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00:48<poky>Hello. Who can help me finding malware on my linode?
00:48<poky>I asked this yesterday as well... No help.
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00:51<MrPPS>poky: I suggested yesterday you restore from backup. I think you said after you restore from backup, you get compromised again. Have you considered restoring from backup, then patching the hole?
00:53<poky>I rebuilt Linode, restored all files. Then after some weeks I get same ToS violation issue from Linode Supprot
00:53<MrPPS>Then sounds like the software you're using on there is getting compromised
00:53<MrPPS>Presuming it's a web based service, have you searched for the method of compromise?
00:54<@sjacobs>it's probably not secure then. whether it is a weak password (or not using key-based authentication), out of date plugins/software, or something of that sort.
00:54<MrPPS>Hoping if it's rebuilt, they updated as well :P probably too optimistic though
00:54<MrPPS>poky: please say it's not wordpress with random plugins from the web
00:55<poky>I have multiple websites on my linode that only runs WordPress
00:55<poky>It could be some plugin but I cannot find out which site's which plugin
00:55<poky>Is there a way to find it?
00:56<MrPPS>Yeah - check the log files from your web server from the time you got compromised
00:56<MrPPS>If you're unsure, check for the presence of files that were modified newer than the rest
00:56<MrPPS>These are likely files that were dropped by whatever exploit occurred - then, check for logs around that time
00:56<@sjacobs>i've heard good things of as well.
00:56<MrPPS>That'd be a good starting point. See which pages/plugins/etc were accessed
00:56<@sjacobs>not a total solution, but may help.
00:57<poky>Can I email this chat transcript?
00:58<@sjacobs>email it where?
00:58<poky>on my email.
00:58<poky>nevermind, copying and pasting
00:58<@sjacobs>i'm confused.
00:58<poky>It was IRC question
00:58<MrPPS>There's no builting function to email a copy of this chat
00:58<MrPPS>However, you can copy and paste this chat, yes
00:58<kyhwana_>ah yes, wordpress
00:59<MrPPS>poky: or view the archive here:
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00:59<poky>Thanks guys... For some reason I cannot login into IRC using work WiFi. Using my mobile hotspot
00:59<poky>MrPPS: wow
00:59<MrPPS>poky: it's probable your work firewall blocks the ports
00:59<poky>Cant ask admin to release this... idiot
01:00<MrPPS>Well, there's plenty of good reasons to block IRC ports in the workplace
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01:00<poky>MrPPS: Like?
01:00<poky>Which port is IRC at?
01:01<MrPPS>Very simply, IRC can be used as CNC channel for botnets
01:01<Woet>MrPPS: none of those run on the default port
01:01<MrPPS>no, they don't, but irc protocol does
01:02<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
01:02<Woet>unless they use DPI i doubt thats how they block it
01:02<MrPPS>It's pretty common to be using DPI on a work firewall though
01:02<poky>Can someone tell me what does this mean? -
01:02<poky>report log from rkhunter
01:02<MrPPS>Either way, blocking unnecessary ports is a very common feature
01:02<MrPPS>and irc would typically fall into unnecessary
01:03<poky>MrPPS: - change in file /usr/bin/curl
01:03<poky>How? who? how can I restore that
01:03<kyhwana_>poky: it means the curl binary has changed. Did your package manager update it? (There was a curl vulnerability in the past month or so)
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01:04<poky>Maybe. I always run update upgrade
01:04<kyhwana_>check your package manager logs?
01:04<MrPPS>do you update rkhunter after updates poky ?
01:04<kyhwana_>It's probably not curl. There's probably a bunch of php backdoors hiding out in your web server hosting paths, etc.
01:04<MrPPS>sudo rkhunter --update --propupd
01:05<poky>MrPPS: I guess not......
01:05<poky>Shall I run it now?
01:05<MrPPS>PHP backdoors would be the likely scenario
01:05<poky>Is it safe?
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01:05<kyhwana_>Also run and
01:06<kyhwana_>poky: what was the abuse complaint about, exactly?
01:06<poky>Thanks for Loki
01:07<poky>" It appears that your Linode is being used to conduct SQL injection attacks."
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01:12<kyhwana_>sounds like someones got a proxy/shell on it and/or is using it to do some scanning/etc that it shouldn't be
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01:14<poky>My mysql is down now. Nice!
