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00:04<zifnab>i never said math was my strong point
00:04<zifnab>i'm just some random guy on irc, what do you think i am, a mathematician?
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00:39<ArchNoob>Hello, whiHello, while testing my mailserver, inside netcat when I write `rcpt to:<>` I get Error :"454 4.7.1 <>: Relay access denied" no
00:41<ArchNoob>My DNS settings are as instructed in : and it sends email well when I write a `rcpt to:<test@mydomain.tld>`
00:41<dwfreed>in order to send outbound mail, that config requires you to auth first
00:41<ArchNoob>I should point out that it sends emails correctly when the `rcpt` email is one of my local emails. `rcpt to:<>`
00:42<ArchNoob>dwfreed: to auth, you mean to use a username & password? SMTP client?
00:42<dwfreed>you can do it manually in netcat, but it's not fun
00:42<ArchNoob>oh, now I get it. I have IMAP errors there.
00:42<Woet>as mentioned before, just get Google Apps
00:43<Woet>i dont know about your hourly rate but I could pay for like 10 years worth of Google Apps in the time you've spent setting it up
00:43<Woet>and probably 100 years with all the issues you're going to face
00:43<ArchNoob>I did get google apps, but then setting it up for myself is better :)
00:43<Woet>according to who
00:44<ArchNoob>oh come on, thats totally according to me.
00:44<ArchNoob>that's also why we have guides for such things.
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00:46<Woet>i hope you're looking forward to all the time you'll spent fighting spam and figuring out why a random blacklist added your /24
00:48<ArchNoob>I'm not, but when they come. I'll come here.. :)
00:49<Woet>it already happened
00:49<Woet>im sure your linode IP is on at least 5 blacklists
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00:51<ArchNoob>it's not even working properly yet
00:55<ArchNoob>Nope, am not listed.
00:55<ArchNoob>the IP
00:56<ArchNoob>:) yeah but I should set up the spamassasins
00:57<ArchNoob>Hey anyone knows how to solve this, I keep getting "Error unable to connect to server / port you provided (IMAP)" using mailspring client and IMAP port 993 , smtp port 587. I followed the linode guide which uses such ports.
00:57<ArchNoob>Hey anyone knows how to solve this, I keep getting "Error unable to connect to server / port you provided (IMAP)" using mailspring client and IMAP port 993 , smtp port 587. I followed the linode guide which uses such ports.
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00:59<millisa>is dovecot listening on 993?
01:01<ArchNoob>yeah. when I write `netstat -tupln | grep dovecot` here is the output I get:
01:03<millisa>is the firewall open on that port? do your logs show anything while making the connection attempt?
01:03<ArchNoob>millisa: ^ and here is my iptables rules:
01:04<ArchNoob>I haven't checked the iptables logs let me do that now.
01:04<millisa>if the ports open, your dovecot logs probably would have more useful info.
01:05<ArchNoob>isn't it like a DNS problem?
01:05<millisa>I have no idea why you jumped to DNS.
01:05<ArchNoob>maybe my DNS settings? Cause dovecot / postfix don't have any logs that shows a signin attempt.
01:06<ArchNoob>apart from the netcat ones.
01:07<millisa>if you put an IP in for the server address in whatever mailclient you are using, it's going to use that IP
01:11<ArchNoob>still fails, with same error. "Connection Error: Unable to connect to server / port you provided (IMAP)"
01:14<ArchNoob>millisa: suggestions?
01:14<millisa>if you aren't getting log entries, you are sure the port is open to you, then I'd guess something wrong with the mail client. try a different one?
01:17<ArchNoob>millisa: another one gave connect CONNREFUSED is a firewall blocking?
01:19<millisa>(if you telnet to port 993 on a dovecot2 setup; even if you don't do anything but disconnect, it logs the disconnect during the tls handshake with default logging)
01:19<millisa>the iptables set you posted earlier didn't have an opening for 587
01:21<ArchNoob>Yes, I noticed it missed 587, added it but still same error.
01:22<ArchNoob>so you mean, I should close any open telnet from inside my ssh? I don't think if I have one open.
01:22<millisa>i don't mean that.
01:23<millisa>are you sure you are opening the ports? look at your iptables output again. maybe around line 15ish.
