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00:39<gopi>hello i have some doubts in vps
00:39<gopi>can any one help for me
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00:40<gopi>Hello Chanserv
00:40<gopi>waiting for the reply
00:44<@jhaas>gopi: This is the community channel, so replies might take a bit, but feel free to ask any questions you might have.
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01:03<gopi>i am new to the VPS - i need to host 200 + site in VPS
01:03<gopi>It's a PBN(private blog network), which is plan is best for me
01:04<gopi>$80, 192GB is enough for me
01:05<@jhaas>It depends a lot on exactly how the sites are powered and what kind of traffic you expect. 200 is a large number, but should be doable.
01:05<@jhaas>That sounds like a good starting point; if it turns out not to be enough, you can resize your plan at any time
01:06<gopi>okie and then can i use different IP's for each site, is it possible in VPS
01:08<gopi>waiting for the response :@jhaas
01:09<@jhaas>The short answer is no. We only provide additional IP addresses when they are technically required, and you can host multiple sites on a single IP using Virtual Hosts.
01:09<@jhaas>Even in technical cases we wouldn't be able to put 200 on a single linode.
01:10<rsdehart>gopi: besides, it's assumed when you ask a question that you're waiting for a reply. That's how questions work
01:11<rsdehart>you don't have to say it every time, as it's a bit rude
01:12<gopi>oops sorry for that
01:13<gopi>so i will move to rocketips to mask your ip
01:29<kyhwana>gopi: you don't need different IPs for each site..
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02:49<Zimsky>lol 200 ips
02:52<Peng_>"Rocket IPs - solution for Hosting & SEO Specialists!"
02:52<kyhwana>Ah, SEO
02:53<Zimsky>"Very Fast Change Your Domains IPs!"
02:53<Peng_>Oh, fast flux malware hosting
02:54<Zimsky>the tag line on their site: "The most important factor in SEO is different C-class link"
02:55*Peng_ cringes
02:55<Peng_>Okay, i shouldn't troll other hosts here, but
02:55<Zimsky>you should
02:55<Peng_>Frigging Slicehost!!!
02:56<Peng_>It's sort of like h*cking
02:57<Zimsky>!wx BIKF
02:57<linbot>Zimsky: [metar] OBS at BIKF: 33.8F/01C, visibility 9999 miles, wind 2.30 mph, chill N/A (altimeter: ) [BIKF 140730Z 25002KT 9999 -SHGS FEW020CB SCT028 BKN039 01/M00 Q0992]
02:58<Zimsky>Peng_: you ever eaten turtle?
03:01<Zimsky>turtles as in Testudines
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03:24<bePolite>Where are the linode data centers found?
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03:26<bePolite>Do I chose my data center when I sign up for linode?
03:26<millisa>You choose them for every linode you spinup
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03:26<millisa>Sure thing
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03:43<Atish>anybody here. I am facing problem with SSL certificate
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03:43<millisa>Just me and 350 of my closest friends. What kind of problems?
03:43<Zimsky>hello anybody
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05:11<priya>i want to configure smtp server on my vps server
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05:27<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Does anyone else have LISH issues? <>
05:37<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • smtpd_relay_restrictions <>
05:47<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Mailbox size limit <>
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08:19<Cromulent>hmm the Mumble guide is in the VOIP section but the Teamspeak guide is in the Game Servers section
08:20<Cromulent>pretty sure Mumble is very popular amongst gamers as well as Teamspeak
08:22<@bmartin>Good idea I'll pass that on
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08:23*jhaas mumbles frequently
08:24<@bmartin>My wife says I mumble a lot
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08:28<@bmartin>cromulent this is being fixed now
08:28<@bmartin>thanks for the head sup
08:28<Cromulent>no worries and thanks :)
08:28<@bmartin>!point cromulent
08:28<linbot>bmartin: Point given to cromulent. (3)
08:33<Eliz>!point bmartin
08:33<linbot>Eliz: Point given to bmartin. (3)
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08:34<Elizz>!point Eliz
08:34<linbot>Elizz: Point given to eliz. (1)
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08:34*Eliz runs.
08:34<@jhaas>Great, now we have to handle orphaned points.
08:35<@bmartin>!unpoint @jhaas
08:35<linbot>bmartin: Point taken from @jhaas! (-1)
08:36<@jhaas>bwuh! I used to have -8!
08:36<@bmartin>you've been making people too happy
08:36<Zimsky>no that's woet
08:36<Zimsky>case in point
08:36<Zimsky>go back to yer box woet
08:36<Woet>your mum needs a break
08:36<ponas>can I get a point, please
08:37<@bmartin>!point ponas
08:37<linbot>bmartin: Point given to ponas. (1)
08:37<ponas>thank you
08:37<@jhaas>!unpoint jhaas
08:37<Woet>!unpoint ponas
08:37<linbot>jhaas: Point taken from jhaas! (-9)
08:37<linbot>Woet: Point taken from ponas! (0)
08:37<Zimsky>!underpant jhaas
08:37<@bmartin>!lick jhaas
08:37<@jhaas>anyone else see the -1 > -9 there?
