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00:24<sergey>hi guys I am the owner of AS with IPv6 pool. dies anyone know the hosting to get VPS + bgp connection
00:25<sergey>hi guys I am the owner of AS with IPv6 pool. does anyone know the hosting to get VPS + bgp connection
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01:13<itta>how can i get my money ?
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01:14<millisa>where'd you last put it?
01:14<itta>a month ago, i pay 20$ form my card
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01:15<itta>Then ,i canceled my account ,however ,i can not get my money from my card;
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01:17<millisa>I'm assuming applies. Beyond that, you'd probably have to contact Linode support.
01:20<itta>i haved remove my account,how can to do with it?
01:20<millisa>Contact info is at
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01:37<Will>Hi There, Do you offer windows cloud servers?
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01:37<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
01:37<Peng_>Emphasis on unofficial
01:38<Will>So not recommended?
01:38<Will>Anyone else you can recommend that might be better suited?
01:40<millisa>aws and their lightsail has windows instances. rackspace too. not recommendations (the recommendation is to run linux, right?)
01:40<Will>First Windows server we've needed, so we're a bit in the dark, everything else is with you guys.
01:41<millisa>well - the current windows instances at aws are mostly ok. i hate not having console access for when things go really wrong.
01:43<millisa>i've had a couple windows boxes at profitbricks for the last year or so; it's ok. the provisioning is weird/different. it uses a cad like web UI to layout the network. they had some storage incidents in the last couple months
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02:11<zifnab>aws lightsail is cheap enough, but you're limtied to 5 instances, after that they want you to go for ec2 (which is $$$ in comparison)
02:11<zifnab>oddly lightsail traffic is included, the same amount of traffic on an ec2 instances is almost $200
02:12<zifnab>i've yet to justify them for non-work-things due to the pricing :/
02:14<Peng_>"oddly lightsail traffic is included" otherwise it would have been less of a DigitalOcean ripoff :P
02:15<dwfreed>i mean, what stops you from making 20 lightsail accounts?
02:15<millisa>good taste.
02:16<zifnab>dwfreed: there's a thing there that kicks in. you'd need 20 cards / addresses
02:16<zifnab>not kidding, tried it
02:16<Zimsky>the underpaid amazon employee watching for fraud
02:16<zifnab>you get a 'lightsail is not available for this account' if hte card or address matches another account
02:16<dwfreed>prepaid cards
02:16<zifnab>they don't take prepaid cards
02:16<zifnab>at least not for aws
02:16<Zimsky>open a bunch of accounts and get a card per account
02:16<dwfreed>they don't know
02:16<Zimsky>free bank accounts
02:17<zifnab>and a bunch of po boxes with a box per account
02:17<dwfreed>zifnab: that just looks like terrorism
02:17<dwfreed>er, Zimsky
02:17<zifnab>dwfreed: i'm white, thank you very much
02:17<zifnab>this is a shitty assumption on america's part
02:17<Zimsky>dwfreed: perhaps in your country
02:17<zifnab>i had this discussion with someone earlier, he was wondering if he could fly to egypt for christmas with a bunch of PCBs
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02:19<Zimsky>zifnab: just address stuff to Unit A-Z / 123 Meme St, Chumpville, Trumpistan
02:20<zifnab>i told him it was fine if he walks like an egyptian
02:20<zifnab>and says hey oh hey oh
02:20<Zimsky>or do combinations of letters
02:20<andy>tTrumpistan greatest country on earth
02:20<Zimsky>"yes my house is sublet 676 times"
02:20<zifnab>Zimsky: USPS is anal retentive with addressing here
02:21<Zimsky>no one is actually going to mail you anything
02:21<zifnab>it's an apartment building, if it's not for apartment XX it doesnt' show up
02:21<Zimsky>and surely their form would have an option if it can't validate for "my address is weird"
02:21<zifnab>if it doesn't say 'apartment' it doesn't show up
02:21<zifnab>some idiots send things as '123 Main Street 45' instead of '123 Main Street Apt 45'
02:21<zifnab>and i never see it
02:22<Zimsky>is the syntax not 45/213 Main St
02:23<Zimsky>U 45, 213 Main St is another common one in form validators
02:23<zifnab>negative, its "123 main street {apartment/unit/suite/etc} 45"
02:23<Zimsky>that's silly
02:23<zifnab>i had some fun sending a package to germany recently
02:23<zifnab>the first guy at the post office said they couldn't do it because the address doesn't validate in their box
02:23<Zimsky>why are your standards for syntax silly
02:23<Zimsky>first you get the date the wrong way round
02:24<zifnab>'main street 123 / zipcode city / state country' was not acceptable
02:24<Zimsky>then you get your government the wrong way around
02:24<Zimsky>lol what
02:24<zifnab>that's apparently german format
02:24<zifnab>and i literally go ta "the box is red we can't send this"
02:24<Zimsky>oh right
02:24<zifnab>better! that funny B/ss thing
02:25<zifnab>an eszett (ß)
02:25<zifnab>"My keyboard doesn't have this character"
02:25<Zimsky>I'm guessing they type it as a B?