01:23<ArchNoob>oh, what do you mean then?
01:24<Woet>clear iptables and see if it works then..
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01:27<ArchNoob>huh, alright. Will give feedback real quick
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01:30<ArchNoob>ooh it worked! :)
01:30<ArchNoob>So now I get the rules as they were or I form new ones?
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01:39<jaheer_>My hosting disk is 100%. But I have used only 8GB data of Websites. I couldn't understand that why it is showing 100% disk full.
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01:39<jaheer_>All my sites are down
01:40<jaheer_>can you see my website----
01:40<millisa>Have you ssh'd in and looked to see what's using all the space?
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01:41<millisa>that site responds; gives an application error; looks like laravel
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01:42<jaheer_>May i know how to see this? Have you ssh'd in and looked to see what's using all the space?
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01:43<Woet>jaheer_: you know what Linode sells right?
01:43<millisa>Are you asking how to ssh to your server?
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01:46<usman>can we host jsp application on linodes?
01:46<jaheer_>my hosting disk is showing 100% been used.
01:46<Woet>usman: you know what Linode sells right?
01:46<usman>i am using it
01:47<usman>for centos
01:47<Woet>usman: does CentOS support JSP applications?
01:47<millisa>jaheer_: There are some good suggestions in the 'System Monitoring' section that may help you find what's using your disk space .
01:48<jaheer_>My Ubuntu 16.04
01:48<Woet>[14:43:03] <Woet> jaheer_: you know what Linode sells right?
01:50<jaheer_>Can you please explain?
01:50<usman>Woet actually I have not tried
01:50<Woet>jaheer_: Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSes.
01:50<Woet>jaheer_: which means you should probably know how to manage them.
01:50<Woet>jaheer_: unless you pay $100 a month for managed
01:51<jaheer_>Yes i understand
01:51<jaheer_>Can i send a screenshot
01:51<Woet>sure you can.
01:52<deeddfe>Is there any automatic way to add ssh key in linode or we need to do it using command line?
01:52<deeddfe>Im fine with using command line, just wanted to know if there is a gui for it
01:52<Woet>deeddfe: there might be a way to specify it during creation of a linode
01:52<Woet>deeddfe: but definitely not on an existing one
01:53<jaheer_>How do i share the screenshot
01:53<deeddfe>I looked for it while creation, but couldnt fine it...
01:53<Woet>deeddfe: im not 100% sure its possible during creation either
01:53<Woet>jaheer_: you know how to manage a Linux VPS but not how to share an image over the internet?
01:53<deeddfe>guess ill just add manually then lol
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02:07<buzzly>Woet: what do you mean JSP applications?
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02:22<Woet>buzzly: ask usman
02:30<buzzly>ah, I missed that part :/
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02:33<gil>hello there
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02:34<gil>has anyone tried to configure multiple servers in 1 linode?
02:35<gil>i followed this but everytime i type my newly added site, it will always go to the existing one, thanks in advance
02:42<Woet>gil: then you didn't configure your vhosts properly.
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02:48<gil>ok thanks Woet
02:49<gil>the only difference in the 2 configuration si the directory
02:49<dwfreed>should be more different than that
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02:50<gil>yes dwfreed, also the ServerName
02:51<dwfreed>did you enable the vhost and reload your webserver?
02:51<gil>here's the steps i did
02:52<gil>1. sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/
02:52<gil>sudo a2ensite
02:53<gil>sudo service apache2 restart
02:56<Woet>its pretty important what you actually put in using nano.
02:57<gil>let is say this is the first website
02:57<gil># domain: # public: /var/www/html/ <VirtualHost *:80> # Admin email, Server Name (domain name), and any aliases ServerAdmin ServerName ServerAlias # Index file and Document Root (where the public files are located) DirectoryIndex index.html index.php DocumentRoot /var/www/html/ # Log file locations LogLevel warn ErrorLog /var/
02:57<gil>o, i thought is is gona paste in multiple lines
02:58<gil>i just replace all to right?
02:59<Woet>no, you replace it with your actual domain.
02:59<Woet>which is not private info so I'm not sure why you're hiding it from us.
