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01:04<Ravi>This is Ravi
01:05<Ravi>Can any one guide me how to increase file upload size
01:05<Ravi>i mean the limit
01:05<Woet>hi Ravi
01:05<Woet>this is Woet
01:05<Woet>what did you google for so far?
01:06<Ravi>it is showing to edit info.php file
01:06<Ravi>I couln't find out the file path
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01:07<Ravi>is there any command to follow, to change the file upload lmit change
01:07<millisa>are you talking about the upload max filesize in php?
01:08<Ravi>in website
01:08<millisa>What do you mean 'in website'?
01:10<millisa>I don't see how that helps
01:11<millisa>That's a phpinfo page. What about it?
01:11<Woet>Ravi: can you ask a question instead of spamming links?
01:11<Woet>and answer my question
01:11<Woet>[14:05:41] <Woet> what did you google for so far?
01:11<Ravi>in that we can see the max file upload size
01:12<Ravi>the file size limit is less
01:12<Ravi>so that is the reason y i am unable to upload videos/photos
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01:14<Woet>thank you and goodbye
01:18<millisa>Interestingly enough, they were in about 4-5 weeks ago asking about it being a 2MB limit; so they managed to get it changed at least once since then...
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01:23<rsdehart>This is rsdehart
01:24*rsdehart jumps on that bandwagon
02:18<FluffyFoxeh>This is dog
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03:54<mattmcc>The phishing is strong.
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05:11<Lee54>Hi, would like to know if you can automatically restore snapshots from jo Prod machine on to your Backup machine in linode? or is there any way to keep the two machine in sync
05:12<Woet>why would you do that?
05:16<Lee54>I want a replica of my Prod machine for any hardware or software failure, then my backup can take over and without me needing to recreate anything and with the ip failover then the backup works without clients know there was ever a problem
05:19<mattmcc>There's probably a better solution depending on which services the box is providing.
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05:26<Lee54>@mattmcc would you explain? I just need to keep the two machines in sync
05:27<ponas>how would you make sure a software failure on your production machine isn't replicated to the backup?
05:29<mattmcc>Lee54: There's plenty of provisioning tools which let you do easy repeatable machine setups. That way, whenever you have a change to make, you can deploy it both to a live machine and its failover copy.
05:30<mattmcc>Lee54: But if your box is a DB server for example, then you probably have replication/hot-standby options specific to that DB system.
05:32<Lee54>@mattmcc Thanks for that, thanks all cio
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05:55<apacheIssue>hello everyone
05:55<apacheIssue>I was wondering if anyone could help me with an apache2.4 problem
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05:56<apacheIssue>namely a restart time (or even time to run apache2ctl -t) is tremendous > 1min
05:57<apacheIssue>Logs show nothing of essence... how do I determine what is casuing this delay?
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07:00<Jinesh>are there anyone
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07:01<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:02<Jinesh>does linode offer any benefits to non profit organizations
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09:51<john>anybody home?
09:51<smallclone>you should ask a real question
09:52<john>is it allow to add multiple public ip's to your nodes?
09:52<@jackley>john: hi! ask away – we'll try our best to help :)
09:52<john>instance rather
09:52<smallclone>you have to provide justification for them
09:52<smallclone>by opening a ticket
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09:52<@jackley>john: yes. you'll need to open a ticket with our Support team and request an additional IP address. In your ticket, provide us with technical justification for why you need another public IP
09:53<john>ok.. but how many public ip will be allowed per instance? and how much per ip?
09:53<@jackley>john: the limit per Linode is 25, and they cost $1 each.
09:54<john>ok.. how many IP are included per plan?
09:54<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
09:55<smallclone>heh, forgot about that one.
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09:57<john>having a 1 public IP per website are enough justification?
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09:58<smallclone>john: no, probably not. there's no technical need for that.
09:58<smallclone>but hey we aren't the ones you need to convince.
09:58<Peng_>Hey, Python on Ubuntu 14.04 doesn't support SNI
09:58<john>I know.. I'm just giving a scenario.. just in case..
09:59<john>thanks for your help guys..
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10:00<@jackley>john: typically, no, but we'd be happy to discuss your situation and specific reasons for having more than one public IP. Reach out to us through a ticket :)
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10:03<nate>Peng: Simple solution to that, don't use python
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10:04<smallclone>or ubuntu 14.04
10:14<Cromulent>I'm waiting for Ubuntu 18.04 for HTTP 2 support
10:20<Peng_>smallclone: :D
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10:49<flugsio>did something happen at the dallas datacenter? i had a couple of hickups on a few servers there
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10:51<flugsio>seems that network connection to the london datacenter migh've failed for a moment
10:55<smallclone>flugsio: nothing on the status page, but an intermittent issue between two DCs probably wouldn't result in a status page post
10:55<smallclone>you could open a ticket and ask
10:56<@jackley>flugsio: yep, we're looking at something going on between dallas <-> london.
