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00:23<sunil>I am facing an issue to installing lamp
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00:24<sunil>I am able to connect linode server but I am not able to install apache and mysql
00:24<cosnis>my vps are auto requesting random host, dose anyone had same issue?
00:25<sunil>so I can't upload website on server.
00:25<kyhwana_>sunil: why not?
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00:26<dwfreed>cosnis: you mean an liXXX-YYY hostname?
00:27<cosnis>not, just ip and port
00:27<dwfreed>cosnis: I'm not sure I follow
00:28<sunil>could you check this IP ?
00:28<dwfreed>cosnis: you mean your Linode is making requests to external servers that you aren't intending?
00:29<cosnis>i use iptraf found that
00:29<dwfreed>you should look at what's doing it
00:29<dwfreed>netstat is your friend here
00:29<cosnis>and i just rebuild with system manage, and install a iptraf
00:29<cosnis>netstat not found anything
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00:30<cosnis>i can't get the ip, it change very fast
00:30<dwfreed>you can use iptables to log outbound traffic
00:31<FluffyFoxeh>how can you tell it's making these requests anyway?
00:32<kyhwana_>Maybe tcpdump some of that traffic?
00:32<FluffyFoxeh>oh he said iptraf, oops
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00:34<FluffyFoxeh>maybe check top/htop for stuff using CPU
00:34<cosnis>load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00 on top
00:35<cosnis> i made some video
00:36<cosnis>so you can see the changing
00:36<FluffyFoxeh>not found
00:36<cosnis>oops.... converting
00:37<FluffyFoxeh>I'm gonna guess it's random DNS traffic or something like that popping up in iptraf
00:38<cosnis>i send email has the video to you, pls help me check this.
00:39<FluffyFoxeh>did you... just email me
00:39<FluffyFoxeh>haha that's amazing
00:42<FluffyFoxeh>I think you need to watch netstat -anp and see what process is creating new connections
00:43<cosnis>dose the command need some grep ?
00:43<cosnis>i not found any connecting or create state
00:44<Zimsky>FluffyFoxeh: why do you even have your email in your gecos
00:44<FluffyFoxeh>We wouldn't know what to grep for. Just run it a few times and look for connections popping up like they were in iptraf, and see what process it was
00:44<Zimsky>that's just asking for trouble
00:44<FluffyFoxeh>Zimsky: never had any trouble :p
00:45<Zimsky>wait til Woet finds out
00:45<FluffyFoxeh>ruh roh
00:45<cosnis>netstat -anp stop very soon
00:45<FluffyFoxeh>yes, it lists the connections at the time you run it. Run it multiple times and see whay changes
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00:46<cosnis>[root@106 ~]# diff a.txt b.txt [root@106 ~]# netstat -anp > b.txt [root@106 ~]# diff a.txt b.txt [root@106 ~]# netstat -anp > b.txt [root@106 ~]# diff a.txt b.txt [root@106 ~]# netstat -anp > b.txt [root@106 ~]# diff a.txt b.txt
00:46<FluffyFoxeh>yeah, that's one way to do it
00:46<cosnis>i send anp output to a txt, and use diff to check
00:46<cosnis>but nothing change...
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00:47<Zimsky>tcpdump it if it's TCP
00:47<cosnis>tcp and icmp
00:49<cosnis>tcpdump output
00:50<FluffyFoxeh>if it's TCP it'll show up in netstat but you might have to get lucky depending on how fast it closed
00:50<Zimsky>so now you can look for the things that are troubling you
00:50<cosnis>sees like only v2ray
00:51<cosnis>but v2ray is i knowed... even i stop that the request are still
00:51<FluffyFoxeh>do you have anything listening on 19922?
00:51<FluffyFoxeh>of course
00:52<cosnis>ok, i send my vps passsword to u, can u login and help me to check it?
00:53<cosnis>it's very strange
00:54<Zimsky>servers automatically send things around all the time normally
00:55<Zimsky>namely dns resolutions and ntp syncs
00:55<cosnis>ntp service not run
00:55<cosnis>dns resolution will only request a single dns server, not change the request ip and port
00:55<FluffyFoxeh>this was the video fwiw
00:56<Zimsky>change the request ip and port?
00:56<FluffyFoxeh>port scan maybe? dunno if that would show up
00:57<Zimsky>I still don't actually know what the problem is here
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00:58<Zimsky>if you've 'rebuilt' the system, which I would take to mean you have installed a clean OS image, then you shouldn't have anything sending stuff out arbitrarily if it's a standard linode image
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02:15<JOSEPH>I am new to LINODE
02:15<JOSEPH>Want to build a web
02:16<JOSEPH>do Linode accept Paypal payment?
