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00:03<dwfreed>Lam: correct; if you need more space, you can resize to a larger plan
00:03<dwfreed>later when block storage is out of beta, you can move your data to that, and then resize down to a smaller plan again
00:07<Lam>When will the block storage release? next month? Can we test the beta now?
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00:09<dwfreed>Lam: the beta is available in Newark and Fremont right now; no word on a release date yet
00:09<dwfreed>note that the beta might eat your data, so keep that in mind
00:16<Peng>If it was in Atlanta, i might be using it for some things.
00:17*Peng shrugs
00:20<Lam>How about the backup? How does it work?
00:21<Peng>For normal Linodes, or for block storage?
00:21<Peng>For normal Linode storage*
00:23<Peng>You can sign up for the Linode backup service for your Linodes.
00:23<Peng>The beta block storage currently has no official backup system; you need to arrange that yourself.
00:24<Lam>If we want to buy a lot of VM with same program configuration for lots of customers. Is there a easy way to clone the VM so that we do not need to install and set up the program again?
00:29<Peng>A couple ways, though they're not perfect for every situation. We might recommend using a configuration management system instead.
00:30<Peng>You can clone disk images, you can use Linode Images, and/or you can use StackScripts.
00:48<dcraig>peng y r u n atl??
00:50<Peng>I sadly live closest to ATL.
00:50<Peng>Though sometimes the Internet sucks and i have better RTT to DFW...
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02:46<deep>how to use gpu
02:46<deep>do u have any plan for gpu
02:47<FluffyFoxeh>nope, no GPUs here
02:48<deep>what will be os in system
02:48<@sjacobs>deep: there are several to choose from.
02:48<@sjacobs>or you could install your own.
02:48<FluffyFoxeh>You can theoretically install almost anything but the choices are... ^
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03:04<Lam>Does the 4GB Plan include any dedicated IP address? How can we map our domain name to the VM?
03:10<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
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03:40<bj>I want to buy server
03:41<bj>for online job portal
03:41<bj>I have very good amount of visitor
03:41<bj>can you please suggest which one is better
03:42<bj>I have developed it on laravel php
03:43<Woet>do you know how to manage a Linux server?
03:46<Woet>so you want to pay $100 for managed?
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04:15<Eugene>Every night I'm a towel
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04:33*Woet dries himself using Eugene
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08:53<gsputta>hello, if was looking at my pf logs today and saw stuff like:
08:53<gsputta>rule XX/(match) block in on <myextifname>: 192.168.11.<hidden>.<someport> > <myexternalip>.22
08:53<linbot>Please don't redact or change things when you pastebin your configs or logs. It's a lot easier for us to debug if we're seeing the same thing you are.
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08:55<dwfreed>(also, I hate that the BSDs use . as a port separator, when the rest of the world decided a long time ago that : was the separator)
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08:56<gsputta>yes, bsd sucks, but was curious if i should jusy ignore martian packets coming in on the external interface
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08:57<dwfreed>if you don't have a private IP, yes
08:58<dwfreed>if you do, you would need to allow
08:58<gsputta>the system has a local ip but everything is blocked, this only shows up in the logs because i explicitly log martians on the external ip
08:59<gsputta>the host 192.168.11.x is not one of my linodes
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09:02<gsputta>from what I can gather, the host sending the packets is trying to connect to port 22 from their private ip, I have no idea why it's even routed to my host
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09:03<gsputta>(i would have figured packets with private source ips and public dest ips would be filtered)
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09:04<Denny_>who is
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09:05<Woet>cya matey
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09:06<gsputta>should i open a ticket or something (non-redacted) or just ignore and go on with my day?
09:07<jspinosi>will we ever find out whois?
09:07<jspinosi>gsputta when in doubt, send a ticket out
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09:12<dwfreed>gsputta: I would just ignore it; .11/24 is not used by customers, so it's probably a forged source from somewhere on the Internet
09:13<gsputta>jspinosi: you think? I could just be something benign or due to my ignorance, I'm not exactly elite, but I did imagine someone setting up a linode in order to hack a server from within
09:13<gsputta>dwfreed: yes, I did think of forge source, but then why send the packet at all, they'll never get a response
09:13<dwfreed>because people are dumb
09:14<dwfreed>that or there was a bad nat router somehwere
09:14<gsputta>lol, thanks for that, needed a laugh; but, I'm dumb too sometimes ^^'
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10:17<Skinny>Hi all! I'm in the process of selecting a new hosting provider for our two websites. As Digital Ocean decided to just suspend my account after paying with paypal last night (unbelievable) I'm now looking at other options. Linode seems promising but I'm not sure how to handle our storage needs. We need a modest amount of CPU/memory but require (for one site) at least 500GB of storage (images/video).
