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00:24<annette>excuse me,i am registering a new a/c on linode,but it saids my mail is invalid
00:24<annette>my mail is a chinese mail,do your website blocks chinese mail to register?
00:25<annette>i failed to create an a/c now,so i need help,thanks
00:25<annette>sorry i forgot to say hello to you
00:26<millisa>is it a address by any chance?
00:27<annette> is
00:28<millisa>(I only vaguely remember someone else reporting an invalid email during signup and it was for a domain that was mostly numbers)
00:30<millisa>Do you have a different address you can use for signup?
00:31<annette>ok,thanks i have sent a request to the service center
00:31<millisa>(I looked back through logs and there was also someone that had a similar issue for an address; at that time, they confirmed that it was on a ban list due to abuse)
00:34<millisa>er, and someone named 'annete' came in asking your same question on 11/08 about a address that was all numbers...
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00:36<PRIGNESH>i need one help
00:37<millisa>what do you need help with?
00:37<PRIGNESH>in my hosting here is my login details
00:37<PRIGNESH> dtvapes
00:37<PRIGNESH>dtvapes is username
00:37<millisa>this is a public channel, don't paste login details.
00:37<PRIGNESH>yes i just added username now pwd
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00:40<annette>hi millisa,r u the customer service for linode?
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01:14<MJCS>Anyone having intermittent connectivity issues with Fremont? MTR ->
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01:21<MJCS>I am still miffed that dynatrace got rid of this:
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01:22<bhanks>hey MJCS can you open a ticket for us so we can investigate?
01:22<bhanks>it would be ideal if you could show us MTRs going in both directions :)
01:23<MJCS>sure. Seems to be something with an upstream provider. Netflix and AWS are having issues as well
01:23<bhanks>hmmm well we'll take a peek and let you know if we have any more info for you!
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01:26<MJCS>bhanks: should I include a pastebin in there or can I just past my MTR directly into the ticket?
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01:52<buzzly>MJCS: I always paste/attach directly to the ticket. for IRC/chats I use pastebin
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03:30<FluffyFoxeh>what. Since when does top support scrolling?
03:31<grawity>does it let you scroll to bottom now?
03:35<FluffyFoxeh>!wx cyow
03:35<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: [metar] OBS at CYOW: 30.2F/-01C, visibility 15 miles, wind 8.06 mph, chill 22.62F (altimeter: 30.34) [CYOW 040800Z 06007KT 15SM FEW005 OVC045 M01/M03 A3034 RMK SC1SC7 SLP280]
03:35<FluffyFoxeh>!help wx
03:35<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: (wx <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1&requester=$nick".
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04:21<gary>just wanted to ask some quick questions regarding linode
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04:21<gary>what do i get as soon as i make a free acc
04:22<gary>do i need to share credit card details
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09:10<Deepak>Is linode's data centre in India or Asia? Is this suitable for high traffic India user website?
09:11<grawity>see for available locations
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09:38<smallclone>Thiru: hi, feel free to ask your question
09:38<Thiru>One of my client need his site on .de domain
09:40<Thiru>So I bought it on namecheap and add the nameservers in usual way. But it's not get updated so I contacted them and they are requesting zone file. And it's compulsory. Where to get that zone file.
09:40<Thiru>They told me to get it from your hosting provider
09:41<Peng_>Which DNS provider are you using? Linode? Namecheap? Someone else?
09:41<Peng_>Who wants the zone file? Why?
09:41<smallclone>what nameservers are you adding..Linode's?
09:41<Peng_>Not everyone even has a zone file...
09:41<Peng_>What's the domain?
09:41<Thiru>I bought the domain from Namacheap,
09:41<smallclone>ok, and what nameservers are you trying to use
09:44<smallclone>and you added them in the custom nameserver section at namecheap?
09:46<Peng_>!dns6 ns
09:46<Thiru>What o.O ?
09:47<smallclone>yeah those are the nameservers listed when looking up your domain
09:47<Peng_>Namecheap BackupDNS apparently
09:48<Thiru>Because we can't add nameservers to .de domain directly
09:48<Thiru>I mean we can't add nameservers in the usual way
09:49<smallclone>.de domains might have unusual requirements for a nameserver
09:49<smallclone>i've encountered that before with other european TLDs
09:49<Peng_>Yeah, Linode's had problems in the past.
09:50<smallclone>in which case, the answer is most likely that you should just use namecheap's dns. or something else that they accept.
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09:50<smallclone>i mean, it isn't really Linode's fault
09:50<smallclone>iirc some of the requirements are pretty stupid
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09:51<smallclone>they can't be expected to jump through the hoops of like, hundreds of different regional TLDs requirements for a service that is offered for free with a Linode.
