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02:26<manuel>hay alguien aqui?
02:27<linbot>New news from status: Service Issue - Lish, Weblish, Glish <>
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03:12<FluffyFoxeh>There's something great about the first time you reboot a server and everything comes back online all by itself
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03:15<naive>anyone there?
03:17<Peng_>FluffyFoxeh: There's something less great when a hurricane reboots your server and you forgot to set up Nginx
03:17<Peng_>FluffyFoxeh: There's something less great when a hurricane reboots your server and you forgot to set up Nginx's init script right...
03:18<naive>I have a question, could somebody help me?
03:18<Peng_>naive: Maybe. What's your question?
03:18<naive>it's about the billing. I am confised about the services
03:18<FluffyFoxeh>go on
03:18<naive>when my server is off, does it still generate costs?
03:19<Peng_>It still exists, resources are still reserved for it, etc.
03:20<FluffyFoxeh>yep even when it's off, you're still holding the IP address and the disk space and the ability to turn it on immediately. so it costs
03:21<naive>So Even if i don't turn it up I pay the top amount for the plean
03:22<FluffyFoxeh>you are billed for every hour it exists on your account up to the monthly maximum
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03:48<lyhul>Hi, I have some problem with linode
03:49<lyhul>I try to debug my website on facebook I saw : Image Unavailable Error while downloading with HTTP response code: 404
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04:26<bang93>Does Linode accept Paypal?
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04:27<bang93>That hepls. Thanks
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05:03<kawadhiya>I have a question related to transfers
05:04<kawadhiya>lets say if the limit is 3TB per month for transfers, and if I exhaust that limit .. is there a way to extend that limit ?
05:05<sandeep>depending on how much you go over, I think they simply bill you for it
05:06<kawadhiya>getting billed is okay but the website should not stop functioning
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05:07<sandeep>there used to be an extras tab before where you could buy more bandwidth, under the old billing system
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05:08<Peng_>kawadhiya: Your website won
05:08<Peng_>kawadhiya: Your website won't stop functioning.
05:09<sandeep>why can't I win!
05:09<Peng_>kawadhiya: Transfer overages are $0.02/GB. It
05:09<Peng_>kawadhiya: Transfer overages are $0.02/GB. It's cheaper to buy another Linode, even if you never turn it on.
05:09<Peng_>Why can't I spell. :(
05:10<sandeep>fat fingers!
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05:11<kawadhiya>okm that sounds reasonable.... Also .. do we gets discounts for long terms hosting when paying for 1 year or two year upfront ?
05:12<sandeep>not anymore!
05:13<kawadhiya>is it possible to upgrade an instance without destroying the data and without changing the ip ?
05:14<kawadhiya>ok thanks guys
05:14<sandeep>unless you move to a different datacenter. then your IP would change
05:17<sandeep>and it has nothing to do with your question :(
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07:44<fred>Does linode offer floating IP's
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07:44<iniesa_08>hello rumies
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07:47<Peng_>fred: More or less, yes.
07:48<Peng_>fred: For IPv6, request a /116 pool of addresses. They can be brought up or down by any of your Linodes in the data center.
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07:48<Peng_>fred: For legacy IPv4, there's IP failover.
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10:45<kishori_online>my linode is not responding for last 1 hour
10:46<kishori_online>how can it be resolved??
10:46<@bmartin>do you have a support ticket open per chance?
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10:46<kishori_online>i am unable to login to my account even
10:47<@bmartin>you're unable to login on
10:47<kishori_online>how do i open support ticket?
10:47<kishori_online>yes unable to login to
10:48<kishori_online>who can chk plz help
10:48<@bmartin>Your best bet at this point would be to email with any information on the account and include the last 6 of the card on file so we can find the account
10:48<@bmartin>we don't share information regarding accounts within the IRC channel
10:48<@bmartin>once you've emailed let us know and we will take a look
10:48<kishori_online>ok i just drop u another mail
10:49<@bmartin>have you already emailed?
