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00:05<mnathani>Thansk millisa % Peng
00:05<mnathani>Thanks even
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01:05<san>hi in plan 10dollor per month
01:06<san>2 TB Transfers is only for FTP transfers or any api hits will also include
01:06<Peng>Any Internet traffic
01:06<Peng>What's an API hit?
01:06<san>access any info from my server via port like 80 or so
01:07<nate>They don't really associate different ports of traffic. Data is data outbound. Inbound does not count towards your limit, -all- outbound to any external network (ie; visitors to your site) does
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01:53<Zimsky>Peng, when an API is hit
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01:58<@sjacobs>`curl -X JAB`, `curl -X HOOK`, etc.
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02:27<jack_>May I know your unmanaged vps
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02:28<jack_>How much per unique ip
02:28<Zimsky>I think you may
02:29<jack_>How much per unique c-class ip
02:29<Zimsky>no one does classes any more
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02:29<Zimsky>but last time I checked, all that info was at
02:30<Zimsky>if you have a genuine technical necessity for more than one ipv4 address on a server, you can request it and it might be granted, and it's US$1/month from memory
02:31<jack_>do you have c-class dedicated ip?
02:34<jack_>I need multiple unique c-class ips for mailer. do permission marketing
02:38<Peng>That doesn't sound like a genuine technical necessity
02:39<jack_>I don't need technical support. I want to know if you have unique c-class dedicated ips to sell. how much per one
02:40<Zimsky>that is not at all what was said
02:42<jack_>Could you understand what i said?
02:42<@sjacobs>jack_: you will need technical justification in order to get more than 1 ip address on a Linode. more ip addresses for marketing emails will not be a sufficient reason.
02:44<nate>the only people who need multiple IP's for "mailers" are people doing spamming in my experience.
02:45<jack_>It is not a spam.
02:45<nate>Then you shouldn't need more than one IP imo
02:45<nate>either which way though as they said, contact support
02:45<nate>you -will- need to justify completely to linode support to get extra IPv4 addresses
02:46<Peng>nate: sjacobs already said no, though
02:47<nate>Ah missed the @ :P
02:47<retro|blah>Is this a Mercedes dealership now?
02:47<Zimsky>this was always a Mercedes dealership, retro|blah
02:47<jack_>I am going to use powermta and oempro to establish one email server. so that I can do email marketing based on gmail bulk email policy
02:48<Zimsky>sounds like a plan
02:48<jack_>It is not a spam.
02:48<Zimsky>do people even respond well to email marketing? I pretty much delete anything like that
02:50<nate>pretty sure gmail bulk email policy doesn't require anything remotely oriented around "multiple IPs"
02:50<Zimsky>gmail likes ipv6 too
02:51<Zimsky>wait, that's a different thing
02:51<jack_>as long as you sending valuable information to other people, people will not delete your information on the contrary they will like it
02:52<Zimsky>not always
02:52<Zimsky>if I got an email saying "here's €100 in free credit", I'll like it
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02:52<Zimsky>otherwise I'm indifferent
02:53<jack_>I don't believe here's €100 in free credit
02:53<@sjacobs>valuable information that they have opted in to receive and can stop receiving in a click or two*
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02:54<Zimsky>linode is the only provider that doesn't send marketing emails I never opted into
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02:54<jack_>got it
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02:55<jack_>If one compny has no email marketing which is very strange
02:56<jack_>Perhaps, you should will turn off your client host,haha
02:56<Zimsky>not sure what you're trying to say
02:57<jack_>I know your policy.THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE
02:58<jack_>Your vps forbid to establish email server, it is very strange
02:58<nate>... actually I never realized that, I really don't get random shit from linode, just like ticket/maintenance stuff
02:58<nate>jack_: Wut?
02:58<nate>Nobody said that?
02:58<Zimsky>linode doesn't forbid mail daemons
02:59<nate>Many of us in here run our own mail servers on linode
02:59<nate>you're simply looking to make an obsolete mailserver model, ie; multiple IP's needed
02:59<nate>that's like saying you need multiple IP's for https://. Maybe once 15 years ago that mattered, but with TLS and SNI it hasn't for a long time.