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11:00<gecco>Hey Linode, could someone take a look at this ticket 9358945
11:00*jackley looks
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11:01<gecco>Angelo responded but doesn't seem interested in diving deeper, the machine doesn't boot, something must have changed on your end
11:02<gecco>I'm tempted to restore from backup, but it might be a simple flag or something, you work with this crap every day, so, could I have someone with a little more interest than Angelo look this over before I go dumping it and resort to my backup?
11:02<@jackley>gecco: yup, we're looking at this now
11:03<gecco>Feel free to restart, shutdown, etc. with the VM, like I said, I think it might be a simple issue
11:03<@jackley>gecco: ty
11:03<gecco>thank you jackley
11:03<gecco>appreciate it
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11:04<smallclone>gecco: there are plenty of reasons a linode wouldn't boot that fall under your responsibility, it isn't safe to just assume it's something they did.
11:05<gecco>so cron restarts every day at 4AM EST, and usually everything comes back up, machine was running low on disk space, so I thought this might be the issue, I bumped it up to the next linode tier, resized, still no dice
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11:06<smallclone>yeah that doesn't sound like something on their end at all
11:07<gecco>smallclone - yeah, I get that, this unit is locked down from the outside world, haven't had an issue in years, I have made no changes to it, Linode from time to time changes things and for whatever reason, hosts decide to go on strike and not boot, usually they know just in two seconds of looking at it if this is their issue or mine, so that's why I'm starting there
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11:07<smallclone>"i have made no changes to it" is not a statement that works in your favor, i don't know why people always think it is
11:08<@jackley>this is weird. gecco: so far as I can tell, nothing has changed on our end. Nothing up with your previous host, and nothing up with your new host :/
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11:08<gecco>jackley, yeah, so restore it from a backup I guess if nothing on your end changed? would free space issue cause this?
11:09<gecco>the error seems really weird, which is why I figured I would reach out to you guys first
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11:09<Himanshu>I'm looking to buy but what is the backup and restore proccess...
11:10<@jackley>gecco: I don't think so, but it might be worth booting into rescue mode, mounting /dev/sda, and poking around the disk. I've seen lots of weird errors that were caused by low free space, but not this one
11:10<smallclone>start there. no idea why the guide's title says it "secures" your data lol, but yeah that's the best overview
11:11<@jackley>gecco: i'd be interested to see what's in `/etc/init.d/rc3.d`
11:12<@jackley>gecco: restoring might get you back up and running a bit more quickly, assuming whatever is causing this issue isn't present in your backups
11:12<@jackley>flugsio: are you still seeing issues? I was just told connectivity between DCs should be normal
11:14<flugsio>jackley: thanks, seems to work now
11:15<@bmartin>!point jackley
11:15<linbot>bmartin: Point given to jackley. (2)
11:19<@jackley>gecco: just updated your ticket. I'm watching that ticket now, so I'll see your update :)
11:23<gecco>thanks jackley, I'm going to go the restore route first, probably about time to wipe this thing out and start fresh and restore the config, that seems really weird but, the free space issue can cause all kinds of unknowns
11:23<gecco>I'm very curious as to why it failed the way it did... wish I had more time to investigate it
11:24<gecco>thanks for taking a look, this wasn't as easy as the last one, which took two seconds of your time
11:28<gecco>this thing is working just fine after restore from backup, really turns machine failure into a non issue
11:31<@jackley>gecco: glad I could help!
11:32<gecco>you guys have a good one, keep the DDOS's at bay, so far we're winning, no issues this year, your new ASN is working great
11:33<@jackley>gecco: thanks! appreciate that
11:33<gecco>forster is working hard, I have absolutely no complaints
11:34<gecco>maybe tell him to take a vacation now, since things have finally settled down, he deserves it
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12:58<jcanto>I would like to resize one linode to a smaller one
12:59<jcanto>I receive the next message: Linode has allocated more disk than new plan allows. Delete or resize disks smaller.
13:00<jcanto>is it possible?
13:00<Peng_>Yes, delete or resize your disk images smaller.
13:00<Peng_>It's on the disk's edit page. You have to shut down first.
13:00<jcanto>with vg?
13:01<Peng_>Through the Linode manager
13:01<jcanto>aaah!!! sh*%$
13:01<Peng_>What's vg?
