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02:24<Peng>dwfreed: Wait a minute, Linode and Ubuntu don't enable CONFIG_IPV6_OPTIMISTIC_DAD
02:35<Peng>In other reviving a conversation from September news...
02:36<Peng>grawity: Linux's first attempt to fix the accept_dad sysctl didn't even work. Take 2 is in like rc5. :D
02:38<dwfreed>Peng: sad panda :(
02:38<dwfreed>mcintosh: ^ plz2fix
02:39<Peng>Someone reported it to Ubuntu in 2009. They ignored the issue, then automatically closed it for inactivity. :D
02:43*Peng tries to reopen
02:44<Peng>I don't know what Ubuntu's policy for reopening kernel bugs is, but the automated message that closed it in 2010 said it was okay, so... :D
02:51<Cromulent>did anyone elses Linode backup fail on the 25th of October? First seen I've seen the Linode backup service fail
02:54<dwfreed>Cromulent: backup failures are generally unique to a particular Linode
02:54<Cromulent>ah OK
02:54<dwfreed>but if the backup didn't fail on the 26th, then you're fine
02:55<Peng>I've seen it happen on occasion
02:55<Cromulent>yeah seems fine now
02:55<Peng>I think they automatically open a ticket if it happens 2-3 times in a ro
02:55<dwfreed>2 consecutive failures triggers a ticket
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03:02<Peng>The bot closed the bug because it doesn't have apport logs attached
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03:07<FluffyFoxeh>no failures here
03:22<dwfreed>Peng: not that apport would be useful *at all* in this situation
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03:30<Peng>Not remotely
03:30<Peng>It's a feature request!
03:31<Peng>Maybe apport uploads the kernel config to double plus confirm what it's set to. But any Ubuntu dev can check their /boot
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03:38<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new girl <>
03:46<dcraig>peng is the new boy
03:47<linbot>I am the new bot
03:50<Cromulent>since I refuse to run my own email servers - which would you choose? Office 365 or Google G-suite?
03:51<dwfreed>G Suite
03:51<Cromulent>oki dokie
03:51<Cromulent>I already have another domain on G-suite but I'm curious about Office 365
03:52<Peng>What does Office 365 even cost
03:52<Cromulent>£4.50 a month for the business essentials plan
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04:50*dcraig signs up for Cromulent Essentials
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05:07<newusrr>hello, I want to ask a question, is anyone home?
05:09<dcraig>what's the question?
05:09<dcraig>if I see a question I know the answer to, I'll answer it
05:10<newusrr>thank you
05:10<dcraig>but I don't want to claim to be available for general question asking
05:10<dcraig>because I only know some things
05:10<newusrr>I want to know, if you host node.js on linode
05:10<dcraig>you can use node.js
05:10<dcraig>check that out
05:11<newusrr>do you need to use both nhinx and write your own server as well?
05:11<newusrr>yes thank you, but this link sugests that you need both nginx and also your own server >
05:12<dcraig>a linode is a linux vps
05:12<dcraig>you can set things up however you like
05:12<dcraig>if it is possible, it is possible on linode :D
05:12<newusrr>i thought that node.js is a replacement for nginx, so why do i need to two at the same time?
05:14<dcraig>"In this guide, NGINX is configured to handle front-end, static file requests, and Node.js is configured to handle back-end file requests."
05:14<dcraig>if you don't want that, you can do something different
05:15<newusrr>ok, but there is not guide on how to install only node.js and write a server in it to replace nginx
05:15<dcraig>maybe check the node.js website instead?
05:16<newusrr>ok, thank you <dcraig>, thank you for for your time!
05:16<dcraig>bam! node.js web server
05:17<newusrr>yes, thanks. i will work from there
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05:20<dcraig>wow, a remix
05:22*linbot written in javascript, don't hate
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06:14*Peng files a bug for optimistic DAD
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06:48<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Im glad I now registered <>
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12:13<w1nn3r>I have a hard time connecting into my server via FTP/SFTP. I edit my /etc/ssh/ssh_config to turn off PasswordAuthetication and would like to keep it that way. Does anyone have some advise on trouble shooting?
