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00:27<retro|blah>Is say hello a new euphemism for spam?
00:27<Peng>"I am the new girl!"
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00:28<rand>say hello?
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00:29<retro|blah>rand: It was a reference to a forum spammer from before you joined
00:30<retro|blah>Lately they've been making new forum threads titled "Just want to say Hello!" - among other things
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00:32<zifnab>i just wanted to say hello
00:32<zifnab>and that i can confirm, Eugene is actually a towel
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00:45<Eugene>Dont forget the Linodin'
00:46<Eugene>Or the Alamo
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01:31<tarsem>i need help reagrding the hosting plan of linode per month 10$
01:31<tarsem>can you tell me about that in detail for magento hosting parked
01:33<tarsem>hi are you there
01:34<@rsyracuse>tarsem: We're an unmanaged hosting provider so the internal configuration of your Linode falls a little bit outside of the scope of support that we can provide. That being said, we do have some documentation that might help you to get this set up
01:35<tarsem>so how can i managed if i can purchased your plan
01:37<@rsyracuse>tarsem: We do have a Professional Services team that might be able to help you get this set up. You can reach out to them for a quote at the following link
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02:44<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • amway protein powder <>
02:49<FluffyFoxeh>mmm protein powder
02:50<dcraig>you ever join amway?
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05:09<Ypa>Hi guys
05:09<Ypa>Linode linux only hosting ?
05:10<Ypa>or FreeBSD vds it is possible to install
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05:10<ponas>freebsd works:
05:10<Woet>did you google "linode freebsd" ?
05:11<ponas>Woet: I did it for him!
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05:16<Sean>anybody know if Linode can really transfer 1TB data as AD said?
05:17<Sean>or any restriction if the app takes too much bandwidth?
05:20<Woet>whats AD?
05:20<Zimsky>advertisement, Woet
05:20<Zimsky>or active directory
05:20<Woet>then why is it all caps?
05:21<hawk>It's the strange capitalization that makes it confusing
05:21<Zimsky>Woet: because ads are part of capitalism
05:21<Zimsky>therefore capitals are used
05:21<Zimsky>no pls
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05:22<Peng>Sean: Yes, Linode can transfer 1 TB of data.
05:22<Zimsky>why would linode lie in their product info
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05:22<Zimsky>it is what it is what it is
05:22<Peng>Lots of companies lie in their product info
05:22<Zimsky>peng, your point?
05:22<Zimsky>I was asking why /linode/ would lie
05:23<Zimsky>the occurrence of other companies doing it doesn't have any bearing on whether linode would do it
05:23<Zimsky>even Woet can understand that
05:23<Peng>Most people don't know how Linode compares to other companies
05:24<Sean>@peng, thanks.
05:24*Zimsky looks at all the strawmen
05:25<ponas>Using my 56k modem I was unable to get 1TB of data from Linode
05:26<Peng>ponas: Patience
05:26<Zimsky>be like a doctor. have patience
05:27<Zimsky>nonsense. doctors nowadays have customers.
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05:58<Zimsky>the new GUY?
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06:45<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new girl <>
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06:49<Prav>I would like to know the procedure to install WHM and cpanel
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06:51<Prav>Is there a documentation
06:51<Prav>or do I need to purchase any more licensing?
06:52<Prav>Does linode provide me for free
06:52<ponas>you buy the license directly from cpanel (unless you have linode managed, in that case it's included)
06:53<Prav>oh ok
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06:57<ardipithecus>she's the new girl. I clicked on it and now I'm rich.
06:57<ardipithecus>admins are sleeping
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07:24<dzho>!to fendy ask
07:24<linbot>fendy: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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10:20<Jimmy>any Linode technical support here?
