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01:12<faiqadam>How long take review my Account?
01:12<faiqadam>Your account is currently being reviewed.
01:12<dwfreed>no more than a few hours usually
01:12<faiqadam>Thank You
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01:14<Joe>does anyone know anything about wordpress plugins?
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02:49<Woet>how fluffy are you FluffyFoxeh?
02:49<Woet>is there an example?
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05:50<Peng_>I wish IRC supported font sizes so I could say D: in excessively largel etters
05:51<Peng_>Points for using IPv6 in an example :D
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07:06<trippeh>building linux-4.9.64 - make defconfig; time make -j$(nproc), 36.29s on the pantsplitte^Wthreadripper 1950x
07:06<trippeh>quite spiffy
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07:31<revnology>i cant seem to open port 21
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07:31<revnology>what is the issue?
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12:08<yang_>hello, i'm currently pretty far over my transfer quota. i believe this means i'm paying $.02/GB. however, if i instead purchase another linode plan, would that inject me with extra quota?
12:09*Zimsky imagines a covert linode team sneaking about and injecting people with needles in the night
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13:41<lockout87>Hello - I was looking to use linode for a VPS. Do the virtual servers get a public facing IP address?
13:42<lockout87>Nevermind found the info on the website.
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14:26<sergeyk>Hi all!
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14:27<sergeyk>I'm planning to migrate to linode. Does anybidy know if there is a way to mirgate an existing servers as is? without reinstalling them? Are there any migration utilities?
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15:15<buzzly>if my linode has an ipv6 IP 2600:3c02::f03c:xxxx:yyyy:zzzz/64 is a certain part of this a block that I can use, or can I use only the one specific IP?
15:16<grawity>by default, you get a single address within a /64 shared among all linodes
15:16<grawity>if you need a larger range like /64 or /56, request that through a ticket
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15:43<buzzly>grawity: ty
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15:55<mzah>i am trying to create a hosting website , but i ot error when i reach to the last step according to the linode guide
15:57<mzah>Site not properly enabled: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ is a real file, not touching it
16:00<dwfreed>you're supposed to make your config file in sites-available
16:01<dwfreed>a2ensite then makes the symlink in sites-enabled
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17:10<mzah>there is a way to restore back the linode to previous state
17:10<mzah>i think a myq=sql database is been deleted
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17:11<millisa>If you had the backup service, it stores a daily a weekly, last weeks, and 1 manual
17:12<millisa>and if you had your own mysqldump running regularly, you could restore that
17:13<mzah>how to check if i have mysqldump
17:13<millisa>You'd be the one that'd know
17:13<mzah>i have linode but i don't have the additional backup service
17:13<buzzly>unless you setup a dump, you wouldn't have one
17:14<buzzly>mzah: this is usually how you learn about the importance of backups
17:15<mzah>is there any way to retrieve the database
17:15<millisa>if you aren't backing it up, I don't see how
17:17<mzah>the issue have after i run mysql_secure_installation
17:17<mzah>recommended by linode
17:17<mzah>then everything is gone
17:18<millisa>mysql_secure_installation shouldn't remove user databaess.
17:18<millisa>er, databases.
17:18<millisa>it removes the test databases if you tell it to
17:18<buzzly>mzah: do you see your files listed in /var/lib/mysql/ ?
17:19<mzah>because there a question to remove test database, and maybe the one how setup first leave the name test ? i don't now i cannot see it ,
17:20<mzah>this happen i want trying to host second website on linode, i follow the guide ,then the website is not appreas anymore
17:20<millisa>so you do or do not see files in /var/lib/mysql?
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17:21<mzah>yes i see the files on the var/lib/mysql
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17:22<millisa>you see a directory for your database?
17:22<mzah>yes i believe that
17:22<millisa>do you see things inside *that* directory that looks like your tables?
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17:23<mzah>i think these are the file ,
17:24<mzah>we have also wordpress installed
17:25<millisa>why you connect to the mysql server as root, you dont' see your database when you do a 'show databases'?
17:27<millisa>what databases do you see
17:28<mzah>i see my database if i go to myslq and type ls command
17:28<buzzly>if you don't mind, what would help significantly is to paste the output of "find /var/lib/mysql" to
17:29<buzzly>and to share the link pls
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17:31<buzzly>and that?
17:32<dwfreed>don't post onion links
17:33<millisa>oh well
17:33<dwfreed>I just removed it
17:34<buzzly>is this an oftc enforced rule to not post onion links?