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12:35<@scrane>You will want to add your SSH key into your SSH program
12:35<Woet>Eugene: rate my towel elephant,
12:35<Woet>scrane: dont go off-topic
12:36<@scrane>woet: 8/10 for execution, but an additional +1 to that for the eyes.
12:39<w1nn3r>scrane: thank you!
12:39<Woet>no worries
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14:23<Guest7760>Hello, anyone from Linode support in here?
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15:09<Kongrenet>Hi! I tro to install Cpanel on a centos 7 node but i receive errors due to NetworkManager and when I disable NetworkManager I can't resolve the download adress
15:09<teemu>so what are the errors?
15:10<dwfreed>you need to configure static networking
15:11<linbot>DHCP will only provide one IP to a Linode; when using more than one IP address (including private), a static configuration must be used:
15:11<dwfreed>Kongrenet: ^ see that guide
15:12<Kongrenet>ok thanks, I disabled NM and it worked this time
15:12<Kongrenet>StackScripts don't work either by the way
15:13<Kongrenet>I used once and installed ( a few years ago :)
15:14<dwfreed>what do you mean by "Stackscripts don't work either"
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15:32<Kongrenet>There are StackScripsts in linode, so you can install a pre-configured operating system
15:32<dwfreed>I'm aware what they are
15:32<dwfreed>(I used to work for Linode)
15:34<Kongrenet>and when i use these scripts (for setting up a cpanel ready system) one of them tries to use wget ... and it syas wget unknown command
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15:34<Kongrenet>the other one stacks due to NetwokManager, as it happens in a manual cpanel setup
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15:43<dwfreed>Kongrenet: so install wget
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17:15<newbie>who is there?
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19:42<andy1>how can i tell if my server performs well under heavy traffic?
19:43<dwfreed>use something like siege to test it
19:50<andy1>well i did concurrent-250 reps= 100 and it basically made it not usable so it can't handle 250 concurrent users?
19:51<andy1>something seems wrong about that..
19:51<Eliz>it can't handle "250" at once,
19:51<Eliz>andy1: if you're using shitpress, it's to be expected if you're stock
19:51<Eliz>PHP can only handle so much before it circuitbreaks
19:51<Eliz>caching is your friend, etc
19:52<andy1>na not wordpress im actually just trying it on a static html page and it's impossibly slow with 250
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19:53<Eliz>andy1: I mean, are you using SSL?
19:53<nate>Eliz: PHP handles well more than that, crappy written PHP software does not. There's no magic language, any language can be inefficient if wrote in such ways :P
19:53<Eliz>TLS, that is, I guess.
19:53<andy1>is apache really that garbage?
19:53<Eliz>nate: I just like picking on PHP ;)
19:53<Eliz>nate: and to be fair, I did say "stock"
19:53<andy1>it's a static html page nate
19:53<andy1>literally all php doing is rendering like some html
19:54<nate>Eliz: Stock PHP7 outperforms facebook's custom PHP engine, I'd say it's come a long way :P
19:54<nate>andy1: Are loads on the server (monitored via something like htop) showing an impact?
19:54<andy1>eliz i am using ssl yes
19:54<Eliz>nate: maybe by PHP's next revision, PHP9, it'll be better :)
19:54<Eliz>andy1: TLS/SSL is not a cheap operation
19:54<Eliz>crypto is very CPU heavy
19:55<nate>Not remotely that heavy in modern hardware
19:55<nate>(Thanks mainly due to things like AES-NI assuming you're using AES ciphers)
19:55<Eliz>nate: 250 clients at a time, without session reuse
19:55<Eliz>nate: it's going to fail on a (likely) single core pretty fast :)
19:55<andy1>so meaning what i have to upgrade my sever?
19:55<Eliz>andy1: what's your plan..?
19:55<nate>Eliz: Still shouldn't be that sluggish in my previous experiences. Andy: Again, what are loads -on- the server reflecting? Where are you doing the siege test from? What is it's network capacity?