01:15<kyhwana_>If you find a php backdoor or anything else, you should consider all the DB's and contents of that linode to be compromised and act accordingly
01:15<kyhwana_>Also consider that your backup(s) may be compromised and so on
01:16<kyhwana_>(as in, force change/reset all the user account passwords/credentials on that box)
01:17<kyhwana_>that's what happens when you get hacked :|
01:18<poky>My mysql log says
01:18<kyhwana_> has a good quickie guide on how Incident Response works, for next time :P
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01:19<kyhwana_>poky: I don't think you should be worrying about getting your mysql DB back up and running at this point. You need to find out how they got in (go back through any logs you still have and check for anything suspicious) and write a plan to stop them hacking you that way again, then nuke the box and restore from KNOWN GOOD backups
01:20<kyhwana_>(as well as the other stuff I just said)
01:20<@sjacobs>^^ that.
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01:21<poky>Out of my league!! I guess
01:21<poky>I can find by using scanners (clamav, maldet, etc), finding recently modified files... right?
01:21<kyhwana_>(Identification). Identify what they've done/doing and how they got in. (Containment) Take the box offline so that it can't be hacked/used any further, change any reused passwords from that box, revoke creds on it. (Eradication) Nuke the box from orbit, nuke/reset all user account creds on that box (Restoration) Restore from known good backups
01:22<kyhwana_>poky: in theory, but if you're not skilled at this, you won't be able to eradicate all the backdoors/scripts/etc by hand, so that means nuking the entire box
01:23<kyhwana_>(I do this for a living, but no I can't fix this for you personally, only give you advice :|)
01:23<kyhwana_>There's also the Preperation (for before you get hacked) and the "Lessons learnt" stages before/after the above four, but work on those later.
01:25<MrPPS>poky: the reason why *most* people in here that would be capable of doing this for you refuse to do so, is that it's not unheard of for clients to accuse folks (especially folks they haven't met) of not doing the job properly the first time if they get hacked again (through misconfiguration, out of date software, etc)
01:25<MrPPS>and without proper contracts + defined SOW in place, etc, it's just more hassle than its worth
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01:25<poky>Read this - Cant type large outputs here
01:25<MrPPS>Plus people on the internet often expect things about 700% cheaper than they're worth
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01:26<MrPPS>poky: yeah, go back in your backups - find the last time the wp-config file wasn't modified like that
01:26<MrPPS>then that gives you a time frame for when the hack occurred
01:28<poky>They are calling some scripts like x34.ico, new file was created as linklove.php; favicon234.php. What makes them create new files when my chmod is tight, remote root login is off.
01:28<poky>Only root has authority to create any files on linode
01:28<poky>I am digging into logs though
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01:40<kyhwana_>oop, they left
01:41<kyhwana_>bet php/web server user has write access to those dirs
01:41<kyhwana_>(or the user account itself and they used compromised creds or just privesced)
01:41<kyhwana_>sjacobs: indeedy
01:45<FluffyFoxeh>wow, azonenberg
01:45<FluffyFoxeh>that's a name I haven't seen in a while
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01:56*dcraig tickles fluffyfoxeh around a bit with a large stingray
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01:57<MrPPS>ooooh kinky
01:57<dcraig>yeah I saved the pufferfish for you bb
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02:26<mark>hi, can I host my own website with linode?
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08:09<Robert>Hi. If I were to signup to a Linode account - how much does Linode (subject to RIPE justification) charge per IPV4 allocation?
08:10<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
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08:19<DrJ>Happy Billing Day everyone!
08:22<Peng>brb reporting credit card stolen
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10:11<chnx>i'm cancelling my order man, you charge my card set up a payment plan then ask me for further id?
10:11<chnx>do not charge my card motherfuckers
10:12<chnx>you fucken know who i am
10:12<chnx>fucken assholez
10:12<chnx>fuck you
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10:14<@bmartin>That escalated quickly
10:15<dwfreed>*shrug* his loss
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13:03<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:25<eyepulp>Anyone seeing issues with outbound traffic in DFW?
13:28-!-donspaulding [~donspauld@] has joined #linode
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13:29<donspaulding>We're seeing errors attempting to make outbound HTTP requests from multiple servers in Dallas. Can anyone confirm or deny the presence of issues there?
13:29<jkwood>I'm getting a little bit of packet loss, it looks like.
13:29<Peng>donspaulding: Someone said "Anyone seeing issues with outbound traffic in DFW?" right before you joined.