03:00<gil>ok Woet
03:01<gil>this is the first website
03:01<gil><Directory /var/www/html/> Require all granted Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews AllowOverride All </Directory>
03:02<gil><VirtualHost *:80> ServerAlias ServerAdmin DocumentRoot /var/www/html/ ErrorLog /var/www/html/ CustomLog /var/www/html/ combined </VirtualHost>
03:02<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
03:02<gil>thank you linbot
03:02<gil>using it now
03:06<gil>or do i put those into 1 file only?
03:08<Woet>gil: where is your ServerName?
03:09<gil>looking at it
03:09<gil>oh yeah, i accidentally removed it
03:10<gil> is the one working
03:10<gil> is not working
03:13<Woet>Wouters-MacBook-Pro:~ woet$ curl -i
03:13<Woet>works fine here
03:14<gil> should show different website
03:14<gil>curl works
03:15<gil>but when i type on the browser, it will point to the
03:15<Woet>curl does the exact same as as a browser
03:15<Woet>except it doesnt have cache.
03:15<gil>got my head cracking
03:17<gil>let me try to clear the cached
03:18<gil>wonderful, so there is nothing wrong with the config after all! thank you all!
03:18<gil>thank you Woet, dwfreed!
03:18<gil>really appreciate your help
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03:27<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • How to Retarget the Middle of the Funnel in an Increasingly Form-less World <>
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05:54*Zimsky caches woet
05:54*Woet peppersprays Zimsky
05:54*Woet tazes Zimsky
05:55<Zimsky>have you ever been peppersprayed?
05:55<Woet>i don't fiddle with people
05:55<Woet>so no
05:55<Zimsky>I made some once and accidentally squirted it in my eye
05:55<Zimsky>oh good LORDY does it sting
05:56<Woet>you fool
05:56<Zimsky>I got the nozzle facing the wrong direction more or less
05:56<Woet>how can you be so incompetent
05:56<Woet>i bet you struggle with deodorant every day
05:56<Zimsky>what's deodorant?
05:56<Zimsky>I did once get arsenic poisoning in a lab
05:56<Zimsky>maybe I am incompetent
05:57<Zimsky>it wasn't my arsenic, it was someone else's, but they dropped it and I was nearby and was walking over at the time saying "hey guys what's up"
05:57<Zimsky>"oh what'd you spill? a urine sample?"
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06:41<Woet>i'd drop things too when you get nearby
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06:45<Zimsky>out of fear or awe?
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08:02<ArchNoob>Hello, mailserver issue. I have 2 users. one can send & receive emails from gmail & it's fellow local user. The other can only send & receive emails from it's local users & only send 2 gmail but gmail cannot send to it.
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08:44<Zimsky>I don't suppose you could grace us with some useful information?
08:44<Zimsky>like what MTA you're using
08:44<Zimsky>or actual errors
08:44<Zimsky>things that are in logs and whatnot
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09:27<softinio>so want to set up auto deployment of my app onto my linode using a CI service like the one gitlabci or circleci provides
09:27<softinio>9:23 AM any recommended tools? Or do I simply set up a user on my linode for deployments generate ssh keys for it and add it to my ci flow to ssh in and do what it needs to ?
09:27<softinio>9:23 AM also I maybe spinning up a new linode soon have always gone for debian stick to that or try ubuntu?
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09:29<Zimsky>it's not 9:23 am
09:34<softinio>i posted in wrong linode channel first so then copy pasted here
09:34<softinio>I posted to one on freenode
09:34<softinio>hence time stamps from copy and paste
09:35<Zimsky>that's a dirty word
09:38<softinio>what is lol ?
09:38<Celti>f***node, obviously.
09:39<softinio>I have been away from irc for a bit why dirty?
09:39<Zimsky>I can't bring myself to speak such unspeakable things
09:39<softinio>I will remain confused then
09:40<softinio>we need a linode channel on gutter if one already doesn't exist
09:40<Zimsky>on what?
09:40<Zimsky>what is gutter/gitter
09:40<softinio>on why free node is a dirty word and whats wrong with free node?
09:41<softinio>guess my original question lost now to this lol
09:41<softinio>oh well
09:41<Celti>Zimsky: gitter is like Slack, but open source.