03:00<Zimsky>if you really want more ips, just get a bunch of $5 linodes
03:01<jack_>why do you say I establish one past email model?
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03:01<Zimsky>jack_: why do you think you need multiple ip addresses?
03:01<Zimsky>and why do you think they need to be C class?
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03:02<jack_>I need to establish one business email server
03:02<jack_>rather than one simple email server for one domain
03:03<Zimsky>okay, but that doesn't answer the question of why you think you need multiple IP addresses
03:03<jack_>so I need to get more ips. combine with relaying
03:04<Zimsky>because as far as I can see, one can do all the things it sounds like you want to do, with just a single IP address
03:06<jack_>I want to establish one professional email server. You think professional email server provider with a single ip address?
03:06<Zimsky>yes, I think you can do it with one IP address
03:09<jack_>If i use one ip address for email server and i have one thousand clients to use my server,they will kill me
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03:32<sonu_nk>i have a linode server . installed ubuntu 14 .. can i upgrade it to ubutnu 16 without remove any ubuntu 14 setting website and other data ?
03:34<sonu_nk>can i install two OS at one linode server ?
03:34<sonu_nk>like 1 instance for ubuntu 14 and another instance for ubuntu 16 ?
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03:39<@rsyracuse>Sean: sonu_nk: Since we wouldn't have access to the internals of your Linode we wouldn't be able to guarantee that you can upgrade without any issue. That being said, you may want to consider cloning your Linode in order to test this out
03:42<@rsyracuse>sonu_nk: you can also choose to boot into multiple configuration profiles if you'd like access to two or more operating systems on a single Linode, however it may be worth mentioning that you'd only be able to boot into one OS at a time on a single Linode
03:48<sonu_nk>so conculsion is this i can install ubuntu 16 without removing any of disk on one linode account.. and if i want to switch ubutu 14 to ubnut 16 then i can do it any time ?
03:48<sonu_nk>actaually i am running one of my big project on ubuntu 14 in linode account..
03:48<sonu_nk>and i want to upgrade php
03:49<sonu_nk>so i want to plan ubuntu 16+ in my same linode account
03:49<sonu_nk>so this will remove my old running site ?
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03:52<@rsyracuse>sonu_nk: I think here your best option would be cloning your Linode to test how an upgrade might work for you. You can boot into a seperate configuration profile running a different operating system, but that wouldn't be tied into your original configuration and at a glance it sounds like your configuration would be dependent on your current configuration profile
03:53<Woet>rsyracuse: you're exceeding the maximum words per message, please be careful.
03:54<Zimsky> he isn't
03:56<Woet>Zimsky: don't get involved
03:56<Zimsky>I'm already involved
03:56<Woet>well stop getting involved
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04:29<@sjacobs>i die a bit inside with every hello.
04:29<Zimsky>hello sjacobs
04:30<Zimsky>┐(◉‿ ◉;)┌
04:30<@sjacobs>do you have a website you'd like me to visit? did you like my thoughtful blog post?
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04:35<Zimsky>sjacobs: yes, please visit all of them, and report back
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04:35<Zimsky>penguin meat is delicious
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04:49<Woet>Zimsky: i had some in iceland and i disagree
04:49<Zimsky>because you're not icelandic
04:49<Zimsky>you can't appreciate it
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04:50<Zimsky>^ that type of penguin meat is not delicious
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04:52<Woet>who says i'm not icelandic?
04:52<Zimsky>me. I decided.
04:52<Zimsky>any icelandic person would know penguin meat is delicious
04:52<Zimsky>therefore you are not icelandic
04:57<Zimsky>what's up peng
04:57<Zimsky>ertu að bjóða þér kjöt?
04:59<ponas>please don't eat cute animals like penguins
04:59<Zimsky>why not?
05:00<ponas>we need them for funny videos
05:00<Zimsky>slaughtering penguins can be funny
05:00<Zimsky>and they're only aware of it for half the time
05:00<Zimsky>so it's less of a traumatising experience for them
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05:19<piyush>hi piyush here
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05:20<Guest7319>i have some problem on my server
05:21<Guest7319>website name is
05:22<Guest7319>is not open showing connection refused
05:22<Zimsky>probably gonna need more info than that
05:23<Guest7319>ask me
05:24<Guest7319>here also not open linode login panel
05:24<Guest7319>showing wrong username and pwd.