10:17<Skinny>Blockstorage is still only available in one location so not really an option for EU based nodes
10:18<smallclone>yeah, until block storage is available you would just have to buy a plan with that much disk space, the plans themselves cannot be adjusted
10:21<DrJ>500GB isn't going to be cheap
10:21<Skinny>I was already afraid of that.. pricing of nodes with 500GB storage are just insane (if you dont need the CPU/RAM)
10:22<DrJ>honestly, when you are looking at that much space needed I think it's time to start considering a dedicated server, possibly even a colo
10:23<DrJ>with colocation you buy the equipment and pay someone to host it in a facility.... then you can have as much space as you want to pay for upfront in harware
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10:25<DrJ>you could buy a nas and colo it and still get a VPS for the frontend
10:25<@jhaas>Skinny: To be fair Fremont also has the beta currently, but I totally understand your concerns.
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10:26<@jhaas>I can share a blurb from a forum post though: "Unless we learn something new during this beta, this will be the config we roll out to the remaining DCs -- which will likely begin a few weeks from now. Dallas is at the very top of that list." --caker 10/16
10:26<Skinny>DrJ: actually we are coming from a dedicated setup but I want to split up our hosting into multiple servers /roles and also get an better backup/snapshot experience (etc). Right now we have a couple of SPOF's that I cannot resolve without paying much much more for metal which I don't need
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10:27<Skinny>jhaas: Yes I read that too, but nothing concrete yes so I cannot count on that for the decicions I need to make in the coming weeks
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10:27<ponas>just delay your decision :-)
10:28<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Just want to say Hello. <>
10:28<@jhaas>Definitely, just want to make sure you have all the info we can provide right now.
10:28<@jhaas>(still in beta etc. etc.)
10:32<Skinny>thanks for that! @ponas I might actually do that :)
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11:35<Jorge>which would be the dns that we should aim.
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11:40<smallclone>Jorge: not sure what you mean
11:41<smallclone>if you want to know your Linode's IP address so you can point a domain to it, you can see it in the "Remote Access" tab
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13:46<ellioTb>Hey everyone
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13:47<ellioTb>Is this an ok place to ask for help on a linode box I broke?
13:47<@jackley>hi there!
13:48<relidy>!to ellioTb ask
13:48<linbot>ellioTb: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:48<@jackley>sure! ask away, the folks here will do their best to help
13:48<ellioTb>Awesome! Dang, i was just that guy who asked if i could ask
13:49*relidy snickers
13:49<ellioTb>Anyways, I broke one of my linodes during an ubuntu upgrade
13:49<@jackley>that was your one question, I'm afraid ;)
13:49<ellioTb>already got a new box up for the last week, then realized a site was down, no backup, and i really need to get the mysql database off the server
13:50<ellioTb>I have tried booting in rescue, using finnix, but could never get past chroot
13:50<ellioTb>So question is, if i just need that one database, should i try to actually repair the ubuntu distro, or can i get just that one database on a new server
13:51<@jackley>ellioTb: what happens if when you attempt to chroot from rescue mode?
13:51<ellioTb>I've been using linux for like 15 years, honestly the first time i've ever broken a box and needed to do recovery
13:52<ellioTb>i get a /bin/bash no such file error when trying to chroot
13:52-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
13:52<ellioTb>that's after following the steps at
13:52-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
13:53<@jackley>I'm not even sure how you'd repair that
13:54<teemu>well the absense of bash sounds like the system is fubar'd
13:55<ellioTb>well it's there is what's weird
13:55<ellioTb>i think the error is misleading and maybe something it needs like a linked library isn't being found
13:56<@jackley>it might be easier to just try and grab the MySQL data, which I *think* is located at /var/lib/mysql/ -- I think your my.cnf file would tell you
13:56<teemu>the only scenario that this reminds me of is that if it were a broken symbolic link
13:56<teemu>... but why would /bin/bash be a broken link?
13:56<ellioTb>@jackley yeah, i saw all the data there
13:57<ellioTb>teemu, it's weird cause /media/sda/bin/bash is there
13:57<ellioTb>hell even /bin/bash is there in finnux
13:57<teemu>and you're sure that it's a regular file?
13:57<teemu>and not a link?
13:59<ellioTb>lemme check
13:59<ellioTb>here is the actuall error since i'm running through it again
13:59<ellioTb>"chroot: failed to run command '/bin/bash': No such file or directory"
14:01<ellioTb>it looks like it's a file
14:01<@jackley>is it executable?
14:02<dwfreed>do you have the dynamic linker in your chroot?
14:03<dwfreed>oh, I see, you're trying to chroot into your Linode
14:03<dwfreed>I should read up a little farther
14:05<dwfreed>ellioTb: what is the output of 'readelf -a /media/sda/bin/bash | grep interpreter" ?