19:55<andy1>Linode 4096
19:56<Eliz>I mean, let's be honest, do you _need_ 250 reqs/s,
19:56<andy1>i mean there could be thousands of users at once
19:56<andy1>so possibly
19:56<Eliz>andy1: yes, but "thousands" aren't reloading every second
19:57<Eliz>they'll load once, and sit and read for 2-5 minutes,
19:57-!-V-Pariah [~viciouspa@] has joined #linode
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19:57<andy1>yes sure
19:57<Eliz>andy1: but yes, I'd heavily suggest nginx tbh,
19:57<andy1>yea i did some benchmarks on nginx
19:57<MrPPS>+1 nginx
19:58<andy1>it preformed much or less very similar
19:58-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
19:58<Eliz>so, a problem here is that in most browsers/etc, they have efficiencies that your load tester isn't making use of wrt TLS that reduces load a _toN_
19:58<andy1>im using php 7.1 / ubuntu 14.04 with redis
19:58<Eliz>you just said you were using static pages ...
19:58<andy1>16.04 sorry
19:58<Eliz>are you sure you're not sending static HTML to the PHP-FPM instance
19:58<Eliz>because that's a _really_ common mistake
19:58<andy1>not sure what you mean
19:58<MrPPS>so you're doing php rendering html pages based on a query from a redis DB?
19:59<Eliz>PHP is likely rendering your "static" pages
19:59<MrPPS>that's significantly more load than a static HTML page
19:59<MrPPS>when it comes to 250 requests per second
19:59<Eliz>even if they don't have a <?php tag
19:59<andy1>well when i did the siege all 4 cores were at 100%
19:59<Eliz>yes, but what's eating your cores
20:00<Eliz>apache, php, what?
20:00<andy1>let me see
20:00<Eliz>I'm willing to bet a quarter that Apache might be sending your "static" pages to PHP
20:02<andy1>it just says www-data in htop
20:03<andy1>how many users would it take to average 250 reqs/s would you say
20:04-!-aariz [~aariz@2604:180:2:5e1::e8ac] has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.6.5 -]
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20:05-!-aariz [~aariz@2604:180:2:5e1::e8ac] has joined #linode
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20:05<MrPPS>probably close to 250
20:05<MrPPS>1 user = 1 request made
20:05<MrPPS>more or less
20:06-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
20:06<MrPPS>a better question may be - how many users are you expecting, and are you designed to scale if you need to?
20:08<andy1>well this 4096 plan certainly isnt working for 250
20:08*dcraig scales MrPPS right up to MrPPPPSS
20:08<andy1>either i need to tune apache or switch to a different provider
20:08<MrPPS>andy1: are you expecting 250?
20:08<MrPPS>that's 15,000 requests per minute
20:09<MrPPS>if you've got a site that large, you've obviously got a fair bit of funding behind you'
20:09<andy1>well i have 500/month available to pay for hosting
20:09<andy1>so i need to make it happen
20:09<MrPPS>well yeah, that's plenty to make it happen
20:09<MrPPS>but, have you got it all designed to sit on one server?
20:09<MrPPS>no modularity at all?
20:10<MrPPS>no load balancing etc?
20:10<dcraig>in apache, is KeepAlive Off?
20:10<andy1>let me check
20:11<andy1>keepalive is off
20:12<dcraig>there are some general configuration guidelines here
20:12<andy1>@mrPPS how do i configure load balancing?
20:14<MrPPS>andy1: well, you'd need to possibly change your design somewhat. but the basics are: connection goes to your reverse proxy (nginx, haproxy, whatever - doesn't matter), then gets sent to a pool of your web servers (based on rules etc), and they may connect to a pool of DB servers etc. very simplistic example + explanation
20:14<MrPPS>but allows you to scale with relative easy
20:14<MrPPS>spin up new web server, add to the load balanced pool
20:15<MrPPS>what were your commands/flags for siege btw andy1 ?
20:16<andy1>--concurrent=250 --reps=100
20:18<MrPPS>curious how mine will go on a similar test
20:18<andy1>can i install nginx and keep my apache installation too?
