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00:00<devilspgd>I've got a few Linodes that have a scheduled migration pending! Fine. But, shouldn't this state clear if I resize a Linode since it gets migrated to a new host anyway?
00:01<Peng>It probably should. I'm not sure it does.
00:01<devilspgd>I did and it didn't. Should I open a ticket, or just schedule another maintenance window and hit the button to migrate?
00:01<devilspgd>I'm hoping someone has mucked with this before, I usually just migrate like a good lemming :)
00:01<kyhwana_>devilspgd: hmm, I migrated mine before the scheduled time and it said the same
00:02<dwfreed>devilspgd: respond to the migration ticket
00:02<devilspgd>Yeah, probably dwfreed. Thanks kyhwana_.
00:02<kyhwana_>I opened a ticket and they said it was already migrated
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00:06<kyhwana_>So it's probably fine
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00:06<devilspgd>I'm sure. But the big yellow box says otherwise, and since I have a few pending migrations, I'd rather clear it to reduce confusion over the next 18 days.
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00:06<dwfreed>if you've still got the 'enter migration queue now' button, you're still in the schedule
00:07<dwfreed>(erroneously, of course)
00:08<devilspgd>I half suspect it will do a needless migration at the deadline too. Bah. I'll nag support.
00:08<Ikaros><Peng> It should be like <- Heh, that's an interesting concept too, almost akin to masking the server someone is on in whois.
00:10<dwfreed>QuakeNet does that
00:10<Guest8252>devilspgd: If you can PM me your ticket number once a ticket is opened or updated we'd be happy to take a closer look =)
00:11<dwfreed>Guest8252: you might want to nick back to your usual nick
00:11<dwfreed>you look a little odd right now
00:14<tanja84dk>dwfreed: just a small linux server question. What irc client would you recommend on a headless server
00:14<dwfreed>(inb4 somebody says weechat)
00:16<tanja84dk>thanks dwfreed I will look into irssi then
00:17<Ikaros>dwfreed and to answer back to your response to me earlier - there's no relationship to the system and IRCd names either on our end, but the topology is still considered 'sensitive information' as per its definition in policy, thus it's classed as "need-to-know/restricted". Heck, even the IPs assigned to each hub are also classed as restricted information and have no reverse DNS assigned
00:17<Ikaros>whatsoever, so there's no association in that respect at least.
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00:21<Peng>Narrowed it down to all the IPs with no reverse DNS, eh!
00:24<devilspgd>Now all one needs to do is progressively DDoS any subnet with an IP that has no rDNS and one can narrow down where the hubs are.
00:25<tanja84dk>Ikaros: would it be okay if I pm you a question about oftc irc
00:28<Peng>"Entire Internet down" "3 arrested in multinational operation" "'We wanted to know the topology of Ikaros's IRC network'"
00:28<Ikaros>tanja84dk I'm not the one you should ask. I know IRC in general, and the network I operate on is different than this one. Here I am a regular user.
00:28<Ikaros>I have no association with OFTC other than the fact I use a channel here
00:28<Peng>Hey maybe there are staff elections soon :P
00:29<tanja84dk>Ikaros: no worries and sorry I didnt know
00:30<Ikaros>You can usually tell who does though by their hostname - oftc opers I believe wear a specific cloak designating their current role on OFTC staff
00:32<Ikaros>devilspgd: Therein lies the trick, lol. A *LOT* of subnets have a *LOT* of IPs that don't have rDNS assigned. Hell, even my own ISP's subnets don't have any PTR records or A records anywhere for their IP space.
00:32<devilspgd>Ikaros: Oh I know.
00:32<devilspgd>It's like Peng said... "Entire Internet Down" :)
00:33<Peng>I just hope none of them are IPv6
00:34<devilspgd>I wonder what it would take to try something like this against IPv6?
00:35<Ikaros>BUT one could narrow down exactly where I live by performing a whois command on a server for my IP - my ISP allocates IP subnets to (really) specific cities. Like if you queried their whois server directly for my IPv4 (or did a general whois and it follows the referral pointer to it), you would see not only the address of the central office and city/state, but the fact the block was assigned
00:35<Ikaros>with an Org-Name containing the city itself.
00:36<Ikaros>Easier to narrow down abusers that way, I guess.