09:51<Thiru>See :( Yeah, and how did you handled the issue? @Smallclone
09:51<smallclone>use a different dns provider
09:52<Peng_>Use a different TLD! :P
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09:58<Thiru>Use a different TLD! :P// I thought the same :P but client won't listen :(
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10:02<Thiru>Finally found the solution guys :)
10:03<Thiru> you can get zone file here. :D Just add domain to linode and have a look at that link. ;)
10:03<Peng_>I don't get why anyone wants it though
10:04<smallclone>i forgot they have a link for that in there
10:04<smallclone>although yeah, no idea why they would require that
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10:10<Thiru>European countries have lot of rules and requirements
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10:14<Peng_>It's nothing to do with Linode, but i've seen a few people recently have problems with [certain European ccTLD] getting upset about some valid RRSIGs.
10:15<Peng_>I hate to sound stereotypically American, but ccTLDs with arbitrary and pointless DNS requirements are annoying.
10:16<ericoc>i feel like i remember odd .de requirements even when i worked at linode 5+ years ago
10:17<Thiru>Yes. I'm from Srilanka and here they need ID proof, Business proof(If you are register it in company name) and some other annoying rules
10:17<Thiru>It will take up to 3 days to register a single .lk domain
10:18<Peng_>ericoc: .de was upset about the refresh interval in Linode's SOA records, IIRC
10:18<smallclone>i've definitely run into the RRSIG thing before
10:19<ericoc>Peng_: if you use linodes nameservers to slave your zones, you could avoid that, right?
10:20<Peng_>ericoc: Maybe. Not if delegating to causes them to check's DNS
10:21<ericoc>who wants to buy me a .de to test with :p
10:22*smallclone buys
10:22<Thiru>You need european address :P
10:23<smallclone>how do you know i don't have one?
10:23<smallclone>nah you're right i don't have one
10:23<smallclone>also that domain isn't available
10:23<Thiru>No offence, just curious :(
10:25<smallclone>live here in the usa, where the authoritative nameservers roam free from the shackles of excessive regulation
10:25<smallclone>where any man, woman or child can purchase a TLD with an assumed identity and a stolen prepaid card
10:26<Cromulent>as an Englishman I'd much rather stay in the EU - but Brexit...
10:27<Thiru>Brexit that's another story :P
10:27<smallclone>yeah, that sucks
10:27<Peng_>No longer will Nominet be constrained by burdensome EU regulation
10:27<Peng_>And uhhhh
10:28<smallclone>thought he US is committed to deteriorating faster, as a show of solidarity
10:31<Thiru>Thank you guys, I'm leaving. :)
10:32<Peng_>Good luck with .de :(
10:33<grawity>Peng_: idk as an European I've heard plenty about ARIN having arbitrary and pointless requirements
10:33<Peng_>I wouldn't know.
10:33<Peng_>The .us ccTLD doesn't, though.
10:34<grawity>from the IP addressing side, that is
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12:16<domainQ>hi did anyone could tell me what we need to install to manage domains.i mean we are running perfect current a linode. But we want to install 2 domains on it. First of all i need to get NS1 and NS2 and my linode has only 1 ip. Then how my linode will know what to answer per the request of each domain. I suspect we need a package or something to manage which folders answer which domains ?
12:16<smallclone>you should not try to run multiple nameservers on one Linode
12:17<smallclone>that defeats the purpose of the requirement for different IPs, which is to ensure redundancy
12:17<Peng_>You don't /need/ to run /any/ nameservers. Why do you want to?
12:17<smallclone>yeah, you should just use Linode's or your registrar's or whatever.
12:17<smallclone>really anything is prefereable to trying to run your own with both of them on one machine
12:18<domainQ>So will point ns1 and ns2 to the same linode ip?
12:18<smallclone>why are you trying to run a nameserver on your Linode
12:19<domainQ>example i want to point to that server so in that case I could use it instead of doing 123.456.123.456/Domain1 and 123.456.123.456/Domain2
12:19<smallclone>that does not require you to host your own nameserver
12:20<smallclone>you should use your registrar's, or Linode's. point both domain1 and domain2 to your Linode's IP address by creating A records for both of them
12:20<smallclone>then the rest is just server block / virtual host configuration on the Linode itself, depending on whether you're using Apache or nginx.
12:21<domainQ>mmmm ok I go to example go daddy and then which ns1 and ns2 I use ?
12:22<domainQ>my linodeip ?
12:22<smallclone>don't change your nameservers
12:22<domainQ>the domain is new so it has no ns1 and no ns2 at this moment
12:22<smallclone>i mean, you do not need to. but definitely don't replace them with your Linode's ip.
12:22<smallclone>what is the domain?
12:23<domainQ>is not even created the domain
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12:23<smallclone>you can't change nameservers for a domain you haven't even purchased
12:23<smallclone>much less create records.
12:23<domainQ>I mean afer purchasing it
12:23<smallclone>everything you are trying to do makes no sense
12:24<smallclone>purchase it, and then just use the registrar's nameservers
12:24<smallclone>they will set it up with their nameservers by default
12:24<smallclone>just use their website to add records
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12:24<smallclone>iyou don't need to change any nameservers, you just need A records
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12:26<domainQ>ok i keep godaddy as it is just change A records, great. Then after A records point to my linode server, then how my linode will know how to point domain1 to ip/folder1 and domain2 to ip/folder2 ? Just Apache/nginx settings on the conffiles ??