20:19<andy1>and just switch between the two if need be or is there some conflicting issues
20:20<MrPPS>you can certainly run both side by side
20:20<MrPPS>or one or the other, yes
20:20<andy1>ill install nginx and give it a shot
20:21<andy1>ill using prefork right now going to tune the settings and try again
20:30<MrPPS>so running that against mine, same settings as yours, except I have a 1024 plan haproxy in front doing ssl termination, and I'm loading a dynamic PHP site (nginx + php-fpm running on a 2048 box) hits php-fpm pretty heavy with the CPU
20:31<MrPPS>but hits load balancer about 50% on the single core
20:31<MrPPS>makes the site slower to load, but doesn't kill it entirely
20:31<MrPPS>so your static html page on a 4096 box should well and truly be fine
20:33<andy1>did you cpu usage go to 100%?
20:34<andy1>also is your apache prefork ?
20:34<andy1>i heard worker or event is better for handling multiple connections
20:37<andy1>for nginx if it's listening on 443 for ssl should i turn of listening on 80?
20:37<MrPPS>andy1: my cpu went to 100% for most of the time, but down to 70%
20:37<MrPPS>however I'm using nginx
20:37<MrPPS>well, only if you've got something else listening on 80
20:37<MrPPS>otherwise you'll need 80 on to redirect to 443 anyway
20:38<andy1>im also passing it though an ssl though
20:38<andy1>that could affect it too
20:38<andy1>for the load test
20:39<MrPPS>I am also doing the same yes
20:41<MrPPS>andy1: if I limit the concurrent sessions down in haproxy, I can keep cpu usage down to ~40%
20:41<MrPPS>it just queues up the requests
20:41<MrPPS>doesn't overload nginx
20:43<andy1>what is haproxy
20:43<MrPPS>as mentioned earlier on, it is a load balancer/tcp proxy/ssl terminator/etc
20:45<andy1>i see
20:45<andy1>is it auto included with nginx or do i need to install it myself
20:46-!-beuker [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.8-dev]
20:47<MrPPS>it is entirely separate software - generally something you'd place in front of nginx
20:48<andy1>would you recommend it?
20:48-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
20:48<MrPPS>I do recommend it, yes. However, I wouldn't just install it on the same server that you've currently got - if you wanted to use it effectively, I'd be setting it up on a separate server and using it for load balance/high availability
20:48<MrPPS>so all DNS points to HAProxy, then haproxy connects to your web server from there
20:49<MrPPS>this is a good overview of "high availability" or load balancing:
20:49<MrPPS>no haproxy specific, but gives you an idea of the concepts
20:49<MrPPS>not haproxy specific**
20:49<andy1>i see
20:50<andy1>how much to hire you to optimize my server :P
20:50-!-tmberg [] has quit [Quit: tmberg]
20:50<MrPPS>Haha, I don't generally do those andy1 - it's hard to work out contracts + make sure client is happy, as "optimise" is very subjective
20:51<MrPPS>What one person believes is optimised is not necessarily what another would believe to be optimised, and then if something gets changed down the line, the original guy gets blamed, etc
20:51<MrPPS>so I stay away from that :P
20:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
20:52<andy1>fair enough
20:53<andy1>i just need a few things like the load proxy and some image optimization settings like e-tags etc
20:54<MrPPS>depending on how your web app is designed, may even be worth looking into things like varnish cache, or other caching options
20:54<andy1>if anyone is interested pm me we can setup a rate as im not big on server admin
20:54<andy1>well i can't use varnish as im using ssl or so i've been told
20:56<MrPPS>well, you can have your haproxy doing ssl, and then varnish on nginx box in plain text
20:58<andy1>so setup haproxy on another server
20:58<andy1>as in like spin up another linode
21:01<MrPPS>you can potentially even shrink your 4096 box down when you have done so, in that your haproxy would be handling SSL
21:01<MrPPS>therefore offloading some of the work
21:01<MrPPS>(I ended up shrinking my web servers by doing this)
21:01<andy1>hm cool ill try it
21:02<andy1>tthanks for the help
21:02<MrPPS>also, if you have multiple web servers in behind, it allows you to take them down for updates/etc without affecting customers
21:02<MrPPS>no worries
21:03<andy1>is there a guide to setting this all up
21:03<andy1>like what do i have to change on my target server
21:04<MrPPS>basics are, you'd want your web server/target server listening on an internal/private linode IP, server up over http (not https), and you'd want to set the IP of the haproxy box as a trusted proxy
21:04<MrPPS>but here's a reasonable guide on a slightly more advanced setup:
21:05<MrPPS>(sorry it's a competition's page haha)
21:05<MrPPS>you won't necessarily need to use keepalived/floating IP at this point
21:06<MrPPS>just haproxy in front of nginx for beginning
21:06<MrPPS>and a general introduction to the concepts:
21:11<andy1>thx ill give it a go
21:15<andy1>im trying to setup nginx but it's telling me *117 connect() to unix:/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock failed
21:16<andy1>am i missing a library or something?