00:36<Peng>What fun will the geo IP intelligence companies have if your whois already says everything!?
00:37<devilspgd>I think everyone appreciates an easy day at work once in a while, don't take that away from the Geo IP folks.
00:37<Ikaros>Oh it doesn't specify the address of the person who has said IP, of course. Just that of the central office responsible for the subnet. Then again, the coordinates in geolocation for the IPs would probably also point to the same address (roughly)
00:38<Ikaros>In other words you couldn't use it to locate me, even down to my neighborhood.
00:38<Ikaros>The closest you'd get is city
00:38<Peng>Precise enough for
00:39<Ikaros>Depending on the IP, sometimes geoip will place it not even in the same city. I've sometimes had IPs that geolocated to the next county over.
00:39<Ikaros>But that was before the reallocation and reassignment of IP space for this area.
00:44<tanja84dk>dwfreed: sadly irssi and oftc dont like each other or actually looks like irssi dont like tls
00:44<dwfreed>I'm using irssi to connect to OFTC with TLS
00:46<tanja84dk>dwfreed: well I cant connect to ssl but are able over non ssl. Ald openssl is installed
00:46<Zimsky>"it works for me"
00:47<tanja84dk>dwfreed: what port are you connecting to?
00:47<dwfreed>anyway, i'll help you in #oftc in a moment
00:47<tanja84dk>its failing for me on 6697
00:47<tanja84dk>np dwfreed
00:48<tanja84dk>and thanks
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01:02*dcraig triangulation of Ikaros complete
01:04<Peng>Location: EARTH
01:04<Peng>(± 1 Gm)
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02:40<cooldude>hi, how much funds do i need to come up with in CAD (Canadian Dollar) to get a years worth of service on the 1 GB plan?
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02:43<rsyracuse>cooldude: that'd be 76.60 CAD with today's conversion rates, provided you don't add any additional services to your account or hit any transfer overages
02:43<cooldude>rsyracuse, ok
02:44<cooldude>i'll have to get a prepaid credit card of $80 then
02:45<cooldude>the funding of my future Linode will be split 50/50 btw rsyracuse
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02:48<cooldude>rsyracuse, the usage of my future Linode will just be my www website shit
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02:50<rsyracuse>cooldude: Sounds good! You'd just need to update your payment method every time you use a different payment card. The DNS manager is free, so from what you're telling me it sounds like you shouldn't expect any additional charges on your bill
02:51<cooldude>i use HE for my DNS :o
02:52<cooldude>rsyracuse, the host i'm on to chat right now is a ZNC on a Luna Node VM i got, they have a node in my region (Toronto), they accept bit coin as payment, i loaded $20 worth of credit into it as credit :)
02:57<rsyracuse>cooldude: HE would defnitely work if that's a preference for you. You wouldn't be able to pay with any cryptocurrency on Linode, but you do have the option of paying with Paypal once there is a payment card on file with your account
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02:59<cooldude>rsyracuse, ok
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03:01<cooldude>rsyracuse, could i add service credit VIA paypal?
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03:05<rsyracuse>cooldude: Yes, you'd just need to initialize your account with a payment card first
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03:08<cooldude>rsyracuse, ah, ok
03:09<cooldude>dang, i can't charge this prepaid visa that has $4.47 CAD left and this other one that has $0.41 CAD left.. :|
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05:50<PresFox>Is it possible to use ipv6 adresses as direct adress?
05:50<PresFox>So have the actual ipv6 adress in the browser bar?
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07:17<MrPPS>PresFox: I've never actually tried that, but I don't think there's a reason that would make it impossible
07:17<MrPPS>cooldude: You looking at moving away from your Luna Node host?
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08:31<Anupam>i want to buy a linode hosting
08:31<Anupam>can anyone help me
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08:34<Anupam>i want to buy linode hosting
08:34<Anupam>i dont have any idea
08:35<rsyracuse>Anupam: A good place to get started might be the getting started guide
08:35<rsyracuse>you might also want to take a look at the billing documentation as well
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09:17<leet32tfaef>My account can not log in
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10:05<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • What are the more inherently secure distros and why? <>
10:12<Zimsky>^ that's an easy answer
10:26<Cromulent>I might have to install a BSD in Hyper-V and see what they are like
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10:36<Zimsky>pls no
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11:52<nyancat>Hey everyone! Are there any issues with Linode DNS at the moment?
