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01:22<Leslie>This is my first time here
01:22<Leslie>So I can ask questions in this forum?
01:22<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:22<Leslie>Great, we are looking to sign-up for a new package, we expect to get around 100,000page views/month, not sure what package to sign-up. Any suggestions?
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01:23<millisa>It'd be hard for anyone to guess since 1 page view would be different for different sites. The nice thing is, you can start small and it's easy to resize a linode.
01:24<millisa>the doc for it is here
01:25<@bhanks>typically customers tend to start in the mid-range or smaller end and resize up as needed. definitely hard to estimate what size is best as there are a lot of different things at play in each individual configuration
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02:35<Eugene>Comcast went down at the office eh
02:36<Eugene>You should try using a towel
02:36<grawity>they're gonna use it as yet another excuse to not do fiber
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02:49<grawity>ugh, London's IPv6 is not having a good day
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03:21*grawity gets the crystal ball
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10:05<renato>look good afternoon
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10:29<Zimsky>el bueno
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10:37<anna_>Anyone know a good 24/7 oursorced sysadmin firm for small businesses? Need someone to call if my site goes down who will respond asap
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10:43<Zimsky>I'll do it for €6200/h
10:48<scotti>anna_: there are outsourcing firms in India but they usually suck
10:48<scotti>maybe good enough though
10:50<Zimsky>other countries that aren't india also have outsourcing firms
10:50<Zimsky>like Bangladesh
10:50<Zimsky>or the United States
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10:51<Zimsky>Nicaragua even
10:51<ericoc> :p
10:51<ericoc>"Incident response" is like, the whole purpose of it i think
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10:52<anna_>I think incident response is if the server is down rather than if the site has an error
10:53<anna_>so like today, some plugin was bringing down my store, and I got my hosting provider to help me fix it
10:53<anna_>not sure linode will do the same, when I move to them next week
10:54<ericoc>not sure, "If a check fails, our experts will take immediate steps to get your systems back online as quickly as possible.".... worth asking them in an email/ticket probably
10:54<Zimsky>maybe don't use plugins that break
10:54<Zimsky>and automate the rest
10:54<Zimsky>then it never breaks :D
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10:58<scotti>ericoc: Linode Managed means that they just reboot your VPS
10:58<scotti>it's not real managed service
10:58<scotti>anna_: linode probably won't help in those situations
10:58<scotti>where are you located?
10:58<scotti>I am a sys admin who can cover your site during EU working horus
10:58<scotti>I do this for US companies
10:59<Zimsky>I wouldn't trust scotti to manage a hotdog stand at a funfair
10:59<scotti>anna_: Zimsky doesn't know me
11:00<Zimsky>I've seen enough from the brief encounters to know scotti couldn't manage a basket of rocks
11:00<scotti>who are you?
11:01<Zimsky>┐( ಠ‿ ಠ;)┌
11:01<Zimsky>I'd trust Woet
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11:04<scotti>Woet: charges like 250 australian dollars an hour
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11:26<Zimsky>better than seppo dollars
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13:29<brianw>i'm trying to acquire some information to see if linode is a good fit for my company
13:30<@bmartin>How can we help you?
13:30<brianw>we are having difficulty with our current web host provider and are looking to migrate early next year
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13:34<DrJ>rip free & open internet
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13:43<ponas>get rid of Trump and roll back please
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14:39<tomaw>who can I contact about what's probably open proxy stuff for linodes?
14:40<smallclone>try to include some logs / evidence if you have it
14:40<tomaw>aye, I was kinda hoping there was a guy on irc I could prod
14:40<smallclone>nah, this is a community channel really. abuse reports are best handled via the email.
14:41<tomaw>how does linode allocate v6 addresses?
14:42<smallclone>if you request a block you get a /64
14:42<Zimsky>tomaw: with sniggering laughter
14:43<dwfreed>tomaw: if it contains 'f03c:91' it's the main address, and everybody gets one
14:43<Zimsky>woah dwfreed enough with the socialism
14:43<Zimsky>we can't have everybody getting one
14:43<dwfreed>and they all come out of the same /64 for the datacenter
14:43<dwfreed>Can westop trolling somebody asking real questions?
14:44<@mcintosh>what constitutes "probably open proxy stuff"?
14:44<Zimsky>yes westop, please stop
14:45<tomaw>mcintosh: Mostly guesswork. There's a bunch of what-look-like-spambots on the IP address in question so unless they're paying for the box they probably exploited it.
14:46<dwfreed>or tor that was missed, but proxy is more likely
14:46<tomaw>mcintosh: I'm happy to fire a mail to abuse@, but assuming your oped-ness here means you work for linode I can /msg you the details
14:46<dwfreed>it does
14:47<dwfreed>relevant factoids we usually give to new people:
14:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
14:47<Zimsky>┐( ಠ‿ ಠ;)┌
14:47<@mcintosh>tomaw: that'd be fine - please do
14:51<smallclone>you've got the right guy on the case now
14:51<smallclone>the rambo of abuse
14:51<smallclone>err of, anti-abuse i mean
14:52<dwfreed>tomaw: other allocation details: if the address starts with 'e' in the third group (eg, 2600:3c00:e000:<whatever>), then it's a routed /56 or /64; e000 is /64s, e001 is /56s, and I don't think they've exhausted either /48 to need to allocate another for that purpose in any datacenter, but I can't say that for sure
14:52<Zimsky>Woet is the rambo of abuse
14:52<tomaw>that's worth knowing
14:52<diveyez>FCC repealed the net neutrality stuff and I got 19 contacts asking me for a vpn. This is great for business hahaha
14:53<Zimsky>how is a VPN going to circumvent any net-neutrality-related changes?