21:20<MrPPS>is that definitely the location it's set to listen to in etc/php/7.0/fpm/pool.d/www.conf ?
21:22<andy1>well apparently i cant install php7.0-fpm because i have the wrong version of php7 installed
21:23<andy1>it needs php 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 but i have
21:24<andy1>so i gotta uninstall php 7 and reinstall new version or is there another php7.0-fpm i can download
21:27<MrPPS>did you do an in place upgrade or something to ubuntu?
21:27<MrPPS>or manually grab an old package for php7 somewhere?
21:29<andy1>in place upgrade
21:29<andy1>upgraded from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04
21:30<MrPPS>yeah, that explains some of the wonky packages
21:30-!-kcaj [~kcaj@2a03:b0c0:1:d0::2f85:c001] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:30<MrPPS>I'd be removing dodgy ones like that, and replacing them with the official/expected versions
21:30<MrPPS>backup before doing so
21:30-!-kcaj [~kcaj@2a03:b0c0:1:d0::2f85:c001] has joined #linode
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21:30<MrPPS>if you don't already have a verified recent backup
21:30<andy1>so just uninstall php 7 completely?
21:31<MrPPS>and then reinstall with the official repo's version, yep
21:31<MrPPS>but *back up*
21:31<MrPPS>get haproxy working with apache
21:31<MrPPS>then spin up a replacement nginx server
21:31<MrPPS>start working on that
21:31<MrPPS>and when it works, just point haproxy to the nginx box
21:31<MrPPS>transparently move across to new server like that
21:31<MrPPS>no downtime
21:33<andy1>what are you some kind of wizard
21:34<andy1>could you link me the right php7 repo
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21:35<MrPPS>it's in the official repo's ( etc)
21:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
21:42<andy1>ok it's working! 1 last thing how do i fix 199 directory index of "/var/www/app/" is forbidden
21:45<andy1>i need to give nginx permission i think
22:04<MrPPS>andy1: if it's a directory index forbidden, you just need to allow nginx directory listings
22:04<MrPPS>in your server configf
22:09-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
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22:09<andy1>its working but it wont navigate to any other page but home
22:09-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
22:10<andy1>everything on the home page works but like /contact just redirects back to home
22:13<MrPPS>hard to say why without knowing how your app works + your previous config
22:13<MrPPS>but check how the app behaves, and how previous configs differ to your nginx config
22:13<MrPPS>if it's calling index.php with certain arguments, but transparently, you may need to copy your rewrite rules etc.
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23:39<andy1>anyone here?
23:39<@rsyracuse>andy1: hey, how are you?
23:40<andy1>im having some problem with my nginx installation
23:43<@rsyracuse>what kind of problems are you running into?
23:44<andy1>well i can't navigate to any page outside the home page so like /contact doesnt work
23:44<andy1>from the log : [notice] 13272#13272: *4730 "^(.*/)index\.php$" does not match "/contact"
23:48-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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23:48<@rsyracuse>it sounds like you may need to set up your location directive in your nginx configuration. I think this guide might help
23:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
23:54<andy1>so my app takes any request and routes it through a controller but im not sure how to set that up in nginx location directive
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23:57<andy1>nvm figured it out codeigniter /sigh
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