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02:18<JOSEPH>If I paid the linode, but found linode can not meet our required, can I get full refund in one month?
02:19<Cromulent>7 days
02:19<dwfreed>Linode's money back guarantee is only 7 days
02:19<dwfreed>(1 month is a long time)
02:20<Peng_>> Pro-rated refunds are issued if customer does not retain any active service and they are specifically requested via the cancellation form. All refunds are subject to a $5.00 service charge unless cancelling within the 7 day money-back guarantee period.
02:22<JOSEPH>Linode can not accept Paypal payment for my first use?
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03:19<Cromulent>hmm has browser support got to the stage where you can use SVG for most of your images or should you provide a JPG / PNG fall back option?
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03:24<redsite>anyone there
03:25<redsite> My account was automatically charged how the matter
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03:25<redsite> My account was automatically charged how the matter
03:25<Cromulent>best to open a support ticket for things like that
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03:30<nate>guessing he hit the $50 limit already maybe
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03:34<Peng_>Or they just signed up?
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04:05<Zimsky>tomaw[::-1] == 'wamot'
04:05<Zimsky>except as a string literal
04:05<Zimsky>this is amusing
04:06<dcraig>ur a string literal
04:10<Zimsky>dcraig: a bytes-like object is required.
04:10*dcraig bytes Zimsky
04:11<Zimsky>that's eight bit rude
04:12<dcraig>I set the evil bit
04:13<branko>Spread the word? :)
04:15<Zimsky>spread the jam on the toast
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10:00<maxshuev>Good day! Tell me how I can regain access (login and password) to the hosting? I am a new owner of an Internet resource, but the previous owners gave me a login and password from domain Registrar. Talking about hosting, they do not know) I Have only ftp access.
10:02<ponas>maxshuev: you will need to email and provide as many details as you can
10:03<maxshuev>ok. ty
10:03<ponas>maxshuev: I'd continue talking with the previous owners and see if they can find any emails from linode
10:05<maxshuev>it is very hard..
10:06<maxshuev>better i will contact with support
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10:06<maxshuev>thx, again
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10:38<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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11:45<Woet>are you though Eugene
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11:57<Baky>Hi there!
11:58<smallclone>feel free to ask your question
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12:00<Baky>Thanks! I have an ubuntu server .iso image. Is it easy to upload it to linode ?!
12:00<teemu>pretty sure you don't need to upload any disk images
12:01<Baky>It is my customized one.
12:01<teemu>at least if it's such a widely used one as ubuntu server
12:02<smallclone>it's possible
12:03<smallclone>not everyone's definition of "easy" though
12:08<Baky>@smallclone Thanks! I am going to try it.
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12:35<Baky>continuing with "Install a custom distribution on a Linode", 2 disks should be created: "Boot" and "Installer". The Installer is related to the distribution’s installer. What we are talking about? Should this be the size of the custom .iso image ?
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12:40<v0lksman>is api v3 dead?
12:41<@mcintosh>that error is suggestive of some sort of error within whatever library you're using
12:42<v0lksman>I'm using the python lib
12:43<@mcintosh>which one?
12:43<dwfreed>the apiv3 libs are maintained by third parties
12:44<v0lksman>trying to get a version number
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12:48<v0lksman>running on python3
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12:49<v0lksman>i had 2 libs in there...apparently this one won't work with py3 though
12:51<v0lksman>do you guys suggest a particular fork?
12:52<dwfreed>i'm not aware there is one
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13:00<v0lksman>there is:
13:01<v0lksman>one line
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13:22<relidy>There was a brief discussion in the last couple of weeks about authoritative nameservers in the channel. From that, I gathered a couple of names: NSD, PowerDNS, and Knot (aside from BIND). I need to run an authoritative server for some internal stuff and also potentially to act as a master for a slave zone or two at Linode. Anyone have any thoughts on pros/cons? We're talking really low traffic levels and BIND seems like ... overkill.
13:23<scotti>how is bind overkill
13:23<scotti>you can store your zones as text files
13:23<scotti>'nuff needed
13:23<scotti>relidy: use BIND
13:23<scotti>when you need to update a zone, just restart BIND
13:23<scotti>takes less than a second
13:23<scotti>probably something like 0.6 secs
13:24<ericoc>don't even restart, legit like, checkzone + reload
13:24<scotti>relidy: there is some goofy thing written in something like GO
13:24<scotti>but BIND is trusted and true
13:25<relidy>I'll admit most of my previous experience has been bind, but I thought this was the right time to evaluate if the market's really changed in the last ~5 years.