02:25<zifnab>"use ss" "But you wrote ß on the box"
02:25<Zimsky>morons. how dare they not know the german alphabet
02:26<Zimsky>sehr unhöflich
02:26<zifnab>i dont' know anything worthwhile in german
02:27<zifnab>the obvious hitler-esche statements, along with eichörnchen and 'Disco Katze'
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02:27<zifnab>none of these phrases are useful
02:27<zifnab>it's like `el gatto esta aruna discoteka` in spanish, who needs to know how to say this
02:28<Zimsky>el donde esto
02:29<Zimsky>why do you know eichörnchen
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02:29<millisa>I ran across these the other day; found it interesting.
02:29<zifnab>why do you not know Eichörnchen in multiple languages
02:29<Zimsky>I do
02:29<zifnab>i assume its' the safest way to get attention in foriegn countries
02:29<zifnab>yell squirrel repeatedly
02:29<Zimsky>it's eichörnchen in german, and squirrel in english
02:29<Zimsky>multiple languages
02:30<millisa>Eine extrawurst haben wollen! is something I want to work in to a conversation.
02:30<zifnab>ardilla, écureuil, inamabilis sciurus, ekorre
02:31<zifnab>millisa: my (something) is swollen?
02:31<millisa>they claim its asking for 'special treatment'. 'want to have an extra sausage'. it's on the internet; must be true.
02:32<zifnab>Meine Hosen brennen!
02:32<Zimsky>millisa: and when you take the lift, nimm den Fahrstuhl
02:32<zifnab>it's insane how similar languages are
02:33<Zimsky>Fahrstuhl == lift, but can be literally interpreted as 'driving chair' or similar
02:33<zifnab>'my pants are on fire' is 'meine hosen brennen' in german, 'mina byxor brinner' in swedish, and 'המכנסיים שלי בוערים' in hebrew
02:33<Zimsky>zifnab: it's almost as if some languages are like, derived from others
02:34<Zimsky>zifnab: it's also almost as if some languages are related
02:34<Zimsky>le bizzarre
02:34<zifnab>oh and سروالي هي على النار in arabic
02:34<Zimsky>ana atafiq
02:35<Peng_>Is that like a common problem for you
02:35<Zimsky>speaking arabic?
02:35<Zimsky>only if dwfreed is around
02:36<Zimsky>zifnab: how are those pengiuns
02:36<zifnab>Zimsky: my domain says 'sexy'
02:36<zifnab>also fuck you
02:36<zifnab>i should have kept that typo
02:36<zifnab>best $25 oi
02:36<zifnab>i've ever spent
02:37<Zimsky>I wonder if I hadn't said anything, if you'd spotted it
02:37<Zimsky>since there's multiple stages you would be looking at it to realise
02:37<Zimsky>and it's surprising you hadn't noticed it already
02:37<zifnab>i haven't posted this in a few months, wonder if there are any old webkit clients floating around...
02:37<zifnab>سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ
02:38<zifnab>oh well. sleep time.
02:38<Zimsky>that's some nice script there
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02:39<zifnab>it used to crash webkit
02:39<zifnab>utf-8 bug in their renderer
02:39<zifnab>by 'used to' i mean '3-4 years ago'
02:39<zifnab>somewhere in that range
02:40<zifnab>k is hould actually sleep a real amount tonight, cya
02:40<Zimsky>time is a waggly concept
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03:06<nicole>hi can some one assist me please
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03:07<Peng_>What's up?