10:21<dzho>!to Jimmy ops
10:21<linbot>Jimmy: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:21<dzho>!to Jimmy ask
10:21<linbot>Jimmy: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
10:21<Jimmy>I don't feel like sending a mail , so I came to this live chat place
10:22<Jimmy>OK, I will go with my question now
10:22<Jimmy>I recently have a VPS with Linode, it's from Tokyo, Japan
10:22<Jimmy>I installed shadowsocks proxy on the VPS
10:23<Jimmy>I used windows 7, and I installed shadowsocks windows client, setting up the proxy to the chrome browser
10:23<Jimmy>now the question is, some sites detect my IP as from U.S.A
10:24<Jimmy> detects my IP as from Japan, so it's correct, some detects my IP as from USA
10:25<Jimmy>I have one app on my android phone that I would like to sniff traffic from, I have fiddler on my windows computer
10:25<dzho>Jimmy: I'm not sure what's going on there, but this is the sort of thing that comes up in evaluating how well the Tor browser bundle is working, for example.
10:25<dzho>so reading their stuff might help
10:25<Jimmy>it's not that thing, do you know shadowsocks?
10:25<dzho>it's not what thing?
10:26<Jimmy>it's nothing to do with Tor browser stuffs
10:26<dzho>Please understand, what I'm saying is that they work in similar problem spaces.
10:26<dzho>so they share similar vulnerabilities and approaches.
10:26<Jimmy>oh really?
10:26<hawk>Jimmy: I'm not familiar with shadowsocks, but regarding what happens on the other end, it could well be that both services see the same IP address but just use different Geolocation services/databases which happen to have conflicting data for that address.
10:27<Zimsky>Jimmy: some of the IP blocks for the Japanese IP addresses are registered to the United States
10:27<dzho>Zimsky: oh, interesting.
10:27<Jimmy>what can I do to make sure it detects my IP as from Japan?
10:28<Zimsky>Jimmy: nothing.
10:28<Jimmy>yeah, I heard that somewhere, the IP is simply just registered to U.S.
10:28<Zimsky>Jimmy: do a whois on the ip
10:28<Jimmy>U.S. IP is blocked by the app installed on my android phone.
10:29<Zimsky>it shouldn't matter anyway
10:29<Jimmy>I got Japan VPS from linode, but this IP was detected as U.S. I am not able to use my app installed on my android phone, hence, I am not able to sniff the traffic
10:29<Zimsky>the address is being routed through Japan
10:30<Zimsky>well, more specifically, the prefix is announced from Japan
10:31<jspinosi>Hi Jimmy, generally that is due to funkiness with ip geolocation services. We've got everything set up correctly on our end but some(many?/all?) simply look to see who has registered the IP address instead of doing things the right (harder) way. At least this is my understanding of why this happens now.
10:31<Jimmy>Zimsky, what info can I get from whios
10:31<hawk>Indeed, the point from Linode's perspective, and for most customers, of offering services in Japan is not to trick various geolocation services but to provide services hosted in Japan.
10:32<Zimsky>Jimmy: do a whois and see
10:32<Jimmy>I see a lot of infos
10:32<Zimsky>hawk knows the way of the go
10:32<Jimmy>I do see Linode
10:33<Jimmy>I do see Linode is U.S. company
10:33<Zimsky>notice what whois server responded for one, and also the registration details
10:33<Zimsky>sometimes all something might look for is "Country: US"
10:33<Zimsky>geoip databases aren't accurate
10:34<Zimsky>they're based on rough registration data and routing information
10:34<Jimmy>Does that mean, no matter what location of VPS that I get from linode, it will be all detected as from U.S. for that stupid app on my android?
10:34<Zimsky>not necessarily
10:35<Zimsky>different ip address ranges are registered in different ways, in different places
10:35<Jimmy>It's the 2nd time that I got into such issue, I used another VPS provider a few days ago, it's a VPS located in Netherlands, but it was detected as from Canada by that app on my android phone
10:35<Zimsky>most of the new prefixes that linode has with APNIC and RIPE seem to be registered to the united states or even ported
10:36<Jimmy>both U.S. and Canada as blocked by the app on my android phone
10:36<Zimsky>move to Mexico?
10:38<Jimmy>Zimsky, there is no soluton for this issue?
