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00:01<zifnab>this new meme still speaks better than most of the internet
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00:02<sunil>my client has purchased a linode server.
00:03<sunil>and I have built a website on my server.
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00:03<sunil>Now I want to host a client website on his server (linode)
00:04<sunil>How Can I connect to linode server.
00:04<sunil>and How to upload a website files on linode server
00:04<millisa>Lots of folks like scp/sftp
00:05<sunil>Can I upload website file using filezilla.
00:05<millisa>one of the webhost setup guides covers this:
00:06<zifnab>kitty just got her paw stuck in a milk crate
00:06<zifnab>it goes in, it does not come out
00:06<millisa>of course, you'd need to modify any paths to match whatever the customer setup for their web server
00:06<zifnab>(without human assistance)
00:06<sunil>Where can I get Sftp details
00:07<zifnab>i would guess your client
00:07<zifnab>since it's his server
00:07<millisa>Or whoever setup the server
00:07<sunil>Ok thans
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00:33<jek>does linode offer block storage?
00:34<jek>or something similar suitible for cheap backup?
00:34<grawity>see /topic
00:36<Woet>as long as you dont back up your linodes to it
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00:41<zifnab>or maybe you should back your linodes up to it
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00:43<Woet>that'd be silly
00:43<grawity>but at least you'd have partial restore :D
00:43<Woet>not if linode goes bankrupt
00:43<Woet>not if your account gets compromised
00:44<zifnab>right, i think the 'backups' that are offered are already a bad idea
00:44<zifnab>it's a good "I typed rm" prevention, that's about it
00:44<grawity>no, it's just a good "I completely fucked up" prevention
00:45<zifnab>if you really care about the data, you back it up somewhere that your server can't modify easily. versioned s3 works well.
00:46<grawity>idk, you assume there are only two extremes, "care enough to spend an extra $100/mo to back up a $10/mo server" and "don't care at all"
00:46<Woet>or spend the same amount backing up to another provider?
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00:48<sunil>I have connected to server successfully.
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00:48<sunil>but When i am trying to install apache and mysql
00:49<sunil>I get below error.
00:49<Woet>use a pastebin if its more than 1 line
00:49<sunil>sudo apt-get not found
00:49<grawity>you're trying to use a Debian command on a system that's not running Debian
00:49<Woet>or Ubuntu.
00:50<sunil>yes I am using ubuntu
00:50<Woet>evidently not
00:50<Woet>why don't you tell your client that you're not a sysadmin?
00:50<Woet>apparently he's under the impression you know what you're doing
00:51<MrPPS>wasn't a simple typo?
00:51<MrPPS>sudo apt--get for example?
00:51<sunil>Ok, but tell me how can I install apache and mysql
00:51<MrPPS>Depends on where your issue lies; if it's a typo, fix your typo. If it's that you're not using ubuntu/debian/etc, then use the appropriate command for that system
00:52<Woet>[06:50:10] <Woet> why don't you tell your client that you're not a sysadmin?
00:52<Woet>[06:50:18] <Woet> apparently he's under the impression you know what you're doing
00:52<MrPPS>for example, what's the output of: cat /etc/os-release
00:52<grawity>without seeing the *actual* error message, the possibilities are a) you don't have `sudo`, or b) you don't have `apt-get`, or c) you mistyped one or the other
00:54<sunil>OK I have tried sudo apt--get
00:55<sunil>not work same error
00:55<rsdehart>that's not a command on any system
00:55<MrPPS>No no, I wasn't suggest you do that
00:55<MrPPS>I was suggesting that you might have accidentally done that
00:55<rsdehart>see Woet's suggestion
00:55<grawity>look at `cat /etc/os-release` and figure it out from that
00:55<Woet>[06:50:10] <Woet> why don't you tell your client that you're not a sysadmin?
00:55<Woet>[06:50:18] <Woet> apparently he's under the impression you know what you're doing
00:56<MrPPS>sunil: What is the output of: cat /etc/os-release
00:56<Woet>i dont know why people keep giving you suggestions when he's clearly scamming someone
00:56<Woet>but okay
00:56<Woet>giving him *
00:56<MrPPS>Woet: I agree, if he has a client, definitely should just tell the client he's not a sysadmin
00:57<Woet>so stop helping him
00:57<MrPPS>but, he never said he had a client, so I'm giving the benefit of the doubt
00:57<Woet>problem resolved
00:57<Woet>he did
00:57<MrPPS>he did?
00:57<MrPPS>lemme scroll back
00:57<Woet>[06:02:54] <sunil> my client has purchased a linode server.