03:07<nicole>anyone ?
03:08<nicole>is this the support site for linode
03:08<Peng_>This is a community chat room.
03:08<grawity>this is the community channel, with some linode staff here and there
03:08<grawity>official support is by ticket/email
03:08<Peng_>or phone
03:09<nicole>does anyone have the number the website is very unhelpful
03:09<nicole>and do they even respond to the emials
03:09<Peng_>The number'so n there. Yes, they respond to emails.
03:09<nicole>well i have sent numerous emails no response
03:10<Peng_>How long ago?
03:11<nicole>the past week since last week Wednesday its in regards to fraud
03:11<nicole>i need the ip adress that uploaded the fraudulent content so i can give it to the police.
03:12<grawity>uploaded it to your web site?
03:12<nicole>no thier website of me
03:12<nicole>with my contact details
03:12<grawity>as in, they've set up their own website on linode, and you want to get the server owner's details?
03:13<nicole>yes and or the ip adress that uploaded the content
03:13<grawity>that sounds like it'd require an official request *from* the police
03:13<@jhaas>nicole: we won't be able to divulge information like that without a court order / search warrant / etc.
03:13<nicole>i have that
03:13<@jhaas>Have you been in contact with ?
03:14<@jhaas>We very actively monitor that address.
03:14<nicole>my point exactly no one is getting back to me i have the supeona everything
03:14<nicole>are you sure ?
03:14<nicole>because i have sent email after email
03:16<@jhaas>nicole: If you PM me your e-mail address I can at least confirm whether we're receiving them
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03:26*dcraig subpoenas Ikaros
03:26<dcraig>Zimsky u next boi
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03:27<dcraig>chanserv gots to testify
03:28<Zimsky>dcraig: uh ok
03:31<Zimsky>sub peanut
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03:31<Zimsky>linode should start a winery
03:31<dcraig>linode customers should start a WHINEery amirite
03:32<dcraig>I feel like I got an extra E in there...
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03:32<Zimsky>when I go to parties with other distinct people also in attendance, I always bring two types of wine
03:33<dcraig>what two types?
03:33<dcraig>red and white?
03:33<millisa>boxed and canned.
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03:35<dcraig>I wish I could can millisa
03:36<Zimsky>dcraig: whine, and "whynotdrinkribenainstead"
03:37<dcraig>purple drank?
03:39<dcraig>A player spins the hills hoist to start the game and when the clothesline comes to rest the player/s under where the goonbag stopped must drink an amount of goon agreed upon before the commencement of the spin
03:40<dcraig>is there an english translation?
03:40<Zimsky>I know you're asking that for mostly comical effect, but it's not that complicated a sentence
03:40<Zimsky>goon is cask wine
03:41<dcraig>your photo is surprisingly helpful
03:41<Zimsky>a clothesline is what you hang your clothes on to dry in the sun after washing them
03:41<Zimsky>imagine like, a dryer, but using the power of the sun instead
03:41<millisa>goonsacks = goonbags?
03:41<dcraig>my dryer runs on wind power
03:42<Zimsky>it's a wind-up dryer?
03:48<dcraig>if my mouse rubs up against my keyboard, I can't left click
03:51<FluffyFoxeh>What's the hills hoist
03:51<dcraig>clothes line shaped like a box
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03:51<dcraig>see photo
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03:52<FluffyFoxeh>this is hilarious
03:53<dcraig>per wikipedia, even rich folks have them
03:53<dcraig>I think you could get some good tv reception with it
03:54<Zimsky>what's HAARP?
03:54<Zimsky>I have no idea what you are talking about
03:54<FluffyFoxeh>CIA weather control device
03:55<Zimsky>That link doesn't work for me
03:55<FluffyFoxeh>(not really)
03:55<dcraig>how can it not work
03:55<Zimsky>FluffyFoxeh: sorry, you cut out there
03:55<Zimsky>can you repeat?
03:55<dcraig>try double clicking
03:55<rsdehart>huh. I have a hills hoist and didn't know that's what it was called
03:55<Zimsky>dcraig: I tried triple clicking
03:55<dcraig>zimmy I think HAARP is interfering with your internet transmissions
03:55<Zimsky>dcraig: now you're all jittery too!