10:38<Zimsky>well, not really
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10:39<Zimsky>you could /maybe/ ask linode to assign you an address from a prefix that is registered to Japan, but I don't know if they'd grant that
10:39<ponas>Jimmy: you could try to rent a VPS from a company actually based in Japan, like Ablenet:
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10:39<Jimmy>but I want linode's Japan VPS
10:39<Zimsky>move to Japan
10:39<Jimmy>which has great latency to my home network
10:39<Zimsky>Tokyo is lovely
10:40<simplydrew>Just opened a ticket - but thought I’d come here and see if anyone else is having issues in Dallas
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10:40<Zimsky>I have an issue with Dallas
10:40<simplydrew>Looks like a high amont of packet loss at hop “ “
10:40<Zimsky>it's in america
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10:40<javed>how to check if i have any cache enable on the linode server
10:41<Jimmy>thanks ponas, let me check it out
10:41<ponas>Jimmy: obviously Linode is better, except for tricking geoip services :-)
10:42<Jimmy>Ponas: do they have customer support speaking English?
10:42<hawk>I think the "move to Japan" suggestion may actually be a more reliable solution (impractical as it may be), as IPs of residential connections probably feed into the data gathering and heuristics of the geolocation services in a much better way.
10:42<ponas>Jimmy: seems so:
10:42<Jimmy>yeah, I want to move to Japan too, I am in a fucked up country---> China
10:42<Jimmy>they just fucked up Bitcoin
10:43<ponas>pretty sure bitcoin still works
10:43<Jimmy>and then with the fucking big events going on, every single websites that are located outside of mainland China CAN NOT BE REACHED
10:43<Jimmy>it definitely works, just not allowed in China
10:43<ponas>I figured that doesn't mean anything
10:44<Jimmy>the government "help" make it drop to 17000 CNY, now it's nearly 40000 CNY after less than 40 days!
10:44<Jimmy>BTW, how come linode does not accept Bitcoin
10:44<javed>can anyone help me how to check if i have any cache enable on the linode server
10:45<ponas>javed: what kind of cache
10:46<javed>Iam not sure, as my wordpress site not showing any css changes, and no cache plugin is installed in my wordpress site, so i am wondering if it is server cache
10:46<Jimmy>ponas: can I change the DNS of the VPS to a DNS that is from Japan?
10:47<Jimmy>will that matter?
10:47<ponas>probably not
10:47<ponas>very likely not
10:48<ponas>javed: perhaps it's your browser cache?
10:48<javed>nops i have cleared the browser cache
10:49<ponas>Jimmy: basic geoip services work by looking up the IP and seeing where the range is registered. in case of your Tokyo IP it's registered to 'Linode' in the 'US' but still routed to Tokyo
10:50<ponas>doing a whois on one of the Ablenet IPs shows it's registered in 'JP', so it should convince most sites you are in Japan
10:52<ponas>javed: unless you specifically configured your webserver or wordpress to add an extra cache layer, you probably don't have one
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10:53<javed>ponas: is there any command so that i can check if i have any cache over my server
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10:54<ponas>javed: not really
10:54<ponas>I guess you can do: curl -i
10:54<ponas>where the address is your CSS file
10:55<ponas>and see if there's some expires header long into the future
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10:56<javed>ponos: thanks ponos ok let me check
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10:56<Jimmy>it looks like I have to use vultr
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10:57<Jimmy>Vultr is not from Japan, but they are able to register their Japan IPs this way.
10:57<Jimmy>Country: JP
10:57<Zimsky>get a north korean server
10:58<Zimsky>they have 1024 assigned addresses, lol
10:59<Jimmy>it looks like Vultr registered their Singapore IPs as from Singapore as well,t hat's amazing
10:59<synfinatic>and now a 2nd ISP thanks to .ru
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11:06<Zimsky>synfinatic: oh nice, I didn't see they had a new peer
11:06<synfinatic>lol peer
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11:07<Zimsky>yes, it's hilarious
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11:15<jspinosi>vultr doesn't own those IP addresses from what I can see there, choopa does and they're SWIPed to vultr. If they actually owned them I believe they'd have to have their legit business address their (afaik, very well could be wrong)
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11:15<jspinosi>there/their/they're. blame it on monday.
11:16<grawity>I thought Vultr as a whole is owned by Choopa...