00:57<MrPPS>I obviously missed it
00:57<Woet>[06:03:43] <sunil> Now I want to host a client website on his server (linode)
00:57<MrPPS>ah, right, I only saw the recent join + messages
00:57<Woet>no worries mate
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00:57<MrPPS>sunil: Yeah, unfortunately you're in over your head
00:57<MrPPS>well that solves that
00:57<Woet>we all make mistakes
00:57<Woet>like Zimsky's existence
00:58<MrPPS>Yeah, my bad
00:58<Woet>you're the father?
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00:58<MrPPS>I use that term pretty loosely
00:58<MrPPS>But I have to admit, yes
01:00<Woet>sperm donor?
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01:00<MrPPS>sperm donor, you got it
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01:38*dcraig tickles mrpps around a bit with a large squaretail
01:38*dcraig tickles woet around a bit with a large gila trout
01:38*Woet uses pepper spray
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01:38<dcraig>tickles with pepper spray?
01:39<Woet>your eyes
01:42<dcraig>thank you
01:43<Zimsky>I would hate to meet the person that intended to create Woet
01:44<Zimsky>but they're probably locked up in an asylum
01:45<dcraig>u woet m8?
01:46<Zimsky>eggs actley
02:13<Eugene>Hi, how are you
02:14<MrPPS>Hi Eugene
02:14<MrPPS>we are well thanks
02:14<MrPPS>how are you?
02:14<Eugene>High, howard hughes
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09:51<tafa2>how can I see which location would be best to serve content the fastest to Dubai?
09:51<tafa2>Short of a basic ping - would NL be better than London?
09:52<tafa2>Woet - I'm in London is the main problem
09:52<Woet>i mean its not going to be much of a difference
09:53<Woet>but you need to test it from a machine located what you want to know
09:53<tafa2>I was wondering if there was any networking foo that I could utilise/don't know about
10:02<gparent>the idea is to reproduce your use case and then test it
10:02<gparent>if you want to offer Ping-response-as-a-service, for instance, then ping is a great way to test your service, but otherwise it's pretty much bullshit.
10:03<gparent>There are tools to test raw performance but that is not what you're asking as far as I can tell.
10:03<gparent>(and even then that's vague)
10:03<tafa2>we've got a client in Dubai who's moaning about speed
10:03<tafa2>we've got the CDN up, we've optimised everything as much as we could so far
10:04<tafa2>trying to see if we can get the origin closer
10:04<tafa2>I'm not aware of any providers in the region
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11:29<Tibin>My node got recently decommisioned because of non payment how can I restore the node ?
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11:31<Peng_>File a support ticket fast.
11:31<Peng_>(And pay.)
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12:04<FluffyFoxeh>wake me up inside
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12:06<@bmartin>Can't wake up
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12:09<meheditechie>should i ask q here?
12:09<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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12:10<meheditechie>entropay prepaid card, showing card declined.
12:13<smallclone>meheditechie: you should open a support ticket, they can look at the nature of the decline (to some extent)with their payment processor, although there's always a chance they just won't be able to accept the card
12:14<meheditechie>but my other friends are using entropay prepaid cards on linode, how?
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12:15<@bmartin>Hey there, it would be best to open a ticket in this situation so we can look into it.
12:16<@bmartin>Our payment processor gives very limited feedback but we can pass along whatever info we do have.
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12:16<jay_>is there a way to move a linode to a different account?
12:17-!-rovo [~rovo@2600:1003:b01e:69e4:e4d1:ad66:6482:801e] has joined #linode
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12:17<relidy>jay_: You 'll need to open a ticket on both accounts confirming the move.
12:18<relidy>I think they recommend referencing the "sending" ticket # in the other ticket.
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12:19<rovo>Hello, is anyone here familiar with Federal Friendly TOS with Linode?
12:23<jay_>@relidy what about the zone information like the dns manager tab will that get copied over?
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12:27<smallclone>rovo: not sure what that question is Linode's TOS:
12:28<relidy>jay_: I don't imagine that the DNS data will be part of the default stuff moved, but you can always indicate that in the tickets and see if they'll move the specific zone for you.
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12:29<rovo>smallclone: oftentimes, federal agencies need a slightly revised TOS to actually engage in digital services with a vendor. Some companies already have this from having worked with other Federal Agencies, and some are willing to be flexible with their TOS. Just wondering if any one has already gone through that process with Linode.