05:28<Woet>so use the correct username and password.
05:28<@jhaas>Guest7319: you can try resetting your password or recovering your username
05:28<Woet>and SSH into your server to debug.
05:28<@rsyracuse>Guest7319: If you can e-mail us at or call us at one of our phone lines, i think we should be able to help once we have a closer look at your account
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06:26<acuzio>morning folks
06:26<acuzio>Anyone else having issues logging into their Linode in the London Datacenter ?
06:26<acuzio>LISH doesnt work either.
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06:27<Woet>no issues here
06:28<acuzio>Its one of the Linode that had Network issues previous week.
06:29<acuzio>On LISH i get a whole bunch of audit messages and then nothing
06:33<millisa>what do you mean by 'then nothing'? the windows goes away? it disconnects? it blanks the screen and sits there? or it just sits on these audit messages?
06:37<@rsyracuse>acuzio: If you can open up a support ticket with us or give us a call, we'd be happy to take a look at what may be going on. Once a ticket is opened if you can PM me your ticket number I'll go ahead and see that it gets some attention ASAP
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06:51<acuzio>millisa: It just sits there with nothing
06:51<acuzio>rsyracuse: let me quickly create a ticket
06:52<millisa>does the logview command show anything different than what you are seeing?
06:56<acuzio>millisa: nope ., just hanging on the audit messages
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07:34<jstitt>howdy all
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09:34<zzp>anyone can help me?
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09:38<JW>Hi all
09:38<Zimsky>all greets you
09:38<Zimsky>he is honoured by your presence
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09:38<JW>I had a question about the linode managed services. Does Linode actually SSH into our servers to proactively resolve issues in the event an outage occurs?
09:39-!-Spicy-Rabbit [] has joined #linode
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09:40<@jhaas>JW: Yep, if you give us access. We'll do our best to restart services and find error messages in log files.
09:40<JW>@jhaas I noticed it says cpanel, is that required? We don't really want a control panel installed.
09:41<@jhaas>Nope that's a bonus if you want it.
09:41<tafa2>omnifocus vs things3 - I'm trying to pick one, any opnions?
09:42<Zimsky>tafa2: definitely ablegurd
09:42<JW>@jhaas so we're looking at launching two web servers under a node balancer and then a database server (possibly a master and slave, so two). Would we have to pay $100 per each 4 servers even if we're only running a simple 1 GB machine?
09:42<@jhaas>That's correct, it's $100/linode/month. Managed is account-wide, so if you wanted some Managed linodes and some not you'd need two accounts.
09:42<tafa2>Zimsky ?
09:42-!-cps [] has quit [Quit: cps]
09:43<Zimsky>tafa2: ¿
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09:43-!-cps [] has joined #linode
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09:44<JW>@jhaas Hmm okay. We're ultimately looking for a fully managed solution but that kinda seemed a bit higher than our budget to start. It's a basic PHP / laravel application.
09:44<JW>@jhaas do you happen to have a link or list of scope of support provided? Is it only proactive or will Linode help configure everything? I guess I'm asking if it's fully managed or proactive only.
09:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
09:45<JW>I can configure most things, just that we are a business and the team would like a team to rely on in the event I'm out of the office and so on.
09:45<@jhaas>Proactive. We don't currently provide a Fully Managed option, although you can get close if you want with Managed + Pro Services (our admins for hire, as it were).
09:45<@jhaas>Managed customers do get 20% off Pro Services work.
09:45<@jleal>Administrative Mercenarys
09:45*jleal hides
09:45<Zimsky>I like that one
09:45<@jhaas>!point jleal
09:45<linbot>jhaas: Point given to jleal. (1)
09:46<JW>@jhaas I see. How much does the pro services generally cost an hour?
09:50<@jhaas>They'd be the best ones to talk to about it, but typically their entry point is $500 for a project. Lots of variables etc. etc. You can request a quote with no obligation -
09:52-!-gparent [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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09:55<JW>@jhaas gotcha so that is more for initial setup and then managed for proactive response. I see. We actually called in with my supervisor on the line and they weren't too helpful so he passed but I'm trying to convince hehe xD
10:00<@jhaas>Sorry to hear about the phone call :< wish you luck and hope we make a good fit though!