03:56<dcraig>I'm smooth like butter
03:56<Zimsky>oh I can read you now
04:01<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Use TTL and/or load balancer to implement failover? <>
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09:51<nok>anyone knows how to get data from old linode?
09:52<smallclone>depends how old it is
09:52<nok>i have the ipaddress of the linode
09:52-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
09:52<smallclone>if you recently deleted it, you there may still be an image of it available. you can check here:
09:53<nok>this is empty
09:53<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Longview Gentoo Ebuild <>
09:54<smallclone>ok, then assuming that the linode doesn't still exist, the information is gone
09:54<nok>oh no
09:54<nok>i stopped paying the bill
09:55<nok>how long it takes from them to kill a linode?
09:55<nok>for them*
09:55<smallclone>they give you basically a full month
09:56<smallclone>how long ago was it deleted?
09:57<nok>atleast 2 months ago i stopped paying the bill
09:57<nok>i have the ipaddress if that helps
09:58<smallclone>that's not going to help really, they already deleted the image at this point.
09:58<smallclone>the data is gone.
09:58<nmelehan>nok: we will temporarily preserve images of your Linodes, but I'm not sure if it will still be saved after two months. I'd recommend opening a support ticket through the Linode Manager so we can check for you
10:01<DrJ>I highly doubt they have any of your data after 2 months
10:02<ericoc>!point DrJ
10:02<linbot>ericoc: Point given to drj. (3)
10:03<DrJ>nok: for future reference: keep your own offsite backups as well
10:08<nok>yes ofline backup is must
10:08<nok>this is some client i m working for
10:08<nok>their developer ran away
10:09<nok>i have raised a ticket
10:10<nok>thanks for the help everyone
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10:59<linbot>New news from status: Lish Maintenance in Singapore <>
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11:06<omar>I have several sites running on a VPS at ramnode and I want to migrate to linode
11:07<omar>could I just use a backup file of the vps to do that ?
11:07<omar>a several GB bachup file of the OS and everything
11:07-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
11:10<synfinatic>IMHO, given enough time and patience you might get an OS level restore to work, but it would be a lot less painful and easier to just restore your data & application config. OS level config is going to have various differences
11:36-!-toastedpenguin [~dchristen@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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12:01<DrJ>yea omar, you could get it working (most likely) ... but I'd advise the same thing synfinatic did
12:05<omar>ok, thanks for your help synfinatic and Dr
12:06<DrJ>if you really really want to do it that way
12:07<DrJ>they probably depreicated that guide because... well... you just shouldn't do it
12:07<smallclone>that guide is ancient though, you're better off creating an .iso from your backed up disk and then using the new custom distro guide
12:07<synfinatic>"that way there be dragons"
12:07<omar>thanks, looks like migrating only the data could be better
12:07<smallclone>lol that's what the note at the top says too actually
12:08<DrJ>it is better
12:08<synfinatic>oh does it? didn't actually click the link
12:16<omar>thanks everybody
12:16-!-omar [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:42<buzzly>I just heard the neighbour's kid say "put that extra cat in the bag". this is the same one smoking weed. they've been very chatty all night.
13:42<buzzly>i cought this as I was walking down to look for something to clean my bong with. my pipe cleaners are finished. so they said this as I got down the stairs.
13:42<buzzly>i ended up going into the garage and finding a bag with about 10 pipecleaners
13:42<buzzly>god is good bro.
13:42<buzzly>mercy and perspective in one flight of stairs
13:44<buzzly>fuck. that was a joke for a friend. now I right click pasted. I feel so stupid. please forgive me.
13:45<buzzly>a side effect of a command line irc client. (facepalm and blush)
13:50<FluffyFoxeh>configure your terminal emulator not to do that :p
13:53<buzzly>after a long anti microsoft stint I decided to give Windows 10 an earnest try, since it has bash and ubuntu now. this happened while logged into a screen session using bash on windows.
13:53<buzzly>i'll see if that feature is configurable here. good idea.
13:54<buzzly>though if I right click to get to properties I'll paste my clipboard.