13:27<v0lksman>I run a bind server on a Pi for my house...secondaried on another Pi...doesn't get much simpler really
13:27<scotti>relidy: DNS hasn't changed in like 20 years sir
13:27<relidy>If I run an external master and set up Linode as a slave, does that skip the ~15 minute delay we normally encounter.
13:27<millisa>v0lksman: have you seen pihole?
13:27<scotti>new types of records I guess
13:27<scotti>but it's still the same protocol
13:28<scotti>other than that security issue discovered by that polish-american guy in seattle
13:28<millisa>v0lksman: (pi based dns but with blackholing support)
13:28<scotti>waay back in 2008 (~)
13:28<v0lksman>millisa: I had not but thanks! Will implement! :)
13:29<millisa>doesn't *have* to go on a pi, either.
13:29<millisa>been trying it for the last month and I kind of like it.
13:29<v0lksman>millisa: will help protect my kids! :)
13:30<FluffyFoxeh>I like BIND but something that's bugged me is I don't know where the official documentation is
13:30<millisa>man bind?
13:31<relidy> ?
13:32<ericoc> is also super fun if you're really in to DNS
13:33<FluffyFoxeh>millisa: that doesn't appear to be a thing
13:33<millisa>odd, works for me
13:33<FluffyFoxeh>relidy: Interesting that I've never seen this. Whenever I've searched for anything bind related I got stuff from the site ericoc posted
13:33<relidy>Heh, man bind pulls up bash builtins for me
13:34<FluffyFoxeh>millisa: I thought maybe I needed to install bind9-doc (Debian) but still no man bind except for (2) which is the syscall
13:34<millisa>oh. . i guess I should read what it says
13:34<FluffyFoxeh>relidy: I get the syscall
13:36<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: what you need to be googling for is 'BIND9 Administrator Reference Manual'
13:36<dwfreed>I printed it out once; it's about 150 pages
13:37-!-aorme [] has left #linode []
13:37<FluffyFoxeh>the zytrax site is very good, fwiw
13:38<dwfreed>the ARM is very thorough, but it's not the easiest to follow
13:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
13:38<dwfreed>I recommend the PDF, for easy searching
13:40<ericoc>is there a version of the doc that is stored as a zone file so that you have to read it with dns queries like "dig @ txt records.manual"
13:40<FluffyFoxeh>bind9-doc seems to have installed a bunch of html files to /usr/share/doc/bind9-doc/arm/
13:40<ericoc> /arm/ = Administrator Reference Manual = what dwfreed is talkin 'bout
13:40<FluffyFoxeh>I thought it was the architecture before he mentioned ARM :p
13:40<FluffyFoxeh>which wouldn't make sense, but eh
13:40<ericoc>especially since someone brought up pihole
13:41<FluffyFoxeh>that's where my thoughts were going
13:45<millisa>man named and man named.conf exist on this system - the named.conf one doens't have much details, but appears to have just about every option you might want in the file
13:48-!-veit [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:49<veit>hey guys! I tried to install Longview and it's waiting for Data for almost an hour. did something go wrong and I have to install it again?
13:50-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
13:50<smallclone>veit: i'd run through the steps here before attempting a reinstall:
13:52-!-taral [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
13:52-!-taral is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
13:53<taral>how to configure SFTP?
13:53<smallclone>sftp is built into ssh, just use your ssh credentials with an sftp client
13:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
13:53<smallclone>ok cool
13:54<smallclone>dial it back on the caps there a bit
13:54<smallclone>yeah, read through both of those
13:54-!-veit [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:57<taral>OK THANKS
13:57<smallclone>NO PROBLEM
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14:03<FluffyFoxeh>so I rgrepped 3.4GB of IRC logs on my Linode twice and yet the amount of memory used for disk caching is still 200M with 1G free
14:03<FluffyFoxeh>this disturbs me slightly. why isn't linux caching these files
14:03<FluffyFoxeh>I just have 1GB of memory steadily doing nothing for a week, according to munin
14:04-!-taral [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:04-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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14:05<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: I think it has to do with the access pattern
14:07-!-paulop [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:25<kiki>is the pricing listed online for VPS?
14:29<retro|blah>Are you asking whether pricing information is available? Or are you asking whether the information that's listed is for VPSes?
14:29<kiki>either - i'd like VPS pricing
14:29<kiki>not sure if the pricing listed on web is for VPS or other
14:29<retro|blah>The pricing at is all for VPSes.
14:31-!-shiva__ [~LordShiva@] has joined #linode
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14:31-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
14:35<grawity> there even an "other"
14:35<grawity>I mean, Linode only sells VPSes anyway
14:37-!-in1t3r_ [~LordShiva@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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14:42<Eugene>FluffyFoxeh - without tracing it myself, best guess is that the file size exceeds the available cache, so it isn't bothering.