10:00<@jhaas>@JW I'm headed to lunch but feel free to PM me if you'd like.
10:02<DanielNM>!point jhaas
10:02<linbot>DanielNM: Point given to jhaas. (-7)
10:02<@jhaas>ah! it burns!
10:02<Zimsky>!point Woet
10:02<linbot>Zimsky: Point given to woet. (4)
10:02<@jhaas>!point jhaas
10:02<Zimsky>for not talking
10:03*jhaas is playing golf
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10:04<JW>Thanks jhaas
10:12<Zimsky>jhaas: should play a round some time
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10:23<@jhaas>!unpoint jhaas
10:23<linbot>jhaas: Point taken from jhaas! (-8)
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12:43<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:51<ericoc>chillin' out, maxin' relaxin', and linodin' outside tha school
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13:11<DanielNM>It's a beautiful day to be Linodin' (:
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13:41<MajObviousman>DanielNM: then why aren't you ouside enjoying the beautiful day?
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14:11<laure>hi i have server in atlanta that is no more responding, or responding only sometimes
14:11<laure>linode says cpu and traffic is down to 0
14:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 353] by ChanServ
14:14<grawity>can you still get into Lish?
14:14<laure>checked the linode status, nothing announced. does anyone know about that or should i open a ticket?
14:15<dwfreed>see what grawity just said
14:15<laure>im not using lish i am using putty, any difference?
14:16<grawity>those are not comparable things
14:16-!-Joey [] has joined #linode
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14:16<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
14:16<Joey>I have a question about Linode
14:16<linbot>Joey: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
14:17-!-mark [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:17<Joey>Could anyone here answer some questions about what Linode allows and disallows?
14:17<grawity>if they're not already answered by the Terms of Service
14:18-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:18<Joey>The terms and services aren't clear to me grawity.
14:19<Joey>I want to be able to host a website that discusses ethical hacking, we will be discussing about all types of hacking etc, there will be software links (nothing uploaded to our server). No illegal hacking discussions such as fraud, scamming, phishing.
14:20<laure>grawity: i logged into lish for atlanta, is that what you asked for or shall i perform an operation on the server i have trouble with?
14:20<grawity>laure: once you've logged in to lish itself, try to attach to the specific server
14:21<grawity>if it attaches to the console, hit Enter and expect a login prompt
14:21<Joey>Grawity, would you be able to answer that question or should I go ahead and email Linode directly.
14:22<grawity>I'd suggest asking linode staff, might be useful to have it in writing
14:23<dwfreed>Joey: the summary of what's allowed is "legal under US law, and doesn't intentionally use excessive resources"
14:24<dwfreed>Joey: so you're fine
14:24<Joey>To use and discuss hacking tools is not illegal
14:24<laure>grawity: didnt get a login prompt, but i see an overview with [ OK ] everywhere
14:24<Joey>Everything illegal will not be allowed, but I dare say, some people will post illegal discussions, it will take us time to remove the content and block the user.
14:25<Joey>It will be a forum, so it will be hard to manage everything instantly but I assure that all illegal discussions will be banned.
14:26-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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14:26<laure>the server is responding again, but still very slow. I will write a ticket for it. (Very slow = execution of a simple command takes 5 sec)
14:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
14:26<grawity>execute something like `uptime` to see the load average
14:27<grawity>if it's above 10ish, it's something running wild within your server
14:27<laure>18:27:00 up 4 days, 5:07, 1 user, load average: 0.34, 0.21, 0.08
14:27<grawity>looks fine
14:27-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
14:27-!-marshmn is "Matt Marsh" on #linode
14:27<grawity>might be a host problem, yes
14:28-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
14:28<laure>anything i can do about it?
14:29<grawity>maybe file a ticket, maybe check `dmesg | tail -20` for things like I/O errors
14:30<grawity>in Lish, when you press Ctrl+D and return to the host (linode12345@atlanta...), is *that* also very slow?