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11:55<nyancat>or would there be any reason why our domain would suddenly stop being served by linode dns
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12:14<coderphive>what's your domain?
12:15<nyancat>coderphive: i think i figured out what happened
12:16<nyancat>the person whose linode account has the domain listed there might have deleted its dns records
12:16<coderphive>If you're on linux or OSX you can use the dig command to see what your address resolves to
12:16<nyancat>i did a query on records and there's literally nothing
12:16<nyancat>so i unfortunately might have to seize the domain and claim it to my own linode account
12:17<coderphive>That sounds odd, but sure
12:17<nyancat>Yeah, I know
12:17<nyancat>He's been providing the DNS for the domain through his linode account for years (Linode's always been the DNS provider) because I haven't always had active services
12:18<coderphive>Sounds like an odd situation
12:19<nyancat>Yeah, a while back he actually tried to convince the registrar to transfer the domain to him because I had let the domain expire for a day
12:19<nyancat>by mistake
12:20<coderphive>Is this an organization you're mutually participating in?
12:20<nyancat>Yeah, something like that
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12:58<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
13:02<Eliz>nyancat: he could've let his services run out too
13:03<nyancat>Eliz: Looks like the servers are up and running still
13:03<nyancat>well, for the time being
13:04-!-iclg [] has joined #linode
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13:04<Eliz>nyancat: oops then, guess he wasn't that trustworthy
13:05<nyancat>yeah, I'm waiting on someone from linode to reply to my ticket
13:05<iclg>does anyone knows how long does it takes for linode support to answer? A year ago linode support answered withing minutes, but today, over an hour no response on my ticket, that is really a shame, I used to like Linode because of the support
13:06<nyancat>iclg: do keep in mind that it's the weekend and linode doesn't outsource their support
13:06<nyancat>they are also a fairly large company
13:06<nyancat>so response times may be slower than normal
13:07<iclg>I am using linode over 5 year, and support was never as bad as is now
13:07<Woet>iclg: what makes you think you're paying enough for a 1 hour SLA?
13:07<nyancat>iclg: I've been using linode longer than that
13:07<Woet>maybe you should be gracious for the fact a $5 product gave you a response within minutes
13:08<Woet>instead of complain when its not the de-facto standard
13:08<nyancat>Well, to be fair, 5 years ago a service of similar spec from Linode would have cost like $20
13:09<iclg>Sure, if I was using 5$ linode, this is Linode 24576
13:09<nyancat>iclg: You're welcome to cancel your service and go elsewhere if you believe that you're entitled to 5 minute SLA
13:09<Woet>i dont think they offer that
13:09<nyancat>Woet: they do, it's $160/m
13:10<iclg>ok, you proved me wrong, I will 99.99% switch to other provider, this is such a shame !!!
13:10<Woet>oh, he weirdly turned it into megabytes?
13:10<Woet>iclg: go pay $15k/month for AWS support
13:10<Woet>even then you only get a 15 minute SLA
13:10<Woet>and thats only when your business is offline
13:10<nyancat>lol dat premium support though
13:10<iclg>lol, I see bots :-)
13:11<nyancat>lol suddenly we're bots
13:11<iclg>oh imagine, my businnes is offline
13:11<Woet>find me a provider that offers what linode does with a < 1 hour support SLA for less than 10x the price
13:11<Woet>until then, quit your complaining
13:12<iclg>loosing clients, I will see it they will be missing me and my 8 clients
13:13<iclg>this is such dissapointemtn
13:13<nyancat>iclg: they won't lose sleep.
13:13-!-iclg [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
13:13<nyancat>Honestly if you spent half as much time bitching about the issue and more time fixing it then you might be in a better place.
13:14<Woet>linodes revenue is 22.3 million
13:14<Woet>i sincerely doubt you and your 8 clients will be noticed
13:14<nyancat>he left :'(
13:14*nyancat strokes his $5 linodes
13:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
13:14<Woet>i bet the ticket isn't even iportant
13:16<nyancat>i bet he stopped his sshd
13:16<nyancat>and hasnt figured out how to use lish to get back in
13:20<Eliz>Woet: somehow I doubt that was even what he was paying for to be honest
13:21<Woet>well the 24576 no longer exists i think?