17:35<dwfreed>outside of certain channels, they're almost exclusively used for spam
17:41<FluffyFoxeh>why did he post the zerobin .onion
17:43<FluffyFoxeh>oh I guess he thought it was the link to his paste
17:43<Peng_>Excellent customer service :D
17:50<nate>FluffyFoxeh: It may have been, behind tor, considering the 'zerobin' portion of it
17:54<FluffyFoxeh>nah, because it was just the hostname (which is not unique to the paste) with no path after it
18:09<buzzly>he appeared lost. even panicked
18:10<buzzly>then the server killed him.
18:10<dwfreed>technically I did
18:10<buzzly>how so?
18:11<dwfreed>it was my trigger that went off
18:12<buzzly>your client triggered that his connection kill? are you an ircop?
18:13<FluffyFoxeh>no I think he's saying he added the spam filter rule to kill clients when it sees .onion links
18:13<FluffyFoxeh>and yes he's OFTC staff
18:13<buzzly>ok. it computes now
18:14<millisa>and he's triggered. TRIGGERED.
18:14<buzzly>did that come from his webcam when he posted the link?
18:14<FluffyFoxeh>millisa: say TRIGGERED again
18:14<millisa>According to fox news it did.
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18:15<buzzly>no way
18:15<FluffyFoxeh>the triggering of the spam filter made national news. impressive
18:16<comeback123>why my account in pending, but I have confirmation via email
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18:17<comeback123>can you help me
18:17<comeback123>my account can not be used
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18:17<millisa>it usually says in the mail. They review some signups manually; if they need more info they'll send you a mail requesting more.
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18:22<Ikaros>IT's unfortunate you were 11 seconds late with that reply.
18:23<buzzly>hahaha. true
18:25<buzzly>maybe he'll come back
18:25<Ikaros>It is sorta irritating when people join a channel like that, and the first thing they say is "hello" instead of just getting straight to the point...and on top of that, not even being patient enough to wait for an answer.
18:26<millisa>I've been drinking; I'm ok with it.
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18:27<buzzly>I think he'll come back
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18:28<Ikaros>I've been a drunk IRC operator before (not here, but elsewhere). Could you imagine how fun that might have ended up being? :P
18:29<buzzly>your comment makes me think millisa a drinking ircop ?
18:31<Ikaros>A drinking IRC user maybe.
18:31<Ikaros> not nearly as bad.
18:31<Ikaros>'cept in my case it ends up turning into rageahol.
18:31<Ikaros>And that never leads to anything good
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18:32<Ikaros>Ah well, karma does come back to bite me in the butt in the form of a super hangover.
18:32<Ikaros>So it's usually even.
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18:33<millisa>I have to do work on windows boxes. Exchange migrations. So I'm not doing that sober.
18:33<Ikaros>Good idea
18:33<millisa>It says it right there in the contract.
18:33<Ikaros>Wait you said NOT doing it sober
18:34<millisa>They were warned.
18:34<millisa>What was that fire/police brouhaha the other night? I turned on the dfw police scanners but didn't hear anything interesting.
18:35<Ikaros>The other night?
18:35-!-buzzly [] has quit [Quit: reboot]
18:35<millisa>yeah, you had some big police/fire response on uh. . .wednesday maybe?
18:36<Ikaros>Oh. There was apparently a 5-alarm fire in Irving, about 1-ish in the morning, apartment complex very near me. I was coming back from the store and I happened to see smoke drifting across the street from the complex.
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18:36<Ikaros>Not too soon after that you hear sirens approaching from all directions
18:37-!-buzzly [] has joined #linode
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18:38<Ikaros>They had the roads immediately adjacent to the complex completely shut down at the intersection, forcing all traffic to whatever it was, it was that serious to have 3 ambulances, 5 fire engines, 2 supervisor vehicles, a bevy of police cruisers (some being used to set up flares and block roads, some all around the complex)
18:38<Ikaros>Of those fire engines, 2 ladder trucks
18:39<Ikaros>Dunno the details but it was all over the local Facebook group.
18:41<millisa>I see it in some of the news feeds now
18:46<Peng_>the Dumpster here caught fire on Thanksgiving. One kinda bored looking fire engine :P
18:46<millisa>Dumpster Fire is my superhero name.
18:48<Ikaros>My bet is on improper deep fryer usage gone awry
18:48<Ikaros>Because people are that damn stupid and idiotic
18:48<millisa>That's how my favorite cajun place ended
18:48<Ikaros>Oh wait, no, PRESSURE COOKER
18:49<Ikaros>Whatever the case is, honestly, I think it was a stupid moron not handling themself properly around flame
18:49<nate>last few notable fires we've had were arsons, the last of which they attempted to torch a house with an older disabled lady in it
18:50<Ikaros>Heh, nate yeah you should have seen the field directly adjacent to my complex one time. Somebody deliberately torched the field. Clear signs of an accelerant being used.