08:37<linbot>bmartin: Point given to jhaas. (-8) (Biggest fan: bmartin, total: 6)
08:37<ponas>!unpoint woet
08:37<linbot>ponas: Point taken from woet! (4)
08:37<@jhaas>oooo lol it took it from "@jhaas" not "jhaas"
08:38<linbot>Q: Whats the point of the lolz bot? A: To discourage the gratuitous use of the term.
08:38<Zimsky>blame bmartin
08:38<Zimsky>wait what
08:38<Zimsky>I didn't mean to type !lol
08:38<linbot>Yo mommas so fat she jumped in the air and got STUCK. (39:0/0) [muomr]
08:38<Zimsky>JamesTK: it's happening again
08:38<@jhaas>!point random_words_does_this_work
08:38<linbot>jhaas: Point given to random_words_does_this_work. (1)
08:38<linbot>ponas: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
08:41<@bmartin>!unpoint America
08:41<linbot>bmartin: Point taken from america! (-1)
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08:59<Zimsky>!point Canada
08:59<linbot>Zimsky: Point given to canada. (1)
08:59<Zimsky>for not being america
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09:01<DrJ>does Linode DNS support wildcard A/AAAA records?
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09:04<ponas>"For example, if you create an A record for *, and a user visits, that user will be redirected to"
09:04<ponas>that ... doesn't sound right
09:04<ponas>weird example
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09:15<asim>i am asim'
09:15<asim>hello how are you
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10:46<carl_>hi, one of my servers down, anybody can help?
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10:46<carl_>the ticket was created 40mins ago, but no response.
10:47<smallclone>carl_: if it's urgent, i'd recommend calling them...though you might get a response from an op here..
10:48<smallclone>let's play highlight bingo:
10:48<smallclone>erm those are the only ones i rememeber
10:48<carl_>the tickets number are 9210034 and 9210138
10:49<carl_>thanks, pls help .
10:49<smallclone>carl_: did you receive any sort of tickets from them? about maintenance or something?
10:49<carl_>yes, Emergency Maintenance about 30 mins ago
10:50<smallclone>have they updated the ticket to say that the maintenance is completed?
10:50<carl_>but I was discovered earlier, and already initialed a reboot,
10:50<carl_>seems some jobs were stuck .
10:50<carl_>yes, Emergency Maintenance completed, but the server is till down.
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10:50<carl_>jobs are stuck in queue
10:51<smallclone>well, i'd still suggest calling if you want this dealt with right away
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10:51<carl_>call by phone?
10:52<carl_>ok will try
10:53<natha>Hi guys - I want to try out the linode servers..I see promocode bootstrapped2017, where i get $20 credit..Can i use it to spin my servers or i need to pay upfront ?
10:53<smallclone>you have to provide a credit card and pay at least $5 up front, but yes you can use the promo code to spin up servers, etc
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11:01<natha>Ok, thank you..Is Linode performance better than Vultr, Upcloud..Any Idea ?
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11:06<kamlesh>I was trying to update RDNS records for IPV6 via API
11:07<kamlesh>Suppose i have added 2000 IPV6 to my server
11:07<kamlesh>then manually it is difficult
11:07<kamlesh>Can anyone help me with script
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11:10<kamlesh>any one can help me
11:10<react>this is a community support channel kamlesh, you won't always get instant responses
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11:59<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Help :How to update 1000+ IPV6 RDNS via API <>
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12:29<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • smtpd_relay_restrictions <>
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12:58<tafa2>anyone use maldet?
12:58<tafa2>Im running a test scan and it isn't picking up eicar?
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14:30<bittin> My fedora update failed :(
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14:31<Woet>thats what you get for using fedora
14:33<relidy>bittin: Is that during an upgrade to Fedora 27? It looks like the external repositories you've enabled don't have packages for Fedora 27 yet.
14:33<bittin>relidy: yes, how can i disable them?
14:34<dwfreed>and as a result, updating would remove package versions they depend on
14:34<dwfreed>in order to upgrade, you'd have to remove the packages from the external repos too
14:34<relidy>bittin: ("How to use it", step #5 talks about htis
14:34<dwfreed>that output there says you'd have to uninstall icinga
14:36<bittin>ah i use icinga however, so maybe i should wait until there is a Fedora 27 package of that first
14:36<bittin>and update later
14:36<dwfreed>probably :P
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18:56<smallclone>man, bluehost really buries their abuse contact info
18:56<smallclone>like, it's nowhere on their website as far as i can tell
18:56<nate>smallclone: look up the IP/Domain information to the relevant target?
18:57<nate>more than likely it's literally just gonna be like abuse@bluehost
18:57<smallclone>well yeah
18:58<smallclone>as it should be..but then they have stuff like this floating around
18:58<smallclone>it probably all goes to the same inbox anyway
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20:19<AdAvlis>Hello guys
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20:21<AdAvlis>I'm new here, this channel is about what even?
20:21<millisa>Linodes and linode paraphernalia.
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20:25<AdAvlis>msg millisa where are you from
20:26<millisa>Earth. My planet is known for gravy, zeppelins, and being the home of Linode.