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12:31<relidy>rovo, you might be able to get a straight answer on that by emailing support directly or opening a ticket if you can. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a stock answer for you. I haven't seen anyone ask about it here in the IRC channel before, but I don't watch all that carefully.
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12:50<flugsio>network has been down for 30 min for one of my linodes, ticket 9254292 (lish doesn't work either)
12:51<@bmartin>Hey flugsio I'll have someone take a look at that
12:51<flugsio>thanks (frankfurt)
12:52<@bmartin>flugsio you should have a response now and I just kicked the box a little and everything should be good
12:52<@bmartin>let me know if that is not the case
12:52<flugsio>bmartin: thanks, seems to work now :)
12:56<relidy>!point bmartin (for kicking a VM)
12:56<linbot>relidy: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
12:56<relidy>!point bmartin
12:56<linbot>relidy: Point given to bmartin. (4)
12:59<@bmartin>thank you
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14:33<jingo>hey guys, anyone else have issues after last nights migration
14:34<jingo>my django project just shows the default apache2 page even after restarting the server
14:34-!-jingo is now known as Guest940
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15:09<@scrane>Hey jingo, I'm sorry you're having some issues. I would recommend taking a look at the virtualhosts and Apache logs on the Linode to make sure everything is configured properlyt
15:09<@scrane>Or I guess... no... he turned into guest940 and disappeared
15:10<smallclone>scrane: just look for the ticket in the queue titled "HALP"
15:17<Zimsky>scrane: did they sign the guestbook?
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15:20<Zimsky>Woet is the type of person that wouldn't watch those wrist rockets
15:20<Woet>why would I?
15:21<Zimsky>just to be sure, you get the reference, right?
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17:17<Eugene>allegedly every day he's linoding - wife
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17:23<synfinatic>she knows you too well apparently
17:27<Eugene>"Zifnab's in there if you want to ping him"
17:28<Zimsky>what lunatic would let anyone else access their terminal
17:30<zifnab>Eugene: hi hannerz
17:31<Eugene>zifnab: sometimes I miss getting you to taste things that aren't food
17:31<zifnab>Eugene: I bought pies. They sounded delicious.
17:31<Eugene>he told me, but requests a link
17:31<zifnab>Erm it's alamode pie in phinney ridge
17:31<Eugene>Eugene's wife is less likely to abuse his stuff than Eugene
17:31<zifnab>Easier to Google it
17:32<Eugene>something tells me they're still not gonna' come with ice cream, despite the name
17:32<Zimsky><Eugene> zifnab: sometimes I miss getting you to taste things that aren't food
17:32<Zimsky>in any context, that's gold
17:32<zifnab>They give you the option of buying ice cream
17:32<zifnab>I figured I would just get a tub at PCC instead
17:32<zifnab>Zimsky: she gave me cheese cloth once and said "taste this delicious pig skin"
17:33<zifnab>It was not delicious
17:33<Eugene>"it's part of the thai rice steaming process!"
17:33<Eugene>totally worth snippin' my cheese cloth
17:33<Zimsky>zifnab: like how you can get people to eat coasters or urinal cakes?
17:33<Eugene>what's not to love about almond cherry cakes/.
17:34<Zimsky>and if woet was part of the process
17:34<Eugene>Something tells me urinal cakes have never seen an actual almond
17:34<zifnab>I should go back to work.
17:34<Eugene>You won't, though.
17:34<Zimsky>you underestimate efforts one might take to introduce strange matter to urinals
17:34<zifnab>Eugene I'm either coming out Wednesday after work or Thursday morning, idk yet
17:34<zifnab>Will yell first
17:35<Eugene>zifnab: I thought you did that years ago
17:44<zifnab>...damn it Eugene
18:00<Zimsky>it's weird enough just having Eugene around
18:01-!-pat [] has joined #linode
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18:21<Eugene>it's weird enough just having one zi*
18:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
18:22<Zimsky>Eugene: don't accidentally invite me round for tea
18:22<Zimsky>I might turn up
18:22<Zimsky>and that would be terrible
18:22<Eugene>Careful; so might Eugene
18:27-!-eggstyrone [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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18:38<ask>what diferent Linode 1GB with vultr 1gb ?
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18:39<@scrane>I can't speak to what Vultr provides, but you can see what our specs are here:
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19:11<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Progressive Account Login <>
19:18-!-Shrapnal [] has joined #linode
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19:20<Shrapnal>Any ops awake?
19:20-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
19:20<@scrane>What can I do for you, Shrapnal
19:20<Shrapnal>may i pm?