13:30<jkwood>Just kidding, no packet loss, just lag.
13:31<@jackley>hi all! looking into this now
13:31<eyepulp>Hey donspaulding, we were seeing something similar.
13:31<@jackley>eyepulp: donspaulding: do y'all have tickets open about this?
13:31-!-Guest8034 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:32<eyepulp>jackley: No - just started seeing issues roll in
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13:33<@jackley>eyepulp: could you send me some MTR reports? both directions would be helpful (Linode --> you / you --> Linode).
13:34<jkwood>There we go, now there's packet loss.
13:34-!-linbot [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:34<donspaulding>jackley: for reference, pinging times out for ~10 seconds before it starts working, times out for ~15 seconds? Seems new outbound connections have issues?
13:34<donspaulding>jackley: I'll open up a ticket.
13:34-!-linbot is "Supybot" on #uml
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13:35<donspaulding>ping to showed 90% packet loss over 100 pings.
13:36<Peng>jackley: Someone pasted part of a tracepath on Freenode, and then got killed for "spamming".
13:36<Peng>Spoiler: Cogent
13:37<@jackley>donspaulding: alrighty, just PM me the ticket number when you do
13:38<jkwood>I have to admit that I'm not real thrilled by this new Dallas datacenter.
13:39<Peng>Power outages so far: 0
13:39<@jackley>jkwood: any particular reason, apart from this issue?
13:39<jkwood>This isn't the first connectivity issue we've had in the past few days.
13:39<jkwood>It's not mission critical, so I won't be filing a formal complaint or anything. :)
13:40<dwfreed>I mean, it has nothing to do with the datacenter at this point
13:40<dwfreed>Linode runs their own transit now
13:40<@jackley>well, a "formal complaint" would just be a ticket, and I'd likely see it. at any rate, we always want to hear your feedback, mission critical or not :)
13:40<donspaulding>jackley: 9104681
13:40<Peng>What if... it's run by Zayo <scare chord>
13:40<@jackley>donspaulding: ty! looking now
13:42<donspaulding>jackley: we've seen this attempting to get out to several of our backend API services (popular SaaS hosts). Happy to provide whatever troubleshooting reports you're after if you'll let me know what you want to see.
13:43<dwfreed>Peng: halloween was yesterday
13:44<Peng>Is it still Halloween in any time zone?
13:44<Peng>I was busy
13:44<@jackley>donspaulding: alright, ty. I'll update your ticket in a moment
13:45<donspaulding>jackley: Just dropped in an MTR to one of our services in that ticket.
13:47<@jackley>donspaulding: thanks for that, that's helpful. Any chance you can get an MTR in the reverse direction? the loss appears to start in Telia's network
13:48<donspaulding>jackley: no, I can't.
13:49<donspaulding>jackley: I'm looking to see if we're having issues between two of our Dallas VMs which might be more instructive. Give me a minute.
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13:56<Eliz>meanwhile, in SoftLayer land:
13:57<Eliz>seems like dallas is all sorts of whacko today
13:58<eyepulp>DFW - the Las Vegas of packets - what originates in DFW, stays in DFW
13:58<eyepulp>Winner winner, latency dinner.
14:00<donspaulding>jackley: the mtr's between the VMs look clean at the moment, which surprises me, because we're also having intra-service connectivity issues.
14:02<donspaulding>jackley: any update?
14:03<Eliz>donspaulding: if there's an update, it'll be posted to your ticket
14:03<Eliz>donspaulding: the more bugging you do, the more distracted said employee is, and the longer it takes to resolve/research ;)
14:03<donspaulding>Eliz: Oh, don't worry, I'm spamming refresh on the ticket too! ;-)
14:03<dwfreed>ticket emails are pretty instantaneous
14:03<@jackley>donspaulding: none yet. one of our network engineers is looking into it, though
14:05<@jackley>donspaulding: what intra-DC issues are you having?
14:08<dwfreed>> New news from linodestatus: Connectivity Issues - $DATACENTER
14:08<@jackley>yep, it's been fixed
14:09<@bmartin>!point dwfreed
14:09<linbot>bmartin: Point given to dwfreed. (33)
14:09<dwfreed>jackley: yeah, the bot that comes from checks the status rss feed every minute
14:09<Eliz>!point dwfreed
14:09<dwfreed>I wish it would pick up updates, though
14:09<linbot>Eliz: Point given to dwfreed. (34) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 6)
14:10<donspaulding>jackley: Well, we were getting errors from one service to another running on two different VMs in Linode DFW. But now I'm inclined to think the errors we were getting were due to the upstream VM not being able to make its own outbound connections to our database hosted outside the DFW datacenter.