13:54<buzzly><--- (gun image)
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14:03<buzzly>i found a word for this.
14:03*buzzly fail
14:04*buzzly (bow)
14:04<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Use TTL and/or load balancer to implement failover? <>
14:17<@scrane>buzzly thank you for the good chuckle.
14:27<buzzly>i'm so scared to click now. lol
14:27-!-Nightmeare_ [] has joined #linode
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14:27<buzzly>Nightmeare_ has joined. very appropriate
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14:34<linbot>New news from forum: Email/SMTP Related Forum • Mail fails to connect often, maybe dovecot issue <>
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15:04<ponas>buzzly: perhaps this can help
15:08<cbirk>LOL IT WORKS
15:12<dwfreed>definitely should have used responsible disclosure there
15:15<millisa>definitely does indeed...
15:24<buzzly>does that mean high sierra might have an empty root password bug?
15:24<synfinatic>i'm kinda torn. i mean, if you miss that in QA...
15:24<synfinatic>yeah, you can login from the lock screen as root
15:24-!-JerDoggMcKoy [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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15:24<millisa>i'm not sure it works if you aren't already logged in as an admin user...
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15:28<JerDoggMcKoy>Hello, I am trying to set up custom nameservers for my linode. Right now, my registrar points the dns for my nameserver domain to my linode IP adress. Is it supposed to instead point to & ns2, and then I set up a DNS Zone from the linode manager? I'm currently getting a DNS error stating "Nameserver is not authoritative"
15:28-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:29<cbirk>see what happens when you get your OS high?
15:30<ponas>JerDoggMcKoy: sounds like your nameserver isn't configured to serve 'authoritative' records for the zone
15:30<cbirk>synfinatic: how didyou login to the lock screen as root?
15:30<synfinatic>buddy of mine did on his. i'm still rocking sierra
15:31<synfinatic>he did it from the lock screen
15:31<cbirk>weird, i cant change my user from the lock sreen
15:32<millisa>type it and hit tab to get the cursor down to the password box. should stay changed
15:32<cbirk>i'm talking the screen saver lock screen
15:32<synfinatic>system prefs: Users & groups: Login Options: Display login window as: "Name and Password"
15:33<cbirk>oh jeez
15:33<cbirk>i have that disabled i think
15:33<synfinatic>my company turns that on for "security purposes"
15:33<synfinatic>you know, so people can't just auto guess your username
15:33<synfinatic>or something stupid like that
15:34-!-JerDoggMcKoy [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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15:34<cbirk>thats the login window - gotcha
15:34<cbirk>not the same as lock screen
15:34<cbirk>yeah you can login as the root user
15:42<juan_rincon>I have a linode instance with fedora25. It used to work fine. I have a CRM that read e-mails for Before a manteinance window of Linode it worked fine, but after it can't connect with I have a iptables with 993 port open but it don't work now. Can somebody give an idea about what it could happen?
15:42<juan_rincon>Thanks in advance...
15:44<smallclone>juan_rincon: it sounds like something wasn't configured to come back up on reboot
15:44<juan_rincon>Thanks smallclone, but i can't find the error...
16:00-!-baky [] has joined #linode
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16:01<baky>Does anybody know how can I restore/install an Ubuntu iso image created using Systemback to the cloud infrastructure ?
16:01-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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16:03<baky>I am going crazy with that :-(
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17:01<pedro_>Could I ask something about stacks here?
17:02-!-eggstyrone [] has joined #linode
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17:02<pedro_>I have 27 webistes on ServerPilot, hosted on DO, almost all of them are wordpress'es
17:03<pedro_>I want to migrate all of them to linode
17:03<pedro_>should I buy like 1 big server and host all of them
17:03<pedro_>or something like 3 hosts
17:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
17:04<smallclone>it really depends on the size of the sites and what they use, etc...but i feel like it's probably not a bad idea to have stuff spread out across a few servers
17:05<pedro_> I see
17:05<pedro_>I have one website with like 60fucking gbs
17:05<pedro_>its a "music" ecommerce
17:05<smallclone>however that's more work for you as it sounds like at the moment you have everything on one machine
17:05<pedro_>actually, I have 2 machines
17:05<smallclone>also, serverpilot does a lot of stuff for you, obviously Linode is unmanaged so you'll have to configure this stuff yourself
17:05-!-DanielNM [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:06<pedro_>most of them are small websites
17:07<smallclone>er, though it looks like serverpilot should work on linode also
17:07-!-djweezy_ [] has joined #linode
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18:14<baky>Question: when creating an image of a distribution for restore it later on another server can the root user be disabled or it should be active before creating the image ?