14:53<Zimsky>or lack thereof, rather
14:53<diveyez>ISP can’t filter the connectio
14:54<dwfreed>Zimsky: hiding that their traffic is going to Netflix
14:55<Zimsky>why do we need netflix when we have 1940s swing on AM radio?
14:56<diveyez>Don’t we have a policy about trolls here?
14:56<Zimsky>it's fine, they're in the dungeon
14:57<dwfreed>tomaw: Linode also allocates /116s out of the same /64 as the main address (which is the lowest /64 in the datacenter /32); those are allocated from the bottom of the /64
15:00<DrJ>oh no... not tomaw here too
15:00<dwfreed>he's always been here, just never said anything
15:01<DrJ>he stalks me
15:01<tomaw>it's because you smell of bacon
15:01<DrJ>I can't deny that
15:01<Zimsky>is that the reason tomaw is everywhere?
15:01<Zimsky>because everywhere smells of bacon?
15:02<DrJ>my farts smell like Bacon
15:02<Zimsky>that's nice to know
15:02<DrJ>but that might be because I stuffed some up there last night
15:02<Zimsky>what if bacon actually smells like your farts?
15:02<DrJ>I'd learn to live with it
15:03-!-xxh9 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
15:03<Zimsky>have you ever looked after a pig?
15:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 352] by ChanServ
15:05<DrJ>no, but in 7th grade I had to disect one and when I found the Bacon inside I found myself both confused and excited.
15:09-!-biax__ [~biax@] has joined #linode
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15:30<buzzly>DrJ: is that when you decided to become a doctor?
15:31<DrJ>I'm not a medical doctorate
15:31<DrJ>but I was awarded a doctorate in Baconology, by myself, about 15 years ago
15:32<ericoc>what are the responsibilities of a baconologist
15:32<react>im gonna need you guys to take this to #linode-bacon-offtopic, kthx :)
15:33<DrJ>making people aware of the dangers of "veggie bacon"
15:33<DrJ>oh, okay
15:33<DrJ>many other things
15:43-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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17:23<sepul>Hello , my first time here !
17:24<sepul>Thank you. Greetings from Spain.
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17:26<sepul>So how this works. I would like to make some contacts in order to exchange information about Linode and GNU/Linux in general.
17:26<sepul>I run a system administration office in Valencia ( Spain ), and need some times some help.
17:27<millisa>This is an irc channel that we talk about linode and linode related things, usually.
17:27<smallclone>sepul: this is a community channel, you can ask your questions here
17:27<sepul>Oh perfect. Sounds great.
17:28<sepul>We have hired the Linode $5 plan but we didn't quite understand how they charge monthly
17:28-!-ninstaah [] has joined #linode
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17:29<millisa>They do hourly billing and it caps at a certain number each month. It's talked about at the top of this doc:
17:30<sepul>And whenever you rich the top amount ? Let me check the url. Thanks !
17:31<sepul>mmm I have just read it , now I understand. So the limit would be $5 in the worst scenario.
17:32<sepul> If your usage during any given month hits the monthly cap for the service, hourly billing stops. You’ll never be billed more than the monthly cap for any service,
17:32<sepul>Perfect. understood. Thank you.
17:32<smallclone>sure. the only case where it would be more is if you go over your outbound transfer and accrue overage fees.
17:33<sepul>Great, it won't be my case.
17:37<sepul>Ok guys see you next one. I will connect once in a while. I hope I can get to know you little by little. I am sure your help will be amazing.
17:39-!-sepul [~javier@] has left #linode []
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23:09<btc>hello guys I have a question when i relod my page none of the resources are ( from memory cache) or (from disk cache) the browser is redownloading all of them how can i configure this correctly
23:12<millisa>I'd guess you don't have the right settings for for mod_expires/expires. Which web server are you using?
23:18<millisa>The reference for that would be this one:
23:19<btc>Here is an output of my headers im sending for a css file
23:19<millisa>my syntax may not be ideal, but something like this: would do a 2 day cache for images/css/js
23:21<btc>let me try that
23:23<Peng_>The headers pastebinned look alright now
23:23-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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23:23<millisa>yeah, they look like its set to 30 days
23:23<btc>when i first load chrome seems to have ( from memory cache) in the waterfall model for a split second then it looks like it requests a fresh version of the file
23:24<millisa>what's the site? lets see
23:25-!-Shentino_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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23:26<btc>here is an example page:
23:27<millisa>when I hit it the second time, I gets lot of from memory cache and disk cache
23:27<millisa>the main doc is the only thing I don't get out of cache for that matter.
23:27<btc>hm how strange for me it has to re-download everything
23:28<millisa>what I see on the 2nd load:
23:30<btc>oh i'm in incognito .. sometimes i wonder how i made it this far in life
23:31<millisa>i completely missed the release of 'unstable'!
23:32<btc>it's a great set
23:32<millisa>i still have a half box of unopened unhinged set in a file cabinet
23:32<millisa>well, 2/3rds of a box
23:33<btc>do you have any unopened alpha boosters in any file cabinets?
23:33<millisa>only a couple
23:33<millisa>most of the unopened ones are dark or later.
23:36<btc>you could fetch a good price for those
23:36<millisa>maybe even a whole bitcoin!
23:36<btc>hah maybe a few litecoins
23:37<btc>all mah magic cards for 1 bitcoin
23:38<millisa>2 boxes ordered. 1 for next game night, 1 for the cabinet. Would have completely missed out on it if you didn't have your browser in incognito
23:39<btc>hah glad to help
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