19:20<linbot>If you need to contact somebody at Linode in an official capacity you should open a support ticket or email Unofficial help & information is provided here on a best-effort basis
19:20<Peng_>ponas: Just now: "100.0% done, 0:00 to go, 103.00 MB/s" :(
19:21<Peng_>ponas: Not my record!
19:21<@scrane>You can PM me, though. I can help.
19:21<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Iptables Rules for IPv4 and IPv6 <>
19:21<Peng_>Kids these days, complaining about 825 Mbps
19:21<Peng_>Back in my day...
19:23<Shrapnal>Up-Hill... both ways... Zmodem
19:23<rsdehart>avian carrier
19:32<ponas>Peng_: It can be faster :D
19:34-!-dcarmona [] has joined #linode
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19:34<dcarmona>hi i help
19:34<dcarmona>add domain in apache2
19:34<Zimsky>thanks, I've been needing to move these bricks for ages
19:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
19:35<Eliz>dcarmona: ..?
19:36-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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19:36<millisa>maybe ?
19:37<Peng_>ponas: Yup! The next disk was 133
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21:28<microvb>This may be a bit silly, however what does this impact "This is just an additional reminder that your Linode has a pending migration queue that's scheduled to automatically start. You can start this migration now by clicking the "Migrate NOW" button at the top of your Linode's Dashboard. Otherwise, your Linode will automatically enter a migration queue at the following time"
21:29<rsdehart>microvb: you can have your linode go down at the stated time or control when it does before that
21:29<microvb>"We have determined that the host machine on which your Linode resides requires important updates. These updates will ensure that each host has the latest performance updates, improvements, and is compatible with future product launches." ---- does this mean that you are going to automatically apply patches to the Linode box VM ... or the parent machine only ?
21:29<dwfreed>the host
21:29<dwfreed>which is what they said
21:30<microvb>host as in parent ?
21:30<dwfreed>the physical server
21:30<dwfreed>in Linode terms, the host
21:30<rsdehart>but yes, what you're calling the parent
21:30<microvb>ah... ok. IP addressing shouldn't change in this process either I presume right ?
21:33<Peng_>You must have been through resizes or other migrations before
21:33<microvb>excellent. thank you :)
21:33<microvb>sorry, client called me in a panic over it -- a machine running older OS and software which is pretty delicate (i have been nagging to update, but eh... )
21:34<Zimsky>so virsh is like parental controls
21:34<microvb>yes, resizes are good. really just needed clarity on "host" as it could mean either the parent host, or the host vm lol
21:34<rsdehart>the host is the server that the vm runs on
21:35<rsdehart>the vm is the guest
21:35<microvb>ok. noted for future :)
21:35<rsdehart>pretty universally, I thought
21:36<microvb>it is. :)
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22:16<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
22:17<Sunil>Want to install webmail server
22:18-!-Sunil [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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22:43<Zimsky>I know he left
22:47-!-nagchampa [~nagchampa@2001:44b8:2139:f500:51f:2341:e125:ee40] has joined #linode
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22:52<MrPPS>nobody's stopping him from installing it
22:53<Zimsky>MrPPS: remember, some of these people run actual services that other people use
22:53<MrPPS>it's terrifying
22:53<Zimsky>let that sink in
22:53<Zimsky>the sink wants to talk to you
22:53<MrPPS>just like when you support doctors with basic IT stuff
22:54<MrPPS>and you realise these people are responsible for your health
22:54<MrPPS>and sometimes, for your life
22:54<Zimsky>I mean, medicine is very different from tech
22:54<Zimsky>as someone who does both, there's no crossover
22:54<millisa>Maybe it was an invitation. You know like 'Cousin, want to go bowling'
22:55<Zimsky>MrPPS: even within medicine, there's huge differences in specialities
22:56<MrPPS>oh yeah, but what I mean is
22:56<Zimsky>ask an otorhinolaryngologist about some oncological topic, and unless they've specifically read something, they won't have a clue
22:56<MrPPS>sometimes you can see the total lack of any thought process/basic understanding of things
22:57<Zimsky>perhaps the curse of knowledge clouds you
22:57<FluffyFoxeh>it seems easy for you to understand because you're used to thinking in the way that makes it easy to understand
22:57-!-kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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22:58<Zimsky>the most obvious thing many people overlook is that there's a lot of documentation for things already out there
22:59<Zimsky>it's not necessarily someone's fault they don't know how to find the information on these things
22:59<FluffyFoxeh>or how to read/filter it
23:01<Zimsky>that said, I personally forget this idea sometimes
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