14:43<Eugene>Almost certainly is caching the directory metadata & inode info
14:43<FluffyFoxeh>my IRC logs are a lot of small files (one per channel per day)
14:43<Eugene>(which is really what's slow)
14:45<grawity>did you accidentally alias grep to 'nocache grep'
14:46<FluffyFoxeh>I don't have nocache
14:48-!-kiki [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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15:13<Baky>Hi guys!
15:13<Baky>I am trying to attach my custom iso to Linode following instructions from here:
15:14<smallclone>Baky: ok, how far along are you
15:14<Baky>section "Download and Install Image" point 3
15:15<Baky>It says you can begin the install process.
15:15<smallclone>right. you're downloading the image and then using dd to write it to the installer disk
15:16<Baky>That is the "install process" ?! I have a ssh authentication key on that custom server.
15:17<Baky>so I can not access to it via Glish.
15:17<smallclone>ah i gotcha, you have the iso itself. weeeell. in that case, just write the iso to a raw disk of whatever size, and then boot it with the direct disk boot option
15:17<Baky>I could not.
15:19<Baky>You mean I should continue with the "Configure Grub for Lish Access" point ?
15:19<smallclone>well if it isn't booting, and it's not outputting anything in glish (which, with ubuntu's defaults, i *think* it should) then you should boot into rescue mode, chroot the disk and update your grub config.
15:20<smallclone>out of curiosity, when you direct disk boot the disk with the .iso on it, can you ssh, ping it, etc?
15:23<Baky>I can ping it but not ssh.
15:25-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:26<smallclone>Baky: what error do you get when you try to ssh? is it listening on the correct port? if you can ping it it must be booting properly..
15:26<smallclone>assuming you are booted into the config profile for your image, and you're not still in rescue mode
15:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
15:27<Baky>You know.. the configured IP in the .iso is different from the Linode one because it was on another network.
15:28<smallclone>what configuration profile are you booted into right now
15:28<smallclone>look on the Linode's dashboard
15:29<Baky>System boot - Installer
15:29<Baky>Not rescue mode
15:30<smallclone>ok, and you can ping it, so presumably it was set up to use dhcp and it just grabbed the correct address itself
15:31-!-CodeMouse92 [] has joined #linode
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15:33<smallclone>i'm going to run to the corner store and grab a coffee, i'd still be interested to know whether ssh is listening / what kind of error you're getting when you try to connect. also, you could still go the rescue mode / chroot route to get lish working, which would make fixing things much easier if ssh is in fact messed up
15:34<Eugene>I've not had good luck getting ISOs to directly boot from a Disk Image. Something about the KVM bootloader I don't care enough to chase down.
15:34-!-karyoker [~oftc-webi@2601:282:8100:3a77:cd72:d670:23cd:81b9] has joined #linode
15:34-!-karyoker is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
15:34<karyoker>linode on windows?
15:35<millisa>Baky: if you want a quick reference on rescue/recovery and chrooting to your disks
15:35-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:35<Baky>Thanks. I am on it... and let you know.
15:35<Eugene>My usually advice for installing a custom OS(Windows or otherwise) is to create a local USB key using whatever method is recommended by your OS vendor. Then DD that device up to a Raw Image on a new Linode. Boot, Install, enjoy.
15:36-!-buzzly [] has quit [Quit: reboot]
15:36<Eugene>I /really/ wish we could get ISO upload support in the new Manager
15:36<dwfreed>dd too hard for you?
15:36<millisa>i had pretty good luck trying it with the rh74 iso
15:36-!-karyoker [~oftc-webi@2601:282:8100:3a77:cd72:d670:23cd:81b9] has quit []
15:36<Eugene>I happen to know that the RHEL/CentOS 7 ISOs go through great pains to ensure they are dd-compatible. Not everybody does.
15:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
15:37<dwfreed>installing syslinux and running isohybrid doesn't take very long
15:37<dwfreed>in fact I think finnix already has syslinux installed
15:37<Eugene>That doesn't really work with Windows, or FreeBSD ;-)
15:37<dwfreed>have you tried it?
15:38<Eugene>Unsuccessfully ;-)
15:38<millisa>if the blockstore would let multiple readonly mounts happen; having shared custom install disks would be neat.
15:38<Eugene>Syslinux wasn't great in the 90s either.
15:41<Eugene>I'm hoping for a CD-ROM device specifically for the benefit of the Windows installer. It's much easier to do preconfig installs if you can boot off an ISO
15:41<Eugene>Not that I'm crazy or anything
15:42<millisa>Unless we see the paperwork . . .