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11:16<jspinosi>yup, they are
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11:18<Zimsky>that's terrifying, jspinosi
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11:19<Zimsky>I miss the old KDDI-assigned Japanese addresses
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12:13<jcanto>hi, I need some help trying to set up dovecot master/master replication
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12:20<@scrane>Hey there! I'm sorry to hear you're running into some problems. I'm pretty unfamiliar with dovecot personally, but this guide might help point you in the right direction:
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12:30<jcanto>thank you scrane
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12:30<@scrane>Not a problem! I hope that was helpful.
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13:40<Woet>scrane: too nice
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16:18<millisa>starting to see some api timeouts.
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16:29<millisa>and whatever it was already cleared.
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16:38<Woet>im glad too
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17:00<Eugene>My Linodes are swollen with happy
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20:21<ubuntuisloved>In the new cloud manager is there a spot where it shows the Host Job Queue?
20:22-!-shadowspawn [] has joined #linode
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20:24<millisa>501 Syntax: EHLO hostname
20:24<@sjacobs>ubuntuisloved: there's no job queue at this time. notifications will be made for most jobs.
20:25<ubuntuisloved>k really loving the new manager any ETA on completion?
20:25<shadowspawn>Hi. I'm trying to wrap my head around one of the tutorials on openVPN on stretch. I got it all running perfect, it was a great deal of help, kudos to writers/contributers.
20:25<shadowspawn>Is this the right place to ask about some iptables rulesets?
20:25<millisa>might be
20:25<shadowspawn>Ok, I'm referencing this page:
20:26<shadowspawn>The iptables config, specifically. What I'm trying to do is allow traffic from outside to the external IP back to a specific openvpn client
20:27<shadowspawn>Ok, for sake of simplicity, all traffic to the outside IP goes to for port 80
20:28<shadowspawn>Hosting a website on the openvpn's outside IP on an openvpn client's address, I guess is the best way to put it.
20:28<millisa>sounds like this is a similar question:
20:30<shadowspawn>that looks simple enough, but will the iptables config in the tute come in conflict with the addition somehow?
20:31<shadowspawn>I tried something like that, let me give it a whirl. Everything that works is in iptables-persistent so I can just reboot the server
20:31<shadowspawn>I see the packets rejected in the log so I know it's gotta be something simple. Thanks, brb
20:31<millisa>there's that bit in that guide where they have you blank the rules and use iptables-restore to put their base set back in; worst case, you can reset to that
20:32<shadowspawn>Yea, I got backups and snapshots up the wazoo so far. I did that already but I think it's because it's going from a gcloud server with their hellacious forwarding
20:33<shadowspawn>Let me try, thx.
20:33<millisa>i store my backups in a firesafe.
20:33<shadowspawn>Well this is a test
20:33<millisa>wazoos everywhere
20:33<shadowspawn>Gotta luv them wazoos. Almost as good as runts.
20:40<shadowspawn>This part is confusing before I commit: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -d y.y.y.100 -p tcp --dport 6000 -j SNAT --to-source y.y.y.1
20:40<shadowspawn>did the author just forget the 00 on the y.y.y.1
20:40<shadowspawn>this is where my head starts to spin.
20:41<shadowspawn>Unless the y.y.y.1 is the gateway, etc.
20:42<shadowspawn>Didn't even think of SNAT but this is a unique deal I've never attempted
20:42<retro|blah>That rule translates the source address to the VPN server's address
20:42<millisa>it's so the return traffic goes back out that way rather than trying to go direct to that external client address
20:42<shadowspawn>Yes, but the y.y.y.1 is that a typp? it shows y.y.y100 SNAT to source y.y.y.1
20:42<shadowspawn>typp being typo
20:43<retro|blah>Translating the source address to the VPN client's address would not make sense, because the VPN client would then be sending the response to itself.
20:43<shadowspawn>So where does the .1 come from?
20:44<shadowspawn>I mean I gotta be missing something simple, nowhere in that link does it show anything about y.y.y.1 but I could presume it's the gateway for the vpn
20:44<retro|blah>It came from the setup that the asker of the question outlined toward the top. "Server (Debian) WAN IP: x.x.x.x on eth0 - pptpd IP: y.y.y.1 on ppp0 - Client VPN IP: y.y.y.100"
20:44<shadowspawn>pptpd oh ok
20:46<retro|blah>The setup is that vpn server's IP is y.y.y.1 and the vpn client's IP that the webserver is on is y.y.y.100.