10:51<kishori_online>yes i already emailed with not with card info
10:51<kishori_online>i mailed all the information in a mail i sent right away
10:51<kishori_online>please take a look
10:52<kishori_online>my business based on your server is completely down
10:52<kishori_online>please check
10:52<@bmartin>Someone will get back to you momentarily
10:53<kishori_online>ok i am waiting
11:01<kishori_online>Our Fraud Prevention Team has reviewed your account and deemed it as High Risk. We will not be able to extend our hosting services to you at this time. Your account has been refunded and you will see that in the next 3-5 business days.
11:01<kishori_online>this is the response i received right now
11:01<kishori_online>can you please tell me what is it about? what is the risk and fraud?
11:02<kishori_online>no intimation nothing given by you and just suspended the account
11:02<kishori_online>what about my data on your server??
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11:10<@bmartin>Kishori_online Please refer to the emails for communication regarding this issue. We cannot share account information via our public IRC channel
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11:26<Guest311>I install a tcp server, and telnet at local machine is ok, but I cant telnet remote
11:26<Guest311>and i'm very sure the firewall is ok
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11:27<Guest311>can someone help me
11:27<@bmartin>are you able to open a support ticket so we can take a deeper look at this?
11:28<@bmartin>Please keep in mind anything in regards to the internal configurations of your Linode is out of our scope of support but we will absolutely do our best to get you pointed the right direction.
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13:46<mkdir>hello, it's me
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13:46<mkdir>i'm trying verify that Linode disk part 2:
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13:48<mkdir>Are my friends here?
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13:52<@scrane>Hey mkri!
13:53<@scrane>So what's the problem you'rre having with the verfying the disk?
13:56<mkdir>so that command is not working in mac
13:56<mkdir>I need to verify the linode.img
13:56<mkdir>mount: You must specify a filesystem type with -t
14:03<@scrane>Hrm... this guide might help:
14:05<mkdir>I tried that tut
14:05<mkdir>I was getting other errors.
14:05<mkdir>Maybe I didn't download it correctly?
14:05<mkdir>hdiutil: mount failed - no mountable file systems
14:05<@scrane>Hm. That's odd.
14:06<mkdir>it is the same size as the disk though
14:06<mkdir>i verified the size of the img
14:07<@scrane>Aaah, looking into this I think I realize what's happening. Apple doesn't have the EXT4 drivers for the filesystem
14:07<@scrane>What you should do I think is use VMware and load the image through that.
14:09<mkdir>I see
14:10<mkdir>That sounds like a lot of work for verification lol
14:10<mkdir>It must be fine right?
14:10<mkdir>Are there other tests I can do? The size seems as an obvious one
14:11*dzho would use VirtualBox, probably, but otherwise, yeah, that seems the least bad way
14:11<dzho>honestly, I'd boot into a live environment, like Finnix, so that the image wouldn't have to be used to boot the vm and so on
14:12<dzho>probably mount it read only and then just take a glance through, maybe generate a variety of metadata for comparison and reference purposes
14:13<dzho>output of ls -lR $FILESYSTEM, find $FILESYSTEM -type f -ls what-have-you
14:13<dzho>per file checksums, if you're nasty
14:16<mkdir>okay how to do Finnix?
14:16<mkdir>Using LISH?
14:22<mkdir>How I do dat?
14:22<mkdir>How I get and use Finnix in mac?
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14:35<mkdir>Anyone there?
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15:00<mkdir>bye berry dung
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17:55<Peng_>How much disk I/O is too much? :D
17:55<dwfreed>any of it
17:55*dwfreed ducks
17:56<Peng_>Disk O in particular.
17:59<FalsAlarm>I want a 2gb server setup with a lamp stack and all passwords emailed to me. server timezone must be set to my local timezone and awstats installed
17:59<FalsAlarm>how much would that cost me for linode to set it up?
18:00<millisa_>you'd have to ask linode.
18:02<@scrane>FalsAlarm, millisa_ is correct. I wouldn't be able to give you the cost for that. You would need to fill out a quote from with Professional Services and they will get back to you with the cost.
18:07<FalsAlarm>ok thanks
18:07<FalsAlarm>i can do all of the steps neccessary but when it comes to setting up awstats
18:07<FalsAlarm>that's where i fall short
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18:19<dwfreed>FalsAlarm: doing everything except awstats would be cheaper, probably
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23:42<Woet>google apps is better
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