15:42<Eugene>I don't think I have ever been given a full psychiatric workup, now that I think about it.
15:43<millisa>That's be an amusing gift certificate to get under the tree.
15:43<Eugene>I'd love it
15:44<Baky>@smallclone as for SSH I am using Putty on windows and the error is "Network error: connection timeout"
15:46<Baky>But I think the Linode IPs always work as soon as you create a Linode.
15:46<smallclone>Baky: hm ok. you have another way to confirm if it's listening at all? like nmap or telnet or something
15:46<smallclone>they don't
15:47<smallclone>if the image you boot doesn't have its networking configured properly, it won't ping
15:48-!-buzzly [] has joined #linode
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15:48-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
15:49<smallclone>tbh i really wish i had considered the "bring your own .iso" people a bit more when writing that guide, since that's like 70% of custom distro users
15:49<Baky>I reboot the Installer again. Now from Glish I can see the login screen.. as soon as I enter the password it seems it logs in and then the login screen appears again.
15:52<smallclone>well that's something
15:52<smallclone>so it keeps prompting you to log in? or are you able to run commands in there
15:52<Baky>* I rebooted.
15:53<Baky>It keeps prompting to log in.
15:54<Baky>I changed many things in the iso. That's why I do not want to re-prepare another one again. I need to use this one.
15:55<smallclone>hm did you change anything that would cause it to not allow logins from a virtual console?
15:55<Baky>I mean to prepare another one from scratch. It is not a matter of applications (that would be much easier -relatively- with dockers, etc) but of system configurations.
15:55-!-fergtm [~fergtm@2001:470:1f0f:6e:313e:5644:5fa0:1864] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:56<Baky>No nothing related to virtual console. It has only a simple graphical user interface installed.
15:56<smallclone>erm ok
15:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
15:57<smallclone>so is it a graphical login page that you're seeing?
15:57<smallclone>or just a prompt
16:03-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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16:07<smallclone>Baky: ah ok
16:08<smallclone>weeelll i dunno if i'm going to be able to tell you why your gui isn't working. how large is the image itself, and how big is the disk you created?
16:08<millisa>is the guest account there and able to be logged into?
16:13-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:14-!-Andy [] has joined #linode
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16:14<Baky>Oh.. yes I can log in.. and get this message:
16:14<Baky>then again log in screen
16:14<Andy>Is there any sales reps here? I have a question about bandwidth usage / billing.
16:15<smallclone>Andy: this is a community channel, but we can probably answer your questions
16:15<smallclone>as most of that stuff is pretty straight forward
16:15<Andy>thanks smallclone
16:16<Baky>You guys are really cool.
16:16<Andy>So, I need to transfer 1TB of data between two servers, I can't do it directly, so I need to use a Linnode VPS as the "go between". I anticipate it might take 24 hours, but will burn through 2TB bandwidth, 1TB down and the other 1TB up. If I destroy the vps after I'm done, how will it be billed?
16:17<smallclone>anyway Baky: i'm going to guess that something you customized here is causing issues. you could try the remediation that the error window offers, though it might be the case that just turning off this warning won't fix the problem
16:17<millisa>Baky: do you have to have a UI running? you could go to rescue mode, chroot to your disk, and just have it load the console. could fix the lish stuff while you are there.
16:17<Andy>Will I be billed 2cents per GB? Or just the whole monthly cost of the VPS (assuming I use the Linode 2048 which includes 2TB bandwidth
16:18<smallclone>Andy: Linode only measures outbound traffic
16:18<dwfreed>cloud-init needs to not be so much fucking magic
16:18<Andy>OK, would I still be billed the 1TB then at 0.02 per GB or say $5 for the 1/2 month pooled bandwidth?
16:18<smallclone>so if you're only transferring 1TB out, and you have 2TB available, you shouldbe fine
16:19<Baky>@millisa I try to chroot it.
16:19<Andy>OK, even if I nuke the instance after I'm done in say 24 hours
16:19<Baky>Thanks @smallclon
16:19<dwfreed>transfer is prorated based on the time the linode exists
16:19<smallclone>if you go over, they charge you overage fees that i don't remember offhand. they're expensive. you should avoid them. its cheaper to just get another linode most of the time
16:20<dwfreed>smallclone: it's 2 cents per GB
16:20<millisa>Andy: That section is probably important
16:20<dwfreed>so a TB would be $20
16:20<smallclone>Andy: your best bet is probably just to keep an eye on the bar at the bottom of the Linode manager, if you're concerned about going over
16:21<Andy>Well, I'm OK with creating an instance that includes the bandwidth allocation and paying for it. I just don't really want to keep the thing running for a month just so I don't get dinged bandwidth
16:21<Andy>that make sense?