09:41<Zimsky>...but we already have IRC
09:41<softinio>oh gitter yeah
09:41<softinio>u can create a bridge from irc to it too for best of both worlds
09:41<softinio>good to have both
09:41<Zimsky>slack is someone looking at IRC and thinking "how can I be another snout at the trough"
09:42<Celti>Yes, but IRC is stuck in the 1980s that spawned it and IRCv3 is not doing enough to modernise it.
09:42<Zimsky>Celti: that's because IRCv3 is run by morons
09:42<Zimsky>it didn't used to be
09:42<softinio>I actually don't like slack as an alternative to irc for things like this irc channel
09:42<Zimsky>what more do you need than channels and messages
09:42<Celti>Metadata, persistence.
09:42<Zimsky>slack isn't an alternative to irc
09:43<Zimsky>Celti: services, done
09:43<Celti>Services and bouncers, yes.
09:43<softinio>bitter though its on par with irc but more convenient with persistence mobile apps and markdown support etc
09:43<Celti>They're ultimately hacks, though, and better served with real protocol support.
09:43<softinio>gitter (damn autocomplete)
09:44<softinio>so anyone gonna read my original comment and give me their valuable opinion ?
09:44<Zimsky>most of the reason IRC is so loved is because it's 80s/80s
09:44<Celti>I'm only in 3 IRC channels anymore — this, #rust, and a personal channel I'm mostly still in out of inertia
09:44<Celti>everything else is Discord, Gitter, Slack, or Mattermost
09:44<Zimsky>ew another dirty word
09:45<Celti>Fie on you, I actually like Discord.
09:45<Zimsky>I suppose it's win-win when particular people abandon irc in favour of stuff like discord
09:45<Zimsky>the cool irc people don't have to have the smelly discord people around
09:45<Celti>softinio: Anyway, if you're gonna switch away from Debian I suggest CentOS.
09:45<softinio>give gitter a try neovim is a good example channel on gitter/irc to follow
09:45<Celti>Ubuntu's not worth it. :-p
09:45<Zimsky>n o
09:46<Zimsky>softinio: stick with debian, or switch to freebsd
09:46<softinio>what are the benefits of centos over debit?
09:46<Celti>There aren't really any?
09:46<softinio>freebsd is an interesting idea
09:46<softinio>opportunity to try something new
09:46<Celti>Deb and Cent are about on par, both are better than Ubuntu (for servers, anyway).
09:47<Zimsky>centos has the disadvantage of being more confusing to fix
09:47<Celti>FreeBSD isn't a bad suggestion — makes ZFS simple, at least
09:47<Celti>Zimsky: I've honestly found Debian to be more confusing, particularly the weird bastard hybrid of sysv+systemd it's got going on right now
09:48<Zimsky>so use fbsd
09:48<Celti>If I had anything production, I very well might.
09:48<Zimsky>it's minimal, extremely stable, and quite secure
09:48<Celti>Right now I use Arch.
09:48<Zimsky>it also doesn't change significantly between versions like debian might
09:50<Celti>I'd actually be running FreeBSD on my laptop if driver issues weren't a royal pain in the tuchus.
09:50<Celti>Getting kinda fed up with Arch lately.
09:54-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:55-!-sandeep [] has joined #linode
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09:59<softinio>think I will stick to debian as I am short of time and freebsd I feel required more time to get familiar with and setup
10:04-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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10:27<dubidub> "Linode will soon be collecting and remitting value added tax (VAT). In general, this applies only to customers within the European Union (EU) who have not provided us their VAT registration number. " Will this also apply to European Economic Area countries, like Norway?
10:28<dubidub>I haven't been able to find any information besides the two centences in the Manager.
10:30<dubidub>I would at least have expected a list of VAT rates that will be charged for the various countries.
10:37<Cromulent>dubidub: errr everyone knows what the VAT rate is for their country
10:37<Cromulent>but here is a list if you need it
10:40<dubidub>Cromulent: yes, probably, but only Linode can tell us what they are going to charge.
10:41<dubidub>Cromulent: Countries has diffrent rates for different things, and exempt rules vary. The list you linked to only list one rate for each country.
10:46-!-debaser [] has joined #linode
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10:52<debaser>got disconnected. anyone know how to get a lapp stack running on linode quickly?