14:31-!-lex [] has joined #linode
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14:31<dwfreed>grawity: Ctrl+a d
14:32-!-Joey [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:33<laure><< tail -20
14:33<grawity>yeah, ctrl+a d
14:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
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14:34<laure>it took 1s, but sometimes the atlanta linode also responds within 1s
14:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
14:39<laure>so its all the atlanta servers that dont work for me
14:40<laure>but fremont, frankfurt, singapore have no problems
14:41<grawity>can you also mtr/traceroute to the atlanta server?
14:47<laure>it looks like its back to normal now
14:48<laure>but i am wondering what caused the trouble. because i get an alarm here once a server disconnects from my system
14:48<laure>(i opened a ticket)
14:49<dwfreed>could have been anything; if you didn't catch it in the act, it can be impossible to figure it out after the fact
14:49<dwfreed>was probably just a routing issue
14:49<laure>grawity and rest: thanks for trying to help
14:53-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:37-!-urevic [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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15:42<urevic>Hello guys, could anybody look to the ticket #9034904? I removed the illicit content and provided explanation for this material being on the linode. What's the reason to keep the network filter on for so long?
15:43-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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15:44<urevic>I've been loyal Linode customer for probably 10 years already and it is for this time I see the ticket not answered for so long...
15:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
15:47<Woet>urevic: how long is long?
15:47<Woet>im gonna bet its < 4 hours.
15:48<Zimsky>illicit content?
15:49<Zimsky>was a picture of Woet posted?
15:49<urevic>Woet: it is like more than hour, but for me this is very critical as websites are down all this time
15:50<Woet>so what kind of support SLA are you expecting with Linode's prices?
15:51<urevic>Zimsky: I have free classifieds site and someone posted.. emm.. yes, terrible things
15:51<urevic>Woet: usually it is minutes, not hours
15:51<Woet>have you ever looked at AWS support pricing? they charge $29 per month just for support and even that has 12 hour SLA
15:51-!-KindOne_ [] has joined #linode
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15:51<Woet>yea, usually. but you shouldn't rely on that.
15:52<millisa>they still pickup very quickly if you give 'em a call.
15:52<millisa>er, they = linode
15:52<Woet>just like you shouldn't have all your websites on a single linode without redundancy
15:52<@scrane>Hey urevic, I've passed this ticket along and you should be getting an update soonn.
15:52<urevic>scrane: Thanks!
15:53<Zimsky>Woet: don't you sometimes wish you could sed the world
15:53<Woet>i just want people to be realistic
15:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
15:53<Woet>you get what you pay for
15:53<Woet>at least urevic is sensible
15:54<Woet>unlike the other people that get mad if they dont get instant responses
15:54<urevic>Woet: I have half, not all )
15:54<Zimsky>half and half
15:54<@jalter>urevic: I just removed the filter and I'm updating your ticket now. Sorry for the wait!
15:55<urevic>Woet: but yes, without redundancy, you're right and last backup was 10 days ago because out of space on the backup machine, yes shame on me
15:55<Woet>shame on you indeed
15:55<Woet>shame upon your family
15:55<millisa>redundancy probably wouldn't have mattered as much if they were null routing you for content. you'd just have redundant null routes
15:55<Zimsky>millisa: redundancy over multiple providers
15:56<millisa>null all the providers!
15:56<Woet>yea thats what i do for all my piracy
15:56<Woet>just kidding i hide it behind cloudflare
15:56<urevic>jalter: thank you!
15:56<Woet>look at all these ops caring
15:56<Woet>they never care about me
15:56<@jalter>!point Woet
15:56<linbot>jalter: Point given to woet. (5)
15:56<Zimsky>Woet: I care about you.
15:57<Woet>that was in reference to jalter
15:57<Woet>you dont make me happy Zimsky
15:57<Zimsky>jalter doesn't really care about you, Woet
15:57<Zimsky>but I do.
15:57<Zimsky>┐(◉‸ ◉;)┌
15:57<@jalter>For the rest of the day, I'm only answering Woet's tickets.