20:28<AdAvlis>ok thanks
20:28<AdAvlis>msg millisa
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20:32<user28942>hey, i've been trying to deploy my django application for hours with nginx, and i can't get it working at all. any source i look at doesn't explain it well either
20:32<user28942>deploying with nginx and either uwsgi or gunicorn
20:32<millisa>Did you see this older guide?
20:33<user28942>yea, i followed it step by step
20:33<millisa>where'd you get stuck and what errors are you getting?
20:33<user28942>had a services error with uwsgi service unit not found or something like that
20:33<user28942>and it doesn't tell me how to configure that part of it
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20:37<user23872>was just connected but for some reason wasn't sending or receiving messages
20:37<user23872>to this channel i mean
20:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
20:38<user23872>but yea that guide also links to this .wsgi file in sample.ini under "Configure uWSGI" and i have no idea what that file is. it's not there, i looked it up, it's not documented by uwsgi, django, gunicorn or anything else unless i just can't find anything
20:40<millisa>this line? module = %(project).wsgi:application ?
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20:45<user23872>i also want to be able to do something like "service uwsgi start" like documented on
20:46<user23872>this is the error: Failed to start uwsgi.service: Unit uwsgi.service not found.
20:47<user23872>the whole situation is really confusing and all i want to do is deploy my site :(
20:48<millisa>i dont know django stuff, but I can take a few minutes and try following the guide to see if I can replicate it
20:48-!-l0de [] has quit [autokilled: spambot. Dont mail with questions. (2017-11-15 01:48:45)]
20:48<millisa>what version of ubuntu are you using?
20:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
20:50<user23872>i followed the guide with Debian 9, but i restarted with a new disk and i'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS right now
20:50<user23872>i don't think there will be a difference in the results
20:52<user23872>btw speaking of that, is there a way to get linode to stop spamming my email with "this thing happened" every time i do something like reboot the server?
20:52<user23872>at least for while im working on it
20:53<millisa>up at the top right, 'my profile'. go to the 'notification' tab. there's a button you can toggle event notifications
20:54<user23872>ah ok
21:06<millisa>ok, the service start issue - 16.04 uses systemd. the steps for creating the startup will be different than that 14.04 doc
21:14<millisa>assuming you followed the linode guide up through trying the test site on port 8080, this I think could replace the 'create an upstart job for uwsgi' step3 part.
21:14<millisa>i'm not 100% that the ownership should be django:django in the service section (someone who knows django might know).
21:21<user23872>alright, thx so much :) do you know anything about the .wsgi file in the project folder?
21:25<millisa>i'm not sure that the bit in the sample.ini matters much for what you are doing. You're going to create an ini file similar to that sample for your app and the uwsgi service is going to be using that to spin things up.
21:25<millisa>I did a quick one that probably has invalid bits in it, but you can see how it uses the 'project = sample' name elsewhere:
21:26<millisa>in the sample.ini example in the doc, it's effectively doing 'module = sample.wsgi:application'
21:27<user23872>oh speaking of which, i forgot there was also supposed to be a .sock file
21:28<millisa>when it starts up your app, it's going to write a socket file to whatever you have defined on the socket line - that's the bit you are going to put into the nginx config
21:29<millisa>in my test there, it looks like this on the filesystem:
21:30<millisa>the socket line in the linode 14.04 doc would be . ./home/django/sample/sample.sock I think?
21:36<user23872>alright, well thx for your help :) i'm gonna take a break and give this another go later
21:36<millisa>this was my modified nginx config at /etc/nginx/sites-available/sample. it appears to load the 'It worked!' page
21:37<user23872>oh nice, did nginx generate the .sock file in /run/uwsgi?
21:37<millisa>uwsgi generated the socket file in /run/uwsgi
21:37<gparent>lol, getting 503 on the webstie
21:38<millisa>(the server_name isn't valid)
21:38<millisa> until I go kill that linode
21:44<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
21:45<user23872>am i able to delete a linode and add a new one without being charged? is it like a monthly fee for just adding credit, or an hourly payment per linode or?
21:46<millisa>you pay for linodes by the hour.
21:47<millisa>though I guess when I've spun up a linode, killed it, and made a new one in the same hour I've seen a it take 2 cents instead of 1...
21:47<user23872>i suppose, i guess it takes 1 cent right when you make a linode so you can use it for that hour
21:48<user23872>uhh what happened
21:48<user23872> turned into a 503
21:49<gparent>yeah had that earlier
21:49<gparent>it's working for me now
21:49<millisa>(If you are just wanting to rebuild a linode, you don't have to completely delete it. there's a rebuild button that you can use that lets you keep your IP and doesn't break up the billing)
21:50<user23872>oh so the rebuild button basically sets the entire linode to factory default?
21:51<millisa>click on it, it gives you a warning about wiping the disk and gives you the choice of images to deploy
21:56<user23872>what happens when the transfer pool runs out?
21:57<millisa>it's cheaper to just plan it out ahead of time and have enough linodes in the pool
21:59<user23872>well i'm gonna hop off, thx for your help :)
22:00<millisa>sure thing
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