16:22<dwfreed>it doesn't need to be running, just existing, to get the transfer quota
16:23<smallclone>leaving it running will be significantly cheaper than hitting transfer overages
16:23<Andy>OK cool, that's what I needed to know. Thanks folks.
16:24<millisa>at this point in the month, all plans probably would hit a transfer overage wouldn't it?
16:24<dwfreed>millisa: not if you make a lot of them
16:24<Andy>that's what i'm thinking. i just created an instance and the bandwidth is 220GB
16:24<millisa>That's true.
16:24<smallclone>anyway Baky i second millisa's suggestion to get lish working, that'll make troubleshooting this stuff easier
16:25<smallclone>Andy: yeah, this late in the month...tbh if you created it on nov 1 you'd probably get the full 2TB if i remember correctly
16:25<smallclone>someone should correct me on that because i can't remember
16:25<smallclone>for sure anyway
16:26<dwfreed>but it is decreased based on when you delete it
16:26-!-Andy [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
16:27-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
16:28<smallclone>that seems like a recipe for absolutely dreadful support tickets
16:28<millisa>So about 28 1gb linodes up for 24 hours would allow 1tb of transfer at a cost of ~$5 if my math is right?
16:28<Baky>Thank you guys...
16:29<smallclone>Baky: sure..did you get it working?
16:29<Baky>Not yet.. I need to learn what is chroot :-)
16:30<smallclone>Baky: using Rescue mode, mounting, and chrooting is all covered here:
16:34<Baky>Thanks @smallclone
16:37-!-efg [] has joined #linode
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16:37<Baky>a curiosity: the Linode rescue mode is based on Finnix. How can it perform, say on an isolated inaccessible image ?!
16:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 353] by ChanServ
16:37<efg>hey.. my linode apparantly got deleted a week ago. i really need it back. is there any way to make that happen?
16:38<efg>or even just webroot and mysql data?
16:38<millisa>You'd need to talk to support about that one
16:38<@scrane>Hey there, I would recommend starting a new Linode then clicking "Deploy an image" in the Linode's dashboard. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the dropdown menu list of images, you may see a preserved imagge of the deleted Linode's disk.
16:39<smallclone>efg: if it existed for a while, there should have been an image created when it was deleted. if so, it'll show up here:
16:39<smallclone>yeah then do what scrane said basically. also it's documented here:
16:39<efg>you're right, found it!
16:40<efg>thank you very much, almost had a heart attack :D
16:40<smallclone>Baky: not 100% sure i understand the question, but you have to select what disks rescue mode can potentially mount
16:42-!-efg [] has quit []
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16:57-!-NomadJim_ [~Jim@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:57<Baky>Yes. I got it.
16:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
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16:58<millisa>!point smallclone
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16:58<dwfreed>we need to use that more
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16:59<Zimsky>I concur
17:00<Zimsky>NAH JK BUDDY
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17:02<@scrane>!unpoint jhaas
17:02<linbot>scrane: 1,000,000 points for jhaas!!!
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17:04<smallclone>one for every year of his life amirite
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17:07*Zimsky . o O ( ? )
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17:07<linbot>dwfreed: 1. eugene (37) 2. millisa (37) 3. dwfreed (34) 4. peng (19) 5. mcintosh (17)
17:08<dwfreed>!point millisa
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17:08<linbot>Zimsky: zimsky's score: 8
17:08<Zimsky>come on, it used to say "Biggest fan: woet" for me
17:08<Zimsky>the impeccable irony of it was marvellous
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17:30<hlabs>i switched my kernel from the default linode to grub because i need vxlan support. the machine didnt boot. now i switched back to the default kernel and the machine wont boot again
17:32<hlabs>EXT4-fs (sda): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities EXT4-fs (sda): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null) VFS: Mounted root (ext4 filesystem) readonly on device 8:0.
17:32<hlabs>boot stop right after this
17:32<hlabs>how can i get my machine to boot
17:33-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:34<dwfreed>hlabs: there are no errors in those messages
17:35<hlabs>having the OS disk as read only is something i would think it is an error, but here is the follow up
17:35<hlabs>devtmpfs: mounted Freeing unused kernel memory: 1616K Write protecting the kernel read-only data: 18432k Freeing unused kernel memory: 264K Freeing unused kernel memory: 1992K x86/mm: Checked W+X mappings: passed, no W+X pages found. Starting init: /etc/init exists but couldn't execute it (error -13) /bin/sh: 0: can't access tty; job control turned off
17:36<Peng_>It's normal. It's mounted read-only, the boot scripts maybe run fsck, then it's remounted read-write.