14:10<Eliz>dwfreed: using my bot for evil things D:
14:11<donspaulding>Which is to say, I think our intra-DC issues were a red herring for the general connectivity issues we were having with the internet at large.
14:12<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Dallas <>
14:13<Eliz>linbot: too slow
14:14<Peng>just right
14:19-!-ckosloff [~ckosloff@2602:306:38a9:5f70:28c:faff:fe82:5b82] has joined #linode
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14:20<linbot>or no.
14:29<Peng>Ooh, I'm experiencing Dallas problems now
14:30<@jackley>Peng: \o. MTRs?
14:30-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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14:31<Peng>i think it just started to work!?!?!
14:31<Peng>HE is using a weird route, though.
14:31<@jackley>Peng: is it between Fremont <-> Dallas?
14:31<Peng>No, Dallas -> my HE tunnel in Miami.
14:31<Peng>And they just fixed it. :X
14:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
14:32<Peng>Weird routing with HE fmt1 too though
14:33<Eliz>Peng: nothing tops the weird route I got from SL one day
14:33<Peng>IPv6 is going Linode -> NTT Dallas -> ??? -> HE Chicago.
14:34<millisa>adding a 'me too' to dallas getting all bothered in the last minute or so
14:34<dwfreed>I just saw a blip
14:34-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
14:34<Eliz>this is one way, by the way, not including the return:
14:34<Eliz>guy near sydney -> sydney -> san jose, california -> ashford -> london -> nyc -> chicago -> denver -> los angeles -> sydney
14:35-!-ballpark [~Adium@] has joined #linode
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14:36<@jackley>so far, we haven't found a cause for these network issues in Dallas inside our network. at the moment, it seems to be upstream from us
14:37<Peng>If you're curious, Dallas -> IPv6 IPv4
14:37<Peng>Both look upstream of you. IPv6 works, IPv4 partly works.
14:38<Peng>You don't peer with HE in Dallas?
14:39<dwfreed>i'm running mtrs right now
14:42<@jackley>donspaulding: millisa: any changes for either of you? we just made a change which we think may help
14:43<millisa>Yes. Looks great.
14:43<dwfreed>so my mtrs said telia was to blame
14:43<millisa>it's avoiding telia now
14:43<@jackley>that was the change :)
14:43<millisa>i was seeing dfw telia -> aus telia -> backup to dfw on telia -> hand off to any number of 3-4 places
14:44<donspaulding>jackley: Seems to have cleared up for us, too. No more errors being logged at the moment.
14:45-!-cmcfarland [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:45<donspaulding>jackley: It seems like it settled down around 1:00PM Central time for us.
14:46<dwfreed>telia is still in my path, but the part that had the bad link is not
14:46<dwfreed>HE -> telia -> gtt -> linode
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14:48<TylerG389-4>Whats up with the Dallas connectivity issues?
14:50<Peng>Do you have an mtr available?
14:50<Peng>Has it got better within the last 10 minutes?
14:50<@jackley>TylerG389-4: we were seeing packet loss in Telia's netework (upstream from us). We've altered our routing away from Telia, and things seem to be better now.
14:51<@jackley>TylerG389-4: are you still seeing issues?
14:52<TylerG389-4>Nope, havent gotten any packet loss in the last few mins
14:52<@jackley>oh. alrighty
15:01-!-toothe [~awiggin@2001:470:8:209:10ea:28ff:feca:f3e0] has joined #linode
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15:01<toothe>I have a billing question - Is there a proper channel to do this
15:02<Peng>You can ask questions here in general terms, but for account specific information you need to use support ticket/email/phone
15:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 357] by ChanServ
15:04<toothe>yeah, i just opened a ticket.
15:05<@jackley>toothe: ticket number?
15:10-!-nate [] has joined #linode
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15:17<millisa>(seeing traffic go back over telia; a roundabout path, but the loss is low)
15:21<dwfreed>millisa: I get dallas -> atlanta -> ashburn -> san jose; sound about right?
15:22<dwfreed>and very slight loss caused by the dallas -> atlanta link (on telia's network)
15:22-!-in1t3r [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:22<toothe>jackley: let me msg you?
15:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
15:22<@jackley>toothe: ok
15:22<millisa>austin->houston(TW)->dallas(tw)->dallas(telia)->kansas city(telia)-> chicago(telia) ->atlanta (telia)->dallas(telia)->linode(hoory)
15:23<millisa>the telia country tour is amusing.
15:24<dwfreed>oh yeah
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15:36<Eugene>What are the cool kids using for Windows anti-rootkit scanning nowadays? Assuming that I can't/won't delete the VM and start over
15:38<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Stackscript issue <>
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15:49<@mtjones>Eugene: I've used GMER before
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15:49<@mtjones>Looks like it's directly integrated into Avast now.
15:50-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
15:51<Eliz>ah antivirus/antimalware
15:51<Eliz>it's malware that we consider to be good
15:56-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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16:32<gecco>Just noticed some packet loss and saw your notice about fiber cut in dallas, that's damn good Linode, I did not see a whole lot of issues related to this, how far along is the fix?
16:37<ponas>it's like they are professionals or something
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16:39<synfinatic>really need to license those damned backhoe operators
16:39<ponas>fwiw the upstream with problems is Telia
16:41<gecco>yeah, I'm seeing telia routes when I traceroute with anything to dallas
16:42<@mtjones>It should be back to normal, but we're still monitoring the situation to make sure it stays that way.
16:42<gecco>I'm still seeing loss on these IP endpoints
16:43<gecco>but not all the way through, so... not sure
16:43-!-Spicy-Rabbit [] has quit []
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16:49<@mtjones>Packet loss on a point inbetween that doesn't continue on to the endpoint can sometimes be caused by ICMP rate limiting. I'd like to take a look at what you have though. Could you open up a ticket and let me know what you're seeing? PM me the ticket number if you do so I can pull it up on my end.
16:59<linbot>New news from forum: /dev/random • Domain name clearance sale <>
17:01<gecco>created ticket 9107668 related to packet loss in dallas
17:10<@mtjones>gecco: Thanks! Checking now.
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17:56<donspaulding>FWIW, it seems like we're still having issues at DFW. Can a network engineer take a look at the new MTRs in my ticket? 9104681
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18:13<donspaulding>It appears that at least some traffic is still being routed via Telia, which was the provider with the cut fiber, no?
18:16<@mtjones>donspaulding: I'm not a network engineer but I can take a look at your ticket.
18:17<donspaulding>mtjones: any information is appreciated, we're dying here.
18:32<gecco>Don, I'm not seeing any loss from my routes coming from ATT/Atlanta, Comcast Atlanta
18:33<gecco>We're under 1.5%
18:33<gecco>I've stopped even checking it, it was so immaterial
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18:50<donspaulding>gecco: Thanks for the report! I'm not sure what we're up against. I think we got bit by the earlier Telia fiber cut, but I don't know why we're still having issues.
18:53-!-scorche|sh [] has joined #linode
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18:59-!-Nasser [~oftc-webi@2601:880:4000:1ee5:d4cc:75bc:10c6:2a4a] has joined #linode
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19:00<Nasser>Hi, I have a question about your unmanaged VPS plans
19:00<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
19:01<Nasser>I thought this chat channel was dedicated to Linode web hosting
19:01<synfinatic>linode doesn't do "web hosting". they do VPS
19:02<synfinatic>but yeah, this is the #linode channel where we talk all things linode
19:02<Nasser>Sorry that's what I meant
19:02<synfinatic>you'll have to ask your question though. i left my mind reading device at home
19:03<Nasser>with the unmanaged plans how many static IP do you gt?
19:03<synfinatic>1 ipv4 by default
19:03<synfinatic>you can get more for $1/mo if you can provide a good reason
19:04<kyhwana_>Or craptons of ipv6
19:04<Nasser>Thanks, Have a good evening, and pls don't forget you mind reading device next time :)
19:06-!-Nasser [~oftc-webi@2601:880:4000:1ee5:d4cc:75bc:10c6:2a4a] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:06<millisa>Possibly of interest - RackspaceCloud is going to start charging $4 per extra IP starting in a few weeks.
19:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
19:07<millisa>They started sending notices out a few days ago
19:07<@scrane>but where can one get a mind reading device these days?
19:08<@scrane>I've never used Rackspace's platform so I'm personally unfamiliar, but do they also require technical justification for the additional IPs?