12:27<domainQ>ok thanks I will do some testing because after that I will need to mount a email server on it
12:27<domainQ>Thanks a lot :)
12:27<smallclone>ah boy
12:28<smallclone>yeah sure
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12:49<yousemble>hi is anyone from linode support here - we've done a migration although HTTPS traffic doesn't seem to be hitting the box
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12:51<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
12:51<smallclone>how have you confirmed that it's just https traffic, anyway? also what kind of migration? to a different host machine, or to a different data center?
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12:54<ponas>yousemble: is port 443 open in your firewall?
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13:11<yousemble>sorry guys all good, found the issue all fixed
13:12<yousemble>thanks for the assistance
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13:18<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
13:18<Uthwyn>I just want to know if linode allows torrenting?
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13:19<smallclone>Uthwyn: if you're torrenting / seeding things that you are legally allowed to access, then yes
13:19<smallclone>if you're infringing on someone's copyright then no
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13:21<Uthwyn>I just set up an VPN on linode and I will have no control if the connected users will use it to download movies via torrent. is it allowed in linode @smallclone
13:23<smallclone>you will receive abuse complaints if they do that
13:24<smallclone>well, at least if they get caught doing it
13:25<Uthwyn>Thank you @smallclone
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13:48<Taral>i create a folder
13:48<Taral>in linode
13:48<Taral>also group and user test
13:49<Taral>i would like to grant access test folder to test user in file zilla
13:49<Taral>what setting i should do
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13:50<Taral>can anyone update?
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17:07<FluffyFoxeh>How does Linode decide when to add new stable versions of kernels, and when to "promote" them to the "Latest" kernel option? I see gaps in the kernel releases here and the "Latest 64 bit" kernel is 4.9.50 even though 4.9.64 is on this page
17:13<smallclone>i think they just kinda roll a latest kernel and run it for a while in testing before promoting it
17:13<smallclone>but i don't know what "a while" is
17:15<smallclone>the newest one available is typically not set as "latest" though. because they wait a bit to see if any issues crop up with them
17:32<Peng_>It moves faster when a kernel CVE makes the news :D
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18:45<SleePy>Since I use the built in Linode Kernels. Do I really need the linux kernels installed? " linux-headers-4.4.0-101 linux-headers-4.4.0-101-generic linux-image-4.4.0-101-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-101-generic"
18:49<SleePy>So it should be safe to run a "apt-get remove linux-headers linux-image"?
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18:58<SleePy2>Good stuff
18:58-!-SleePy2 is now known as SleePy_
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19:03<Eugene>SleePy - for a definition of "safe", sure. As with any `apt-get remove`, you should sanity check before pushing Y....
19:03<Eugene>If your question is "will my Linode still boot afterwards", then yes, probably, if you haven't mucked with the system.
19:03<SleePy>I did my sanity check by pushing Y and then typing reboot
19:04<SleePy>Worse case, I would have to boot finnix, chroot into the environment and reinstall it
19:05<Eugene>I want a FreeBSD node
19:05*Eugene adds to his toys list
19:05<millisa>freenas with blockstore bits?
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23:00<Ikaros>!wx kdfw
23:00<linbot>Ikaros: [metar] OBS at KDFW: 60.8F/16C, visibility 8 miles, wind 29.92 mph, chill 56.72F (altimeter: 29.94) [KDFW 050353Z COR 02026G37KT 8SM -RA BKN040 OVC049 16/10 A2994 RMK AO2 PK WND]
23:01<Ikaros>Got cut off. Rest of that: "PK WND 36041/0338 WSHFT 0325 FROPA LTG DSNT NE RAB52 SLP133 OCNL LTGIC DSNT NE CB DSNT NE MOV E P0000 T01610100"
23:04<millisa>a little windy?
23:04<Ikaros>I'm looking more at the "FROPA" :D
23:05<Ikaros>Front just passed through D/FW Airport, and it looks like some thunderstorms are right behind it
23:05<millisa>oh yeah. you would be getting it about now. I'm just about to open my windows since it's just started to cool
23:05<millisa>looking forward for summer to finally finish
23:06<Ikaros>Yup, wind shift just occurred like 20 min ago
23:06<Ikaros>20-30 min
23:06<Ikaros>And we're about to get a bit of a thunderstorm, looks like.
23:06<Ikaros>I'm considering shutting my stuff down for a bit though
23:06<Ikaros>The power lines in this area are really freakishly oversensitive, or at least the ones that lead up to my complex are.
23:07<Ikaros>Irritates me more that Oncor's insisting nothing's wrong.
23:08<Ikaros>Oh sure it doesn't show up on YOUR screen...but why do you need a screen to tell you when the power's surging/flickering/going out inexplicably
23:10<Ikaros>millisa it's 84 F in my bedroom right now. You KNOW how badly I've been wanting it
23:11<millisa>it's 84 in here, too . . .but it's more due to lots of video cards doing . . uh . hashing things.
23:11<Ikaros>I live in a complex with a chiller-water system for HVAC. Which means it's either heat or A/C, not both.
23:12<Ikaros>The only control I have is what temp the system kicks on in my room. Not whether I want cool or hot
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