17:36-!-acald3ron_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:36<Zimsky>oh fsck it
17:36<Peng_>Most of that is normal. The last bit is very definitely not normal, eh
17:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
17:37<smallclone>i think you accidentally changed your run level when you were switching the kernel option in your config profile
17:39<smallclone>go back to the "Edit" screen for your config profile and make sure Run Level is set to "Default Run Level" - if it's not, change it, save, and reboot
17:39<hlabs>it is default run level
17:40<smallclone>what does the last job in your job queue say? (in the Linode's Dashboard)
17:41<hlabs>system boot
17:41<hlabs>and before that shutdown
17:41<hlabs>and those 2 repeated a few times
17:41<dwfreed>the whole text
17:42<hlabs>Success System Boot - HLabs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Tomcat7 Profile Entered: 12 minutes 47 seconds ago - Took: 8 seconds Success System Shutdown Entered: 15 minutes 41 seconds ago - Took: 6 seconds Success System Boot - HLabs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Tomcat7 Profile Entered: 21 minutes 51 seconds ago - Took: 9 seconds Success System Shutdown Entered: 21 minutes 51 seconds ago - Took: 2 minutes, 14 seconds
17:43<dwfreed>smallclone: if it tried /etc/init, it means /sbin/init is missing
17:43<hlabs># ls | grep ini fsck.minix initctl mkfs.minix #
17:44<hlabs>breakline after "grep ini"
17:44<hlabs>thats on the sbin folder
17:44<dwfreed>yep, no init
17:44<hlabs>if i were to put a init there it should work then
17:44<hlabs>say, copying from another machine
17:45<dwfreed>you're missing other things, like telinit
17:45<hlabs>oh well
17:45<hlabs>boot on finnix, mount, chroot, install kernel and grub?
17:46<dwfreed>you need more than that, but that's a start
17:51<hlabs>machine is trying to use ipv6. i cant disable it using this method because /proc/sys does not exist
17:52<hlabs>even manually creating the whole path didnt seem to have an effect
17:52<dwfreed>because it's a special file
17:53<dwfreed>when you chroot, you need to mount certain filesystems first
17:53<dwfreed>the finnix guide covers them
17:54<hlabs>where can a find said guide?
17:54<hlabs>btw thanks for the help
17:54<dwfreed> somewhere; i'm on my tablet so this is a pain
17:55<dwfreed>iirc the guide is titled resue and rebuild
17:55<dwfreed>rescue, rather
17:55-!-Marcos [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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17:56<hlabs>i will restart again and follow the guide from the beginning
17:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
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18:08<hlabs>so after installing the kernel that supports vxlan
18:08<hlabs>i get the same error if i keep linodes kernel
18:08<hlabs>if i use grub2 i get this
18:08<hlabs>lish/glish screens
18:09<hlabs>pressing keys on glish does not change anything
18:09-!-chris_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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18:10<chris_>I need help on linode backup restoration
18:10<hlabs>originally when selecting grub2 it would boot to grub2 console
18:10-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
18:14<MrPPS>chris_: what sort of help?
18:16<chris_>have tried to restore from a backup yesterday but when I restore its showing ISCSI Failed on boot
18:16<chris_>the restoration just finished and all apps on the restored backup seems to be working
18:17<chris_>but I can't connect to it remotely via ssh
18:17<chris_>even the domain is not working properly as well after the restoration
18:19-!-vuvuzela [~vuvuzela@] has joined #linode
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18:20<Eugene>!towel dwfreed
18:20<linbot>Eugene: Point taken from dwfreed! (33)
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18:29<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Use TTL and/or load balancer to implement failover? <>
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18:36<hlabs>dwfreed: i am now manually copying sbin from another machine
18:37<hlabs>are there any other directories i should keep an eye on?
18:42-!-baky [] has joined #linode
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18:44<hlabs>copying sbin fixed it
18:44<hlabs>(after installing new kernel/grub/grub2)
18:44<baky>Hi again!
18:45<hlabs>argh, i connected to the wrong machine... im still out of luck
18:45<dwfreed>hlabs: i would reinstall every package that owns a file in sbin
18:48<baky>I could finally connect to the server via SSH. But I need to know another thing: when moving an iso from a platform to another one, say to Linode, will the newly mounted disk be resized automatically? as I tried to attach the same .iso to different platforms: Linode and 2 other but always there is space problem.
18:49<MrPPS>chris_: sorry, only just saw your message
18:49<baky>Perhaps I am missing a step in between.