13:21<Woet>it'd be an odd choice for a lie
13:22<Woet>oh it does exist
13:22<Woet>just not mentioned on the main pricing page
13:22<nyancat>yeah i checked on the add a linode page
13:22-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
13:22<Peng>nyancat: Woet: Y'all awfully welcoming
13:23<Woet>he's been a customer for 5 years
13:23<Woet>he doesnt need a welcome
13:23<Eliz>Woet: yeah, but users just flat out lie
13:23-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has joined #linode
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13:23<Woet>like Eugene when he says he's linodin' every day
13:24<nyancat>Peng: honestly I've probably been waiting longer than him and I'm not complaining
13:24<nyancat>though it's not even a server that's down, it's a domain
13:25<Eliz>nyancat: what are you hoping for, that they can get you a backup of the zone?
13:25<nyancat>i dont need a backup of the zone
13:25<Eliz>or just control of the zone heh
13:25<nyancat>i just need an explanation lol
13:25<Eliz>well, given it's for another customer, they might not be at liberty to even say
13:25<Peng>If the zone was /deleted/ you can probably create it now in your account.
13:25<nyancat>the zone's still there
13:25<Peng>If it still exists but is empty or disabled... Ah. :X
13:25<nyancat>i already tried to add it
13:26<nyancat>Well, by proving ownership of the domain in question, I might be able to at least figure out what happened
13:26<nyancat>then I can get the domain removed from their account so I can add it to mine
13:26<Eliz>so, unlikely given the privacy policy
13:26<Eliz>you can get it removed, sure
13:27<Eliz>but they won't be willing to give much information about the incident
13:27<Eliz>and if they do I'd be slightly concerned :p
13:28<nyancat>i'd be happy with a "the zone exists" or "the zone was removed"
13:28<nyancat>i don't really care about specifics
13:29<Eliz>well, the zone definitely exists because you can't add it
13:29<nyancat>s/exists/is active/
13:29<Eliz>exists and active are the same boolean, no?
13:30<nyancat>exists means someone owns the zone, active means the zone is being served
13:32-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
13:32-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has joined #linode
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13:33<Eliz>nyancat: iirc, linode's NS serves SERVFAIL for "inactive" zones
13:33<nyancat>ah, well that'd explain it then
13:33<Eliz>nyancat: ?
13:34<nyancat>you said it serves "SERVFAIL"
13:34<nyancat>that's what DNS lookups are reporting
13:34<Eliz>nyancat: not a guarantee, depends on how it was configured
13:35<nyancat>i tried a dig xxxxx SOA
13:35<nyancat>and got a servfail
13:35<Eliz>nyancat: i.e. if they configured a hidden master, using linode as slaves, if their master has been offline for a significant period that'd also cause failures.
13:37<Eliz>actually, come to think of it, I think if it's set inactive in the manager it's just REFUSED, not SERVFAIL.
13:38<Peng>I get REFUSED for a "disabled" zone
13:38<Eliz>so, if you're getting SERVFAIL, I wonder if they set it up like a hidden master
13:39<Eliz>nyancat: what's your domain.
13:39<nyancat>I'll PM it
13:39<nyancat>can you /accept ;)
13:40<Woet>ah yes
13:40<Woet>domains are definitely not public info
13:40<Eliz>go ahead
13:41<Eliz>nyancat: if I had to guess, it's probably set up to use linode as slaves,
13:41<Woet>Eliz: we don't use that word anymore
13:41<Woet>it's 2017
13:41<Woet>it's leader and follower now
13:42<Eliz>nyancat: rip you though, based on your name,
13:42<Woet>the fact that you're laughing is upsetting the slaves in 1600
13:42<Woet>stop it
13:44<Peng>Woet: Or primary and secondary
13:44<Woet>im sure thats offending someone as well
13:44<Eliz>it's master/slave, it's been centuries, get over it :p
13:45<Woet>thats very insensitive of you
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15:35<devilspgd>Okay, so last night I took one of my "Pending migration" Linodes and migrated from a 2048 to a 4096. I figured migrating to a new host might negate the need to migrate to a new host (and the upgrade was about due anyway).
15:35<devilspgd>Still says pending migration. Replied to the ticket, and yes it still needs to be migrated. Grr.