13:01<jcanto>you are right!!!
13:01<jcanto>sory sorry
13:03<jcanto>I mean volume group
13:03<jcanto>sorry, to many days without bad sleep
13:03<jcanto>without good sleep
13:04<jcanto>hehehe :(
13:07<jcanto>Thnk you Peng_
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14:46<dand>Linode 48GB with 12 cores is approximately twice as powerful than Linode 12GB with 6 cores?
14:47<smallclone>well it has twice as many cores
14:47-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Quit: See you on the other side]
14:47<smallclone>however iirc larger plans also receive greater cpu weighting, meaning in theory it might be more than twice as powerful, assuming the same processor
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14:50<Peng_>Weighting only comes into play when there's contention, though.
14:55<dand>problem with old KVM hosts on Linode fixed?
14:57<dand>old KVM stack had (has?) performance issues
14:57<dwfreed>I imagine that was fixed a long time ago
14:57<dand>that was the case 8 months ago and I'm afraid to fall on such host
14:57<dand>they magically upgraded KVM on a running host?
14:58<smallclone>dand: you're better off opening a ticket to ask these sort of questions
14:58<dwfreed>they migrated people off
14:58<dand>dwfreed: because of KVM performance issues?
14:59<dwfreed>well yeah
14:59<dwfreed>they're not going to leave a host with performance issues
14:59<dwfreed>that just doesn't make sense
14:59<dand>they did for months
14:59<Peng_>Keep it and put people you don't like on it >:D
15:00<smallclone>dand: i know what you're talking about, but no one outside of linode is going to be able to tell you whether that's been fixed or not
15:00<dand>ok. thanks
15:01<dwfreed>I would imagine that even if there are hosts that still have the problem, they won't get new linodes
15:03<dand>I've landed several times on such hosts after the problem was known and confirmed
15:03<dand>otherwise I wouldn't worry
15:03<react>cattle vs pets, stop treating your servers as pets; shoot 'em and try again
15:09<dand>react: server pause because of host KVM issues is something you can't deal with
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15:39<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • spdy behind NodeBalancer <>
15:57<react>dand, you may be missing the point; if I even suspect that an instance is under-performing, I kill it
15:57<react>hell if an instance looks at me funny, I kill it
15:57<Peng_>How often do you create a new instance and land on the same host :D
15:58<mikegrb>Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my instance. Prepare to die
15:58<react>!point mikegrb
15:58<linbot>react: Point given to mikegrb. (1)
15:58-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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15:59<react>!point react
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15:59<react>don't even need to click that, I know its Rick
16:03<dzho>wait, is that real mikegrb, or bot mikegrb?
16:06<dand>react: depends on your use case. some apps are stateless some aren't
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16:27<jj>{"ACTION":"linode.config.create","DATA":{},"ERRORARRAY":[{"ERRORMESSAGE":"DiskID {mainDiskId} is not a valid DiskID","ERRORCODE":8},{"ERRORMESSAGE":"DiskID {swapDiskId} is not a valid DiskID","ERRORCODE":8}]}
16:27<jj>{"ACTION":"linode.config.create","DATA":{},"ERRORARRAY":[{"ERRORMESSAGE":"DiskID {mainDiskId} is not a valid DiskID","ERRORCODE":8},{"ERRORMESSAGE":"DiskID {swapDiskId} is not a valid DiskID","ERRORCODE":8}]}
16:27<jj>what happen
16:27-!-mode/#linode [+l 338] by ChanServ
16:27<jj>who can help me
16:27<jj>{"ACTION":"linode.config.create","DATA":{},"ERRORARRAY":[{"ERRORMESSAGE":"DiskID {mainDiskId} is not a valid DiskID","ERRORCODE":8},{"ERRORMESSAGE":"DiskID {swapDiskId} is not a valid DiskID","ERRORCODE":8}]}
16:29-!-jj [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
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16:29<dfd>{"ACTION":"linode.config.create","DATA":{},"ERRORARRAY":[{"ERRORMESSAGE":"DiskID {mainDiskId} is not a valid DiskID","ERRORCODE":8},{"ERRORMESSAGE":"DiskID {swapDiskId} is not a valid DiskID","ERRORCODE":8}]}
16:29<dfd>what happen?
16:39<kenyon>looks like you actually have to fill in the values for disks, not use "{mainDiskId}" or whatever
16:45-!-abdul [~oftc-webi@2601:547:1002:8940:5cd7:e50e:73af:a887] has joined #linode
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23:39<Woet>dwfreed: stop it
23:39<Woet>Eugene: NO YOU'RE NOT
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