20:46<shadowspawn>I'm sorry for taking up y'alls time, but if this is following exactly like the tute, would it then be
20:46<shadowspawn>iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -d -p tcp --dport 80 -j SNAT --to-source
20:47<shadowspawn>since is the opvpn gateway I mean
20:47<shadowspawn>but eth0 is like (if that means anything)
20:48<shadowspawn>This is where my head turns. Using the iptables config in the tute it would seem like anything sent to would be forwarded to the interface anyhow
20:48<retro|blah>There is a separate interface that the tunnel uses, and that separate interface should have an IP address.
20:49<shadowspawn>It does, and it works. The tun uses
20:49<shadowspawn>I can use the ovpn client to connect, tunnel everything from a client
20:49<shadowspawn>it's to the client that's sorta stumping me
20:50<retro|blah>So what IP address is the VPN client getting from the VPN server?
20:52<shadowspawn>from the client I can ping and server's eth0 address
20:53<retro|blah>With what netmask
20:53<shadowspawn>255's 0
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20:54<shadowspawn>If I telnet or curl's port 80 from the server I get the standard stuff
20:54<retro|blah>So to recap, you're translating the destination IP address as part of the port forward to be the VPN client at; you're also translating the source IP address to be the VPN server at
20:55<shadowspawn>Well that is what's getting my head in a spin
20:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
20:55<shadowspawn>Because the outside is translated via cloud to a public ip
20:55<shadowspawn>that's eth0's ip
20:56<retro|blah>So what about it?
20:56<shadowspawn>so do I need to make a ruleset to go from to that in turn goes to and is recripicating or am I just overcomplicating things
20:57<shadowspawn>because what I just tried from the stackexchange didn't work
20:57<shadowspawn>well using iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -d -p tcp --dport 80 -j SNAT --to-source
20:57<shadowspawn>because isn't the forward facing ip
20:58<shadowspawn>or is it using the tute's iptables config? see that's what I dont' get
20:58<shadowspawn>I see a full forward out, but not in
20:58<retro|blah>shadowspawn: So you're looking at number 3 at
20:58<retro|blah>shadowspawn: There is also a number 2. Are you doing that as well?
20:59-!-KindOne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:00<shadowspawn>Yes. Let me flush again. I know I can get out from, just not into the client from the public facing ip
21:00-!-mode/#linode [+l 359] by ChanServ
21:00<millisa>seeing the output of 'iptables-save' thrown in a pastebin after you think you have it right might help, too
21:00<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
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21:04<shadowspawn>didn't work still
21:05<shadowspawn>I know the server can receive on port 80.
21:05<shadowspawn>I mean with gcloud's firewall settings.
21:05<shadowspawn>I get this from the kern.log one sec
21:06<shadowspawn>just lots of them if I use mozilla, can just get one with curl. Odd how firefox tries about 10 times tho
21:08<retro|blah>Line 23 -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o tun0 -j ACCEPT <-- is this where you intended to place that rule in the FORWARD chain?
21:09<shadowspawn>didn't intend it to be there, are the above rules overriding it?
21:10<shadowspawn>well shucks
21:11<retro|blah>Line 21 is your -j REJECT and nothing's getting past that. Maybe it makes more sense to move that (and the corresponding log rule) to the bottom of the chain...?
21:12<shadowspawn>so move 23 to 20?
21:13-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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21:13<shadowspawn>bump the rest down I mean, put it on top of the icmp
21:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 360] by ChanServ
21:13<retro|blah>Yeah that should work too
21:19<shadowspawn>will these conflict?
21:19<shadowspawn>-A FORWARD -i tun0 -j ACCEPT
21:19<shadowspawn>-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o tun0 -j ACCEPT
21:19<retro|blah>I don't see how they would.
21:20<shadowspawn>I mean via priority (This is what I don't understand about iptables)
21:21-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:22<shadowspawn>holy f*in yes thank you
21:22<shadowspawn>I have to learn how this works now because I swear there needed to be a reciprical one somewhere
21:22<retro|blah>There is no sense of priority within a chain. Rules within a chain are evaluated in order until you hit a rule that matches and the target for that rule is a DROP, ACCEPT, REJECT or similar
21:23<shadowspawn>Thank you, I really need to re-read the documentation. I got this far with tutorials, but I would like to know all of this from scratch. I'm used to cisco and sonicwalls but kept on thinking that there needed to be a "weight" or something similar.
