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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22:32<zifnab>its many gigabytes of data that changes on a regular basis
22:32<zifnab>its about 500gb of git data
22:32<zifnab>and another 250gb of sql data
22:32<zifnab>the 'backup' we currently use is just "fuck the database, fuck everything, throw it on github"
22:32<zifnab>i would prefer to have a sane backup scheme in place instead of that
22:32-!-Kamilion [] has quit [Quit: I am kamilion. But you knew that, didn't you.]
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22:34<zifnab>the main problem is, it's git data, so pack files
22:35<girlygirl>what if I decide to change my website name
22:35<girlygirl>do I have to pay another registration
22:35<Peng_>girlygirl: If you want a new domain name, yes.
22:35<girlygirl>I have to really decide what I want then
22:36<girlygirl>can you guys tell me some interesting legal names for a website?
22:36<girlygirl>for articles that critique law news?
22:37<Peng_>Sorry, I'm terrible at naming things.
22:37-!-descender [~heh@2406:3003:200b:19:f1a2:db4b:9e08:a2e2] has joined #linode
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22:38<girlygirl>ok so is taken
22:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
22:38<girlygirl>i want it to be short, easy, catchy, cute
22:39<girlygirl>so is
22:39<girlygirl>lmao this is so hard
22:41<girlygirl>no, that implies im being sneaky
22:41<Peng_>zifnab: Might be taken or expensive, too
22:42<zifnab> /shrug
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22:49<zahid> Is there any add on service?
22:50<zahid>is there any option to buy extra disk space?
22:52<Peng_>Block storage is in beta. Otherwise, you have to resize to a larger plan.
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22:53<zahid>Disk spce is only 92 gb
22:53<zahid> 192 gb
22:54-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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22:57<Eugene>zifnab - historically I've paid CrashPlan. The linux client is a bit shit
22:58<zahid>oh no
22:58<Eugene>Or just AWS, but that gets expensive
22:59<Eugene>Zimsky - yeah, anybody can just buy an arbitrary string nowadays. Its awesome.
22:59<Eugene>The trick is making it worth the registration fee
22:59<zifnab>Eugene: yeah, it looks like it's only 200GiB i actually care about, so tarsnap now becomes reaosnable ($50/mo)
22:59<Eugene>You could become the first customer of
22:59<zifnab>i mean
23:00<zifnab>give me an rsync endpoint
23:00<zifnab>i'll throw your logo on our website
23:00<Eugene>Thats the one where I go rent an OVH box and you give me a SSH key
23:00<zifnab>i'm not sure if you want to go down that route
23:00<Eugene>I dont
23:00<zifnab>don't then :P
23:01<Eugene>What're the cool kids using that isnt cPanel nowadays
23:01<zifnab>zpanel was a thing
23:01<girlygirl>anyone have a website name generator
23:01<zifnab>Eugene: do you happen to know the git-ism off the top of your head to find large pack files in a bare (ie, server) repo
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23:02<Eugene>`git gc --aggressive` and `git repack` are the two
23:02<zifnab>k. thanks.
23:02<zifnab>somehow i have a kernel thats up to 20gb
23:02<zifnab>it's 10% of lineage
23:03<zifnab>i would like to know what objects so i can go yell at the person responsible
23:03<Eugene>Oh, that
23:03-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
23:03<zifnab>git rev-list --objects --all | grep "$(git verify-pack -v .git/objects/pack/*.idx | sort -k 3 -n | tail -10 | awk '{print$1}')"
23:03<Eugene>That sounds like the one
23:03<zifnab>well that's client
23:03<zifnab>and the checkout is only 800mb :/
23:03<Eugene>It works fine on a bare repo
23:04<zifnab>oh right i need to change it to objects/ instead of .git/ojbects
23:04<Eugene>The right answer is: make a new repo with no history and sub it out in the XML manifest
23:05<Eugene>And then separately, find a Gerrit plugin that assigns shame per MB added
23:05-!-zahid [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
23:05<Eugene>Bonus: this will require manual intervention to deal with by all the kangers
23:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
23:06<zifnab>remind me, --aggresive
23:06<zifnab>that force-prunes hanging things?
23:06<zifnab>that aren't in refs/ trees?
23:06<Eugene>"Read the C code if you want the exact behaviour"
23:06<Eugene>Yes, its safe to run
23:07<Eugene>Yes, it usually does that.
23:08<Eugene>I think its one of the things that calls into tree-walk
23:08<zifnab>yeah, this is one of htose things i know i know but i don't actually know
23:08<zifnab>i've looked at that file before
23:09<Eugene>My eyes glaze over. Its written by somebody smarter than I
23:09<zifnab>you know what
23:09<zifnab>gc fixed both of them
23:10<zifnab>oh, i see what happened :/
23:10<Eugene>Dont forget to be a towel
23:13<zifnab>first question: why si a packed-refs up to 19G
23:13<zifnab>second question: why is it a single commit
23:13<zifnab>third question: what's in the commit, who committed it
23:13<zifnab>answer: well, looks like that person has been banned.
23:18<zifnab>!lick Eugene
23:18<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (35)
23:19*dcraig tickles linbot around a bit with a large orangestriped triggerfish
23:21<girlygirl>anyone have a promo code
23:21<girlygirl>finally decided on a name and logo
23:25-!-Kamilion [] has quit [Quit: I am kamilion. But you knew that, didn't you.]
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23:41<girlygirl>okay vote time
23:41<girlygirl>lawcaw or thelegalpapers
23:42<girlygirl> was already taken
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23:56*zifnab tickles dcraig around with a bit of mangled pork
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