14:05<dwfreed>and i realized I usd mismatched quotes on that
14:05<dwfreed>today is not my day
14:05<ellioTb>[Requesting program interpreter: /lib64/]
14:05<ellioTb>ahh lib64
14:05<teemu> see this as to why I was pestering about the links
14:05<ellioTb>dwfreed it's all good
14:06<dwfreed>ellioTb: does /media/sda/lib64/ exist?
14:06<teemu>the file exists but it can still say not found
14:06<dwfreed>ellioTb: was that to me or to teemu ?
14:07<ellioTb>the indeed was the teemu, the [Requesting program interpreter: /lib64/] was to you
14:07-!-miranda [] has joined #linode
14:07-!-miranda is "Miranda Shutt" on #linode
14:07<dwfreed>ellioTb: now answer the next question :)
14:07<ellioTb>oh snap sorry
14:07<dwfreed>I'm fast
14:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 357] by ChanServ
14:08<dwfreed>hmm, odd
14:08<dwfreed>ellioTb: for fun, does 'chroot /media/sda /bin/cat' work?
14:08<ellioTb>dwfreed no :/
14:09<dwfreed>oh boy
14:09<dwfreed>ellioTb: same error about no such file, I take it?
14:09<ellioTb>exact same yes
14:09<dwfreed>and I'm guessing /media/sda/bin/cat does exist
14:09<ellioTb>you are correct sir
14:10<dwfreed>that's, uh, fun
14:10<dwfreed>just to make sure I'm not crazy, 'uname -m' says x86_64, right?
14:11<dwfreed>well, that's loads of fun then
14:11<dwfreed>the short summary is that your dynamic linker is broken
14:11<ellioTb>oh who needs those
14:11<ellioTb>they are way overrated
14:11<dwfreed>why, though, is a great question
14:12<ellioTb>not sure, it ate sht when i was trying to do a dist upgrade
14:15<gparent>reproduction steps: make linker eat poop
14:15<gparent>step 2: broken
14:15<dwfreed>gparent: i died
14:16<gparent>that wasnt part of the repro steps, but let me try again
14:18<dwfreed>ellioTb: so yeah, I would just steal the /var/lib/mysql directory and set that up on another ubuntu system of the same version you had before the dist upgrade attempt
14:18<dwfreed>(and note that on ubuntu you're supposed to use do-release-upgrade; those tend to break less, because ubuntu can't maintain dist-upgrade capability for some reason)
14:18<ellioTb>oh geeze, i think it was 13.10 which was why this all was so janky to begin with
14:19<ellioTb>yeah, it was a do-release-upgrade, but janky cause of LTS ;)
14:19<dwfreed>do you have the Linode Backup Service?
14:20<ellioTb>yeah i do on my production servers, didn't realize this one was still hosting this one site for work
14:20<ellioTb>so i had turned it off a while back
14:21<ellioTb>can i scp easily from this rescue finnix madoodle
14:23<dwfreed>yeah, just set the root password and start the sshd
14:23<dwfreed>ellioTb: fortunately, both 13.10 and 14.04 have mysql 5.5
14:23<ellioTb>oh whew
14:24<ellioTb>if i am already ssh'd on there, do i need to start sshd, not really sure about how this lish works
14:25<dwfreed>lish is the console
14:25<dwfreed>same idea as a KVM
14:25<dwfreed>(as in keyboard-video-mouse switch)
14:26<ellioTb>gotcha, i ssh'd in after setting the password, thanks!
14:27<ellioTb>and i forgot how much i love the `it2dl` command with iterm2 in osx
14:28-!-miranda [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:28-!-miranda [] has joined #linode
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14:28<synfinatic>what is it2dl?
14:29<ellioTb>automatically handles all the scp mumbo jumbo for you
14:29<ellioTb>so it2dl <file> downloads it when you are ssh'd in
14:29<ellioTb>and you can drag & drop from finder to upload
14:30<synfinatic>oh, it's part of the shell integration
14:31<synfinatic>i seem to remember trying to enable that, but my fancy pants prompt didn't like
14:32-!-miranda [] has quit []
14:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
14:33<synfinatic>my current fun is how cmd-v in vim + iterm2 has this nasty habbit of hanging vim horibly when the pasted content has color
14:34<synfinatic>something about "bracketed paste mode"
14:37<ellioTb>oh weird
14:38-!-miranda [] has joined #linode
14:38-!-miranda is "Miranda Shutt" on #linode
14:38<synfinatic>_really_ annoying
14:38<synfinatic>can't even ctrl-z, gotta switch to another term to kill vim
14:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 357] by ChanServ
14:40-!-Jean_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:40<Jean_>i have a question
14:40<ellioTb>i always fight with vim and copy/paste over ssh
14:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
14:41<ellioTb>i end up holding alt to select it in iterm only and copy
14:41<Jean_>I have a java + Adobe flex application.. need to host it
14:41-!-miranda [] has quit []
14:41-!-miranda [] has joined #linode
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14:41<dwfreed>ellioTb: :set mouse=
14:42<dwfreed>disables vim grabbing the mouse
14:43<ellioTb>copied /media/sda/var/lib/sql onto a fresh 14.04 with mysql 5.5 and it works!