19:08<millisa>Similar justifications to Linode.
19:08<Peng>Wait they offer extra IPs?
19:08<@bmartin>and is "Because I want one." a justification?
19:08<@bmartin>asking for a friend
19:15<nate>I want 40 million dollars, know anyone that will give me it just because I want it?
19:15<@scrane>nate Does it have to be USD, or can it be in cryptocurrency I am just now coming up with?
19:16<@mtjones>coming up with good cryptocurrency names is almost as hard as coming up wih new domain names. Everything's taken.
19:17-!-ballpark [] has joined #linode
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19:17<@scrane>I call it Natebux
19:17<nate>Can call it what you want, cryptocurrencies are mostly a con tehse days so I want real monies
19:18<@bmartin>Stanley Nickels?
19:20-!-takis [] has joined #linode
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19:21<linbot>Yo mommas so stupid, she cant think of a joke to add to the database! (6:0/0) [ommur]
19:22<linbot>Yo mommas so fat they mistook her for the ninth planet! (35:0/0) [uormm]
19:22<@mcintosh>!downvote 6
19:22<linbot>mcintosh: Downvote added.
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19:22<@mcintosh>!upvote 35
19:22<linbot>mcintosh: Upvote added.
19:22<@mcintosh>6 was p bad
19:22<@bmartin>not great
19:24<@mcintosh>!to csnxs urmom
19:24<linbot>csnxs: Yo mommas so ignorant, She tried to set up a server running MS-DOS. (37:0/0) [muorm]
19:27<linbot>Yo mommas so blind, she dated mikegrb and thought it was Ben Affleck! (25:0/0) [urmom]
19:30<linbot>Yo mommas so stupid she sold her car for gas money! (5:0/0) [roumm]
19:30<@mtjones>Oh, that's a good one.
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20:59<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Stackscript issue <>
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21:11<Guest8059>can i get the dedicated IP in the offer of 5USD per month
21:11<millisa>all linodes have their own IP
21:11<kyhwana_>Guest8059: you get a single static ipv4 per linode
21:12<@mtjones>the IP addresses are static and won't change unless the Linode moves to a new datacenter or you ask us to change the IP address for you.
21:13<Guest8059>I want to set up one website to promote our products in the region of south-Asia, Europe and American. Could you pls tell me which data center is a good choice for me
21:14<millisa>You could try a few speed tests with these:
21:14<Guest8059>I have tried it, but currently I am in china, so
21:15<Guest8059>i want to know the actual speed in India network condtion
21:37<Guest8059>i want to know the actual speed in India network condtion
21:38<millisa>I don't think we could guess what any specific connection would be like in India.
21:38<@sjacobs>maybe find a public iperf server in india?
21:44<Guest8059>i want to know the VPS have the clound service or not
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22:31<n00b>Hiya! Just following up my questoin on mailing from my server. The mail function now works yet I get it from
22:31<n00b>I want to do it from:
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22:37<millisa>what happens when you try to set the from address?
22:37-!-Yaazkal [~Yaazkal@] has joined #linode
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22:38<n00b>millisa: it sends correctly for the most part. I just want to change the user
22:38<n00b>I think my php.ini didn't get set up right
22:39<n00b>And perhaps the MX record creates the mail.
22:39<millisa>your mx records probably don't have much of anything to do with your php mail function
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22:40<millisa>Did you see the very first link here:
22:40<n00b>So we can rule that out
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22:42<n00b>Give me a second
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22:46<ajmitch_> 5
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22:52<millisa>hooray. telia is no longer going on a country tour.
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22:52<millisa>you just see something change, don?
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22:56<n00b>millisa: now the mail wont get sent
22:57<millisa>why not?
22:57<n00b>I don't know, I added the 2 new fields
22:57<millisa>what do your logs say
22:57<n00b>well, parameters
22:58<n00b>let me check
22:58<n00b>Well, where could I find theM?
22:58<AlexMax>what is the best way to get an accurate timer on a Linode?
22:59<AlexMax>I'm noticing that there are temporal stutters in the ms-level monotonic clock
23:00<AlexMax>running clock_gettime (or the equivalent) in a tight loop reveals jumps of 3-4ms
23:01<n00b>well /usr/sbin/sendmail works
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23:03<n00b>Any ideas fam?
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23:13<n00b>Does linode offer any technical support?
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