15:57<Zimsky>^ capitalise on this, Woet
15:57<Woet>i dont even have an account i think
15:57<Woet>jalter has infinite time off
15:58<Zimsky>migrate your linodes from one dc to another
15:58<@jalter>Use promo code LINODE10 and get a $10 credit on your new account :D
15:58<Woet>oh cool i have an account
15:58<Woet>but DO gave me $100 credit
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15:58-!-KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
15:58<Zimsky>but DO is terrible
15:58<@jalter>Yeah... but it's DO....
15:58<Zimsky>so it's worthless
15:58-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
15:58<Woet>at least i can host my bitcoin wallets on DO without my provider getting hacked
15:58<Zimsky>I don't even work for a DO competitor - they're just terrible
15:58<Woet>"• Account Limit reached. You must complete your signup."
15:59<AlexMax>I was less than satisfied with DO. Their hardware and network mix seemed to pale in comparison to Linode.
15:59<Woet>wheres my $0 option
15:59<Woet>what is this scam
15:59<AlexMax>They do have images though
15:59<AlexMax>out of beta
15:59<Zimsky>idk if they do it now, but DO used to manage resource allocations really badly
15:59<Woet>i hate all vps providers equally
15:59<Woet>i only buy dedicated servers
16:00<Woet>actually i hate buyvm just a bit more
16:00<AlexMax>Okay, I've got a few questions about Linode backups
16:00<Woet>dont use linode backups if you care about your backups
16:00<Woet>off-site is the only way
16:00<Zimsky>normally you'd expect your server to have available to your your allocated resources, but if someone on the node went a bit mental with memory or CPU, you're screwed
16:00<millisa>(I like Linode's backups more than DO's)
16:00<AlexMax>Are Linode backups distributed? The marketing material tells me that the backups are "on site" which leads me to believe that if...say...Atlanta got Katrina'd, the backups would go poof.
16:00<Zimsky>they also hired really incompetent staff at one point too, but maybe that's changed
16:01<AlexMax>Zimsky: Literally every VPS host oversells
16:01<dwfreed>AlexMax: if the datacenter got hit by a meteor, yes, your backups would be gone too
16:01<Zimsky>AlexMax: can you empirically prove that?
16:01<Zimsky>because it's not true of all hosts
16:01<Woet>AlexMax: you shouldnt have your backups with the same provider anyways
16:01<Zimsky>e.g. I ran a host that didn't
16:01<Woet>regardless of whether they're on-site or not
16:02<Woet>Zimsky: yea but now its bankrupt
16:02<Woet>thats why
16:02<tafa2>Woet: AlexMax: you shouldnt have your backups with the same provider anyways <-- Amen
16:02<dwfreed>AlexMax: there's a difference between overselling CPU and overselling RAM; Linode only does the former, Zimsky seems to be saying that DO did both
16:02<Zimsky>s/seems to be/is/
16:02<AlexMax>Where do images exist? At the datacenter of the server they were taken from?
16:03<Woet>they're in the cloud
16:03<Woet>depends on the winds
16:03<AlexMax>What if I want to deploy an image to another datacenter?
16:03<Woet>you wait until the wind blows it within range
16:03<Woet>can take a while for new york to singapore
16:03<tafa2>I think you can ask to have it transferred?
16:04<dwfreed>AlexMax: Linode Images can be deployed anywhere, no DC restrictions
16:04<dwfreed>I can't speak to where/how they're stored
16:04<Zimsky>dwfreed: technically it'd be a meteorite by the way
16:04<Zimsky>not a meteor
16:04<Woet>meteors are false flag events anyways
16:05<@jalter>dwfreed is correct with respect to Linode Images. For Linode Backups, you're only able to restore within the DC that the Linode is in. You can then either move that Linode or clone it to a different DC.
16:06<urevic>if you store your backups with the same provider think where they can end up if your account is suspended for example for some reason
16:06<urevic>will you able to transfer them somewhere else?
16:07<tafa2>don't get suspended?
16:07<tafa2>or just call Linode?
16:07<urevic>tafa2: but you never know what can happen
16:07<tafa2>very true
16:08<tafa2>but I agree never host all your backups with the same provider
16:08<tafa2>personally ive got a backup VPS+S3+linode backups
16:09<Zimsky>don't forget the weekly hand-delivered tapes to the swiss nuclear bunker
16:10<Woet>love swiss chocolates
16:12<AlexMax>jalter: Are images "tied" to datacenters?