14:43<synfinatic>oh cool
14:55-!-Jean_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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14:58<ellioTb>dwfreed thanks for your help though with mysql and the linode pooping on itself
14:58<@jackley>!point dwfreed
14:58<linbot>jackley: Point given to dwfreed. (31) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 6)
14:59<dwfreed>no problem
14:59<linbot>dwfreed: 1. millisa (36) 2. eugene (35) 3. dwfreed (31) 4. peng (19) 5. mcintosh (14)
14:59<@scrane>!point eugene
14:59<linbot>scrane: Point given to eugene. (36)
14:59<linbot>scrane: 1. eugene (36) 2. millisa (36) 3. dwfreed (31) 4. peng (19) 5. mcintosh (14)
14:59<@jackley>mcintosh probably cooked those numbers. crooked m.
14:59<@scrane>!unpoint jhaas
14:59<linbot>scrane: 1,000,000 points for jhaas!!!
15:00<@bmartin>!point jackley
15:00<linbot>bmartin: Point given to jackley. (1)
15:00<dwfreed>jackley: I mean, that's easy for anybody to do if you know how linbot works
15:05<linbot>I work exactly the same way as dwfreed
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15:40<millisa>noooooooooo! Eugene is going to win the two free ipv6 addresses!
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16:05<react>Skinny: gsutil + GCS is heavenly, I'd give that serious consideration
16:09<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Just want to say Hello. <>
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16:16<ellioTb> !point dwfreed
16:17<ellioTb>!point dwfreed
16:17<linbot>ellioTb: Point given to dwfreed. (32)
16:17<dwfreed>works better without the leading tab :)
16:17<ellioTb>hehe +2 points to you
16:17<ellioTb>need some trim on that code
16:18<ellioTb>i am IRC rusty, i think last time i was really in it, i was using mIRC and had eggdrop bots
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22:29<coderphive>Are you guys going to develop a terraform provider?
22:40<@sjacobs>coderphive: nothing official that i know of in the works. i'll be sure to ask around, though.
22:40<coderphive>meh, if not I'd be happy to do it
22:40<coderphive>might help someone
22:44-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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22:52-!-fstd_ is now known as fstd
22:52<Photon>Hello, do you guys have custom servers? I need a dedicated with a lot of RAM and a fast processor, but I don't need a lot of processors/cores, and I don't need much storage (250Gb SSD should be more than enough). I also don't need a 10 Gbps network, though it'd be nice.
22:55<Peng>A dedicated bare metal server, or just a powerful VPS?
23:01<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
23:06<Peng>Every day I'm scriptin' my IRC client
23:07<linbot>Every day I'm linbot
23:09<Eugene>Ur a script
23:09-!-ardipithecus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:10<Photon>So are there?
23:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
23:11<nate>Photon: Linode doesn't have servers at all to begin with, custom or otherwise, they're a VPS provider. What they have available is listed on the website under pricing
23:12<coderphive>@Photon as far as I know Linode only provides KVM VM's
23:12<nate>They do have "high capacity" VPS's though that sound like what you might want
23:12<Photon>That page is everything?
23:12<coderphive>Also, you'll find that most hosts try to standardize their CPU by some measurement
23:13<coderphive>so usually "fast" is very ambiguous
23:14<coderphive>Photon yes. They have some managed services, but in terms of what you're looking for their pricing page contains everything
23:15<Photon>Alright. Thanks
23:15-!-Photon [] has left #linode [Thanks for the help!]
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23:38<sunny>Hi, Can I check with you the $5/month plan, does it have dedicated IP address?
23:38<@sjacobs>sunny: yes.
23:39<sunny>when can I find the detail specification for this price plan ($5/month)?
23:40<sunny>could not see where mentioned the dedicated IP address?
23:41<coderphive>It comes with one
23:42<sunny>will this IP address be shared with other users of the same price plan?
23:42<nate>Sunny: Every linode comes with a single dedicated IPv4 address. And you can get a /64 of IPv6 per-location upon request
23:42<millisa>it's all yours
23:43<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
23:45<sunny>please enlighten me as currently I am using siteground hosting, how does Linode compare with Siteground?
23:49<coderphive>Can you link to your plan?
23:51<coderphive>That looks like a managed service
23:53<coderphive>a dedicated server is quite different from a virtual machine
23:55<coderphive>At Linode they're not going manage your server for you unless you get professional services
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