10:52-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
10:53<Cromulent>dubidub: that is the list of VAT rates that Linode will charge
10:54<Cromulent>Linode will charge normal VAT at the rate that each country sets it at - as I am a UK citizen I'll be paying 20% VAT
10:58<dubidub>More important than the rate is: Will this also apply to European Economic Area countries, like Norway?
11:00-!-sandeep [] has quit [Quit: sandeep]
11:01-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
11:06<softinio>maybe I should make the time for Freebsd
11:07<Zimsky>s/maybe //
11:07<softinio>any disadvantage of going for a custom OS over one from Linode menu of OSes?
11:07<Zimsky>not really? since OS issues are your responsibility anyway
11:16-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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11:18<softinio>I have never used FreeBSD in general whats its benefit over linux based Ones?
11:18-!-Lucky_ [~oftc-webi@2601:380:8100:7f53:bcfd:2263:d4eb:3160] has joined #linode
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11:19<Lucky_>Hi does anyone know what the hourly limit is emailing?
11:20<Zimsky>you should ask the hourly limit. he would know what he's emailing
11:27-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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13:18<Fer>Anyone here
13:18<Fer>just had a quick question
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13:34<Zimsky>omg i'm rofling
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14:37<justin__>does linode block any ports?
14:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
14:37<grawity>they don't
14:38<justin__>thank you
14:38<justin__>are they also an instant setup?
14:38<Peng_>Usually, yes.
14:38<grawity>more or less
14:39<grawity>the *account* might take some time to verify (various anti-fraud stuff, I believe)
14:39<justin__>ok great thank you
14:39<Peng_>That ^
14:39<grawity>but after that – it's a VPS provider, what's there to set up? you click a button and it spins a virtual server up
14:39<Peng_>The slowest part is moving your mouse around
14:40<justin__>awesome thanks
14:40<zifnab>Zimsky: I'm hours late but ircv3 had always been run by moron. His name was nenolod.
14:40<Zimsky>nenolod was still less of a moron than current people
14:41-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Quit: See you on the other side]
14:41<zifnab>I miss some of the original atheme devs
14:41<grawity>zifnab: the original atheme dev was nenolod though
14:41<Zimsky>atheme was way cooler until grawity got involved
14:42<zifnab>grawity: I still think he's a tool
14:42-!-CodeMouse92 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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14:42<zifnab>Wish I had logs from 9 ish years ago
14:43<Peng_>According to PLAINTIFF EXHIBIT C, 400 pages of IRC logs from 2008, DEFENDANT is a tool
14:51-!-justin__ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:52<softinio>ok freebsd a no go for me after all as I want to use the linode backup service shame
14:52-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
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15:01<Zimsky>tarball relevant config, log, and data dirs, then rsync to remote server?
15:07-!-fstd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:07-!-fstd_ is now known as fstd
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15:08<softinio>linode backup just more convenient than that for my current use case
15:09<softinio>Linode really should officially support FreeBSD sooner than later I mean DO and Vultr do
15:09-!-telega [] has joined #linode
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15:10*dwfreed points out that Linode is a portmanteau of Linux Node
15:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 344] by ChanServ
15:11<Peng_>So? Vultr doesn't sell vultures.
15:11<AlexMax>i thought do and vultr only superficially support freebsd
15:11<AlexMax>missing features and the like
15:11<Zimsky>dwfreed: maybe it should be gnulinode
15:34-!-mr-spoon [~mr-spoon@] has joined #linode
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15:58-!-iashdas is now known as aushdasd
15:58<aushdasd>hey guys, using the linode back up, is there an option to restore a particular file/dir only
15:58<aushdasd>and not the whole snapshot
15:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
16:00<Peng_>You can restore to a different Linode, boot rescue mode (or boot normally), and copy the file off.
16:20-!-Fer [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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16:48<zifnab>Peng_: vultr is, however, a bunch of vultures. good luck ever getting support on anything.