18:49<MrPPS>So, if it doesn't boot properly at all from restore, you'd normally restore to a new VPS, boot into rescue mode, and then either see if you can fix it, or sync your data off
18:49<MrPPS>and restore like that
18:50<MrPPS>otherwise, you might have to resort to your next level backups
18:51<chris_>yeah I barely find results online but its odd
18:52<chris_>@MrPPs since its also a restored backup
18:52<MrPPS>chris_: yeah, I mean, I've never had a backup restore badly, but doesn't mean it can't happen
18:52<Zimsky>MrPPS is a restored backup
18:52<MrPPS>otherwise, have you tried restoring again, or, restoring an older backup?
18:52<Zimsky>but it was corrupted
18:55-!-DrJ [~Bacon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:55<chris_>MrPPs: I just took this backup yesterday manually cause I was performing an upgrade and its also a custom installation of ubuntu 16.04
18:55-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
18:55<MrPPS>chris_: ah, so this wasn't a "normally" deployed install (as in, from the prebuilt images)?
18:56<chris_>cause I'm trying to use debops on prebuilt images but for some reason I encounter issues
18:57<chris_>the manual installation works well with that
18:58<chris_>I was really thinking of rebuilding it again but was looking for options if I can still make the backup work
19:00<chris_>I read on their documentation that there could be problems with manual installations but they have provided instructions too how to make it fit with linodes existing interface support
19:00<MrPPS>hmmm, if the backup has never worked (not sure if you've tested your backups previously), then my best advice would be - boot into rescue environment
19:00<MrPPS>and see if any data is there
19:01<chris_>I can do that but where do I usually see the problem of failed ISCSI
19:02<chris_>it's my first time to encounter this problem so I'm not yet sure where to find and know if anything is missing
19:02<MrPPS>I've not actually seen that message on any virtual system yet, so at a best guess, the disk wasn't backed up/isn't present on the restore
19:02<MrPPS>but start off booting up rescue system; see if you get the same error there or not
19:02<MrPPS>and if you see any disks there + can mount them. if you can see the disks + mount them, that's a good start
19:03<chris_>thanks will try
19:06<chris_>ok this is really weird I try to shutdown the linode and boot it again and its working now :D
19:07<chris_>can connect to ssh again ang domain is up too
19:07<chris_>I really have no idea what happened
19:14<MrPPS>haha excellent
19:14<MrPPS>glad it's working then :)
19:15<chris_>haha its really odd I did shutdown and boot it couple of times awhile ago but it won't change anything doesn't matter as long as its woking lol
19:21-!-baky [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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21:39<smallclone>hello, feel free to ask your question
21:40<Mahesh>Do you have any reserved plans like AWS does?
21:40<Mahesh>I am not quite clear from the pricing page.
21:41<smallclone>the pricing of Linodes is more similar to amazon lightsail...a Linode is billed for however long it exists, regardless of whether it's on or off
21:43<smallclone>they are billed hourly up to a monthly cap. s for the $5.00 plan for example, you will never pay more than $5 for it in a given month (unless you go over your bandwidth)
21:43-!-testdddd [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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21:44<Mahesh>:) Ok
21:44*Zimsky bills smallclone for existing
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21:50<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Goldclub Slot Easy access to gambling. <>
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21:55<Eugene>`tcpdump` syntax question. I want all traffic bound for a given local IP+port combo. I don't want to see outbound traffic(from that IP) bound for a remote server(with that port), which is what I'm getting from: tcpdump -i em1 dst port 80 and host <LocalIP>
21:56-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:56<Eugene>Oh, uh. I should just use the IPv6 address anyway, because that's what I'm having a problem with. And that address isn't being used for outound traffic right now
21:57<@scrane>Glad we could provide you an answer! ;-P
21:57<synfinatic>dst host <localip>?
21:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 350] by ChanServ
21:57<Eugene>Ahhhh, there it is. I needed the dst selector on the host, too
21:58<Eugene>That works like I want. Thanks for the brainfart
22:00<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • High CPU usage for my Linode 8192 <>
22:00<synfinatic>woot. i refactored this horrible python script and it even is pep8 compliant. no idea if it works anymore but at least the code looks clean
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22:31<andy>hello the images on my site are loading pretty slowly what can i do to speed it up
22:31<millisa>use smaller images?
22:31<andy>they must be a certain width and height
22:31<Peng_>Use a CDN? Is it a long distance? Is the server overloaded?
22:32<Peng_>It's possible they could be smaller anyway
22:32<andy>server is not overloaded i have the 8092 linode
22:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
22:32<millisa>Might be easier to see some of the images
22:32<andy>yes i am going to try to compress them and re upload
22:33<andy>there are about 20 on each page and they range from 100 to 300kb
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