16:12<dwfreed>2017-10-24 20:03:59 < dwfreed> AlexMax: Linode Images can be deployed anywhere, no DC restrictions
16:12<AlexMax>no i mean
16:12<AlexMax>when I create an image
16:12<AlexMax>where is that image located?
16:13<AlexMax>in the same datacenter I took the image from?
16:13<AlexMax>or is there a central repository?
16:13<dwfreed>Linode has specific names for things for a reason :P
16:13<dwfreed>you mean a disk image attached to a Linode?
16:13<dwfreed>a backup?
16:17<AlexMax>dwfreed: I am talking about an image image. Like "Deploy an image" and you select an image you made previously
16:17<AlexMax>those images
16:17<dwfreed>that's Linode Images
16:18<AlexMax>Right. Where are those located?
16:18<dwfreed>who knows
16:18<dwfreed>and I don't think Linode will say
16:18<AlexMax>that's what I was asking jalter for
16:18<AlexMax>I....worded my question ambiguously
16:18<@mcintosh>AlexMax: the image is stored on separate hardware in the same DC as your Linode's host
16:19<@mcintosh>when you deploy an image to a remote DC, it will copy the image to separate hardware in that remote DC, which does take a bit more time - but it only has to do that the first time you deploy the image to that particular DC
16:19<tafa2>where is your DC in London btw?
16:20<dwfreed>Telecity Powergate
16:20<tafa2>thanks :)
16:21<tafa2>that's like 10mins from where I live
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18:15<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Im happy I finally registered <>
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18:35<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • How to protect my sites from accessing other sites on the same linode? <>
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20:38<TimeTravler>im using ossec
20:38<TimeTravler>and my computer is unreachable at the moment using ping and ssh
20:38<TimeTravler>and i get ossec alert level 10 messages
20:38<TimeTravler>high amount of post messages in short period of time
20:38<TimeTravler>is that a dds attack?
20:42<dwfreed>could be anything
20:42<dwfreed>maybe ossec crashed your Linode
20:43<dwfreed>could also just be a routing issue
20:43<dwfreed>I'd start with an mtr
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20:55<Ravi>I got a problem in linode server side
20:57<Ravi>My problem is, while i try to upload a photo in my website, it is not allowing me to post. There i noticed that, server in built kept 2MB is the file upload limit
20:57<Ravi>i would like to change the 2Mb file upload limit
20:57<Ravi>can any one help me to do that through putty
20:59<Ravi>Hello any one is there
21:00<Ravi>can any one please respond
21:05-!-ericsonluciano [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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21:09<Ravi>can any onw respond to my query
21:13<TimeTravler>Ravi: you have to change a line in your php.ini file i believe
21:14<Ravi>can u guide me
21:14<Ravi>how to do that
21:15<Ravi>i will do it from my end, if you guide me plz
21:15<Ravi>Through putty
21:17<ericsonluciano>hi everyone anyone have idea how i can point my linode server into my sub domain?
21:18<ericsonluciano>what i need for records
21:19<TimeTravler> ravi google it
21:19<TimeTravler>thats how i did it
21:19<TimeTravler>its on google
21:20<TimeTravler>php download size limit increase
21:20<TimeTravler>google that
21:20<TimeTravler>will tell you step by step
21:22<Ravi>sure thanks for ur advise
21:22<Ravi>i will do that
21:22-!-Yaazkal [~Yaazkal@] has joined #linode
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22:17<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
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22:47<wangyue>why my account was reviewed?
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22:48<wangyue>The website say "Your account is currently being reviewed.",But there was not find something in my email.
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22:53<dwfreed>you'll receive an email as soon as staff have reviewed your account; sometimes it can take a couple hours
22:53<@nmelehan>wangyue: sorry about the delay--I think we just fixed this. Can you check again?
22:55<wangyue>yes.The account can log in. Thank you.
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23:15<@mcintosh>linbot is cool
23:15<linbot>mcintosh: NO, YOU'RE COOL !!!
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23:17<linbot>ericoc: you aren't
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