16:48-!-elky [] has quit [Quit: q u i t]
16:48<zifnab>i used them for a long while because they were peered directly to my ISP
16:49<zifnab>~3 hops to the server, sub ms response times
16:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
16:49<zifnab>openvpn from pretty much anything in seattle let me stream steam games from my desktop
16:50<Peng_>I'm a little interested in them. They have a location only 200 miles away from me. :D
16:51<Peng_>And it can't be worse than Zayo in Atlanta. ;-)
17:01-!-el [] has joined #linode
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19:04<Breno_Ribeiro>How long does it take to activate the account?
19:04<Peng_>Not very long, but there isn't a specific number. Keep an eye on your inbox.
19:05<Breno_Ribeiro>Does the cloud server accept email sending? I intend to set up a hosting.
19:05-!-atula [~neobreed@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
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19:08<Peng_>Don't send spam
19:08<Peng_>It's often more convenient to use a third-party email service, though.
19:13<Breno_Ribeiro>I will not spam, but some customers use email
19:13<Breno_Ribeiro>And I use the standard cpanel email
19:24<@bhanks>Breno_Ribeiro you're free to send mail on our platform as long as you adhere to our mailing rules
19:25<@bhanks>there's some info here but if you need any clarification let me know!
19:25-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:27<Breno_Ribeiro>Hello, do I need to do any activation to send? I'm against spam's. I will keep on my server only clients who develop their products in my company. It is not my intention to sell shared hosting.
19:28<Peng_>There's no extra activation to send email.
19:28<Breno_Ribeiro>Okay, thanks for the clarifications. I am waiting to activate my account. I have already added additional credit
19:30-!-atula [~neobreed@] has joined #linode
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19:48<Breno_Ribeiro>Does activation only happen on a business day?
19:50<Peng_>Every day
19:50<Breno_Ribeiro>Just been active. Thank you
19:51<Peng_>Great :)
20:01-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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20:52<Breno_Ribeiro>what is the average response time for so-called support?
20:55-!-atula [~neobreed@] has joined #linode
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21:00<Peng_>A few hours?
21:02<praetorian>i have a so-called peng
21:05<Breno_Ribeiro>are there any restrictions for extra ip?
21:07<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
21:13-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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21:16-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
21:16<Ikaros>Just to forewarn you...the restrictions on justification for extra IPs are very heavy. There are very, very, VERY few things these days that would be good enough justification.
21:17<Ikaros>'cause y'know, we were foolish human beings and used too much of the IPv4 space before we came to realize just how quickly devices were becoming connected to the net.
21:19<Peng_>Number of ordinary IPv4 addresses: ~3 billion
21:19<Peng_>Number of humans: Uh-oh
21:23-!-Breno_Ribeiro [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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21:38-!-Breno_Ribeiro [] has joined #linode
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21:38<Breno_Ribeiro>Unfortunately, here in Brazil, registrants still request two ip's different for dns
21:38-!-John_ [~oftc-webi@2601:282:8102:f070:1d08:893:3ff1:d9ef] has quit []
21:39<Breno_Ribeiro>Sorry if my messages were repeated. I had a connection problem
21:42<dwfreed>because your second nameserver is supposed to actually be a redundant backup, not the same server
21:43<dwfreed>you can use Linode as a slave
21:44-!-atula [~neobreed@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
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21:55<Breno_Ribeiro> I configured the correct area to use the Linode dns, however it is a necessity to use my own domain. However, to use it is necessary the second ip
21:57<Breno_Ribeiro> 181/5000 Você quis dizer: Eu preciso usar o meu próprio domínio no dns e para isso vou precisar de um segundo ip, no brasil não é possível usar o mesmo ip para os dois dns, como nos registros internacionais I need to use my own domain in the dns and for this I will need a second ip, in brazil it is not possible to use the same ip for the two dns, as in international registrations
21:59<dwfreed>Slaving Linode off your server only requires 2 things: the domain name (which doesn't need to be real or anything, just unique) and the IP of the master server to pull records from
22:00<dwfreed>then in your registrar's panel, you make a glue record for your nameserver, and then set the nameservers for your domain to your one + Linode's 5
22:00<Breno_Ribeiro>Where can I get the slaving on the panel?
22:01<dwfreed>When you go to add a DNS zone, there's a link in the lower right that says "I wanted a slave zone"
22:11<Breno_Ribeiro>thanks for the tip! The link is tiny on the screen, but I was able to find it!
22:11-!-sandeep [] has joined #linode
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