18:16<synfinatic>disable root user? is that ever a good idea?
18:16<dzho>some schools of thought say "yes", in favor of using sudo.
18:17<dzho>why in this context, though, I'm not so sure.
18:17<synfinatic>more security vulns in the sudo binary then root user :)
18:17<dzho>so I'm given to understand, and yet.
18:17<synfinatic>but i've heard disabling root login over ssh, but never disable the actual user
18:18<baky>Yes. Having a sudo group. On any VPS I have ever created there are tons of log in attempts on cloud infrastructures from China and Russia.
18:18<dwfreed>synfinatic: also more auditability and controls in the sudo binary :P
18:18<baky>Yes I meant root login over SSH,
18:19<dwfreed>baky: disabling the root user isn't going to stop the login attempts, just ensure they can't succeed
18:19<synfinatic>baky: don't think it matters in that case
18:19<baky>Yes, I set proper IPtable.
18:19<synfinatic>also, run ssh on a nonstandard >1024 port and most of those login attempts go away
18:19<dwfreed>but you can just as easily accomplish that with 'PermitRootLogin prohibit-password' in sshd_config
18:20<synfinatic>fwiw, i don't let root to login over ssh either
18:20<dwfreed>on my personal systems, I frequently log in as root over SSH :P
18:21<dwfreed>but I don't allow password auth, so it's not possible for anybody who's not me to get in
18:23<baky>I asked that question as I am trying to restore/install a custom ISO image I have created on a cloud infrastructure on another cloud and it is not working properly so I thought that could be because of the disabled root user.
18:24<baky>I used Systemback to create a Live system.
18:24<dwfreed>Linode will set the root password during deployment by manually editing /etc/shadow iirc, so anything done like locking the password would be undone
18:25<dwfreed>(shower thought: would that still work if you'd renamed the uid 0 username to something other than root?)
18:26-!-yo [] has joined #linode
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18:27<baky>Has anyone migrated a vps using ISO .image ?
18:28<baky>not locally but on different cloud infrastructures ?
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18:59<yo>just discovered now my linode has been unable to boot since the forced migration last week, linode offers no help but tells me I need to restore a 9 day old backup myself to fix it.
19:00<yo>Anyone else experienced similar?
19:01<dwfreed>you should look at why it's failing
19:03<yo>What I got from support is that it is a "complicated permissions issue"
19:03<yo> Starting init: /etc/init exists but couldn't execute it (error -13) /bin/sh: 0: can't access tty; job control turned off
19:05<dwfreed>huh,you're the second person to have this problem
19:05<dwfreed>you're missing /sbin/init
19:05<linbot>Finnix --
19:06<dwfreed>^ boot into finnix and chroot into the disk image
19:07<yo>Shouædn't linode be taking some sort of resposibility for leaving systems like this after a forced migration?
19:07<Peng_>Migrations shouldn't be able to be break anything.
19:08<dwfreed>and i doubt the migration broke anything
19:08<dwfreed>you would have only notice if you'd attempted to reboot
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19:21<yo>hmm ok, applying the backup also doesnøt fix the issue
19:25<dwfreed>which says that it's been broken for a while, as I said :)
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19:51<millisa>the other guy ran into the issue after he switched his kernel to grub and then back, didn't he?
19:52<millisa>it was an ubuntu 14.04 lts system if his profile he pasted was accurate
19:53<yo>support told me to do " find /media/sda/lib/. -type f -exec chmod 755 {} \" in recovery mode - but still have same issue.
19:54<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
19:54<yo>Did the other person experiencing this issue here find a solution?
19:55<millisa>not sure; they were fiddling with lots of odd things. wasn't quite the same other than the /etc/init exists but couldn't execute it error
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21:03<ryu>hello how do i turn on cacheing in nginx?
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21:23<synfinatic>ryu start with this?
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