15:35<devilspgd>From now on I'm scheduling 36 hour maintenance windows for everything.
15:36<Eugene>Migrate until it BLEEDS
15:36<nyancat>back when that was just announced (the doubling of resources) mine went through without a hitch and was done immediately
15:36<nyancat>what region is your server in devilspgd ?
15:38<dwfreed>devilspgd: that seems very wrong
15:38<dwfreed>resizing it (which triggered a migration) should not have moved it to a host that needed migrating from
15:39<devilspgd>dwfreed: That was exactly my thought. Two-birds, one migration was my hope.
15:40<devilspgd>"I can confirm that you will still need to undergo a migration to a new host."
15:40-!-kronos003 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:40<devilspgd>Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, just seems really odd.
15:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
15:45<devilspgd>I also had some issues swapping IPs from an old Linode to a new one. Thought I had everything set up on the new Linode, rebooted just in case, tried to muck around, rebooted again, still couldn't get the new IPs working.
15:46<dwfreed>devilspgd: probably needed to gratuitous ARP to update router caches
15:46<devilspgd>Eventually I tried pinging the gateway (despite not using their gateways) and suddenly the IP went online. Same for the second IP, then it started.
15:46<dwfreed>ping gateway will do it too
15:47<devilspgd>I've never seen that before, is it normal? I can add that to my migration procedures, I've got a few more in the next few weeks.
15:47<dwfreed>yes, routers cache the MAC address that owns an IP address
15:48<dwfreed>so when you change that, you have to tell them; the best way to do it is with a gratuitous ARP reply, but pinging the gateway also works
15:48<devilspgd>Yeah, I get that. But I've moved IPs around before, it just took an outbound packet of any sort for things to start working, it didn't specifically need a hit to that IP's gateway (in other words, I assume the packet to my "real" default gateway would have done it).
15:49<dwfreed>it could be that they've gone to a topology where only some routers are handling certain IP ranges
15:49<devilspgd>Either way, I'll add it to the notes and maybe script it if we ever get around to using the API to move IPs.
15:49<dwfreed>eg, 4 routers, 2 (primary and backup) handle half the IP ranges, the other 2 handle the other half
15:52<devilspgd>The network admin in me understands and is annoyed I didn't think of it sooner. The Linode admin in me is surprised it never happened before. Ate up my maintenance window, otherwise I'd have tried hitting the migration button last night just to see what happened :)
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18:40<GustavMeirinho>hi! 1st time here! How long does it take for a new account to be Reviewed?
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18:45<schwa>GustavMeirinho: usually 15 minutes, but it shouldn't be longer than an hour
18:46<GustavMeirinho>Thank you so much!
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19:22<fantomas>Hi folks
19:22<fantomas>Stupid mysql doesn't allow to shrink its shit
19:22<fantomas>And I ran out of space
19:23<fantomas>Ideas? Can I temporarily purchase/mount additional space to make data export/import?
19:23<kyhwana_>fantomas: you'd have to upgrade to the next tier plan
19:25-!-mgorbach [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:25<Peng>If you're in Fremont or Newark you may be wable to sign up with the block storage beta.
19:26<Peng>But putting my critical database on a beta product is uh
19:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
19:26*Peng wobbles
19:27<fantomas>Peng: Fortunately I don't have so important data. I'm an a cheap plan. So I can simply upgrade, do my work and downgrade back :)
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19:35<GustavMeirinho>Im stuck at the ID verification. 30 min ago I sent pictures of the card and ID of my client
19:38<dwfreed>they're probably reviewing them now
19:38<dwfreed>it can take a bit
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20:23<fantomas>Huh, finished recreating mysql database. Created a support ticket to downgrade my plan :)
20:23<fantomas>Current disk usage is only 7% as it should be. Dunno what had happened by one of my Drupal 5 (!) websites comsumed all the sapce
20:24<fantomas>watchdog table, i.e. database log of a webiste activity
20:25<fantomas>Yeah.. I'm still running some websites which nobody needs or uses. That's so silly to continue running them. But I have no will to shut them down
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21:05<dwfreed>fantomas: resizing down is self-service too
21:05<dwfreed>you just need to shrink your disk images back down so they're using less than the storage allotment of the plan you're going to
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21:54<cbirk>oh lawd jesus its a fire
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