21:24<shadowspawn>Time to do a blind build without the tute, I suppose. Thank you.
21:24<millisa>so you saw it forward?
21:26<shadowspawn>yes, it works perfectly. I mean I tested it through curl and firefox, even chrome on a phone, got what I expected (just a standard html response)
21:26<millisa>!point retro|blah
21:26<linbot>millisa: Point given to retro|blah. (4)
21:27<shadowspawn>I have about 4 leafpad instances open I need to save all of these for notes. Listen, thank you so very much. I've been hammering my head on my laptop since Sunday breakfast trying to figure it out, I didn't know it was the order.
21:28<shadowspawn>And I work 11 hour days and during work I kept on turning it over in my head.
21:28<shadowspawn>dpkg-reconfigure iptables-persistent should save it for a reboot, right?
21:29<shadowspawn>I mean for deb stretch
21:29<millisa>from what I understand, yeah
21:29<millisa>should popup something asking if you want to make the current rules persistent for ipv4/ipv6
21:29<shadowspawn>yes. From the tutorial all ipv6 is disabled. Let me throw a reboot on it
21:30<shadowspawn>(I have my notes just in case I need to script it)
21:31<shadowspawn>And we have lift-off
21:31<shadowspawn>awesome, thank you millisa
21:31<millisa>this one's all retro
21:32<shadowspawn>I know, but it was something simple. It's been literally 5 years since I configured anything with iptables. And that was with peer1/teir3 and not google cloud vm's.
21:33<shadowspawn>And peer1 came with its own openvpn connection to the vpn's internals, which made it so much easier
21:33<shadowspawn>I'm not sure I like what I'm doing, using a openvpn server as also a gateway/router, but at least I got it working. Thank you again.
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22:18<mnathani>how sticky are Linode IPs?
22:18<mnathani>I mean can I use them for name servers and not worry about them getting reassigned to another user?
22:18<Zimsky>they're covered in glue
22:19<mnathani>I use Glue in my DNS too
22:19<Zimsky>that is, glue records! HA
22:19*Zimsky made a funny
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22:32<linbot>New news from status: Dallas Network Maintenance <>
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22:46<Peng>mnathani: Which Linode IPs? Those assigned to a VPS, or those assigned to the Linode nameservers ( etc)
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23:09<mnathani>Peng; the ones assigned to a VPS
23:10<mnathani>I intend on using them as nameserver ips for my domain
23:10<Peng>They'll never* change, unless you choose to move the VPS to a different data center.
23:11<mnathani>whats a situation that would cause the IP to change?
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23:12<Peng>I can't think of one, now.
23:12<millisa>they decide they've had enough of dallas?
23:13<Peng>Probably 95% of Dallas users are on PI space anyway, which doesn't have to change.
23:13<millisa>they didn't do the IP migration like they did for dallas when they did the tokyo stuff, did they?
23:13<Peng>People migrating to Tokyo 2 got new IPs.
23:13<millisa>that's the only thing i can think of
23:15<Peng>mnathani: The asterisk applies to a small portion of Linodes in Dallas, 9+ years old, and maybe Tokyo 1. And maybe a small number of similarly old customers in other data centers at an undefined point in the future.
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23:15<Peng>I don't want to lie and say never, but not for 99% of people
23:16<Peng>I can't imagine a reason for people on PI IP addresses to ever be forced to change.
23:16<Peng>And Dallas users got months of warning.
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23:20<chris__>if i get a VPS, how do i install wordpress onto it?
23:20<chris__>Can you guys install it for me?
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23:20<millisa>There's docs on how to setup wordpress here:
23:21<millisa>if you wanted the linode folks to do it for you, they have a professional services quote you can submit
23:22<chris__>are these managed?
23:23<millisa>mostly unmanaged unless you want to pay for the managed add-on
23:23<millisa>which may not fit your definition of 'managed'
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