18:50<Peng_>nate: What the fuck
18:50<nate>Peng: Well arsonists are kinda known for escalation
18:51<Ikaros>I hear they caught the little firebug that set our field ablaze, too
18:51<nate>Guy will probably be lucky if he doesn't get lit on fire himself when he gets caught
18:51<dwfreed>it was an "accident"
18:51<Ikaros>It damaged electrical equipment - one of the utility poles was scorched so badly it was structurally compromised.
18:52-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
18:52<Ikaros>They had to cut power to replace the pole - it was the 'drop line' pole that drops into the underground lines.
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18:53<nate>dwfreed: Pretty much. We had a police chase last night, dude wrecked at the end, had EMS called for evaluation to see if he needed a hospital trip, no more than 15~ Minutes later EMS was called to the police station for him again
18:53-!-mindlesstux [~mindlesst@2001:19f0:5:238:5400:ff:fe30:7f01] has joined #linode
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18:53<nate>we were all laughing cause the city police station has a somewhat notorious elevator with a reputation of people 'accidentally' getting hurt during the ride when they piss cops off
18:53<Ikaros>And now part of me wonders just how many of you have police scanners or listen to police bans, lol.
18:53<nate>Mind you the reputation is from the 80's and early 90's but
18:54<nate>Ikaros: I usually keep my buddy company during the bar weekends at the sheetz he does security for, we listen to the scanner there usualy because the neighborhood it's in is pretty crime-ridden these days
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18:54<nate>so we like to know if there might be any trouble heading towards the sheetz
18:54<Ikaros>I've actually listened in on ATC @ D/FW Airport a few times.
18:55<nate>ie; a month or so ago the dominos right up the street from the sheetz got robbed right at closing
18:55<Ikaros>But the police bands around here...not much goes on locally.
18:55<nate>dude came down running while the suspect was still in the store, which resulted in the call going out that they thought the sheetz got robbed
18:55<Ikaros>So those actually get a bit boring
18:55<nate>Ours are lively, at least the 'metro' city band. South is made up of like 16~? neighboring precincts that usually don't have more than a single cop on at night
18:56<nate>(south county band I mean)
18:56<Ikaros>Police presence locally here is pretty heavy even during wee hours.
18:56<nate>And half the time those neighboring boroughs come into the city to assist with stuff because city police are massively understaffed
18:56<Ikaros>And I think it's that presence that puts a cap on crime
18:57<Ikaros>That and, at least in this neighborhood, don't take lightly to crime. I'm not saying we go all vigilante or anything but we're seriously aggressive about protecting our turf.
18:57<nate>night/3rd shift for city is generally 5-6 units total, 2 of which are normally dedicated to individual housing complexes, covering a valley stretch upwards of 40~ thousand people
18:58<Ikaros>I mean you wrong somebody around here, you're not gonna be getting away with it, with how aggressive and proactive we are about squashing crime.
18:58<Ikaros>Part of the reason I feel 100% safe around these parts, because the bad people know better than to mess around here.
19:01<Ikaros>Man, I'm still not used to the whole "getting dark around 6 PM" thing yet. Same damn thing every year and you'd think I'd be used to it by now.
19:01<dwfreed>sunset is like 10 after 5 here
19:01<dwfreed>(higher latitude)
19:01<nate>I'm just glad it's not like daytime already at 6AM at shift end now
19:01<nate>that part of the year kills me cause it's so hard for me to get to sleep once the sun comes up
19:03<dwfreed>blackout curtains
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20:53<Zimsky>nate: get some black plastic sheeting
20:53<Zimsky>cover your windows with that
20:53<Zimsky>it's cheap and light enough to stick to a wall
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21:26<FluffyFoxeh>Zimsky: where do you get that? I couldn't find black plastic anything except big garbage bags
21:27<FluffyFoxeh>oh shit "sheeting" was the keyword I was missing
21:27*FluffyFoxeh gives Zimsky a cookie
21:29<FluffyFoxeh>(I looked for something like this a while ago but somehow failed to find it)
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21:35<Zimsky>hardware stores
21:35<Zimsky>construction plastic
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21:43<paid>Hey, is anybody here right now?
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21:44<FluffyFoxeh>I didn't even get a chance to say "no" :(
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